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Skyways, The Journal of the Airplane 1920 - 1940
, was published by
            World War I Aeroplanes, Inc.
             P.O. Box 730
            Red Hook, NY 12571

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Skyways   No. 85   January 2008

true color samples of paints by
     Berry Brothres, Titanic, Inc,
     Sherwin-Williams Aero Finishes,
     Super-Flite Aircraft Finishes
      Randolph Aircraft Finishes and
Civil Aircraft Colors PDA
   Stanavo Monocoup & Vega Cil PA
Douglas DC-2 "The Good Ship Lollipop" hist PDA
Douglas DC-5  hist PDA 3v
Douglas TBD-1 cockpit PDA Dil
Royal Aircraft Factory, Farnborough, Eng his PA
AAA Blakesburg f-i Oct 07 Psurv
Broadhead WI f-i 2007 PA
USN/MC fighters 1930-40 hist surv PA
civ ac encountering Japan ac Dec 7 41 over HwaiiPA
Aeronca 65TC of Gambo Flying serv encounter survivor PA 3v Dil
Maciag Av Hist Mus/Store n NJ today PA
Pan American base at Miami, FL Dinner Key hist PA
Sikorsky S-42 model of Bosworth PDA
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Skyways #86 April 2008
US Air Mail 90th anniv his PA
Fokker D.VII n US mil civ service PA
Canadian Car and Foundry Col Gregor FDB-1 (1s bip ftr 30s) hist PDA ca Dil 3v
Douglas DC-4E hist PDA ca 3v
Fairchild Model 91 Amphibian PDA 3v ca
model airplanes of Paul Rempp hist PA
Pan American flyboat ops n Atlantic & Europe PA map
Bellanca XSOE-1 PDA

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Skyways # 81  January 2007

Alfred Lawson airliner designs PDA
Lawson C2 Airliner 3v PA
Lawson L4 Midnight Airliner 3v PA
Northrop attach ac 1933 – 1937 surv PA
Boeing 80 hist PDsurv A 5v ca xs
Curtiss OX-5 powered ac flying today PDA
Curtiss-Wright Model 23 Basic Combat Trainer hist PDA ca 3v
1933 – 35 flying mem of Ninette Heaton (US civ) PA
Bell YFM-1 sb 1/32 PDA
Zenith Z-6A (US 1e bip trans rest) P+
SKYWAYS INDEX for issues 71 – 80
Skyways # 81  January 2007

Alfred Lawson airliner designs PDA
Lawson C2 Airliner 3v PA
Lawson L4 Midnight Airliner 3v PA
Northrop attach ac 1933 – 1937 surv PA
Boeing 80 hist PDsurv A 5v ca xs
Curtiss OX-5 powered ac flying today PDA
Curtiss-Wright Model 23 Basic Combat Trainer hist PDA ca 3v
1933 – 35 flying mem of Ninette Heaton (US civ) PA
Bell YFM-1 sb 1/32 PDA
Zenith Z-6A (US 1e bip trans rest) P+
SKYWAYS INDEX for issues 71 – 80


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Skyways #82 April 2007
DeHavilland DH-4M rest of HARM hist PDA
Dornier Do X hist PA ca 3v
Curtiss SBC-3 cockpit PDA
Miller Time Flies (r 30s) PA Dil 4v
Miller MAC-1 (mil proto based on TF) hist PA
Command-Air 3C3-T making a 3v xs Dil
Curtiss-Wright Travel Air Speedwing rest of Mueck PA
Allenbaugh Model a r PA corr
Nimmo light twin 3v (US ltpln)
Nimmo Goodyear racer "Pftttt"








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Skyways #83 July 2007
Curtiss-Wright T-32 Condor II
                                Cpros Cil caaa PDA 3v xs Dil
Curtiss-Wright R4C-1 Condor II cockpit PDA
Curtiss Wright Condor bomber 3v ca A
Meyers OTW hist PDA 3v Dil
Meyers ME-165 (2s tand lw prim trnr proto) PA
Latecoere flying boats hist PA
Latecoere 21 (2e tand flybt 1926) PA
Latecoere 38 (2e tand flybt) PA
Latecoere 300 (6e flybt) PA
Latecoere 521 (6e flybt) C3v PA ca Dil
Latecoere 522 PA PA
Latecoere 611 42 flybt) PA
Latecoere 631 (6e flybt) PA
Tom Towle (US ac designer) PA bio
Ford 3AT (3e) P
Ford 4AT (3e) P
Towle Pelican (US 1e flybt)
Towlet Model WC 2e hw amphib PA
Towle TA-2 (2e amphib) PA
Towle TA-3 (2e amphib) PA 5v xs
Driggs Skylark 3 (bip sport US) P+
Ross RS-1 (1s para US) JP+
Zenith B-1 (hw 8s 1e ltpln) P+
Caproni Ca.100 real & repro P+

skyoct07.jpg (152013 bytes)
Skyways #84 October 2007
Pan Am flybt bases in North Atlantic hist PA
classic & antiques at EAA AirVenture 2007 PA
Stinson Model A PDA
Curtiss-Wright T-32 Condor II hist PDA ca
Stinson SM-1 Detroiter rest of Wentworth PDA
DH-4 rest of Hist Ac Rest Mus, Missouri flt to Oshkosh PA
Waco National Reunion 2007 PA
Curtiss SBC-4 cockpit PDA
American Moth V-1 (2s para 30s) 5v PA










Skyways    #64     Oct 2002
     Curtiss-Wright CW-22 Falcon PA pros
     Elias NBS-3 (US bip bbr 20s) PDA
     Doering Bros. (US model makers) bio PA
     Sikorsky S-38 at Oshkosh 2002 PA prep
     Hughes H-1 Racer repli PA
     Rolf Zurwelle (US Curtiss engineer) life at Curtiss mem PA

Skyways      63     July 2002
     Mercury Acrobat PA (2s opcock bip ltpln)
     Baumann B-65 "Diane" il PA (2s bip ltpln)
     Baumann B-65 (2s cabin bip) PA
     Baumann/Mercury B-100 (4s cabin bip) PA3v xs
     Mercury BT-120 (2s bip) PA 3v PA
     Baumann Ac Corp hist PA
     Zurweille, Rolf (US 20s pilot) mem AP
     Pan-American Air Races 1934 Psurv A
     Knoll KN-1 (US bip cabin trans) P
     Towle TA-3 (US 2e amphib) P
     Cain CC-14 Sport (1e para ltpln) P
     Waco Cootie repro PA 3v
     Curtiss-Wright 22 Falcon hist PA 3v
     Curtiss-Wright SNC-1 PD A
     Skyways topic index issues 51 -- 60

Skyways      62     April  02
     XF5F hist PDA 3v
     Lawrence Tech gliders hist PA
     Laister Yankee Doodle sailplane PA 3v
     making movie The Spirit of St. Louis
     Fokker C.IV rest ops today PDA

 Skyways 61      January 02 +
     Abrams Explorer 5v xs PD A
            ‘’ P-2 ‘’P-3 "PC-4 3v A
     Stinson SR-10F/XC-81D cockpit PA
     Golden Wings Museum PA
     Alexander Bullet (US ltpln 1929) PA
     Aeronca C-3 PA
     Savoia Marchetti S-56 rest PDA
     Pasped Skylark (US ltpln mono 2s) 3v xs

Skyways      60     October  01
     Curtiss F9C PDA 5v Dil
     Ryan M-1 Mailplane repli PDA 3v
     Walter Carr racer (US) PA 5v xs
     Laird Super Solution 2v PA ca

Skyways      59     July 01
     Vultee P-66 Vanguard PDA xs
     Paramount Aircraft Corp (US) hist
     ‘’ Cabinaire PA (bip ltpln) PA 3v xs
     ‘’ CSC Maiden Saginaw (hw 3s ltpln) PA
     ‘’ Sportster (2s lw mono fltpln) PA 5v xs
     Curtiss-Wright CW-15 Club Sedan PD A
     Macchi M.39 racer PD A Dil ca 3v
     NYRBA Airlines flight described PA
     Kirkham Gull/Air Yacht (5s mono flybt) P
     Timm Coach/Aircoach (endurance bip) PA

Miles M-5A Sparrowhawk PA
     Travel Air 10-D P
     Lincoln Standard L.S.5 P
     Hawker Hurricane rest of NASM PA
     Consolidated PB-2 P

Skyways      58     April  01
     Aeromarine ac surv PA
     ‘’ 39B PA 4v xs Dil
     ‘’ AS-2 (fltpln bip) 3v PA
     ‘’ M-1 P
     ‘’ PG-1 PA 3v
     ‘’ 44L (1e flybt) PA
     ‘’ –blt DH-4B P
     ‘’ Model 60 (2e flybt trans bip) 3v PA
     ‘’ A.T. (1e trans propo) pro
     ‘’ A.S.M. Sea Messenger (propo flybt 1s) pro
     ‘’ Passenger=Cargo Land Airplane pro (2e bip propo)
     P-12E ops w 27th PS PA
     Night Advertising ops PA il
     Stinson SM-7A PA
     Keystone K-47C (3e bip) PA
     Fiat A.S. (1e para ltpln) PDA
     Wiley Post 1933 trans world flt PA
     Bach 3-CT-6 Air Yacht PA
     Douglas XO-31 3v PDA
     ‘’ YO-31 PA
     Phillipine Air Service PA
     P-12D communications on chalk on fuse PA
     Jackson O-2 (US para 2s ltpln) 3v

Skyways      57     January 01
     Consolidated PB-2 hist PA 4v pros
     ‘’ Y1P-25 PA 3v xs Dil
     ‘’ P-30 PA 3v
     ‘’ A-11 PA
     Detroit-Lockheed YP-24 PA 3v
     Curtiss F7C-1 Sea Hawk PDA 4v ca Dil
     Consolidated Airlines (US) PA
     Polikarpov I-16 repli n TX PDA
     ‘’ I-153 n TX repli PDA
     Hansen Baby Bullet r P
     Travel Air 10D P
     Saul Triad 1000 (3e ltpln 30s) P
     Jamieson Racer (1933 US lw) PA

Skyways      56     October  00
     Martin XP2M (3e flybt) PDA
     Sikorsky universal wing used on various ac in 20s PA
     ‘’ mounted on JN-4 3v
     P-12 repli of Crowder PDA
     Stinson Model U Trimotor (hw) rest PDA 3v
     Jackson O-2 (US para ltpln) PA
     Brunner Winkle Bird CK 1931 test flight report PA
     Supermarine (?) Southampton RAAF flying PA
     Laird LC-EW-40 Transport 3v PA
     Fuller-Hammond Bimotor Sportplane P
     Bach T-11-P Transport (1e hw) P

Skyways      55     July  00
     F2A hist PA 4v xs
     F2A cockpits PDA
     Mohawk M-2-C (2e ltpln) 3v
     Gregor biplane / Continental GR-1 (US) 3vP
     Stearman PT-17 pr PA
     W.F. Stewart Co. (US)
     ‘’ M-1 (1e midw mono ltpln) PA
     ‘’ M-2 (2e lt trans hw mono) PA

Skyways      50     April  99
     Northrop 3A hist PA 3v
     Vought V-141 PA pros
     ‘’ V-143 PDA 3v ca
     Sikorsky S-39 of Johnsons n Africa
     Keith Rider racers series PA
     Aeromarine Model L.D.B. Type XII (bip bbr propo US) ill A
     ‘’ Type XIII night bomber fuselagewing mono bbr propo) ill A
     Bellanca XSE-1 navy scout PDA
     Canadian Vickers Vedette (push bip amphib ltpln) rest PDA
     Armitabe S-8 (US) 3v A

Skyways       47     July 98
     Cal Poly CP-2 Miss Polytechnic (hw ltpln 1929) PA
     ‘’ ‘’ Airplane Number 1 CP-1 (hw ltpln 1928) PA 3v
     ‘’ California Coupe Cabin (bip ltpln) PA
     ‘’ CP-3 Warren Taperwing (bip opcock 1931) PA 3v pros
     Aeromarine Model A.M.C. (metal hull bip flybt) PA
     French ftrs 1918-34 surv
     Bernard 20 3v (midw mono) 3v
      Bernard 74 (mdw mono) 3v
     Dewoitine D.27 (para) 3v PA
     LGL 32 (para) PA
     Nieuport-Delage Ni-D 122 (para) 4v PA
     Wibault 72 (para) PA
     ‘’ Wi 12 PA
     Spirit of St Louis repro PA
     Aeromarine variable camber modified Sperry Messenger PDA
     Welch Monoplane (hw lgpln) PDA 5v
     Fokker F-32 cockpit
     Weick W-1A Cabin Monoplane (push hw) 3v A
     Breese-Dallas Model 1 (1e lw mono ltpln) PA

Skyways      46     April  98
     Aeromarine 40 of Zimmerman historic flt PA 3v
     ‘’ Model 50 (bip push fltpln)
     Curtiss-Wright Junior Amphib PA 3v
     Short Mussel II (Eng lw mono) PA
     Great Lakes XPT- 930 (bip) PA 3v
     Rogers Sea Eagle RBX (bip flybt US) PA
     Schauss-Lampman F (2s enclosed bip ltpln( PA
     Curtiss TS-1 PA ca Dil
     DH-4 civ w Aeromarine variable camber wing PA
      Consolidated Model 31 (flybt 2e pbbr proto) PA 3v
     Fleetwings F-101 AP
     Vought Corsair bips blt n Mexico PA
     Scroggs "The Last Laugh" (US tailless hb ltpln ) 3v A corr
     Aldo Ambrosini racer (US midw 1935) 3v

Skyways      45     January 1998
     General Aviation Clark GA-43 (1e mono trans) PDA 3v xs
     ‘’ GA-38 (trimotor propo) ill A
     Seversky X-BT PA 3v
     Menasco racing engines PA
     Fokker USA hist PA
     ‘’ Universal PA
     ‘’ F-32 PA
     ‘’ Y1C-14 PA
     ‘’ XLB-2 PA
     ‘’ X0-27 PA
     ‘’ XA-7 PA
     ‘’ F-10 3v PA
     ‘’ XFA-1 (bip ftr proto) PA
     Bellanca XSE-2 flight tests 3v PA
     Fleetwings Model 33 PA
     Navy-Wright NW-1 Racer PD A 4v

Skyways      44     October  97
     France ftr development 1918-34
     Liore et Olivier LeO 8 (para ftr) P
     Ni-D 37 (shwng ftr) 3v A
     Wibault Wi 3 (para) PA
     ‘’ Wi 12 (para) P
     Avimeta 88 (2s rara) 3v
     Levasseur PL 6 (bip) P
     Salmson-Bechereau Type 5 (hw) P
     Villiers 24 (bip) P
     Breguet 25 (bip) ca
     De Marcay 4 (hw ftr) PA
     Buscayet-De Mong 52 (para) PA
     Ni-D 29 (bip) PA
     Ni-D 42 (sesqui) P
     Bleriot-Spad 81 (bip) PA
     Gourdou-Leseurre Type 1 (para) P
     ‘’ GL-32 (para) P
     Dewoitine D 19 (para) P
     ‘’ D 15 (bip) P
     Potez P.23 (bip) P
     ‘’ P 26 (bip) P
     Bernard 14 (sesqui) PA
     ‘’ 12 (lw mono) P
     Spad 20 (bip) P
     St. Louis Aircraft Corp hist
     ‘’ Cardinal (hw ltpln) PDA 3v
     ‘’ motorized balloon cars PDA
     XB-15 PDA 3v
     Monocoupe construction details PD
     Macchi M.16 PA (bip)
     Fleetwings F-101 P

Skyways      43     July 97
     Martin Model 156 Soviet Clipper PDA 3v xs
     Menasco racing engines PA
     Fokker ac building n USA
     ' ‘ TW-4 (para) PA
     '‘ FT-1 (lw tbbr fltpln) PA
     ' ‘ PW-1 (bip ftr) PA
     ' ‘ PW-7 (bip ftr) PA
     ' ‘ CO-4 (bip recon) PA
     Fokker T-2 PA
     ' ‘ A -2 (ambulance version of T-2) P
     ' ‘ F.VII PDA ca
     Atlantic AO-1 (bip) PA
     ' ‘ XCO-8 (modified DH-4) PA
     Curtiss O-1B PDA 3v
     Bellanca J-2 diesel engine record flight) PA
     McGaffey A-V-8 Aviate (US ltpln twin boom) PA 3v
     Letov S-8 (hw ftr) 3v PA xs

Skyways      42     April  97
     Spirit of St. Louis reproductions PA interior details
      Stearman YPT-9 PA
     ‘  YBT3
     ‘   YBT-8
     ‘  Model 6A
     Kinner XRK-1 (lw 1e trans) 3v PA
     French fighter development 1918-34
     Spad 20 P
     SEA 4 (2s bip ftr) P
     Gourdou-Leseurre GL (para) P
     Ni-D 29 (bip) P
     L.E. (lw mono ftr WW() 3v PA
     Wi 1 (bip) PA
     Borel C2 (bip) P
     Edo Malolo (1e fltpln flybt) 3v PA
     Phillips "The Fly" (1924 US ltpln) P
     Ellingston Special (US r 1s midw) PA
     Hansen Baby Bullet r P
     Hawks Time Flies r P
     Heath Cannon Ball r P
     Hosler Fury (shw r 30s US) P
     ‘ G+G Special (lw r) P
     Howard Ike and Mike and Mr. Mulligan
     Hughes H-1 r P
     Ranger Ac Co Hunt racer P
     Israel Redhead r P
     Jamieson racer P
     US Civil Ac Register desc A
     White Model 25 (US bip ltpln) P
     Sikorsky S-38 (blt as US Army C-6A USN PS/RS) PD

Skyways      40     Oct 96
     Consolidated Commodore Cil PDA 3v
     Loening Air Yacht PDA 3v
     Stinson SM-4 PA
     Thaden T-1 (hw trans 1e US) 3v PA
     Fokker B.IIIc (Netherlands) flybt ltpln P
     Hall-Aluminum XPTBH-2 (2e tbbr) PDA 3v
     P-38 early problems PA
     Ford Trimotor with flotation bags filled PA corr

Skyways      39     July 96
     Boeing F2B-1 PDA 3v Dil
     Chester Jeep P
     Chester Goon P
     Crosby CR-3 P
     Crosby CR-4 P
     Curtiss-Wright Technical Institute Bunting (shwng ltpln 1936) P
     XF6C-6 (para mod of bip for racing) P
     Delgado Flash P
     Delgado Maid P
     Flagg Phantom r 1930 P
     Flagg Special/F-15 r P
     Folkerts SK-1 P
     Folkerts SK-2 P
     FW-200 airliner PDA 3v ca
     Ansaldo A300 in Belgium 1919-1929 (cabin bip) PA 3v Dil
     Laird Limousine (cabin bip) P A 3v
     Columbia Air Liners "Uncle Sam" P
     Felio Ranger SP-2 P
     D.H. 71 racer rest CPD A 3v

Skyways      31     July 1994
     Ford small experimental ac 1927 – 1935
     ‘’ 1927 2s amphib PA
     ‘’ 1927 5s executive mono PA
     ‘’ 1935 15P flying wing ltpln PD A
     Tijuana Ac Factory, Baja California
     Baja California No. 1 BC-1 (para 2s ltpln 1928)
     ‘’ BC-2 (para ltpln) PA
     ‘’ BC-3 (cabin mono ltpln) PA
     American Fokker F-10A flying PDA 3v
     Vance Flying Wing (US twin boom trans 1936) PA 3v
     Boeing Y1B-9A cockpit PDA
     Bellanca 28-92 trimotor racer 5v xs CPDA
     DH-71 (MONOPLANE) Tiger Moth PA
     Japanese import of other airplanes list PA

Skyways      30     April  94
     KLM pilots in 30s bios PA
     Sikorsky S-29 PA (2e bip trans) PA
     Sikorsky S-31 2s bip lt bbr proto PA
     Sikorsky S-32 3s bip PA
     Sikorsky S-33 2s lt pip PA
     Sikorsky S-35 3e bip trans PA
     Sikorsky S-36 2e amphib para AP
     Sikorsky S-37 2e bip trans PA
     Udet U-12 Flamingo Germ 2s bip trnr 3v
     Dewoitine D-27 n Switz AF AP 2v
     Bf-109B hist PD A Dil ca
     Nakajima Navy Type 31 bip ftr early 30s P
     Piper PA-4 hw 4s 1e ltpln 1940
     Focke-Wulf W.4 (bip fltpln) PA 3v
     Fokker US F-11 1e push amphib PA

Skyways      29     January  94
     Bf-109B PDA
     Sikorsky S-42 (4e flybt trans) PDA 3v ca
     Jose Falco San Martin (Spain?)flying in Spanish Civ War mem PA il
     Polikarpov I-15 6v PA
     Fokker airline pilots in Netherlands bios PA
     Fokker (Netherlands) F-7 PA
     Fokker (Netherlands) F.36 P
     Granville Bros. Gee Bee R-1 rest PA
     Towle TA-3 (US mono) P
     Irwin Meteorplane (US light bip) PA
     Crosby CR-4 r 4v PA
     Boeing 95 hist PDA

Skyways      28 October  93
     Consolidated Fleetster hist PA 4v Dil ca
     Curtiss XS2C-1 (US mono 1e abbr) PA
     O’Neill, Ralph flying n Mexico AF bio
     Sopwith 1 Strutter in Mex MS.35 (para trnr) n Mex AF P
     Ansaldo S.V.A n Mex AF PA
     Curtiss JN-4 in Mex AF P
     Farman F-50 (2e bbr) n Mex AF P
     Brown Special bip (trnr) n Mex AF
     TNCA Serie A (Mex bip scout) P
     TNCA Serie B (Mex bip obs 1920s) P
     TNCA Serie H (Mex para trnr) P
     TNCA 4-E "Quetzacoati" (para 1e ftr) P
     Fleet Model 10 (bip ltpln) 3v PA
     Huntington Governor (1s hw ltpln) PD A
     Avia Bk.11 (lw mono) PA
     F3F-2 rest at San Diego Aerospace Mus PDA
     Handley Page 39 "Gugnung" (2s bip) 4v A
     Spirit of St. Louis crate survives today PA
     New Standard D-32 (US bip ltpln) P
     Schauss Model A (1s hb bip US) P
     Walter Rupert Special (1s para hb 1934) P
     Bloch MB-120 (3e hw trans) PA
     Japan importing of ac PA
     Pratt & Whitney engine test bed ac PA
     Douglas World Cruiser PD A
     Verville VCP-R/R1 r P
     Fokker Super Universal of Pure Oil P

Skyways      27     July 93
     Buhl Bull Pup hist PA 3v
     Szekely Aircraft and Engine Co. PA
     Szekely "Flying Dutchman" (1e lw mono) PA
     ANT-3/R-3 (Russia bip) hist PA 5v xs Dil
     Fokker D.VII flown n US movie PA
     Sikorsky S.29 flown n US movie P
     JN-4s flown n US movies PA
     Lockheed 10-A Electra flown by Hanford A/l PA
     Hanford A.l ac flown
     Berliner Joyce XFJ-1 PA
     Berliner-Joyce XF2J PA
     Berliner-Joyce XF3J PA
     Liore et Olivier H.43 (3s tbbr) PA 3v
     Ford 5AT at San Diego Aerospace Mus PA
     Nyborg H1 (England glider) PA
     Rohrbach R2 built by Mitsubishi 1927 3v A
     JN-4H ambulance mod PA
     DH-4 (US) ambulance mod P
     Curtiss Eagle ambulance plane P
     Cox-Klemin XA-1 ambulance plane PA
     Lockheed Orion 9B PDA

Skyways      26     April  93
     Aeronca C-3 instrument panel PA 3v
     Boeing 247 instrument panel 3v PA
     Curtiss Hawk III instrument panel PA
     Douglas Dolphin instrument panel 3v PA
     Fairchild XC-31 instrument panel PA 3v
     Laird LC-EW 450 instrument panel PA 3v
     Lockheed Vega of Earhart instrument panel PA
     Lockheed Orion of Detroit News instrument panel PA
     Northrop Gamma instrument panel PA
     Northrop Delta instrument pantel PA  
     Ryan S-T instrument panel PA
     Stinson SR-5 instrument panel PA 3v
     Vultee V-1A instrument panel PA 3v
     Waco Custom series instrument panel 3v PA
     Vought SU ops w USN Utility Squadron 5 PA
     Bulgaria aircraft seen in that country survey P
     Stinson R PDA
     Bristol Bulldog (bip ftr) in Australia AF PA
     Command Aire Little Rocket PDA
     Levasseur PL 7 (bio bbr) PA
     Curtiss Eagle ambulance plane P
     Cox-Klemin XA-1 ambulance plane P
     Fokker A-2 ambulance plane P
     Douglas C-1C ambulance plane P
     Ford-Stout C-4A ambulance plane P
     Ge neral Y1C-15 ambulance plane P
     Savoia Marchetti S.M. 81 ca
     Ft. Crockett airfield n 30s US P
      March Field in 30s P
     Langley Field, CA n 30s P
     Seversky AT-12 cockpit PA
     New Era Model 1 (push ltpln US) PA

Skyways      24     October  92
     Planes used in movies surv PA
     Kalinin K-1 (1e hw trans) 4v xs
     Kalinin K-4 (hw trans Soviet) PA
     Kalinin K-5 (hw trans) PA 3v xs Dil
     Kalinin K-7 (7e mono trans) PA
     Kalinin K-9 (1e para ltpln) PA
     Kalinin K-10 (1e 2s lw ltpln) PA
     Kalinin K-12 (2e bbr) PA 4v Dil
     Curtiss BFC-2 repli PD A
     FW-58 (2e trnr) PD A 3v ca
     Ford Flivver rest PD A
     New Era Model A PA
     Junkers-Larsl JL-6/F.13 PA
     Commonwealth Boomerang hist 3v PA
     Fokker C-2 "Bird of Paradise" P
     Levasseur TO3 (bip bbr) PA
     Levasseur PL 1 (bip) PA
     Levasseur PL 4 (recon 2s bip) PA
     Levasseur PL 5 (2s bip) PA
     Levasseur PL 7 (bip) PA
     Levasseur PL 8 (2s bip) PA
     General Aircraft Monospar (2e trans proto) P
     Curtiss A-12 cockpit PDA
     JN-4 mylar covered rest n US mus PA

Skyways      23      July 92
     Command-Aire Little Rocket r PA
     All-America Flying Derby ac entered surv P
     General Aircraft Monospar ST.4 (Eng 2e ltpln) 4v xs PA
     Curtiss Wright Junior repli PA
     Boeing Model 80 PD A
     Antonov TB-1 (2e heavy bbr) PA 4v ca Dil
     Junkers Airlines (Germany) pilots bios PA
     Great Lakes ST-1A of Tex Rankin PA
     Dornier DO SuperWal (4e flybt trans) PDA 3v xs
     Nungesser & Coli t-Atlant flight loss PA
     Seversky BT-8 PDA
      Payen PA-47 (2s shw ltpln) PA
     Payen PA-49 (1s small jet research) 3v
     Payen PA-51 (shw ltpln) 3v a
     Payen PA-60 Arbalete (2jet proj) 3v A

Skyways      22     April  1992
     Junkers A-20 mail plane (mono) P
     Farman F.1001 (high alt research para) P
     Junkers Airlines pilots bios PA
     Pander D replica origins 3v A (mono 1s)
     Thomas Morse MB-3 pressure distribution over the wings A 3v
     Fairchild 24 "Honeymoon Fairchild" of Ricklefs PA
     Payen ac surv
     Payen AP-10 (all wing ltpln 1s 1e) 3vA
     Payen PA-22/IR (jet mod) 3v A
     Payen PA-22 prototypes 2v pros A
     Payen PA-100 3v A (canard) 3v
     Payen PA-112 (ret lg canard) 3v
     Payen PA-225 (canard r) 3v
     Payen PA-320P (2e close together canard r propo) i9ll
     Payen PA-330 (2ta canard r propo) 2v ca
     Payen PA-361 (2e long range twin vuse canard propo) il
     Payen-Mitsubishi PA-400 (propo 2e attack canard) 3v
     Consolidated Fleetster hist PDA 5v PD A Dil
     Fieseleer Fi-156 rest pr PA
     Waco S3HD-A (bip attack for Cuba) RC model PA
     Waco D cockpit PD A
     S.N.C.A.C. NC-150 (med bbr proto) PA
     MC-200 rest PDA

Skyways      21     January  92
     Dole Race participant ac surv PA
     Soviet glider torpedo project 1933-40 PA
     PSN-1 gliding torpedo carried under a TB-3 PA Dil 3v
     PSN-2 gliding torpedo 3v PA
     PPT torpedo glider 3v
     Sikorsky S-43 NC15056 flying with PANAGRA crash A
     Douglas World Cruisers PDA
     Savoia Marchetti S-56 PDA
     Boeing School T-5 (hb 2s lw) 1936
     Batwing X (hb 2s flywing) PA
     Phillips XPC-1 (lw mono 1939) P
     Fokker F.XX (Netherlands 3e hw trans) PA
     Wibault Ac surv
     Wibault C-1 (bip ftr proto) P
     Wibault 2 (bip lt bbr proto) P
     Wibault 3 C 1 (hw 1e ftr) P
     Wibault 7 C1 (para ftr) P
     Wibault 9 (para ftr) P
     Wibault 10 (para 2s recon) P
     Wibault 12 (para ftr) P
     Wibault 72 (para ftr) P
     Wibault 73 (para ftr) P
     Wibault 220 (2e hw trans) P
     Wibault 260 (1e para 2s recon 1930) P
     Wibault 281 (3e lw trans) P
     Wibault 282 (3e lw trans) P
     Wibault 283 (3e lw trans) P
     Wibault 313 (lw ftr proto 1933) P
     Wibault 368 (1e lw trans) P
     Wibault-Penhoet 365 (1e lw trans) 3v
     Seversky P-35 cockpit PDA 3v Dil ca

Skyways      20     October  91
     Polikarpov R-5 (bip recon) PD A 5v Dil xs
     Consolidated Fleetster hist PA 5v Dil xs
     Dornier Wal (2e flybt) beaching PA
     Liberty experimental 24 cylinder engine PDA Dil
     Peoria, Illinois early aviation PA
     North American NA-40 hist PDA ca 3v
     Morane Saulnier pra trnrs surv
     MS G model XIX (1914 1e 1s para) P
     MS AR P
     MS-35 P
     MS-130 P
     MS-132 P
     MS-138 P
     MS-147 P
     MS-149 P
     MS-230 P
     MS-315 P
     Loening OL-6/8 in USMC Psurv 5v xs
     Reynolds Aviation Museum (Louisiana) PA
     Douglas DC-5 PD A
     Westbrook Sportster (1e 2s lw ltpln) PA

Skyways      19     July 91
     Bugatti 100 r (France r) rest PDA
     Douglas 0-2 PD A
     Douglas M-1 PA
     Douglas M-2 PA
     Douglas M-3 PA
     Monocoupe survey PA
     Boeing early ftrs surb PA
     Wibault 7 (para ftr) P
     Wibault 70 (para ftr) 3v
     Wibault 73 (para ftr) 3v
     Wibault 121 (2s para recon) P 3v
     Wibault 122 (1e para ftr proto) P
     Wibault 123 (1e para recon) 3v
     Wibault 124 (para recon 2s) P 3v
     Wibault 125 (para rcon 2s) P 3v
     Wibault 170 (para ftr) P
     Wibault 210 (lw ftr proto) P
     Wibault 220 (2e shw bbr) 3v
     Wibault 260 (1e 2s para recon) 3v
     Wibault 280 (3e lw trans) 3v
     Wibault 282 (3e lw trans) P
     Wibault 360 (1e lw tran) P
     The Ring Glider Club, California 30s hist PA
     Kreider-Reisner C-2 Challenger (2s ltpln) P
     Kreider-Reisner KR 34 CA (armed KR-34) PD
     Parks P-1 (bip ltpln) P
     Consolidated 16 Commodore PD A

Skyways      18     April  91
     Cessna T-50 on floats P
     Edo floats hist PA ill ca
     Chilton D.W. 1 (Eng 1s 1e ltpln) 3v AP
     Bellanca DH (mod of DH for air mail service) PA 3v Dil
     Fokker F.XX 3v PA
     Boeing 314 PDA ca
     Friesley Falcon (US 2e bip trans) hist PA
     Consolidated Y1P-25 PDA
     Curtiss controllable pitch propeller PDA
     Fokker (US) YO-27 PA

Skyways      17     January  91
     USN & MC ac surv 1934-39 PA
     Short – working for them at Rochester, Eng mem PA
     Short Maia-Mercury P
     Short M-4 (half scale Stirling test bed) P
     Lenape engine hist (US) ca PA
     Alcor C-6-1 (2e ltpln) PD A
     Boeing Model C fltpln flying in Alaska il A
     Friesley Falcon hist PA
     Fairchild KR 21 PD A
     Fairchild KR 34 PA
     Kalinin K-7 (7e lr Soviet) 3v ca Dil
     Boeing 314 PDA Dil
     Italy AF Mus Lake Bracciano, Italy PA

Skyways      16     October  90
     Lawson Airliner PA
     Lawson M.T.1 (bip trnr 1918) 3v PA
     Lawson M.T.2 (bip trnr 1918) 3v PA
     Lawson 100 Passenger Airliner (proj 12 bip) 3v A
     DeHavilland Comet r 3vPA ca Dil
     Gypsy Major engine repair story PA
     USAAS early pursuit surv PA
     Spad XIII in USAAS PA
     SE 5 n USAAS PA
     Thomas Morse MB-3A PD A
     Loening PW-2A PA
     Dayton-Wright PS-1 (para ftr) PA
     Fokker (US) PW-7 PA
     Fokker (US) PW-6 PA
     Fokker (US) PW-5 PA
     Engineering Division TP-1 (2s bip ftr US) PA
     Curtiss PW-8 PA
     Boeing PW-9 PDA
     Loughead Bros. Aolympic Duo-5 (2e hw) 3v PA
     Allan Lockheed Alcor (1936 proj 2e low trans) 3v
     Piaggio Pegna Pc.7 (waterbased r) 3v PA
     Alexander Eaglerock Bullet (lw 1e ltpln) 3v APD
     Sikorsky-Lindbergh future of aviat corres PA
     Pitcairn PA-4 (lt bip) PD A
     Laird Super Solution PDA

Skyways      15     July 90
     USAS early fighters PA
     Aeromarine PG-1 PA
     Orenco D PA 3v
     Orenco PW-3 PD A
     Engineering Division PW-1 PDA
     Gallaudet PW-4 PDA
     Loening PW-2 PD A
     Loening PA-1 PDA
     Lambach H.L. II (spt bip) 3v PA
     Short Singapore PA
     Short Sarafand 6e bip PA
     Short Knuckleduster (2e mono flybt) PA
     Noordyn Norseman hist PDA
     Swen Swanson ac (So Dak) designs PA
     Boeing 203 (bip) PA 3v
     Rickenbacker, Ed 100th annv bio, handwriting
     Working at Felixstowe sea base England 1936 mem PA

Skyways      14     April  90
     Curtiss 18 Condor PDA
     Curtiss AT-32 Condor PDA A
     Comper Streak (le 1s ltpln Eng) 3v A Dil
     Jesse L. Gray (US) bio PA
     Caproni Ca 60 (giant trip tand wing flybt) PA Dil
     Fokker Netherlands S.11 (bip trnr) PDA
     Fokker Netherlands D.C.1 (2s ftr proto) PA
     Fokker Netherlands B.I (bip amphib) PA
     Fokker Netherlands B.II (bip amphip) PA
     Fokker Netherlands C.IV PA
     Fokker Netherlands D.XI PA
     Fokker Netherlands D.XIII AP
     Fokker Neth T.II (lw mono fltpln tbbr) P
     Fokker Neth F.III (1e para trans) P
     Pietenpol Air Camper of Harold Hawk PA
     Savoia Marchetti S.55 Brazil Navy AF P
     Amiot 122 (bip recon) n Brazil AF
     Yackey Transport (US fltpln based on Breguet 14) PA
     Waco ATO Taperwing 5v xs
      Pitcairn XOP-1     3v
     G.D. Angle radial engine patent info (US) il A
     Crusader Crusader (US 2e ltpln twin booms) ca

Skyways      13    January  90
     Curtiss/Curtiss-Wright ac in Latin American service PA
     Spirit of St. Louis prep for Lindbergh PD A
     Menasco B-4 engine 3v PA
     Menasco B-6 engine 3v PA
     Menasco B-6S engine 3vA
     Menasco C-4 engine 3v PA
     Menasco C-4S engine 3v PA
     Crouch Bolas (2t bip ltpln) P
     Aircraft structures described PA
     Vought XSB2U1 PDA 3v
     Beardmore Inflexible PA 3v
     Rohrbach Ro II flybt PA
     Vought VE-7 3v
     Boeing XB-15 PD A

Skyways      12     October  89
     Italian AF n Spain Civil War PA
     North American O-47A PA 5v xs
     Curtiss Wright CW-1 rest PDA
     Junkers-Larsen JL-6 PA 3v
     USN/MC ac 1930-1933 PA
     Sikorsky S-40 PA ca
     Wheel development after WWI PDA
     Ford Flivver hist PA 3v Dil
     Curtiss SOC (bip) cockpit PDA
     He-74B (bip trnr) 3v
     Uebuncszeisiter "Goevier" (Germ slpln) 3v

Skyways      11     July  89
     Pander D PA (mono Netherlands) PA ca 2v
     Pander E (bip ltpln) PA
     Carley L-11 (Netherlands bip ltpln) PA
     Carley C-12 (Netherlands mono ltpln) PA
     Holland H-1 (Netherlands bip ltpln) PA
     Holland H-2 (Netherlands mono 1s 1e) PA
     Fiat CR 20 (bip) PA
     Allan Loughhead "Gurnard" (8e flybt propo) 3v ill A
     Boeing MB-3A cockpit PDA
     Thomas Morse MB-2 PA
     Thomas Morse MB-3 PA ca 3v
     Blackburn Ac England working at mem PA
     Blackburn Kangaroo (2e bip bbr/trans) PA
     Blackburn Velos (bip tbbr) PA
     Blackburn Lyncock (bip ftr proto) PA
     Blackburn F7/30 (bip ftr proto) PA
     Blackburn Sydney (flybt) PA
     Blackburn Iris III (bip flybt) PA
     Blackburn Blackburn (bip lt bbr) PA
     Blackburn Nautilus (bip 2s ftr proto) PA
     Seagrave Meteor (Eng 2e ltpln) PA
     New Standard D-25 rest PDA
     Boeing 100 P
     CAMS 55 (France flybt ) P
     Boeing 40 P
     Pfalz D.XV (2s mod of Holtzem) PA
     Hawker Hind of Canada AF PA

Skyways      10     Apr  89
     Junkers Ju-52/3m hist PA ca
     Granville, Miller & De Lackner Q.E.D (2s mono) PA
     Hawks HM-1 "Time Flies" PA
     Fleet Biplanes PA Dil
     Savoia Marchetti S-55 of American Aeronautical Corp. PDA 3v
     ANG early ac surv P
     Fokker Netherlands F.VIIa-3m (3e trans) 3v PA
     Fokker Netherlands F.VIII (2e trans) 3v A
     Fokker Neth F.IX (3e trans) 3v A
     Fokker Neth. F.10 (3e trans) PA
     Fokker Neth T.IV (2e mono fltpln tbbr) 3v A
     chronology of aviation 1938 & 1939 PA
     Waco YKS-7 rest PDA
     Nardi FN406 (Italy 1e lw trnr) 5v xs
     Grumman JF-1 Duck PDA
     DH-4B in 91s OS (US p WWI) PDA

Skyways      9     January  89
     Fokker Netherlands S.II (bip) PA
     Fokker Neth. S.1 (para) PA
     Fokker Neth. S.III (bip) PA
     Fokker Neth S.IV (bip tnr) 3v
     Fokker Neth. F.II (hw 1e trans) PA
     Fokker Neth. F.III (para trans 1e) PA
     Fokker Neth. F.IV (hw 1e trans) PA
     Fokker Neth. F.V (bip/para trans) PA
     Fokker Neth F.VI (para) PA
     Fokker Neth. F.VII (1e trans) PA 3v
     Fokker Neth. F.XI Universal (1e hw trans) PA 3v
     Fokker Neth. F.XIV (1e hw trans) 3v A
     Fokker Neth. D.IX (bip) PA
     Fokker Neth. D.X (para ftr proto) PA
     Fokker Neth. D.XI (bip trr) PA
     Fokker Neth. D.XII (bip) PA
     Fokker Neth. D.XIII (bip) 3vb
     Fokker Neth. D.XIV (mono 1e ftr) PA
     Fokker Net D.XVI (bip ftr) 3v
     Fokker Neth. B.II (1e bip flybt) PA
     Fokker Neth. B.III (1e bip flybt) PA
     Fokker Neth. B.IV 13 mono flybt trans) 3v A
     Fokker Neth C.1 (bip 2s ftr) 3v
     Fokker Neth C.II (bip) PA
     Fokker Neth C.IV (bip) PA
     Fokker Neth. C.V (bip) PA 3v
     Fokker Neth. C.VII 3v (bip)
     Fokker Neth. C.VIII (para 2s) 3v A
     Fokker Neth. T.II (1e mono tbbr) PA
     Fokker Neth. T.III (1e lw bbr) PA
     Fokker Neth PW-5 (US ftr proto para) PA 3v PD Dil
     Zenith Z-6A (bip 1e trans) PDA
     Zenith Z-6B (bip 1e trans) 3v A
     LeBlond 60 radial engine hist 3v
     LeBLond radial engine hist PA
     Douglas DT-2 (bip tbbr) PDA 5v xs
     Consolodated XPY-1 PD A
     British dirigible R-101 crash A
     chronology of aviation 1936-37 PA
     Cuatro Vientos aviation museum, Spain PA
     McCook/Wright Field P-numbers A

Skyways      8     October  88
     US fighter gun sights between WWI & II PA Dil
     Piper Cub reduced scale repl hb n Australia PDA
     Caproni Ca 113 (bip) PDA ca
     Curtiss P-2 PA
     Curtiss P-3 PA 4v ca
     Bellanca K "Roma" at Orchard Beach 1928 PA
     Loeing M-2 (mono) P]
     Loening LS-1 fltpln PA
     Loening OL PA
     Loening XHL-1 PA
     Loening XO2L-1 PA
     Loening XSL-1 (mono push flybt) PA
     Loening XS2L-1 (bip amphib) PA
     Douglas O-38 cockpit PD A
     Monocoupe serials and owners PDA
     Air mail fying 1921 log A
     Chronology of aviation 1934-1935 PA
     Museum of Flight, Seattle PA
     RAF/FAA 1935/36 ac surv PA

Skyways      7     July 88
     Vought VE-7 hist PDA
     Bellanca TES (1e hw) PDA
     passenger ops betw Trieste and Turin, Italy hist PA
     Boeing FB-5 PDA 6v Dil
     Chronology 1932 – 33 PA
     Driggs Dart rest PDA 3v
     aviation videos surv A
     Vought-Sikorsky VS-44A PA ca
     Grumman Goose interior PD A

Skyways      6     April  88
     Lawrence J-1 engine ill A
     Wright Whirlwind engine hist PA Dil
     Aeronca C-3 hist PDA 3v
     Bf-109E-1 rest at Tangmere, Eng mus PD A
     Fokker F-VIIB factory drawings PA Dil
     Caproni Ca 100 (bip) PA 3v Dil
     Grumman SF-1 cockpit PD
     Boeing F3B-1 structure Dil xs
     Chronology of Aviation 1930 1931 PA
     USN/MC ac surv 1926-1929 AP
     National Air Race 1926 PA
     Catarpillar Club hist, early members list A

Skyways       5     January 88
     Curtiss early Hawk bips PD A Dil
     Sikorsky S-36A at Old Orchard Beach airport PA
     Fokker "Southern Cross" repli PDA
     Levasseur PL-1 (bip) 3v A
     Levasseur PL-2 (bip tbbr) 3v A
     Levasseur PL-3 (bip recon) 3v A
     Levasseur PL-4 (bip) 3v A P
     Levasseur PL-5 (bip) 3v A
     Levasseur PL-6 (bip) 3v A
     Levasseur PL-7 3v
     Levasseur PL-8 A
     Levasseur PL-9 3vA
     Levasseur PL-10 3vA
     Levasseur PL-11 (Bip fltpln)( 3v A
     Levasseur PL-12 (mono 1e flybt) pro A
     Levasseur PL-14 (bip fltpln) 3v A
     Levasseur PL-15 (bip fltpln) 3vA
     Levasseur PL.101 (bip) 2v A
     Levasseur PL-104 –108 pro A
     Levasseur PL 200 (mono twin boom fltpln) 3v A
     Levasseur PL-400 (hw mono liason) 3v A
     Curtiss O-1C Falcon interior & surv PD A
     Waco CSO Straight Wing PA corr
     DeHavilland DH-60 moth rest PDA
     chronology of Aviation events 1928 1929 PA
     McCook Field P-numbers PA
     New England Air Museum (US) PA

Skyways      4     Oct  87
     Curtiss-Kirkham 18-T (trip 2s ftr) 3v PA xs
     Aeronca Model L (lw 1e ltpln) PA
     Chicago-Midwest X (US 2e hw mono trans) PA
     Ford XB-906 PDA
     Focke-Wulf FW-56 Stosser PDA 3v
     DC-2 rest PDA
     Saunders-Roe A33 flybt wing collapse PA corr
     Norton, Frederick Harwood (US) bio PA
     Munk, Max Michael (US) bio
     Nardi FN.305 (Italy trnr mono) the last one PA Dil
     Chronology of Aviation events 1926 – 1927 PA
     Air mail flying 1921 USA log PA
     USAAC photos sent out on request in 30s PA
     US reflector gun sights PDA

Skyways      3     July 87
     Sperry Messenger PA 4v ca Dil
     Orchard Beach airport ops n 30s (US)
     McCook Field airplane number records in 1922 PA
     McCook Field history PA
     Travel Air 4000 rest pr PA
     Levasseur PL.8 ""I’Oiseau Blanc" PD A 3v xs
     Nungesser & Coli loss on transatlantic flight PA
     chronology of aviation events 1924 – 1925 PA
     Blount steam engine (US) PA
     Cradle of Aviation av mus PA (US)

Skyways      2     April  87
     Ford 5-AT-11 Trimotor PDA
     Cessna DC-6 (1e ltpln) PD A
     Travel Air B6C PDA (bip ltpln) 6v
     Grumman F3F-1 cockpit PDA
     Star Cavalier pr PA
     Pitcairn PA-4 3v PA
     SARO A.33 (4e para flybt proto) PA
     DH 60 Gipsy Moth structure details Dil
     Naval Aviation Museum A
     Experimental Ac Assn A
     chronology of aviation events 1922 – 1923 PA
     USN/MC 1920 – 1925 PA

Skyways     1    January 87
     DH 60 Gipsy Moth (bip ltpln) PDA 3v
     Curtiss D-12 engine 4v PA
     Curtiss F6C rest PDA
     Keystone B-1 desc PDA (2e bip bbr)
     Hanriot HD-1 cat launched in USA) PA
     Nieuport 28 cat launched in USA PA
     Douglas O-43A 3v PDA
     Berliner-Joyce Y1P-16 PA
     North American BT-9 PDA
     Hamilton Metalplane advert
     National Air Races 1932 PA
     Chronology of aviation events 1920 - 1921 PA

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