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Contents of all issues of Scale Aircraft Modelling in the AeroKnow collection are presented below. If you would like to add to the this list by donating your copies of the magazine not included below,  please write me.
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Scale Aircraft Modelling 26/7 Sep 2004
Dewoitine D.520 hist CPDA Cpros
Spit IXe of Israel AF 1’72 CPA
BAC TSR.2 1/48 Dynavector vform CPDA
Showa L2D Tabby conv from Italeri DC-4 CPA pros
Lavochkin La-7, La-9, La-11 hist CPA
MBDA Storm Shadow (Eng air launched cruise missile) 3v xs CPA
Hawker Hunter GA. 11 conv 1/72 Airfix CPDA
Eng ac flown in Operation Market Garden Cpros

Scale Aircraft Modelling    26/5     July 2004
Kaman H-2 Seasprite hist CPDA Cpros
B-17 waist gunner Verlinden 120mm figure dio CPDA
Bf-109K used by Hartmann for last ETO WW2 kill 1/32 Hasegawa CPDA
BF Goodrich/QinetiQ RAPTOR recon pod for Panavia Tornado status   CPDA C5v
SPAD S.VII Cpros 4v
Cessna 150/152 1/48 Minicraft CPDA
Sea Harrier special colors CPA
US "Golden Age" ac colors surv C2vs
A-4H in Israel AF conv from A-4E 1/72 Fujimi CPDA
Bf-110G-2/R3 1/48 Revell CPA
Heinkel He-59B/D 1/72 Special Hobby CPA

Scale Aircraft Modelling 26/2 April 2004
new kits to be released in 2004 A
Bereznyak-Isayev BI (rocket propelled ftr proto WW2) hist rest CPDA Cpros 4v Dil
Canadair Sabre Mk.6 conv w Fujimi and Hobbycraft 1/72 CPDA
RAF colors 1938 – 2003 Cpros
Panavia Tornado F.3 ALARM equipped (wild weasel) ops, CPA
Sopwith Cuckoo (1922 1e trnr bip) Cpro
Short 184 (1918 fltpln) Cpro
Parnall Panther (2s bip ftr Eng 1922) Cpro
Westland Walrus (2s bip bbr 1922) Cpro
Gloster Nightjar (1s 1e bip ftr 1922) Cpro
Supermarine Seagull III (2e bip amphib 1924) Cpro
Supermarine Swift 5 1.48 Falcon vform finishing CPA
Dewoitine D.520 6v
FW-190D-9 1/32 Hasegawa finishing CPDA
Alenia (Lockheed) F-104S last in Italy AF CPDA
Breguet Atlantic (2 tprop patrol) 1/72 Revell CPA

Scale Aircraft Modelling 25/7 September 2003
F/A-18E/F Super Hornet CPA Cpros
EA-18 Growler A Cpro
HP 0/100 and 0/400 note art Psurv
P-47D-20 1/48 Tamiya CPDA
S.M. 79 Cpros 3v
F-4G 1/48 kit surv CPA
nose art collection of Commemorative Air Force CPA

Scale Aircraft Modelling 25/6 August 2003
Aerospatiale SA 365F Dauphin 2 w Irish Air Corps CPDA
Bloch MB/151 1/72 Azur CPA
EE Canberras of RAF Marham nose art CPD
HS Nimrod (jet patrol) hist CPDA Cpros
Ju-88 of Battle of Britain 1/72 Italeri conv CPDA
F-4G 1/72 kit surv CPDA
P-51D 1/48 Tamiya CPDA
Panavia Tornados of RAF Marham nose art CPD
Pfalz E.I and E.III 1/72 HR Models resin CPA
Sikorsky S-38 1/72 CMA resin CPA
Tornado GR.4A details CPAcorr
Taylorcraft Auster Mk.III 1/48 Sword CPDA 3v

Scale Aircraft Modelling 25/3 May 2003|
Sepecat Jaguar hist & ops CPA C3vs
FW-190A-8 conv from Tamiya F-8 1/48 CPDA
RAF Upkeep bomb used by Dambusters Cpros
Nieuport Type 10 Triplane Rosemont 1/72 CPA 4v
Italy AF in 1918 ac Cpros
Dornier Do-217N-2 conv 1/72 Italeri CPDA
RAF ac flown in Gulf War CPA
B Ae Sea Harrier FRS.1 1/24 Airfix CPA

Scale Aircraft Modelling 24/12 Feb 2003
Breguet Atlantic hist Revell 1/72 CPA C3vs
DH Mosquito 1/72 Tamiya aftermarket improvements CPDA
EC-47 conv < Italeri/Airfix CPA Dil
Fokker Dr.1 of Werner Voss 1/28 Revell upgrade CPA Dil
Il-2 3-color NKAP camouflage CPA C3v 5v
Bf-109s of Marseille A Cpros
MiG-21UM 1/32 Trumpeter CPA

Scale Aircraft Modelling 24/11 Jan 03
P-40F/L 1/48 AMtech CPD A
B-24 ops w Australia AF PA Cpros
NATO Tiger Meet 2002 CPDA Cpros
Ar-234 1/48 Hasegawa CPD
Wellington w Merlin engines conv 1/72 MPM CPA 1/48
Avro Lincoln spippers & colors Cpros
Boeing 314 of Churchill 1/72 Combat Models CODA
Beaufighter ops w Australia AF n W2 PA Cpro C2v
S.M. 79 1/48 Classic Airframe
Fokker E.III/E.IV 1/72 Eduard CPA

Scale Aircraft Modelling 24/10 Dec 02
Blackburn Buccaneer CPD a C3v Cpro
H.S. Buccaneer 1/72 Airfix kr CPDA
Latecoere 298B 1/48 Azure kr CPA
Hurricane decals by AeroMaster Cpro
Spit II & V decals by Aeromaster Cpros
Breguet 27 (sesqui attack late 30s) 1/72 Azure CP Cpros 6v PD A
Blackburn Roc encounter with He-59 PA Cpro / A Cpro
Mirage F.1C/CR CPD
Hawker Hunter 1 to 5 colors PA C2v
Bf-108 1/48 Eduard CPA
B-70 1/72 AMT/ERTL CPA
OS2U camouflage in RAAF corr 3v

Scale Aircraft Modelling 24/8 Oct 02
Westland Lynx hist CPA Cpros
Sea Harrier sqdn mkgs corr CPA
MiG-17 Fresco C 1/72 DML Syrian AF CPA
MiG-21MF n Czech AF CPD A
Spitfire Vb w USAAC 1/48 Tamiya CPD A
Fairey Barracuda 1/72 MPM CPD A 3v xs Dil
General Motors FM-2 1/48 Sword CPA
Turbo Dakota 1/72 Heritage Aviation conv CPA

Scale Aircraft Modelling 24/5 Jul 02
Falklands air war 20th anniv CPA
A-4 Argentina AF in Falklands War, 1/72 Hobbycraft A-4B/Hasegawa A-4C CPA Cpros C2v
A-4P 5v
Mirage III Argentina AF in Falklands War CPA Cpros
IAI Dagger (mod Mirage V) Argentina AF in Falklands War CPA Cpros
EE Canberra Argent AF n Falklands War CPA Cpros
IA-58 Pucara n Falklands War CPA Cpros
Super Etendard n Falkl War 1/72 Italeri CPA Dil CPA Cpros
MB-339A Argent AF n Falk War 1/48 Frems CPA Cpro
Beech T-34C Argent AF n Falk War 1/48 Sky Models CPA Cpro
Westland Wessex used n Falk War 1/48 Revell
Pilatus PC-6 1/72 Classic Plane CPA

Scale Aircraft Modelling 24/4 June 02
Avro Vulcan hist CPA C2vs
Mirage IIIEA of Falklands War & modeling 1/48 CPA C4v
IAI Daggers in Argentina AF Falklands War 1/48 modeling CPA
Walrus 1/48 Classic Airframes CPD A 4v Cpros2vs
Bae Jetstream users Cpros
Tu-16 1/72 Trumpeter CPA
Bloch 174 (2e attack WW2) 1/72 Heller CPA Dil

Scale Aircraft Modelling 24/3 May 02
A-20 ops w RAAF n So Pac PA C2v
Vickers Vimy Commercial conv CPA
Lockheed 1011 users Cpros
Letov S.328 (bip bbr WW2) 1/72 KP upgrade CPA 4v
Blenheim IV 1/48 Classic Airframes CPD A C2vspros
Blenheim I 1/48 Classic Airframes PA C2vs
Fairey Firefly 1 1/48 Grand Phoenix CPA
Canberra B6 1/48 Aeroclub CPA
Harrier current mkgs CPs corr

Scale Aircraft Modeling 24/2 Apr 02
Harriers equipped with Maverick m CPA corr
Bae Hawk developments CPD A C2v 4v
Spit PR low alt recon colors CPA
Sout FR IXVe C4v PA
F-104G Zero Length Launch of Luft 1/72 Hasegawa CPA
X-1 Eduard 1/48 CPDA
Stirling Airfix 1/72 of 100 Group CPA
Lockheed Hudson 1/48 Classic Airframes CPD A Cpro
SpitVc/Seafire F III 1/48 Airfix CPA

Scale Aircraft Modeling 24/1 March 2002
Bristol M1C 1/48 Blue Max CPA 3v
Westland Lynx HMA.8 1/72 Airfix
Seafires ops PA C2v 5v
Seafire III w folded wings 1/48 conv
Seafire II & III 1/48 CPA
Spitfire speculative colors C2v A
Spitfire XVI 1/48 ICM
Spitfire Vb 1/24 Airfix
Hurricane desert colors Cpros PA cor
DH Sea Hornet upgrade 1/72 CPA
Gotha G.II 1/72 Roden CPA
Ki-84 1/48 Tamiya CPA
Martin MB-2 1/72 Glencoe CPA
USAAF olive drab discussion CPA corr

Scale Aircraft Modelling 23/12 Feb 02 +
EH-101 Cpros
Hawker Hunter hist CPD A Cpros
‘’ convert Mk 1 to 5 1/72 CPD A
‘’ early F.1 1/72 CPA
Caudron G.III AJP 1/48 CPD A 4v
Olive drab USAAF color discussed CPA
Blohm & Voss P.212 (proj day jet ftr) 1/72
Blohm & Voss P.215 (proj 2s jet nt ftr) 1/72
German colors in Battle of Britain corr
Hawker Hurricane Finland AF Hasegawa 1/48 CPA
DC-2 MPM 1/72 CPA
F-15J Tamiya 1/32 CPA
B-58A Academy 1/72 CPA
Westland Lysander Gavia 1/48 CPA

Scale Aircraft Modelling 23/11 Jan 02
Harriers 2nd generation ops in RAF CPA C3vs
Seafire colors & markings CPA C2vs
Avro Lincoln ops mem corr PA
BAC Super 111 users Cpros
Albatross D.III blt n Austria Cpro PA
Aviatik-Berg D.1 Cpros
‘’ ‘’ C.1 pros
Uffag C.1 PA Cpro
Phonix D.1 Cpro PA
‘’ C.1 Cpro
Hansa-Brandenberg C.1 Cpro PA
‘’ W.18 (fltpln ftr) Cpro
A-4 early Israeli 1/72 Fujimi CPA
Brewster Buffalo of Noel Sharp (NZ) PA C4v A
Gorgi metal prebuilt model planes surv CPA
P-40B at Pearl Harbor Dec 7 1/48 Hobby Craft CPDA
Westland Lynx Beecher Bits 1/48

Scale Aircraft Modelling 23/10 Dec 01
Aero L-39 hist CPDA C2vs 4v
Spit 21 conv 1/72 CPD A Cpros 3v
EF-4C Wild Weasel 1/72 Hasegawa CPA
F4F-4 conv to FAA Wildcat V 1/48 Tamiya CPD A
F-86D Revell 1/48 CPD
J1N1 Gekko 1/48 Tamiya CPA
A6M Pearl Harbor participant 1/72 Hasegawa
D3A at Pearl 1/72 Hasegawa
B5N at Pearl 1/72 Hasegawa

Scale Aircraft Modelling 23/6 Aug 01
Bae Hawk hist CPA C2v
U-2D 1/72 w sun shade Airfix
MD-80 CPD A Cpros
86th FG USAF Germany 1948/49 PA
Yak-1B 1/48 Accurate Miniatures CPA 5v Cpros
Yak-3 1/48 Eduard CPA Cpros
Yak-7B 1/48 ICM CPA Cpros
Yak - 9 1/48 ICM CPA Cpros

Scale Aircraft Modelling 23/3 May 01
F-104C 1/48 Hasegawa CPA
F-86F 1/48 Academy 1/48 CPA
C-123 hist CPA Cpros C2v
British charter airlines surv CP Cpro
Dewoitine D.1 ( 1e para ftr) 3v
Dewoitine D.9 (1e para ftr) 3v
Dewoitine D.21 (1e para ftr) 3v
Breguet Br.28oT Cpro PA 3v
Agusta 20 5 Huey kit surv CPA
Spitfire XVIe 1/48 Occidental CPA
Seafire 17 1/48 Occidental CPA
Lockheed P-80A Pda ca
Reno Unlimited racers surv Cpros

Scale Aircraft Modelling 23/1 March 01
Spitfire Ixe 1/48 CPA
Luft bomber destroyer units, ops CPA Cpros
FW-190A bomber destroyers CPA Cpros
Bf-109G bomber destroyers Cpros A
Breguet 280T 4v
Tu-134A CPA C2v
how to mold nose weights CPA Dil
Vought O3U-3 sb CPA
Mustang IV "Dooley Bird" correction Cpro A corr
A6M3 1/48 Tamiya Yamamoto escort CPA
G4M1 of Yamamoto final flight CPA 1/48 Tamiya
Albatros D.III 1/48 Eduard 1/48 CPD A

Scale Aircraft Modelling 22/12 Feb 01
Finland AF hist PA Cpros
EB-66E conv < 1/72 Italeri B-66 CPD A
He-177A 5v Cpros A
C-47 foreign users Cpros
He-111H-3 1/48 Monogram CPA
D.H.9a sb CPD
P-38G of Rex Barber, Yamamoto attack 1/48 Minicraft CPA
Do-217E-5 1/48 Revell/Monogram/ProModeller PA

Scale Aircraft Modelling 22/10 Dec 00
MiG 23/27 hist CPA C2vs
F9F-5P photo recon conv 1/72 CPD
latest ac modeling tools & techniques PA
Canberra PR.9 conv 1/72 Frog PDA 2v Dil
Ju-88C of KG 40 ops PA
Sopwith "Comic" Camel nightfighter 3v
early Eng nightfighters n WI Cpro
Bf-109s crashed n Eng during BoBrit PA
F9F Panther in Korean War modeling CPA Dil Cpros
Bae Harrier AV-8A.Gr.1/AV-8S 1/24 Airfix CPA

Scale Aircraft Modelling 22/9 Nov 00
RAF colors & sqdns 1940 compared w 2000 CPA Cpros
Do-17P 1/48 Hobbycraft CPA Dil
Bo 737 1/144 Minicraft conv –300 to –500 PCA il
Bo 737-500 Cpro
rigging model ac PA Dil
Brewster F2A-1 conv < Tamiya F2A-2 CPDA 4v

Scale Aircraft Modelling 22/7 Sep 00
Battle of Britain ac surv PA Cpros
B.P. Defiant 1/48 Classic Airframes CPD A Dil
Boeing 727-200 users Cpros
Beriev MBR-2 M-Avia 1/72 PA 4v
Sea Harriers w Falk War scoreboards CPA
Bat of Brit Aug 15, 1940 PA C3v Cpros
Fiat G.50bis 1/72 MisterKit CPA
Grumman F3F-2 1/48 Accurate Miniatures CPA

Scale Aircraft Modelling 22/5 July 00
B-1 Lancer hist status CPA C3v
Spit PR XI CP corr
D.H. 9/9a Cpros
Bloch MB 152 hist & 1/48 Classic Airframes CPD A
Mosquito ops w BOAC 1/48 Tamiya PA C3v
EE Lightning 1/48 Airfix CPD A
Tupolev TB-3 1.72 ICM PA

Scale Aircraft Modelling 22/4 June 00
MiG-25 CPA C2v
Breguet Br.693 1/48 Fonderie Miniatures CPD A
French AF WW2 colors CPD A
IAI Kfir C.7 conv < 1/72 Hasegawa Kfir CPA Dil
Curtiss 75A-1 4v Cpros
MS 406 Cpros
Mosquito IV 1/48 Tamiya CPD A
EE Lightning hist CPA

Scale Aircraft Modeling 22/3 May 00
EE Lightning hist CPDA C2v
IAR 80 1/48 CPA Dil
Fiat G.50 4v
early RAF camouflage PA C3v
Hawker Demon exp camouf 3v
Gloster Gladiator C4v PA
F-5A Skoshi Tigeer 1/48 Testor’s CPA


Scale Aircraft Modeling 21/6 Sep 99
air war over Poland, Sept 39 PA Cpros
Westland Whirlwind ftr 1/48 Classic Airframes CPD A Cpros
Bae Hawk 1/72 Airfix & Italeri CPD A Cpros Dil 5v
Hawker Hurricane 1/48 Magna fabric wing conv of Airfix CPD A
Luftwaffe command insignia PA il
Vultee P-66 1/48 Air Collection CPDA

Scale Aircraft Modelling 20/11 Jan 99
Su-27 family status CPA C2v Coris
Su-30 PA C2v
Su-34 PA
Su-37 PA PA
P-51B 1/72 Revell CPDA
Horten Go-229 hist status PDA
F4U Cpros
Tempest II conv < Eduard 1/48 Eduard CPDA
Breguet Br.1050 Alize 5v xs
South African Aw ac surv CPA Cpros

Scale Aircraft Modelling 20/10 Dec 98
Boeing F4B hist Cpros C3v CPDA
Boeing P-12 hist Cpros C3v PA
Canadair CL-13 Sabre w RCAF Golden Hawks CPA C4v
P-51B & C 5v xs Cpros
Yak-1 1/48 Acurrate Miniatures PDA
Hosquito fighters colors/mkgs C2vs Cpros

Scale Aircraft Modelling 20/9 Nov 98
Antonov An-2 Colt CPDA hist C2vs
British Midland al ac used surv CP Cpros
A-10 status PDA
OA-10 1/72 Italeri CPDA
Yak-1 5v xs Cpros

Scale Aircraft Modelling 20/8 Oct 98

DH-104 Devon/Dove hist CPA C2vs
23 Sqdn RAF hist ac PA Cpros
McD-D T-45 Goshawk 1/72 Italeri PDA
F2A Buffalo 5v xs Cpros
I-16 rest n Alpine Ftr Coll CPDA
Fouga CM.170 Magister w Belgian Les Diables Rouge C4v CPA

Scale Aircraft Modelling 20/6 August 1998
Berlin Airlift hist PA Cpros
C-47 n Berlin Airlift CPcov
modern hangar for dios sb CPDA
premium models hist PA
Il-2 kits not consistently accurate PA
Gloster Gauntlet 5v xs Cpros
E.E. Lightning rest n Eng CPDA

Scale Aircraft Modelling 20/5 July 1998
McD-D FA-18 CPA Cpros
Tu-154 users Cpros CP
Hurricane IIb 5v Cpros xs
Northrop YF-17 Cobra 1/72 ESCI conv < FA-18 3v PA
F-104G CPD surv A

Scale Aircraft Modelling 20/4 June 1998
RAF S.E.5a hist CPA C2vs Cpros
Bristol F.2 5v xs Cpros
Sopwith Camel n checkerboard scheme 1/48 Blue Max PDA
Westland Wessex heli PDA Dil
Ilyushin Il-76 users CP Cpros
Bloch 155 C.1 1/48 JMGT resin CPDA

Scale Aircraft Modelling 20/3 May 1998
Douglas A-3 hist CPA C3v Cpros
British Aerospace Sea Harrier FA/2 5v xs Cpro CPDA
Grumman AEW Avenger, French Navy 1/48 Accurate Miniatures conv CPDA

Scale Aircraft Modelling 6/8 May 1984
wartime American ac ops w Fleet Air Arm PA 2vs pros
Westland Dragonfly 1/72 Britavia Models PA 3v
Schneider Trophy aircraft colors PA
how to finish model airplanes PDA
jet airliner pros PA
Hawker P.1052 conv < Hawker Sea Hawk 1/72 PDA

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