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Plastic Wings Model Club
   This page was most recently modified Sunday, September 11, 2005

The club is on hold pending the recruitment of new members who want to meet regularly for the purpose of showing off our newest completed models, seeking assistance from other modelers, trading and selling aviation history and model airplane-related materials and sharing information about new kits coming down the pike, airshows and av related events. Though most of our members in the past have been adults (according to their drivers' licenses at least) any person of any age or gender is welcome to participate.  If you would like to be placed on an e-mail advisory list so we can notify you when we have encountered at least five people who want to meet regularly for these purposes, share your thoughts with

Images below are thumbnailed for faster loading. Click on any for a larger picture and Back to return to the smaller view.

          pwfeb41.jpg (15745 bytes)
Our February 10, 2004 meeting brought modelers together for a mostly German aircraft discussion. Not all who came wanted to be photographed. Two who didn't mind are David Tabb (left) and Richard Strode.
          pwfeb42.jpg (16875 bytes)
Strode is one of just a few central area model club members who prefer 1/72 scale. Note the FW-187 he brought. I didn't know that kit existed! Also visible are a 1/72 Hansa-Brandenburg W.29 donated to Modelair Museum by Mike Luke, and a 1/48 scale Lippisch P-13 built by Job Conger.   
          pwfeb43.jpg (14416 bytes)
  Dave and Richard discuss the FW-187. Even with no airbrush, Richard does a credible job with his models. He is a former RF-4B pilot with the USMC and a heckova storyteller!
Our June 2003 meeting brought a new visitor from Decatur, Illinois and a regular from just up the street.       pwmc631.jpg (15570 bytes)
     Doug from Decatur brought four absolutely first class models that challenge the best we've seen from Springfield modelers. The fellow is enthusiastic about modeling and is sure to inspire many, including the host!
      pwmc632.jpg (11693 bytes)
      Dave from up the street is the first recruit for the club project model, a Monogram B-24D we're going to build with Mike Grant "Lady Be Good" decals. Dave is doing the clear painting. Job is doing the fuselage. All we need now are a few good modelers to tackle the wings and stabs.
     pwmc633.jpg (13382 bytes)
      Doug's excellent models.
     pwmc634.jpg (14442 bytes)
     another pic of same
             pwmc638.jpg (14990 bytes)
        I was never inpressed with Bf-109s until I saw Doug's G-14.
       pwmc636.jpg (15626 bytes)
       Dave and Doug talk shop.
        pwmc637.jpg (15122 bytes)
       These pictures to not do justice to these models.
           pwmc635.jpg (14869 bytes)
       Doug glanced at a back issue of Springfield Skyways while visiting the workshop.
        pwmc1.jpg (119977 bytes)
    Among those who attended our first meeting were (left to right) Keith, Cameron and David.
        pwmc3.jpg (134199 bytes)
    Keith brought his recently completed 1/48 Tamiya Me-262 finished as a bomber. Anytime you see a simple letter on the fuselage and a white tail tip, you know you're looking at a bomber; not the fighter version.
        pwmc4.jpg (105563 bytes)
     Slightly lower angle. The pace of the meeting was so fast that more in-depth photo coverage was mpt possible. We will do better at future meetings.
        pwmc5.jpg (107970 bytes)
     Cameron considers a project underway as the rest of us returned to the meeting table after a fast tour of the new and improved display and file layout downstairs.
        pwmc6.jpg (204974 bytes)
       A slightly retouched version of the picture above gives the 252's wing a higher aspect ratio than the one employed on the majority of Schwables which left the assembly line.

In the past, Plastic Wings Model Club has met on 2nd Tuesdays of the month. This arrangement can be changed to accommodate your preferences.


Last modified: September 11, 2005