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I don't know what publication this is, so though I'm posting the index compiled on note cards I produced 20 years ago, I will take another look at it -- if I can find it -- and clarify this matter afterwards.
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WBnl = Warburds Newsletter  (?????)

WBnl 10/7 Sep-Oct 87
Richard Foote war dia PA
New England Escadrille warbird group PA
Walter C. Beckham (US P-47 pilot) interv PA
airplanes in movies PA hist
Goldilocks display team (Canada T-6s) hist PA

C-46 rest of CAF flying it PA

WBnl 5/11 Nov 1982
FM-2P of Pardue CPcov
T-6 movie Zero of Jim Matthews CPbcov
Rudolph Sinner (Germ pilot W2) bio PA
Lori Crevasse solo in SNJ rest on 16th bday PA

November 1942 chronology PA

WBnl 5/9 Sep 82
T-28 of Mays CPcov
P-51D (F-6) of Shroeder move in parts PA
September 1942 chronology
8th AF Memorial dedication il A

WBnl 5/8 August 1982
Cfhamplin Fighter Mus PA

Doolittle Japan raid PA
Navy ac graveyards in Okla PA
Robert Ford Cox (USN pilot W2 ) bio PA
F6F flying n W2 PA mem
Jerri Diehl solo at 16 in PT-17 res PA
Thank God For Flight (poem)
T-6 rest n Oslo, Norway PA
Hawker Sea Fury civs awaiting sale n US PDA
Me-262 encounter n combat mem PA
P-51s in Europe PA
P-51D rest of Mark Clark CPfcov
A Man or a Boy? poem
Valiant Air Command ops PA

T-6 movie Zero of Matthews CPbcov

WBnl 5/7 July 82
F4U-1 of Valiant Air Comm CP cov
T-6 rest of Bryce, New Zealand PDA
F6F-3 N103V rest flight PA
William Ross bio (USN pilot) bio PA
July 1942 chronology A
F8F survivors and recent losses PA list

WBnl 5/5 May 82
TBM-3 rest of Pardue CPvov
May 1942 chronology A
B-17G rest of EAA PDA 4v
SBD-3 belly landing 1944 Atlantic PA corr

WBnl 5/5 April 1982
F8F of Enhorning CP fcov
April 1942 chronology A
B-25 of Heritage In Flight Mus PA

Doolittle Japan bomb mission PA

WB 5.3 March 82
March 1942 chronology A

WBnl 5/2 February 1982
B-25s rests of Cunningham & Miller CPfcov
USN ac graveyards n Oklahoma late 40s PA
Robert Ford Cox USN pilot bio
February 1942 chronology A

WBnl 5/1 January 1982
North American BC-2 rest off Buehn CPAd
January 1942 chronology A
B-17G-35-BO "Shoo Shoo Baby" rest PA

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