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Warbird Digest      #19      March-April 2008
T-34 rest to Beechcraft Heritage Mus  CPA
Goodyear F2G racer #57 hist rest  CPDA
F2G racing of Richard Becker n late 40s  hist PA
USAF Heritage Flight 10 year anniv hist status CPA
P-38L “Ruff Stuff” rest of Fagen  44-27231  CPDA
tips for air-to-air aircraft photography  CPA
B-25 “Yellow Rose of Texas” rest  43-27868   N8077Z

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Warbird Digest      #18      January-February 2008
Gathering of Mustangs and Legends 2007  CPA list
P-63 rests of World Wide Wings  CPDA
Canadair CT-33 boneyard n Canada & rests  CPDA
P-40N “Parrot Head” rest   NL1195N  of Paul CPDA
O-2 rests surv  CPDA
O-2 flying n combat mem  CPA
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Warbird Digest      #17      November-December 2007
TF-51D  “Tempus Fugit” N6163U later N51JK history  Pcorr
P-51C “Princess Elizabeth”  NL487FS rest of Beasley  CPDA
warburds  of the past CP surv
Reno Unlimited race 2007  CPA
Planes of Fame Museum aux n AZ collection status CPA
Lockheed Lodestar  CF-CPA recovery n Canada CPDA
Duxford, Eng  Flying Legends a s  CPA
B-25J “Lucky Lady”  44-31508  N6587D  derelict n VA  CPA
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Warbird Digest      #16    September-October 2007
P-51 rests of Max Chapman  CPDA
P-63 “Pretty Polly”  42-268864  NX163BP  CPDA
P-63 racers of Charles Tucker hist
Plexiglass ops of Aero Traders CPDA
B-17G  44-85813 of Shiffer CPDA
C-121 “Bataan” 48-613  rest CPDA
L-5   42-15017 rest of Nelson  CPDA
Midwest Texans  restorers  CPDA
B-25s at Thunder Over Michigan
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Warbird Digest   #15   
July-August 2007

PT-17 rest of Groh  CPDA
B-25J  44-86734 rest as Doolittle Raider  CPDA
B-24A  (ex LB-30) rest of CAF  CPDA
B-24 survivors surv CPDA
Sea Fury restorations of Frank Sanders  CPA
Chandler Memorial Airport boneyard
PT-26 rest of Legacy Flight

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Warbird Digest   #14   May-June 2007
Midwest Aero Restorations  warbird restorers status CPDA
Li’l Margaret  F-6D (recon P-51D) rest of Schroeder  CPA
C-47A  42-23385   NC48890 to be rest xcountry  CPDA
AD Skyraiders  survivors hist surv CPA list
AD-4  126965   rest of Heritage Flight Museum
Gosshawk Unlimited warbird restorers  CPDA
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Warbird Digest     
#13     March-April 2007

AT-6D  42-85698 rest of Allen & Meyer  CPDA
AD-4NA 126882 rest of Sharpe  hist status CPDA
AD Skyraiders survivors surv  CPDA
PBY saved by Warbird Information Exchange  CPDA
Ed Maloney  bio ops today CPA
P-59A rest at Chino CPDA
TP-51D “Tempus Fugit” history PA
Aeronca L-3 rest of Miller CPDA
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Warbird Digest      
#12    January February 2007

Reno Races 2006 CPA
F8F “Rare Bear” what happened at Reno 2006  CPDA
RCATS  Radio Controlled Airborne Telemetry System  CPDA
T-6 of Warbird Digest at Reno  CPA
F-4D rest n Bowling Green, KY CPDA
Dan Cherry & Jeff Feinstein Mig kill n 66-7550  CPA
Douglas C-53D  of CAF rest CPDA
TF-51D “Tempus Fugit” rest  hist CPA
Cessna O-1A rest of Maiville r
est  CPDA
L-Birds today CPsurv A

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Warbird Digest   #11   November-December 2006
loss of Wyat FUller (rest Canadair
                                        Sabre V owpi) CP+
T-28R rest of Sam Lauf  CPDA
Lancaster of Can Warpl Her off flight status CPDA
P-51D 4473518 racer N5483V  "Precious Metal"                                                                          hist CPA
P-51D  44-74996  r N5410V "Dago Red" his CPDA
P-51D 44-13105 r N71FT "Strega" hist CPA
P-51D IDFAF 28 & 69 r N332 "Stilletto hist CPA
P-51D 44-88a r N5483V/N6WJ "Precious Metal II"
P-51D 44-72977 r "Vendetta"/"Miss Ashley II"
                                                          N57LR hist CPA
P_51D 44-73415 "Voodoo Chile"/"Voodoo" hist
P-51A repli homebuilt of Beck  CPDA

Lockheed C-40 (Model 12) Electra Jr. 38-540
                                   N93R   rest of  Wright  CPDA
B-25J  44-30832 sold by Warbird DIgest hist CPA

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Warbird Digest   #10  
                          September-Octoaber 2006

Planes of Fame 50th Annv warbird
                                                       show CPA
P-40K rest of Warhawks, Inc (US) CPDA
North American NA-64 Yale rest of
                                          Tony Greene CPA
The Fighter Factory restorations status CPA
Mustang "Super Mustang" Unlimited
                                        racer mods hist CPA
making "Thunder Over Reno" movie CPA
Fighter Enterprises, Inc. wb restorers
                                                   status CPDA
Indiana Aviation Museum warbirds status CPA









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Warbird Digest   #9   July-August 2006
P-51 serv n Indonesia AF and
                                        rest today hist CPA
Grumman Albatross rests today CPDA
DH Chipmunk ops w Portugal AF
                                                    revival CPDA
Planes of Fame warbirds surv CPA
Steve Hinton (US wb rest pi) bio ops CPA
P-38F 41-7630 "Glacier Girl"
                                                 rest hist CPDA
Heritage Flight ann conf CPA
Aeronca L-16A rest ofWallin CPDA











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Warbird Digest   #8     Mayj-June 2006
P-51D rest n Ken Dahlberg mkgs of Ehlen
                                                    hist bio CPDA
P-40C Tomahawk IIB AK925 rest n Australia
                                                  of Raftis CPDA
Vintage Wings (Canada) warbirds
                                                           status CPA
B-24 "Witchcraft" of Collings Found CPA
B-17 "Nine o Nine" of Collings Found CPA
C-54A rest "Spirit of Freedom" of Berlin
                                Alift Hist Found hist CPDA
Gail Halvorsen "Uncle Wiggly Wings"
                                        Berlin Alift pi bio CPA
Sikorsky UH-34D rest of HMM-361
                                             Vet’s Ass’n CPDA
Cal-Pacific Airmotive P-51 builders
                                                       status CPDA
Air Power West wb rest group status CPA
Grumman J2F-4 Duck rest of
                                 Wichita Air Service CPDA




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Warbird Digest   #7    March-April 2006
Spitfire IX MK989 rest of Raybourned
                                     Thompson hist CPDA
Aero L-39 rests of Shared Squadron CPA
B-25H rest of Weary Warriors hist CPDA
T-34B rest of John Pardi CPDA
Warbirds Over Wanaka, NZ 2004
                                                          show CPA
F-4G of Heritage Flight CPDA
Charlie "Tuna" Hainline (US wb pi)
                                                  autobio CPA
B-29 "Fifi" w CAF hist CPDA
B-29 survivors from China Lake CPA
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Warbird Digest    #6          Winter 2005
P-51D rest "Sweet and Lovely" 44-73279
                                              of Baker CPDA
formation flying at Spirit of Flight a s CPA
Goodyear FG-1D rest 67070 N29VF
                     of Vintage Fighters CPDA pirep
Bristol Beaufort rest n Australia CPDA
MiG-17 rest of Burdine CPA
Temora Aviation Mus, Australia ac
                                                      status CPA
Sea Fury rests n USA today CPA
Yak-11 (Let C.11) rest 102146
                    NX2124X of Carlomagno CPDA
P-51D 44-63476 rest "City of Winnipeg
                                        Sqdn" of May CPDA
B-25C 41-12634 wreckovery from South
                                            Carolina lake CPA

Junkers Ju-52 (CASA 352L lic blt Spain)
                                    of Salis n France CPDA

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