Wings of Fame
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Wings of Fame    Volume 20
     RAF Coastal Command ops j1945 - 1982  CPA
     Avro Shackleton MR Mk 2 228 Sqdn 1955 C3v
     51 Stormo Italy AF hist CPA Cpros Dil
     Hawker Hunter hist users CPA
     Hunter F Mk 1  C3v
     Hunter T. Mk 8  C3v
     Hunter FGA. Mk 9 w Rhodesia AF C3v Cpros Cil ca CPD A
     air transport ops n Korean War CPA
     Lockheed military Constellations hist CPD A
     WC-121N w VW-1 1969  C3v
     Australia AF 1950 - 1959  his CPA

Wings of Fame    Volume 19
     IAR-Brasov  IAM-80 hist CPA ca
     B-57 ops in Vietnam War  CPD A Dil
     B-57B w 13th BS, Ben Hoa 1965  C3v
     Hawker Tornado hist CPD A
     North American A-5 hist users survivors CPDA ca Cil
     A-5A w VAH-7  C3v
     RA-5C RVAH-14  C3v
     Germ AF May 1945  CP surv
     F-4 ops w 432nd TRW  1972  PA
     Short Sperrin (4jet bbr proto)  CPA 3v Cca
     Bristol Blenheim variants  CPD A Cpros ca
     Blenheim IF w 25 Sqdn  C3v
     Martin P4M Mercator hist CPD A ca
     P4M-1Q w VQ-2  C3v
     Lavochkin La-250 Anaconda  (2jet interceptor proto) PA 3v

Wings of Fame    Volume 18
     Convair R3Y  CPD A
     F-105 ops n Vietnam War  CPD A
     F-105G w 333rd TFS n Thailand  C3v
     de Havilland Mosquito bomber & PR variants users colors  CPD A Cpros Cill ca
     Mosquito B. Mk IV C3v
     Mosquito PR. Mk XVI 25th BG (R) RAF  C3v
     Bristol Type 188 hist CPD A Cca
     Avro CF-100  CPA variants users  CPD A
     RAF ops from Malta  CPA Cpros
     Germ AF markings   Cil PA

Wings of Fame    Volume 17
     Blackburn Firebrand  CPA Dil ca
     Blackburn Firecrest  PA
     101 Sqdn Israel AF in 1967 6-Day War  CPA Cil
     Germ AF W2 markings Cil PA
     Heinkel He-115B-1  C3v
     Aichi M6A1 Seiran  hist CPDA
     Curtiss F9C  PDA C3v
     Curtiss ac built n Buffalo, NY CP surv
     Curtiss XP-46 CP surv
     Curtiss P-40 CP surv
     E.E. Canberra ops w Argentina AF  CPD
     Polikarpov I-152  CPA Cpros
     Polikarbov I-153 PA Cpros 3v
     Polikarpov I-5 Cpros PA
     Polikarpov I-15 Cpros PA
     Polikarpov I-15bis Cpros PA
     Polikarpov biplane fighter surv  Cpros A P
     Convair F-102 hist  CPD users  Cpros ca Cil A
     Convair TF-102A w 82nd FIS  1968 C3v
     F-102A 525th FIS  1962 C3v

Wings of Fame    Volume 16
     Convair XFY-1 CPA C3v
     Lockheed XFV-1  CPA
     B-29 ops n Korean War  CP Dil A
     Supermarine Spitfire Griffon-engine variants users colors  survivors CPD A Cpros
     Spitfire PR Mk 19 w 81 Sqdn 1954  C3v
     Supermarine Seafire CPA C2vs ca
     Seafire F Mk III w 807 Sqdn  C3v
     Seafire FR. Mk 47  C3v
     1st Brazilian FG  hist CPA Cpros
     P-47s in Brazil AF & survivors n Brazil CPA Cpros
     Lockheed T-33 CPA
     Lockheed T2V  CPA C3v
     Canadair CL-30 Silver Star  CPA (lic blt T-33)
     RAF fighters 1930 - 1939  PA Cpros
     101 Sqdn Israel AF ops n  6-Day War 1967  CPA
     Germ AF W2 markings  1918 - 1939 PA Cil
     Heinkel He-51  JG 132  C3v PA

Wings of Fame    Volume 15
     RAF Phantoms hist CPA 3v Cpros
     F-4M w 41 Sqdn RAF  C3v
     322 Sqdn Netherlands AF hist CPA Cpros
     Northrop P-61  hist colors users  CPD ca Cil
     Northrop P-61A  w 422nd NFS n France 1944  C3v
     Northrop P-61B w 418th NFS, Phillipines 1945 C3v
     Northrop F-15 Reporter hist  CPA
     Northrop F-15A w 71st Recon Grp n Japan 1948  Cpro
     Germ night fighter ops  May 1942 - May 1945  PDA Cpros Dil
     Messerschmitt Bf-110G-4b/R3  w NJG 5 n 1944 C3v
     Junkers Ju-88G w NJG 6  1945  C3v
     Gloster Meteor post W2 hist  CPA
     Meteor NF Mk 14 w 60 Sqdn  C3v
     Soviet mixed prop/jet ftrs hist  PA pros
     Borovkov-Florov "D" (jet/prop push ftr twin-boom ftr propo) 3v A
     Sukhoi Su-5 (No. 2) PA ca
     Mikoyan-Gurevich I-25/MiG-13  PA 3v

Wings of Fame    Volume 14

     Martin XB-51 hist  CPD A
     USAF search & rescue ops in SEA  CPA
     Blackburn Buccaneer hist colors users CPD A Cpros Cil ca
     Buccaneer S. Mk 1  800 Sqdn Royal Navy  C3v
     Buccaneer S. Mk 2B w RAF n Bahrain (desert colors)  C3v
     Buccaneer S. Mk 50 South African AF C3v
     Buccaneer S. Mk 2B w 208 Sqdn RAF C3v
     Germ night fighter ops hist 1939 - Spring 1942  PA Cpro
     Arado Ar-68F w JG 72 (night fighter) C3v
     Gloster Meteor history to Mk 4  CPA
     Lockheed AH-56 Cheyenne  CPD A Dil
     Lockheed YAH-56A 66-8827  C3v

Wings of Fame     Volume 13
     Hawker P.1127 hist CPDA Cca
     Hawker Kestrel hist CPDA Cpro
     105 Sqdn Israel AF  PA Cpros
     TBF  hist colors users CPDA Cpros ca Dil
     TBF-1C w 30 Sqdn RNZAF  C3v
     TBM-3W2 w VS-32, 1951  C3v
     Bulgaria AF  1940 - 1949  PA Cpro
     Douglas B-26 ops n Korean War  CPA
     F-94 variants  CPD A
     F-94C w 46th FIS  C3v
     USAAF/USAF rescue ops hist  CPA

Wings of Fame     Volume 12
     A-4 Skyhawk ops n Falklands War  CPA Dil
     A-4B Argentina AF n Falklands War C3v
     Heinkel He-119 hist PA
     Yokosuka R2Y1 Keiun (2e buried engine bbr proto) PA
     No. 10 Sqdn, Indian AF hist CPA  Cpros
     F-106 hist  CPD units colors indiv ac dispos  users Cil ca A
     F-106A w 159th FIS  C3v
     F-105A w 49th FIS 1973   C3v
     Fairey Firefly variants  CPA
     Firefly Mk 5  821 Sqdn  C3v
     Finland AF hist  1940 - 1949  CPA

Wings of Fame    Volume 11
     F-86 ops in Korean War   CPA Cpros unit insig CDil
     air transport ops n Korean War  CPA
     Fairey Delta Two  hist CPA Cca
     Fairey Delta Oone  PA Cca
     BAC Type 221  CPA Cca
     Messerschmitt Bf-109F, G, H, K  CPDA Cpros Dil colors users
     Bf-109G-6/R6 w JG 27 1943  C3v
     Bf-109K-4 w JG 53  C3v
     Avia S 199 Cpro PA
     Hispano HA-1112-M1L  C3v CPA
     MiG-19 ops n Vietnam War  PA C3v
     F-80 variants  CPA
     RF-80A 67th TRS Korea 1942 C3v
     MiG Ye-150 PA 2v (1jet ftr proto) 
     MiG Ye-152  (2jet ftr proto)  CPA 3v
     Sukhoi T-37 (1jet ftr proto) 3v A
     No. II (AC) Sqdn, RAF hist CPA Cpros
     Spitfire XIVE w No.II (AC) Sqdn C3v

Wings of Fame    Volume 10
     Allied AF ops n North Africa WW2  CPA map Cpros
     Sud Est Trident  hist PA Cca
     North American F-86 hist users Cpro Cil ca CPD A
     F-86H w 101st TFS Mass ANG C3v PA
     Canadair CL-13 (Sabre) w 434 Sqdn RCAF C3v  PA
     Commonwealth CA-27 Sabre Mk 32  C3v CPA
     Forward Air Control ops n Vietnam War  CPA
     Cessna O-2A w 23d TASS at Thailand  C3v CPA
     Bell P-39 variants  CPA
     Bell P-39K w 35th FG, New Guinea 1943  C3v PA
     Bell P-39Q w Russia AF  C3v PA
     Bell P-63 variants CPA
     Bell P-63C w France AF, Indochina 1949  C3v CPA
     Supermarine Seagull hist  CPA

Wings of Fame  Volume 9
     American Volunteer Group hist CPA Cpros
     Curtiss Hawk 81-A2 w 3rd P.S. AVG  C3v
     Vought XF8U-3  CPD A ca  C3v
     Spitfire Merlin-engine variants colors and users CPDA Cpros C3vs Cil ca
     Spitfire I w 74 Sqdn  C3v
     Spitfire VII w Culmhead Wing 1944  C3v
     Spitfire IX w 306 Sqdn 1943  C3v
     Douglas A3D ops n Vietnam War  CPDA Dil
     Douglas P-70 ops n SoPac CPDA
     MiG-19 variants  CPA C3v
     Martin-Baker fighter designs  PA
     Martin-Baker M.B.1 (2s lw ltpln) PA
     Martin-Baker M.B. 2 (ftr) PA
     Martin-Baker M.B. 3 (ftr) PA
     Martin-Baker M.B. 4 (ftr) pro A
     Martin-Baker M.B. 5 PDA ca Cpro

Wings of Fame   Volume 8
     Blue Angels aerobat team  hist  CPA
     F-11A Tiger Blue Angel  C3v CPA
     Dassault Super Etendard ops n Falklands War CPA Dil
     Lockheed A-12 CPD  A 
     Lockheed M-21/D-21  CPA C3v
     Lockheed YF-12  CPA
     Lockheed SR-71 CPD A C3v ca  users
     Lockheed B-71 propo ca A
     Boeing XF8B  CPA
     MiG-17 ops n Vietnam War  CPD A Cpros
     Handley Page Halifax variants  CPA C3v
     Halifax I w 76 Sqdn  C3v
     Fleet Air Arm 1950 - 1959 hist  CPA Cpros

Wings of Fame    Volume 7
     German Eastern Front ground attack ops WW2  CPA
     Henschel Hs-123A  C3v PA Cpro
     Bf-109  Cpro PA
     Hs-129 Cpros PA C3v
     FW-190 Cpros PA
     FW-190F-8 C3v PA
     Ju-87 Cpro PA
     He-46 night intruder PA Cpro
     Fokker C.V (bip) night intruder  PA Cpro
     Gotha Go-145 (trnr bip) night intruder  PA Cpro
     Focke-Wulf FW-58 night intruder PA Cpro
     McDonnell XF-85 hist survivors CPD A Cpro
     E.E. Lightning  hist colors users Cil ca CPD A
     E.E. Lightning F. Mk 2  92 Sqdn   C3v 
     E.E. Lightning F. Mk 2A  19 Sqdn C3v
     509th B.G. in WW2  hist  CPDA
     Martin PBM Mariner hist  CPA
     Martin P5M Marlin  hist CPA
     Martin XPB2M (Model 170) Mars pro PA
     Martin JRMj-1 (Model 170A) Mars pro CPA
     Sukhoi T-4 (canard SS bbr proto) CPA 3v
     Israel AF 1950 - 1959 hist  CPA

Wings of Fame    Volume 6
     Dassault Mirage III ops n Falklands War  hist  CPA
     Dassault Mirage V Dagger ops n Falklands War  hist CPA
     Saab J-21 (prop push ftr)  hist CPA Cpros
     Saab J-21A C3v  (prop)
     Saab J-21RA (jet) C3v
     B-17 hist colors users CPDA  Cpros ca Cil
     B-17D  7th B.G.  PTO  C3v
     B-17G 486th B.G.  C3v
     Fortress Mk III w 100 Group RAF  C3v
     Boeing YB-40  CPA
     617 Sqdn RAF hist  CPA Cpros
     Lancaster Mk 1 (Special) Grand Slam bomber  C3v PA
     Northrop F-89 hist  varients  CPD A C3v
     Northrop F-89D  C3v
     Westland Welkin (2e ftr)  CPA  Dil ca
     Vickers-Armstrong Type 432 (2e ftr proto) AP

Wings of Fame  Volume 5
     Northrop F-5 ops n Vietnam War hist  unit insig CP A
     F-5C n VietW C3v
     Vought F-8 Crusader hist colors users CPD A ca Cil C2vs
     F-8E w VMF(AW)-235, DaNang, 1968  C3v
     F-8U-1E  VF-33 at Cecil Field, 1961  C3v
     RF-8G w VFP-306, CVWR-30, NAF Washington  C3v
     military aviation n Antarctica  CPA
     Spitfire recon variants  CP A
     Spitfire PR Mk XI   US w 7th Photo Group USAAF 1944  C3v
     Spitfire PR. Mk 1G 1941 pinkish overall  C3v
     German VTOL jets survey hist  CPA
     Bachem Ba-349A Natter  PA
     Heinkel VJ-101A CPA
     EWR-Sud VJ-101C X2 Cca PDA
     VFW/Fiat VAK-191B  CPA Cca
     Dornier Do-31E CPA  Cca
     IAe    IAe.30 Namcu (Argentina 2e prop ftr) hist PA
     Douglas A-4 export variants  hist CPA
     A-4N Israel AF C3v PA
     England AF fighters 1920 - 1929  hist surv  PA Cpros

Wings of Fame  Volume 4
     Coastal Command ops n W2  CPA
     Bristol Beaufighter  X  C3v PA
     94th Fighter Squadron (US)  hist  CPA
     SPAD S.XIII   94th FS C3v PA
     F-86D 94th FIS CPA C3v
     Messerschmitt Bf-109B, C, D, E  hist  colors CPD A ca  Cil C3v Cpros
     Bf-109E-4 II.?JG 3 France Aug  1940  C3v
     Bf-109E-7  Calais-Marck, France Sep 1940
     fighter combat n Korean War  1953  1953 kills list  CPA C3v Cpros
     Douglas F3D-2 n Kwar  CPD C3v
     Douglas A-4 variants  hist  CPD A C3v
     A-4E w VA-72  May 1965  C3v
     Commonwealth CA-15 (1e 1s prop ftr proto) hist PA
     BAC TSR.2 hist  CPD A C3v Cca
     USAF ops n Europe 1970 - 1979 hist units  CPA

Wings of Fame   Volume 3
     F-100 ops n Vietnam War bases and units CPA Cpros
     F-100C w 120th TFS, Colo ANG at Phan Rang, VN a b C3v
     Republic XF-12  PDA
     Hughes XF-11 PA
     Avro Vulcan hist indivac hists units colors in mus CPD A ca CDil
     Vulcan B.2 w 617 Sqdn RAF  C3v
     Vulcan B.2 w Waddington Wing RAF  C3v
     Avro Atlantic (propo delta al) model PA
     fighter combat n Korean War  1952 kills list  CPA Cpros
     transport ops n Kwar  CPA
     F-86E  25th FIS, 51st FIW Korea C3v CPD A Cpros
     Focke-Wulf Fw-187 hist   PA
     B-25 Mitchell variants  CPA 
     B-25C  487th BS, 340th BG  C3v
     B-25J  449th BS  345th BG  SWPA  C3v
     PBJ-1 variants  CPA
     PBJ-1H w USMC C3v PA
     North American XB-28  PA
     Canada AF 1950 - 1959 hist CPA

Wings of Fame    Volume 2
     Korean War fighter ops 1950-1951 kills list  CPA Cpros
     F7F-3N  CPA C3v
     Northrop flying wings surv hist CPA
     Northrop "Wing" PA
     Northrop N-1M CPA
     Northrop N-9M  CPA
     Northrop MXP-1002 PA (glider)
     Northrop MX-324 (glider) P
     Northrop MX-334 (rocket powered) P
     Northrop XP-79  PA
     Northrop XB-35  PA
     Northrop XP-56 PA
     Northrop YB-49 CPA
     Northrop X-4 CPA
     Lockheed F-104 colors hist users ca  CPD A
     F-104G w German Navy AF  C3v
     F-104G Germ AF tactical bbr  C3v CPA
     F-104S Italy AF commem ac  C3v CPA
     VF-31 hist  CP Dil A
     F4B-4 w VF-6  C3v
     F4F-4 w VF-6 C3v
     F3H-2M w VF-31 C3v PA
     Sud Est Baroudeur (France 1jet ftr proto) PA Cca
     Hawker Hurricane variants   CPA
     Hurricane 1A w 87 Sqdn n France 1939/40  C3v
     Hurricane IIC w 94 Sqdn n Egypt  C3v PA
     Canada AF 1950 - 1959  CPA

Wings of Fame   Volume 1
     Korean War early fighter combat 1950 kills list CPA Cpros
     F-80C 35th FBS C3v CPA
     Northrop YF-17 hist CPD A C3v
     Firebirds (England EE Lightning aerobat team) hist CPA C3v
     P-51 hist users colors CPA Cpros Cil ca
     Mustang I C3v CPA
     P-51C 332nd FG  C3v PA
     P-51D 353rd FG  C3v PA
     P-51H  MASS ANG C3v PA
     F-4 USN ops n Vietnam War  CPD A Cpros C3v
     Tupolev Tu-98 Backfin (2jet bbr proto)  P
     JG 1, JG 2 Jagdgeschwader "Richtofen" WWI through modern  hist insignia Dil   PA Cpros
     Fokker D.VII  of Willi Gabriel, w JG 1  C3v A
     Bf-109E-4 of Helmut Wick, JG 2 C3v
     FW-190D-9  w JG 2   C3v
     XF-88 hist PA
     F-101 variants  CPA
     F-101C w 81st TFW  C3v A
     RF-101C w 45th TRS  C3v A
     CF-101B  C3v CPA
     Fleet Air Arm hist 1960 - 1969  CPA

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