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If you see anything here you'd like to buy or trade for, please e-mail me --- or call me, Job Conger, on cell -- 217-331-3661. My mailing address is 428 W. Vine St., Springfield, IL 62704-2933  USA

     Because of the extreme cost of postage beyond the USA


  clear parts for 1/72 Heller Bachem Ba-349 Natter
        clear parts for 1/72 Heller Mirage IV
        clear parts for 1/48 Heller Mirage IV
        canopies and decals for Minicraft/Hasegawa 1/72 Dassault Super Etendards
      canopies for Hasegawa 1/72 Northrop F-5E, F-5F and Grumman X-29
      decal civilian registration NC numbers tol fit a 1/72 Beechcraft Staggerwing
      decal that will fit the ANY 1/72 B-25C, H and J
      decals for British aircraft built after World War II

MODEL AIRPLANE Kits I want are listed here
  magazines for sale or trade page here
         books for sale or trade   here
              model catalogs for sale or trade   here
                 I will trade my kits to modelers outside the USA

                                for aviation books and magazines I can use.

Prices here do not include postage              
Pictures of box art and contents will be emailed to you on request.

     1/72 Boeing 377 Stratocruiser  No. 1603 $30 

     1/72 English Electric F.1A  No.  290   $5
     1/72 Fouga Magister  No. 02047-5  $5
     1/72 Hawker Hurricane IIB  No. 02042-0  $5
     1/72 Lockheed F-80 No. 02043-3  $6
     1/72 P-38F  No. 03018-0  $7
     1/72 P-51B Special Edition No. 02083 $67
     1/72 F-84F Thunderstreak  No.03022-9  $7
     1/72 Spitfire VB  No.02046-2  $5
     1/72 Curtiss XF15C-1 - vacuform kit #174 - $5
     1/72  Douglas XA2D-1 - vacuform kit kit #292 - $5      
     1/72  Heinkel He-119 vacuform kit. - not packaged (it's in an old Monogram kit box now) but complete with instructions  $15


                 1/50  Fiat CR 32  $5 

    1/48 Morane-Saulnier  type N  No. 8010  $30
     1/72 Sopwith Baby  #07202  $15   
Encore 1/72 Polikarpov R-5  No. 1016  $7

Entex 1/48 Beech Bonanza V35 "Weekend Wings Series" No. 8515B  $9

Fujimi P-51D 1/48 kit No. 5A-19  $5

     1/32 A6M5 Zero - no decals, no box top ends, but parts are factory sealed - $15
     1/32 A6M5 Zero, complete kit, box, parts factory sealed bags with sealed decals  $20
KP   1.72 Aero C-3A  $15
         1.72  Aero MB-200 (French twin-engine bomber, originally releasted by Heller as the Marcel Bloch 200)   $16.00

         1/72 Letov S.231 (single seat biplane fighter 30s)  No. 23  $6
    1/72 Mitsubishi L3M1 Type Nippongo   No. 161:300    $10
        1/72 Mitsubishi  Ki-67 Hiryu     No. 151:450   $12

1/32 Classique Series   Aston Martin    PK-301   $10
                       1/32 Douglas SBD Dauntless  PK-503  $30
                      1/32 Messerschmitt Bf-109E  Decal sheet is stuck to one sheet of the instructions   $20

Merlin  Vickers FB.5 Gunbus $15

Model-Aire International  (early RESIN kits with no decals. These are intended for skilled modlers. If the Revell kit you bought at the Walmart is a challenge for you, DO NOT PURCHASE THESE kits. You will only send them back (like an unhappy Kansan did) if you insist on buying one one to build.
    1/72   Waco UPF-7  Kit No. 006   $25
    1/72  Curtiss CW-21 Demon    Kit No. 009    $25
Plastikovy Model Sovetskeho Bitevniho Letounu  Sukhoi Su-25K  1/48   kit No. 3    $11

RAREJETS        Bell P-59B Airacomet - vacuform kit - $5

Revell           scale unknown        Ford PickPup Truck  1995 reissue  #1430   $12
          U.S.S. Constitution "Over 15 3/4 inches long!"  #5404 with sails,
             box taped and worn, contents bagged, in fine shape  $12, postage included

     1/32  Lockheed P-38 Droop Snoot  - $30
         1/32  Supermarine Spitfire I  labeled H-282 an unusual kit with fuselage halves moulded in tan-colored plastic; the rest moulded in the original sky color - $20
           - labeled H-282:200 - I have another that's tape sealed and I don't want to open it  - $25

     1/100 Me-262A and Me 163B MRC #PA1023-200TOP OPENING BOX fuselage assembly started   $9
     1/100 Me-262A and Me 163B MRC #PA1023-200 END No.PA1023-250 OPENING BOX fuselage assembly started, box is slightly crumpled but all parts are sealed in factory plastic bags, and kit is complete   $10

Books for sale are listed  here
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