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Contents of all issues of Plastic Aircraft Modeling in the AeroKnow collection are presented below. If you would like to add to the this list by donating your copies of the magazine not included below,  please write me.
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PAM  = Plastic Aircraft Modeling

PAM 8/8 July 80
Vultee V-1A rest CP bcov
DC-8 1/100 VEB PA

Spitfire Ib & early cannon armed models PA
Spitfire how to model early cannon armed variants PA
Spitfire early cannon-armed indiv ac hists A

Bf-109K 1/48 conv < Revell G PDA
Blackburn Buccaneers of Honington Strike Wing RAF PDA
Concorde color schemes pros

autogiro hist & moideling PA
Cierva C30A auto 1/72
flying autogiros mem A

Wright Whirlwind 1 cale Williams Bros PA
Weir W-2 (Eng autogiro 1938) 3v

PAM 8/2 June 80
Canberra PR.9 CPDA

Vickers Wellesley 1/72 Matchbox PDA
Avro York conv frm Lancaster 1/72
DH Sea Vampire T.22 3v CP
Northrop F-5 Norway AF PD
Il-28 1/100 VEB & 1/72 Airfix PA

Bellanca CH-400 4v
Nanking and Cochin, Chia AF (Ja occupied) pros A

PAM #48 March 80
new kits for 1980 PA
What I Look for In a Plastic Kit PA
Fiat G.91 1/100 Tamiya PA
Fiat CR.32 PA pros
Douglas A-4 pros
F-111 ops w 48th TFW PDA
DH-125 Dominie 1/72 Airfix PA

DH Sea Venom 3v
Il-2 Russ Toy Industry 1/58 PDA

Kamov Ka-26 P
Me-108 pros A
Spitfire V rest w Battle of Britain Flight CP
Fairey Firefly PA
Cornwall Aero Park ac PDA
Fairey Gannet at Cornwall Aero Park PDA

PAM 7/10 Feb 80
C-47 1/72 Italeri PDA pros
DH Tiger Moth (Rothmans) PD

B-24J 1/48 conv to PB4Y Monogram CPA
V-1 Buzz Bomb 1/72 SMDC DIl
Me-163 at Museum of Flight 3v
F-86 comparative data and users pros A

T-6 foreign users pros A
SNj-5 rest 3v
MiG-15 UTI 3v pros A

Dornier Do-24 cpit Dil
Grumman EA-6B CPDA
Frog/Novo hist PA
Royal Thailand AF pros A

PAM #29 June 79
HS Hawk 1/72 Airfix CPDA pros

Tupolev SB-2 1/72 Novo PA
Gloster Javelin PDA
Grumman AF-2 civ firebbr 4v
Grumman A-6 PA

Grumman EA-6B Brpwler CPA 3v
Lockheed EC-121 PDA
Ju-87 1/72 Airfix PDA
North American OV-10 kit surv PDA 3v
|Iraq AF 1941 pros A

PAM 6/1 March-Apr 78
Luftwaffe ftr insig il A yellow paints for ac & helis il A
Curtiss XP-37 1/72 RAREplanes pro A

XP-40 conv from P-40 pro A
XP-42 conv from Mono P-36 pro A
P-35 kit surv 3vA

F9F-8 Cougar 4v
F-104 1/48 Revell PA

E.E. Lightning kit sur 3v PA pro
Grumman E-2A PD

PAM News 5/4 Jan-Feb 78
I-16 n Republican service Spain Civ War pro

North American AJ-1 Savage civ borate bomber 3v
Typhoon kit surv PDA pro
616 Sqdn RAuxAF hist PA
151 Wing RAF Apro
Heller 1/72 Hurri
red-painted ac kit surv PA
FW-190A 1/48 kit surv
FW-190D 1/48 kit surv

F-14 pros
A6M2N Rufe 1/72 Revell PA
Airspeed Envoy 3v xs

PAM News 5/3 Oct-Nov-Dec 77
Northrop F-15 Reporter civ 3v
Beaufighter kit surv PDA pro
Vickers Valiant 1/159 Kadar PDA
PBY Costeau Catalina 1/72 Revell
Bel XFL Airbonita conv 3v Dil PA

MiG-25 1/72 Hasegawa improving PDA
S2F borate bombers pros

PAM News 5/2 July-Aug-Sep 77
how to store models
Luftwaffe colors & markings PA

Spitfire XII 1/72 conv PDA
Short Sunderland PD
A-10 PA xs 3v ca Dil
Gloster Meteor conversions PDA Dil

A5M 1/72 Nichimo PDA
A-26C civs pros
B-25 civs pros
He-162 1/72 Frog & proj swept wing versionsPA

PAM News 5/1 Apr-May-Jun 77
Me-163 1/72 Airfix & Heller PA
Bf-109G 1/72 Airfix PA
He-111 1/72 Revell-Italeri PA

Saab AJ-37 Viggen 1/72 Matchbox PDA
P-40N 1/72 Matchbox PA

Gloster Meteor series conversions PA Dil
Seversky-Republic kit surv PA pros
2nd Tactical AF RAF kit survey PA

PAM News 4/4 Jan-Feb-Mar 77
Hawker Hunter T.7 1/72 Matchbox 2v PA
Ba-349 Natter 3v
Macchi MC-202 1/72 1/72 Supermodel pros 3v xs PDA
Gloster Meteor T.7 3v

He-111 kit survey PA pro
P-51 kit survey PA pro
Polikarpov I-16 1/72 Revell PDA
B-17 borate bombers pro
Fouga Magister 1/72 Airfix cockpit PD
German night bombing technique A

PAM News 4/3 Oct-Nov-Dec 76
IJN ac at Pearl Harbor operation PA kit surv
F-100 wi ANG n Eng PA
BF-110 1/48 Fujimi PA
Fairey Gannet PDA
Hurricane I conv from current kits PA pro
HS Hawk cockpit PD

PAM News 4/2 #14 July-Aug-Sep 76
Gloster E.28/49 1/72 Frog PDA
Arado 234 1/72 FrogPDA
TAV-8A 2v
Harrier GR.3 2v
DH Venom FB.4 conv < 1/72 Frog

Jaguar GR.1 undersurface camou il PA
F-16 1/72 Revell PA
Commonwealth Boomerang 1/72 Airfix 2v PA xs

Saab J-35 Draken 4v pros PAl
Alpha Jet cockpit PD
Mania kit surv PA

Suez Canal Crisis model survey PA pros

PAM News 4/1 #13 Apr-May-June 76
DHC Twin Otter 3v Dil pros
PZL P-24 1/72 conv < Revell P-11 PDA 4v
PZL P-11 1/72 Revell
Messerschmitt P.1101 sb 3v PA
Bf-109E mkgs before Battle of France pros A

A-4 pro A
foreign C-47s PA pros
vacuform kit quality survey PA

PAM News #12 Jan-Feb-Mar 76
F8F fuse ca A

Misten reference dwgs from PAM #8
Luftwaffe ’46 projected ac (models)

Lippisch 13a 3v PA
Lippisch DM1 3v PA
Bf-109 kit surv A

Gloster Gladiator of Malta defense 4v PA kit surv
RAF Exeter airfield watching n W2 mem A
Reich home defense markings pros PA

PAM News #11 1975
HS Hawk kit surv 1/72 PA

F6F pros
Hawker Sea Hurricane conv Dil
Bf-109E cap by Eng A pros
Bf-109F used in tip & run ops 2vA
FW-190A used in tip & run ops 2vbA
F-4 in RAF pros
Fairchild 71 PA 3v
DH Moth variations il A

PAM News #10 1975
Northrop F-15 Reporter civ n Mexico 3v
Battle of Britain ac surv prose
T-6 Harvard 3v prose
Hawker P.1081 conv
Hawker P.1067 conv
Hawker Hunter Mk.3 conv
Hawker Hunter w area ruled fuse conv
Hawker P.1101 conv

Hawker P.1109 conv
Hawker Hunter with tip tanks conv
F-100 w Turkey AF 3v A

PAM News $9 1975
Britten-Norman Islander PDA
Do-335 4v
Do-435 pro
P-39 civ "Mr. Mennen" 3v Dil
Martin B-26 2v A Dil
Hawker P.1040 conv
Hawker Seahawk proto conv
Hawker P.1052 conv
Hawker P. 1081 conv
Hawker P.1072 conv
Miles Master target tug il A
Mitsubishi XT-2 5v

PAM News #8
Lancaster PD
Short Skyvan PA pro

Hawker Sea Fury T.20 PDA
MiG-21MFf PA pros
Mistel 2vDil
Brewster Buffalo 3v
how to vacu-form PA

PAM News #3 Oct-Nov-Dec 73
DH Sea Venom PDA
A.W. Albemarles Dil

HP O/400 3v Dil
Britten-Norman BN-3 3v xs

Cessna 150 Aerobat 3v xs
Zlin 22 (Czechoslovakia) 3v xs

PAM News #2
A6M4c interior il A

Waco CSO floatplane sb plans 3v
DC-10 5v xs
Antonov An-8 3v Dil xs
Ju-87D conv < 87G 1/72
PZL P-23 Karas 5v xs

PAM News issue #1
M-4 Tampan (Czech trnr) 3v xs
Yakovlev Yak 12 3v xs Dil

Luftwaffe ftr mkgs explained il A

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