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World War I Aero   Issue 200    2009

publication history CPA
Bristol Scout ca 3v repli of Opdycke 3v PA
Fokker D.VIII wing Dil A hist
Fokker D.VIII orig & Swearingen repli CPDA ca
Demoiselle No. 20 3v
Daimler-Mercedes 180 engine 3v A Dil
ac instruments Dil A
Fokker D.VII Denmark AF P
Fokker D.VII hist pros
RAF BE.1 3v PDA Dil ca
German WWI ac exhaust systems Dil A
Bruning-Forstmann (Poll) Giant Triplane (Germany WW1 New York bbr propo) Dil A
Wright Bros. surviving ac surv PA
Leo Opdycke bio PA
WWIAefeb08.jpg (59415 bytes)
World War I Aero   199 February 2008

Fokker Dr.1 of Bolle C3v
Fokker Dr.1 repli project of Jim Bruton PDA
Farman 1910 Light 2v Dil
Albatross 1918 2s 3v Dil
L.V.G. Type D.9 3v
L.V.G. CVI Type 3v
Fokker D.VII of Jasta 18 C3v
Sopwith Pup repli flying PDA 3v
Richard & Matt King (US) Sopwith Pup repli pilots PA interv
five days at Old Rhinebeck 1988 PA
current Old Rhinebeck difficulties A
Bleriot XI in Latin America 3v PA
Gallaudet hist Psurv A
how to catalog aeronautical archival collection AManfred von Richtofen pictures & media attention PA
Plan to re-create Fokker Germany factory museum today PA
Bristol M.1C 2v repli CPA
Fokker D.VII repli proj of Jeffrey J. Brooks PDA Dil 3v
wwiae207.jpg (25960 bytes)
WWI Aero     #195     February 2007
Octave Chanute aeronautical work bio PA
Curtiss JN-4H rest of Schelling CP(cov) A
Duperdussin No.19 1913 Schneider Race winner
                                                        PA 5v Dil
Gallaudet D-3 Atlantic Cruiser 3v A
Gallaudet Battle Cruiser A il
flying restored OX-5 powered ac mem A
Ernie "Aircraft" Hall (US early pilot,
                                  Wright employee) bio PA
Wright Model G Aeroboat (1914 bio flybt)
                                                3v xs A
cannon fired through rotary engine motor
                       prop of Nieuport mono P Dil A
Manfred von Richtofen downing il A
Igor Sikorsky prophecy il PA
Bleriot XI 2v
WWIAe INDEX 191—194
Garland-Lincoln Nieuport rest P
Smurov Ornithopter (Chna mono)P
Cato Model G (US bio 191?) P
Farman Sport Biplane (2s 191?) P
Tunison Scout (US mono 1928) PA
Morane Saulnier Type N (mono W1) 3v
Nieuport free-flight models hist il PA
Whittemore-Hamm Model L-2 (US bio (191?) P
De Turcat-Mery-Rougier bip
                                       (Germ? 191?) P il 3v
Ludlow 1905 Aeroplane (US pre WI) il 3v









wwiae507.jpg (29213 bytes)

WWIAero    #196     May 2007
Preston Watson (US) ac designs bio il PA 3v
Burgess-Collier Model M (flybt) at Rhinebeck? PA
Gallaudet Model D-4 (US bip fltpln,
                     mid-fus prop) 3v Dil xs PA
US air war w Germany WWI stats
WWI Germ ac repli building n Germ today PA
Pflalz r-powered fly mods PA
LeRhone rotary engine 1/3 repli PDA
Trian Vuia Cyclopter (Romania 1914)










wwiaug07.jpg (104195 bytes)

WWI Aero 197 August 2007
Bleriot XI repli design considerations il A PD
Olmsted propeller hist PA Dil
Brooks airplane designs (erly 1900s) hist PA
early Russian bomber development hist il A
Voisin Type L.A.8 3v
Gallaudet D-4 hist (mid engine mid prop
                     bip fltpln) PA 2v ca Dil
Stastik Dreadnought No.1 (Austria-Hung
                     2e bip bbr) PA
Fokker Dr. 1 respli of Plunkett PA
Albatros replies of Mayrhover n Austria PA
Nieuport 17 repli of Pinsent (US) P+
Thomas Morse S-4C rest delayed PD
Greene Biplane (open seat pre W1 US?) 3v
Pfitzner-Curtis Monoplane (?? Open seat
                   pre W1)) 3v
Herring-Burg B Biplane (US open
                     seat push) 2v











wwinov07.jpg (45051 bytes)

WWI Aero #198 November 2007
USAS ac camouf report A color plates CP+
Samuel Franklin Cody flight; wing warping controversy 2v PA
Russia AF 1914 – 17 hist PA
Sikorsky Ilya Muromets . . . S-16 . . . Voisin pusher . . . Gekkel IX (Russia?) mono . . .
Morane Parasol. . . . Morane Saulnier type N. . . Moska (Russia) mono . . . Lebed 12 (Russia? bip)
Nieuport IV. . . Nieuport XI. . . airship Kondor (Russia). . . Farman push fltpln . . .
SPAD A.2 -- .all P
Albatros (Oeffag) D.III repli in Austria progress PDA
Gallaudet model no. D-5 (mid-fuse prop 2s 1e mono propo) 3v A
Gallaudet model DW-5 (mid-fuse prop 2s 1e mono propo) 3v A
Gallaudet D-7 "Mail Carrier" (1s 1e mid-fuse prop mono propo) 3v il A
Curtisss H2-SL flybts w fish motifs PA
Curtiss N-9H unusual mkts PA
Antique Aero organization 12th fly-in PA
Linke-Hoffmann giants hist PA
R-1 PA . . . R-2
Sopwith Pup rest in England status PDA
Bleriot XI ops n Latin America 3v PA
Gallery – all are P
Farman F.40 . . . S.E.A.4C2 (France 2s 1e bbr bip) . . . SPAD Cannon
Hanriot Dupont H.D.3 C2 (2s 1e bip France ftr proto) . . . Caproni 3 BN 2 P
Caudron C23 BN2 (France 2e bip bbr) . . . Handley Page 0/400 . . . H.P. V/1500
Short 310 A 4 (fltpln bip 2s) . . . RAF F.E.2d crash . . . Roland D.XIV (para ftr proto)
Frierichshaven FF.31 (2s 1e push fltpln ftr) . . . A.E.G. J.II (Germany gsupp bip)
K.W. Wilhelmschafen (Germany 2s bip fltln) . . . . Siemens Schuckert D.IV . . . Pfalz D.III
Fokker D.VII surv . . . . Gotha G.IV
Aeromarine 39-B of Old Rhinebeck hist PA
curious card e-Bay photo mystery PA
Zeppelin ops PA
Dawn Patrol fly-n Psurv A
Curtiss America repli n Curtiss Museum PA type hist JPA
Boland Co. (US) ac Psurv
Boland first flybt (1913) 2v P


WWIAefeb06.jpg (31686 bytes)

WWI Aero    191     February 2006
Leon Levasseur early flying 1907 (France) PA
Gastanbude-Mengin mono 1907 (France) PA
Curtiss OX-5 engine hist PDA
Gallaudet (US ac co) hist A

SPAD XIII Arango repro PDA
Sopwith Dolphin repli of Old Rhine crash pirep PA
Rhonie Aviat Fresco (US art) PA
LeRhone 110 hp eng PD
Mercedes 180 hp eng P
Benz 230 hp eng PD
air combat at Dead Sea< Middle East
Nieuport 15 3v ca Dil

Sidney Breese tub fust bip 1916 P
Staaken R.VI w no fabric P
Heath mono 1909 p
Salmson-Moineau S.M.1 (bip chain drive 2 props) P
making movie Flyboys PA

Burge fltpln bip (US?) 3v
Benoist 2e bip flybt 3v
Rumpler military mono 3v
Dornier 1911 Type II biono 3v Dil
ac coll of Mikael Carlson (Sweden) PDA
Farnboroough exp model mono A 3v
INDEX to WWI Aero volumes 187 – 190 A

wwiae192.jpg (33194 bytes)
WWI Aero    #192      May2006

fictional rewrites of early av hist A
Charles K. Hamilton bio & ac flown PA
Henri Babre & early water-based ac PA
American-built DH/4B & DH-4M PA

Airco DH6 production by Graham-White PA
Curtiss OX-5 engine Dil A

Hugh Rockwell bio, engine & ac (US) PA Dil
Marlin-Rockwell 2cy ac eng (US) PA Dil
LWF Cato Model L "Butterfly (US) PA 4v
early pedal powered flying attempts PA 3v
Christie moopolane (US 1910) P

Verne C. Babcock Monoplane (US 1911) P
Curtiss JN-4 cutaway training fuselage P
Bleriof 2-s mono Dil
Lincoln Beachey Monoplane 1914-15 ev

WWIAeaug06.jpg (37283 bytes)

WWIAero     #193     August 2006
Coanda (world’s first 2e ac) 1911 (France) 2e 1911
                                                                PA 3v Dil
J. Walter Christie (US) engine maker 1910/11 PA
Caproni Ca.60 Capronissimo (3e trip flybt proto) hist

                                                                  PDA Dil
Gallaudet Model D-2 (1e bip fltpln US) hist 3v Dil PDA
early Fokker airfoils il A
Cradle of Aviation Mus (US) status) PA
Culture in Aviation essay A
early Spanish av pioneers surv PA
James F. Scott (Chicago, IL) 1911

                                        disk flying machine il A
Levavasseu last ac (mono 1e) PA
Curtiss JN-4 erection instructions Dil A
Sam Cody early design sketch il A
Pfalz D.XII 3v xs Dil
Hydraerocraft (1e bip fltpln or landpln Chicago) 3v Dil
Langley Aerodrome Curtiss 1914 modif 3v


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