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FlyPast  #312  July 2007
Ac Rest co Spit Vc (G-LFVC) & Hurri (G-HURR)  duo demo team CPA
BofB Mem Flight 50 yr hist CPDA
101 Sqdn RAF hist CPA Cpro
B-17G 43-38374 oss in Eng fam flt  CPA
Spit P.R.XIX THUM Flight ops hist & rest CPDA
Air Atlantique Classic Flight ops CPDA
Tom Dalton (Eng RAF pi) bio CPA
Grumman Martlet (Wildcat) ops w 803 Sqdn RoyNav downing Fw-200s at sea PA
B-29 early ops n India CPA
Bell AH-1 - TAH-1S rest of Raftis (US) CPAS
Imperial War Mus, London  CPA
Saab Viggen hist  survivorsCPDA
P-51D 44-73129  N151SE "Merlin's Magic" status CPDA
Thank you John Bulli, Springfield, Illinois

FlyPast    #291    Oct 2005
Yankee Air Mus (US) fire CPA
Corsair at FAA Mus CPA
RAF Mus, Cosford status CPA
Stinson Reliant (probably a V-77) rest of Tony Wright (US) CPA
Martin Baker hist, designs PA
Meteor ejection seat test beds his CPA
Orendi airfield, Malta n W2 PA
Hurricane hist CPA Cpro
combat over Rangoon last days PA
Indian AF Hurri ops n W2 Cil PA
Hurricane survivors CPA
Hurricane desert ops CPA
F-105 hist CPA ca
F-105 MiG killers at USAF Mus CPDA
Halifax 432 Sqdn nose art PA
Finland Av Mus CPA
72 Sqdn Presentation Assn, Eng CPA
13 Sqdn RAF hist CPA Cpro

FlyPast    #290    Sep 2005
Lightning (EE jet ftr) Pseservation Group, Eng CPA
Norfolk, Eng training ops n W2 PA
USAAF/USAF bases in Norfolk, Eng CPA
Meteor ejection seat test beds CPDA
collecting ejection seats CPDA
Lancaster I W4964 ops hist Cpro CPDA
USAF Mus VietWar veterans CPA
Vulcan XM594 at Newark Air Mus, Eng CPDA

FlyPast    #28   9 Aug 2005
making movie Flyboys CPA
604 Sqdn RAF Meteor ops mem CPA
604 Sqdn RAF early history Cpro PA
Peter Thomas (Eng ac preservationist) obit bio CPA
ventral defensive guns for bombers PDA
Chile Navy Aviation Mus CPA
Grumman HU-16 Albatross hist CPA ca
HU-16 rest of Dennis Buehn CPA
A6M restoration projects, survivors today CPDA
509th Composite Group USAAF ops n W2 CPA
F4U fly-in at Bridgeport, CT CPA
Bristol Britannia XM496 "Regulus" rest CPDA
RAF Maintenance units salvage ops n W2 PA
Hawker Hunter Aviation Ltd. current ops CPDA

FlyPast    #288    July 2005
B-24 "Lady Be Good" remains to Tobruk CPA
F-86A 48-0242 rest to Midland Air Mus, Eng CPA
8 Sqdn RAF hist CPA Cpro
B-24 of RAF Coastal Command ops mem PDA
P-40 of NZAF rest NZ3094 n New Zealand CPDA
Canberra ops w RAF Germ n 60s mem CPA
aviation at National Museum of Science and Technology, Sweden CPA
USAAF/USAF airfields n Hampshire, Kent and Sussex CPA
Battle of Britain historic collections, sites preserved today CPA
Martin Marylands of 431 Flight RAF in Taranto attack Cil PA
Folland Gnat Psurv +
Mosquito damaged during attack on Germ ship incident PA

June -- needed

FlyPast    #286    May 2005
Concorde pres n Scotland CPA
Vulcan XH558 effort to prserve CPA
Airframe Assemblies (ac restorers Eng) status CPA
Museum of Flight, Seattle, WA status CPA
602 Sqdn RAuxAF transition to Spits CPA Cpros
602 Sqdn hist Cil Cpro PA
Jimmy Sleigh (RNavy Wildcat pi) bio PA
N3N rest in Eng CPDA
B-29 gunner ops over Japan mem PA
Douglas RB-66 ops at Alconbury, Eng CPDA
DH Sea Hornet Psurv +
Tony Banta (US) warbird collection CPDA
movie Dambusters PA Cil
Lancaster X ops PA
Lancaster X rest of Toronto Aerospace Mus CPDA
Lancaster rest of Can Wplane Her CPDA Cpros
Lancaster PB153 loss n W2 PA
Scampton airfield mus, Eng CPA

FlyPast   #284    Apr 2005
72 Sqdn RAF Spit/Tucano "City of Leeds" CPA
Warbird Adventures (US) warbird rides ops CPA
16 Sqdn RAF hist CPA Cpros
Spit V carrier deliveries to Malta 1942 mem Cil PA
Lone Star Flight Mus, Texas CPA
Martin B-26 ops w 387th BG ops n W2, loss of cdr PA
78th FG ops n ETO mem Cil PA
B-29 gunner ops over Japan mem PDA
F-105 Wild Weasel ops n Viet War hist CPA
DH Chipmunk ops n Germ after Berlin Wall downed CPA
Constellations visiting Coventry airport, Eng CPA
Fairey Swordfish hist, survivors CPDA Cpro

FlyPast    #283    March 2005
Hurricane BoB vet R4118 rest, hist CPDA
Dassault Mirage Switz AF phase out CPA
Lancasters pres n Eng status CPDA
Denis Parnall (RAF BoB Hurri pi) bio PA Cil
"Merlins Over Malta" painting Cil CPA
RAF National Service volunteer 1950s mem CPA
Hawker Sea Hawk rest CPDA
Royal Navy Historic Flight ops CPDA
P-61 anti V-1 ops n ETO hist PA
P-61 hist, survivors CPDA
US airfields n Suffolk, Eng CPA Cpro
USAAF ops at Wattisham, Eng Psurv+
Newark Air Mus, Eng status CPA
Lockheed Ventura wreckovery n Canada CPA
Spitfire IX pres n Israel hist CPA
Airpower Unlimited collection, US CPDA

FlyPast    #282    Feb 2005
Quebec Air & Space Mus status CPA
Caproni Ca.100 I-GTAB rest CPA
Walter Thomson (R Navy ftrpi) W2 action bio PA
:P.G. Woodward (Eng ftrpi n CBI) mem PA bio
barrage balloon sqdns of R Aux AV CPA
Hs-129 hist wreckovery CPA
B-25 rest of Duke of Brabant AF (Neth) CPA
Meteor drone final flight CPA
USAAF maximum effort 3,000 ac mission n Battle of Bulge CPA
State Aviation Mus, Kiev, Russ CPA
Fairey Skua L2940 wreckovery n Norway
114 Sqdn DH Chipmunk anti-terrorist ops PA
Halifax NA337 at RCAF Memorial Mus CPDA
King Edward visits new ac protos July 8, 1936 Psurv +
flying Hunters w 74 Sqdn RAF pi mem CPA Cpro

FlyPast    #282 (that’s what it says)    Jan 2005
Spit 24 VN 485 rest at Imp War Mus CPA
Newark Air Mus (Eng) new display hall CPA
99 Sqdn RAF hist CPA
Luftwaffe raid on Allied airfields Jan 1 45
Basil John Blackburn (Eng RAF Spit pi) bio CPA
RAF in 60s CPsurv
Curtiss 75A-1 rest n France CPDA
Abraham Jaffe (USAAF P-51 pi) B o Bulge action CPA bio
photo recon ac of USAAF/AF surv PA
Mosquito recon ops w USAAF CPA
Rolls-Royce Heritage Trust CPA
Alan McLeod (Canada ftr pi) Cil PA
Spitfire computer flt sim Cil A
Lancaster rest NX 611 "Just Jane" in 1970 CPA
Hawker Hunter flying n late 50s mem CPA
FW-190 new-build ff CPDA

FlyPast    #281    Dec 2004
Musee de l’Air ac at LeBourget CPA
Falklands War war dia CPA
Harrier GR.3 ops in Falklands CPDA ca cockpit CPD
Harrier first generation survivors CPA
RAF signed blackout board CPA
Bristol Boxkite w Shuttleworth Coll CP
Helmut Bergmann (Germ nt ftr ace) PA bio
Beaufighter downs a Ju-88 at night PA
Do-217 near downing by RAF CPA
Philip Heppel (RAF ftrpi) bio PA
US airfields in Suffolk, Eng CPA Cpro
Carl Davis (So Afri RAF Blenheim ntftr BoB pi) CPA
Flying Heritage Coll. US CPA

FlyPast    #280    Nov 2004
B-25 rest of Duke of Brabant AF relocates CPA
Guy Lawrence (RAF bbrpi W2) bio CPA
EE lightning 50th anniv observance CPA
Lancaster NX 611 "Just Jane" hist CPDA
sinking of Germ bship Tirpitz PA
Vulcan XH558 rest status CPA
Bristol Bolingbroke rest n Canada CPDA
Westland Lysander rest n Canada CPDA
RLM Aviation (ex Germ ac restorers, Eng) CPA
RAF Millom Mus, Eng CPA
616 Sqdn RAF hist Cpro PA
Philip Heppel (Eng ftrpi W2) PA
F-86D hist CPA

FlyPast    # 279    Oct 2004
A-26B wreckovery n Eng CPA
Assault Glider Trust coll status CPA
B-17G rest "Sally B" film action CPA
Lancaster NX611 "Just Jane" hist CPDA
IX Sqdn RAF hist CPA Cpro
Ed Russell warbird coll, US CPA
RAF Burtonwood Heritage Centre, Eng CPA
James Duffy F6F flying in SoPac mem CPA
Avro Lincoln engine test beds and mods Psurv +
Avro Lincoln survivors CPA
Avro Lincoln attacked by MiGs PA
DH Dragon Rapide rest G-AGJG CPDA
Chrislea Skyjeep G-AKVR (Eng 2s hw ltpln) rest CPDA
Chrislea Super Ace flying mem CPA
Hawker Hunter of Adrenalin Airsports (US) CPDA

FlyPast    #278    Sep 2004
Lancaster X FM212 n Canada CPA
Imp War Mus rest activity CPA
Concorde pres n Scotland CPA
Sywell aerodrome mus status CPA
101 Sqdn RAF Lancaster ops PA Cpro
Beaufighter ops in Burma mem PA
what made an ace? essay PA
PB-1Ws (USN B-17s) based at Love Field, TX CPA
B-17 rest "Sally B" n Eng CPA
B-17 "Thunderbird" rest of Lone Star Flt Mus CPDA
B-17 early ops w 90 Sqdn RAF hist C2v PA
B-17 survivors surv CPA
Breitling Jet Team status CPA
Medway Ac Pres Soc activity CPDA
Spit PR.XIX PS888 last op’l Spit flt PA
US airfields n East Midlands, Eng PA
Spanhoe airfield D-Day ops PA Cpro
RAF ops n Aden 1962 CPA

FlyPast   #277    Aug 2004
P-39Q rest 42-19993 N139DP of Fighter Rebuilders, US CPD
Blackburn Beverly move by road n Eng CPA
Spit XVIe TD248 G-DXV temporary repaint CPA
D-Day commemoration poppy flower drops CPA
Canadian Halifax bbr crew tribute painting CPA
Japanese ramming attacks against B-29s
Spit XVI TE392 rest to Lone Star Flt Mus CPDA
Botha/Defiant collision over Blackpool, Eng PA
EE Lightning hist & advanced projects CPDA
FW-190D survivors CPDA
Airframe Assemblies (ac restorers), Eng CPDA
503 "County of Lincoln" Sqdn hist PA
C-130 Psurv CP+
Gatwick Av Mus, Eng CPA
Red Arrows team 40th anniv CPA
P-51 combat w Yaks n Korean War CPA

FlyPast    #276     July 2004
Constellation N73544 flt to Europe CPA
Concorde to display at Filton, Eng CPA
Personal Courage Wing of Mus of Flt, US CPA
Guy Fazan (RAF ntftrpi) war deeds CPA
Spit and Hurri Merlins Over Malta commem flying at Malta CPA
ac found in Mersey estuary, Eng CPA
17 Sqdn RAF CPA Cpro
Seafire 47 hist, rest VP441 (N47SF) CPA ca Cpro
Jackdaw Pub (aviation-connected restaurant) Eng CPDA
cockpit collector John S. Morgan
Boeing Dash 80 707 proto Psurv CPA
Mosquito "Spirit of Vancouver" rest n Canada CPDA
Battle of Britain memorial, Lancaster wreath drop CPA

FlyPast    #275    June 2004
PBY-5A civ CFNIF rest of Plane Sailing CPDA
Concorde G-BOAA transport to Scotland CPA
RAF Bomber Command support of D-Day invasion his PA
Normandy Beach memorial prep for 60th Anniv visits CPA
Fiesler Fi-103 V-1 Buzz Bomb hist CPA
North Witham airfield ops with Pathfinder School before D-Day hist CPA
airfields of East Midlands and role in D-Day Cil CPA
Lockheed Hudson rest n Australia CPDA
E.E. Lightning cockpit see-through rest CPDA
Gloster Gladiator ops w Norway AF CPDA
Gloster Gladiator ops at Malta CPA Cpro
Gloster Gladiator hist, survivors surv CPDA
National Air & Space Mus, Washington, DC today CPDA
Spit & Hurri rests to fly again over Malta CPA
Frank W. Klibbe ops w 56th FG mem CPDA Cpro
Royal Navy ac ops n 1956 Suez War mem PA
jet warbirds in UK 2004 CPDA

FlyPast    #274    May 2004
Spit XIX PS915 repainted as "The Last!"
72 Sqdn RAF hist CPAA
Spit mid-air n Italy PA
603 (City of Edinburgh) Sqdn Beaufighter ops & histCPA
early 50s Pakistan and Iraq ac Psurv +
warbirds n Eng census CPA
Wildcat V JV482 w Fleet Air Arm wreckovery n Northern Ireland lake CPDA
Wildcat Fleet Air Arm ops against FW-200s CPA Cpro
Wildcat survivors n UK CPA
Museo Nacional de Aeronautica, Argentina CPA
Flying aces Movie Ac Coll, Eng CPA
Spit Tr.9 Irish Air Corps two seater rest n Eng & survivors CPDA
aviation art of SWA Fine Art Publishers CPA
a unique new BoB publication CPDA
Dragon Flight (US civ T-34 aerobat team) status CPA

FlyPast    #273    Apr 2004
Fleet Air Arm Mus status CPA
Vulcan rest XH558 to fly next year CPA
EE Lightning rest n US XS422 (N422XS) CPA
Jetstream 41 of Jetstream Club, Eng CPDA
4 Sqdn RAF hist CPA
Aubrey Young (Eng Army spotter flyer) bio CPA
Lancaster "S for Sugar" at RAF Mus CPDA
Mirage IIIC w Argentina AF "MiG Slayer" to be rest CPDA
ftrops on Malta W2 PA
Miles M.14A Hawk Trainer (2s tand mono W2) G-AFBS rest n Imp War Mus CPDA
Temora Av Mus, Australia CPA
Norway patrol sqdn ops from Eng n W2 CPA
search for best aviation pub n UK CPA
Fairey Gannet AEW.3 XL500 & hist, survivors Cpros CPA
preserving audio tapes of av activities CPA
DH Venoms ops n Suez crisis CPA
RAF Rhodesian sqdn ops n W2 PA cor
PF Thomson (Vulcan pi) bio PA
Byron Johnson(USN F6Fpi)crash on carrier PA
B-17 very damaged in combat return to Eng PA
Douglas B-26 ops n Korean War CPA
A-1 ops USAF n Viet War CPA

FlyPast    #272    March 2004
Grahame-White ac coll Eng CPA
BT-13 movie camera mod of Fighter Rebuilders US CPA
Spit VIII MV459 rest n India CPA
Panico Theodosiu (RAF instructor pilot) bio PA
Lancaster of Australian War Mem W4783 CPA
RAF ops on Malta CPA
Sabre ops w Canada AF n Eng PA
Bentley Priory control center on D-Day eve CPA
B-17G "Miss Behavin’" loss PA
Squadron cods explained CPA
DH Sea Vixen civ G-CVIX CPDA
US airfields n Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire and Huntingdonshire PA
Great Patriotic War Mus, Russia CPA
P-38 only op’l one in RAF PA
B-24 ops n India AF CPA
DH Tiger Moth racing n Australia CPA

February -- needed

FlyPast    #270    Jan 2004
Army Historic Flight, Eng CPA
Concorde phase out and G-BOAA to Scotland av mus CPA
Blenheim Z7513 loss n desert CPA
Stirling LK488 wreckovery n Eng PA
RB-57A Heart Throb recon ops over Sov Un CPA
Spit XVI SL721 rest Cf-GVZB of Mike Potter CPA
Spit survivors n North America CPA
Tom Cooper (Spit IX MH434 pi) ops n W2 bio PA
Letecke Mus, Czechoslovakia CPA
Shackleton hist survivors CPDA ca pros
PBY-5A rest N9521C CPA
PBY-6 rest VH-PBZ n Australia CPA
sister of Edwin Mutch quest to learn his fate n Eng CPA

FlyPast    #269    Dec 2003
LVG C.VI retirement from UK flying CPDA
F.A.S.T. av Mus opens to public CPA
Whitley V wreckovery n Scotland CPA
Spit ops w RAF 3rd Tac AF CBI
Mustang n RAF flying mem PA
P-51 survivors n UK CPA
P-51 early UK warbirds CPA
Air Traning Corps airframes (Eng) PA
Wright Bros ac n Dayton, OH CPA
RE.8 crew POW n WI PA
R.E.8 F3556 rest n Eng CPA
RF-101 crew rescue n Viet War CPA
US airfields n Beds, Cambs & Hunts, Eng CPA Cpro
339th FG ops against Me-262s CPA

FlyPast    #268    Nov 2003
P-51D 414419 G-MSTG reunite with former pi CPA
609 (West Riding) Sqdn hist Cpro Cil PA
Air Trng Corps, Eng hist PA
RAF ops from Hinaidi, Iraq n 20s mem PA
Lancaster survivors CPDA
Lancaster NX664 rest n France CPDA
Lancaster NF920 wreckovery n Sweden NF920 CPA
Lancaster flying lab PA474 PA
Lancaster rest KB726 C-GVRA of Canadian Warplane Heritage CPDA
Lancaster NX611 "Just Jane" rest CPDA
Lancaster PA474 w Britain Mem Flt CPDA
Lancaster WG4783 rest to Aust War Mem CPA
Lancaster FM159 rest n Canada CPA
Western Mus of Flt US CPA
Bob Tullius ac coll US CAP
Frank Whittle memorials n Eng CPA
Blackburn Beverly CPsurv +
California Thunder (L-29 jet demo team, US) CPDA
Hurricane Z3055 rest of Malta Air Mus CPDA
Bell 47G MASH heli of Warbird adventures US CPA
Canberra ops n Suez crisis PA

FlyPast    #267    Oct 2003
Avro Anson rest at Duxford CPDA
P-40 of Jerry Yagen ( 41-35927) CPA
P-40 hist CPA
AD-6 rest of Bob Grondzik (USA) CPA
Ju-188 op over Eng hist PA
B-26 disasterous raid on Ijmuiden, May 1943 hist PA
RA-5C ops n Viet War mem CPA
P-51 rest surv CPA
T-28A mod to Fennec rest of Martin Willing (Eng) CPA
Percival Pembroke rest of Martin Willing (Eng) CPA
Polikarpov Po-2 rest at Old Warden CPDA
Spitfire Tr.IX mJ627 rest at Lincolnshire CPA hist
Westland Whirlwind (heli) rest of Yorkshire Heli Pres Group (Eng) CPDA
Cyril Manning (Eng RAF Liberator bombardier) bio PA
Martin Willing (Eng warbird retorer) bio CPA
He-177 downed by Mosquito incident Cil PA

FlyPast    #266    Sep 2003
B-17 crash repair and flyout n Eng WW2 CPA
398th BG Memorial Association A
EE Lightning T.5 XS420 rest n Eng CPA
Commonwealth Boomerang rest n Australia CPDA
Lavochkin La-9 rest n Eng CPDA
fighter rests n Australia today CPDA
Battle of Bismarck Sea (So Pac) hist CPA map Cil
345th B.G. Air Apaches ops in So Pac CPA Cil Cpro
Frank Baylis (Mosquito PR navigator) war ops bio PA
David W. Vernon (England) early jet pilot in RAF mem PA
North Weald, Eng airport future uncertain CPDA hist
airfields n England used by USA n WW2 CPA maps
Shoreham Aircraft Mus, Eng CPA
cockpit collecting n England CPDA
The Jetstream Club, England CPA

 FlyPast   #265   Aug 2003
Dambusters 60th Anniv tribute CPA
B-2541-30792 ex RAF FR193 rest n Holland CPA
George Dudley Craig  (RAF ftr pilot W2) bio PA
Hubert Lange combat career n Luftwaffe bio Cpro PA
Spits - first to go to Malta  PA
Spit 1a AR213 rest G-AIST  CP
TF-51D rest  N20TF n US CPDA
Royal Auxilliary AF, England hist, bases PA
607 Sqdn RAF hist CPA
warbird rest ops at Chino, CA CPA
A6M5 rest CPDA
fighter warbird rests underway n US/Canada CPA
PT-17 rests of Black Barn Aviation, CA CPDA
Walrus ops of RAF air-sea rescue PA ca 3v
Walrus rests, survivors CPDA
warbirds of Mauice Hammond, Eng CPA
P-51D 45-11518 rest of Hammond CPDA Cpro

FlyPast    #264    July 2003
Spit IX MK912 rest to Canada CPA
Amy Johnson (Eng flier) memorial at a hotel CPA
Tempest V at Cosford, Eng mus CPA
Liberator of Coastal Command crash landing CPA
Liberators flown by Britain n WW2 Cpros PA
B-24J of Collings Foundation hist PA
Hubert Lange (Germ W2 pilot) bio PA
F-86F ground support ops n Korean War CPA
collecting cockpits n England CPDA
Aerospatiale Dauphin fly-by-wire test heli to The Helicopter Museum, Eng CPA
English pilot training in PT-19 n Miami, OK mem PA
EE Lightnings flying n SoAfri CPA
Curtiss TP-40N rest n USA CPD A
B-29s at China Lake CPD A list

FlyPast    #263    June 2003
AT-6s of Dutch Historical Flight CPA
Concorde slated for retirement, disposition April 2003 CPA
DH Sea Vixen XJ571 to Southampton Mus CPA
Jack Strain (Eng transport crewman in WW2) war career mem CPA
Bomber Command operational training n W2 PA
An-2 pres at Newark, Eng CPA
F4U ops w USN/MC in SoPac Cpro PA
F4U rests/survivors today CPDA
Hurricane ops n Greece n WW2 PA
EE Lightning survivors CPDA
airfields in Southwest England used by US forces hist PA maps
PB4Y ops n ETO hist PA
HAL Heritage Center aviation mus n India CPA
Lancaster loss in 1951 n Scot Highlands CPA
Westland Widgeon (1e 2s para ltpln) rest CPDA

FlyPast    #262   May 2003
Lancaster of BofB Mem Flt n its op career PA
Beaufighter hist survivors CPDA Cpros ca
Beaufighter ops n Israel AF PABristol Sycamore rest at Medway mus, Eng CPA
TBM rest n Eng CPA
TBM rest of Collings Foundation CPDA
P-51D rest "The Duck" to RAF Mus CPA Wellington wreckovery
617 Dambuster Sqdn hist n W2 Cpro, memorial CPA
617 Sqdn hist after dam raids to now CPA Cpros
how RAF would hit dams today CPA
Battleship Tirpitz bulkhead at Eng mus CPA
Springbock Flying Safari expands (So Afri al) CPA

FlyPast    #261    Apr 2003
Westland Wessex retired from RAF CPA
Charles Peterson (Eng Blen, Mossie pilot) war action bio CPA Cpro
RAF Bomber Command training ops CPA
Avro Anson hist, rest CPDA
warbirds n UK today CPA
Fairey Battle ops w 12 SQdn 1940 CPA
US airfields n Essex, Eng CPA
USAF Mus restoration center CPA
Fokker T.V (2e fltpln Neth) last plane out of Holland PA
TF-51 rest of Lee Lauderback, Florida CPDA

FlyPast    #260    March 2003
DH Vampire T/55 G-DHAV crash due to wake turbulence CPA
P-51s rest by Skyharbour Ac Refinishing, Ondario, Canada CPA
EE Lightning T.5 rest of Anglo American Lightning Organization, USA CPDA
Florian Martini (Polish Spit pilot in RAF) romance w Virginia Jersey Cpro PA
Shackleton AEW.2 WR963 n Eng CPA
US wartime airfields n Essex, Eng CPA Cpro
Martin B-26 "Mitch’s Bitch" combat n ETO CPA
Hawker Sea Hurricane hist CPA ca
Dornier Do-17 downing n Eng PA
Evergreen Aviation Educational Institute CPA USA
Hughes H-4 Hercules hist CPDA
Fairey Battle ops w 12 Sqdn early W2
Boulton Paul Defiant fs model, Eng CPA
Defiant ops hist CPA
RAF night fighter Meteors & Javelins in mid 50s mem PA Cpros
Sunderland w So Afri AF PA
Nissan Flying Lions So Afri civ Harvard (T-6) aerobat team today CPA

FlyPast    #259    Feb 2003
Breitling Co. support of ac rests CPA
Air Training Corps hist, ac flown by CPA
RAF Mus today CPA
RAAF Mus, Australia CPA
Moorabbin Air Mus, Australia CPA
247 Sqdn, RAF ground attack ops PA
Harold Shelton (Australia test pilot) bio PA
John Wallace (Australia Stirling pilot n ETO) RAF service bio PA
Lancaster flying career of Ron Wells bio PA
Vulcan rest – attempts to keep flying CPA
AC-47 rest n USA CPDA
EE Canberra rest flt > Temora Mus, Australia CPA
Fw-190F White 1 rest n Florida CPA
He-111 rest n Germ today CPDA
Miles Ac flown by Peter Holloway in Shuttleworth Collection
Miles Magister rest CPDA
Miles M.3A Falcon Major G-AEEG rest CPDA 3v

FlyPast    #258    Jan 2003
Lancaster wreckovery memorial n Netherlands CPA
Shackleton rest to UK CPDA
Beaufighter ops w 417th NFS USAAF hist Cpro PA
Cierva C-30 autogiro survivors, rest CPD A
DH Comet 4c airliner rest n Seattle, WA (US) CPD A
Firefly loss n Korean War Cil CPA
P-70 ops hist CPA
Constellation rest for flt to Netherlands CPD A
P-38 ops w 83nd FG, MTO CPA
Martin Maryland RAF ops < Malta mem PA
Waco YKS-7 rest G-BWAC n Eng CPDA
Paul S. Riley (US 4rth FG pilot) bio PA
Patrick Williams (US 56th FG pilot) bio PA Cpro
78th FG ops n Eng W2 hist CPA
Air Training Corps, RAF hist, ac used list CPA
Fast Airframes (Eng) cockpit & ac coll CPA
Korean Aerospace Mus CPA
USAF Mus expands CPA
Wright historic sites n Dayton, OH CPA
Swiss Flying Mus CPA list
Gorgi metal ac models CPA il

FlyPast     #257    Dec 2002
C-54 rests for Berlin Airlift film CPA
Constellation rest L749NL flt to Europe CPDA
Derrick Wright (RAF bbr pi) bio CPA
Fantasy of Flight Mus, Florida CPA
Shackleton 2 N790WL (US) rest CP
HP Victor hist CPDA
Hampden early ops Cpro PA
USAAF / USAF airfields n Northwest Eng CPA
P-47 trng at Atcham, Eng airfield PA
cautions about collecting aviation art CPA
Spit restorations by Aircraft Restoration Co., Eng CPA

FlyPast     #256     Nov 2002
Hampden early ops hist Cil PDA
stopping B-17 production PA
F-84 vs MiG n Krean War CPA
HS Buccaneer survivors CPA
PBY rest of RAAF Mus, Australia CPDA
RAF Mustang ops against Venice, Italy docks Cpro PA
Me-262 hist survivors CPA Cpros ca
RAF cadet n W2 mem CPA
Twinwood Farm airfield hist CPA
306th Bomb Group Mus, Eng CPA
Warbird Adventures SNJ flt n US CPA

FlyPast    #254     Sep 2002
US Army flying strips n Eng, W2 CPA
Cockpit Fest gathering n Eng CPD A
Museum of Flight expansion (US) CPA
Imperial War Museum North (Eng) CPA
Retro Track & Air Ltd. (Merlin restorers n Eng) CPDA
Gordon Shellard (Eng) RAF flying career PA bio
John Sample (Eng) RAF flying career PA bio
BA (British Aircraft) Eagle (Eng ltpln hw 1e 30s) rest CPDA
F4F/FM-2 survivors CPD A
F-86A rest CPDA
TF-51 (44-84745 NL851D) rest n FL CPDA
C-133 rest at Dover AFB CPDA & survivors
B-47 mid-air collision over north Atlantic PDA

FlyPast    #253    Aug 2002
RAF Mus Hendon rejuvenation CPA
Percival Sea Prince civs PA
Sea Fury & Carmichael MiG-15 combat n Korean War CPA
Constellation L-749 N749NL rest effort CPDA
Canberra WJ680 rest flt to Australia CPA
May 14, 1940 combat n France PA
Saunders Roe Princess P+
Bristol Britannia P+
Hawker Hunters rests of Hunter Flying Club CPA
RAF combat at El Alamein mem PA
PB4Y-2 rest at Lone Star Flt Mus CPDA
Vulcan hist survivors CPDA ca C2v
Vulcan XH558 effort to fly again CPDA
Spit PR XIX PS890 rest n US CPDA

FlyPast    #252     July 2002
B-17 "Sally B" rest status CPA
RAF Cosford rest center opens CPDA
Douglas Nicholls (RAF Hurri FEAF pilot) bio PA
Grumman J2F-6 rest of Friedkin Family CPDA
Shuttleworth Collection airshow season prep CPA
Breitling Fighters Collection CPA
Hurricane ops w Belgium AF Cpro PA
Avro Vulcan trans world tour CPA
Valiant and Victor air tanker ops CPA
RAF Christmas Island nuclear test 1962 mem CPA
Valiant ops n Operation Musketeer PDA
Vulcan ops humor il A
aviation memorials & museums n East Anglia, Eng CPA
390th Bomb Group Mem Air Mus, Eng CPA
Purfleet Heritage and Military Centre, Eng CPA
Thameside Aviation Mus, Eng CPA
Fenland & West Norfolk Av Mus CPA
City of Norwich Av Mus, Eng CPA
Imperial War Mus, Dixford, Eng CPA
East Essex Av Mus, Eng CPA
Doolittle raiders 60th reunion CPA
unofficial RAF badges Cil PA
P-51D rest repaint of Breitling Fighters coll CPA
Airspeed Horsa repli n Eng CPA
Luftwaffe ac at Paul Garber facility CPA
Spit flying for Czech movie Dark Blue World CPA

FlyPast    #251     June 2002
oeing Stratoliner ditching n Seattle CPA
Hurricane of USAF Mus rest n England CPA
P-63A rest crash at Biggin Hill a s analysis CPA
Brian Haslam (Eng) RAF Lancaster flying ops mem bio CPDA
BoB Mem Flt tribute to Queen Eliz CPA
A-20 early ETO raids PA
warbird pilot trng at Aircraft Restoration Co. Eng CPA
Spit XVIII rest n Eng CP
aviation mus survey East Anglia, Eng CPA
Norfolk and Suffolk Av Mus, Eng CPA
The Muckleburgh Collection, Eng CPA
North Weald Airfield Mus CPA
100th Bomb Group Mem Mus, Eng CPA
RAF Air Defence Radar Mus CAP
Fairey Firefly 5 WB271 rest CPDA
Spit V "signing incident" of Stefan Janus PA
Hawker Fury (bip) flying mem Cpro PA
P-51D Griffon-engine racer at Reno CPDA

FlyPast    #250    May 2002
Fairey Firefly V WB271 rest of Roy Nav Hist Flt CPA
Messerschmitt Bf-109G-2 "Black 6" rest at Duxford CPDA
Spencer Flack (Eng warbird restorer pi) death CPA
R.J. Mitchell memorial at Tangmere, Eng CPA
Vickers Warwick air-sea rescue ops W2 Cpro PA
USMC night fighter ops n Korea War CPA
A.E. Taylor (Australia Spit pilot in ETO) reunite with dogtags CPA Cpro
Curtiss SB2C survivors today CPA
Brian Haslam flying ops mem bio PA
Lancaster crew reunion CPA
Hawker Tempest hist rest CPA ca Cpros
Tempest II rest CPDA
WW2 airfields in Derbyshire & Nottinghamshire CPA
Museo Tecnologico, Brazil CPA
airworthy jet warbirds in England today CPA

FlyPast    #249    Apr 2002
Friedkin Family warbird collection to Planes of Fame Mus CPA
Lancaster Apr 17, 1942 Augsburg raid hist CPA Cil
A.E. Taylor reunite with dogtags ETO PA bio Cpro
jet warbirds based Phoenix, AZ CPA
BAC Strikemaster civ rest N167X n Ariz CPDA
Duxford Eng mus workshop activity CPDA
SBD rest at Kalamazoo Air Zoo CPDA
Rolls Royce Heritage Trust mus, Eng CPDA
B-52 ops n Viet war CPA
Tuskegee Army Airfield hist CPA

FlyPast    #248    March 2002
Helicopter Mus Eng status CPA
Musee De L’Air et de L’Espace status CPA
Lancaster daylight raid on Dortmund-Ems canal Cil A
Halifax "Special Duties" aircrew ops mem Cpro PA
Hawker Hunters of Thunder City So Afri
Tuskegee Army Airfield hist ops CPA
P-51C NL61429 "Tuskegee Airmen" rest CPDA
Northrop C-125 survivor n Mex CPA hist
Italian Army Museum of Transportation CAP
Fairey Swordfish Psurv +
Battle of Britain over Dorset, Eng mem PA Cil
Korean War ops of F7F and F4Us CPA

FlyPast    #247    Feb 2002
Vickers Merchantman (cargo Vanguard) rest CPD A
Commonwealth Boomerang rest n Australia CPDA
Roy Goon (Australia ftr pi W2) bio CPA
Australian Aviation Heritage Center mus status CPA
Martin B-26 " A Kay Pea’s Drem" op’l hist, memorial CPA
Ju-52 wreckovery n Norway ice CPA
Roland Beamont (Eng test pi) bio ac flown CPA
Thunder City So Afri jet collection CPA
EE Lightning of Thunder City CPDA
B-24 two on a chute escape in ETO PA il
AW Albemarle proto loss PA
Italian AF Mus CPA
Sussex, England wartime airfields hist PA
Herbert "Sandy" Webb (RAF recce pi W2) bio CPA
Gloster Meteor flying mem Cpro PA
Temora Aviation Mus Australia CPA
Commonwealth Wirraway rests W2 his CPA

FlyPast    #246    Jan 2002
EE Lightning F/6 rest n SoAfri CPA
Panavia Tornado F.1 deliv > Duxford Air Mus, Eng CPA
B-24 crew 5294 n ETO ops Cil PA
Richard Mann (Luft W2 He-111 pilot) loss in action bio PA
Confederate AF wing ops CPA
BP Defiant ops w 256 Sqdn RAF hist PA
Defiant survivors CPA list
Corsair Royal Navy pilot trng n US W2 CPA Cpro
Stanislaw Wandzilak (Polish Spit pi W2) mem CproPA
Hawker Sea Hurri AE977 rest to USA CPA
Alan Peart (Eng Spit pi) 81 Sqdn ops n desert mem PA
P-47 ops w RAF n CBI mem PA Cpro
Fairey Fulmar ops mem PA Cpro
Fulmar survivors list CP
Wings of History Mus, Calif CPA status
Western Aerospace Mus, Calif CPA
jet ops n early 50s from RAF Fenland, Eng hist PA
Lisunov Li-2 rest n Hungary CPDA
DH Vampire rests n Switz CPA
DH Venom rests n Switz CPA
Chuck Hall ac restorer pilot (US) CPA
Bristol 173 and rotor trans heli Psur +
Bristol 192 tand rotor trans heli PA +
Avro Anson ops w 500 Sqdn R Aux AF PA Cil
does England need an airshow pilot memorial? PA
Polikarpov I-16 rest n NZ, hist CPDA

FlyPast    #245    Dec 2001
Spit IX ML427 at Millennium Point mus, Eng
Hurricane P3395 at Millennium Point mus, Eng
Imp War Mus rest hangar at Duxford, Eng VPA
Vulcan XH558 rest, Eng CPA
Breitling Fighters coll Eng CPA Cpro
Airframe Assemblies (warbird restorers), Eng CPDA
Sunderland T9040 effort to save PA
PT-17 rest N54777 of St. John, US CPA
B-24 crew 5294 war action Cil CPA Cpro
Wellington 1950 training accident PA
Berlin Air Mus hist CPA
DHC Otter hist CPA
B-29 ops n Korean War CP

FlyPast    #244     Nov 2001
Dakota (DC-3) G-AMPO rest plans CPA
Javelin flying mem CA
USN carrier pi trng 1952 mem PA
Freddie Nuttall war deed n a Halifax PA
B-17G "Sally B" (G-BEDF) ops post W2 w USAF & rest CPA Cpros
East Midlands Airport Aeropark, Eng CPA
Javelin survivors CPA
wartime airfields of Leicestershire & Northhamptonshire CPA
transport, training & liaison warbirds n UK CPA
B-24 crew 5294 war deeds Cil CPA
Vulcan navigator ops early 60s mem CPA

FlyPast    #243    Oct 2001
MiG-21MF at Boscombe Down Museum Project, Eng CPDA
Harold Yates (RAF Beaufighter pi) bio CPA
Boxted airfield viewed as a kid, Eng PA
B-25J 43-28059 rest of Kermit Weeks CPDA
Hawker Hunter 50th Anniv fly-in CPA
Republic of Singapore Air Force Mus CPA
Wellington last ops n ETO mem PA
Spit LF.XVIE RW 388 rest n Eng CPDA
Vulcan navigaror early 60s mem CPD CPA

FlyPast    #242    Sep 2001
USN flt trng early 50s mem PA
aviation museums n Yorkshire, Eng CPA
Yorkshire Air Mus, Eng CPA
Museum of Army Transport, Eng CPA
Real Airplane Mus, Eng CPA
Eden Camp mus, Eng CPA
Aeroventure air mus, Eng CPA
Sea Fury rest VR930
Hunter as proto WB 188 rest CPA
DH Sea Vixen Psurv +
Vulcan navigator n early 60s mem PA
John Strawson (Eng BoB ftr pi) bio CPA
EE Lightning pieces of Kevin Petty collection CPDA
Guillermo Brego (B-24 flt eng) war deed PA
B-17G 44-85734 former 5e test bed rest CPDA

FlyPast    #241    Aug 2001
SR-71 64-692 to Imp War Mus CPA
Vulcan rest of Vulcan Operating Company, Eng CPDA
P-51 44-72216 rest of Lamplough CPDA Cpro
Hunters of Classic Jet Ac Co CPD
Hunter rest as proto CPA
Beech D18S G-BKRN rest n Eng CPA
Tom Trimble (Eng RAF desert Tomahawk pi) combat action CPA
airfields WW2 of West Midlands, Eng PA
B-25 Doolittle Raider reunion CPA
Supermarine Swift hist, survivors CPA
Sea Fury rest of John Bagley, US CPA

FlyPast   #240    July 2001
Cradle of Aviation Mus, US CPA
P-2 forest fire tankers of Minden Air CP +
Spit flying n 1944 mem CPA
Ju-88 crash n Eng 1942 PA
Khartoum, Sudan rotting ac CPA
EE Lightning efforts to preserve CPA
Military Helicopters rest ops, Eng CPA
F-86 ops n Korean War CPA
Hunter flying wth 8 Sqdn, RAF mem CPA ca Cpros
Meteor NF.11 flying mem PA
1950s av history CPA
T-33 flying w USAF mem CPA
P-51 44-72216 rest of Lamplough, eng CPA
aviation film activities n Canada CPDA
ac diverting to Switz n W2 CPA
pub n Northumberland av visitors guest list PA
Aerofab ac restorers, Eng CPA
Bristol Bulldog ltpln trnr rest CPDA
Sunderland BOAC flt 1946 mem CPA
PBY forced lndg n Aleutians W2 PA
RAF Coltishall ac restorers CPA

FlyPast    #239     June 2001
SR-71 at Imp War Mus, CPA
Canadair Silver Star (T-33) Mk. 3 21261 rest CPA
Brian Austin (Eng RAF bbr crew) war deeds mem PA
PBY rest of Super Catalina Restoration CPDA
Yak-9UM new-build NX1157H CPA
Gorgi ac models CPA
Spit V wreck at El Alamein mus, Egypt CPDA
Air Training Corps, RAF mem CPA
DH Venom ops in Singapore mem PA
Caernarfon Air Mus, Eng artwork CPA
Burtonwood Air Base, Eng hist CPA
Fred Fray (Stirling flt eng) war deed PA Cpro
W2 airfields of Berkshire, Middlesex & Surrey, Eng PA
Stinson L-5 rest of Frank Huffman N63355 CPDA
ac preserved as gate guards n Venezuela CPA

FlyPast    #238    May 2001
Fleet Air Arm Mus Corsair CPA
PBY VR-BPS rest of Super Catalina Restoration CPA
Bismark sinking, RAF and FAA action PA
Survival Equipment Services, Eng CPDA
RAF Coastal Command ops mem PDA
airfields of WW2 n Eng map
airfields of W2 of Berkshire, Middlesex & Surrey PA
South Korean War Memorial Mus CPA
459th FS P-38 ops n Burma hist CPA Cpro
Miles Mohawk (2e ltpln) at RAF Mus hist CPA
Warwick air-sea rescue mission PA
Sea Fury racers n US today CPA
Vickers Valiant hist Cil CPA

FlyPast    #237    Apr 2001
Lancaster rest taxis for movie n Eng CPA
Do-217 disputed kill by 468 Sqdn, RAF PA
E.E. Lightning rest n Africa Z-BBD of Mike Beachy Head CPDA
P-38 ops w 459th FS, Burma hist CPA
N3N civ rest of Lonnie Autry (US) CPDA
Luftwaffe in Tunisia color pics Cpsurv
273 Sqdn RAF effort to have its badge officially recognized CPDA
Ford Fray (Eng flt eng) career CPA
Kenneth R. Jackson (Eng) RAF flying career CPA
Dandonald Aviation Center (Scotland) CPA
Scotland aviation mus surv CPA
Dumfries and Galloway Av Mus (Scotland) CPA
Montrose Air Station Mus (Scot) CPA
Museum of Flight (Scotland) CPA
Historic Aircraft Collection airshow ops CPA
recent air memorials n Eng CPA
Pyote Army Airfield, TX (USA) hist CPA

FlyPast    #236    March 2001
Il-2 wreckovery n Hungary CPA
Jack French (RAF mechanic) mem PA
Westland Lysander hist PA
Mosquito raid on Germ cargo ship CPA
Mosquito w 57mm Molins gun PA
C-47 ops n Korean War CPA
Arthur Gilbert (RAF fitter) mem bio CPA
Hawker Sea Fury racers CPA
Malta Av Museum CPDA
Michael Leonard Hayes (Royal Navy pi) bio PA
Pyote Army Air Field (US bbr trng base) hist CPA
EE Lightning rest in US CPDA
B-24 rest at Imp War Mus CPDA
Dambusters Inn (pub dedicated to 617 Sqdn raid on dams), Eng CPA
TBM-3E Avenger rest of Danny Summers CPDA

FlyPast    #235 Feb 2001
Malta Aviation Mus status CPA
P-47 wreckovery n North Caro CPA
273 Sqdn RAF hist Cil PA
Goodyear FG-1D (F4U-1D) rest of Dieckman, US CPDA
B-24D 40-2367 1942 crash n Alaska
B-24 survivors CPA
B-24 cockpit rest CPDA
Arthur Gilbert (Eng ac fitter) bio PA
Beech C-45H 51-11701 G-BSZC "Southern Comfort" CPDA
Beech C-45 remanufacturing program n USAF CPA
DH Mosquito of Soviets PA
W2 airfields in Northwest UK hist PA
P-61 rest of Mid-Atlantic Air Mus CPDA
RAF n India 1946 Psurv +
Bristol Beaufort building n Australia hist PA
Beaufort rest n Australia CPA
Croydon Airport, Eng hist CPA

FlyPast    #234    Jan 2001
ouglas F4D Skyray Psurv A
Meteor 8 flying n 50s w 41 Sqdn mem PA
Me-262 modern newbuilds CPDA
P-47 war mem w RAF n Burma PA
Spit F.21 LA198 rest n Eng CPDA
Spit I K9942 rest at Medway, Eng CPDA
Darkhorse 16 collection (Viet War helis US) CPDA
RAF Mus restore center, Eng CPA
Museum of Flying (USA) collection of Brit ac CPA
National Warplane Mus (Eng) CPDA
376th FS war ops n Eng WW2 hist PA Cil
Ken Brain (Eng Typhoon pilot) bio CPA
flt trng at Booker, Bucks, Eng mem PA

FlyPast    #233    Dec 2000
Spit Tr.IX PB202 G-TRIX crash report CPA
Spit Tr. IX ML407 rest of Grace hist (Eng) CPA
Reno air races desc CPA
Blenheim flying n desert war mem CPA
Westwood Airfield, Eng pre W2 Psurv +
HP Hastings support ops for Brit a bomb tests mem PA
Caernarfon Air Mus, Wales CPA
Restorations Unlimited, Eng CPA
So Afri AF ops n Korean War CPA
Millennium Collection spits for sale
Croydon Airport Visitor Center CPA
DC-4 w So Afri Aw Hist Flt CPDA
Spit & Hurri replica models becoming popular CPA
J.A. Berly (B-17 radio op) war dia CPA
Do-17 ops against Beaufighters Cpro CPA
collecting flying clothing & equipment CPA

FlyPast    #232    Nov 2000
Avro Vulcan proto testing mem PA
PBY VP-BPS recent final flight CPDA
Goodyear FG-1 rest of Paul Morgan CPDA
P-51s flown n movies CPA
Kevin Edingborough (Eng air gunner n RAF Venturas) bio PA
Amy Johnson and "Mr. X" alleged copilot on solo flts (Eng) bio PA Cil
John Lowery (Eng air gunner 1950 mem) PA
56th O T U Hurricane trng ops w RAF Sutton Bridge hist CPA
Windmill Aviation ops (Eng) hist status CPA
National Defense Park collection (China) CPA
Aviation Exposition (China) CPA
BofB 60th Anniv commem CPA

FlyPast    #272 (that’s what the cover says)    Oct 2000
HA-112 rest of Kindsvater n US CPA
Aeroventure DOncaster mus, Eng CPA
Swiss AF Mus status CPA
B-24 US gunner n SoPacf mem PA
J.A. Berly (B-17 gunner) war dia CPA
Kenneth Edingborough (RAF Wellington gunner) bio CPA
RAF Sutton Bridge airfield n BoB PA
Spit Tr. IX PT462 G-CTIX) of Dragon Flight, Eng hist CPA
collecting pre-war aviation cigarette cards DPA
Mitsubishi G4M hist PA
Boulton Paul P.111 Delta hist PA
RF-101C ops w 66th Wing USAFE hist CPA
Auster I rest LB264 n Eng CPDA

FlyPast    #229    Sep 2000
CAC Winjeel (Australia trnr) hist rest CPDA
F-94B ops n Korean War CPDA
P-38 hist CPD ca
P-38 trng ops w 82d FG USAAAF n Northern Ireland CPA
PV-2 rest w CAF Wisconsin Wing hist CPDA
David Siebeer (Australia ops as gunner w USAAF) bio PA
Ernest Tuttle (Eng flt eng on Halifax) war hist bio PDA
Fleet Air Arm Mus (Yeovilton Eng) CPA
BofB Memorial near Folkestone, Eng status CPA
Branzett Aeronautical Mus (Eng) CPA
aviation memorials surv CPA
Sutton Bridge, Eng Hurricane trng ops PA
Hawkinge airfield (Eng) preservation efforts hist CPA
airfield survey of Kent, Eng PA

FlyPast    #228    Aug 2000
Vulcan B.2 XH558 rest effort CPDA
B-29 survivors today CPA
RF-101C ops w USAFE 66th Wing CPA
Spit II P7350 hist CPDA
John Admundsen (Eng) restoration activities bio CPA
Palm Springs Air Mus (US) CPA
Newark Air Mus (Eng) cockpit collection CPDA
RAF high speed launch HSL.108 rescue boat incident PA
early night fighter ops PA

FlyPast    #228 (That’s what the cover says)    July 2000
B-29s flying today rest CPDA
Tiger Moths rests n progress in Johannesburg, Africa CPDA
Hawker Hunter air combat trng n Pakistan 1971 mem CPA
F-86 rest as "Mig Mad Marine" CPDA
Sunderland flying post W2 mem PA
E.H. Turtle (Eng flt eng on Halifaxes) mem CPA
Wellington Aviation historic collection (Eng) CPA
Aerospace Exhibition Center, Teheran, Iran CPA
Deutsches Mus, Germ CPA
Fleet Air Arm traffic control ops mem PA
US volunteer flt trng n Canada before Dec 7 41 PA
C-47s used in making movies Band of Brothers CPA

FlyPast   #227    June 2000
TBM-3E 53454 N7030C rest n Wisconsin CPA
Lancaster PA474 rest of Memorial Flt status CPA
BAe Strikemaster ex Saudi AF at Duxford Eng mus COA
Bristol Blenheim IV rest Duxford, Eng CPD
Norman Lees (Eng warbd pilot) obit CPA
Alan Bedford (USN aviator) ops n Korean War mem PA
FW-190 new-build replis CPDA
RAF ops n Burma against Ki-46 PA
Ken Ellis (Eng av artist) CPA
RAF Apprentice School, Halton Eng Psurv
Aero L-29 Delfin rest n Eng CPDA
Flying Legends a s n Eng CPA
Sun’n’Fun f-i n Florida CPA
David Vernon (Eng pilot W2) mem PA
Peter Gimson (Eng Spit PRU pilot) loss n W2 PA
Stillwater, OK airfield 1946 and today’s museum CPA
Blackburn Beverely hist CPA
Aircraft Restoration Co., Duxford, Eng CPA

FlyPast    #226    May 2000
estland Dragonfly heli WG751 CPA
Spit PR.IX PL965 rest CPDA
Fleet Air Arm Mus status CPA
Beaufighter ferry flt 1944 CPA Dil
Bf-109 wreckovery n Poland CPDA
George Checketts (Blenheim crew) bio Cil PA
Repeat Aircraft (restorers, US) CPA
Shuttleworth Collection status CPA
DH-114 Heron Psurv CPA
air kill of Germ sub U-966 PA
Eden Camp Mus, Eng CPA
RAF ops n Middle East n 50s mem CPA
Meteor night fighters CPA Cpros ca
WW2 airfields n Hereford & Worchester PA
warbird dealing with Russia CPA
144th FS, CA ANG display refurbishment CPA
B-17C trans-Pac ferry CPA
Spitfire & Hurricane Memorial, Kent, Eng CPA

FlyPast    #225    Apr 2000
Blenheim aircrew member appreciates the airplane mem CPA
B-24 USAAF crash n Scotland wreckovery today CPA
SBD hist, survivors CPA
D.558I rest today CPD A
Constellation n India to be restored CPD
Thruxton Jackaroo rest C-FPHZ CPDA
"Bunny" Evans (Eng) Wellington tail gunner final mission bio CPA
Jackson Barracks Military Mus (US) PA
BOAC ops to Johannesburg mem PA
Sussex Chailey Advanced Landing Ground hist CPA Cpro
82nd Sqdn RAF ops with Thor missiles CPA
Classic Jet Ac Ass’n (US) CPD A
Croydon Airport (Eng) early 30s Psurv
collecting air mail stamps Cil A
Spitfire It K9942 rest by reverse engineering CPDA

FlyPast    #224 March 2000
Blenheim IV G-BKGL rest n Eng CPA
MiG-17 rest NX117BR of Reesman CPDA
Herington Army Airfield hist US CPA
Boeing Washington (RAF B-29) Psurv
US Army liaison strips n Eng n W2 hist CPA
air ops n Nigeria and Biafra civ war hist CPA
Ryan PT-20 rest of Mairani N14984 CPA
Lancaster X cpit CP
Pakistan AF Mus CPA
Spit I X4493 wreckovery n Germ CPA
B-17G rest "Sentimental Journey" CPA
torpedo bbg ops in Vildebeests & Swordfish mem
Harvard combat against Kenya revolution memCpro PA
airline ops n Burma n 30s PA
ops with Bristol Bombays w 216 Sqdn mem PA
is it smart to keep flying precious warbirds? CPA
Bell P-59 rest at Planes of Fame, US CPDA
Jaguar rest GR.1 XX765at RAF Mus Cosford, Eng CPDA
Cosford Airfield exp jets CPA

FlyPast    #223    Feb 2000
Ju-88 shoot down over Eng Apr 44 PA
Mitsu A6M hist rest CPD A ca Cpros
Ki-46 hist CPA
P-51D 44-63663 N41749 (US) CPDA
Soko G-2A n Eng CPA
Soko P-2 Kraguj (recip sbs lw trnr) n Eng PA
UTVA-66 (Yugoslav hw liais) n Eng CPA
Paul Klipisch death n Spit 1 n Bat of France wreckovery CPA
RAF Cardington Rest Center moves CPA
Luft raids on Eng 1944 PA
Fleet Air Arm ops n Far East 1931-32 Psurv
airfields of North England n W2 PA map
Thompson Trophy Races hist after W2 CPA
American Airpower Mus collection of nose art CPA
Shadetree Aviation (US) Ya-9U-Ms newbuild CPDA
Japanese warbirds preserved n Japan survivors list CPA

FlyPast    #222     Jan 2000
Royal Saudi AF Mus CPA
F6F flying w Fleet Air Arm me CPA
Hinstock Eng Roy Nav airfield hist PA
F-86 ops w 81st FIS USAF n Eng Cpro CPA
Boulton Paul Aircraft Heritage Project CPA
Boulton & Paul P.6 P & model CPDA
French Naval Av Mus CPA
av figurines of John Wincentzen (Eng) CPA
Confederate AF today CPDA
Freddie Deeks (RAF Eng) War 2 deeds bio CPA
P-51 first Israel AF sortie CPA
late 30s RAF bbrs Psurv
Classique Aero Service, France CPA
Constellation ops with Federal Av Admin US CPA
Westland Whirlwind heli ops w 846 Sqdn Roy Nav n 60s PA
EE Lightning T.5 ZU-BBD rest n So Afri CPA

FlyPast    #221    Dec 1999
Swordfish rebuilt by BAe CPDA
Hunter G-HHUN crash report CPA
Hawker Fury ferrying to Iraq mem CPDA
Mark Hanna (Eng warbird pi) obit bio CPA
anti-forest fire ops n Calif CPA
Lancaster attacks on the Tirpitz PA
training Bom Com radio operators humor Cil A
Boscombe Down Mus status CPA
Phantom FG.1 at BDM CPD
Beagle 206 G-FLYP hist CPDA
Gorgi Models aviation archive CPA
Goodyear F2G-1 N5588N rest of Bob Odegard CPDA
lightplanes of popular British stars CCPA
Brazil National Aviatiom Mus CPA
P-26 rest n KY CPA
Martin Baker MB-5 repli n Nevada CPA
air supply dropping n Burma mem CPA

FlyPast    #220    Nov 1999
Avro Vulcan attempts to fly again XH558 CPDA
P-39 ops n New Gunea PA
Catalina cutaway display at Nav Air Mus, CPA
A-26 CPAD A ca Cpro
A-26 clandestine ops against Germ Cil PA
C-124 survivors hist CPA
Nanchang CJ-6A rest CPD A
Sikorsky S-55 ops w 846 Sqdn RAF
airfields of "Mid-Shires" Eng map PA
Ulster Aviation Heritage Centre (Eng) CPA
Randolph AFB Heritage Park ac on display CPA
RAF disposal documents n 1946 CPA
Airfield Construction Service (RAF 1939-1946) PA

FlyPast    #219    Oct 1999
Lancaster hist PA
B-17G rest of Collings Foundation CPDA
B-24 rest of Collings Foundation CPDA
B-24 ball turret gunner mem CPA
DH Venom Psurv
DC-3 ops today of Saber Air (US) CPA
C-123 hist
Fokker C.IV repli at Owl’s Head Mus (US) CPA
Gloster Meteor ferry flt to Israel mem CPA
P-38H wreck to Australia CPA
P-51 rest surv PA
Wellington flyng mem PA
Jimmy Duncan (Eng Beaufighter pilot) bio CPA
8th AF bbr mkgs & bases Cil PA
North Weald Airfield Mus (Eng) CPA
Vintage Ac Rest Co, Aurora, OR USA CPA
North Yorkshire Ac Recovery Centre (Eng) CPA
search for mil ac crashes in USA CPA
warbirds recovered from modern Burma CPA

FlyPast    #218    Sep 1999
RAF Mus Duxford activity CPA
Dakota ops w 96 Sqdn n SEA PA
Bristol Brabazon hist PA
T-28 Fennec rest of Martin Willing N14113
T-28 hist CPA
Museo Dell Aviazione, Italy CPA
Hawker Hurricane hist, survivors CPA ca
making movie Battle of Britain CPA
Gloster Gladiators n Luftwaffe service PA
Avro 707 hist CPA
Fred Olivi "Bockscar" copi CPDA interv
Hurricane XII rest of Museum Of Flying US CPDA
DC-3 of Canadaian Warpln Heri CPDA

FlyPast    #217    Aug 1999
DC-31 N4565L of 390th BG Memorial & Air Mus, Eng CPDA
Il-2 wreckovery n Hungary CPA
Spit XVI G-MXVI rest as "Fargo Express" CPA
W2 airfields of Oxfordshire, Bucks, Bbeds & Herts PA
flying Dakotas w RAF n SEA W2 mem PA
B-17G of Yankee Air Force 44-85829 hist CPA
Science Museum, Wroughton, Eng CPDA
F8F hist, survivors CPA ca Cil Cpros CPA
F8F r "Conquest I" 3v
Garry Nowell (RAF BoFrance ace) bio PA
Ray Shillinglaw (RAF FE.2b pi) 100th bday bio CPA
Diverse Images models (Eng) ops CPA
Hunter WB188 hist CPA
Horsa & Hamilcar ops PA
Vimy repli flt to So Afri CPA
Rangemaster H (upgraded Navion) CPA
Museum of Flight, US CPA

FlyPast    #216    July 1999
Hunters of Singapore purchased by Geoff Moesker CPA
P-51 flyin at Kisimmee, FL CPA
RAF race to Paris n July 1959 PA
Cessna L-19 rest G-PDOG n Eng CPDA
Delta Air Lines Mus, US CPA
BAC Strikemaster rest n So Afri CPDA
Australia AF ops n SEA 1945 – 1995 CPA
Pete Perry (RAF Army co-op pi) CPA bio
Bob Davies (Eng RAF) close calls PA bio
problems setting up a war mem n Eng CPA
Waco Hadrian (CG-4A) hist CPA
WW2 ops room at Digby, Eng CPA
DH-106 Comet Psurv + & survivors CPA
Palais de Cinquantenaire, Belgium CPA
Canadian ac saved from smelter by Wes Agnew CPA
Utterly Butterly wingwalkers, Eng CPA

FlyPast    #215    June 1999
Hunter T.7 XL572 of Yorkshire Air Mus, Eng CPA
P-47M ops w 56th FG PA
HP Victor survivors CPDA
Constellations today CPA
Fleet Air Arm Mus plans CPA
Jeremy Whitehouse av artist Eng CPA
Bristol Bulldog G-ABBB rest at RAF Mus hist CPDA
Commonwealth Mustang rest n Australia CPA
CAC-built Mustang survivors outside Australia A
Australia AF ops n SEA 1945-1995 CPA
Liberator rest n Australia CPDA
HP Herald rest, ops w Channel Express CPDA
Airspeed Hotspur hist PA
Bomber Defense Trng Flt at Hixon airfield, Eng PA
Lysander rest at Old Timers rest group, Eng CPA
B-17F 41-24521 "Black Jack" under Pacific exploring CPA
F4B of Planes of Fame Mus CPDA
P-26 of Planes of Fame Mus CPDA

FlyPast    #214    May 1999
Blackburn Buccaneer civ rest ZU-AVI n SoAfri CPD A
Douglas B-26 Invader ops w USAFE PA Cpros Cil
Canberra VN799 Cpro CPD A ca Cil
Canberra test bed flying mem CPDA
EE Lightning civ rest n So Afri CPA
FW-190 night intruder op 1943 PA
F7F hist survivors CPDA
OV-10 rest of Yankee AF CPD
Stirling flying with ATA (Eng) PA mem
SB2U to National Av Air Mus CPD A
Wellington raid on Dusseldorf mem PA
US ac still in Vietnam CPA
Air Transport Aux flying mem (Eng) PA
North East Aircraft Mus (Eng) after fire CPA
rotting ac n Ethiopia CPA
French mili av n 1914 Psurv PA

FlyPast   #213    Apr 1999
Hunter of Hunter Restoration Flight CPA
Martin Baker ac co mem PA
Bf-109F-4 rest n Eng CPA
Nord Noratlas rest CPA
P-47 SoPac combat flt with a duck aboard PA
Saab J-29 hist CPA
Sunderland RAF post W2 ops PDA
Cuban Air Force Mus CPA
Indian Naval Aviat Mus CPA list
Hooton Park (England) airfield hist CPA
Cinema Air Et Center warbirds (US) CPA
experimental ac testing n 50s mem CPA
Civil Aviation Authority, Eng CPA
Palembang refinery strikes n Sumatra PA

FlyPast    #212    March 1999
Victor Talpa ac coll Latvia CPA
PBY-5A VP-BPS crash report, Eng CPA
Gee Bee R-1 & SportsterA replis n US CPA
US classic era racer survivors today CPA
food relief drops to Netherlands 1945 PA
Shackleton hist, survivors CPDA
Shackleton rest of Air Atlantique WL790 CPA
RAF experimental flying in 50s mem PA
Early Birds Coll, Netherlands CPA
Panshanger airfield, Eng hist status PA
ac decoy making n Eng W2 CPA
Venom first launch of air to air miss PA
Grum Mallard HS-TPA to Canada
Indian AF Mus CPA
National Museum of Naval Aviation, Pensacola US CPA

FlyPast     #211    Feb 1999
Supermarine Aero Engineering ac restorers Eng CPA
Lancaster cockpit rest of Jeremy Hall, Eng CPDA
P-40E wreckovery n Alaska Cpro CPA
Supermarine Spiteful how it was named PA
RAF Volunteer Reserve service mem PA
Westland Lysander mods PA
Westland Lysander air gunner mem PA
Westland Lysander survivors today CPA
Cierva C.30 rests n Eng CPA
Morane D-3801 (Switz upgrade of 406) rest n Switz CPDA
Indonesia Rebel Air Force ops PA
W2 airfields of Lincolnshire, Eng
Boeing B-50A Psurv
Vickers Valetta ops n Aden mem PA
Roy Chadwick (Eng ac designer) death of PA
Constellation & Starliner survivors CPA
Freeman Field (US) captured Luft ac ops CPA
Sikorsky S-38 rest of SC Johnson flt to Rio reenactment CPA
Rumanian National Military Mus ac CPA

FlyPast   #210    Jan 1999
Imp War Mus Duxford status CPA
Rolls-Royce Viper jet engine hist CPA ca
Howard 500 hist, survivors CPA
Douglas Boston (A-20) retirement from Australia AF PA
T-28 N228MC rest of William Jesse CPDA
CASA 352 (Junkers Ju-52) of Confed AF CPA
Meteor F.8 ejection mem PA
Indonesia Rebel AF ops mem PA
P-40 survivors CPA
Airframe Assemblies, Eng ac restorers CPA
B-17 nose art artist Anne Hayward w 385th BG (Eng) PA
F9F ops n Korean War mem CPA
Walter Krupinski (Germ ace) bio PA
Mosquito survivors CPA ca Cil
Dunkswell, Eng USN airfield hist PA
A6M restoration projects CPDA
Martin B-26 w So Afri AF ops, final sortie mem PA
Columbia (South America) AF Mus CPA
Ecuador AF Mus CPA
Peru AF Mus CPA

FlyPast    #209     Dec 1998
Hurricane IIC LF363 rest w BoB Mem Flt CPDA
EE Lightning cockpit survivors n UK CPDA
BV-138 downed by Marlet PA
Hunter flying at airshows CPDA
Shackleton ops mem CPDA
B-17 Aphrodite ops PA
Yankee Air Force coll (US) CPA
RAF ops from Oman n 60s CPA
B-25 flying w USAAF n MTO mem PA
RAF Christmas menu cards CPA
Spit Tr.9 ML407 of Grace CPA
Bomber Command hist key elements CPA
Swordfish ops n W2 mem PA
F9F Panther ops n Korean War CPDA
Imp War Mus Duxford workshop CPA

FlyPast    #208    Nov 1998
Lancaster hist ca Cil PA
Blenheim ops n West Desert Afri w 84 Sqdn hist PA
DH Vampire flight across Atlantic 1948 PA
Fairchild PT-26 rest n Cnada CPD A
Swordfish ops n W2 mem PA
Gloster Gamecock repli (Eng) CPD A
Hunting Provost hist CPD A
Spit XIV equip w skis to fly back to base from snow forced landing PA
Surtees Elliott (Eng RAF fitter early W2) bio PA
Kalamazoo Air Zoo CPA list
Royal Canadian AF Memorial Museum CPDA list
Farnboro Air Show hist PA
RAF bbg Germ analysed PA

FlyPast    #207    Oct 1998
Lancaster of Can Warpl Her Cpsurv A
Vulcan survivors CPD A
Catalina of Plane Selling Ltd (Eng) sinks CPA
Swordfish flying mem CPA
Hawker Typhoons of 609 Sqdn RAF PDA
Ventura ops w VP-142 mem PA
P-47 rests of WestPac Resotation (US) CPDA
Westland Dragonfly (heli) rests n Eng CPA
Lysander rest n Canada CPDA
609 Sqdn RAF (Typhoons) hist PDA
ac cockpits of Terrington Aviation Collection CPDA
airfields of Yorkshire, Eng W2 map PA
Weeks Air Mus, FL hurricane damage CPDA
RAF bbg Germ efforts analysed PA
RAF ops n Mesopotamia & India n 20s/30s PA
RAF & RN ops from Aden (Middle East) in 50s CPA

FlyPast    #206    Sep 1998
Liberator rest flt < India > Eng & survivors CPA
Hispano HA-1112M Buchon CPA ca
Max Holste Broussard hist CPA
Bf-109 hist survivors CPA Cpros
PV-1 Ventura flying w VB-142 mem PA
R A ustralia AF squadrons PA Cil
Bert Horton (Eng recce Spit & Meteor pilot) bio mem PA
Canadian Warplane Heritage mus CPDA list
Ftont Line Aviation Mus (Eng) CPA list
Berlin Airlift hist PA
RAF bbg ops against Germ n W2 analyzed PA

FlyPast    #205    Aug 1998
Difiant top air gunner Fred Barker PA
PBY rest N7179Y n MN damaged by tornado CPA
Liberator rest flt India to UK CPA
DH Vampire Atlantic crossing 1948 Psurv
Tempest I hist PA
Tempest survivors A
Max Holste Broussard rest hist CPA
Me-262 new builds at Texas Airplane Factory, US CPDA
Fred Barker (Eng Defiant gunner) bio PA
Eifel Air av mus Germ CPA list
airfields of Cambridgeshire n W2 CPA map
cockpit preservations n Eng CPDA
RAF night bbg in W2 analyzed PA
RAF Heraldry Trust Cil A
Berlin Airlift mem PA

FlyPast    #204    July 1998
Bf-109G-2 G-USTV "Black 6" accident report CPDA
Berlin Airlift hist PA
maintaining RAF ac n Berlin Airlift mem PA
RP-63 target ops PA Dil
L-39 rests NX139PM & NX139TB CP
466th BG bombs Switz railyard 1945 hist PA
Fed Barker (Defiant gunner) bio PA
Spit PR.1 ca
Spitire flyin n Eng CPDA
DH 89 Rapide hist ops fleet operators PA
W2 airfields of Essex, Eng PA
25th FIS ops n Korean War CPA

FlyPast    #203    June 1998
DC-3 NC28341 rest of Delta Al PA
Wright Flyer model sold at auction CPA
Stuart Sloan (RAF Wellington bombardier) war deed bio CPA
Japanese homeland defense ops 1944-45 CPA
Sunderland ops w 230 Sqdn n Far East mem PA
RAF radar mechanic n early 50s mem PA
Harvard rests n Canada CPDA
Harvard ops against Mau Maus n Kenya PA mem
T-6 rests today CPDA
South Afri Av Corps n SW Afri 1915 ops PA
McCarthy Aviation ac restorers, Eng CPDA
Rolls-Royce Merlin engine hist CPA
Westland Whirlwind mission of George Wood PA
American dive bombers desired by museums CPA
Malaysia AFM CPA

FlyPast    #202    May 1998
B-17 survivors list CPA ca Cpros Cil
B-52 hist CPA
Beaufighter ops w RAAF late 40s mem PA
B-24 early ops w 108 Sqdn RAF & crasn n Ireland PA
Fleet Model 8 rest n US CPDA
Fort Trimotor of Planes of Fame Grand Canyon Mus CPDA
C-123 hist and survivors today CPDA
He-111 crash n Ireland W2 PA
Hunter ops w 66 Sqdn RAF Psurv
Stirling tail gunner mem PA
Spitfires RAF ops on Poland soil at end of W2 PA
NASM restoration projects today CPDA
Jap Army AF ftr ops n home defense PA

FlyPast    #201     April 1998
Vulcan XL426 of Vulcan Restoration Trust CPDA
BAT FK-23 Bantam (Eng bip ftr proto 1918) pres today CPD A
SBD recovered from Lake Michigan rest CPDA
EE Canberra civ WK163 flying today CPA
C-123 hist, ops today CPA
P-47 survivors today CPA list
Spitfire milestones hist CPA
ickers Vicking pres n Pakistan PA
Bill Perry (End Dakota pilot W2) bio CPA
Israel AF Project Mayfair Dragon Rapides PA list
257 Sqdn RAF ftr ops n ETO Psurv
Aviodome Museum, Netherlands list PAflight observer n RAF late W2 PA
Napier Sabre (Eng engine) hist CPA

FlyPast     #200     March 98
Tomahawk flt under Eng bridge PA
Douglas A-1 hist, survivors Cpros ca CPA
Sea Fury WH588 rest flying pirep CPD A
Ken Fern (Eng) propeller carver CPA
Ivan Kozhedub (Soviet ace W2) CPA
12 Sqdn Vulcan ops n 60s mem Psurv
airfields of Suffolk, Eng n W2 CPA map
Castle Air Mus, Calif CPA list
Imperial Aviation Group (Eng airfield restorers) CPA
RAF flight test observer 40s mem PA

FlyPast    #199     Feb 1998
Spit hist CPA
USAAF memorials n Eng CPA
B-52 instructor days mem PA
Pride Aircraft Co. ac restorers, US CPA
Lancaster test beds PA
Sea Hurrricane of Hawker Restorations Ltd. CPDA
Hurricane survivors CPA
RAF secret Special Survey ops before W2 PA
RAF flight test observer days mem PA
SBD hulks at National Mus of Nav Av CPDA
Vickers Valiant Psurv
ac gate guards n US CPA

FlyPast     #198    Jan 1998
DH Comet IV XS235 last flt CPA
Mosquito TT.35 TH992 last flight PA
DH Vampire rest at Bournemouth Airport (Eng) CPDA
DH Venom rest at Bournemouth Airport (Eng) CPDA
Grumman F9F Panther hist survivors CPDA
Stirling Pathfinder crew story CPA
Spit V unauthorsed flt by Greggs Faris (Eng) n Italy mem PA
airfields n East Anglia, Eng CPA map
Hellenic Air Force Mus , Greece CPA list
Central Gunnery School (Eng) mem PA
aircraft wreckovery efforts n Rhodesia PA

FlyPast    #197    Dec 1997
Beagle Bassets preserved n Eng CPD A
Bf-109G G-USTV rest crash n Eng CPA
Stinson L-5 42-99465 rest CPDA
Spit V unauthorised flt by Greggs Faris (Eng) n Italy mem PA
Roberts Dunstan (Australia 1-leg gunner n RAF) bio PA
Chinese AF Air Mus today CPA
ac wrecks underwater near Jaluit Island So Pac CPA
getting relics of X-planes crashes n Mojave desert US CP
Central Gunnery School (Eng) mem CPA
RAF Christmas menus PA
RAF Christmas postcards CPA
USN submarine rescues of airmen off Japan coast PA
Courtesy Aircraft (US warbird restorer) CPA

FlyPast    #196    Nov 1997
Spit VB BL614 rest to RAF Mus CPDA
defunct Wales Ac Mus ac abandoned CPA
Canberra rest WK163 CPA
HP Hampden rest of Nicholls, Enc CPA
205 Group RAF ops n Warsaw airlift PA CprosS
air combat ops from Iceland PA
B-25J 44-28938 NL7946C rest of Newman, US CPDA
RAF Coastal Command anti U-boat ops PA
Rolls-Royce Heritage Trust engine mus, Eng CPA
320 Maintenance Unit at RAF Drigh Road, Krachi, India PA
F-86s still flying today CPDA
ac ops from Iceland PA
DH Chipmunk rests, ops at Duxford
King’s Cup air race, Eng CPA
B-17G 44-85790 "Lacey’s Bomber"former gas station attraction to be rest CPA

FlyPast    #195    Oct 1997
Boulton Paul Defiant hist, survivors CPA
HP Hampden hist PDA
Gerry Osborne (Eng Blenheim pilot) bio CPA
Pierce McKennon rescue of George Green in a P-51, ETO PA
Steve Ritchie (US) interv CPA
American Air Mus, Eng opens CPA
King’s Cup Air Race hist PA
Moorabbin Air Mus, Australia status CPA
10th Tac Recon Wing ops n Europe n 50s PA

FlyPast    #194    Sep 1997
Avro York rest G-ANTK CPDA
Grumman Goose ops n Alaska CPA
Hurricane rest of Steve Milnthorpe (Eng) CPD A
Germ ac evaluated by Soviets PA
Battle of Britain Memorial Flight CPA
Elizabeth Clay (Eng Map Officer w 76 & 78 Sqdns RAF) bio mem PA
10th Tac Recon Wing USAF ops n Post war Europe PA
Operation Dodger (RAF return of troops < Italy) PA
WW2 airflelds & landing grounds n England list PA

FlyPast    #193    Aug 1997
Beaufighter combat n Burma w 177 Sqdn RAF mem PA
Bristol Sycamore (heli) hist, survivors CPA
PBY rest visits Bahamas CPA
Swordfish combat against Germ navy Nov 1941 PA
Constellation Historical Society Super Connie N73544 CPA
Flying Tiger Warbird Rest Mus, FL US CPD A
RAF Duxford Mus status CPDA
RAF ops n Mesopotamia n 20s Psurv A
ac wreckovered fom Lake Michigan CPD A
DeHavilland Aviation Ltd (ac restorers Eng) CPD A
flying air reinforcement ferries to Middle East mem PA
post W2 RAF flt trng n prop ac mem PA
Germ ac tested by Soviets n W2 PA

FlyPast    #192    July 1997
Fiat G.55 Centauro rest n Italy CPDA
North American Navion hist PA
RAF Aircraft Delivery Unit Middle East ops mem PA
Arado Ar-196 hist PA
Fantasy of Flight Mus, US CPA
Grumman J2F-6 rest of MoF N1214N CP
Vickers Wellesley wheels up landing n Egypt PA
plastic model airplane kit revival PA
Spit VIII ops w 155 Sqdn CBI hist Cil AP
Vickers Valetta (2e trans) hist PA
P-38 Droopsnoot ops hist PA
Vought F7U –3 rest to fly? CPDA

FlyPast     #191    June 1997
DH Vampire display teams PA
Douglas C-124 hist survivors CPA
C-133 hist, survivors CPA
P-38 droop snoot hist PA
Seafire combat flying war diary PA
airfields of SW England hist map PA
Bob Bell (Eng) downed n Italy, repatriated bio PA
683 Sqdn RAF post W2 recon ops Psurv
Library of Flight (Eng) ac coll CPA
W2 ac wrecks under water near Solomon Islands CPA

FlyPast    #190    May 1997
B-17E/C-108 rest CPA
Boulton Paul Balliol hist PA
Bristol Beaufort wreckovery, rest n Australia CPA
DH Vampire display tteams hist PA
PV-2 of Confed AF CPDA
Miles Martinet MS902 rest CPA
Short Singapore ops w RNZAF PA
Seafire combat ops mem PA
Spit gate guards surv PA
Percy Hatfield (Eng flybt pilot W2) bio CPA
Library of Flight (Eng) ac dispersal to other collections CPA
classic transports rests n So Africa CPD A

FlyPast    #189    Apr 1997
Blackburn Beverley need to preserve PA
Vickers Valetta recent loss to fire PA
Ralph K. Hofer (US ftrpi) bio PA
Westland Whirlwind heli ops n Suez crisis PA
P-40E AK803/1034 rest n Canada hist CPDA
Fairey Gannet T.5 XT752 N752XT in US hist CPA
Spit gate guards in past PA
obscure Brit av mysteries PA
Swordfish fltpln ops as night fighter ops PA
MiG-21 rest n US of Kirlin CPDA pirep
No. 3 Long Range Ferry Unit RAF ops n 50s Psurv
Roy Jerman (Eng) ac parts collector CPA
NASA X-planes history CPA

FlyPast    #188    March 1997
DH Dove hist rest CPA
Do-217 decoyed and shot down 1941 PA map
Hurricane rest PZ865 of Britain Memorial Flt pirep CPD A
Tempest II forced landing n Egerm post W2 mem PA
Ralph Graham (nt ftr radar opr) flying mem CPA bio
Ran Ronen (Israel jet ace) bio CPA
evaluating Axis ac PA
X-planes hist CPA
early British airliners hist AP

FlyPast     #187     Feb 1997
Avro Manchester hist PA
EE Lightning phase out of RAF, survivors CPA
Grumman Widgeon rest N67867 CPA
Constellation derelect n Bolivia CPA
Baltimores w RAF ops n Battle of El Alamein PA
Wellington rest today CPD A
Herman Goering remembered mem PA
451 Sqdn RAF ops Oct 8 1943 mem PA
airfields of SW Eng map PA hist
USAAF spotter ops n Battle of Bulge PA
Fenland Aviation Preservation Society (Eng) CPA
X-plane survivors CPA
evaluating Axis ac n Eng PA

FlyPast    #186     Jan 1997
Shackleton ops w 224 Sqdn Psurv
Blackburn Roc hist
EE Lightning, phaseout of RAF CPDA
USAAF spotter ops n Battle of Bulge PA
Sweden AF hist CPA
Herman Goering remembered mem PA
Dickie Gunning (Eng Havoc pilot) bio CPA
asdRAF Heraldry Trust CPA

FlyPast    #185    Dec 1996
Richard Playne Stevens (RAF Hurri ntftrpi) bio Cpro PA
Sweden AF hist CPA
Imperial Airways trans-ocean hist PA
DHC Beaver rest of Ochadlick (US) CPDA
Lancaster tour of US n 1946 PA
Spitfire Tr.IX rest of Grace CPA
Westland Wyvern hist CPA
Stirling EF187 combat loss PA
W2 airfields of SW Eng
airband radio use today
Hurricane ops w Soviet AF PA
RAF Millom Mus CPA

FlyPast    #184    Nov 1996
Mosquito NF.II HJ711 rest rollout N Eng CPA
Grumman Hu-16 Albatross N4WT rest hist CPDA
Halifax wreckovery CPDA
Halifax rest n Eng CPDA
Tempest ops in 1944 mem PA
Typhoon ops w 197 Sqdn RAF mem Cil PA
Dennis Bebbington (Eng Desert AF pilot) bio CPA
66 Sqdn RAF (heli unit n Far East) hist Psurv
Defence Services Mus at Yangon Myanmar (Burma) CPA list
RAF Mus Hendon status CPA
North Weald RAF airfield hist CPA
listening to aviation radio communications n Eng CPA

FlyPast     #183     Oct 1996
B-24 ops w RAF n India mem PA
DH Queen Bee hist PA
H Sea Vixens preserved CPA hist
Kawanishi N1K Shiden/Shiden-Kai CPA hist
Saunders Roe ac designs hist CPA
George Unwin memories of B of B (Eng) CPA
Mauripur (RAF base in Far East) mem PA
RAF North Weald airfield hist PA
ac preserved n Kuwait CPA
early British airliners PA

FlyPast    #182    Sep 1996
P-38J 42-67543 of The Fighter Col accident report CPA
Island Aeroplane Company Mus (Eng) CPA
Chipmunk hist CPDA
Fairey Flycatcher repro hist CPDA
Ju-88 ops with Spain AF n W2 PA
Transair Display Team (Eng) Jet Provosts CPD
Roy Nav attack on Koriyama airfield (Japan) W2 mem PA
85 Sqdn RAF hist w early jets PA
Saunders-Roe co hist PA
Richard Playne Stevens (RAF ntftrpi) bio PA
Rolls-Royce Heritage Trust coll CPA

FlyPast     #181    Aug 1996
PT-17 flts n Eng reacuaint former trainees w ac CPA
B-58 survivors CPA
Lew Cody (RAF W2 bbrpi) bio PA
B-17G 44-8846 F-AZDX "Pink Lady" rest hist CPA
Lancaster re-sparring of BoB Mem Flt CPDA
Midland Air Mus (Eng) CPA
Fleet Air Arm Avenger attack on Koriyama Japan PA
84 Group Occupation Force at Lubeck, Germ 1946 PA
Turkey AF Mus CPA

FlyPast     #180     July 1996
RAF ac flown by Luft n W2 CPA
P-51 pilot attempt to find pilot of Bf-109 he shot down Cil PA
P-51 rest n Eng 44-63221 G-BTCD CP
Seafire hist Cpros PA
F-8P Crusader Aeronavale display pilot CPA
98 Sqdn RAF D-Day support ops PA
ex mil ac wrecks & relics n Turkey today CPA
Vultee BT-13 Valiant rest N213BD of Doty CPDA
early British airliners PA
218 Sqdn RAF Advanced Air Striking Force (Fairey Battles)1940 PA

FlyPast    #179    June 1996
A-20 wreckovery rest n Australia CPA
Beaufighter ops w SoAfri AF n Balkans PA
Gloster Javelin hist survivors CPA
Hawker Hart hist PA
Sunderland ops in Far East w Operation Firedog PDA
Seafire early testing hist Cil PA
3 PRU Sqdn RAF hist PA
26 Sqdn RAF hist Psurv PA
39 Sqdn RAF Marauder ops hist PA
Wales Aircraft Mus dissolution CPA
Aircraft Restoration Co. (Eng) CPA
Brit ac cap by Germ PA

FlyPast    #178    May 1996
Mosquito "Met" ops mem PA
Grumman F3F-2 rests CPA
B-25 wreckovery n Indonesia CPD A
Super Constellation VH-EAG rest n Australia CPA
Miles ac hist CPA
Miles supersonic al propo 3v A
Supermarine Swift hist survivors CPA
Westland WG-13 (heli) saved CPA
Rolf Arne Berg (Norway fighter leader W2) bio PA
Nelson Webb (Eng bbr pilot) bio CPA
57th FIS USAF ops n Iceland hist CPA
267 Sqdn RAF hist Psurv
Ventures collection (AZ USA) CPA
formation assembly ac of USAAF CPA
Royal Air Force Heraldry Trust Cil A
attack on SS Kuckuck by 19 Sqdn So Afri AF PA

FlyPast     #177    Apr 1996
Avro Tutor rest CP
B-47 hist survivors CPA
B-24N hist PA ca
Mosquito wrecks & relics CPA
TBM forest fire bbg today PA
Hunter FGA.9 XE601 rest pirep CPD A
Me-262 replis of Texas Airplane Factory CPDA
Miles design hist CPA list
Tom Morris (Eng Gladiator pilot) bio CPA
Planes of Fame East collection, Minneapolis, MN CPDA list
440 Sqdn RAF D-day France support Psurv A
British airliners hist  PA
Luftwaffe aircrew careers PA
RAF night bombing n Malaya PA cCil

FlyPast    #176     March 1996
Lancaster R5724 loss n W2 CPD A
B-52 to Imperial War Mus, Duxford, Eng CPA
DH Venom problems w RAF n Germ PA
DC-3 hist PDA
Bf-109 survivors CPA
Spitfire survivors in UK CPA list
57th FIS (USAAF/USAF) at Keflavik, Iceland hist CPA
83 Sqdn RAF hist Psurv PA
seaborne supply of ac to Europe after D-day PA
Berlin Air Line (Eng) newspaper hist PA
VF-17 hist (Corsairs) CPA

FlyPast    #175    Feb 1996
Beagle Pup & Bulldog training n Eng CPD A
P-40 survivors CPA
DH Vampire Norway AF crash CPA
C-121 "MATS Connie" rest hist CPDA
212 Sqdn RAF PBY ops n Indian Ocean PA
616 Sqdn R Auxil AF pilots who escaped & returned to combat PA
airfields of Northern Ireland n W2 map PA
nose art surv CPA
Luftwaffe aircrew careers surv PA
racers displayed at Oshkosh flyin CPA

FlyPast    #174    Jan 1996
Marauder of Confed AF status CPA
DH Venom ops w RAF n Germ n 50s PA
Polikarpov Po-2 hist PA
Luftw ac dispays n Eng 1946 PA
Len Page (Eng bbr pilot W2) bio PA
209 Sqdn RAF (flybts) ops n Hong Kong PA
309th BG Memorial Museum, Eng status PA
Germ air crew escapes from Eng n W2 PA
warbirds based n Minneapolis, MN CPA

FlyPast    #173     Dec 1995
Avro Vulcan survivors CPA
Bell 47 heli hist PA
PBY-6 rest of MN Wing, Confed AF CPA
Fouga Magister G-FUGA n Eng CP
Grumman OV-1 Mus (US) CPDA
Wellington losses n W2 PA
JG-71 Mus (Germ) status CPA
International Helicopter Mus, Eng status list CPA
83 Sqdn, RAF hist (bbrs) PA
airfields in Wales n W2 hist & map PA
English railway ops at airfields n 20s & 30s PA
RAF pilot escapes from occupied Europe n WW2 PA
Farnborough Air Show 1945 PA

FlyPast #172 Nov 1995
Airspeed Horsa rest n Eng mus PDA
B-50 hist PA
Curtiss SOC ops n W2 PA
EE Canberra survivors list PA
Canberra TT.18 airshow ops n 1995 CPD A
Halifax wreckov CPA
Ju-88 combat w Spits of 152 Sqdn PA
P-51s at Oshkosh 1995 CPA
Short Empire flying boat "Challenger" last flight PA
International Helicopter Mus (Eng) CPA
Avra Valley airport (US) warbirds based there surv CPA
Bob Braham (Eng) night ftr ops n W2 bio PA
213 Sqdn RAF ops n Middle East/Italy, W2 PA dil
Marham airfield, Eng hist PA
Farnborough airshow hist PA
airworthy warbirds flying n Eng today surv CPA

FlyPast    #171    Oct 1995
Airspeed hist PA
Lancaster/Lancastrian ops w airlines post W2 PA
Cessna L-19 hist CPD A
EE Canberra civ ferry > So Afri CPA
F4F-2 new rest n US CPA
Halifax tow Horsa escape < Ju-88 PA
Halifax airliner ops post W2 PA
Hunter civ ferry > So Afri CPA
Vickers Warwick ops
Yak-11 civ G-BTUB rest n Eng pirep CPD A
112 Sqdn RAF ops w Curtiss Kittyhawks n North Afri PA
616 Sqdn R Aux AF pilots who evaded capture hist PA
Joan Ellacott (Eng W2) signals flt trng bio PA
Marham, Eng airport hist PA
Flight simulation Centre, Eng status CPA

FlyPast    #170    Sep 1995
Airspeed co hist PA
Airspeed Horsa rest CPA
Alfred Comte Ac Fact AC-4 (1e hw ltpln) rest n Switz CPA
An-2 w AeroSuperBatics, Eng CPA
Blackburn Buccaneers CP surv CPA
Bristol survivors CPA
Dornier Do-24 hist PA
99 Sqdn RAF ops mem by woman in ops support PA235 Sqdn RAF hist Psurv PA
USAAF training fields expansion n W2 PA
airworthy warbirds n Eng today surv CPA
music n Eng av films CPA
military aviation support railways n Eng n W1 PA
in flight refuelling hist PA

FlyPast    #169    Aug 1995
B-17 crew number 13 mission w 491st BG n W2 PA
Commonwealth Wirraway rest n Australia CPA
EE Canberra deliv of 2 > South Africa CPA
FVM Tummelisa (Sweden WWI bip ftr) rest n Eng CPA
Meteor ops n Korean War PA
P-47 search for 2 wreckoveries n Eng PDA
Saro SR.A/1 hist PA
Peter Branton (Eng ) ops as coastal strike pilot n Beaufighters bio PA
Frank Luke bio PA
235 Sqdn RAF war dia & Psurv PA
La Ferte Alais airfield warbird show n France CPA
airfields n Scotland n W2 surv PA mat
airworthy warbirds n England surv CPA
ac preserved n France CPA
Hay-on-Wye, Eng old book stores surv PA

FlyPast    #168    July 1995
Meteor ops n Korean War PA
Shorts ac co hist CPA
Hughes OH-6A rest 17357 CPDA
av museums n UK surv CPA
Israel AF Mus CPA
Waco biplanes hist PA
Supermarine Scimitar PA
603 (City of Edinburgh) Sqdn ftr ops n W2 PA
B-24H 42-42534 "Witchcraft" 130 mission hist PA
Classic and Vintage Ac Services Eng CPA
P-47 collision over Eng W2 CPA

FlyPast    #167    June 1995
Blue Max Movie Mus, Eng CPA
Shorts ac co hist PA
RAF Air Trans Aux n W2 PA
R.J. Mitchell tribute bio PA
A-20 2 rests n Australia CPA
military gate guards n UK CAP
Don Gentile (US ftrpi) bio PA
Supermarine Scimitar PA
Shackleton disapp of 2 42 Sqdn RoyNav PA
Welch Foster (RAF bbrpi W2) bio PA
87 Sqdn RAF ntftr ops PA
RB-45 night recon sortie Korean War PA

FlyPast    #166    May 1995
Lancaster NX611 rest CPD A
Mosquito wrecks and relics today surv PA
Mosquito ferry ops in RAF mem PA
Hunting Pembroke rest PD A
B-45 problems w searchlights n Korean War PA
T-28 hist & civ surv CPA
Spitfires mfrd n dispersed locations n W2 PA
Waco hist PA
Wellesbourne Wartime Mus, Eng CPA
269 Sqdn RAF ops < Iceland n W2 PA
late 40s RAF ops n Malaysia mem PA
warbirds flying n UK today surv CPA

FlyPast    #165    Apr 1995
Cosford av mus, Eng maintaining large ac displayed there CPA
Memorial Flight Association, France CPDA
Lockheed Neptune CPDA
airworthy warbirds n UK census CPA
81 Sqdn RAF hist PA
Mosquito bits and pieces around the worodl CPA
RAF Beaufighter ops n Malaya n late 40s, early 50s PA
Germany nt ftr ops considered CPA
DH Vampire early ops n Germ PA
DH Queen Bee rest n Eng CPA

FlyPast    #164    March 1995
supporting RAF bombers today CPA
John Frantisek (RAF BoB ace) bio CPA
Percival Provost T.1 XF690 rest of Kennet Av CP
Percival Jet Provost T.1 G-AOBU of Kennet Aviation CP PD
Kennet Aviation ac restorers, Eng CPA
DH Sea Devon rest (mil Dove) XK895 n Eng CPA
DH Vampire ops n Germ n mid-50s PA
Hawker Sea Fury CPDA
railroad of RAF at Masirah near Oman PA
Douglas AD-1 hist CPA Cpros
Operation Varsity (airborne assault W2) hist AP
240 Sqdn RAF hist PA

FlyPast    #163    Feb 1995
Hugh Dowding Eng bio
Fiat G-59 rest n Australia CPA
Sea Fury hist, survivors CPA
Jetcraft Mystery Jet (exec conv DH Vampire) n US CP
former RAF helis civ rests n Eng CPA
Fairey Battle L5343 rest n Eng CPA
Saab Draken retired from Denmark AF CPA
Hucclecote airfield, Eng hist CPA
Swordfish anti-sub night patrols from carriers PA
Blackburn B.20 (2e fltpln bbr proto W2) PA

FlyPast    #162    Jan 1995
360 Sqdn RAF disbanded (Canberras) CPA
Lancaster KB889 rest at Imp War Mus, Duxford, Eng CPDA
B-17 recovered from Switzer lake CPA
Lancaster recovered from Switz lake PA
HMS Argus (Brit ac carr) hist PA
Amjet (ac restorers US) ops CPDA
A-1 ops n Viet War CPA
Bomber Command RAF aerial mine laying ops PA
Ulster Folk & Transport Mus, Ireland CPA
Operation Bodenplatte PA

FlyPast    #161    Dec 1994
Lancaster rest flying pirep CPD A
Shackleton civ ferry to USA CPD A
Bristol Bolingbroke rest PD A
BAC Strikemaster civ N167SM pirep CPDA
A-1H ops n Viet War CPA
Hampden mission n 1940 desc PA
He-162 50th anniv hist PA
Robin Olds reunited w F-86A rest at Duxford PA
365th FG ops from advanced landing grounds in 1944 PA
Reno Air Race 1994 CPA
RAF pilot’s assistant n W2 mem PA
Ulster, Ireland Aviation Soc CPA
Christmas n W2 in RAF PA

FlyPast    #160   Nov 1994
Lancaster PA474 deliv flt hist PA
Shackleton in Coke colors CPA
Boeing 377 yhist CPA
B-17 loaned to Churchill on US tour post W2 PA
Fairchild 45 hist, survivors PA
Fleetwings Seabird rest (US amphib) CPD A
TBM dismaintle & transport on trailer n US PA
Short Shetland hist PA
The Atlantic Group (Eng al) ops CPA
Air Transport Aux ferry flying ops mem (Eng) PA
Advanced Landing Grounds mus, Eng PA
Sri Lanka AF mus status & list CPA

FlyPast    #159    Oct 1994
Shackleton force landing n desert CPA
B-17G 42-31763 crash n Eng CPA
DC-3 VT-CYG incident mem CPA
DC-3 ops w Air Atlantique CPA
P-47 hometown buzz incident PA
Vickers Vimy commem flt repli CPA
airmen’s dining hall mus, Eng PA
Dumfries & Galloway Av Mus, Scotland status CPA
Ratcliffe airport, Eng hist PA
Distinguished Service Orders hist PA
Vintage Glide Club flyin CPA
flying boats hist CPA

FlyPast    #158    Sep 1994
Mystere jet gate guards n France CPA
Operation Market Garden hist PA
Air Atlantique (airline, Eng) ops hist CPA
P-40N N222SU rest of Sue Parish CPDA
Debden airfield, Eng today CPA
Roy Nav effort to sing Battleship Tirpitz (Barracudas) PA
Supermarine Walrus rest W2718 n Eng
Percival Sea Prince rest n Eng PDA
Hunting Jet Provost 5>3 G-BVEG crash report PA

FlyPast    #157    Aug 1994
Avro Lancaster rest flt CPD A
B-17 42-31763 crash n Eng 50th anniv Cill PA
F8F hist CPA
Interstate Cadet hist PA
P-61 ops hist PA
Supermarine Seagull (amphib 1e hw) hist PA
collecting cockpit sections n Eng CPD A
Civilian Repair Organization (mil ac repair) ops n Eng W2 PA

FlyPast    #156     July 1994
Sea Fury flying with Fleet Air Arm mem PA
Fleet Air Arm carrier exhibit CPA
DH Hornet hist PA
large seaplanes hist PA
Hawker Fury (mono) rest of Old Flying Machine Co, Eng CPA
pre-D-Day deceptions of RAF PA
Friends of Cardington Airship Station (Eng LTA mus) PA
Auster J/1N G-APOA accident report PA
Hi-Lift Helicopters (US heli restorers) ops CPA
Sikorsky S-58/Westland Wessex heli rests n US CPA
Lightning Preservation Group (EE Lightning, Eng) CVPA
617 Sqdn RAF ops from Cheshire, Eng hist PA

FlyPast    #155    June 1994
Avro Lincoln hist PA
Bucker Jungmeister rest FPA
Hunting Jet Provost ejection seat accident CPA
Max Holste Broussard civ rest n Eng CPA
Mignet Flying Flea at Cumbria Av Mus (Eng) PA
Fearn airfield, Scotland hist PA
Domino airfield, Scotland hist PA
Dourneay airfield, Scotland hist PA
Carpetbagger Av Mus, Eng PA
The Real Aeroplane Club, Eng CPA
D-day over France mem PA

FlyPast     #154    May 1994
Aeronca Sedan hist PA
Anson rests n Eng CPA
B-17G 44-83575 hist CPA
PBY rests worldwide CPA
B-36 runway overrun at Boscombe Down, Eng PA
Halifax w 2 engines mystery PA
P-51A rest N4235Y of The Air Mus CP
Supermarine Sea Otter hist PA
617 Sqdn RAF W2 ops PA
Northampton, Eng, airport hist & status CPA
8th AF n W2 myths explained PA
life at Stalag Luft I mem PA

FlyPast    #153     Apr 1994
Vulcan XH658 rest n Eng av mus CPA
Chipmunk G-TRIC n Canada PA
Douglas C-41 rest, hist n US CPA
C-47 survivors n Puerto Rico CPA
Meteor RA415 crash PA
B-25J "Miss Mitchell" rest n US hist CPA
P-51B "Spare Parts" indiv ac hist PA
Torokozawa av mus n Japan CPA
barnstorming n Eng after W1 PA
RAF campaign medals hist PA
early floatplane hist PA
Stalag Luft I ops n W2 PA

FlyPast     #152    March 1994
B-24 air combat against FW-200  PA
Mosquito raid on Amiens prison Cill PA
EE Lightning testing PA
Fiat G.59 survivors surv CPA
MiG-17 of Bill Reesman rest (US) CPA
Miles Gemini rest CPA
Sunderland rotting n New Zealand PDA
Cole Palen (US) bio CPA
Stow Maries airfield (Eng) hist PA
captured Axis ac PA
English airmen memorial at Germ POW camp PA
aviation memorials in UK surv PA

FlyPast    #151    Feb 1994
Canberra 2 losses n Pacific PA
Constellation survivors and hulks worldwide CPA
ex mil ac displayed n Thailand CPA
Ernest Scott (BoB Spitpi) loss, discovery bioPA
Saro A.33 (4e flybt proto1938) hist PA
Saro A.36 Lerwick (2e flybt) hist PA
Jet Heritage (ex mil jet operators) Eng ops today CPDA
Great Lakes 2T-1-A rest n Eng hist PA
DH Beaver rests of Kenmore Air Harbor, Eng PA
Blackburn Beverley XB259 pres n Eng CPDA
Harvard rest n Sweden PA
Armstrong Siddeley ASX turbojet rest PA
Halifax B.II W7844 wreckovery n Eng
Martin B-26 force landing n Yukon PA
Martin B-26 40-1464 rest by Dave Tallichet US CPA

FlyPast    #150    Jan 1994
Sotheby ac auction PA
Carolyn Grace (Eng warbird restorer pi) bio CPA
Warwick air-sea rescue ops 2 280 Sqdn 1944 PA
Stinson L-5 ops w RAF PA
learning warbird formation flying today CPA
late W2 Germ ac failures evaluated PA
617 Sqdn RAF hist PA
ex-mil ac displayed in Ecuador CPA
MiG-17 to rest to be brought to UK by Midland Air Mus PA
British Av Preservation Council activity PA
Tiger Moth G-APMX rest n Eng
F-80 hist PA
RAF campaign medals of 30s PA

FlyPast    #149    Dec 1993
Bellanca 14-19-2 Cruisemaster NX7600E CPA
DH Dragon Rapide rest CPD A
F7F rest, survivors CPA
Spitfire wreckovery by D&G Av Mus. Eng PA
Chipping Warden airfield (Eng) hist PA
Robersbridge Av Society collection (Eng) PA
8th AF ops evaluated CPA
Peterborough air show 1912 (Eng) PA
early ac gun turret development PA
Nash & Thompson turret mfrs hist PA

FlyPast    #148    Nov 1993
Bristol Bombay hist PA
DH Dragon Rapide rest CPA
Fairchild F-22 hist PA
Horten Bros. flying wing development PD A
Horten Ho-IV (g) PA
Horton Ho-IX/Go-229 PA
Sunderland ops n RAF PA
Stinson L-5 ops w RAF n Burma PA
British Eagle al (Eng) hist PA
ac turned into restaurants n Italy CPA
617 Sqdn RAF under command of Leonard Cheshire n W2 PA

FlyPast    #147   Oct 1993
Shackleton Mk.3 of Newark Air Mus, Eng CPDA
Halifax rest rollout at Yorkshire Air Mus, Eng PA
PB4Y-2 survivors CPDA
HP Victor taker ops hist CPDA
Henri Mignet centenary celebrations CPA
401st BG B-17 ops from Deenethorpe, Eng hist & today PA
advanced Germ ac n W2 & why they didn’t affect the war PA
Junkers Ju-52 w So Africa Airways CPA
RAF campaign medals PA

FlyPast    #146    Sep 1993
Warhawk ferry < Egypt > China W2 PA
DH Vampire 50th anniv hist flying mem PA
DC-3 ops w Vintage Airways (US) CPA
Saro A-19 Cloud rest hist PA
Spit IX rest flown by Jerry Billing, owned by Cliff Robertson (US) CPA
9th AF B-26 exhibit at Rebel Air Mus, Eng PA
Burscough airfield, Eng hist status PA
Empire Flight Testing School (Eng) CPA
Rolls-Royce Merlin engines mem PA

FlyPast    #145    Aug 1993
Caproni Ca-2 cap by RAF n W2 PA
Caproni Ca-100 cap by RAF n W2 PA
DC-4 rest of South African Airways CPD A
Sunderland opsn n RAF PA
North East Ac Mus (Eng) list PA
V-1 & V-2 ops n W2 PA
Lindsay Everard (Eng) bio
RAF raids on Peenemunde V-weapon sites PA
Ploesti Aug 1 43 raid PA
ac spotter diary (Eng) PA

FlyPast     #144    July 1993
An-2 on Eng a s circuit CPA
Blenheim rest back into air CPA
Warhawk ferry w RAF Egypt > China PA
Swordfish rests n Eng CPA
Hunting Jet Provost retirement PA
Lavochkin La-11 to Eng mus CPA
Bf-109G rest n Eng CPA
Spit survivors status CPA
apprentice trng at Halton airport, Eng PA
So Afri AF mus CPA
RAF "Battle Honors" desc PA
Rolls-Royce engines preserved at Coventry mft site PA
ac spotter n Eng diary PA

FlyPast    #143    June 1993
Aviation Traders Carvair rest, hist CPA
Ar-234 at NASM rest hist CPA
Westland Pterodactyl testing PA
Westland Whirlwind (heli) hist PD A
Glatton, Eng airfield hist PA Cil
RAF Mus new displays CPA
Museum of Flight, Scotland hist, list CPA
ac spotter in Northamptonshire, Eng diary PA
making movie the First of the Few in Eng n W2 PA
Apprentice Engineering Training class phaseout (Eng) PA

FlyPast    #142    May 1993
RAF spotter’s diary 1942-43 mem PA
Henri Mignet & Flying Flea hist PA
Museum of Berkshire Aviation, Eng PA
Gloster Meteor hist PA
Vulcan XH558 final flt CPA
Michael Rondot aviation artist, Eng CPA
National Aviation Mus, Canada CPA
Meyers ac designs hist PA
Liberators of RAF SEA Command disposal hist PA
Supermarine Walrus RAF hist, survivors PA

FlyPast    #141    Apr 1993
B-25 rests n progress CPA
Spit PR XIX hist PA
RAF Fighter Command 11 Group Operations Room mus PA
growing up n Eng n W2 mem PA
Halifax III "Topsy" crew mem PA
Hunter ops at RAF Duxford hist PA
Hunter hist Cpro CPA
Hunter T.7 G-BTYL rest CPA
Keith Hill (Eng artist) B-17 painting PA
So Afri gate guards CPA
B-17 crew Tom O’Brien reunite with Bill Blackmon (US) PA
91st BG ops from Bassingbourn, Eng CPA
strategic bombers hist PA
DC-6 British Commonwealth Pacific Airways crash n Calif 1953

FlyPast    #140    March 1993
Vulcan YM655 rest status CPA
Washington (B-29) RAF rash PA
Meteor 50th anniv hist, survivors PA
Constellation N474TW rest status A
Marauder ops n RAF mem PA
B-36 rest at Castle AFB CPD A
Short Stirling crash n W2 PA
Spit S.31 rest n Sweden hist PA
So Afri AF Mus satus, list CPA
Glatton Airfield, Eng n W2 hist PA
Interocean Airways status, hist, fleet list CPD a
British Classic Ac Restorations Co. PA

FlyPast    #139    Feb 1993
Avro Lancaster FN159 rest n Canada PA
Lockheed Ventura ops w So Afri AF PA
Lockheed Lodestars, Venturas n So Afri today PA
Myers OTW hist PA
Norseman bush ops n Canada & hist CPA
Thorpe Abbots airfield ops w 445th BG, Eng PA
Doan estate auction US CPA

Short Stirling BU-A takeoff crash n W2 wreckovery PA
Supermarine Walrus hist PA
EAA Air Adventure Mus warbirds PA
Italian WW2 survivors CPA
former 8th AF bases n Eng PA
W2 survivors n Italy CPA
British Airways flying night mail n Eng n 30s PA
C-121 rest "MATS Connie" of Vern Raburn CPA
EAA Air Adventure Mus expansion PA

FlyPast    #138    Jan 1993
Bristol Britannia rest PA
Mosquito night fighter rest CPD Dil
Hafner Rotabuggy design work done by George Walker PDA
Constellation 50th anniv hist PA
B-26 Marauder ops w RAF PA
Peter Rose (Eng RAF pilot KIA) bio PA
RAF Linton airport ac collection CPA
Caproni Mus opens CPA
South Afri AF Mus Historic Flight status CPA
RAF combat awards desc PA
Brit bbrs n late 30s surv PA
Freeman Field, Indiana postwar ops CPA

FlyPast    #137    Dec 1992
Washingtons (B-29s) in RAF flying mem PA
P-40E rest of Dick Hansen CPD A
Dakota (C-47) ops n So Afri AF PA
Hafner Rotochute hist PA 3v
F4U-7 of Lindsay Walton (Eng) rest CPA
John Alcock (Eng) bio PA
Mary Denton (Eng RAF heraldry researcher) CPA
James Ferris (US) death in P-51B & wreckovery PA
George Walker (Eng aero engineer) bio PA
Science Museum "Flight" exhibit (Eng) CPA
Tangmere Military Aviation Mus (Eng) CPA
aviation memorials n Eng PA

FlyPast    #135    Nov 1992
Avro Vulcan final flight CPA
Basler Turbo-67 (tprop mod C-47) PA
B-17F "Roundtrip Jack" nose gun mod hist PA
Dakota (C-47) ops w So Afri AF CPA
Swordfish rest CPD A
Granville Bros. Gee Bee design his PA
Professional Aviation Jet Prop (DC-3 mod_ PA
John Alcock (Eng) bio
Kermit Weeks Mus hurricane damage CPA

FlyPast    #135    Oct 1992
P-59 survivors CPA
B-17G "Mary Alice" 30 missions mem
Washington (B-29) ops w RAF post W2 PA
General Aircraft Croydon long distance flight PA
Noordyn Norseman ops today CPA
Spitfire rest status CPA
Spencer Fleck ac coll (Eng) CPA
South African AF Mus, Port Elizabeth branch ops PA
Air Force Cross and Distinguished Flying Cross awards PA
centrifugal ac launcher project n W2
sinking of Tirpitz & Halifax wreckovery PA

FlyPast    #134    Sep 1992
P-3A forest fire bbg ops w Aero Union (US) CPA
Aero Union ops CPA
SBLim-2A (Czech-built MiG-15) w Graham Hinkley, Eng CPA
Boeing Washington (B-29) ops w RAF mem PA
B-29 survivors PA
B-50 survivors AP
Bucker Jungmeister of Spencer Flack PA Eng
Hawker Tempest hist PA
Tempest II rest of David Martin Eng PA
Mosquito T.3 RR299 rest CPA
Ansty airfield, Eng hist PA
Queenstown, NZ airport PA
Douglas B-26B "Bar-Belle Bomber" N7079G of Perry CPA
Hudson ventral turret problems hist PA
National Mus of Mil Hist, So Afri CPA

FlyPast    #133    Aug 1992
aviation history orgs n UK A
Cranwell Aviation Heritage Centre Eng PA
Spits in US service mem PA
B-25H rest "Barbie III" of Weary Warriors, US CPDA
Korean War Mus, Korea CPA
Spencer Flock (ac collector pi) bio
DH Dragon Rapide ZS-JGV n So Afri CPA
Blue Max Movie Ac Mus, Eng PA
Avro York hist PA
Cessna 195 trans-Atlantic ferry flg G-BSPK CPDA
av hist pres n New Zealand PA
Supermarine Stranraer hist

FlyPast    #132     July 1992
Avro York hist PA
Douglas A-26 hist, survivors CPA
C-47 restaurant n Malta CPA
Me-262 myths explained PA
Battle of Britain Memorial Flight (Eng) ac CPA
Royal Navy Historic Flight PA
So Afri av mus surv CPA
Old Flying Machine Co. (Eng warbirds for movies co) PA
Doolittle raid commem on carrier USS Ranger CPA
bbr development n 30s PA

FlyPast    #131    June 1992
PBY survivors in museums today CPA
PBY fuse converted to boat
FW-190A landed n Eng by accident n W2 Cil PD A
F6F hist PA
AT-6 ops trng n So Afri today CPD A
Halifax H2S radar crash PA
early RAF radar testing ops PA il
Halifax rest protress by Yorkshire, Eng mus Cil A
Spitfire replica sales to museums PA
Alexander Vraciu (US) bio PA
Roy Wendell (US) death n W2 PA
Old Flying Machine Co. (warbires for movies co) ops PA
Midland Air Mus (Eng) CPA list
surviving 8th & 9th AF relics n Eng PA
Lutterworth, Leics, Eng, aviation-minded town tour PA

FlyPast    #130    May 1992
Commonwealth Boomerang hist PA
DH Sea Vixen mem PA
Ju-52 rest n So Afri CPA
B-26 Marauder ops w 9th AF, Europe PA
Bf-110 night fighter ops hist PA
P-38 rest at Chino for Eng mus PA
P-61 hist PA
Pitcairn ac surv hist PA
Saro Cloud (2e amphib 30s) PA
Saro Cutty Sark (2e amphib 30s) PA
RAF’s first 1000 plane raid PA

FlyPast    #130    May 1992
RAF Bbr Comm first 1,000 plane raid W2 AP
Consolodated LB-30 "Diamond Lil" PA
DH Sea Vixen hist PA
Martin B-26G 43-34581 hist
Mosquito T.3 of Baerspace recovering PA
Ju-52 rest of So Afri Aw CPDA
night electronics n W2 hist PA
P-38 rest of Fighter Rebuilders, US 42-67543
Saunders-Roe A.17 Cutty Sark 2e hw amphib PA
Saunders Roe A.19 Cloud 2e hw amphib PA
Pitcairn co hist, survivors PA
Commonwealth Boomerang hist PA
P-61 hist PA
Spit XIV wood model presented to Quill PA
Lancaster X gate guard at Edmunston, Canada KB882 CPA

FlyPast #129 Apr 1992
Douglas A-26B plans to import > Eng Cill PA
B-26B "Shootin-In" ops w 9th AF n W2 PA
MiG-15 rests n Australia CPA
MiG-17 rests n Australia CPA
Spitfires n Yugoslav AF hist PA
F4U rest n New Zealand CPDA
54 OTU (Eng ftr unit) hist PA
Keith Hill (Eng av artist) bio PA
OBE (Eng) award PA
English ftrs of 30s surv PA
Soviet surplus ac n Hungary PA
Doolittle Tokyo raid PA

FlyPast     #128    March 1992
Bristol Sycamore survivors CPA
U-2C lawn guard, Beale AFB PA
Reggiane Re.2001 wreckoverey & rest PA
Myron Becraft (US P-51 pilot) 37th mission n ETO PA
Jeremy Howard-Williams war kills (Eng) PA
Manfred von Richtofen surviving relics PA bio
Aircraft Restoration Co. (Eng) ops PD a
Belgrade, Yugoslavia av museum status CPA
squadron code researching PA

FlyPast    #127     Feb 92
Avro Shackleton ops fade out PA
Blackburn Firebrand surv P
B-17 aircrew trng n USA ill A
Ercoupe in UI hist PA
Ju-52 rests worldwide PA
Meteor T.7 ejection seat testing mem CPA
Parnall Prawn (raisable engine flybt) PA
Short "Knuckleduster" (2e flybt 30s proto) PA
SOKO S-2 Kraguj (Yugoslav piston tadr trnr) n Eng CPA
AJD replica builders, Eng PDA
Eric Hughes ops n Malta defense bio PA
Raceway Collection, Eng engines & av misc PA
Toulouse, France av mus forming CPA
NAS Corpus Christi lawn guards PA
Luft ops Aug 15 1940 over northern England PA
Malta aviation history, survivors CPA
RAF base Lubeck, Germ 1946/47 PA
Luft offensive from Norway against Northern Eng hist PA

FlyPast    #126    Jan 1992
C-54 rest of Confed AF CPA
Ju-52 survivors today CPA
Ju-88 downed on first mission Cil A
B-25H rest of Weary Warriors (US) CPA
P-51D rest "Sizzlin’ Liz" n USA CPA
Piper Aztec n Eng CPD A
Peter Treadaway (Eng) bio
US airmen return to Eng CPA
serving in 8th AF n Eng n W2 mem PA
fighter tech evolution n 30s PA
DSO & Order of the Batn mil awards hist PA

FlyPast    #125   Dec 1991
Lancaster retirement from RAF 1956 mem PA
Avro Lincoln ops n Malaya mem PA
Fairey Firefly hist PA
Tokyo University Baika (manned pulsejet ac) Cil A
Kyushu J7W1 Shinden (Canard push) Cil A
Nakajima G8N Renzan (4e bbr) Cil A
Nakajima G10N1 bbr Cil A
Yakovlev OKB ac collection CPA
Brooklands aviation mus (Eng) status PA
Pearl Harbor attack 50th Anniv PA
making movie Tora Tora Tora PA
Japanese WW2 ac survivors CPA
1st night torpedo bbr attack by RAF 1940 PA
late war Japanese projects Cil A
1811 English balloon race across Eng Channel il A
RAF pilot’s watch returned to family PA

FlyPast    #124  Nov 1991
Lancaster rest at Hendon, indiv hist CPD A
Blackburn Iris (3e flybt bip 30s) hist PA
Blackburn Perth (flybt) PA
DHC Caribou rest ops at NCA International, Malta CPA
Harlow ac surv PA
Constellation restaurant on Malta closes CPDA
XB-70 hist CPD A
Short Severn (bip flybt) PA
Malta Av Mus survPA
Air Transport Aux move of Spits to Malta 1952
231 Operational Conversion Unit retires Canberras PA
Newark Air Mus (Eng) PA
CFS Aero Engines, Malta (engine restorers) CPA
Malta defense n 1942 PA

RAF Mus plans to change PA
Rendcomb WWI airfield hist re-opening CPA

FlyPast    #123    Oct 1991
Armstrong Whitworth Whitley crash, wreckov PA
Lancaster R5868 "S for Sugar" hist PA
Myasischev M-5 Bison hist CPDA
P-51D rest "Lady Joe" n USA CPD A
T-6G rest of Endrew Edie, Eng CPA
Ernest Edmud Fresson (Eng) bio PA
Lima Lima aerobat group USA CPDA
RAF heli evolution n 50s
moving ac by road n Eng PA
Schneider Races ac design spinoffs PA il

FlyPast     #122    Sep 1991
Aero HC-2 Heli Baby (Czech heli) rest PA
Lancaster raid on Schneider Works, Le Creusot, France PA
B-24 flight Operation Festoon PA
PBY civ safari ops n Zimbabwe PDA
XC-99 hist CPA
Fairey Firefly civ rest CPA
Folland Gnat rest n Eng CPD A
PT-17 & derivatives survivors today CPDA
Brunton airfield, Eng hist PA
Milfield airfield, Eng hist PA
Victoria Cross winners n Eng PA
non-airfield memorials n Eng PA
fighting Italians in Eritrea, W2 PA

FlyPast # 121 Aug 1991
historic ac n Argentina CPA
Airspeed Oxford rest of RAF Mus CPD A
Lancaster daylight ops PA
B-17 ex fbbr rest 44-85778 to mil config CPDA
B-17F N3509G to Lone Star Flt Mus CPA
warbird forest fire bbrs n 1970 PA
venger ops w Royal Navy & s8urvivors PA
Laird ac surv PA
Short Rangoon (3e flybt) PA
Short Sarafand (bip flybt) PA
Westland Whirlwind heli rest XR486 CPA
316th Troop Carrier Group n Europe W2 PA
Malcolm Timms (Eng artist) Guinea Pig Prints PA
Argentina Navy av mus CPA
Shoreham Aircraft Prservation Society, Eng PA
forest firebbr ops n USA surv CPA
postcard collecting CPDA

FlyPast    #120     July 1991
Lancaster incident w 167 Sqdn Dambusters PA
Shackleton retirement < Lossiemouth, Eng CPA
Mosquito HJ711 n Eng PA
DH Rapide rest his pirep CPD A
Bf-109G rest G-USTV n Eng CPD A
Schneider Cup Race his PA
Leslie Howard death on KLM Flt 777 1943 PA

FlyPast    #119     June 1991
Lancaster bombing Berlin mem PA
Catalina civ gold flying hijack, crash n late 40s PA
Fairchild C-123 civ n FL, USA CPA
Grumman Goose t-Atlant flt n 1964 PA
Martin Baltimore surv P
Short Singapore hist PA
Sunderland civ rest G-BJHS CPD A
Vought-Sikorsky VS-44 hist, rest PA
European av mus surv FPA
Yuri Gagarin AF Academy ac collection, Russia CPA
Cotswolds airfield (Eng) to be renewed PA
Victoria Cross medal (Eng) hist PA

FlyPast    #118    May 1991
Aeronca early design surv PA
Lancaster raid on Berlin mem PA
Avro Type 684 (propo high alt Lancaster) 3v Dil A
Blackburn Beverley Museum of Army Transport status PA
Douglas A-26 ops w Lynch Air Tankers forest firebbrs PA
Gloster E.28/39 (first Brit jet) hist CPA
MiG-15 UTI n Poland AF CPD A
P-47 hist PA
Poland AF offers jet trng to Western civilians CPA
Rudolph Hess flight to Eng n W2 PA
Southport, Eng airport flying mem PA il
early Brit jet development CPA
aviation museums in WesternEurope CPA surv
RAF air support during Borneo Confrontation 1960 CPA
joyriding from the beach at Southport, Eng PA

FlyPast     #117    Apr 1991
Viscount G-APIM ground accident aftermath CPA
Hurricane XII G-HURR rest at Brooklands airfield, Eng PDA
Hawker Sea Hawk ac car accident PA
Avro Tutor escape from PA
prop maintenance at Miami Int’l Apt PDA
George T. Baker Av Maint Schl, Miami CPA
Douglas Broom (RAF W2 ac mech, Eng) war dia PA
Spit IX MJ730 hist CPA
RAF jet trnrs of 50s PA
Venezuela AF Mus CPA
Roy Australia AF early years PA
Australians n Bbr Com, Eng W2 PA
Australia AF disposal of civ ac after W2 PA

FlyPast     #116    March 1991
Zlin X.XIII (Czech 2s lw fixed lg mono 1937) rest n Czech CPA 2v|
Cessna O-2A 67-21363 rest of Murphy N18BB CPA
Harald Ruh (Luft ftrpi) death in combat March 1945 PA
Victoria Cross RAF award hist PA
Dharan air base, Saudi A n 70s Psurv
Douglas Broom (RAF W2 ac mech Eng) war dia PA
P-39 survivors PA
P-39 44-2485 hist A
Blackburn Beverley XB259 plans to preserve PA
Spartatan Cruiser III G-ACYK 1938 crash wreckovery PA
Lancaster F-Fox war incident PA
Weeks Air Mus, US CPA
UK airfields threatened with closure PA
Kelly Johnson (US ac designer) obit PA
prop transport ops at Miami Int’l Airport PA
Mil-Air Engine and Cylinder (maint shop, MIA) PA

FlyPast    #115    Feb 1991
Douglas Brom (RAF W2 ac mech) war dia PA
P-51H 44-64180 of Mike Coutch & H survivors CPA
John Gliders (RAF Spit pi) loss n W2 bio PA
Lancaster civ ops UK to Australia mem PA
jet ac devel hist CPA
Gloster Javelin testing mem PA
Rolls-Royce engine test pilots ops PA
Sky Warriors warbird ride operators US CPA
USN unit badges hist Cil PA
New Guinea ac wrecks n jungle CPA
Supermarine Southampton ops w RAF PA
Bird biplane survivors n US list A

FlyPast    #114    Jan 1991
TM Aviation, Eng Polish ac based there CPA
C-46 ops w Air Manitoba (Canada) today CPDA
Phillipine AF Mus, Manila PA
Roy Chadwick (Eng ac designer) bio PA
Sea Fury ops w Canada navy & survivors PA
Ercoupes warbirds hist CPA
HP Hastings n Newark Air Mus, Eng PDA
Buzz Bomb equiv development n Soviet Union PA
government disposals of warbirds worldwide CPA
piston trainers ops n RAF in 50s PA
T-34 ops w Sky Warriors (US warbird rides) CPA
J.S. Adams (RAF ftrpi) War 2 action mem PA

FlyPast    #113    Dec 1990
Piper Super Cub G-ARAM trng ops at Clacton Aero Club CPA
Piper Super Cub G-CLIK of Jim Empson PA
Tony Banfield (RAF pi) logbook PA
Harvard still with RAF FT375 CP
Fairey Barracuda hist PA
SB2C hist PA
Mignet Flying Flea production n US hist PA
Corsair warbird flying woes humor A il
plastic repli size models replacing gate guards n UK PA
Vulcan XM597 finish preserved with new coating CPA
Supermarine Swift rest of Jet Heritage PDA
Consolidated L-13 rest n US hist CPDA
Lancaster 617 Sqdn target marking mission to Munich mem PA
tcham airfield, Eng hist PA
Lake Hood, Alaska seaplane base ops today CPA
Boeing XL-15 on floats PA
Alaska Aviation Heritage Mus CPA
Pilot’s Pals calendar hist status CPA

FlyPast    #112    Nov1990
Swordfish raid on Italy navy at Taranto hist PA
Michael Daunt (Eng early jet test pi) bio PA
Malayan Volunteer AF ops against Japanese n W2 hist PA
loss of many RAF ac from strong wind Nov 4 1918 PA
Mosquito bbr ops April 44 ETO mem PA
Mosquito nt ftr ops mem PA
Mosquito ops n Yugoslavia AF hist PA
Mosquito survivors today PA
EE Canberra rest n USA of Picatti A84-229 ferry to USA CPA
DH Venom survivors CPA
Beech Staggerwing rest of Norman n Eng CPDA
Sopwith Camel survivors CPA Cpro
Martin B-26 hist survivors CPA
Martin B-26 44-68219 pres w French AF PA
Supermarine Southampton hist PA

FlyPast     #111    Oct 1990
Defiant ops n BoB hist PA
Leon Collingridge BoB pi bio PA
Malayan Volunteer AF ops against Japanese PA
P-51D wreckovery n Eng CPA
Mustang survivors CPA
fire at Musee de l’Air PA
Tilstock airfield, Eng Stirling ops PA
making new moving Memphis Belle CPA
Mustang flying during making movie Memphis Belle
Hispano HA-1112 Buchon flying during making Memphis Belle PA

FlyPast   #110    Sep 1990
Pat Hughes (Australia BoB ace) bio PA
Eng radar n BoB PA
Hurricane force landing n Eng n BoB PA
29th Infantry Division liaison ops n Eng PA
Hurri rest G-HURI The Fighter Coll, Eng CP+ C2v
Spit n Israel AF pilot mem PA
Spit how acquired for Israel AF, survivors CPA
DC-5 ops n Israel AF PA
Israel AF Mus CPA
Short Sunderland civ rest G-BJHS CPD+

FlyPast    #109    Aug 1990
Luft ftr control n BoB
Hurri N2617 of DAS McKay PA
B-25 survivors worldwide CPA
B-25 ops w 139 Wing, RAF PA
B-25s flown n movie Catch 22 CPA list
Vulcan XH558 status CPA
F3F-2 0976 wreckovery PA
English Electric Kingston (2e bip flybt 20s) hist PA
English Electric M/3 Ayr 1e bip flybt 20s PA
Short S.2 (2e bip flybt PA
Saunders-Roe A.3 Valkyrie (3e flybt bip) PA
UK hist airfield sites under threat of closure PA
Norwegian Armed Forces Mus PA
DC-7 Aero Mus Ireland CPA
Campini-Caproni CC2 hist PA
Buhl ac co design surv PA
B-17 "Lazy Baby" crash in Switz, crew fate PA

FlyPast    #108     July 1990
making film A Perfect Hero CPA
B-17 "Lazy Baby" crew internment n Switz PA
DH Venom rest HB-RVC n Switz PA
Battle of Britain mem PA
BoB memorials n Eng PA
early Brit airliners PA
Grumman S-2 phaseout of Canada Navy CPA dispos
Chinese AF Mus CPA
T-6G 49-3542 rest of Owens, Eng G-BRLV
RAF Transport Comm 1950s PA
Sea Fury rests CPA
PBY rests CPA
Canadair CL-215 last piston version n service CPA

FlyPast    #107    June 1990
HP Victor rest PA
Hurricane flown by Cobber Kain PA Cpro
Norseman of 322 (Norway) Sqdn n US mkgs P
T-28 ops n SEA CPA
RAF n Fall of France PA
Cobber Kain death n combat (Eng) PA Cpro
Duxford Ac Mus auction CPA
av museums n England CPA
Cranwell airfield, Eng hist, status CPA
SSG (Eng canopy mfr) PA

FlyPast    #106    May 1990
Fairey Battle rest L5343 rollout CPA
Gordon Olive (Eng Spit) downing over Dunkirk PA
Japan effort to bomb USA Cil A
av museums of UK CPA
Dick Melton Aviation (restorers UK) PA
Corsair survivors CPA
Spit IX AR213 rest PA
Spit rests CPA
aviation hist sites in Lincolnshire, Eng PA
save West Malling airfield, Eng PA
Doug Bader memorabilia auctioned CPA
Short N.3 Cromarty (2e bip flybt 1918) PA
Saunders Valentia (2e bip flybt 1918) A
Fairey Atlanta (4e bip flybt 1923) PA
AJD Engineering (replica makers Eng) PA
Sov ac displays n Cairo, Egypt CPA

FlyPast    #105    April 1990
RAF bbrs of 50s hist PA
Meteor gate guards n Latin America CPA
Soviet-flown Luft ac PA
av history sites n Lincolnshire PA
Dakota (DC-3) rests CPA
Pilatus P2 rests CPA
Chilbolton Aviation (deHav ac rest specialists) PA
Lockheed 188 Electras w UK cargo carriers CPA
Paris to Malaysia civ race 1990 PA
UK flt trng n USA 1940 hist PA
Spit rests PA
Noordyn Norseman hist rests CPA
TBM Avenger ops at RAF Hawkinge 1944 PA
early Europe airliners hist PA
Rohrbach Roland I (2e shwing al 20s)
Sablatnig P1 (Germ bip 1e al 1920s) P

FlyPast    #104    March 1990
hist ac scrapped,crashed, gate guards, imported, exported Eng 1989 PA
Advanced Air Striking Force n Bat of France PA
BoB Memorial Flight ops PA
C-46 survivors, ops today CPA
prop transport operations n Alaska CPA
Thruxton Jackaroo rests n Canada & Australia CPDA
Technical Museum, Mexico CPA
Meteor, Hunter, Sea Vixen rescues from Singapore to Australia CPA
T-28 ops n Viet War PA
ac prserved at Cofld Lake, Alberta, Canada CPA

FlyPast    #103    Feb 1990
pedegree ac register of France CPA
PBY blisters added to Plane Sailing ac PDA
Battle of France 142 Sqdn ops PA
P-51 rests, accidents CPA
Percival Provost rests n Eng CPA
Supermarine Sea Lion (1e push fltpln bip) hist PA
Supermarine Seagull (1e amphib bip 1922) hist PA
Supermarine Seamew (2e amphib bip 1920s) hist PA
Supermarine Swan (2e amphib bip 20s) hist PA
DH Heron RAF phaseout CPA
Hawker Typhoon hist PA
Stinson Model U and Model A Trimotors rest CPDA
Burnaston airfield hist, Eng PA
warbird rests at Chino, CA CPA

FlyPast    #102    Jan 1990
Douglas B-26 rest of Scandanavian Historic Flt CPA
Luft ac wreckoveries n Norway CPA
Lockheed Orion hist PA
Battle of France 142 Sqdn ops PA
Grumman Bearcat civ of Rare Bear Racing Team PA
RAF Mus changes PA
RAF fighters of 50s hist PA
WWI av early innovations hist PA
Loughead Fountainhead (US bip fltpln) PA
DeHavilland FE.1 PA
Sopwith Bat Boat I PA
Spit rests worldwide CPA
Yuri Gagarin Air Force Academy historic ac CPA

FlyPast    #101    December 1989
Martin Mars forest fire bbr ops n Vancouver, Canada CPA
fate of ac at Colerne airfield coll, Eng CPA
B-17s of 381st BG Christmas raid 1944 PA
DH Hornet Moth (Cabin bip ltpln) PDA
Halifax w 176 Sqdn RAF incident PA
B-24 "Yogi" w RAF in SEA
RAF Liberator ops fromj Cocos Islands PA
B-24 artifacts of Frederick Johnsen PA
B-24 survivors today PA
T-28 ops n Viet War PA
Fairchild PT-19 hist PA
Commonwealth Air Training Plan hist CPA

FlyPast    #101    Dec 1989
B-24 n RAF "Yogi" ops n Burma W2 PA
Liberator survivors PA
DH Hornet Moth rest pirep PA
Fairchild PT-10/26 hist PA
Halifax war incident PA
Martin Mars ops as forest fbbr n Canada CPDA
T-28 ops n Viet War PA
Colerne Av Mus, Eng – where are their ac now? CPA
Fleetlands Av Mus, Eng PA
Commonwealth Air Trng ops n W2 hist PA

FlyPast #100 Nov 1989
BAC TSR-2 scrapping, remnants CPA
Felixstowe F.2A hist PD A
Felixstowe Fury (5e trip flybt W1) PA

Phoenix Cork (2e bip fltpln) 1919 PA
captured Axis ac today CPA Cil
NASM restoration workshops today PA

He-177 hist PA
PBY forest fire bbrs ofASPAR Fleet, Canada PA
warbirds flying n UK today CPA

Sunderland G-BJHS rest of Ryanair CPA
Norman Thompson NT.4 (Eng 2e flybt W1) PA
RAF CE.1 (1e push 2sflybt W1 Eng) PA
Stinson SM-6000 (trimotor) hist PA
Supermarine Baby (flybt W1) PA
Jap & Germ ac at Garber facility CPDA
James Harry "Ginger" Lacey bio PA
Germ air POWs n W2 return to Eng bio PA

Bud Anderson and Chuck Yeager flt recreation n ETO hist PA

FlyPast    #99    Oct1989
Geof Curtis (BbrCom radio operator W2) PA bio
Halifax rest n Eng PDA
Halifax ops w 224 Sqdn, Gibraltar & phase out PA
pre-Wright ac design hist il A
Wallbro Monoplane (Eng 1910 mono) repli P
Avro Type F (first enclosed cabin mono P
RAF Finningley airfield hist PA
making movie Battle of Britain PA
ac used n movie BoB where they are today CPA
-38 on snow skis PA
S-2 for fir bbr conv to tprops CP+
DH Otter Vasar Dash 3 tprop conv N0707B CP

FlyPast    #98    Sep 1989
Auster AOP ops mem PA
AC-47 Spooky ops n Viet War PA
AT-6 in Portugese flight demo team CPDA
Scottish Aviation Twin Pioneer surv CPA
Air Transport Aux RAF ops n W2 PA
Post W2 oil support flying n Brunei mem PA
making film The Battle of Britain
Bleriot XI resplis CP+
British Malayan Petroleum Co. ops n Brunei PA
Digital Schneider Tropy Race

FlyPast    # 97    Aug 89
Curtiss Robin hist PA
DH Comet racer "Black Magic" hist PA
Douglas Boston/Havoc hist PA
Grumman FF1 hist PA
F2F hist PA
F3F hist PA
Wellington crew becomes POWs of Vichy French incident PA
aviation memorials of Essex, Eng PA
Aerospace Mus, Cosford, Eng PA
Isle of Grant Test Station airfield, Eng hist PA
Champlin Ftr Mus CPA
making modern movie The Memphis Belle

FlyPast    #96     July 1989
Anson hist & bomber ops PA
Beaufighter flying mem PA
DH Heron proto preservation effort PDA
EE Canberra ops today CPD A
C-47 Canada AF phase out CPA
RAF B.E.2 B4484 intercaptor ops WW1 PA
Spitfire salvage attempt n Eng WW2 PA
RAF strength & hist in 50s PA
Fenland Av Mus, Eng PA
International Helcop Mus, Eng PA
Caernarfon Av Mus, Eng PA
Newark Av Mus, Eng PA

FlyPast    #95    June 1989
historic ac n in Argentina CPA
B-17 "Skipper and the Kids" loss n W2 ETO PA
TBM Avenger pilot’s view hist PDA
A-1 ops n Viet War hist PA
Anson postwar ops, returenent at Llanbedr PA
Parnall Peto (Eng sub-launched scout) hist PA
P-40 ops w 112 Sqdn RAF mem PA
Fw-190 hist PA
Sea Hurricane rests of Imp War Mus PA
HP Hampden to be rest n Eng PA
B-25J rest "Fairfax Ghost" 44-86893 hist CPA
B-25 rests surv CPA
P-47 survivors PA
A.V. Roe bio, mem counterpoint PA

FlyPast    #94    May 1989
Vic Norman biplane collector (Eng)
Stirling agent supply drops ops PA
Stirling hist PA
Douglas Dakota (C-47) DT941 wreckovery PA
Shackleton ops w 8 Sqdn & hist PA
Bird biplane hist (US) PA
Canberra flying mem, hist CPA

FlyPast    #93    Apr 1989
Lancaster of Canadian Warplane Heritage CPA
A.G. Wilson WWI flying bio PA
wreckovery ops of east Anglian Ac Research Group PA
Mosquito ops with Pathfinder forces PA
Percival Q.6 (2e lw ltpln 30s) of Sir Phillip Sassoon PA
Thomas Sopwith bio PA
1945 trng accident with RAF Harvard PA
North Coates airfield, Eng hist PA
RAF Donna Nook airfield A
Whitley sub sinking PA
Jet Heritage collection, Eng CPA
F4U rest "Skyboss" of Meerman CPA N97GM

FlyPast    #92    March 1989
Royal Aerospace Establishment, Wales drone and Meteor ops CPA
Grumman Mallard ops with V.I. Seaplane Shuttle CPA fleet list
B-24J 42-100322 USAAF wreckovery n Eng PA
A.G. "Peter" Wilson WWI spy flying PA bio
1988 UK ac preservation & loss census
Hampden hist PA
The Squadron warbird club, North Weald, Eng PAA
Auster J/1 flying me PDA
A-1 ops n Vietnam hist CPA
Avro Vulcan XM603 pres CPDA
Avro Anson postwar rest G-AHKX CPA

FlyPast    #91    Feb 1989
DC-6 flt Miami to Mex CPA
Luscombe designs hist PA
DH Vampire F.3 17031 N41J of Lamberton – oldest flying jet? CPA
A.G. "Peter" Wilson WI flying ops bio PA
Tiger Moth commem flt by Hooper
RAF airfield articles corr PA
Italy participation n Battle of Britain PA
Soko 522 (1e lw prop trnr) to US PDA
Apr 30 40 first Germ ac attack on Eng PA
PBY 4e mod by The Bird Corp. & for fir bbrs n Canada PA
Egyptian Military Mus CPA

FlyPast    #90    Jan 1989
Airspeed projects hist PA pros list
Dassault Mystere IV rest CPD
He-111 air delivery of V-1s ops hist PA
Lockheed L749 Constellation rest, flt to Holland PDA
P-38 ops from Darwin, Australia W2 PA
Percival G.6 (ltpln) rest CPD A
A.V. Roe – was he first to fly? PA bio
Indonesia AF Mus status, hist CPA
Rolland Fraissinet ac collection, France CPA

FlyPast #88 December 1988
Torbay Aircraft Mus, Eng auction PA
Lancaster rest FM213 rest of Canadian Warplane Heritage flies again PA
Hudson 50th anniv hist PA
Miles Whitney Straight hist PA
Hufnagel (Germ) & Gilbert (US) fight to death Xmas eve 44 hist PA
Walrus HD874 last flight hist PA
P-47 survivors today
USAF Mus status list CPA
USAF Mus Restoration Center status CP

FlyPast #88 November 1988
US firebombers survey CPA
Nardi FN.305 (Italy trnr WW2) rest hist PA
B-25 rests n Europe CPA
Aces High cinemaphotography (Eng) ops PA
B-25 ops over Egypt PA
Howard ac hist status PA
making Piece Of Cake, Eng TV series PA
Blenheim hist PA
radar equipped Forward Director Posts ops n WW2 hist PA
Felixstowe F. boats ops n WWI Psurv

FlyPast    #83    June 1988
DH Vampire 2-seater of RAAF rest PA
Fairey Gannet hist & survivors CPA
Swordfish air gunner trng W2 PA
Hs-129 rest attempt n Australia PD A
B-25H rest of Weary Warriors PA
Sikorsky S-39 safari ac n Africa & Borneo PA
Jack Cheney (Eng) night fighter war diary PA
air gunner training n Swordfish WW2 PA

FlyPast    #82    May 1988
Shackleton surivors n South Africa PA
Vulcan last one flying XH558 opsPDA
Grumman AF-1 Guardian hist & survivors CPA
Hu-16 Albatross survivors CPA
Shin meiwa/Grumman UF-XS (mod Albatross test bed) CP
R&S Snargasher (Eng 2e trnr tadr proto) P
Rearwin ac designs hist PA
Wellington hist PA
Jack Cheney (Eng) night fighter war diary PA
last Germ air raid on Eng, WWI PA
B.L.A.S.T. ac restorers, Enc PA
Newark Air Mus ops PA
Soviet ac rotting on Grenada CPA

FlyPast    #81    Apr 1988
E.E. Lightning last ops CPD A
Piper Vagabond n Eng hist PA
Spit V wreckovery n Australian swamp PA
Spitfires n Australia today CPA
381st BG USAAF ops n Europe W2 PA
RAF Domesday airfield hist PA
RAF airfields, April 1, 1918 list A
Manfred von Richtofen bio PA
Bob Stanford Tuck (Eng) bio PA
Musee de l’Air, France CPA
Daimler Benz 600 engine series hist PA

FlyPast    #80    March 1988
DH Tiger Moth hist pirep PD AFairey Battle hist PA
Beijing, China av mus CPA
Malaysian AF today CPA
Bob Stanford Tuck (Eng) bio PA
Davis-Monthan AFB storage & melting early hist CPA
insecticide spraying ops of Conifair, Canada CPA
"Herman" bomb recovery & demolition n Eng incident PA

FlyPast    #79    Feb 1988
Lionel Hill flying (1917-1934 (Eng) mem PA
Blenheim IV rest crash analysis PA
B-24 depart formation incident n ETO WW2 PA
PBY wreckovery n Alaska PA
DH Dragon Rapide G-ADDD rest hist PA pro
Fairey company ops at Hayes airport, Eng PA
Hawker Sea Fury civ racer "Blind Man’s Bluff" status PA
Pilatus P-2 survivors PA
Rearwin Ac hist PA
Spitfire 1st loss to Luftwaffe n W2 PA
South African AF Historic Flight PA
Musee de l’Air, France PA
ac wrecks on Isle of Arran, Eng PA

FlyPast #78 Jan 1988
Boeing B-17G rest  44-85718 "Thunder Bird" flt < Duxford, Eng > TX PA
B-47 retirement, disposals PA
DH Vampire T.11 hist PD A pirep
Fairey Battle hist PA
Vickers Warwick mem PA
Jodel D.9 (1e 1s lw ltpln France)hist PA
B-24J 42-50291 wreckovery Freckleton, Eng
Felixtowe F.2A flt < Malta > Gibraltar failed PA
Brian Cocks (Eng) book collector bio PA
collecting rare books desc PA
F-104 colorful ac CPsurv
Daimler Benz engines hist PA

FlyPast    #77    Dec 1987
Chipmunks RAF ops at Swinderby, Eng PA
Felixstowe F.2A flt <Malta > Gibraltar PA il
Panavia Tornado testing chronology PA
Peter Rix (Germ pilot) shootdown hist, bio PA
abandoned RAF airfields ghost stories PA
historic ac n Eng PA

FlyPast    #76    Nov 1987
Canadair Argus retirement, dispsals PA
PBY rest 4 New Zealand AF MusPA
Felixstowe F.2A flt < Malta > Gibraltar 1922 PA
F-104G ex Germ AF acquisition to Eng CPA
T-33 retirement < Spain AF PA
Stinson Voyager & L-5 hist PA
Wellington search for in Eng Chan  mem hist PA
Whitley hist PA
Italian AF Mus hist list PA
47 Sqdn RAF ops n Sudan 1930sd mem PA
Chico, California airport, big transports based there PA
1909 trans Eng Channel race PA
ac wrecks n Falklands Islands PA

FlyPast    #75    Oct 1987
Armstrong-Whitworth Ape (bip) P
C-47s in USAF Mus inventory list PA
Short Sunderland hist PA
Luftwaffe projected op’l ac n 1946 surv Cil PA
Ulrich Steinhlper (Germ WW2 flier) bio PA
Whitley airfield, Eng hist PA
Chun Cheng Av Mus, Taiwan CPA

FlyPast    #74    Sep 1987
Boeing B-29 "Fertile Myrtle" bought by Kermit Weeks
Breguet 763/765 (4e doubledeck al 60s) hist PA
DH Moth Minor rest PDA pirep
Grumman Hu-16 Albatross retirement, disposals, hist PA
Meteor flown by RAAF MiG killerdogfight n Korea War PA
Vickers Wellesley hist PA
Don King aviation collection, FL, USA PA
Liverpool Flying School warbirds (Eng) PA
Allied eval of Jap ac after W2 PA
ex RAF ac displayed n Singapore PA
Vickers Wellington hist PA
Vickers 253 bip general purpose 30s 1e P+

Keenair Warbirds collection, Liverpool, Eng PA
Fiat G-91s pres n Portugal

FlyPast    #73    Aug 1987
Blenheim IV rest crash PA
Doncaster, Eng airfield hist PA
DH Hornet ops n Far East hist PA
Culver designs hist PA
Miles Magister stolen by Luft pilots to return to Germ il A
Dornier Do-17 downing wreckovery n 1940 PA
Tiger Moth G-ANMV of Tigerfly PA
US Army Av Mus PA
Saunders Roe Rotorcycle (lic blt Hiller XROE-1) hist PA
historic ac & displays on Malta CPA
Spitfire Thum Flight civ contract fliers reunion, Eng PA
Doncaster airfield, Eng hist PA

FlyPast     #72     July 1987
Airspeed design surv hist PA
Blenheim rest flies again n Eng CPA
Grumman Goose hist PA
HP Harrow hist PA
Hawker Sea Fury "Blind Man’s Bluff" US r 2v A
Spitfire Thum Flight, last op’l flight 1957 CPA
Supermarine Swift hist PA
RF-8 Crusader hist CPA
Singapore Al hist CPD A
Bristol piston engines surv hist PA

FlyPast    #71    June 1987
Airspeed ac hist surv PA
Convair 580 survivor ops n Europe today PA
A-26 rest n progress n Eng PA
C-47s n So Africa AF CPA list
Donald Bennett (Eng) bio
Pierce McKennon (US) bio
Kermit Weeks ac collection (Florida, USA) PA
Turkish Av Mus PA
Hawarden airfield, Eng hist PA
Chalk Al (US) seaplane ops CPA
ac wrecks in Northwest Highlands, Eng PA

FlyPast    #70    May 1987
Bristol Bombay hist PA
B-57 combat ops w USAF & SVNAF CPA
Porterfield ac surv PA
Spit static displays in Rangoon PA
Supermarine Swift hist PA
Donald Bennett (Eng) bio & ops w Short Mercury piggyback PA
Transport Mus, Caracas, Venezuela CPA
historic ac n Hawaii CPA
Luftwaffe bombing of Fenlands, Eng in WW2 PA

FlyPast    #69    Apr 1987
Blackburn Beverly hist CPA
Wellington ops as AWACS n W2 PA
Colin Bobby (Eng) POW diary PA
Hispano Suiza engines hist surv PA
first flight made at Southend, Eng PA
British Ac Preservation Council troubles PA
gate guard ac n Israel CPA

FlyPast    #68    March 1987
Bolivian air transport ops CPA
603 Sqdn, RAF hist
making movie The Dam Busters PA
Fairey Hendon (2e lw bbr proto) hist PA
Vulcan flying PA pirep PA
Spit rests of Charles Church, Eng PDA
historic ac n UK preserved, scrapped 1986 PA
Short Sealand (2e amphib ltpln) hist PA
PBY heli recovery by Chinook n Canada PA
B-57 phase out of USAF hist PA
Old Rhinebeck ac coll PA

FlyPast    #67    Feb 1987
Harvard Formation Team (Eng) PA
Harvard rest G-CTKL rest n Eng PDA
Harvards registered n UK & scrapyard Harvards PA
Central Museum of Armed Forces n Moscow CPA
Gladiator ops w 267 (Communications) Sqdn n Far East mem PA
Cessna Airmaster /195 hist PA
Stirling flown by Luft PA
Bellanca "Columbia" hist PA
Carew Cheriton airfield, Eng hist PA
Brit civil air services n W2 PA
Brit civil air ops to Lisbon, Portugal PA
W2 crashes & landings n Ireland PA lists
Russavia collection "airline" ops at Duxford, Eng CPA
Howard 500 on trilg CP
Liberators of 159 "SNAKE" Sqdn RAF A list

FlyPast   #66    Jan 1987
B-17 "Shoo Shoo Baby" rest PA
MiG civ imports > Eng PA
Towney Owl (Eng 1e push trilg ltpln proto 1960) ff PA
Vickers Vildebeest hist PA
Vickers Vincent hist PA
Cyril Pountney (Eng) Fleet Air Arm war experiences PA
Davis-Monthan AFB disposal area CPA
DH Gipsy engines hist PA pros
RAF Tech Training School 33rd class anecdotes PA
W2 ac crashes & forced landings n Ireland PA

FlyPast    #65    Dec 1986
DH Gipsy Moth VH-ULD trip to Antarctic on boat Discovery PA
DeHavilland Leopard Moth hist pirepPD A
Spit aces surv PA
Spit historical points disputed corr PA
Vickers Valetta ops n Suez invasion 1956 PA
Wellington wreckoveries PDA
Wellington wreckovery L7775 n 1940 PA
Confed AF nose art collection hist PDA
Pulham Airship Base (Eng) hist PA
Air Stores Park (Eng) ops n W2 mem PA
pin-up nose art hist CPA
ghost activity at RAF bases A
Musee Aeronautique de Champagne, France PA

FlyPast    #64    Nov 1986
pilots who became aces n Spitfires PA
Aphrodite robot missions hist PA
P-51s of Switz AF hist PA
Stinson Reliants hist PA
F-101 phaseout of USAF, survivors PA
Wilhelm Koehle (Germ W1 recon pi) PA bio
HP Heyford hist PA
Vickers Vanguard/Merchantman graveyard at Perpignan Airport, Eng PA
B-17s of Institut Geographique National PA list
preserved wheel of Poll Giant (Germ bbr proto W1) PA
Duxford Aviation Society airliners (Eng) PA
ac wreckoveries n New Guinea CPA
wreckoveries n Scotland’s "Bermuda Triangle" PA
Do-17 downed by Beaufighter wreckovery PA

FlyPast    #63    Oct 86
Avro Shackleton ops at Lossimouth PA
B-47 rest ferry flt PA
Lockheed Starliner last op’l PA
Spit survivor world census CPA
Wyvern ejection under water PA
8 Sqdn RAF hist PA
101 Sqdn RAF electronic countermeasures ops n W2 PA
Annan airfield, Scotland hist PA
KLM ex mil ac used in trng CPA
BMW jet engines (Germ) hist PA
vintage glider surv CPA

FlyPast    #62    Sep 1986
Shackleton ops from Lossiemouth, Eng CPD A
Bristol Freighter CPA
DC-8 diner n Netherlands PA
AC-119G phaseout CPD A ca
HP Harrow ops w 115 Sqdn hist PA
Hawker Audax (2s gp bip 30s) PA
Hawker Hardy (2s gp bip 30s) PA
Hawker Hind (2s lt bbr bip 30s) PA
Hawker Hector (2s gp bip 30s) PA
Supermarine Seafang hist PA
Supermarine Spiteful hist PA
Colin Dodds (RAF pilot) notes about flying various ac PA
50th anniversary av hist dates surv PA

FlyPast    #61    Aug 1986
Catalina PBY-6A N4NC commem t-Atlant flt PA
Curtiss NC-4 trans-Atlant flt hist PA
HP Hastings retirement CPA
Miles M.3A Falcon indiv ac hist PA
RAF R.E. 8 combat incident PA
Peter Lefebre (Eng) bio PA
Hans-Gert Colinisch last op’l flt n Ju-88> Eng n W2 PA
Cornwall Aero Park, Eng PA
Stratton Royal Navy airfield hist PA
Hall of Aviation, Southampton, Eng collection PA
BMW piston engines (Germ) hist PA
making movie Reach for the Sky PA
Russian parasite ftr ops n 30s PA
Stinson early hw monos hist PA
Aeronca C-3s n Eng PA
Antonov TB-3 ops w parasite ftrs PA

Southampton Hall of Aviation (Eng) PA
Royal Naval AF Mus hist PA
blister hangars hist PA

wreckoveries hist in Alaska PA

FlyPast    #60    July 1986
warbird jet ftrs n US CPA
civ Brit PBY transport ops n SoPac PA list
Aces High mus, Eng CPA
Lockheed 10A CF-TCC commem TCA flight PA
RAF underground battle HQ PA il
Hawker Hart hist PA
Mosquito proto hist PA
making movie Reach for the Sky PA
HP Hastings phaseout dispos PA
Blenheim IVrest n Eng G-MKIV CPDA
Hampden rest PA

FlyPast    #59    June 1986
ac wrecks n SoPac CPA
Frank Marlow (Eng) WI war dia PA bio
Wellington hist PA
Wellington ops mem PDA
Wellington wreckovery from Loch Ness PA
Sea Fury hist PA survivors
Beaumauris (seaplane repair base Canada PA
Mignet Flying Fleas PA
DeHavilland turbojets hist PA
ac preserved n Turkey CPA
Walter Soplata Collection (US) PA
Spit ops at end of war PA mem
Turkish AF Mus CPA

FlyPast    #58    May 86
B-17G "Mary Alice" rest at Imperial War Mus, Eng PD A
Boulton-Paul Overstrand (2e bip ftr) PA
Boulton-Paul Sidestrand (2e bip ftr) PA
DH Vampire T.35 pres CPDA
DH Mosquito ops w flying searchlights hist PA
Douglas Havoc ops w flying searchlights hist PA
HP Hastings withdrawal from RAF service PA
Monocoupe design surv hist PA
Spit V at Shuttleworth Coll, Eng
Frank Marlowe (Eng) ops w RAF n Far East n WWI bio PA
Cosford Mus (Eng) CPA
Dutch Military Aviation Mus status PA
RAF service n India & against Japs n Burma mem PA

FlyPast     #57    Apr 1986
Spitfire variants considered but not built PA il
Vengeance wreckov, preservation hist PA
Augustine Francis Marlowe (Eng early flier) bio PA
RAF Woodbridge airfield (Eng) hist PA
Brazilian AF Mus CPA
DeHavilland turbojets hist PA
target towing for RAF by FRU/FRADU hist PA

FlyPast    #56    March 1986
Lancaster rest of Canadian Warplane Heritage CPDA
Boulton Paul Bourges (2e bip) PA
Boulton-Paul Bugle (2e bip) PA
Douglas B-23 to McChord AFB Mus PA
Sea Fury civs n USA CPA
Lockheed Neptune ops n Royal Navy hist PA
Piper L-4 rest PA
Stampe WW2 rescue flt to Belgium PA
Spitfire hist CPA
See Bee Air (New Zealand al) ops PA
ac preserved in North Dakota and South Dakota PA

FlyPast   #55    Feb 1986
Pembrokes ex-Belgian n USA Plist
diesel aircraft engines hist PA
RAF fighter ops n Basrah, 1940 hist PA
DC-6A ET-AGY n Ethiopia to be preserved n Eng CPA
Royal Thai AF Mus CPA
PV-2D Harpoon N86493 preserved n US PDA
Podington airfield, Eng hist PA
mushroom pillboxes at RAF W2 airfields PA
Battle of Britain Memorial Flt status CPA
Spit Tr.IX TE308 rest n Colorado PA
PBY-5A G-BLSC dunking in water n Norway for movie PA
Spartan Executive hist PA

FlyPast    #54    Jan 1986
Spit legends true and false Pad
Westland Wallace hist PA
Westland Wapiti hist PA
Cotswold Ac Rest Grp (Eng) PA
historic ac n Switz census CPA
F-105 phaseout disposals hist preserved CPA
Robins AFB historic ac PA

FlyPast    #53    Dec 1985
DC-3 hist, survivors CPA
DH Dove status CPDA
Dakota RAF ops at Battle of Arnheim PA
USN trng ops Eng pilot mem PA
P-51 of 20th FG wreckovery n Eng PA
Vintage Glider Club, Eng PA
glider museums surv PA
Armstrong Siddeley turbine engine hist PA
Bristol Tourer (mod F.2B) replis n Australia P
Weyl Kitten III G-AEXT rest PA (1s lw ltpln 1937)
UK airfield ghostly happenings PA
Arrow A2-60 Sport (1s ltpln 1929) n Eng PA

FlyPast    #52    Nov 1985
Hurricane hist , survivors CPA
Hurricane slip wing tests PA
post war ground flight testing PA
Wellington X3220 wreckovery n Alconbury, Eng PA
Stan Turner (Hurri pi Malta) bio PA
Blackburn Beverley (4e hw trans) hist, survivors PA
Supermarine Windsor (4e bbr proto) flying mem PA
Hawker Horsley (1e bip torp bbr) hist PA

FlyPast    #50    Sep 1985
Fairey Gordon (bip bbr 30s) hist PA
Fairey Seal (bip bbr 30s) hist PA
Vickers Valiants withdrawn < RAF service PA
Edward Lindsay (last survivor of US 1st bbg sqedn W1) bio PA
RAF Hendon airfield hist PA
312 Sqdn RAF manned by Czechs n W2 hist PA
RAF Museum of Aviation History PA
SABENA (Columbia al) hist PA
RAF modern air-launched rockets hist PA Dil

FlyPast    #49    Aug 1985
Shackleton retirement < South Africa AF PDA
B-17 "Sally B" rest PA
C-47 deliv > McChord Av Mus by C-5A CPA
Eklund TE-1 (Finland hb flybt 40s) PA
Vickers Vadette rest PA
Charles "Jimmy" Lowe-Wilde (Eng a s flyer 30s) bio PA
Moorabbin Mus (Australia) status CPA
USAF Mus, Dayton status CPA
Whitehall Theater auction (Eng) PA
US warbird crashes in 1984 PA
rotary engine surv hist PA

FlyPast    #48    July 1985
B-17 50th Anniv hist & survivors CPD A
B-17 ops w RAF hist PA
B-17 ball turret gunner mem PA
Douglas C-47 Dakota PH-DDA his PDA
EKW N-20 Aiguillon (4jet ftr proto) CP
EKW N-20 Arbalete (4jet ftr proj) CP
Fairey IIIF hist PA
Switzerland Transport Museum CPA
RAF Duxford base air show 1935 PA
air-to-air ac rockets hist PA

FlyPast #47 June 1985

Percival Pembroke 30th Anniv hist PA
Japanese ac wrecks n Indonesia CPA
B-29 "Hawg Wild" G-BHDK hist rest flt > Duxford, Eng CPA
Eng WWII runway defense pillbox hist PA
Junkers engines hist PA
Buckkeburg, Germ heli mus status PA list
Wellington R1465 loss in W2 PA
Theater of War Mus (Eng) to be auctioned
Fairey Battle I L5340 & L5343 rest n Eng PA
Valiant Air Command a s n FL CPA
T-6 ops w Spain AF guerilla fighters hist CPA
Moquito rests status PA
Tiger Moth rests status PA
obscure Axis dive bombersj surv hist PA

FlyPast    #46    May 1985
KC-97 dispos after phaseout PA
Tiger Moth VH-BEX rest CPA
Fairey Fox hist PA
Hawker Sea Fury MiG killer ops CPA
Ryan M-1 "Sprit of Fresno" rest CPA
Vickers Windsor hist PA
Ernst Rech (Switz) bio PA
RAF Sutton Bridge airfield hist PA
Shuttleworth Collection status PA

FlyPast    (no issue #)    Apr 1985
Ju-88 dive bombing ops PA
Spits final variants PK724 & PK683 hist PA Cpros
RAF Museum, Cardington facility status CPA
Norwegian AF Mus hist list PA
RAF Penrhos airfield (Eng) hist PA
Vickers 40mm "S" cannon hist PA
Napier engines hist PA
ac flying n movies Aces High PA

FlyPast   #45     Apr 1985
Penrhos RAF base, North Wales hist PA
Spitfire phase out n 1955 PA Cpros
Spit 24 VN485 hist PA
Spit 24 PK683 hist PA
Spit 24 PK 724 hist PA
Napier engine co hist PA
Norwegian AF Mus PA
Aces High Mus movie ac PA
Junkers Ju-88 dive bomber ops hist PA
RAF Cardington rest facility CPA
Vickers 40mm "S" ac gun PA

FlyPast 44 March 1985
historical ac preserved n UK, scrapped, wrecked 1984 PA
A6M2 rest of Australian War Memorial CPA
F-102 phaseout, survivors CPA
Arrow Air Services (restorers, Eng) PA
John Frederick Benton (So Afri air pioneer) bio PA
Handley Page Hyderabad (2e bip bbr 20s) PA
Handley Page Hinaidi (2e bip bbr 20s) PA
Handley Page Clive (2e bip trans 20s) PA
Cavalier mod Mustang conversions hist CPA
V-2 guided missile assault on East Anglia 1944 PA

FlyPast    #43    Feb 1985
Yokosuka D4Y Suisei hist PA
ABC Dragonfly engines (Eng) hist PA
RAF Rednal airfield (Eng) hist PA
Blackburn Beverley moving sideways on dollies hist PA
F-86s survivors, rests n Calif CPA
Canberra long serving n RAF CPDA ca
F9F Panther rest 123072 n USA CPA
German aviation museum PA
Lancaster EE136 "Spirit of Russia" ops hist PA

FlyPast    #42     Jan 1985
B-29 rests & survivors PA
Hawker Sea Hawk hist & rest PDA
Piper L-4 rest of Federico n Calif PA
Short Sunderland rest flies again CPA
Spit rest surv PDA
Vickers Victoria hist PA
Vickers Virginia hist PA
oventry Ordinance Works COW gun development n WW1 PDA
1st air mail flight n Australia PA
Light Aircraft Services (restorers, Eng) PA

FlyPast   #41    Dec 1984
Banff airfield, Eng hist PA
Anson 21 (post war) WD413 rest future uncertain CPA
Canadair CL-213 for fire bbr amphib ops CPDA
Sweden AF Mus PA
SB2C hist PA
Wellington N2980 to be raised from Loch Ness?
Sunbeam engine co (Eng) hist PA
Harry Ferguson (Eng av pioneer pi) PA
Mustang civ rests list PA

FlyPast   #40    Nov 1984
Avro Aldershot (Eng bip bbr) hist PA
Lancaster rest DV372 in a garage PDA
Lancaster ops in Operation Taxable PA
Mosquito restorations worldwide statuses surv PA
Fairey Fawn (bip bbr) hist PA
F4F JV482 wreckovery in England PA
Piper Enforcer development discontinued CPA
Spit restorations worldwide statuses PA
Yesterday’s Air Force (US mus) problems PA
Davis cannon (Eng ac gun) hist PDA

FlyPast   #39   Oct 1984
P-39 wreckovery n Australia PA
DH Devon (RAF Dove) retirement from RAF CPA
Douglas Boston RAF bale out anecdote PA
F6F rest of Air Mus crash CPD A
Saab 18 (2e bbr) hist PA
RAF Calveley airfield hist PA
Harold Warp Pioneer Village ac (Nebraska, US) PA
SAC Mus (Nebraska, US) PA
Lincoln, Nebraska ac collection PA
Aphrodite ops in Eng WW2 PA

FlyPast   #38    Sep 1984
Vickers .303 machine gun hist PA
Canadian Warplane Heritage status CPA
B-25H wreckovery at Papua, New Guinea CPDA
Percival Sea Prince WF137 rest n Eng PA
Vickers Vimy (2e bbr) hist PA
Martin B-26 41-31707 "Five By Fives" ET0 opl hist PA
Hawker Typhoon rocket ops hist PA
EMK Aeroplane Ltd (Eng ac restorers)
Hubert Adair (Eng Hurri pi) war action bio PA

FlyPast    #37    Aug 1984
SBA hist PA
SB2A hist PA
Mosquito ops n W2 PA
SM-79 cap by RAF flt test mem PA
discovering German Knickelbein beam nav aid W2 PA
Spit W3333 wreckovery n Eng PA
Aviodome av mus, Netherlands PA

Aviodome Mus (Neth) PA list
76 Sqdn FAA wreckoveries PA
Usworth Airport, Eng PA
Did Gustav Whitehead fly before Wrights? PA
electronic warfare against Germ n W2 PA

FlyPast    #36    July 1984
Airco DH-10 hist PA
B-17F "Memphis Belle" rest status PA
Mosquito bbg ops n W2 PA
Skyfox Skyfox status CPA
Vickers 177 (1e bip ftr proto) hist PA 3v
Roy Hanna (Eng RAF pilot) bio CPA
Molins 40mm gun ops on Mosquito hist PA
Antique Aeroplane Co (Eng ac restorers) PA

FlyPast    #35    June 1984
Hawker Typhoon DN293 wreckovery PA
Stearman PT-17 in movie The Aviator CPA
Vickers VC-10 testing problems PA
Vintage Pair (Eng air show team) CPASouthend Mus (Eng) PA
Intrepid Mus (US) PA
William Lambert (US W1 pilot) bio PA
Halfpenny Green Airport (Eng) PA
aerial photography n W2 PA il

FlyPast    #34    May 1984
DH-9 hist PA
P-38 rest N7PF CPD A
engine automatic mixture and boost control explained PA Dil
Helmut Wick (Germ WW2) who shot him down? bio PA
Hants Light Plane Services (Eng restorers) PA
Aden ac mouinted cannon (Eng) hist PDA
Battle of Heligoland Bight (ETO) PDA

FlyPast    #33    Apr 1984
Aviation Traders Carvair survivors CPA
Gloster Meteor F.8 rest WK914 PDA
Ju-88 kill by Beaufighter PDA
Spit VIII MT719 rest CPA
Hadtorteneti Mus, Hungary PA list
Kozlekesi Mus, Hungary PA list
Mem Repuloges Szolgalat Collection, Hungary PA list
Lionel Pilkington (Eng WW2 pilot) war dia PA
Deenethorpe airfield (Eng) hist PA
Battle of Heligoland Bight (ET0) PA
1st scheduled air service Jan 1, 1914 (US) commemoration CPA

FlyPast   #32   Mar 1984
Aichi D3A hist PA
Avro Vulcan preserved CPDA
SBD wreckvery < Lake Michigan CPDA
HP 0/400 hist PA
HP V/1500 hist PA
Bob’s Airpark historic ac collection (Tuscon, AZ USA) CPD A
Personal Plane Service restorers (Eng) ops CPA
Lewis machine gun hist PDA

FlyPast    #31    Feb 1984
F4B-4 repli of Jim Dewey PA
Caproni Ca.100 abandoned in Milan, Spain hangar PDA
B-24 "Bold Venture II" abandoned X-mas flt 1944 wreckoveery PD A
FW-190A wreckovery PA
FMA Pucara n Eng rest CP
Hughes HK-4 Hercules Mus CPD A
Ju-52 wreckovery n Norway CPDA
Bf-110 downed on RAF raid to Duisberg Sep 5 42 PA
Viscount 701 hist CPA
Henry Ford Mus (USA) ac displayed PA list
Montrose airport (Eng) hist PA

FlyPast    #30    Jan 1984
Catalina rescue incident in Eng WW2 PA
SBC hist PA
Meteor retirement < RAF CPA
Halberstadt CL airframes of US collector PA
P-38 found under Greenland ice cap PA
Viscount 701 of Duxford Group, Eng PA
F4U wreckovery < Lake Washington, Eng PA
Pima Air Mus (US) CPA
Amy Johnson (Eng) bio & documentary film PA
Harriet Quimby (US) bio PA
Russel J. Zorn (US war photographer) bio PA
Rolls-Royce 40mm cannon hist PA

FlyPast    #29    Dec 1983
DC-3 retirement < Finland AF hist, list CPA
Fairey Gannet rest PA
Martin Baker co hist PDA
Miles Magister flying mem PA
Saab B.18 wreckov PD A
Vickers Varsity T.1 rest PD A
John Cock (Australia) ex RAF pilot return to Eng bio PA
Switzerland AF Mus status, list PA
Cark Airfield, Eng hist PA

FlyPast    #28    Nov 1983
Bristol Blenheim last flight by 211 Sqdn RAF Cill PA
E.E. Lightning gate guards PA
Fairey Barracuda hist PA
Miles Master rest in Beerkshire, Eng PA
P-51 rest and actual ac "Shangri-La" CPA
Hispano-Suiza 20mm cannon hist PDA
RAF ops n Iraq 1927-28 PA

FlyPast    #27    Oct 1983
Gladiator wreckovery n Norway PA
Hawker Sea Fury umlimited racer proj n USA PA
Short Solent N9946F rest CPDA
Fleet Air Arm Mus status PA
Jim Wilkie heli collection (Eng) PA
German night intruder bomber ops WW2 PA
Meacon decoying Germ ac n WW2 PA
Liverpool-Speke airport, Eng his PA

FlyPast    #26    Sep 1983
Fairey Firefly (bio) in Belgium AF hist PAFairey Firefly (mono) ac carrier ops Psurv
B-24 conversions to al ops n Eng after WW2 PA
DH Heron of Newark, Eng ac uus indiv hist PA
HP Hastings of Newark, Eng ac mus indiv hist PA
Ju-87 hist PA
Morane L of Rex Warneford Cpro PA
Wellington crash Oct 30 39 PA
R.A.J. "Rex" Warneford (Eng WW1) bio PA
Vickers G.303 ac machine gun hist PA
ac wrecks following Falklands War CPA
ac crashes in Snowdonia, Eng PA

FlyPast    #25    August 1983
DH Vampire flight desc CPA pirep
North American A-27 rest CPA
North American BV-2 rest CPA
Short bomber ops n Eng hist PA
Short Stirling LK171 last flight n WW2 PA
Canadian National Aviation Mus status CPDA
British ac used n Poland after WWI PA

FlyPast    #23     June 1983
B-17F 41-57042 crash mystery n Eng PA
Douglas DC-2 survivors PA
Meteor retirement, survivors CPA
Halifax LK397 crash n WW2 PA
Petylyakov Pe-2 hist PA
Saro Skeeter (heli Eng) rest CPDA
Wellington raid on Wilhelmshave PA
Duxford Air Mus (Eng) auction CPA
av museums of So Africa surv PA
ac boneyards n AZ PA
RAF Graydon airfield hist PA
gunnery trng domes explained PA

FlyPast    #22     May 1983
Anson – 1st RAF loss in WW2 Cpro PA
Lancaster survivors surv PA
Avro Vulcan survivors surv PA
Fairchild 24 Argus rest for stat disp n Eng & surv PDA
Hawker Hunter civ G-HUNT n Eng CPA
:P-51 "Red Barron" hist CPD A
Hans Schmoller-Haldy (Germ WW2 pilot) mem PA
Bomber Command Mus (Eng) CPAas
Southend Collection (Eng) auction CPA
South Africa av mus surv PA

FlyPast    #19    Feb 1983
ASJA B-4 (Sweden-built Hawker Hart) hist PA
Lancaster civ ops hist PA
Blackburn Botha hist PA
DH Moth Major rest n Eng PA
Watkins monoplane hist PA
Herbert Watkins, 1st to fly n Wales? bio PA
Charles E. Brown (Eng) air photography CPA
Manchester Aviation Mus (Eng) PA
Weston-on-the-Green airfield (Eng) hist PA

FlyPast    #4    Nov 1981
ancaster flying mem PA
Bristol Bulldog II, IIA hist PA Cil
Curtiss R3C-2 repli, Thorpe Park, Eng PA
Duperdussin fltpln racer repli, Thorpe Park, Eng PA
Hawker Hind rest PA
Ju-87 wreckovery n Eng PD A
Short Sandringham pres n France PA
Sunderland "Excalibur VIII" rest CPA
Supermarine S.5 fltpln racer repli, Thorpe Park, Eng PA
Roderic Dallas (Australia ftr ace WWI) bio PA
Historic Aircraft Mus (Southend, Eng) PA
WWI RAF flying anecdotes A
1st 1000 plane raid of WW2 PA
Imperial Airways early ops PA

FlyPast    July-Aug 1981
DH Comet racer hist PA
Hawker Fury hist PA
Hawker Hurricane mem PA
Hawker Typhoon hist CPDA
Constellation hist PA
RAF display teams CPA
W.B. Rhodes Moorhouse (Eng WWI pioneer av) bio PA
Israel Defense Force Mus PA
engines used n Schneider Trophy races PA

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