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This page was most recently updated Monday, June 12, 2006

If you are researching an aviation history subject, please e me so AeroKnow can help A N D we can bring AeroKnow visitors in on the project.  We'll include your first and last namea and how to contact you. Your request will remain posted here until you ask us to remove it, or I need some more space.

Please keep your questions simple, confined to one airplane or event. In the past, we've received questions about first flight dates of a LIST of 15 Japanese aircraft of the mid-30s, even performance data and dimensions about 10 executive transports. These kinds of questions are referred to a back burner, so to speak. Keep your questions simple and write often. That's the best way to ensure prompt responses.

(6.12.06)  Just to ask on a wild chance, I'm also interested in the thrust that a B-17 produced: either acceleration or max and cruise to derive Newton's force. Also the max Gs or the time it took to pull into a climb from level flight to about 40 degrees AoA. If you happen to have any references or suggestions, please contact and I'll forward your e to the requestor. (6.12.06)

(6.12.06)WANTED TO PURCHASE - a copy of B-17 Tribute, an 83-page magazine published by Key Publisher, Ltd., England, edited by Mark or Marc Nichols. If you can help, email librarian Anita Walters at the Sherman, Illinois Public Library -
. . . and tell her AeroKnow sent you! (6.12.06)

(6.12.06) Bob Louderback and the Cincinmati (Ohio) Aviation Heritage Society are researching the history of the LeBlond engines, built in Cincinnati in the 20s & 30s. Sought are pictures, magazine articles, recollections of experiences with LeBlond engines, etc. All materials loaned will be handled carefully and promptly returned. If you can help. email  or write him - 2081 Robers Ave., Cincinnati, OH 45239-6321 and tell him AeroKnow sent you.

(6.12.06) Curtiss-Herring 1909 airplane engine
     I am retired and work two days a week at the Western Aerospace Museum in Oakland, California. We have an original 1909 Curtiss-Herring airplane engine on display, but it is missing some parts. Unfortunately, I have pictures of only the left side of the engine. Would appreciate pictures of the right side of the engine. Please e-mail me if you can help
    Robert McCarty -        

(6.12.06)  I am seeking information on an Illinois aviator from the 1910s named James F. Scott. I am trying to explain a Chicago Daily News photograph that’s posted on the Library of Congress’ American Memory website. It’s at this web address (when you get to the page, you can click on the image to make it larger):
     Chicagoan James F. Scott’s 1910 flying machine was supposed to work somewhat like a helicopter, gaining lift as its discs rose and fell under the power of a lightweight engine. A model of the aircraft performed “all sorts of stunts,” according to reports. But the full-size version failed to fly.
           Is that correct? Is there other information that I should include?
Mark Jacob

(6.12.06)  I am looking for photos of the Curtiss JN4 Jenny when in service with the Cuban Army from 1919 -- 1926. These aircraft had a big number on the sides of the fuselages and text in Spanish above and below the numbers. I am building Proctors 1/6 scale R/C model. Please contact me if you can help. Angel Miniet

(6.12.06) "Greetings - I am interested in finding some authentic Aeronca memorabilia. Anything will do. Price will be a factor because it will be a gift." Please reply to Loree Marts -

(6.12.06) I came across your website and felt you might be able to direct me to an internet website that could provide noise data on the engine output on three military aircraft used as trainers in the 1970's.  The Cessna T-37, the T-33 Shooting Star, and the T-38 talon.  Please respond at your earliest opportunity identifying possible contacts. If you can help, contact Clyde Hook -

(6.12.06) Got a friendly note from Corey Butcher who has a fine web site dedicated to his 3/5 scale Voisin bomber project. The airplane was an eary biplane pusher with quadricycle landing gear. It's hard to think of an uglier airplane or a more challenging homebuilt.  His website has great pictures of his project and links to references about the real thing. Visit the site

(6.12.06) PRIMARY FLIGHT SCHOOL CODES -- The code for Randolph Field was 52ED. It appeared on fuselages of trainers based there in WW2. We need to know the primary flight school code for Blythe, California's  base. Can you help?  Responses to

(6.12.06) N.G. Walters has informed AeroKnow of plans to build a 33-acre distribution center in the village of Cardington, Bedfordshire, England. If built the warehouse will blot the view of two huge airship "sheds" which were home to Britain's R101 and R-100 and the area is rich in other Royal Air Force history. Details of this history and a petition for site visitors to sign are presented at  I visited the site and signed their petition. I hope you will too.

2-6-06  WANTED TO PURCHASE - a copy of B-17 Tribute, an 83-page magazine published by Key Publisher, Ltd., England, edited by Mark or Marc Nichols. If you can help, email librarian Anita Walters at the Sherman, Illinois Public Library -   . . . and tell her AeroKnow sent you!

1-31-06 -- LeBlond airplane engines - Bob Louderback and the Cincinmati (Ohio) Aviation Heritage Society are researching the history of the LeBlond engines, built in Cincinnati in the 20s & 30s. Sought are pictures, magazine articles, recollections of experiences with LeBlond engines, etc. All materials loaned will be handled carefully and promptly returned. If you can help. email or write him - 2081 Robers Ave., Cincinnati, OH 45239-6321 and tell him AeroKnow sent you.

7-12-05 -- James S. Zerbe -- "I think Zerbe may have beeen a con man. He has also been listed as John Zerbe and Jerome Zerbe. He is something like the great grandfather of the actor Anthony Zerbe. I've compiled a good deal of information on Zerbe in a large PDF file, with the hope of someday writing at least a nice article about him. Can you help?" -- Thomas E. (Pete) Jordon

7-11-05  Howard Hicks -- Richard Cluxton, 106 Fry Gap Road, Arab, AL 35016 is looking for an obituary of Howard Hicks, born about 1870 and died between 1953 and 1955. He is also looking for the names of the descendants. I f you can help, please write him or email me what you know so I may share that information with him.

6-10-05  RLM Aviation  Serge Sarfati, resident of France and an aviation history enthusiast, is trying to contact RLM Aviation. They specialize in German aircraft. That's all he told me. If you know how to reach the organization, please respond directly to Serge --   and please cc to me -- so I will also know. Thanks!

5-9-05  airborne-delivered lifeboats  Peter Bourke is a new friend based in Australia. He is a serious historian interested in airborne lifeboats, including those dropped from PBYs, OA-10s, SB-17s and anything else  AeroKnow helped him with some article reprints, and articles in our magazine indexes,  and because he could be a big help to AeKn with his access to a local Australian hobby shop, and the superb plastic eminating from New Zealand and his homeland,  I'm inviting all visitors to AeroKnow who have any data about his favorite subject to contact Peter and get to know him.

4-8-05  B-17G "Lucky Strike"   Do you have, or can you direct a researcher to a picture of B-17G-1BO 42-31258, nicknamed "Lucky Strike" and flown by the 334th Squadron, 95th Bomb Group? The request is made by an AeroKnow supporter. If you can help, visit and tell B.J. Romanoski that AeroKnow sent you.

bobolink.jpg (10536 bytes) From our friend Don Weckhorst at Octave Chanute Museum, Rantoul, IL comes the forward of a request for information about the Bobolink, illustrated here. NASM suggested the piece, published in the 20s probably connects to something other than the airplane. There was a Boulton-Paul Bobolink, but it's not likely this bird; had a rotary engine.
   If you know of a US-built Bobolink, please share what you know with AeroKnow (address at the bottom of this page) and I will forward it to Jeff Zurlinden, who shared the illustration.
B24radioguy.jpg (54412 bytes)
Don Gamble of Springfield recently visited AeroKNow and brought a picture given to him by his mother-in-law. It shows radio tech Roy Veech Ossum (rank not known) standing by "Bonnie Joe,"  the B-24 he flew in over Europe while serving with the 328th BS, 93rd BG.
Ossum enlisted in fall 1942 and was honorably discharged in August 1945.
He wants to know if an AeroKnow visitor has a picture of the entire airplane and if so, could he pay you for a copy of it, and if YOU knew Roy Ossum in the service, could you tell Don what he was like? Email sent to AeroKnow - will be forwarded to Don.

3-7-05  Beechcraft AT-11   I am writing from Montivideo, Uruguay in South America. In the early 1950s, the USAF sold an AT-11 Kansan to Uruguay's Air Force. We have this aircraft in our Air & Space Museum in Montevideo. We are a team that is looking for information about this plane: where it served before coming to Uruguay. The military serial number of our AT-11 is 42-3725. If you have any information about this airplane, we would welcome anything you can share with our team. Thank you. 
Wilman and Rosanna Fuentes

6-04  Max Conrad - I was a practicing CPA in Des Moines, Iowa and a friend and later an employee (V.P. Finance) of Des Moines Flying Service owned by Howard V. Gregory who was one of the original Piper distributors and still active in the business here on the Des Moines Municipal Airport as a fixed base operator.
     I attended a Chamber of Commerce meeting here in Des Moines, Iowa (date was probably in the 19060s or so)  where Howard Gregory arranged to have Max Conrad attend as a guest and speaker at the Chamber noon meeting at the Savery Hotel here in Des Moines. Iowa. 
      I got interested in the Max Conrad story and I did some research to try to figure out what happened to Max and his airplanes.  After much effort I did locate one of the "Flying Record Comanche's" actually flown by Max which at that time was owned by a man in Illinois as I remember it who had maintained it in flyable status. 
     The contact evolved into the owner flying the "Conrad" plane to Des Moines and we took pictures etc. on the ramp of the Des Moines Flying Service (the FBO) on the municipal airport.
     Also, I did some extensive research through our  connections with the Piper Aircraft Company people  and was able to assemble actual documentation, letters back and forth between Max and the Piper executives about trips and financing etc involved.  They sent me, to  keep ,materials out of the Piper corporate files which I incorporated into the Conrad booklet. 
      With all this information at hand I put together a booklet with this material and wanting to put it in a place where it would have permanence I sent it (as I best remember it) to the then Comanche Organization or Club-----possibly located in Nebraska but the location I am not sure of.  Some years later I attempted to locate the booklet but was not successful.
     So, if you have any idea where this booklet might be on file I would like to know about it.  I am not interested in getting the booklet back but only in knowing  where it actually might be "at rest".
     I just now today for the first time accessed your web site so will spend time getting familiar with it's content.  Howard Gregory still has a Piper distributorship and is still operating on the Des Moines Municipal Airport as a FBO with the name  Des Moines Flying Service.
    Robert B. Sanderson
     6200 E P True Parkway #501
     West Des Moines, Iowa  50266
     phone    515-327-5464

5-04 Ralph Mays  Need info about Ralph Mays who served in the Illinois National Guard in 1945. Looking for authentication of his parents, seeking heirs. Respond to Jann Culp Helms 

4-04 Greer College  "I am looking for any and all information concerning Greer College in Chicago ca 1930. My grandfather attended machining classes there, then went on to found a Chicago precision parts company still in business today. During WWII the company made many parts for the war effort and conday conues to make parts for the aircraft industry."
       If you can help, contact Kathy Worth

3-04 - Stinson SR-10J Reliant   I am helping my father research his plane - NC21104 - a 1938 Stinson SR-10J originally owned by Shell Oil and flown often by Jimmy Doolittle. It is in the final stage of restoration and we hope to have it debut in Oshkosh later this year in its original Shell paint scheme.
      If you can please let me know if you have any information on the plane or can suggest who else you think we should contact, we would GREATLY appreciate it!

     Mike Dinndorf
     Best Buy Corporate Campus
     Event Marketing Manager
     7601 Penn Ave. S.
     Richfield, MN 55423
     Phone: 612/291-4198
     952/430-5976 fax

2-04 Fairey Flycatcher replica  "I am trying to run down information on a Fairey Flycatcher replica that waws built back in the late 70s. I would like to know where it is and how I can get in touch with its owner. Also, a friend in Scotland told me of a rumor that someone is thinking obout building a replica of the Handley  Page HP-42 airliner."  Can you help? If you can, write James

2-04   MacMechen-Kamp Airship  In search of any information regarding the MacMechen-Kamp Airship (dirigible, not plane), English/American design in the style of a Zeppelin destroyer.  Any articles or information on this ship or on Walter Kamp would be appreciated.-- Jennifer Doerr, MJM Creative Services, (212) 924-7070 x584

1-04  "B-26 Flak Bait"  "My quest is for some kind of timeline for (Martin B-26) “Flak Bait”s period in theater.  Arrival in England, first mission, nose art applied on what date between which two missions, etc.?  Is there any combat or flight log in existence? I’m interested in building her, but early in her career, with far fewer mission markings." - Alan R. Millen

12-03  St. Louis Cardinal  Can you tell me what color the St. Louis Cardinal was painted? Some good folks out in the wilds of California are restoring one, and they'd like to know, and so would I. If you will color copy a color picture and send it to the address below via conventional mail, I will be happy to reimburse your costs, and I will forward it to the talented restorers and keep a copy for AeroKnow. E to Conventionally mailed copy of color material to Job Conger, 428 W. Vine Street, Springfield, IL 62704

11-03  Stripped aircraft hulk needed   "I am an instructor at Western Illinois University in Macomb, IL. The Western Illinois University Scuba Club has an area of water that they dive and train people to dive. They are looking to obtain an abandoned, non-functioning, stripped aircraft to put at the bottom of their diving area. If anyone can provide such an airframe for a state institution, or information about how we might acquire one, please contact me.
    Thanks for your help.
             Don Bytner "

10-03  early Jacksonville, Illinois aviation
   Noted in the January 25, 1926 Aviation: "The Hudson Auto and Aero Co. have added a complete flying school to their airplane business and had fifteen students enrolled at the beginning of December. The city has provided a landing field East of the city and the company has built a hangar on it along with an office building. They have, as chief test pilot and instructor, C.W. Parkhurst of Buffalo, NY   Can you add to this info? Off what street or road was this airport located? How long did it operate, and when was it closed? Responses to  

9-03  LeBlond radial engines   I'm looking for any and all imformation about LeBlond radial engines. I own a 60 hp model 50D.
-- from Steven Rossi

8-03   1953 Schroeder "Rare Bird."
  "I am starting a new R/C model airplane kit company. Our kits will be as exact scale as feasable. Our intentions are to promote interest in homebuilt aircraft and preserve history and spirit of experimental aircraft. I recently found drawings of the 1953 Schroeder "Rare Bird." This airplane is veery appropriately named. So far I have been unable to determine that this airplane probably competed in racing against the much more famous "Cosmic Wind" and was possibly powered by a Continental C-90. I know there were two built and their color schemes. That's it. AeroKnow was teh only information listed on the internet using five different search engines.
   "The drawings I have seem to be about 2% scale. I really need to know the true wingspan to bring this bird back to life. My besst guess so far is 20'1/2". This is also my reasoning for the C-90 engine.  The exhaust layout for the C-90 matches my estimate for the wing span.  Any other info would be very helpful."

from Cody McCormick

7-03 early Chicago, Illinois aviation
from John M. Jarratt
17 Linsdale Gons
Nottingham NG4 4G4
England     NEEDS INFO- Chicago Aviation Co., a flying school, and Vicking Aircraft, which built a model 10-A powered by a 120 hp Anzani engine in 1928. A Captain J.C. Bryan was engineer and instructor. In 1929, the school went bankrupt and Bryan moved to . . .
                    Greer College in Chicago where Bryan and Charles Laird, brother of Matty Laird built a plane, the "B-1B" also with an Anzani engine. This may have been a rebuild of the earlier one.
                In 1930 Aircraft Engineers Inc.  of Chicago (a school at which Charles Laird was president)  built the "B-2" powered by a Lambert engine.
    IF YOU CAN HELP, please contact Jarratt directly or provide originals (on loan or copied) which AeroKnow will copy and share with him. We can use your info at any rate, and all info about these planes will be shared via AeroKnow.

6-03 Wiley Post/Will Rogers death airplane   I am researching the plane that Wiley Post and Will Rogers were killed in.
It has been told to me that a relative owned the plane prior to Post's
purchase.  Any way to find out for geneology reasons?
               Please contact me at

5-03 -- Loughhead S-1 Sport Biplane
Any info. (especially on the mechanics of the S-1's lower   wing-"aileron"-speed brake)?

from: "casey and ellen"  

Allison V1710 engine    I am trying to find standard engineering(?)drawings--side elevations/plan view/bottom view of an Allison V1710; I have tried to find a model of this engine, but none seem to exist. I am considering building one from scratch
if I can get some really good drawings--can you advise me?

from Raymond Zakrzewski   -

3-03  WANTED: Diagrams or pictures of Springfield's first airport.
Just had a fine conversation with Jerry Jacobsen, director of Save Old Springfield and a tireless friend of history. He wanted to know if AIRCHIVE has drawings or photographs of the first Springfield, Illinois airport which was located off what is now Illinois Route 97, northwest of the city. A Boy Scout placed a plaque at the site years ago, but finding information about the layout and buildings is lacking.  If you can help Jerry with his search, please call him -- 785-2835 days    787-0939 evenings and arrange to share what you can. If you cannot connect with Jerry, please e or call me. I will be happy to scan (while you watch me) any pictures you can loan for the purpose of sharing them at this web site and helping Jerry.

2-03  Cessna 0-1/L-19 Bird Dog   Where is a Cessna L-19/O-1 Bird Dog in Illinois and how can the owner be contacted? Greg Steil (rhymes with mile) saw the AIRCHIVE Collection segment on the television series Illinois Adventure (produced by Peoria, Illinois public television station WTVP) and wanted to know. Greg is helping produce a radio control model of the type, and he wants to photograph an L-19 to be sure the model is all that it can be. If you can help, contact Greg --   and tell him you read about it here. Then please email me, so I can tell the next person who wants to know. 

Vought F-8 Crusader  Could the adjustable incidence wing of the Vought F-8 Crusader be raised to the higher angle of incidence when the gear was retracted? I have seen pictures of the wing raised only when the gear was extended, but I'm building a model and would like to display the wing raised with landing gear retracted IF the airplane could fly that way. An answer with source cited  to atc@aeroknow would be much appreciated.

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Last modified: June 12, 2006