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MAN  110/5  May 85
Paul Mantz, life with  PA bio
Fokker D.VIII of Udet  PA
Carl Goldberg  bio PA
Ernie Moser lands Piper Cub on a moving pickup truck  CPA  

MAN  109/1  July 84
Beech Staggerwing  CPA 

MAN    June 84
Alexander Bullet (US mono ltpln) PA pros 3v ca 

MAN   Apr 84
Grummahn F3F  CPA pirep
Grumman Goose  3v PA
Schweizer TG-2  R/C sc  5v CPA 

MAN    March 84
A6M5 rest CPA
Curtiss Robin rest CPA 5v ca
Kramer Cobra (US bip r) PA

MAN   Dec 83
AT-6 rest CPA

MAN    Oct 83
Menasco Pirate engine  4v xs

MAN    107/3  Sept 83
Morane Saulnier N   rpwr spt pnut 

MAN  June 83
Corben Super Ace  R/C  PA

MAN    May 83
Contiental A50, A65, A-75, A80  3v PA Dil
Fleet aircraft tails & lgs  PA il 

MAN  April 83
Kinner K-5 engine  3v PA Dil
Fleet aircraft tails & lgs  il A 

MAN    April 81

MAN  Dec 80

MAN  Apr 80
AJI Hustler pnet rpwr

MAN  June 79

MAN  May 79

MAN  Nov 78

MAN  96/6  June 78
Kirby Kadet sc g spt

MAN  Oct 77
Ed Manulkin   Pbio  (US)
Hurricane IIC  civ r G-AMAU  5v xs ca Dil

MAN  Aug 77

MAN  June 77

MAN  May 77

MAN  March 77

MAN   Nov  76
Walter Beech  PA bio

MAN  March 76
Lockheed Air Express  2v ca

MAN    Oct 75
Miller JM-2 (US all wing ducted prop push hb)  4v xs Dil

MAN   July 75
Tail Winder 2  canard rpwr spt

MAN  June 75

MAN  90/5  May 75

MAN  April 75
He-64C  PA 3v xs

MAN   March 75

MAN  Feb 75

MAN  Nov 74
Sizzle Stick  rpwr speed spt

MAN  July 74
Williams Bros Mft. Col hist, status PA

MAN  June 74
Pitts S-2A  3v ca Dil

MAN  April 74
F-14  5v xs
Falcon Hunter  1/2A uc spt

MAN  January 74
Fokker D.VIII  2v pros ca xs

MAN    Dec 73

MAN  Nov 73
Fokker D.VIII  2v ca xs DIl

MAN  Oct 73

MAN  Sept 73

MAN  Aug 73

MAN  July 73

MAN  May 73
He-51  5v xsN

MAN  Apr  73

MAN  March 73

MAN  Feb 73

MAN   Dec 72
NDavos DA-2 (US hb lw) rpwr pnut

MAN  Nov 72

MAN  Oct 72
Republic P-43  2v ca A Dil

MAN   Sept 72

MAN   Aug 72

MAN    July 72
Hansa Brandenburg W-29  5v xs

MAN  June 72
F4U series 4v xs Dil
Hawker Dankok  4v Dil

MAN     May 72

MAN  Apr 72

MAN    March 72
Vought OS2U   6v xs PA

MAN    Feb 72
Hughes XF-11  4v xs

MAN  January 72
Siemens Schukert D.III rest  PA

MAN    Dec 71

MAN    Nov  71
Willis Nye  PA bio

MAN  Oct 71

MAN    Aug 71
Chicago Model Masters Trainer  1/2A uc spt
ac flown by Texaco  hist PA

MAN    July 71

MAN    June 71
Joseph Montgolfier  il bio
Spinks Akromaster  rpwr spt

MAN  May 71
Republic P-43   3v pros xs A

MAN  Apr  71

MAN  January 71

MAN    Nov 71
Curtiss AE-3 (para R) 3v Dil

MAN   Oct 70

MAN    Sept 70
Loening M.8 hw ftr proto  3v ca PA

MAN    July 70
The Zip  rpwr spt

MAN     June 70
Ryan M-1  rpwr pnut spt

MAN    May 70
Curtiss F6C   4v xs
K&B Veco .61 R/C  2v PA rev

MAN  March 70
Bellanca Skyrocket  rpwr pnt PA

MAN      Feb 70

MAN    January 70
Zlin 526A 3v xs CP cock Dil
DH-6  spt flymod

MAN   Dec 69
Zlin 526A  5v xs Dil

MAN     Oct 69
Me-262  3v ca Dil A

MAN   Sep 69
Me-262A  pro ca A
Surface Skimmer  rpwr spt

MAN   Aug  69
Curtiss AT-9  2v ca Dil A

MAN    July 69
Shoestring Racer  5v ca xs

MAN    June 69
Curtiss AT-9  2v ca xs Dil A

MAN  April 69

MAN    March 69
Fairchild PT-26  5v xs A

MAN    January 69

MAN     Dec 68

MAN     Nov 68

MAN     Sep 68

MAN    July 68
Myers OTW  rpwr spt
Curtiss PW-8A/AT-5C   3v xs Dil
Enya .19 IV  TV  2v PA rev
Yak 18PM  6v xs Dil

MAN   June 68
P-59A  2v Dil A

MAN     Apr 68
P-59A  2v ca xs Dil A
Curtiss PW-8  4v Dil A
Super Tigre  .40 R/C  2v PA rev

MAN     March 68
Octave Chanute    bio PA

MAN   Feb 68

MAN    January 68
Thomas Selfridge (early US pilot) bio PA
Sikorsky S-61  5v xs A

MAN   Dec 67
Gee Bee Model D Sportster  rpwr pnut

MAN    Nov 67
Boeing XP-8  5v xs
Hawker Nimrod bip  5v xs ca Dil A (confirm this)

MAN     Aug 67
Siemens Schuckert E.1  rpwr pnut
TBD  2v ca Dil A

MAN    June 67
Monogram P-51 Phantom Mustang  1/32 kr  PA

MAN    May 67
Boeing PW-7  3v ca xs Dil

MAN     April 67
Fiorello Henry LaGuardia (US WWI pilot) bio PA
Piper Super Cruiser  rpwr spt
Boeing PW-9C  4v Dil
Boeing PW-9D  Dil
Boeing XP-7  3v
Boeing XP-4  3v

MAN  March 67
Grumman XF5F  5v xs

MAN   January 67
Itoh 62-160 (Japan hw trilg ltpln) rpwr pnut

MAN    Nov 66
1966 NATS  PA
Boeing FB series  3v ca xs A
Cessna YAT-37B  5v xs
Enya .09  2v PA rev

MAN    Oct 66
Boeing FB-1  2v A
Boeing FB-2  2v A
Boeing FB-3  2v A

MAN    Sep  66
Entwickhingstring-Sud VJ-106C (4j VTOL ftr proto) 4v xs
Spitfire II  2v ca Dil A

MAN    Aug 66
Spitfire II  2v Dil A
DHC Chipmunk  3v xs Dil

MAN     July 66
John Henry Towers  (early US Navy pilot)  bio PA

MAN      June 66
Kawasaki Ki-61  3v xs Dil

MAN     May 66
Boeing 15  2v xs ca Dil
Boeing XPW-9  2v xs ca A
Enya .60II TV  2v PA rev

MAN   73/4  Apr 66

Naval Aviation Mus, Pensacola FL  PA

MAN   March 66

MAN   Feb 66
William Moffett (early US pilot) bio PA
Boeing 15  3v ca xs
Boeing PW-9   3v ca xs

MAN   January 66

MAN    Dec 65
Lockheed PV-1 Ventura  ca xs 2v A
Piper Pawnee  rpwr pnut

MAN    Nov 65
Beech Musketeer  rpwr pnut

MAN   Oct 65
Orbit Electronics hist PA
Butch O'Hare bio PA

MAN     Sept 65
Lockheed PV-1 Centura  3v Dil A
Bristol Brownie (England 2s lw ltpln) Dil A

MAN    Aug 65
Sperry Messinger  rpwr pnut
Muir Stephen Fairchild  (US) bio PA

MAN   July 65
P-61  2v ca Dil A
Sweepette   hlg

MAN   June 65
P-61  2v xs Dil A
Lockheed Little Dipper  rpwr pnut

MAN   70/5  May 65
captured Axis ac at Willow Grove, PA  NAS  PA
Ryan M-1  4v xs PA
Boeing F3B   5v xs ca
Fox .15 R/C  2v PA rev

MAN   Apr 65
Druine Turbulent  pnut
Wibault 170C-1 Trombe (France ftr proto) 4v xs A
Field Kindley (US) bio PA

MAN   March 65
Pilatus PC-6 Porter  pnut

MAN    Feb 65
Lincoln Beachey monoplane  rpwr indoor spt
Boeing F3B  3v xs ca
Veco .19BB R/C  2v PA rev

MAN   January 65
Whistler hlg cont
American Moth V-1 (US para ltpln) 4v xsPA
Frank M. Andrews (US) bio PA

MAN   Dec 64
Fokker C-2 w Byrd trans-Atlantic flt  4v xs PA
Boeing F2B  5v ca xss Dil A
Cox Medallion .15R/C  2v PA rev

MAN    Nov 64

MAN    Oct 64
He-162  4v xs
Hurricane IIc  ca xs Dil A
John Waldron (US) bio PA

MAN    Sep 64
Loening M-8  3v xs PA
Hawker Hurricane  3v ca Dil A
Piper PA-15 Vagabond  pnut

MAN   Aug 64
Thunderbird W-14 (US) 3v xs
Fox .040  2v PA rev

MAN   July 64
Boeing F2B-1  3v xs
USN early R/C ac experiments  PA

MAN    May 64
Richard Ellsworth (US) bio PA

MAN   April 64
North American B-45  2v xs Dil A

MAN    March 64
Floyd Bennett (US) bio PA
Curtiss F9C-2   5v measurements

MAN   Feb 64
Sikorsky S-29A  3v xs PA
Martin PBM-3C  2v xs Dil A
Fox .59RC  2v PA rev

MAN   January 64
(model) Engine Collectors Association  PA
Uzal Girard Ent (US pilot) bio PA
Piaggio Pegna P.C.7 (Italy advanced waterplane R) 3v A
Martin PBM-3C  3v ca A
Gloster Gladiator "Faith"  5v xs A
Aero 35 model engine  2v PA rev

MAN   Dec  63
Curtiss F8C  3v ca Dil
Curtiss O2C  3v ca Dil

MAN   Nov 63
Gloster Goldfinch  3v xs Dil PA
Curtiss F8C Helldiver ca xs Dil
White Lightning 1/2 A uc speed

MAN   Oct 63
Beech Staggerwing B -- G-17 wing & fuse Dil
JN-4D detailed model  PA
Commonwealth Bommerang  5v xs
Leon Vance, Jr. (US) bio PA
Louis Proctor (US) bio PA

MAN   Sep 63
Georges Guynemer  (France WWI ace) bio PA
SPAD S.VII of Guynemer  3v PA
Curtiss F7C Seahawk  3v xs ca Dil
Bf-109G  4v xs

MAN   Aug 63
ac at Smithsonian Mus, DC   PA
SB2C-3  2v ca xs A
O.S. Max .19 2v PA rev
how to make silk-screened club tee shirts PA

MAN    July 63
Thomas Morse TM-22 racer  4v xs Dil PA
SB2C=3  3v Dil A
Fox .35x  2v PA rev

MAN   June 63
Glen Edwards  bio PA

MAN     May 63
Beech Staggerwing cabin Dil measurements
Wee Bee  .010 uc spt
Hawker Fury II   4v xs

MAN    April 63
JohnsonJ-SS  .35  2v PA rev
Franklin Sport A (US spt bip)  3v xs ca PA
Velie M-5 engine  3v A

MAN    March 63
Beech Staggerwing  5v A
Orenco "D"  (bip ftr proto)  3v xs ca PA
Pageboy  .010 spt R/C

MAN   67/2   Feb 63
David Schilling  (US pilot)  bio PA
Hawker Sea Fury  3v ca Dil
K&B  .29R  2v PA rev

MAN   January 63
A6M Zero  3v xs
Hawker Sea Fury  3v Dil A
Verville PW-1  5v xs PA

MAN   Dec 62
NBeech Staggerwing  B -- D-17  wing & cabin detail    ca Dil A
Carl Eielson  (US) bio PA

MAN    Nov 62
1962 NATS   PA
Super Tigre .40 R/C  2v PA rev

MAN   Sep 62
American Eagle A-129  3v xs PA
TBF  3v xs Dil A
Johnson J-R/C  .36  2v PA rev

MAN   Aug 62
NATS history  PA
Charles Loring bio PA
TBF  3v Dil A
Cox .09  2v PA rev

MAN  July 62
NATS  history  PA
rat racing explained PA
Raynal Cawthorn Bolling (US) bio PA
Beech Staggerwing B-17 & C-17  2v ca
Fox  .15X  2v PA rev

MAN   June 62
Nakajima Ki-84  3v xs A
Boulton Paul Partridge (bip 30s) 4v xs Dil PA

MAN   May 62
Salmson 2A2  4v xs Dil A
P-40B of AVG  3v PA
AVG hist  PA 3v

MAN   Apr 62
Dewoitine D.27C.1  5v xs
Beech Staggerwing  early pros 2v Dil
Loening PA-1  4v xs PA
model engine fuel hist  PA

MAN   March 62
Wittman Tailwind  pnut
VBeech Staggerwing early series 3v ca Dil
Robert S. Johnson  (US) bio PA
P-47D "Penrod and Sam" of RS Johnson  3v A

MAN   Feb 62
F4H-1  3v xs
F-82E  2v ca Dil
Demon Delta  hlg
Gallaudet PW-4  3v xs PA
Junkers D.I  3v xs ca Dil

free flight models that made history  3v PA
Albatros D.Va  4v xs
P-26  4v xs
F2F  4v xs
Dewoitine D.501  4v xs
Lockheed U-2  4v xs
Stanley Hiller  bio PA
Henry Struck (US modeler) bio PA
Dr. Walter Good (US modeler) bio PA
Leo Weiss (US modeler) bio PA

MAN     Dec 61
Sopwith Dolphin  4v xs Dil
K&B .35 Series 61  2v PA  rev
Stinson Model U  measurements  2v xs
Frank Luke  bio PA
Cole Palen ac collection  PA
free flight gas model history PA

MAN   Nov 61
Cox Tee Dee .049  2v PA rev
Stinson Model U trimotor  3v ca Dil

MAN   Sep 61
where balsa comes from  PA
historic flying models  PA il
K&B Torpedo .15R  2v PA rev
Saab 105  3v xs
M.S.880 Rallye Club (France 4s ltpln) 3v xs

MAN   Aug 61
famous flying models  PA il
display model collection of Howard White  PA
Cox Tee Dee .010  2v  PA rev
MiG-19  3v xs

MAN  July 61
Fokker D.VII  of Udet  3v PA
Stinson gull wing Reliant  ca Dil
Hannover CL.IIIa  5v xs Dil

MAN    June 61
Grumman G-22 Gulfhawk  5v xs Dil
SR-10 3v Dil

MAN    May 61
Andreasson BA-7  ca PA
F7F-1 ca 2v xs Dil
Fox .35  2v PA ca rev

MAN   April 61
F7F-1  3v ca A
Gloster Gamecock  4v xs

MAN   March 61
P.Z.L. P-11C  5v xs
Henri Farman  bio PA
Farman early bio  3v A
Stinson SR-8 -- 10  Reliant  2v Dil
engine models building techniques  PA

MAN    February 61
Schneider Cup races hist pa
Morane Saulnier N  4v xs
M.C.72  4v  xs
Li'l ROGue  rpwr spt
Cox Space Hopper .049  2v PA rev
Sopwith 3v PA  of George Barker  3v PA
Stinson Reliant wing & tail ca xs Dil
Fiat C.R. 42B  4v xs
Fiat C.R. 42 w DB-601  4v

Scorpion 1/2A spt uc
Tufnut rpwr spt
early flying model hist  PA

MAN     Dec 60
model ac at the US Air Force Mus  PA
early taillless ac surv il A
Stinson SR-6 -- 10 Reliant  3v Dil
Super R.O.G. rpwr spt
Grumman F2F-1  4v xs DIl   

MAN   Nov 60
P-26 4v xs
F8F  3v ca Dil
Savoia S.55  3v xs
Francesco de Pineda (Italy S.55 pilot) bio PA

MAN   Oct 60
Macchi Type 20 il
Poncelet Vivette (Belgium) il
Baumer "Peter Vogel" (Germany)
Udet "Colibri" (Germ) il a
Albatros Sportfleugzeug  il A
F8F  3v Dil

MAN    Sep 60
modeling in Poland PA
Mel Anderson (US modeler) bio PA
Dewoitine D.501  4v xs

MAN    Aug  60
Adolf Galand PA bio
Bf-109E of Galland  3v xs
indoor rpwr record holder  cont
how to apply modelling tissue  PA
F4F  3v ca Dil A
Lockheed U-2  S  A
profile uc "A" pwr trainer
MiG-15   S

MAN   July 60
F4F  3v Dil A
Elroay .020 FF spt
Fokker Dr.I repl PDA

MAN   June 60
Stinson SR-6 Reliant  3v pro ca Dil A
Queen Bee .020 bip spt uc
Albatros D.VA  4v xs
Vickers Viget  il A
Avro Motor Glider il A
Avro 560  il A
DH-53 Hummingbird  il A
Short STellite  il A
H.P. 22  il A
Beardmore Wee Bee il A
Bristol Brownie  il A 
Heinrich 1909 Monoplane  3v PDA
Arthur Heinrich (US) PA bio

MAN     May 60 
Fokker Dr.I  3v PA
Manfred von Richtofen  PA bio
Stinson Reliant straight wing  pro ca Dil
X-15  Jetex FF spt

MAN     April 60
A-20  3v ca Dil
plastic model ac collection of John Motrie  PA

MAN    March 60
A-20  3v Dil xs
Li'l PT  1/2A uc spt 

MAN     Feb 60
Corben Baby Ace   3v PA
S.E. 5A  3v xs
Stinson SR-5  Dil Wylam
Fokker D.VIII   S
Saab  J-35 Draken  S 
Fokker "Southern Cross" historic flts  3v xs PA
Frank Kingsford Smith trans-Pacific flt n So Cross PA

MAN     January 60
Russian aeronautical org for youth PA
Sopwith Bat Boat (1912) il
Pemberton Billing "Supermarine" flybt (1914) il
L'Hydravion Astra flybt (1912) il
Vousin Amphibian (1912) il
National Championship Air Races 1959  PA 

MAN   Dec  59
Scott & Black flt n DH Comet racer 3v PA
Stinson SR   3v DIl xs
Stits Playboy  3v PA
Veco .35C  2v PA rev 

MAN     Nov 59
Stits Skycoupe  3v PA
Stinson Junior  ca Dil  

MAN    Oct 59
Paine Texan  (US hw 1s hb) 3v PA
Nifty  rpwr stick spt

MAN    61/3   Sept 59
Seversky EP-1 of Jacqueline Cochran PA
Piper J-3  rpwr spt
WWI ac model collection of John Carlso PA
Smith Mini-Plane  3v PA

MAN    Aug 59
Cox Olympic .15  2v PA rev
F-102  Jetex FF

MAN  July 59
Sopwith Atlantic (l.r. bip 1919) 3v PA xs
old model engine collection of Wallace MacLaren PA
F6F-3  3v ca xs Dil A
hand launched gliders explained  PA il
Meyers Little Toot  3v PA

MAN   60/6  June 59
Experimental Ac Assn status  PA
Piper Cub 2e mod P
old model engine collection of Wallace MacLaren PA
model sailplanes explained  PA 3v
F6F-3  3v A
Salvay-Stark Skyhopper (US lw hb) 3v PA  

MAN    May 59
Tupolev ANT-25 historic flt  3v PA
Gromov & Chkalov 1937 ANT-25 flt <USSR>USA  PA
Sablar Special N2747A  (US hb bip) 3v PA
F-94C whip control sport 

MAN    Feb 59
flying models 1906 -- 1910  PA il
Stinson Model R  3v ca Dil xs A

MAN    January 59
Lockheed Sirius of Lindbergh  3v xs PA
Stinson SM-2 Junior   3v ca xs Sil
Aeronca Champ  rpwr spt
SNECMA C-450 Coleoptre   4v xs 

MAN  Dec 58
Stinson Junior S  3v ca Dil xs A
indoor rpwr models explained PA il  

MAN   Oct 58
Russian model engines surv  PA
Fox .35  2v PA rev
Loening Air Yacht  3v ca Dil A

MAN    Aug  58
Orbit  1/2 A speed

MAN    July 58
Loening OA series  3v ca Dil
Swif-f-f-t  Jetex FF cont
Louis Bleriot PA bio
Bleriot Channel Flyer   3v A

MAN      May 58
Jimmy Doolittle & Gee Bee R-1  PA
Gee Bee R-1  3v xs

MAN    April 58
Thompson Trophy Races hist PA
Westland Lysander  3v xs ca  

MAN    January 58
Gotha G.V  3v Dil A
Comper Swift  3v il A 

MAN     December 57

MAN     Nov  57
1957 NATS  PA
Trans-Atlantic flt by NC-4  PA
Curtiss NC-4  2v ca dimensions PA 

MAN    55/4  Oct 57
Curtiss NC-4 trans-Atlantic flt  PA
Curtiss NC-4  3v xs PA
Streek  1/2A uc combat

MAN    Sept 57
Big Inch  rpwr spt
Fokker Dr.I  4v xs Dil ca
SEV  rat racer uc

MAN     Aug 57
Fokker D.VII  Dil ca A 5v
F8U-1  4v xs  

MAN     July 57
PAA Junior Jet  Jetex cont
Curtiss-Wright Junior  3v xs
Curtiss-Wright Junior amphibian  3v xs
Mike Argander Special (midget r) 3v PA

MAN      May 57
Thomas Morse S-4C  3v ca A
Breadboard Bird  ornithopter 

MAN     Apr 57
Jetex Delta spt
C-119 4v xs
Vought VE-7  2v ca Dil
Vought UO-1  2v ca Dil
Curtiss NC-4F  3v

MAN   March 57
Midge  small rpwr spt
Vought VE-7  3v A
Vought UO-1  3v Dil A  

MAN   Feb 57
Russian flying modeling  PA
Brown Junior model engine hist  pro PDA
F-102  4v xs

MAN    56/1  January 57
Quickie Mail Plane rpwr spt
FW-190A  5v xs
Nieuport 24 & 27   xs ca Dil
Remington Burnelli RB 2 (lift fus bip) 3v 

MAN    Dec 56
Johnson .29  PA rev
Nieuport 24 & 27  4v xs ca Dil A

MAN    Oct 56
24 hr uc model flying record PA
Blue Tail Fly  1/2A uc spt
F-89  S   PA 

MAN   55/3  Sept 56
Cleveland, Ohio model airplane making activities
clear film covering for models  PA
Curtiss O-1 Falcon  3v ca xs
Bell X-2  S  3v

MAN  Aug 56
PT-17  4v xs
Salvation Army-sponsored modeling 

MAN   June 56
Boeing 40  3v ca Dil A 

MAN   May 56
F-86H  5v xs
Boeing 707   S
C.P.30 Emeraude (France lw tadr hb) 4v xs
K-G gas model (1st model for which plans were widely distributed) FF spt il A

MAN  April 56
F-94C  4v xs
MAN .19 model engine building project  PA Dil
Nieuport 28  Dil A dimensions
Loening Model 34 amphib  3v
first American Wakefield rpwr cont winner  ill A
first enclosed motor rpwr cont model il A 

Model Airplane News  March 56
Folland Midge/Gnat  6v xs
Winter Zaunkonig (England STOL para) 4v xs
Nieuport 28 of Rickenbacker  5v ca A Dil
F11F Tiger   S
P-47N  3v xs 

Model Airplane News  Feb  56
Comper Swift  4v xs
Lockheed Vega on floats  2v xs Dil
Lockheed Sirius on floats  3v Dil A 
Lockheed Orion  2v Dil A
Lockheed Altair  3v Dil A
Whippy  spt


Model Airplane News   January 56
3 aces  rpwr spt
Douglas DWC   3v ca Dil
Sud Oest Trident   5v


Model Airplane News   December 55
Gloster Javelin  S
R.T.P. Jetstar   Jetex 50 spt
Ju-87B/D   3v xs

Model Airplane News    53/5  Nov 55
24th NATS  PA
how to silk screen T-shirts  PA
Lockheed Vega  3v xs Dil  

Model Airplane News  Oct 55

Model Airplane News  July 55
Curtiss F11C  5v Dil
Curtiss P-6E   5v Dil
Barnstormer Bipe  1/2A uc spt


Model Airplane News   57/4  Apr 55
Gadfly  rpwr spt
H.P. O/400 PA 3v ca Dil
Forster .29  2v A rev  

Model Airplane News  March 55
P-40N  3v xs
TWO Timer  hlg 

Model Airplane News    Feb 55
52 years of flying model building of Arthur Heinrich  PA bio  

Model Airplane News  Nov 54
23rd NATS  PA
K&B .35  3v PA rev 

Model Airplane News    Oct 54
Douglas F4D  Jetex
Hawker Fury  S
F4B/P-12  fuselage detail 

Model Airplane News  August 54
Model Airplane News 25th Anniversary hist  PA 

Model Airplane News    July 54
YF-100  3v xs
Hurel Dubois H.D.32 (France 2e hw trans)  4v xs
Friedrichschafen G.3  (2e WWI bbr)  3v ca A
Wedell Williams racer   1/2A  uc spd
Wild Hair Joe  .020 FF spt

MAN    June 54
Jetex engines for models explained  PA
Ford Trimotor dimensions  Dil 

MAN    May 54
Ford Trimotor  3v Dil ca A
Yardbird rpwr spt 

MAN   April 54
H.P. Victor  4v
applying letters to models with tissue  PA  

MAN   March 54
Antoinette VII  3v ca Dil A
how to scratch build model airplanes  PA
Conrad Conrod FF spt
Piper Super Cruiser   3v xs

MAN   January 54
Twister  stunt uc
Martin Baker M.B.5  4v   S
Beech Twin Bonanza  4v 
Sud Vautour   S
Wakefield cont winner  rpwr cont

MAN    Dec 53 
Douglas B-26D  3v xs A 
S.I.P.A. S.901 (France ltpln) 3v xs 

MAN    Nov  53
Travel Air 6000
Scrappy  rpwr ROG spt
F4U-7  S

MAN    44/4   Oct  53
FAI free flight models explained  PA il
bird flight explained  PA il 
Keep that gassie (FF) spin-proof  il A 
Feather indoor rpwr sptl
Cameron 2-speed .19 engine  3v PA rev
Short SB-5 (research) 5v 

MAN  49/3  Sep 53
model engines of Russia
diesel engines explained  PA
K&B .23  3v PA rev

MAN     Aug 53
McCoy .049 diesel engine 3v PA rev
Hawker Tempest V  4v xs

MAN    49/1  July 53
R.A.F./Nieuport Nighthawk (Eng bip ftr)  3v xs Dil A
Atwood .049  PA 3v  rev
D.H.C. Chipmunk  4v xs
A6M5 Zero   3v xs 

MAN    48/6  June 53
Fox .29 engine 3v PA rev
Sure Flier  rpwr bip spt
Hawker Hunter  S
Alexander Eaglerock  3v xs A

MAN    May 53
Stunson Station Wagon  3v xs
Aeronca Chief  3v xs
Tiny Mite  rpwr stick spt

MAN    April 53
Bellanca "Columbia" PA 4v xs DIl
One, One, One  rpwr cont

MAN   48/2   Feb 53
Fairey Gannet  S  PA
Travel Air 2000  3v xs PA
Amderson Roal Baby Spitfire engine 3v PA rev
Hawker Seahawk  S

MAN   48/1   January 53
Dassault Mystere  S 
Waco 240A  4v xs PA  
OK Cub .14 engine  3v PA rev

MAN  47/6  Dec 52
British Nationals  PA  
Gloster Javelin S  
K&B 2-speed .19 engine  3v Dil PA

MAN   Nov  52
DeHavilland Type 110 (Sea Vixen) 4v
R/C model airplane design details  il A
21st NATS PA
Curtiss JN-4 Jenny  3v xs Dil PA 

MAN   Sept 52
P=26A  3v xs PA
Sky Scooter  rpwer spt 

MAN     August 52

MAN   July 52
Fokker Dr.1  3v PA Dil

MAN   June 52

MAN   May 52 
Curtiss R3C-1/2  3v PA xs 
Martin SC-1  3v 
Boeing FB-5  3v 

MAN     April 52
Sopwith Snipe 7F-1  4v PA Dil
Jodel Bebe  D.9  4v

MAN     March 52 
Max Holste MH-152  3vPA 
KZ-10 (Denmark hw tadr ltpn)  4v S  
Javelin .19RC pt 2

MAN    Feb 52 
C.A.B. Minicab  S 
Javelin .19RC pt 1 
Curtiss Robin  3v ca Dil PA 
Duster rpwr cont  
XF-88 3v PA 
Auster B.4  3v PA

MAN  Jan 52
Ambrosini S.7  3v A 
Supermarine 508  3v A
Thomas Morse MB-3A  3v ca Dil PA 
Tipsy Junior  4v  s 

MAN    Nov 51
Nieuport 11  3v Dil PA
Fokker S.14  3v xs
Beech T-34  3v  

MAN   45.2   Aug 51
Scirouin 1/2A FF spt
XC-123A  3v PA
Vickers Supermarine 535  3v PA
Scimitar  "A"" FF cont
F-86D  3v PA
Fokker D.VII  5v PA Dil 

MAN     July 51
Douglas O-43A  3v ca
E.E. Canberra  3v xs PA
Sud Oest M.1 (g proto of S.O. 4000) PA
Pogo Stick  rpwr cont
Storey's 51  .29 pwr team r
Fairey Delta I  PA

MAN    June 51
D.H. Vampire  S   PA
D.H. Beaver  3v PA
Skydyne FF cont
Angle On Climb FF cont
Rumpler D.1  3v xs PA
Blunder Buss uc spt
Northrop X-4  3v A

MAN   May 51
RUmpler D.1  4v PA
Republic XF-84F  3v xs PA
Thomas Morse  FB-3   3v xs  

MAN      44/3   March 51
Cargo Clipper  PAA ff cont FF
Bird  1/2A uc spt bip
D.H.5  ca Dil PA
Half Shot   "A" FF cont
Ranger  rpwr Wakefield cont
MiG-15  3v A

MAN     December 50
Laird Biplane  CO2 semi sc FF
Albatross C-5  3v
90 mph flown by rpwer  FF rpwr 
A2D-1   3v xs PA
A2D-1  uc
Able Mabel  Team R  .29 pwr
El Gizmoe   R cont

MAN     November 50
Nieuport 28  3v Dil xs
S.N.C.A.S.O.  S.O 7060/7065   PA 3v xs
F4U-1  uc
Albatross C.V   PA
Sporty  FF spt  .35 pwr
Stinger  1/2A  FF cont

MAN    October 50
Nieuport 28 of Rickenbacher  4v A
Colonial Skimmer  3v xs  PA
Sopwith Pup   PA

MAN  Seotenber 50
t-28  3v xs PA
Consolidated PT-3  ca Dil A
Spirit  rpwr spt
Black Bird  .19 pwr speed uc
Forster G029  .29 engine rev  ca A 

MAN   Aygyst 50
Sopwith Pup  PA
Consolidated PT-3   3v A  Dilk
Pitts Special "little Stinker"   S  PA
Pitts Special "LIttle Stinker  .29 pwr uc
Microplano Velon  (Mexico WWI bip)  r\wr 
how to build solid model airplanes  PA
FlapJack  .35 pwr stunt uc
Tomahawk canard TLG cont.  

MAN     July 50
Curtiss Condor bomber FF semi sc
L.F.G. Roland pursuit  fuse Dil
Bellanca Cruisemaster  S  PA
R.E. 8  PA
Twin-boom Jetex
Band Box  rpwr cont
O2C-1 Helldiver   uc sc

MAN    42.4   June 50
The Wolf  TLG
Piper Pacer   3v PA xs
Roland d.2  ca Dil

MAN     May  50
R.E.8  PA
D.H. Chipmunk 3v PA
Flyabout  FF
Fleetwings XBT-12   S
Civvy Hearse   1/2 A  PAA Load FF
Curtiss Swift semi sc uc.35pwr  PA

MAN     April 50
Martin XB-51  3v xs PA

MAN    March 50
Fiat G.46  3v xs PA
Circulator  "B" uc speed

MAN   Feb 50
Standard E-1 (US WWI ftr bip) 3v
Fokker Dr. 1  PA
XP-86  3v xs
Fouga Cyclone (1 jet Vtail) Jetex spt
Fouga Cyclone fsac  3v xs PA
Goodyear Racers surv status PA

MAN    September 49
Mayfly stat display fictional bip plans PA
Northrop X-4  3v PA

MAN   August 49
Convair XP5Y  3v test model PA
Roland  V.II  PA

MAN   June 49
Long Midget Mustang  3v xs PA
Stinson Model U  Trimotor  rpwr sc
McDonnell FH-1   3v xs

MAN   May 49
Cessna 195  3v xs PA
Avro 504F  PA
Sopwith Dolphin   3v xs

MAN   April 49
Forty Niner 1/2A sport ucf
Mitsubishi J2M   S
Avro  504Jj  PA
Monsted-Vincent Star Flight  3v xs PA

MAN     Febryary 49
North AMerican XFJ-1  3v xs
Nieuport 28  PA
XF-89  3v xs PA
Lockheed PV-2 Harpoon
R.E.P.  1914 Monoplane (France)  3v xs

MAN    November 48
Goodyear F2G  Thompson Trophy racer  3v xs
17th NATS  PA
Mooney M-18  Mite  PA
D.H.1  PA 

MAN    October 48
McDonnell XF-85  PA 3v xs
DeHavilland DeH-1  2v PA Dil
Gloster Meteor  3v xs
Boeing XAT-15   3v xs

MAN   June 48
Grumman XTB3F  3v PA xs
EF-128   tailless HLG
Plfaz D.XII  3v xs ca Dil

MAN    September 47
Ercoupe  FF sc
principles of helicopters PA
Pfalz D.III  3v xs Dil
Albatros  D.IX   rpwr sc
Hoverbug spt heli flymod
how to make wire wheels for models  PA il
Douglas Skystreak  3v
Grumman Mallard  3v xs PA  

MAN    August 47
H.P. 0/100  PA
Northrop N-3PB   S
beginners rpwr flymod
Vahalla Visitor flymod
Albatross D-3  3v Wylam
Thorp Sky Scooter  A  3v   S
canard g  flymod
solid model finishes
Wedell Williams  1934   S 

MAN    July 47
Laird Solution 1930 3v xs
Blerio XI  Channel Crosser  3v ca Dil
Curtiss XF7C  rpwr sc
Martin XP4M Mercator 3v xs PA
Ansaldo SVA-5  PA
Pusher Sportster  "A" FF spt 

MAN    February 47
Sikorsky YR-4B  3v xs
Siemens Schuckert D-4  2v ca A xs Dil
Siemens rotary engine  3v DIl
Chester Jeep  3v xs A
Curtiss TC-1  3v xs
Grumman F4F-2  3v

MAN    May 46
Albatross D.1 & D.2  3v PA Wylam
Bowlus Bumblebee  3v A   S
Bowlus Bumblebee semi-sc FF  "Atom" pwrB
Sokker Dr.I  rpwr
Green FLash  uc
D.H. Vampire  S  3v
MAN    April 46
Tornado flymod
SPAD S.VII   Wylam  2v xs
Vickers machine gun  Wylan 
Cornelius XFG-1  fuel transport G proto  3v PA
Miss Bobby Sox   FF cont

MAN      March 46
SPAD  S.VII  3v PA xs DIl
Speedee  r uc  cont
Culver V  3v PA xs

MAN  34/2  February 46
Ryan FR-1  3v PA xs
Ryan FR-1  rpwr FF
DH-5   PA ca 2v Dil
Gliding Wing  HLG

MAN   May 45
FW-190A-3  3v
Vultee XP-54  3v xs PA   rpwr
Bulldozer   "A/B" FF spt
Night Hawk  TLG cont

MAN  32/2  February 45
A-26  3v xs PA
Snobber  "B" FF cont
Sneezy  "A" uc spt

MAN  November 44
Rocket Bomb  tethered line flymod
Texas Wildcat  flymod uc
B-26D  4v S  A  Wylam
Noordyn Norseman P

MAN  August 44
B-17G  3v xs PA h8ist
A6M2N Rufe  3v xs

MAN   May 44
Mitsubishi F1M2 Pete   S
Eaglet  TLG
P-51 rpwr semisc
P-51   PA
Tethered Tornado  .29 sport uc 
How Good is the Enemy?

MAN  29/3   September 43
Mitsubishi Ki 971/2 recon   3v
Airpower and the Invasion  A
Goorich Trophy Winner  rpwr cont
Vultee Vengeance   S
Samba  "A" tailless spt ff
Gotha  3v xs
D.H. 90 Dragonfily  3v xs
Ju-86  3v xs
A.E.G bomber (Germany WWI)  S

MAN   April 43
All Pine Soarer  ff g
Miles Master  rpwr
DH Mosquito  3v  S
Timers Nightmare  g
RAF "Seattle" (B-17C)  3v  S
Focke-Wulf Kurier   3v  S

MAN  March 42
plane vs. battleship  PA
Nakajima 19 (Sally)  PA   S
Ryan YO-51   S
SPAD 13  3v PA
Fleet Trainer  rpwr sc

MAN   January 42
A-20A   S
Interstate Cadet  rpwr
Whatsit?   HLG
Northrop Flying Wing tailless fighter  S

MAN    25/5  November 41 
How Good is Russia's AF? PA
Profile Three Wheeler (trilg bip) rpwr spt
Aerobo  "A" ff cont
SB2U  3v xs
He-113  3v xs
microfilm rpwr cont
Beaufighter  S
General Aircraft Skyfarer  R sc

MAN     October 41

Silent War Wings (trans g ops)  PA
Piper J-3 Cub  xs Dil
Two Event NATS winner  rpwr cont
Old Trusty  CO2 sport ff
Brewster 340 dive bomber  PA  S
Douglas 8-A5  rpwr sc
SBD-1   S
Stearman XA-21   S

MAN  24/5  May 41

Me 109J  Wylam  3v xs Dil
Rearwin Speedster  rwr cont sc
Brewster Buffalo  3v xs  S
Thermal Thumber  "A" ff cont
Profile Pusher  rpwr spt
Bell YMF-1A  3v xs
FW-198   (FICTIONAL push ftr)  3v xs
Fairchild M062 Primary Trainer  3v xs   

MAN    February 41
Pusher Glider  HLG cont
Spitfire II  Wylam  Dil
Pacer  "B" ff cont
Republic Guardsman  S   PA
The Purpose  class B indoor micro
Ercoupe  rpower sc
Vultee V11GB  S
Breda 65   S
Curtiss XSO3C-1   S

MAN   20/6  June 39
XP-40 rpower spt sc
Hamburg Ha-137  3v PA xs

MAN    20/1  January 39 
Curtiss-Wright Model 20  3v xs
Sikorsky XPBS-1  3v xs
Curtiss Robin of Corrigan  r spt

MAN  19/5  Nov 38
Spencer Larsen amphib  3v xs
Nieuport 1919 Monoplane semi-sc  rpower
Bf-109 early provis 3v xs

MAN   19/4   Oct 38
Hughes trans world flt  PA
Mid-Wing Sportster  rpwr spt
Brewster XF2A  3v xs PA and rpwr sc
Lockheed Altair w two sbs Menasco engines P
Douglas YOA-6  (2e amphib) 3v xs

MAN  9/1 July 1938
Germany's new air force  PA

Albatros L-73 (2e bip bbr) P
Aeronca K  3v xx
Boeing XB-15 PA

MAN   18/4   Apr 38
model aviation n Germany
Boeing 242 (propo 4e trans) il
Consolidated XPB2Y with one vert stab  3v xs
Monocoupe  rpwr spt

MAN  18/3  March 1938

Bell XFM-1  3v xs
Baby Arrow  r spt
Short Mercury-Maia composite  3v xs PA

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