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Replicair 3/2 1980
Polish AF early ac pros A
Pfalz D.XII pros A
Loughead Model G 3v PDA
Fokker Dr. 1 repli PDA
Fairey Humble Baby 3v
Sage Type 2 (US? Encl cabin bip) 3v
Miles M.2 Hawk 3v PA

Replicair 3/1 1980
Wright Flyer 1903 repli 3v PDA
A5M2 5v xs
F4B-3/4 4v Dil xs
Travel Air Model R racer P pirep
Travel Air Model R racer replica PDA

Replicair 2/4 1979
Ju-87 repli PA
Bristol F2B propeller replica PA
Lockheed Vega (Earhart Atlantic crossing) A
Boeing FB-5 PA
A6M5 3v xs
Gloster Gauntlet rest PDA
Task Force 77 Korea War combat log 1952 A
model plane photography with people PA
Wedell Williams racer 3v A
Nielsen & Winther Jager (Denmark bip ftr) Dil
Fokker E.III PD
Albatros Dr. 1 3v xs

Replicair 2/3 1979
Replic homebuilt F-80 P
Sopwith Triplane A
Pfalz D.XII camouf A
Valkyrie Monoplane (1910 US) 2v Dil
Nielsen & Winther Jager (1917 Denmark) 3v Dil ca
USN flying n W2 mem A
Brown B-2 "Miss Los Angeles" 3v xs
Lockheed Vega kit surv A ill

Replicair 2/2 1979
Fokker D.VII n Switz PA
Fokker E.III repli PDA
FW-190D PD
Curtiss R3C Dil
Lockheed Vega of Earhart 2v A
Pietenpol Aerial (bip mod of Aircamper) PA
P-51 2/3 repli PDA
Hawker Hurricane 5/8 repli PDA

Replicair 1978
Nielsen & Winther Jager (Denmark bip ftr) Dil
Nieuport 28 PDA

Replicair 1/3 1978
Fairey Hamble Baby (England W1) 3v
Fokker E.III 3v
Fokker E.IV 3v
Defaux Fighter (W1) 3v
Atlantic Ac Prudden Whitehead (3e trans) P
Gee Bee R-1 1/32 Williams Bros A

Replicair 1978
Breguet LE monoplane 3v
Sopwith Pup rest PD A
Fokker Dr. 1 rest PDA
Thomas Morse MB-4 3v xs
Ju-52 rest PA 2v pro
Gee Bee Z rest PDA
Ju-87 repli PDA
a day n ftr grp ops A
Ryan FR-1 PD
F8F repli PDA
Hawker Hurricane PDA

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