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Fine Scale Modeler 24/10 December 2006
Fokker D.VII sb 1/16 CPDA
Junkers Ju-87G 1/72 Academy upgrade CPDA
Pat Hawkey (pro model builder) bio CPA
Bell-Boeing V-22 Osprey 1/72 Italeri
                        superdet w electric props) CPDA
Paul Boyer model career bio CPDA
Boeing VC-137B "Air Force One" Heller
                                                      1/72 upgrade CPDA
F-16A w Venezuela AF C4V A
F-16C w Chile AF C4v A
Vickers Wellington 1/48 Trumpeter CPA
CVN-68 USS Nimitz 1/700 Trumpeter CPA

Fine Scale Modeler   22/3   Mar 04
     Bae Hawk 1/48 Airfix CPA
     F4F-4 Wildcat 1/32 Trumpeter CPA
     NF-104A conv 1/48 Hasegawa/Cutting Edge CPDA
     F4U-1D Corsair 1/32 Trumpeter CPDA
     patching" olive drab ac finishes CPDA
     making "water" for a Gemini capsule dio CPDil A
     how to use Future acrylic floor wax CPDA

FSM  22/2   Feb 04
     Kaman HH-43 CPA
     B-25J 1/72 Hasegawa kr
     Panavia Tornado GR.1 conv to GR.4 1/72 Revell CPDA
     CV-8 USS Hornet 1/350 Trumpeter upgrade CPDA
     making detailed aircraft radio antenna wires CPA Dil
     double-action airbrushes survey, reviews CPA

FSM  22/1  Jan  04
     plastic models of Brian James CPA
     F-105G 1/32 Trumpeter CPDA
     modeling airbrushes survey CPA
     B-17F "Memphis Belle" Revell upgrade CPDA Dil
     David McCampbell (USN) short bio CPA
     F6F kits today list A

FSM   21/10  Dec  03
     Wright 1903 Flyer Monogram kit upgrade CPDA
     A-12 conversion from SR/71 1/48 Italeri/Testors CPDA
     best 100 ac in av hist CPA
     Sikorsky SH-60B Seahawk 1/72 Italeri CPA
     Renwall triple 1/72 kit of Bleriot IX, Curtiss Golden Flyer and Wright Flyer CPA
     Douglas EB-66E 1/72 Italeri upgrade CPDA
     Focke Wulf 19a 1/72 Airmodel vform upgrade CPDA

FSM   21/9  Nov 03
     models of Ricardo Dacoba CPA
     how to work with photoetched details CPDA
     A-6E 1/48 Revell upgrade CPDA
     Star Trek Klingon Cruiser AMT/ERTL upgrade CPDA
     how to paint realistic wood grain CPDA
     Douglas EB-66E 1/72 Italeri upgrade CPDA
     Focke Wulf 19a 1/72 Airmodel vform upgrade CPDA

FSM   21/8  Oct 03
     Bell X-1 1/48 Eduard how to build CPDA
     X-1B 1/48 Strombecker CPA
     FW-190D-9 1/32 Haswegawa kr CPDA
     spinning airplane propellers how to make CPDA
     SM-79 1/72 Airfix improving CPDA Dil

FSM    21/7   Sep  03
     F/A-18C Hornet 1/32 Academy CPDA
     Ki-61  1/48 Hasegawa upgrade  CPDA
     CVE-55 US Salamaua 1/96 wood kit CPDA
     Raiders of the Lost Ark flying wing upgrade from a toy CPDA
     Spit Vb 1/32 Trumpeter CPA
     USS Essex 1/350 Trumpeter CPA

FSM   21/6   Jul 03
     model airplanes used with digital photography CPDA
     Bristol Boxkite 1/48 Life-Like/Pyro/Inpact upgrade CPDA
     weathering ac models with salt CPDA
     F-8E 1/48 Hasegawa CPA
     Convair 990 Aurora 1/107 CPA

FSM    21/5   May 03
     USS Wolverine sb  CPA
     P-47D  Revell 1/32 upgrade CPD A
     Richard I Bong Chapter IPMS modeling  CPA
     F-16A Tiger Meet  Fujimi 1/72 CPDA
     most significant 100 ac  list
     YB-40  Monogram 17G conv  CPDA Dil
     most wanted kit survey results
     in flight model stand  sb  CPDA
     making de-icer boots from decal stripes

     Gladiator I   Roden 1/48 kr  CPA
     XF-197  Trumpeter 1/72 kr CPA
     BV-222  Revell Germ  1/72 kr CPA
     Charles Loring death in Korea War  Cil A

FSM    21/4    Apr  03
     Vietnam War chronology and modeling CPA
     F-100F 1/48 Monogram conv  CPDA
     Bell UH-1C  1/72 Italeri ietWar gunship CPDA
     Douglas A-1H  ' 838 "The Proud American" CPA Cpro
     new kit releases in 2003
     P-47D  1/48 Tamiya  CPA
     Tupolev Tu-95MS  Bear H  1/72 Trupeter CPA
     USS Hornet  1/350 Trumpeter  CPA
     PZL P.11C   1/48 Mirage Hobby CPA
     Beech T-34C  1/48 Czech Model CPA

FSM      21/3   Mar  03
     applying "scale shine" on Monogram F-102 1/48 CPD A
     how to paint ID stripes on Hawker Typhoon 1/48  CPD A
     D-Day Europe invasion stripes explained PA
     Bell-Boeing V-22  1/72 ESCI upgrade CPA Dil
     P-51D  1/24 Trumpeter  PA
     Ju-87D  1/72  Academy CPA
     MiG-19 "Farmer C"  1/48 Trumpeter  CPA

FSM   21/2  Feb  03
     SB2C-4 1/48 Revell-Monogram Pro Modeler extreme weatheringCPDA
     F-14 1/48 Academy weathering CPDA
     F-14 kit survey CPA
     Ju-88S-1/T-1 1/72 Amtech CPA
     Ted Williams bio CPA

FSM   21/1 Jan 03
     WW2 in Mediterranean for the modeler CP Cil A
     Bf-109E "Black 8" n desert colors Tamiya 1/48 CPD A
     Spitfire V trop of USAAF motorized n desert colors Tamiya 1/72 CPD A
     Antonov An-12 Roden 1/72 CPA
     F-14D Revell 1/72 CPA

MISSING ARE ISSUES  BETWEEN  20/5   May 2002 and  21/1 January 2003. Please write if you would consider donating or trading missing issues so that they may be indexed here.

FSM   20/5 May 02
     Constellation L-749 superdet Heller 1/72 CPD A
     Bf-109G 1/32 Hasegawa CPDA
     X-15 1/48 Special Hobby CPA
     International Space Station modeling sur CPDA
     CV-21 USS Boxer hist, modeling PA
     brush painting techniques CPD A
     vacu-form machine – how to make CPD Dil A

FSM 20/4 Apr 02
     Models of Scott Murphy CPA
     Swordfish painting prewar Tamiya 1/48 CPA
     Motor tool basics CPA
     New kits for 2002 A
     F-15A Streak Eagle records, modeling CPA
     TA-183 1/48 Amtech CPA
     DH Sea Vixen High Planes 1/72 CPA
     SB2C-4 1/72 Sword CPA
     Ju-288 1/72 Huma CPA

FSM  20/3 Mar 02
     Sea Venom upgrade 1/72 Frog CPD Dil
     Hughes AH-64D Apache Longbow 1/48 Hasegawa CPA
     OS2U 1/72 Airfix CPA
     how to airbrush CPD A
     how to make custom decals and dry transfers CPA

FSM   20/2  Feb 02
     Ju-188A maritime CPD A
     Screeding modeling technique CPA
     Sea Fury conv to Reno racer Hobbycraft 1/48 CPD A
     glue survey CPA
     SPAD XIII Hobbycraft 1/32 CPA

FSM   20/1 Jan 02
     20 years of FSM CPA
     best kits of last 20 years CPA
     Shep Paine dioramas CPA
     Revell box art artists Scottie Eidson Richard Kishady, Jack Leynnwood John Steel CPA
     Hurricane 1/20 sb CPDA
     F-100C conv from D Monogram 1/48 CPD A
     Space Shuttle test prototype Enterprise, modeling CPA

FSM   19/10  Dec 01
     P-38J CBI 1/48 Hasegawa CPA
     Modeling ac in early Pacific war CPA
     Akagi ac carrier 1/96 sb
     Ju-87B desert scheme Hasegawa 1/48 CPA
     What scale is right for you? CPA
     A6M5 1/32 Tamiya CPA

FSM  19/9  Nov 01
     G4M1 1/48 Tamiya CPA
     decals – how to apply on commem F-106 CPDA
     how to weather ac finishes CPDA
     Sidewinder missile variants and modeling CPA
     F-86D Monogram 1/48 CPA
     Lockheed Hudson 1/48 Airframe CPA
     Century Series fighter kit list

FSM  19/8  Oct 01
     TBD of George Gay 1/48 Monogram upgrade CPDA
     F-4E 1/32 Revell upgrade CPDA
     US mil ac colors 1995 – 201 CPA
     how to use spray paint from a spray can CPD A

FSM  19/7  Sep 01
     Acrylic paints for ac CPA
     Vickers FB 5 Gunbus 1/72 sb CPD A
     Pre-painted ac - improving Monogram P-51B CPD
     A-10 1/32 Trumpeter CP A
     J1N1 Gekko 1/48 Tamiya CPA

FSM  19/6 Jul 01
     Grumman A-6E 1/72 Revell superdet CPA
     how to apply camouflage with soft masks on 1/48 Tamiya A-1H PDA
     how to build a hideaway work bench CPA il
     Bicentennial year 1976 US aircraft color schemes CPA
     UH-60 1/35 MRC/Academy CPA

FSM   19/5 May 01
     Mosquito FB 1/48 weathering CPDA
     P-51D of Chuck Yeager bio and 1/32 Hasegawa CPDA
     P-51 kit surv CPA
     U-2 building model used in Thirteen Days CPA
     Mercury-Redstone of Alan Shepard 1/48 CPDA
     MiG-21 1/48 Academy natural metal finish CPDA


FSM  19/2 Feb 01
     P-39F Monogram 1/48 upgrade CPDA
     P-400 (P-39) 1/48 Eduard CPA
     Fiat G.91 1/72 Revell CPA
     FW-190A-8 modeling CPA
     Spitfire differences, modeling CPD A Dil
     aircraft carrier models of John Leyland CPDA
     tips for safer modeling

FSM  19/1  Jan  01
     RF-4C 1/32 Revell Desert Storm colors upgrade CPA
     Gulf War models survey of hardware used and timeline CPA
     Boeing E-8C conv 1/72 Airfix & Heller kits CPDA
     Piper J-3 Cub 1/48 Hobbycraft upgrade CPDA
     ways to power airbrushes surv CPA
     F-117A 1/72 Hasegawa CPA
     Curtiss XP-55 1/48 Czech Model CPA

FSM  18/10  Dec  00
     F-51D of NACA conv 1/48 CPDA
     B-17 modifications 1941 to 1944 CPDA
     how to build a spray painting booth PDA il
     how to convert scale measurements CPA
     how to airbrush shadows on models
     Do-335A 1/48 Tamiya CPA
     Tupolev Tu-95/Tu-116 1/72 Trumpeter CPA
     B-25 earliest Revell kit hist CPA

FSM   18/9 Nov 00
     F4U-1D sb 1/16 aluminum CPDA
     Bf-109G-10 1/48 Revell upgrade CPDA Dil
     enamel paints explained CPA
     Boeing picture archives described CPA
     Boeing 377 Stratocruiser 1/72 kitbashed CPDA
     Skylab sb 1/72 CPDA Dil
     seam filling how to CPDA
     Tupolev TB-3 1/72 ICM CPA
     Eagle Squadrons ops n RAF hist Cil A

FSM 18/8 Oct  00
     how to make canopies fit better CPDA
     CV-8 USS Hornet on Doolittle Raid 1/350 Tamiya CPDA
     Pitcairn PA-5 Mailwing 1/48 sb CPA Dil 3v xs
     Me-163B 1/32 Hasegawa upgrade CPA Dil
     FW-190D-9 1/32 Revell improving cockpit CPDA
     unusual colors on airplane details CPDA
     how to polish models CPDA
     F-104C 1/32 Hasegawa CPA
     MiG-15 modeling surv CPA

FSM  18/7  Sep 00
     F7F-3N conv 1/72 Monogram F7F-3 CPDA
     Batman Batplane conv from 1/72 P-40 CPDA
     MiG-15 Premier hist CPA
     how to strip paint from models CPA
     F-15E 1/48 Revell CPA
     Shenyang F-8 AA CPA

FSM   18/6 Jul 00
     Korean War – modeling equipment used, history and timeline CPA
     F-86A conv < Fujimi F-86F CPDA
     Hawker Sea Fury 1/48 Hobbycraft upgrade CPDA
     B-25B 1/48 Accurate Miniatures CPA
     modeler’s basic tools

FSM  18/5 May 00
     LHA-1 Tarawa US amphibious assault ship 1/700 DML CPDA
     Boeing 377 1/72 Academy CPA
     Boeing 727 1/72 Kendall CPA
     Consolidated PB2Y 1/72 Execuform vform CPDA Dil
     how to apply natural metal finishes CPDA

FSM 18/4 Apr 00
     how to apply natural metal finishes CPDA
     how to take care of brushes CPA
     new kit releases for 2000 A
     Fairey Swordfish 1/48 Tamiya CPA
     F7U-3 FICTIONAL MiG killer colors CPA
     Nieuport 17 1/72 Revell upgrade CPA Dil

FSM  18/3  Mar 00
     SA-6 "Gainful" g-to-a gmiss & launcher conv 1/35 DML ZSU-23-4 & Cromwell resin CPD
     Bae TSR.2 1/72 Resitech resin CPDA Dil
     painting w automotive lacquers & sealers CPDA
     MiG-17 – Polish mfr’d Lim-6 - colors CPA C3v
     F-84G 1/48 ProModeler CPA
     F-18 first air victory Cil A

FSM  10/2 Feb  00
     Space Shuttle 1/72 Monogram w sb launch pad CPDA
     Lockheed Sirius 1/72 sb CPA Dil
     Mosquito PR XVI 1/48 kitbash & hist CPDA
     Dassault Mirage 5BA/BR/BD colors C4v A
     Piasecki H-21 Shawnee 1/72 Italeri/Testor CPA
     Beech 18/UC-45/JRB-4 1/48 Battle Axe CPA
     how to use super glue CPA

FSM   18/1  Jan 00
     Bell 47 1/35 Revell upgrade CPD Dil A
     F2G 1/72 Aviation USK upgrade CPD Dil A
     kit box art & artists surv CPA
     how to remove parts from sprue CPD A
     VMF-214 "Black Sheep" modeling Cil A

FSM   17/9  Nov  99
     Germ fighter models of Floyd Werner CPA
     Macchi Castoldi MC 202 1/32 Craftworks CPA
     F-18 Hornet how to weather 1/48 Hasegawa CPA
     how to make decals with an Alps printer CPA Dil
     P-47s of Neal Kearby hist PA Cpros
     F-84G 1/48 Tamiya CPA
     P-51H 1/48 Classic Airframes comp w HiPM CPA
     Vickers Wellesley 1/72 Matchbox upgrade CPD Dil
     CV-8 Hornet carrier hist PA
     how to paint with a spray can

FSM  17/8  Oct  99
     P-51 n Salvador AF 1969 1/24 Airfix CPDA
     Spitfire Ixe Ocidental Replicas 1/48 CPA
     North American FJ-1 Fury 1/48 Czech Model CPA
     Klingon Destroyer from Star Trek kitbash CPDA
     F-4J "Showtime 100" of Cunningham CPA
     Naboo Fighter from Star Wars Episode 1 1/48 AMT/ERTL CPA
     Learjet 31 1/48 Hasegawa CPDA
     how to converr Dremel Moto-Tool to small table saw CPA Dil

FSM   17/7   Sep 99
     F-8E barrier crash dio 1/48 Monogram CPDA
     Grumman Apollo Lunar Module 1/48 sb CPDA
     Junkers Ju-52 1/48 Monogram ProModeler CPA
     F-82 first air kill in career Cil A
     how to make vacu-formed stencils CPDA
     how to photograph models CPDA

FSM   17/6  Jul  99
     how to apply decals CPDA
     TIE fighter upgrade with LEDs AMT CPDA Dil
     making paint masks with a photo copiere CPDA

FSM  17/5  May 99
     Westland Whirlwind 1/48 Classic Airframes CPA
     Dornier Do-17 conv to Do-17V-2 1/48 Hobbycraft CPDA
     cutaway models by Jack Constant CPDA
     most wanted models kit poll results A

FSM   17/4   Apr 99
     Hawker Typhoon 1/48 Hasegawa CPA
     International Space Station 1/144 InterMountain Railway CPA
     Me-163B dio 1/32 CPDA
     how to work with raised panel lines CPDA
     how to make a model airplane stand CPDA il
     new model kits for 1999 A

FSM   17/3  Mar 99
     DH Mosquito FB.VI/NF.II 1/48 Tamiya CPA
     Douglas DC-9 Series 30 1/144 Airfix conv to C-9 CPDA
     CVA-59 USS Forrestal sb CPDA
     Space Shuttle Hubble repair mission dio 1/72 Revell CPDA Dil
     Mercury/Atlas "Friendship 7" 1/72 RealSpace Models CPA
     Yakovlev Yak 15 1/48 Czech Model CPA
     Fairey Swordfish 1/48 Tamiya upgrade CPDA
     airbrushing tips CPDA
     heavy weathering techniques CPDA

FSM   17/2  Feb  99
     Yakovlev Yak 1b 1/48 Accurate Miniatures CPA
     Douglas X-3 1/72 Planet Models CPA
     Goodyear F2G 1/72 Aviation USK CPA
     Focke-Wulf FW-190D-9 1/24 sb CPDA
     how to paint with an airbrush CPDA Dil
     how to weather a B-25 1/48 Monogram CPDA
     how to make a portable modeling center CPA Dil

FSM  17/1 Jan  99
     North American F-86F-30 1/48 Academy CPA
     North American X-15 early version backdate 1/72 Monogram CPDA Dil
     Star Trek Deep Space Nine AMT/ERTL CPDA Dil
     A-1 hist mkgs CPA Cpros
     Grumman FF-1/G-23 Goblin 1/72 MPM CPA
     Vought F4U-1D 1/48 Tamiya CPA
     Fokker D.VII 1/28 Revell CPDA Dil
     how to make a shadow box diorama CPDA

FSM   16/10  Dec 98
     Bell OH-58A armed Kiowa upgrade 1/72 Italeri CPDA
     Aichi D3A 1/48 Hasegawa CPA
     P-51 Mustang I 1/72 Italeri CPA
     F-84G 1/48 Tamiya CPA
     X-Wing Fighter (Star Wars) crash dio MPC/ERTL CPDA
     Japanese Army AF colors WW2 CPA

FSM   16 / 9  Nov  98
     Douglas C-124A/C 1/144 Welsh Models vform CPA
     B-52G 1/72 AMT/ERTL improving CPDA Dil
     how to model ship wakes (like, for an aircraft carrier) CPDA
     Astronaut in Space 1/12 Revell improving CPDA

FSM  16/8  Oct  98
     Douglas A-1H 1/48 Tamiya CPA
     U-2R/TR-1A 1/72 High Plans CPA
     model collection of George Dade CPA
     CV-3 USS Saratoga dazzle camouflage 1/700 Fujimi CPDA Dil C2v
     Grumman F-14B ground attack config conv from Revell F-14D CPDA Dil
     Aurora kits never produced hist CPA

FSM   16/7   Sep 98
     E.E. Lightning 1/48 Airfix CPA
     Grumman Martlet (F4F-4) 1/48 Tamiya CPDA Dil
     how to paint WWII aircrew figures CPDA
     North American SNJ 1/48 Aurora CPA
     F-15I Thunder of Israel AF colors C3v A
     USS Reliant Star Trek II AMT/ERTL finishing with decal panels CPDA

FSM    16/6  Jul  98
     P-51B "Stars Look Down" used by Ike 1/48 Tamiya CPDA
     Lockheed XFV-1 1/48 Aurora CPA
     how to airbrush ac camouf without masking CPDA
     how to cast metal parts in RTV model molds CPDA

FSM  16/5  May 98
     Me-410B 1/48 Monogram ProModeler CPA
     Sikorsky SH-3H Sea King improving 1/48 Hawegawa CPDA
     Douglas A-3B 1/72 Hasegawa CPA
     Strombecker space models surv CPA
     Nuclear-Powered Space Station - Glencoe CPDA
     how to make a closet-based workshop CPA Dil

MISSING Volume 16, number 4 April 1998 –

FSM   16/3  Mar  98
     Heinkel He-219 1/48 Tamiya CPA
     Douglas TBD 1/72 Airfix CPA
     Sikorsky VS-44A – repairing museum model CPDA Dil
     MIR Soviet space station sb 1/72 CPDA Dil hist
     Supermarine Spiteful conv from Matchbox 22/24 1/32 CPDA Dil
     how to make inexpensive vacuform machine CPA
     how to apply lozenge decals CPA
     Lockheed S-3 Viking 1/48 ESCI CPDA Dil

FSM   16/2  Feb  98
     Ilyushin Il-2m3 1/48 Accurate Miniatures CPA
     Boeing "Dash 80" conv from AMT/ERTL KC-135 CPDA Dil hist
     how to sculpt busts CPA Dil
     Blackhawk comic strip Jet kitbash CPA
     Starship Enterprise (Star Treck) colors & markings CPA

FSM   16/1  Jan  98
     Curtiss SB2C-4 Monogram ProModeler CPA
     filler putty surv CPA
     how to fill gaps with super glue CPA
     Douglas A-1E 1/72 Matchbox/Monogram kitbash CPDA

FSM   15/10 Dec 97
     Bristol Beaufighter VI 1/48 Tamiya CPA
     General Dynamics RB-57F 1/72 Mach 2 CPA
     Mistel 3B 1/48 kitbash CPDA

FSM  15/9  Nov  97
     Douglas SBD-3 1/48 Accurate Miniatures
     AVG "Flying Tigers" 1/72 dio CPA
     how to airbrush with acrylic paints CPA surv
     Fokker 100 1/144 Revell improving CPDA

FSM  15/8 Oct 97
     Ryan FR-1 Fireball 1/48 Nero CPA
     US aircraft interior colors during WWII CPDA
     Me-262 1/32 sb CPA Dil

FSM  15/7  Sep 97
     Pacific war carrier & battleship models of Angelo Lanna CPA
     Star Trek Voyager Monogram improving CPAA Dil
    Douglas A-4K Skyhawk New Zealand AF colors C4v A
     Douglas A-4M 1/48 Monogram kitbash improving CPDA
     Messerschmitt Bf-109G 1/32 Revell improving cockpit CPA
     vision aid products for modelers surv CPA

FSM  15/6 Jul  97
     Bf-110G 1/48 Monogram ProModeler CPA
     Hans Joachim Marseille Bf-109F dio CPA
     D.H.1A 1/32 sb CPDA 3v

FSM  15/5  May 97
     Douglas A-1H 1/72 Hasegawa CPA
     Curtiss P-40F 1/72 MPM CPA
     Enterprise-D Star Trek Generations detailing, weathering dio AMT/ERTL CPDA
     Heinkel He-111H-6 conv from Monogram He-11H-4/5 CPDA

FSM  15/4 Apr  97
     Mitsubishi G4M1 Betty 1/48 Tamiya CPA
     Mitsubishi J2M3 Jack 1/48 Hasegawa CPA
     McDonnell F-4N/S Gull Gray colors Cpros A
     General Motors FM-2 conv from HasegawaF4F 1/72 CPDA
     CV-12 USS Hornet 1/700 Hasegawa improving CPDA
     new kits for 1997 A

FSM  15/3   Mar  97
     Bf-110G 1/32 Revell improving CPDA
     Spitfire opd by USAAF colors & mkgs CPA Cpros
     YA-7F conv from A-7D Testor/Fujimi 1/72 CPA Dil
     CVN-65 USS Enterprise 1/72 sb CPDA
     resin moulding & casting at home CPDA
     computer digital scale modeling CPDA Dil
     "Into the death star" Star Wars "Return of the Jedi" biorama CPA

FSM  15/1 Jan 97
     Vought SB2U 1/48 HiPM CPA
     Sukhoi Su-22M4 1/48 Kovozavody Prostejov CPA
     Vought F4U-1D 1/32 of David Gilbert CPDA
     Mk.82 bombs desc Cil A CPA
     Curtiss XP-55 1/72 MPM improving cockpit CPA Dil
     custom making darkings for ac models CPDA

FSM  14/10   Dec 96
     Republic P-47D-25 1/48 Hasegawa CPA
     F-82E 1/48 Modelcraft Canada CPA
     how to apply decals CPDA
     DH Beaver on floats 1/72 Hobbycraft inproving CPDA Dil
     Humbroil paint numbers matched with actual colors A

FSM  14/9 Nov  96
     Lancaster 1/48 Tamiya upgrade CPDA
     F-94C early Revell kit CPA
     USN mid-late W2 camouf CPA Cpros
     scratchbuilt model ac of Joe Sojka CPA
     Eagle from Space 1999 1/76 Airfix upgrade CPA Dil

FSM  14/ 8  Oct  96
     Seversky P-35 1/48 Hobbycraft improving CPDA

FSM  14/7  Sep 96
     models of Josh Nooney CPA
     Mitsubishi Ki-46III 1/72 superdet CPDA

FSM   14/6   Jul  96
     Consolidated PBY 1/48 Monogram hist colors CPA
     Vought F4U-1 1/48 Hobbycraft Canada CPA
     how to make simple display bases for model ac CPA Dil

FSM  14/5 May 96
     Boulton Paul Defiant 1/48 Classic Airframes CPA
     Sikorsky VS-300A 1/20 sb CPA
     General Dynamics F-111 1/48 Aurora/Monogram CPA
     B-25J conv to Canada AF VIP transport 1/72 Italeri CPDA
     finishing & weathering sci fi models CPA
     McDonnell F-4E Greek AF colors C3v A

FSM  14/4  Apr 96
     McDonnell F-4C 1/32 Tamiya CPA
     fantasy spacecraft models of Deis Smerdell CPDA
     A6M2 Pacific wreck dio 1/72 CPDA
     Junkers Ju-87G 1/48 Monogram CPA
     ac flown by NASA surv hist CPA
     how to make a jet bridge for airliner models 1/144 CPA Dil
     new kits for 1996

FSM  14/3 Mar  96
     North American XB-70 1/72 AMT/ERTL CPA
     Star Trek Voyager Monogram CPA
     model planes of Les Sundt CPA
     natural metal ac finishes, how to CPDA
     Arctic high visibility markings on C-130s CPA C2vs
     double-action airbrushes for modelers surv CPA
     small lathe for modelers, how to make CPA

FSM  14/1  Jan 96
     P-40E 1/48 Mauve comp w Monogram ProModeler CPA
     Lancaster 1/6.5 scale flymod of Keith Mitchell CPA
     basic airbrushes surv CPA
     Star Trek Shuttle Pod 1/25 sb CPA

FSM  13/9  Dec 95
     General Dynamics F-16 IAF Barak conv 1/48 Hasegawa CPDA C3v
     inline ac engines, how to detail CPDA
     detail parts, how to make CPDA
     motorizing plastic model ac, how to CPDA Dil

FSM 13/8 Nov 95
     McDonnell RF-4C 1/32 Revell CPA
     how to scratchbuild WWI ac CPA Dil
     Albatros D.III 1/48 sb CPA Dil 3v
     T-38 conv from F-5B 1/72 CPDA Dil
     Star Trek Shuttle 1/35 Ertl improving CPDA Dil

FSM 13/7 Sep 1995
     Northrop XB-35 1/72 AMT/Ertl CPA
     sb WWI model ac of Sugimoto Izumi CPA
     seamless canopies, how to model CPDA

FSM  13/6 Jul 95
     Bell UH-1C 1/35 MRC and Seminar kits CPA
     Star Ship USS Enterprise 1/144 scale sb of Donald Cobb CPA
     Hawker Harrier 1/32 Revell sb cockpit CPDA
     Gotha G.IV 1/48 Aurora improving & hist CPDA 3v Dil
     Dassault Mirage F-1EQ Iraq AF colors C3v A

FSM   13/5 May  95
     McDonnell XF-88B (tprop conv) 1/48 Lindberg conv CPDA
     WWI ac, how to scratch build CPA Dil
     Star Wars Death Star SB CPA

FSM   13/4 Apr 95
     USS Shenandoah 1/237 sb of Marvin Krieger CPA
     MiG-21I "Analog 144" (delta wing proto) 1/72 conv CPDA Dil 4v
     new kits for 1995 A

FSM  13/3  Mar 95
     B-58 1/32 sb of Michelel Choquette CPA
     very clear canopies, how to make PDA
     CV-1 USS Langley 1/700 sb CPA 2v Dil
     chipped paint, how to model Cil PA
     Klingon Battle Cruiser AMT how to light it CPA
     F-18 "Fulcrum Adversary" colors C4v A
     T-33A Hobbycraft how to build CPDA

FSM  13/2 Feb  95
     Apollo launch complex 1/34 sb CPDA
     F-14D "Quick Strike" 1/32 Revell CPDA Dil
     reinforcing vacu-formed Starship with foam CPDA
     Piasecki H-21 1/48 Helicopters for Industry hist CPA

FSM  13/1  Jan  95
     Lockheed C-5 1/72 ID Models CPA
     WWI models of Steve Hustad CPA
     super glue surv CPA
     P-40E RAF colors CPA C2v Cpros
     painting figures with oils, how to CPDA Dil
     B-17G 1/48 Monogram displayed in a cutaway model bomb CPA Dil

FSM  12/8 Dec  94
     F-14 final assmbly dio 1/72 Hasegawa CPDA
     P-51D "Roto-Finish" racer 1/24 Airfix conv CPDA Dil

FSM   12/7  Nov 94
     Keystone B-4A 1/32 sb PA
     B-25D conv < Monogram 1/48 CPA

FSM  12/6  Sep 94
     Bell 47D/H-13 1/32 Revell kit compared with MRC kit CPA
     models of Pat Hawkey CPA
     Bf-109E of Adolph Galland 1/32 Hasegawa CPA
     fine feathered edge painting with card masks, how to CPA

FSM  12/5 Jul  94
     Spit V 1/48 Hasegawa comp with Spit I 1/48 Tamiya CPA
     Heinkel He-162 1/48 Trimaster improving CPDA Dil
     A-10A Ghost Gray colors C3v A

FSM  12/4  May 94
     Arado Ar-196 1/24 sb CPA
     Sikorsky CH-53D Israel AF colors C3v A
     Wright "Vin Fizz" 1/32 conv Monogram Wright Flyer CPA 3v Dil
     modeling tie downs in ac carrier decks PA Dil
     1994 new kits

FSM   12/3  Mar 94
     KC-97 1/48 sb CPA
     Star Ship Enterprise from Star Trek Next Generation Ertl CPDA
     Curtiss P-36 Hobbycraft 1/48 CPDA
     Royal AF colors n Gulf War CPA
     Polikarpov I-153 1/48 Czech resin CPA Dil 4v
     natural metal finishes with SnJ spray metal CPDA
     Boeing 747SP conv from 1/144 Revell CPA Dil
     McDonnell F-4E Korea AF colors C2vA

FSM  12/2  Feb 94
     acrylic model paint reviewed surv CPA
     Lockheed YF-22 status CPDA 3v
     producing stressed skin appearance, how to CPDA

FSM   12/1 Jan 94
     F-15E 1/32 Tamiya CPA
     TBF-1 early Midway 1/48 Monogram improving CPA
     1956 manned Mars mission model sb CPA Dil
     MiG-17 1/48 Smer/Airfix upgrade CPA Dil

FSM   11/8  Dec  93
     Sikorsky SH-3 Sea King new tac greys scheme C3v A
     models of Walt Fink CPA
     McDonnell F-4E 1/48 Hasegawa improving CPA
     airbrush, how to use CPA
     Spitfire evolution 1/72 proto, IXc, PR.19 CPA

FSM   11/7   Nov 93
     making display base for 1/72 USS Enterprise at EAA Museum CPDA
     FW-190D-9 1/72 kitbash CPDA
     2001 Space Odyssey Pan Am Space Clipper Aurora CPA
     B-52G/H new strategic colors C2v A

FSM  11/6  Sep  93
     B-52D 1/72 Monogram kit hist CPA
     B-52D/G/H colors in 1970 C2v A
     Nieuport 17 1/32 Hobbycraft Canada CPDA Dil
     photoetch detail parts how to at home CPA Dil

FSM   11/5  Jul  93
     spaceship cutaway models of Ian Emerson CPDA
     RB-57F 1/72 DB Models vform conv finishing CPDA
     MiG-23MLD Floggeer G 1/48 ESCI n Israel AF mkgs CPA Dil C3v
     Curtiss N-9H 1/48 Lindberg kitbash CPA 3v Dil
     F-117 production instrument panel Dil corr

FSM   11/4   May 93
     KC-135 1/72 AMT/Ertl CPDA
     CVA(N)-65 USS Enterprise 1/350 Tamiya improving CPDA Dil
     F6F-3 1/48 Otaki how to paint a VF-27 cat mouth CPDA
     VF-27 hist PA
     Boeing 314 1/72 sb CPD
     F-86D 1/32 conv from Hasegawa 86F CPA Dil
     T-38B 1988 blue/grey camouf C3vA
     1993 new kits A

FSM   11/3  Mar 1993
     A-10 and other models 1/32 of Michelle Choquette CPDA
     LeRhone rotary engine 1/12 Williams Bros improving CPDA
     Canadair North Star conv from 1/72 Heller DC-6 CPDA Dil
     McDonnell F-4F of German AF colors C3vA
     Temco TT-1 1/72 Eagle’s Talon finishing CPA
     USS Nimitz hangar deck dio 1/48 CPDA Dil
     weathering models w pastels CPA
     F-117A cockpit details CPDA

FSM  11/2  Feb 93
     Republic P-47D-20 1/32 Revell improving CPDA
     masking with Parafilm "M" how to CPDA Dil
     CAW-6 on USS Enterprise 1962 colors mkgs CPDA Cpros
     RB-57F DB 1/72 vform conv how to build CPA Dil

FSM  11/1 Jan 93
     painting figure models with acrylic paints CPA Dil
     building vacform models CPDA
     A-5A 1/72 conv Hasegawa CPA
     Lockheed EC-121R 1969 Viet War camouf C3v A

FSM  10/8 Dec  92
     Star Trek USS Enterprise 1/130 sb of John Tate CPA
     F4U-4 Korean War mkgs 1/48 Hasegawa CPDA Dil
     preparing vform parts for assembly, how to CPA
     F-4S USN Heater-Ferris grays colors C4v A
     Piper Tri Pacer 1/31 Monogram improving CPDA

FSM  10/7  Nov 92
     A-6 forced scale dio CPA Dil
     Lockheed F-90 1/48 Hawk CPA
     vacu-form models, how to build CPA Dil
     Northrop BT-1 kitbash 1/48 CPDA 5v xs Dil
     Thunderbird I fictional rocket ship sb CPA Dil 4v
     Dassault Mirage III Israel AF colors 1968 – 80 C3vs A

FSM    10/6   Sep 92
     Cessna A-37B colors 1968 – 1990 C3vs A
     photoetched details, how to install CPA
     super glossy paint finishes straight from spray can CPA

FSM   10/5  Jul 92
     A6M2 1/72 Hasegawa superdet CPA
     KC-10 colors Cpros A
     F-8 w raised wing 1/48 Monogram CPA Dil
     carved wood model airplane techniques CPD A
     how to make acrylic display cases

FSM   10/4   May  92
     new kits for 1992 A
     P-38 "Sluggo III" CBI 1/48 Monogram improving CPDA Dil
     INDEX to Fine Scale Modeler Volume 9 PA
     weathering model ac w oil paints CPA
     F-18 Kuwait AF colors 4v A
     P-51 Israel AF abandoned in desert dio CPDA

FSM   10/3  Mar  92
     Northrop B-2 1/72 Testors CPA
     DH Mosquito flown by F.F. Lambert (Eng) C3v PA
     DH Mosquito NF.II colors 3v A
     commercial spray painting booths comp PA
     airbrushing how to tips CPA Dil

FSM   10/2  Feb 92
     Lockheed YF-22 1/72 Testor’s kit comp w DML 1/72 kit CPA
     Boeing E-3 colors 1990 2v A
     Hawker Sea Fury 1/72 Frog improving CPA Dil
     scale conversion chart A
     commercial spray painting booths survey CPA

FSM  10 /1   Jan 92
     Apollo XVII lunar module Challenger 1/6 sb CPDA
     CV-6 USS Enterprise 1/72 sb at EAA Mus CPDA
     Dornier DO-335 2seat 1/48 Monogram improving CPDA Dil
     top 20 classic plastic kits CPA
     B-24J 1/48 Monogram improving CPDA
     Star Trek starship Enterprise Ertl/AMT improving CPA Dil
     photo etch details for small scale ships, how to CPA Dil
     F-4 USAF gray schemes 3vs A

FSM  9/8 Dec  91
      Bell X-1 of Yeager 1/20 sb CPDA
     scribing panel lines, how to PDA
     North American F-86E conv from 1/48 Monogram F-86F CPDA
     F-16 1/72 cockpit inproving CPDA
     Boeing CH-46 Sea Knight 1990 colors 2v PA

FSM  9/7 Nov  91
     sci fi models of Al English CPA
     Sikorsky MH-53J Pave Low conv from Airfix CH-53 1/72 CPA Dil
     HM-53J Pave Low colors 4v A
     McDonnell-Douglas CF-18 Hornet for Canada AF CPA
     "ultra toning" aircraft finishing technique Cil PA

FSM  9/6 Sep 91
     Sukhoi Su-27 Flanker 1/72 kits by Airfix, Italeri & Hasegawa CPA
     modeling Desert Storm ac 1/72 CPA
     Aerospatiale Gazelle of Kuwait AF 2v A
     Aerospatiale Puma n Kuwait AF 2v A
     Alpha Jet w Qatar AF 3v A
     Mirage F.1 of Kuwait & Gatar AFS 3vs A
     SEPECAT Jaguar of Oman AF 4v A
     Panavia Tornado w Saudi Arabia AF 4v A
     Bell AH-1W Super Cobra w USMC 3v A
     Douglas A-4KU of Kuwait AF 3v A
     CH-46 Sea Knight w USMC
     British Aerospace Hawk w United Arab Emirates 3vA
     F-15A in Israel AF 1/48 Monogram CPA Dil
     Lewis ac machine gun hist PA

FSM   9/5 Jul 91
     high gloss finishes, how to model CPA Dil
     Spanish Civil War early Nationalist colors & mkgs Cpros PA Dil
     F-19 Stealth Fighter 1/48 Testor’s hist CPA
     legal licensing of hobby kits PA
     photo etching, how to CPA Cil
     AV-8B USMC colors 3v A

FSM  9/4 May  91
     F-117 1/48 Testor’s CPA
     1991 new kits A
     B-52 1/32 sb of Lewis Pruneau CPA
     rigging biplanes, how to CPA Dil
     B-17G 1/48 kit hist Monogram CPA
     F-18 1/32 production conv Hasegawa CPDA
     UH-60A desert camouf 4v A
     INDEX Fine Scale Modeler volume 8 PA Dil
     repairing modeling mistakes PDA Dil

FSM  9/3  Mar 91
     model ships of John Leyland 1/700 CPA
     weathering shading and highlighting with pastels CPDA
     Harrier GR.5 1989 2v A
     Temco TT-1 1/42 Strombecker hist CPA
     Sikorsky Il’ya Mourometz 1/32 sb CPDA 3v Dil
     F-15E 1/48 early Hasegawa correcting errors CPD Dil

FSM 9/2 Feb 91
     using lead tape to model natural metal finishes CPDA
     Lockheed L-1049G Super G Constellation of Lufthansa 1/72 Heller CPA Dil
     North American F-86H conv from 1/48 Monogram F-86F CPDA Dil
     Rockwell B-1B production camouf 4v A
     decals, how to apply CPDA Dil
     F9F Panther 1/48 Aurora’s first hist CPA

FSM  9/1 Jan  91
     Wright Whirlwind engine 1/8 Williams Bros. improving CPDA Dil
     British RAF gray colors desc PA
     natural metal finishes, how to model CPA

FSM  8/8 Dec  90
     General Dynamics F-111 prototype & F-111F 1/72 kitbash CPA
     how to build a display case PA Dil
     airbrushing advanced technique CPA
     F-15 Eagle 1989 colors 2vA
     P-38s flown by Tom McGuire Cil Cpros PA
     P-51D 1.32 Monogram Phantom Mustang hist CAP
     Star Trek Klingon Bird of Prey sb CPA Dil

FSM   8/7 Nov  90
     1/48 models of Bob Steinbrun CPA
     German AF WWII colors matched to current paints CPA
     Lockheed U-2 1/48 Hawk hist CPA
     LVG C.VI 1/48 sb CPDA 5v xs
     basic airbrushing, how to CPA

FSM  8/6 Sep 90
     Saab Viggen how to paint splinter camouf CPA Dil 3v
     DC-10 1/144 Airfix improving PDA
     PBY 1/48 sb CPDA

FSM   8/5 Jul 90
     F6F 1/32 "Minsi III" model by Greg Granrath CPA
     drawing ac panel lines with a pencil CPA Dil
     F-4EJ 1/32 scratchbuilt cockpit CPDA Dil
     hollowing out kit parts for greater realism CPDA
     Revell’s jet airliners kit hist CPA
     F-117A CPA Cpro 5v
     Bf-110D conv from 1/32 Revell 110G-4 CPA Dil

FSM  8/4 May 90
     1990 new kits A
     U-2F "ram’s horn" mod 1/72 Airfix CPA
     modeling WW2 bomber nose art in three dimensions CPDA Dil
     F-102A 1/48 Revell hist CPA
     hazards from model glue and paint Cil PA
     modeling water with plastic resins in dios CPA
     General Motors FM-1 Wildcat Atlantic antisub patrol colors 3vA

FSM   8/3 Mar  90
     F4U-2 1/16 sb of Bob Schinella CPA
     fictional whimsy aircraft finishing CPA
     INDEX Fine Scale Modeler Volume 7 PA
     Hansa Brandenburg CC of Gottfried Banfield bio 1/72 sb CPA Dil 3v xs
     Nieuport 11 originally Aurora 1/48 molds hist CPA
     Dassault Mirage 2000 colors 3v A

FSM  8/2 Feb  90
     Zeppelin R-class dirigible 1/72 sb CPA
     Martin MB-2 ITC kit hist CPA
     brush painting, how to CPDA
     Lockheed KC-130T USMC low visi 1988 3v A
     Nanchang A-5 "Fantain-A" kitbash CPA 3v xs
     F-100 w Thunderbirds dio CPDA Dil
     modeling windows in ac CPA Dil

FSM   8/1 Jan  90
     model paints today surv CPA
     model display shelves how to make CPDA
     Batman kits in 60s surv CPA
     Yokosuka K5Y Willow 1/48 CPDA Dil
     Folland Gnat hist Cpro PA Dil
     vacu-form machine, how to build PA Dil
     F-5A Canada AF CF-5A wrap-around camouf 4v A

FSM   7/8  Dec 89
     ac carrier Shinano 1/300 of Jim Jones CPA
     soldering metal, how to PDA
     preparing models to paint CPA
     Lockheed XFV-1 Strombecker solid kit hist CPA
     B-17F conv from Monogram 1/48 CPDA
     F-5E aggressor sqdn colors 3vA
     Lockheed Electra conv from Revell P-3 1/115 CPA

FSM  7 /7 Nov  89
     Fokker D,VIII conv from 1/28 Revell Fokker Dr.I CP Dil 3v
     figure painting with oils CPA Dil
     eliminating seams with fillers and glues PDA Dil
     Spit I n Battle of Britain colors 3vs A
     science fiction modeling with junk CPDA
     uniforms of US Army Air Service AEF, France, 1918 Cil A

FSM  7 /6 Sep 89
     radial engines, how to detail CPDA Dil
     popular modeling scales A cor
     Apollo 11 landing 1/48 Monogram dio CPDA Dil
     casting parts in dental acrylic resin, how to PA
     Panavia Tornado German AF strike colors 4v A

FSM  7/5 Jul  89
     F-14 1/72 Fujimi comp w 1/72 Hasegawa PA
     Sikorsky S-43 1/48 sb of Richard Howe CPA
     hand held motor tools surv PA
     carrier Chitose 1/700 conv from Chiyoda seaplane tender kitbash CPA 4v Dil
     MiG-29 CPDA 3v
     Apollo 11 splashdown 1/32 diorama CPD A

FSM 7/4 May 89
     1989 new kits A
     SB2U 1/72 Meikraft CPA
     Star Wars Imperial Star Destroyer 1/320 sb CPA
     FW-190F-8 very weathered 1/32 Hasegawa CPA Dil
     Meteor F.4 and T.7 hist Cpros PA
     INDEX to Fine Scale Modeler volumes 5 & 6
     carrier deck tow bar sb PA dil
     A-7 wrap around grays and Europe 1 colors 4vA

FSM  7/3 Mar 89
     reinforcing kits with urethane foam PDA
     Brewster SB2A 1/72 RAREplanes building vacuform kit CPDA Dil
     Star Trek Klingon Bird of Prey sb CPDA Dil
     preparing plastic parts to make them fit PDA
     A-10 1/48 Tamiya improving CPDA
     spoked wheels for WWI ac, how to make CPA Dil
     action poses for model pictures, how to CPA

FSM 7/2 Feb 89
     Lockheed EC-121 1/72 vform of "Boh" Bokanski CPA
     Sopwith Snipe 1/72 kitbash CPA Dil
     airbrush compressors, how to choose one surv CPA
     Bell XV-15 1/72 sb fiberglass CPDA 3v
     A-10A MASK-10A colors 4v A

FSM 7/1 Jan 89
     Space 1999 models of Jeff Wargo CPA 
     WWI lozenge camouf, how to paint CPA Dil
     Martin Marietta X-24B 1/72 sb PA5v xs
     Lockheed YP-80A 1/48 Monogram conv CPDA

FSM 6/6 Dec  88
     SB2U 1/32 sb CPA
     how plastic kits are made CPA
     NF-104 conv 1/32 Hasegawa CPA Dil
     Northrop F-5A SEA (Viet War) colors 3v A

FSM 6/5 Oct 88
     Spit IIA in Battle of Britain CproA
     Bf-109E-5 n Battle of Britain Cpro A
     inexpensive paint drying oven, how to build PA Dil
     wood flight decks, how to build CPA Dil
     acrylic paint and thinner compatibility PA
     F-18 tactical paint schemes 3vs A
     F-100 1/48 Monogram improving CPDA Dil

FSM 6/4 Aug 88
     space fantasy Whispership Interceptor sb 1/16 CPA
     do-it-yourself tool center, how to make PA
     modeling with bare metal aluminum foil PA
     AC-130A 1/72 Testor’s/Italeri improving CPA Dil
     Eddie Chavez scratchbuilt modeler CPA bio
     Cessna T-37B new colors 3v PA
     Bofors 40mm quad a-a gun mount 1/32 sb PDA dil 3v

FSM 6/3 Jun 88
     1988 new kits A
     Sikorsky S-39B 1/72 sb CPDA Dil 4v
     airbrushing questions and answers PA
     aircraft maintenance equpment modeling for dioramas CPA Dil
     Boeing CH-46 USMC land camouf 1986 4v A
     proportional dividers, how to use PA il

FSM 6/2 Apr 88
     simulating water in dioramas CPDA
     P-51H 1/32 conv from D CPD Dil
     F-14A 1987 tac paint scheme 3v A
     airbrushing camouflage basic techniques PA

FSM 6/1 February 1988
     Me-163 1/32 Hasegawa improving CPDA 4v
     canopies, how to mask and attach PA
     modeling tips surv PA
     boxed dioramas, how to light them CPA

FSM 5/6 Dec 87
     soldering, how to PDA
     XFV-1 Pogo 1/72 Airmodel vac form how to build PDA
     F-16N US Navy Adversary 1987 4vA
     P-40E 1/48 Otaki improving CPA 4v xs
     realistic light lenses CPA chart

FSM 5/5 Oct 87
     F-18 1/48 Monogram superdet of Jack Mugan CPA
     wall-hanging display cases for models, how to make PA dil
     Floquil paints, how to use them PA
     Mitsubishi A5M4 1/48 JN resin CPA Dil
     FB-111A wraparound Lizard colors 4v A
     Mercury capsule 1/35 Estes improving CPD Dil A hist

FSM 5/4 Aug 87
     CVA(N)-68 USS Nimitz 1/72 sb CPDA
     US Navy scout catapult 1/48 CPA 3v Dil
     glue, how to make "home brew" glue PA
     acrylic model paints, how to use CPA
     Spit XII 1/72 conv kitbash CPA Dil
     WWI German crosses hist PA il
     how to sculpt faces PA

FSM 5/3 Jun 87
     new kits for 1987 A
     F4U-5N 1/32 conv of Larry Schramm CPA
     B-47A conv from 1/72 Hasegawa 47E CPDA Dil
     modeling water from above and below CPDA Dil
     F-111F conv from 1/72 Monogram EF-111A CPDA
     filler putty, how to apply with an inexpensive dispenser PA

FSM 5/2 Aor  87
     Ryan FR-1 Fireball hist PA 5v xs Dil
     Ryan F2R Dark Shark PA 5v xs
     natural metal finishes, how to paint CPDA

FSM 5/1 Feb 87
     space fiction modeling of Randy Cooper CPDA
     metal patterns, stencils and masks, how to use PDA
     decals, how to apply CPA
     Westland Lysander 1/48 shadow box dio CPA
     Grumman A-6A color scheme CORRECTION 2vA corr
     Lockheed P-2H conv to AP-2H gunship 1/72 Hasegawa CPDA

FSM 4/6 Dec  86
     P-51 racer "Red Baron" conv 1/24 of Don Landrus CPA
     panel lines, how to paint PA
     paint rack, how to make PA Dil
     basic airbrushes survey CPA Dil
     Iisraeli Aircraft Industries F-21 Kfir aggressor 1/72 conv
     from Hasegawa Kfir CPA 4v

FSM 4/5 Oct 86
     dio depicting capture of Achille Lauro terrorists CPDA Dil, how to make
     Boeing 40B-4 hist 3v xs
     Boeing 40B-4 1/32 sb CPDA
     vacu-forming machine, how to build one PA il

FSM 4/4 Aug 86
     photographing plastic models "in flight" how to CPA
     basic model photography, how to CPA
     canopies, turrets and lenses, how to vacuform CPA Dil
     epoxy casting using "squash method" PDA

FSM 4/3 Jun 86
     new kits for 1986
     Grumman X-29 1/48 sb CPDA3v xs + hist
     science fiction modeling, how to make tiny models CPA Dil
     Star Wars models improving with paint CPA

FSM 4/2 Mar-Apr 86
     Brown B-2 "Miss Los Angeles" racer & repli hist CPDA 5v xs
     plastic cement reviewed, compared CPA
     P-51D 1/48 Testor’s "Building your first plastic airplane" CPA
     uniform of B-24 waist gunner n 8th AF 1943 Cil A
     model clubs list

FSM 4/1 Jan-Feb 86
     Douglas R4D conv from 1/48 Monogram C-47 CPA
     Douglas AC-47 conv from 1/48 Monogram C-47 CPA
     Douglas DC-3 hist CPA Cpros
     small lathes, how to work with PA

FSM  3/6  Nov-Dec 85
     CVA(N)-65 USS Enterprise 1/350 MRC/Tamiya CPA
     Star Trek survey space ship USS Endeavour sb CPA
     decals, how to make your own CPA Dil
     replacing defective kit parts and decals A
     Sukhoi Su-22 "Fitter-J" 1/72 kitbash CPDA Dil
     Gulf of Sidra downing of Su-22s by F-14s CPA
     vacu-form airplane kits, how to build CPA

FSM 3/5 Sep-Oct 85
     Northrop F-89C conv from 1/48 Falcon v-form F-89D CPA Dil pros
     casting with RTV silicone molds and polyester resin PA
     Lockheed AP-2H conv from Hasegawa 1/72 P2V-7 CPA
     Boeing 737 1/144 Airfix CPDA

FSM 3 / 4 Jul-Aug 85
     Pilatus PC-6 Turbo-Porter on amphib floats 1/25 sb how to build CPA Dil 5v
     Grumman F11F-1 long nose conv from 1/48 Lindberg short nose CPA Dil
     F-158A "Streak Eagle" CPA 1/48 Tamiya

FSM 3/3 May-Jun 85
     new kits for 1985 A
     Leduc 022 1/72 Csechmaster resin kit, how to make PA Dil
     cyanoacrylate glues "super glues" survey, how to use CPA
     Travel Air Mystery Ship 1/48 Hawk/Testor’s improving CPDA 4v xs hist

FSM 3/2 Mar-Apr 85
     painting faces with artists’ oils CPDA
     underwing details, how to model PDA
     stretch forming and vacu forming plastic CPDA
     Lockheed Serius of Lindberghs 1/48 conv from AMT Vega CPDA 3v
     P-38J "Marge" of Bong 1/32 Revell CPDA

FSM  3/1  Jan-Feb 85
     North American AT-6 1/48 Monogram improving CPDA 2v ca Dil
     AT-6 hist CPDA 5v Dil
     Oswald Boelcke 1/6 sb figure CPA Dil

FSM 2/7 Nov-Dec 84
     casting resin parts in RTV molds, how to PA Dil
     using aluminum plate for natural metal model finishes CPA
     model aircraft and airfield dio photography, how to CPA
     Soyuz spacecraft 1/96 Revell improving CPDA 4v

FSM 2/6 Sep-Oct 84
     P-51D 1/32 Hasegawa improving CPA Dil
     airbrush technique tips CPA
     F-14A 1/72 Hasegawa improving CPDA Dil

FSM 2/5 Jul-Aug 84
     Goodyear blimp Mayflower Revell improving CPA
     Conroy Model 201 Super Guppy 1.72 conv from White Eagle v-form CPDA Dil 3v
     E.E. Canberra ops w Australia AF hist, status CPA 3vs

FSM 2/4 May-Jun 84
     new kits in 1984
     FW-190D-9 1/32 sb CPDA Dil
     LEDs, how to model with them CPA
     DC-8 Series 50 conv from 1/144 Revell DC-8 Series 61 CPA
     recognition models PA hist
     Me-163 1/72 Heller taking off dio CPA il

FSM 2/3 Mar-Apr 84
     kit collecting hobby described CPA
     spray painting booth, how to make PA il
     natural metal finishes with Floquil Old Silver, how to model CPDA
     detailing models with paints (how-to tips) CPA

FSM 2/2 Jan-Feb 84
     precision measuring tools for modeling described PA
     Vultee P-66 1/24 paper model by Meta Model CPA 4v xs Dil
     decals, how to apply CPA
     Albatros D.II 1/72 conv from Revell D.III CPA Dil
     carrier deck action dioramas, how to photograph CPA

FSM 2/1 Fall 83
     F-4E 1/48 Testor’s improving CPDA
     aircraft cockpits, how to detail CPDA
     Bf-109F natural metal ac of Adolph Galland 1/72 CPA 4v xs

FSM 1 / 4 Summer 83
     1983 new model kits
     Boeing B-50 conv 1/72 CPA Dil
     filler putty survey, reviews CPA
     nuclear pulse drive starshipEnzmann fictional sb of Kevin Atkins CPA

FSM 1 / 3 Spring 83
     Hurricane I sb of Ted Kaufman PDA
     B-29 "Eddie Allen" 1/72 Airfix improving CPA Dil
     F7F 1/72 building variants using Monogram as base CPA
     F7F-3N 4v PA Dil
     Star Clipper fictional space kit bash CPA

FSM 1 / 2 Winter 82
     Douglas A2D-1 Skyshark 1/72 RAREplanes vform PA
     Avia B.21 1/72 K.P. PA
     Saab Lansen 1/72 Heller PA
     clear acrylic display cases, how to make PA Dil
     Spit IA P9306 at Chicago mus hist C4v A

FSM 1/1 Fall 82
     F-15A 1/32 Tamiya CPDA
     styrene parts from RTV molds PDA
     P-51D modeled in five scales PDA
     Supermarine Walrus 1/48 Merit CPDA 3v xs
     MBB Bo 105 1/48 Fujimi CPDA

FSM Spring 82
     Boeing XF5B-1 1/32 conv from Hasegawa P-12E 3v PA hist
     Hawker Sea Fury hist CPA Cpros
     vacu-form ac, how to build your first
     FW-190F at NASM 1/48 Monogram conv CPA 5v pros
     airbrush, how to choose your first PA

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