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A friend recently donated many Warbirds International to AeroKnow, and because it's our policy to publish indexes of large numbers of donated publications first, we are pleased to share them here. The cover title of these magazines is Air Progress Warbirds International, but for simplicity's sake, and with no real or implied negative regard for Air Progress, all references here are to the two word title. There are many missing issues, and we need to fill these holes to make this presentation complete. If you can help, contact me at the addres on the next line.

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Warbirds International 16/3 May 97
     Cavanaugh Flight Museum P-40 rest ops CPA
     New Zealand warbird rest CPD A
     Ontario Canada mil ac on static display CPA
     Canadian Warplane Heritage today CPA
     Spit IX of Museum of Flying (Eng) CPA
     B-29 Lady of the Lake wreck PA
     Consolidated PBY Canso rest trng n Canada CPA
     Constellation restaurant n Canada PA
     B-17s flying today CPA

Warbirds International 16/1 Jan-Feb 1997
     P-47 flying a restored of Museum of Flying CPA pirep
     P-47D-40 of Kalamazoo Air Zoo CPDA
     Brewster SB2A rest n TN PA corr
     enemy ac brought to US after W2 PA
     surplus US mil ac surv PA
     P-61 rest at Mid-Atlantic Air Mus
     AD-4N (A-1D) N959A rest of Mike Schloss CPA
     Halifax pieces at Royal Canad AF Mus PDA
     C-54 rest of Atlantic Warbirds CPA

Warbirds International 11/6 Nov-Dec 92
     T-25N crash n Alaska CPD A
     Robert L. Scott bio PA
     Battle of Britain American Fighter Pilot memorial PA
     PBY rest in Eng PDA
     Museum of Aviation, Robins AFB PA
     PB4Y forest fire bombers today CPA
     C-47s retired from New Guinea AF PA
     B-29s on Marianas bases nose art PA
     P-38L rest as Marge by Tallichet CPD A
     P-51D on display at Ft. Rucker CPA

Warbirds International 10/6 Nov-Dec 91
     Nanchang CJ-6 in USA CPA
     B-24 shot down n Hungary wreck PA
     Lancaster rest to hangar in Canada PA
     B-17s first civil after WW2 PA
     P-47 in Kalamazoo Air Mus CPA
     C-82 civ P
     Temco TE-1 Buckaroo rest CP
     A-26 rest P
     TBM rest P
     PBY Canada rest PA
     DH Vampire ex Switz AF PA

Warbirds International 10/5 Sep-Oct 91
     Museum of Flight CPA
     Japanese warbird rests at Museum of Flight, CA PA
     Stinson L-5 rest PA
     Council Bluffs CAF Wing museum PA
     War Eagles Air Museum CPA
     Nose art of WW2 Surv CPA
     Douglas C-74 civ P
     Post war 2 civ warbirds Psurv
     Fleet Air Arm Museum PA
     Kindsvater, Harold warbirds rests n CA CPA

Warbirds International 10/4 Jul-Aug 91
     T-33 ejection of USAF Lt. David Steeves PA
     A6M of Museum of Flight PA
     A6M3 5v xs
     P-38 civ N69902 crash report PA
     F-86F gate guard Osan AFB, Korea PA
     Kingman AAFB hist PA
     Lockheed Hudson Canadian resue boat drop test ac AP
     F-106 retirement from NASA PA
     Lancaster n Canada possible rest to flying status PA
     F-105B 57-5792 recovery PA
     Ventura n Canada recovery CPDA
     T-33 civ pilot trning for civ rest CP A
     DH Venom rest CPA
     Surplus ac Psurv CPA

Warbirds International 10/3 May-Jun 91
     Anson rests n Alberta, Canada PA
     Mosquito civ US operators PA
     B-18 civs n Mexico PA
     P-51H hist CPA
     P-51D Canadian AF surplused CPA
     Hispano HA-100 rest CPA
     Surplused civ warbirds Psurv
     B-25H n Kalamazoo Air Zoo CPA

Warbirds International 10/2 Mar-Apr 92
     San Diego Aerospace Mus today PA
     EAA Eagle Hangar mus PA
     PBY boat conv to help restore a PBY PA
     PBY civ n Paraguay PA
     XPB-1 83992 hist PA
     SPAD S.VII rest in Milan, Italy PA
     Bf-109G #10639 to fly n Eng PA
     F-51 n Cuban air park PA
     A-26 n Cuban air park PA
     FW-190F rest at Texas Air Mus CPA
     FW-190D-12 of Champlin Ftr Mus PA
     Ju-52 ret of Lufthansa CPA
     Ju-52 rest of Sabena Oldtimers Ass’n CPA
     surplus mil ac Psurv
     Swiss National Transport Mus PA
     rest warbirds n Switz CPA
     American Air Museum plans (Eng) il A
     Museum of Flying (US) auction plans CPA
     McChort Air Mus PA

Warbirds International 10/1 Jan-Feb 91
     warbirds lost during 1990 PA
     ac lost in Musee De l’Air fire 1990 list
     P2V fire bbr "Bird Killer" hist PA
     Lancasters buried n England? A
     Boeing PB-1 hist CPA
     Siai Marchetti S.211 ex Haiti AF for sale n US PA
     MiG-21 Czech delivery to Eng CPA
     surplus ac surv PA
     USAAF ac located under Greenland ice cap PD A
Warbirds International 9/6 Nov-Dec 90
     Joseph B. Patton Jr. (US AAF CBI pilot) PA bio
     Glenn L. Martin Mus PA
     Liberal Air Museum PA
     Combat Air Mus . Kansas CPA
     The Great War Flying Mus, Canada CPA
     surplus mil ac sur PA
     New England Air Mus PA
     B-25 ferried to Neth CPA
     B-17 to FL < Bolivia CPA
     P-51A rest of Moon Spillers CPA
     P-51D civ rest "Petie 3rd" of Pete McManus CPA
     PBYs baset at Fort Lauderdale, FL PAP-38J Bong Memorial status PA

Warbirds Internationa 9/5 Sep-Oct 90
     P-51 rest n colors of Yeager & Anderson PA
     Yugoslavia air museum PA list
     Pima Air Mus, AZ CPA
     B-25s flown for movie Catch 22 CPA list
     SB2C-5 of Confed AF CPA
     F6F-5 of Lone Star Flight Museum & survivors CPA
     surplus mil ac surv PA
     Thruxton Jackaroo (Australia) mod Tiger Moth CPD A

Warbirds International 9/2 Mar-Apr 90
     FM-2 n Kermit Weeks Mus PA
     B-17 civil biz mod marketing effort PDA ca
     KC-97 civ to be used for Guppy parts CPA
     B-24 civ rest efforts PA
     B-25 flight crew reunion PA
     B-25 civs Psurv A
     P-51D rest of Michael Bertz CPA
     Sea Fury "Cotton Mouth" civ r CPA
     C-47 rest C-GRSA CPA
     T-33 civ warbird surv CPA
     PBY Catalina air tour n Africa CPA ca
     US mil ac surplus Psurv A
     Ansaldo S.V.A.9 rest n Italy
     Nord Noratlas rest n Africa CPA
     Alaska Transport Mus acquisition of crashed W2 ac parts CPA

Warbirds International 9/1 Jan-Feb 90
     F4U graveyard PA
     Shorts Sandringham (civ Sunderland) rest
     C-47 amphibian PA
     T-33 wreck remains n Louisiana PA
     B-17E wreck n New Guinea PA
     PBY-6 rest of National Warplane Heritage, NY CPA
     P-61 n Beijing, China mus CPA
     Ju-52 n Switz PA
     surplus ac Psurv A
     A6M of Planes of Fame Mus CPA
     A6M other survivors PA 5v xs

Warbirds International 8/6 Nov-Dec 89
     wood in Lancaster rest of Canadian Warplane Heritage PDA
     Ki-46 wreckovery PDA
     B-29 "Fertile Myrtle" to Kermit Weeks Mus CPD A
     B-17E wreck n New Guinea CPA
     PBY civ "Aeroservicio Parrague PA
     P-38 surplus Psurv A
     Hurricane surplused in 46 on Canadian farm PA
     Warbirds of Great Britain expands PA
     ac used n MODERN movie Memphis Belle

Warbirds International 8/5 Sep-Oct 89
     PBY rest of Larkins PA
     PBY rest n Italy destroyed PA
     A-26 civ in Columbia destroyed PA
     DH Vampire T.35 rest CPA pirep
     P-38 survivors CPA
     MiG-21 to McClellan AFB Mus CPA
     Fokker D.VII rest n Neth Mus today CPA
     F7F civs CPA
     B-29 rest at Travis AFB Mus CPA
     C-54 rest at Travis AFB CPA
     B-24 rest of Tallichet CPA
     B-24 missing in action mysteries PA
     Spitfire IX n PRU colors rest CPA

Warbirds International 8/4 Jul-Aug 89
     Thompson Trophy Race 1947 hist PA
     Philipine AF Historical Collection PA
     F-86 gate guards today PA
     B-17 owners co-op PA
     X-14B retired CPA
     B-25 N88972 ex Canada PAcorr
     General Motors P-75A n USAF Mus PA
     DH Vampire T.36 of Parnal, USA N11926 PA
     TBM rest n Bush’s markings CPA
     B-17G rest "Shoo Shoo Baby" to USAF Mus CPA
     P-40 war surplus Psurv A
     EE Lightnings flying today PA

Warbirds International 8/3 May-Jun 89
     B-24D "Nothing Sacred" search for SoPac
     Stinson V-77 rest n So Carolina PDA
     O-47 n USAF Mus collection PA
     PT-19 rest CPD A 3v ca xs Dil
     TT-1 Super Pinto civ of Mike Dillon CPA pirep
     F-86 USN searches for CPA
     Hudson acquisition by Atlantic Canada Av Mus, Nova Scotia PA
     Pilatus P-2 rest HB-RAU CPA
     Hurricane XII of Canada Warplane Heritage CPA
     Sea Hurricane at Duxford support appeal PA
     PBY N5590V n 1979 CP
     Stinson L-5 biplane ag conversion CP
     Fairey Fireflys disc n Ethiopia PA
     Hawker Hind L7180n National Aviation Mus (Canada) PA
     Wilson Connell Edwards, Jr. (US young warbird pilot) incident PA

Warbirds International 8/2 Mar-Apr 89
     Canada AF base Borden ac collection PA
     F4U civs n TX PA
     S2F Conair t-prop conv PA
     T-33 Silver Star rest as Red Knight n Canada PA
     PV-2 rest of Doug Lacey CPDA
     PBY n San Diego Aerospace Mus PA
     P-40E n National Warplane Mus, NY CPA
     F8F Blue Angel P
     B-24D rest n Castle AFB coll PDA
     surplus ex USN ftrs PA
     Lancaster n Canadian Warplane Heritage CPA
     EE Lightnings civs of Arnold Glass (Eng)
     EE Lightning F.6 XS929 status

Warbirds International 8/1 Jan-Feb 89
     General Motors XP-75 hist PA
     Seafire rest of Canadian Warplane Heritage CPDA
     Spitfire anniversary at Duxford, Eng CPA
     Silver Star (T-33) rest as Red Knight of Rick Brickert CPA
     B-26 Marauder memorial at USAF Mus PA
     century series lawn guards Psurv A
     warbirds at New Smyrna, FL CPD
     warbird pieces of Scholl & Ritzman CPA
     firebombers ops n AK PA

Warbirds International 6/3 Fall 87
      Lancaster of Canadian Warplane Heritage CPA
     Shorts Sandringham (Sunderland) awaits rest n Eng PA
     P-38 n Planes of Fame Mus, CA PA
     T-6 ret at Alaska ANG mus PA
     B-26 Marauder loss n Labrador PA
     B-17 n National Warplane Mus PA
     B-17E found n New Guinea CP
     Beal AFB Mus CPA
     Weeks Air Museum CPA
     Nimitz Mus ac, TX CPA

Warbirds International 6/2 Sum 87
     Travis AFB mus CPAlist
     PBY CF-HFL wreckovery PA
     F-86D ex-Yugoslavia parts seen n Texas PA
     B-29 rest at Lowry AFB PA
     P-47 NX47RP rest flt < Eng > USA CPA
     P-47 wreckovery from Florida lake CPA
     Fleet Fort I (Canada trnr) rest PA
     gate guards surv PA
     MiG-15s at Chino CA CPA
     Cessna T-50 Crane (Bobcat) of Canadian Warplane Heritage PA
     Seafire F.46 of Peter Arnold to be rebuilt as F.XVII PA
     C-124 flt to McChord AFB mus CPA
     Fouga Magister rest at Oshkosh CPA
     Grumman Albatross wreck n CA desert mountainPA

Warbirds International 6/1 Spr 87
     Aero Nostalgia (US ac rest company) CPDA
     DC-3 played on by kids n Cnada PA
     Beech 18 n Canada to be made a bush pilot mem PA
     Canadian Harvard (AT-6) Aircraft Association PA
     F8F-2 civ N700A of Bob Pond CPA
     Northrop N9M rest PDA
     B-17 civ "Sentimental Journey"
     Lockheed PV-1 wreck n Brazil PA
     PBYs commemorate NC-4 transatlantic flight CPA
     HA-1112 rest of Lefty Gardner N8575 CPA pirep
     Sea Fury civ "Magnificent Obsession" of Ted Allen
     Museum of Flight news PA

Warbirds International 5/4 Win 86
     Vintage Pair (Meteor & Vampire) crash PA
     Mid-Atlantic Air Mus PA
     how to photograph flying warbirds PA
     B-47 last flight PA
     B-29 rest effort n SoDak PA
     Harvard (AT-6) memorial n Canada PA
     A-1s of Tallichet PA
     P-63F of Confed AF CPA
     PBY wreckovery n AK CPA
     PBY C-FSAT crash PA
     A6M derelect at Atlanta Museum PA
     Seversky EP-1 n Weeks Museum PA
     North American NA-50 rest CPA
     Saab J-32 Lansen of Tallichet n US CPA
     P-51 surplus Psurv A
     B-29 Lowry AFB attempt to obtain PA
     F-86H rest by DE ANG CPA

Warbirds International 5/3 Fal 86
     Spitfire 50th anniv CPA
     Spitfire IX MH434 rest of Mark & Ray Hanna, (Eng)
     Spitfire T.IX of Champlin Ftr Mus PA
     TC-47B 44-76716 of Yankee AF collection PA
     Navion L-17A of Pete Regina CPA
     Norseman n Barksdale AFB collection CPA
     J2F-6 n EAA collection CPA
     B-25D 41-30222 found n Australia PA
     An-2 N22AN n US
     B-17G 44-83563 to National Warplane Mus, NY PA
     B-17G 48543 of Tallichet PDAS
     B-26 Marauder of Confed AF noseover CPA
     B-24 wreck n New Guinea jungle PA
     F9F-8P abandoned n AZ PA
     Seversky AT-12 of Planes of Fame Mus CPA
     surplus ac Psurv A
     Museum of Flight, WA PA

Warbirds International 5/2 Sum 86
     Norseman CF-BSC rest n Canada PA
     P-40E N1207V flying it today CPA
     P-51D 44-72989 gate guard at Volk Field, WI
     O-52 rest of Yankee AF CPD A
     PBY-6A of Confed AF crash report CPA
     F-4N n Southern Museum of Flight PA
     Curtiss F6C-1 repli at Santa Paula CPA
     SB2C-5 rest of Confed AF PA
     P-12 repli at Santa Paula CPA
     PV-2D of Confed AF crash PA
     Weeks Air Museum news PDA
     Commonwealth Air Training Plan Mus PA
     Yak-11 conv to resemble Yak-9 PA
     A6M2 of Confederate AF to fly CPA
     MiG-15 n San Diego Aerospace Mus CPA
     F-86 Canadian built serial 12910 n San Die Aerosp Mus CPA
     warbird auction at Falcon Field, AZ CPA
     war surplus ac Psurv Avv

Warbirds International 5/1 Spr 86
     NASM today, list CPA
     B-25 crash n US A
      mil surplus worldwide Psurv A
     first landplane hangar n Vancouver, Canada PA
     Moorabbin Air Museum, Australia PA
     T-38 civ N638TC CPA
     T-6 mod to look like Wirraway CPA
     Norsemen n Canada PA
     Spitfire XIV NH749 civ rest n CA CPDA
     C-47 rest at McChord AFB mus CPDA
     P-40M NL1009N from US to Duxford, Eng mus CPA
     P-47D-25 NX47DD to go to Eng < USA CPA
     P-43 abandoned n Utah n 60s & hist PA
     PBY abandoned n Montana PA
     F-105 last blt gate guard 63-6366

Warbirds International #5 Fal 85
     B-25C wreckovery < So Carolina CPA
     A-20 wreckovery n New Guinea PA
     P-38 rest of Ken Sternberg (US) PA
     P-39 rests of Ken Sternberg (US) PA
     P-40 graveyard n New Zealand PA
     F2G Corsair CPA
     F-105D 51-0069 rest n San Bernardino, CA mus CPA
     B-17 F "Memphis Belle" status today CPA
     Lancaster rest by Canad Warpl Herit PA
     Spitfire IX rest n Eng PA
     Spit 22 PK481 n Australia PA
     Saab Lansen N4767R at Mojave, CA PA
     Avro Anson V rest of Canad Warpl Herit CPA
     Spit T. IX (2 seat) of Bill Greenwood CPA
     Doug Arnold warbird collection (Eng) PA
     gate guardian surv PA
     Reynolds Pioneer Mus ac Canada PA list
     surplus warbird Psurv A
     warbirds preserved n Philipines CPA
     warbirds n Guatemala PA

Warbirds International #4 Spr 85
     Spitfire T.IX converted back to single seater ML417
     surplus ac Psurv A
     A6M replica at Iwakuni, Japan PDA
     B-17F "Memphis Belle" status n TN PA
     B-29 downed ovr Japan PA
     B-29 crashlanded n Greenland CPA
     F-86A of Ben Hall conv to 2s PA
     Hurricane IIB P3069 returned to Eng < Canada CPA
     P-51D of Earl Ketchen "Habu" fatal crash CPA
     FG-1D wreckovery from Lake Washington, WA CPA
     F4U-5NL rest n Alaska (NX4901W) CPA
     TBM boneyard at Twin Falls PA
     Spitfires maintained today by Rolls Royce PA
     A6M rest for Confed AF w C-47 engine PA
     Italy AF mus PA
     Florence Air & Missile Mus, , So Carolina PA
     Great War Flying Mus , Canada CPA
     ac preserved n Singapore PA

Warbirds International #3 Fal 84
     North American NA-73X (first Mustang) CPA v
     Interstate TDR-1 PA
     Curtiss Canada Canuck rest at Reynolds Pioneer Mus Canada
     B-17G "Shoo Shoo Baby" rest PA
     B-17G "Miss Liberty Belle" rest at Grissom AFB CPD A
     B-17F "Memphis Belle" current bad condition PDA
     B-29 crash landed n Greenland CPA
     B-52D 55-677n Yankee Air Force display PA
     F4U-4 Honduran AF scores last victories PDA
     EA-1E rest of Pete Thelin CPA
     preserved mil ac n Argentina PA
     Dinfia I Ae 28 Pulqui II CP
     Weeks Air Museum news PA
     Hurricanes rest progress n Canada PDA
     C-124 flt to Dobbins AFB for rest PDA
     F-105B 67-837 at Castle AFB collectiion
     war surplus ac surv PA

Warbirds International Fall 83
     Mustang – only French civil F-AZAG CPA
     F-6D (P-51D) found n a garage n St. Louis PA
     P-561D NL51JW 45-11546 of John Wright crash PA
     TB-25N rest N9455Z of The Mitchell Flight CPA
     P-40E of Eric Mingledorff N1207V CPDA
     AM-1 Mauler slated to fly n TX CPA
     B-17G NL7712M – what happened to it? PA
     B-18 rest in USAF PDA
     Bf-109G rest to orig configuration n Germ CPDA
     Ki-61 rest of Frank Taylor, Chino, CA PA
     DH Vampire preserved n Dominican Repub CPA
     AT-6A preserved n Dominican Repub CPA
     C-47s n Honduras CPA
     recent Confed AF ac accidents
     Hurricane L1965 of C>D> Francis wreckovery PDA
     Spitfire T.8 N32 PA

Warbirds International Fall 82
     C-47 paradrop mission with Dominican AF CPA
     surplus warbirds Psurv A
     Bolingbroke wreckovery PA
     B-17F "Memphis Belle" rest status PA
     B-25J wreck n SoPac PDA
     DC-3s ex-Fed Av Admin find new owners PA
     Lancaster abandoned by Aeronavale PDA
     Sea Fury N19SF fatal crash of Johnny Williams PA
     T-6 conv to unlimited racer of RACE Inc. PDA
     the need to fly warbirds safely
     FW-190A-8/U1 two-seat pres n Eng CPA
     Champlin Ftr Mus update CPA

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