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World Airshow News 25/19 JanFeb 2010

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World Airshow News 24/9 NovDec 09

  There are holes here that I will fill soon.

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World Airshow News 24/3 May 09

WANmarapr09.jpg (163737 bytes)World Airshow News
    24/2  March-April 2009

Julie Clark & T-34 bio & a s ops CPA
Mike Niccum & Staudacher  S-300D bio/a s ops CPA
Walt Pierce barnstorming a s ops w PT-17 wingwalkers CPA
Royal Jordanian Falcoms aerobat team status CP
flight aboard Goodyear blimp "Spirit of Goodyear" CPA
Ron Saglimbene "Dr. Smoke" & Siai Marchetti F.260 CPA
flight aboard E-3  CPDA
Red Star and The Dragon L-29 & BAC Strikemaster US a s team CPA
Craig "Brute" Teft / Pitts a s pi  flight with CPA
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World Airshow News
    24/1 January-February 2009

Kent & Warren Pietsch as performers n Interstate Cadet & Taylorcraft) status CPDA
Tucumcari, NM as CPA
ICAS 2008 convention CPA
Monroe, NC as CPA
MCAS Miramar as CPA
Team Fastrax skydiving team status CPA
Terre Haute, IN as CPA
Albuquerque, NM Int’l Balloon Fiesta CPA
Switzerland mil as CPA
Misty Blues jump from C-130J CPA

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World Airshow News 23/9 NovDec 08
Reno Air Races 2008 CPA
psychology of airshow flying CPA
F-15C West Demo Team stand-down CPA
B-17G rest "Liberty Belle" of Don Brooks t-Atlant xing & flying ovr Eng CPDA
David Martin (US a s pi) and first Extra 330SC CPDA bio
MiG-17 rest of a s pi Bill Ward Red Eagle Airshow CPA
Jana Leigh Stearman wing walker bio CPA
Cleveland National Air Show CPA
NAS Oceana A s PCA
Red Stars Pilots Association & Herpa DC-3 status CPA
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World Airshow News   23/8   October   08

Iron Eagle Aerobatic Team status CPA
Capt. Russ Piggott w
              Viper West F-16 demo CPA
The Trojan Horses (6 T-28 aerobat team)
               status CPA
Chicago Air & Water Show 50th Anniv CPA
Atlantic City a s CPA
Sanicole a s (Belgium civ) 32nd CPA
Jim Peitz (US as pi) CPA

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World Airshow News   23/7   Sept 08

Oshkosh AirVenture 2008 CPA
B-2 Whiteman AFB visit CPA
flying B-2 simulator CPA
Gene Soucy (US a s pi) bio CPA
Acrogroup Stars (Serbian aerobat team with Soko G-2A Galebs CPA
Duxford, England war bird a s CPA
Geneseo, NY a s CPA
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World Airshow News 23/6  August  2008

Red Bull Air Race, Detroit  CPA
Glen Dell (So Afri Red Bull Race pi) CPA
Red Arrows perform in USA
air show announcers surv  CPA
Batcopter (Bell 47G)
              performance at Baraboo a s CPA

Langley AFB a s CPA
Quebec City, Canada a s  CPA
US Army Aviation Heritage Foundation (UH-1) CPA
WANJuly08.jpg (86957 bytes)World Airshow News 23/5 July 2008
What it takes to transport
                       the Thunderbirds CPA
Warbirds Over Long Island,
    Bob & Chris Baranaskas collection CPA
Corkey Fornof & the LoPresti Fury (mod Globe Swift) CPA
Red Bull Race n San Diego CPA
Parausi Vineyard, Calif a s
California Capital a s, Sacramento, CA CPA
Fleet Week USN flying over NYC, NY
Giornata Azzurra, Italy a s CPA
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World Airshow News 
            23/4  June 2008
JCavanaugh Flight Mus warbirds  CPA list
FIDAE 2008 - Chile a s  CPA
Team Aerostar (2 Yak-52s) CPA
Capt. William Mitchell (Canada CF-18 demopi) CPA
Leap Frogs, Black Daggers, Red Devils, Blackwater Parachute Teams CPA
B-25 rest "Panchito" flights fir Dusab Aner Vets CPA
Sun 'n Fun a s 2008  CPA
Brett Hunter & Magnum Pitts  flying with  CPA
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World Airshow News 
            23/3  May 2008
Jonn Mohr Stearman a s p CPDA
Lima Lima Flight Team todsay CPDA
Manfred Radius slpln a s pi  CPA
B-17G 44-85839 "Yankee Lady" of Yankee Air Mus, US CPDA
DC-3 "Flagship Detroit" rest CPA
Rob Holland  MX-2 as pi today CPA
2008 Heritage Flight conference CPA
Bill Anders HerFli pi CPA
Reg Urschler  HerFli pi CPA
flying with Red Baron Squadron mem CPA
2008 Dominican Republic Caribbean a s CPA
Greg Poe  a s pi  flight with  CPA
wanapr08.gif (77286 bytes)
World Airshow News 
            23/2  March-April 2008

Let’s Do Flyovers Right A
Greg Koontz/Sky Country Lodge trng ops CPA
Starfighters civil a s team status CPA
Al Ain aerobatics a s 2008 CPA
Turbulent Team (Druine Turbulents, England) status CPA
Kyle Franklin / Waco Mystery Ship a s status CPA
what an air boss does at a s  CPA
Steve Hinton bio  CPA
Tom Gregory a s pi  bio CPA
Erik Hildebrandt / Front Row Center a s photography  CPA
wing walking  explained CPA
F8F “Rare Bear” racing at Reno with John Penney   interv CPA
Canadian Harvard Aircraft Association  CPA
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World Airshow News
    23/1 January-February 2008

Blues in the Bay AS, Hawaii CPA
Red Bull MBB BO-105 a s heli & Chuck Aaron CPA
Charlie Kulp (Piper J-3 a s pi) retires bip CPA
A.C.E. (Airborne Competency Evaluaror) explained
F-117 retirement from a s & USAF CPA
F/A-18C East Demo Team CPA
Lt. Col. Bill Long & Ragged Edge Pits S-2S
Geico Skytypers (T-6s) CPA
Pete O’Hare, Blues on the Bay airshow director CPA
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World Airshow News 22/9
           November-December 2007

World Airshow News 22/9 November/December 2007
A Gathering of Mustangs & Legends 2007 CPA
Red Bull race at San Diego, CA CPA
National Stearman Fly-in 2007 CPA
Reno Races 2007
TA-4J of Collings Foundation CPA
Ed Shipley (wb pi) bio PA
Cdr. Richard Erie/NAS Oceana, VA a s CPA
Terre Haute, Indiana a s CPA
Sikorsky MH-53 demo by HM-14 CPA
Bill Braack USAF Reserve Jet Car ops CPA
Bill Leff AT-6 Starfire Night SkyShow CPA
John Klatt ANG a s act in Staudacher 300D CPA
wanoct07.jpg (116708 bytes)
World Airshow News 22/8 October  2007

how to become an airshow ilot CPA
US Army Sky Soldiers Demo Team (AH-1s) CPA
Billy Werth (Pitts S-2C a s pi US) status CPA
Sean D.. Tucker & The Collaborators (US a s act) CPA
Canada CF-18 demo ride CPA
Brad Hood (Heritage Flt P-51 pi) CPA
C-130 "Fat Albert" Blue Angel status CPA
Dan Buchanan (US hang gli a s pi) bio status CPA
Pat Davidson "Under Pressure" jet truck act CPA
wansep07.jpg (112301 bytes)
World Airshow News 22/7 September 2007
Tora Tora Tora airshow act CPA
P-51 ride with Stallion 51
Lee Lauderback P-51 Heritage Flight pilot bioCPA
Jim LeRoy remembered CPA bio
Mike Wiskus Pitts as pi status CPA
F-22 in flight refuel mission w NJ ANG CAP
Roger & Pauline Buis & Otto helicopter as act
international Council of Air Shows status CPA
Ford TriMotor of EAA pilot Colin Soucy CPA
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World Airshow News 22/6 August 2007

airshow safety discussed A
P-38 "Glacier Girl" Operation Bolero flight CPA
MXR Tech. MX-2 (US 2s ulaerobat mono) CPA
F-15E Strike Eagle Demo Team ops CPA
CF-18 Canadian demo ac artist
                                   Jim Belliveau interv CPA
Super Constellation of Breitling CPA
Yak-52 "China Doll" CPA
Kelly Pietrowicz (US femail pitts a s pi) status CPA
Tim Weber (US Extra 2005 a s pi) status CPA
Bill Leff (US T-6 a s pi) flight with, status CPA
wan707.jpg (112619 bytes)

World Airshow News 22/5 July 2007

CF-18 demopi Yanick Gregoire CPA
Heritage Flight pilots Snodgrass & Hall CPA
Harriers w 22nd Marine Exped Unit visit with on USS Kearsarge CPA
Red Bull race at Navajo Nation CPA
Red Bull race pilot Matthias Dolderer flight with CPA
Thunderbirds & Blue Angels pilot profiles CPA
Snowbirds training CPA
wan607.jpg (106150 bytes)                                          
World Airshow News 22/4 June 2007
Blue Angel 6 Kevin J. Davis loss obit CPA
Matt Younkin a s act w Beech 18 CPA
Thunder Over Louisville a s
                            live TV broadcast CPA
AeroShell Aerobatic Team (T-6s) status CPA
ICAS ACE pilot eval org status CPA
Sun ‘N Fun 2007 f-i
Australian Int;l A s CPA
MX2 (US aerobat mono) flight in CPA







wan507.jpg (24042 bytes)

World Airshow News 22/3 May 3007
F-4 ops w Heritage Flight & flight in CPA
Al Ain as, Saudi Arabia CPA
Heritage Flight Training Conference 10th Annive
Greg Anders (P-51 Heritage Flight pilot) bio CPA
The Patriots jet demo team (US, Aero L-39s) CPA
F-22 Raptor demo team status CPA
Terry Calloway leaves airshow
                               performing CPA bio
John Gillespie Magee bio PCA
Chanute Air Mus to host airshow CPA






wan3407.jpg (24259 bytes)
World Airshow News 22/2   March-April 2007

ops on carrier USS Dwight D. Eisenhower CPA
F-18F Sup Hornet East Co Demo Team status CPA
USAF Heritage Flight status CPA
Patty Wagstaff bio CPA
Fouga Magister demo ops n Belgium status CPA
Jerry O’Neill Airedales airshow ground
                           ops status CAP
Wayne Handley interv (US a s pi) CPA
C-54 rest of Berlin Alift Hist Found CADA
Trojan Phlyers aerobat team (T-28s US) status CPA
Rick Volker (US Su-26M a s pi) interv CPA
N.A. Harvard (Texan) found n Canada CPA

Michael Hunter Flight For Diabetes
                         (US Lazer pi) status CPA
916th Air Refueling Wing flight with CPA



wan1-207.jpg (30339 bytes)

World Airshow News 22/1 January - February 2007
F-15C East Coast Demo discontinued CPA
Rich and Dee Gibson pyro productions
                                                      at airshows CPA
Red Eagle Air Sports – Pitts team US status CPA
Sky Soldiers US Army AH-1 demo team status CPA
NAS Pensacola 2006 a s CPA
NAS Jacksonville, FL 2006 as CPA
Edwards AFB 2006 as CPA
MCAS Miramar 2006 as CPA
Aviation Nation as, Nellis 2006 CPA
Spirit of Freedom 2006 as, Ft.Worth, TX CPA
Axalp as, Switzerland 2006 CPA
Los Amigos as, El Paso, TX 2006 CPA
flight w Clyde Zellers n his T-28 CPA


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