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Contents of all issues of Sky Warriors in the AeroKnow collection are presented below. If you would like to add to the this list by donating your copies of the magazine not included below,  please write me.
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Sky Warriors =  skywarr

Sky Warriors 1 / 2 1991
Vampire ops w Switzerland AF CPA 5v xs
F-111 ops PA 4v
Grumman Tracker (S2F) phase out of Canadian Navy CPA
Lockheed Skunk Works hist PA
MiG-21s of East German AF derpart CPD A 4v
A5M pros
A6M2 pro
Ki-27 Cpros
Ki-43 Cpros
Piasecki H-21 PD
Sikorsky UH-60 ops CPA 4v
Sikorsky CH-64 PD
RAF Finningley training base future CPA

Sky Warriors 1 / 1 1991
DFS-230 hist PDA 5v
EE Lightning ops today CPA
Folland Gnant PA 4v xs pros
F-111 hist PDA
C-130 flying them for the RAF PA
F-4 ops n Viet War mem CPA
OV-10 hist PA 5v xs Dil C3v
RAF Cosford training base today PA
Battle of Britain remembered CPA il
Battle of Britain Museum (Eng) PA
what is a modern fighter pilot? essay A

Sky Warriors special launch edition 1990
Bell AH-1 hist CPA devel pros
AH-1S 3v
AH-1W 3v
F-111 combat ops PA
F-16 vs MiG-29 PA
HS Hawk flying today CPD A
IAR-80 (Rumania 1e 1s lw ftr W2) hist PA pros 5v ca xs
F-4J CPD A 5v Cpros
KC-10 ops at March AFB CPA
Panavia Tornado GR1A ops PDA cockpits PD Dil

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