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My Town Miscellany
Springfield Illinois

    This page was most recently updated Saturday, April 01, 2006
      Here are pictures of people and places whom and which have touched my life in recent years.  I can't share pictures of kids and grandkids with you -- not married; no kids -- but I can share pictures of people and places which matter to me.  People you see here I am lucky to call -- and happy to call -- friends.
     If you live in Springfield OR are planning to visit this fair city, visit my friend John Winterbauer's web site  He offers "ghost tours" and is a serious investigator/expert/historian who knows what he's talking about. Tell him My Town Miscellaney sent you!
       Pictures below have been thumbnailed for faster loading. Click on any for a larger image and "Back" to return to the page. 

mytm7.jpg (20260 bytes)
1. My neighborhood about eight blocks south and slightly west of the State Capitol building.
mytm7a.jpg (15335 bytes)
2. A closer look at my house, Villa Vine, the only one with a black roof.
stcapw.jpg (19562 bytes)
3. The nerve center for state government, despite Governor Blagojevich's best efforts to move it all to Chicago so his family won't have to move into the Governor's Mansion. We are looking north and slightly east. The Stratton Office Building is in the lower left; the State Library in the upper right.
stacap1.jpg (25956 bytes)
4. Under the dome inside the State Capitol Building. This is the UNcommon picture which I took to compare it with the cliche picture which appears later on this page.
stacap2.jpg (14639 bytes)
5.  Another view from under the State Capitol dome. I deliberately looked into the sun for this, and the lens flare on the upper right is intentional.
mytm1.jpg (15389 bytes)
6. State Republican Party leaders meet to consider viable candidates for state offices in the 08 election. The sparse appearance of the Capitol grounds is a result of budget cutbacks, necessary to permit Governor B'ich to commute almost daily to his family home in Chicago.
mytm11.jpg (9084 bytes)
7. And as the sun sinks slowly in the west, a statue of Abe Lincoln surveys the scenic tableau looking east down Capitol Avenue.
jennifer.jpg (27306 bytes)
8. Jennifer Jenkins is a long-time friend, major activist for the elimination of the Illinois death penalty. She is too-infrequently a part of the Springfield scene. I photographed her during a 2002 visit to meet with members of the Illinois General Assembly.
mytm6.jpg (13766 bytes)
9. Tony Leone is a major player in Illinois government; owner of Pasfield House which has replaced Susan Lawrence Dana's Frank Lloyd Wright-designed house as THE BEST party and reception venue in the state of Springfield, Illinois. He even attended my historical society presentation about Vachel Lindsay.
mytm8.jpg (36467 bytes)
10. A meeting at a Decatur art gallery in 1999, great conversation and emails, her visit to Springfield at a time when my heat had been disconnected, and nothing after that but void. Still, the good memories remain.
mytm9.jpg (23892 bytes)
11. Maximum Labrador was the first pet to grace Villa Vine. There have been other pets, all black Labs, and just about all but my present pooches, Thelnious Dog and Slick Richard, have learned how to climb the hurricane fence. Pictures of TD and SR will appear here later.
mytm3.jpg (14639 bytes)
12. This gentleman embodies the physical appearance of Elijah Iles, an early founder of Springfield. He appears at historic events in this city, and is masterful in his sharing of local history.
mytm10.jpg (21137 bytes)
13. This stunning countenance (photograph only slightly retouched) was a regular part of poetry readings just a few years ago.
mytm4.jpg (19933 bytes)
14. A group of good people, among them, those pictured here, meet downtown on Saturday mornings for Writers' Bloc a creative writing discussion group.
mytm12.jpg (16979 bytes)
15.  Spotted on Sixth Street a few years ago, this Triumph TR-4, a mid-60s sports car, was parked in exactly the proper place for a picture.
mytm13.jpg (14040 bytes)
16. Steve Meyers was a friend of mine in junior high school. A few years ago, he happened to be dining downtown at a local pizza place that hosted a poetry reading, and we re-connected. He spent most of his life in Washington state, but said he was moving back to Springfield.
mytm14.jpg (19146 bytes)
17. View from my office. Maximum Labrador seems pensive . . . for a canine at any rate.
mytm16.jpg (25233 bytes)
18. When 11 mayors from cities of Ukraine visited Springfield, I was privileged to write a story about their time in this city. Here Stepan Tirpchuk (or something like that if my memory is correct) rubs Abe's nose for good luck at the Lincoln Memorial. I think of the mayors from that new nation often, and hope that they and their fellow citizens are well.
mytm5.jpg (22785 bytes)
19. This is the cliched picture from under the State Capitol dome. I say "cliched" becuause it's the most natural, view -- just get the "bullseye" in the middle and snap the picture -- and even though there is something to say for almost perfect symmetry of it all, I like the pictures from inside   presented earlier, especially number 8.
mytm2.jpg (12767 bytes)
20. The penultimate harmonica player wails (or , if your name is Herman Melville, "whales") at a recent open mic in lyrical downtown Springfield.
bird6a.jpg (10351 bytes)
21. The puckering gentleman on the left is Richard Strode, about the only local male hummin' bean I call friend as the new year begins. This picture has been slightly retouched.
bird9.jpg (11387 bytes)
22. Richard is a competent model airplane builder and a model airplane kit collector. He grew up in Springfield and flew USMC RF-4s in Vietnam. Today, he and his wife Annette are adoptive parents of several  exotic birds.
23. This space was not intentionally left blank. To get an idea of the story behind the blankness. . .

24. . . . email me
alibmus4.jpg (13762 bytes)
25. This view of the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Museum (on the left) and ALP Library (on the right) was taken in September 2005.
alibmus5.jpg (11333 bytes)
26. The ALPM closer.
alibmus1.jpg (12543 bytes)
27. View of the ALPM from the southwest with the ALML in the foreground left.
alibmus3.jpg (13714 bytes)
28. The ALPL.

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Last modified: April 01, 2006