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Photographs and captions shared here are Copyright 2002 Job Conger and may be copied only with permission of webmaster Job Conger. Click on the small images to enlarge. Click "back" in the upper left of your computer screen to return the image to its smaller size.

jobsnei1w.jpg (47077 bytes)
The Hood
My home is pictured to the left of the parking lot visibile in the right center.

apfl1.jpg (134950 bytes)
In the pattern over SPI, the end of runway 31( right) is marked with an X indicating it was closed while repair work was in progress midfield. The area to the right of runway 4 is a hot check area for military jets departing SPI to the northeast.

apfl2.jpg (153555 bytes)
Richardson Manufacturing on the west side of Springfield, was at one end of a large field. At the other end was the home of my best friend in 10th grade. Jim Richardson (oldest son of Bill and Roberta, plant founders), Gary Baldwin, Mike McEvoy, Phil Arndt & I flew control line and free flight from that field when the city part officials chased us out of nearby Washington Park. Those  were the happiest days of my life until we discovered girls.
Come to think of it, those days were the happiest days of my life.

apfl3.jpg (169033 bytes)
Looking southwest, Schnuck's super market is just west of Chatham Rd. It and a shopping mall just north occupy turf that was one of the last meadowed areas outside a park in Springfield. So who ever accused our city council of inflicting conservation when it's so obvious that trees don't vote or pay taxes?

apfl4.jpg (141323 bytes)
This new marina was constructed at Lake Springfield in 2001, just off Interstate 55 south of the city. Judging from the cars in the parking lot, business must be good!

apfl5.jpg (149495 bytes)
The Illinois State Capitol looking east, slightly south. The H-shaped building just this side of it is the Stratton Office Building, or S O etc. for short. An urban redesign team recommended that the building be raized to facilitate a more impressive view when driving east on Capitol Avenue from the west. I agree with their opinion, but I recommend, as a courtesy to the hundreds of people who work there, that they be given 20 minutes advance notice first. 

apfl6.jpg (155618 bytes)
Looking southeast, the large body of water in the distance is Lake Springfield, a small body of water used exclusively for water supply, single family residences and parks until recently when City Council approved condominium development.  Some log heads don't vote; they become aldermen.

flt4.jpg (108777 bytes)
Looking north up Veterans Parkway from Monroe/Old Jacksonville Road running from right to left, one of the busiest intersections in Greater Post Vietnam War Prosperity Sphere of the city.

flt6.jpg (116167 bytes)
The business area in the middle is Town & Country Shopping Center, the city's first shopping center, built about 1961. The green area   behind it is the athletic field to the left of Ben Franklin Middle School where this photographer attended junior high.

flt8.jpg (103250 bytes)
Typical of the industrial sites that once flourished in our fair city, this is the former home of a Pillsbury Mills flour refining plant.

flt7.jpg (106044 bytes)
Looking mostly west, slightly north, this is Washington Park. Note the tennis courts in the middle. This is one of several excellent parks in our city.,This one has been  transformed over time by park district directors who removed a refreshment stand and public swimming pool and added a road through the middle of a lagoon which, in better times,  featured a wood foot bridge and "island." Any resemblance between some parts of our parks and the aftermath of a strip mine is purely coincidental, I am told.

flt5.jpg (109250 bytes)
Close up of Ben Franklin Middle School behind Town & Country Shopping Center. Bob GIlbert, my best friend in 8th grade, won a contest to name the school's new pop corn popper which provided fine fare during sock hops and b-ball games in the gym. He named it "Kernel Franklin."
Excellent name, don' you think? 

flt9.jpg (99884 bytes)
Another view of former Pillsbury Mills.

apfl7.jpg (170960 bytes)
The race track and grandstand at the Illinois State Fairgrounds on the north side of Springfield. This area is near the approach to runway 31 at SPI. During state fair time, the grandstand stage, center right, is a blaze with lights at night while nationally know entertainers dazzle the grandstand audiences.

apfl8.jpg (100797 bytes)
FInal approach to runway 22.
Soon after I recruit another free ride from a kindly Cessna or Piper jockey, on a clearer, sunnier day, I will post additional aerial views..


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