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Vat 12/5 May 84
Aeronca factory ops n Middletown, OH PA

Vat 12/4 Apr 84
Swallow biplane, flying mem PA
Hook Field, Middletown, OH hist PA
Travel Air Mystery Ship hist PA

Vat 12/2 Feb 84
Luscombe Silvaire NC1373B rest PDA
Vultee L-1 rest PA
Olof Anderson & Chicago Flying Club bio PA

Vat 12/1 Jan 84
DC-2 "Viver" rest of KLM PA

Vat 11/12 Dec 83
1937 air races PA
L-4 rest PA

Vat 6/11 Nov 78
Aeronca Champ of Wojnar NC85448 rest CPDA
Rawdon T-1 rest P
Boeing 40A rest for NASM PDA
Piper Vagabond rebuild PA

Vat 10 OctDec 78
Supermarine Seahawk rest at Culdrose PA
Klemm 350 (2s lw tadr) rest P
Aero 101 (Czech bip) P
Praga E.114 (hw ltpln Czech) P
Erla 5a (1e lw hb Switz) P
Mseo del Air, Madrid Spain PA
Gloster Gauntlet rebuild PDA
Druine Turbulent on floats PDA pirep
Percival MEW Gull PA flying mem
Vickers Vincent P
Westland Wapiti P
British Ac Co his PA
BAC Drone indiv hist PA

Vat 6/7 July 78
Piper TriPacer mod to tadr PDA
Franklin Rose (US) bio PA
Crouch-Bolas Dragonfily PDA
DH Tiger Moth donate to EAA

Vat 6/4 Apr 78
Sabbie Ludovici (US) bio PA
Travel Air 2000 rest PA
27th Stearman flyin PA

VAt 5/11 Nov 77
Kari-Keen Sioux Coupe rest NC10721 PA
Pitcairn PA-8 Mailwing NC10753 PA
Piper PA-11 Cub rest CPA
Bellanca 14-19 rest N6RJ PA
Temco Swift rest PA
Swallow Mail Plane rest NC499H PA
Aeronca Champ rest N85700 PA
Aeronca 7AC N83633 rest PA
Taylorcraft BC-12D NC44493 rest PA
American Eaglet rest NC548Y PA
Alliance Argo rest N596K A
Waco IBA N12453 rest PA
Waco VKS-7F N3153 rest PA
Stearman PT-17 N57041 rest PA
Stearman PT-17 N9078H rest PA
Monocoupe 90A N38922 rest PA
Spartan Executive N17615 rest PA
Beech Staggerwing N16M rest PA
Fokker D.VIII repli N7557U PA
Curtiss 1910 Pusher repli PA
Heath Centerwing rest PA
Heath Parasol N1926 PA
Waco EC-6 N16591 PA
Ruan STA NC17361 rest PA
Porterfield 35-70 "Spinach I" PA
Howard DGA-15P NC95862 PA
Piper J-4A NC30340 rest PA

Vat 5/10  Oct 77
Ryan Navion 260B N6437K rest PA
Ryan Navion N8865H rest PA
Piper J-3 rest N92643 PA
Piper TriPacer N72CJ rest PA
Stinson 108-2 rest N8074K PA
Temco Swift N2334B rest PA
Cessna 170B N2535C rest PA
Cessna 170 N170BB PA
Cessna 140 N3516V rest PA
Cessna 140 N76688 rest PA
Ercoupe N24AP rest PA
Luscombe Silvaire 8A NC2259K PA
Aeronca Champion N95544 rest PA
Aeronca Chief N9820E rest PA
Beech Bonanza N3869N 1947 rest PA
Bellanca 14-19 N524A rest PA

Vat 5/9 Sep 77
Fokker D.VII repli CPDA
Martin MB-02 PDA
Rene Fonck bio PA
aces of WWI list
Nevil Shute (England) bio PA
Air Speed AS-4 PA
Air Speed AS-8 Viceroy PA
Air Speed AS-6 Convertible Envoy PA
Air Speed AS-5 Courier PA

Vat 5/8 Aug 77
Piper J-4 Cup Coupe CPA
Aeronca LC PDA
Aeronca C-3 mem
Schweizer I-19 rest PDA

Vat 5/7 July 77
Lindbergh commemorative issue
many articles and pics of flight and pre and post hist
Chamberlin flt to Germany PA
Bellanca "Columbia" ca A

Vat 5/6 June 77
Piper J-3 Cub on flts P
Stearman PT-17 CPA
Gee Bee Sportster PA
Spartan J-6-5 P
Stinson SM-6000B trimotor PA

Vat 5/5 May 77
Miller Flying service early spt plane PA
Franklin Sport CPDA prep 3v ca Dil
Continental A40 engine PDA
Travelair 16E P

Vat 5/4 April 77
Waco ac ID differences PDA
Primary Cadet Days Ryan PT-22 trng me PA

Vat 5/3 March 77
Fairchild PT-19/23/26 CPA
Roman Warren cowboy aviator (US) bio PA
Clinton E. Herberger (US) bio PA
Pacific Air Transport PA
Fokker Universal P
Ryan Monoplane "Old Number One" P

Vat 5/2 February 77
Lincoln PT-W rest CPA
Jack Knight (US air mail pilot) bio PA
Boeing B & W rest PA
Clayton Leigh Scott (Boeing test pilot) bio PA
Clinton E. Herberger (US early pilot) bio PA

Vat 5/1 January 77
Cessna 195 rest CPDA
Cessna 195 flat 6 engine conversion PA
Gee Bee history PA
Gee Bee E-1 PA
Gee Bee Model P P
Bellanca hist PA
Bellanca Cruismaster PA
Bellanca Cruisair PA
Bellanca low wing mil trnr proto P
Shannon Air Mus (US) PA

Vat 4/12 Dec 76
Fleetwings Seabird rest CPDA 3v
Roger Don Rae (rly US pi) mem PA

Vat Vat 4/11 Nov 76
American Eaglet rest PA
Swallow mail plane rest PA
Ryan PT-22 rest PA
Hamilton H-47 Metalplne rest PA
Waco ASO rest PA
Waco QCF-2 rest PA
Waco VKS-7F rest PA
Bellanca Skyrockest rest PA
Bellanca Cruisair PDA
Star Cavalier rest PA
Rearwin Sportster rest PA
Piper J-3 Cub PA
Piper J-4 Cub Coupe rest PA
Piper PA-15 Vagabond rest PA
Luscombe 8A PA
Stinson 108 PA
Stinson Voyager PA
Cessna 140 PDA
Cessna 195 PA
Ryan Navion PA
Johnson Rocket rest PA
Stearman N2S rest PA

Vat 4/10 Oct 76
Aeronca C-3 PA
Timm Collegiate PA
Fairchilde F-22 rest PDA
States B-3 Parasol (US) PA
Wiley Post Biplane PA

Vat 4/9 Sept 76
Curtiss June Bugg II repli CPA
Glen Curtiss bio PA
Stearman C-3B PA
flying n airshows in 30s & 40s PA

Vat 4/8 Aug 76
Curtiss Military Tractor biplane P
E.H. "Matty" Laird bio PA
Laird Sesquiwing P
Watsonville CA fi PA
Gates Flying Circus (US) PA
Bobbi Trout (US woman pilot) bio PA
Sopwith Pup repli PA

Vat 4/7 July 76
Lindbergh flt > Paris PA
National Air & Space Mus PA
American DH-4s n 20s
E.H. "Matty" Laird bio PA
Laird Swallow PA
Laird Model ‘S’ P
Laird Whilwind 3 P
Laird Speedwing STD P

Vat 4/6 June 76
Welch Airplane Col hist PA
Vera Dawn Walker (US) bio PA
Swallow J-4 bip rest & commem flt PA

Vat 4/5 May 76
Hamilton Metailplane rest CPDA
Piper E-2 Cub rest PDA
Curtiss June Bug rest PA

Vat 4/4 Apr 76
Aeronca K rest CPA
Stinson 105 PA
Crosley Biplane PA
Douglas M-2 rest PA
Sun ‘n’ Fun flyin 1976 PA

Vat 4/3 March 76
Boeing 247D & Roscoe Turner PDA
Boeing P-12 owned by Milo Burcham PA
Waco RNF rest PA
Waco that lost an entire engine in the air PA

Vat 4/2 Feb 76
Stearman 1975 fly-in PA
American Eagle Eaglet PA
Fairchild F-22 P
Curtiss JN-4 Hisso powered P
Parks P-1 P
Northrop Alpha
Western Airlines hist PA

Vat 4/1 January 76
50th anniversary commercial air transports contract air mial PA
Swallow J-4 PA
EAA 1961 antique fly-in at Rockford PA
Golden Eagle "Chief" (US) PA
American Eagle "Tempus Fugits" PA

Vat NovDec 75
Beech Staggerwing hist PA
Pietenpol Air Camper 1933 mem PA
Spartan C-3 P
Harlow PC-5 P

Vat 3/9 &10 SepOct 75
Piper PA-14 Family Cruiser PDA
Oshkosh nat f-I 1975 PA
Arrow Sport P
Travel Air Model 5000 P
Christine Winzer (US? woman pi) bio PA
All-American Air Manueuvers PA
Hamilton Metalplane PDA
AAA-APM fly-in Blakesburg, IA PA

Vat 3/7&8 JulyAug 75
Waco ASO barnstorming PA
Glem Whittenbeck (US pi) bio PA
Laird Jr. Speedwing of Whittenbeck PA
Bates 1912 monplane rest PA
Ryan STM rest PDA
Civil Air Patrol Downers Grove Sqdn PA
Ford Tri-motor fuselage PA
Piper Cub fly-in A

Vat 3/6 June 75
Henley Aerodrome, Athol, Ohio PA
Meyers Aircraft seminar PA

Vat 3/5 May 75
Aeronca Sedan on floats P
DC-3 "Old 728" PA
Taylorcraft early hist PA
Fleet biplane PA
Fleet 7 biplane rest PA
The Pylon Club PA
Stag Beer blimp PA
Mr. Mulligan crash PA

Vat 3/3 March 75
Martin MB-2 "Gotha" movie bbr P
Frank Clarke movie stunt pi bio PA
Sikorsky S-29 flwn by Clarke PA
Swallow mail plane PA
Douglas "Wrong Way" Corrigan bio PA
The Pylon Club PA
antique treasure hunting PA

Vat 3/1 January 75
Cirigliano SC-1 rest PA
The Pylon Club PA
Arrowhead Safety Plane (US) il A
Charter Flight to Newfoundland in 30s A
Aeromarine Klemm PA
Fleet Trainer PA
DH Tiger Moth PA
Bellanca 14-13-2 n Europe P

Vat 2/12 Dec 74
Spartan Executive rest PA
Bellanca early ac surv PA
Bellanca XSE-2 PA
Bellanca Standard Skyrocket PA
Bellanca XSOE PA
Bellanca Pacemaker "Rosemarie" PA
Bellanca Pacemaker "Cape Cod" PA
Bellanca Pacemaker "Liberty" PA
1947 Cleveland Air Raqces PA
Curtiss flying wing biplane PA
LeRhone rotary engine rest PA
Aeronca Champ P
Waco Taperwing A

Vat f 2/11 Nov 74
Lincoln PT-W rest PDA
Bellanca hist PA
Bellanca "Irish Swoop" PA
Bellanca Flash PDA
Bellanca tri-motor racer PA
Standard J-1 rest PA
Luscombe Colt P
AAA nat f-I 1974 PA
Georgias Special (US early hb) P

Vat 2/9 Sept 74
Vintage ac at 1974 Oshkosh nat f-in PA
Fairchild 24 rest PDA
Culver Cadet PA
Watsonville, CA f-I PA
Travelair 16E PA
Bellanca 14/19 rest P


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