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- I am determined to spend more time enjoying the hobby I first engaged about 1957. Seen here is a fraction of models under construction, and here lies the greatest impediment. With the new year came a revelation that I must FINISH some of these sons of guns before I open another box!
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- I usually build out of the box because I don't have time, dollars or skill to incorporate $100 of resin and brass improvements into a $10 kit. That doesn't prevent me from admiring the models of others so blessed.
   The 24D seen here is being built as "Strawberry Bitch" because Mike Grant's excellent decals convinced me I'd have more fun with this example than from using the kit decals.
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- This "Blinder" sat around for years with the basic airframe assembled. I had damaged the nose, and since I didn't want to buy another kit, and had ruled out mounting an R-4300 on the nose and calling it a "test bed" it collected dust. When a friend donated his Blinder along with some other hulks, I removed my nose and added his. This Jan I decided to finish it. Worked on it for about 30 minutes for each of three days, and haven't touched it since January 12.

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