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FltJnl    13/6 Dec 08
Northrop XP-56 CPA
Spitfire flying against Luft mem & rest CPDA
Bo 727 deep stall test CPA
Molt Taylor Aerocar rest CPDA
transport flying in revolutionary war Ivory Coast CPA
CH-53 Viet War rescue mission mem CPA
P-47D of Paul Douglas ETO ace CPA Cpro A
Paul Douglas (US) CPA bio

FltJnl   13/5 Oct 08
Republic XR-12 Rainbow CPA
AV-8B USMC ops today CPDA
Waco SH3D Super Sport rest of Jackson CPDA
P-70 ops n SoPac CPA
F9C Sparrowhawk wreckovery hist CPDA
F-86 protos PA
P-51B rest w Malcolm Hood of Roush CPDA
first parachute jump from an airplane PA

FlitJnl    13/4 Aug 08
Bo 737 AEW&C for Australia ff CPA
Boeing 40C rest of Pemberton CPDA his
McDonnell FH-1 first US arrested jet landing PA
F-14 myths in movie Top Gun CPA
Piper L-4 downs a Fiesler Storch n ETO CPDA
F-117A retires CPD
Vari Eze pulse detonation engine test ff CPA
Martin XB-51 CPA
P-38 piggyback rescue n ETO CPA
F7U Cutlass hist CPDA
Ryan ST rest of Kozak CPDA

FltJnl    13/3 June 08
Kawanishi N1K1-J Shiden rest at USAF Mus CPA
Seversky P-35 CPA
Grumman AF Guardian hist CPA
Convair XB-46
C-47 n CBI snake n cockpit incident PA
B-26 Marauder missions in ETO mem CPA
A-4 mission with VA-212 1967 CPA
F-16C colorful commemorative ac of 111th FS TX ANG CPA
A-10 first air victory CPA
F-4C early flight testing in CA CPDA

FltJnl    13/2 April 08
Hawker Hurricane last to fight n B of France rest of Cambridge, England CPDA
Consolidated-Vultee XP-81 PA
Grumman F7F hist, rest of Bossman CPDA
Hindenburg loss at Lakehurst, NJ 1937 PDA
Grumman OV-1 flying n Viet War and rest CPDA
DH-2 repli of Redfern in New Zealand CPDA
Fw-190 hist CPDA
ac flown by Medal of Honor winners CPA
A6M flying in combat over Guadalcanal mem CPA
do we need modern fighter aircraft? CPA

FltJnl    13/1 February 08
A6M3 rest of Evergreen Av Mus to fly again CPA
inadvertent combat of Yak 3 w P-51 n W2 rest CPA
KC-130F flies from ac carr CPA
late war Luftwaffe efforts PA
MS.406 rest n France CPDA
Elling Weeks (early US aviator) bio PA
Risinger Raid 1968 Viet War hist CPA
Ed Risinger (F-100 pi Viet War) bio PA
Curtiss XP-87 CPA
last officer class grad at Pensacola, FL mem CPA

FltJnl    12/6 Dec 07
Vought XF7U-1 CPA
Hawker Hurricane hist rest of Russell CPDA Cpro
F-105 pitch trim test flt CPA 3v
F-111 raid on Libya CPDA
Kinner Sportster rest of McCorkle CPDA
P-61 "Double Trouble" triple kill in ETO CPDA
P-51 mission n China that went bad with Rideout, CACW mem PA Cpros
F-14 vert stab washes up on Ireland shore CPA

FltJnl   12/5 Oct 07
Fleetwings YPQ-12A (manned drone bomb carrier W2) CPA
A-1 air kill of MiG-17 n Viet War hist CPA
Thunderbirds team hist status CPA
Blue Angels hist status CPA
biplane aces of W2 CPDA
Polikarpov I-15bis rest CPDA
F-15 n 65th Aggressor Sqdn colors, ops CPDA
accidental US attack on Soviet airfield n Korean War CPA
artists who drew detailed drawings of enemy ac n W2 CPDil A
US raid on Ploesti oil refineries 1943 CPA
C-124 w 5 engines test ac CPA
Robin Olds obit bio PA

FltJnl   12/4 Aug 07
Martin P5M-1 Marlin CPA
Republic P-47D-30 of Schroeder n Schilling colors CPDA
USAF hist Nov 79 to Sep 18 2007 CPA
Darfur refugee air supply of food etc. CPA
US av industry in W2 CPA
Monocoupe 110 Special rest of John McCullough CPA
raids on Thanh Hoa Bridge n Viet War Cil CPA
B-58 post crash at Great Salt Lake, UT 1960 CPDA
Loughead Model G (bip 1916) PA
No new USAF ac on drawing boards today A

FltJnl    12/3 June 07
EADS-Socata HC-144 (2 tprop patrol) enters USCG service CPA
Boeing XF8B-1 CPA
Dec 7 Pearl Harbor untold facts CPDA
P-40B rest of The Fighter Collection CPDA
USAF hist June 26, 1950 to Nov 4, 1979 CPA
F-86 combat w MiG-15s in Korean War CPDA
Chrislea Aircraft Co. Ltd. (England) hist CPA
Chrislea Skyjeep of Webber (hw ltpln tadr) C{DA
F-86E hist and civ rests today CPDA
air combat in Arab-Israeli 1948 war Cil CPA
F8U Crusader transcont USA ac carrier to carrier flight CPA Cil
F-86F ground attack ops late n Korean War mem PA

FltJnl   12/2 April 07
Bf-109G-5 rest n Netherlands Mus CPDA
Douglas M-2 early 50s rest of Western Airlines CPA
USAF hist Aug 15, 1945 to Jund 25, 1950 CPDA
Fw-190 wreckovery from sea off Norway CPDA
Bay of Pigs Cuban invasion AF hist CPA
F-14 last combat hist CPA
USAF 60th anniv CPDA
A-1 train killer ops n Korea War CPDA
North American A-36 hist CPDA CprosS
B-25 downs a Ki-21 PA
Martin MB-1 w very rear cockpit P+
Charles Lindbergh’s grave in Hawaii CPA

FltJnl   12/1 Feb 07
Boeing LCF (modified 747 for Dreamliner program) ff CP+
F-14 final official flight CPA
Boeing Model 100 of Mantz CPA
F4U USMC ops n Korea War CPA
Me 262 hist CPDA Cpro
PBJ Mitchell ops w USMC n SoPac CPA
P-40K rest of Fagen CPDA
P-38 remains at bottom of Bay of Lecques, France CPA
A-10 flying n Kosovo War mem CPD
Robert Scott (US) bio CPA
Lockheed Little Dipper (1s ltpln 40s) PA

FltJnl    11/6 Dec 06
Aero 20 (France 2s tand lw mono 60s) rest P+
P-38 proto PA
F8F ops from USS Boxer CPA
making movie Flyboys CPDA
DH-9 first to land on New Zealand’s Stewart Island PA
Pan American early ops hist CPA
Bell Boeing V-22 w VMM-263 CPDA
Alex Vraciu flying F6F in W2 mem CPA Cpro
CL-215 fire fighting ops CPA
A6M2 crash landed on Hawaiian island of Niihau discovered CPA

FltJnl    11/5 October 2006
Curtiss XSB2C-1 CP+
Bf-109E rest of Ed Russell, Canada CPDA pirep
Bf-109 flying n combat mem CPA Cil
Spitfire IIA P7350 rest w BoB Mem Flt CPDA
Ludwik Martel (Poland Spit BoB pi) bio
Lockheed silent ac designs, ops
Lockheed QT-1 (low noise recon) CPA
Lockheed QT-2 (low noise recon) CPA
Lockheed YO-3 (low noise recon) CPA
Douglas A-26 Korean War night ops hist CPDA
Curtiss R5C (USN/MC) search for crashed ac n Wash mem CPA
North American T-2C ops w VT-86 CPDA
Republic P-47N w no skin display PA
Stan Campbell C-47 pi loss n SoPac W2 CPA

FltJnl   11/4 Aug 06
Curtiss XP-55 rest CPDA
F-14 end of final deployment P+
FJ-3 o9n USS Randolph in Med Sea 1950s CP+
Ted Williams flying n Korean War CPDA bio
B-17s arrive at Pearl Harbor Dec 7, 1941 CPA
Twin Otter humanitarian ops n central Africa today CPA
Thruxton Jackaroo rest C-FPHZ CPDA
P-51 combat w Bf-109s over Ploesti CPDA Cpro
Robert Snowden (USN pi transition from OS2Us to P-51s) mem bio CPA
mil ac MASDC boneyard, Tuscon, AZ CPDA
Robert L. Scott remembered bio Cil

FltJnl    11/3 June 2006
Northrop A-17A CP+
Lockheed F-104 ops n Viet War CPDA
Sikorsky H-19 rescue by Barnett & Fabijan n Korea War CPA
Naval Ac Fact N3N-3 that Pres Bush trained in rest CPDA
US plans to hit Japan first PA
F-14 proto crash mem CPDA
F-14 phaseout from service CPA hist

FltJnl   11/2 April 2006
Curtiss A-25A rest of Mike Rawson CPDA
BT-9 Yale CP+
Soviet women pilots n W2 CPA bios
Cessna A-37 combat ops CPDA
early airplane flights n Hawaill PA
Arado Ar-234 combat ops CPA
Douglas C-124 ops mem CPA
GM FM-2 (Grumman F4F) ops at B o Leyte Gulf CPDA
Sukhoi S-35 CPA
Sukhois Su-37 CPA
Frank Hawks and Northrop Gamma P+
Ray Hanna RAF, warbird pilot bio

FltJnl 11/1 Feb 06
Sikorsky VS-44A American Export Airlines CPA
A6M wreck in New Guinea CPA
P-47 ops w 368th FG mem CPA Cil
Dornier Do-24ATT modern amphib based on old design CPDA
F-105 ops w premature bomb detonations CPA
Hughes HK-1 Hercules status CPDA
Red Bull air races CPA
XB-19 PA
Chalmers "Slick" Goodlin bio CPA
F-82 record flt of Betty Jo CPA

Fl Jnl 10/6 Dec 2005
Lockheed Vega NC12282 indivac hist CP+
Charles Lindbergh encounter with n SoPac mem CPA
USN ops after N Korea capture of USS Pueblo CPA
how to be bush pilot in Alaska CPA
D.H. 83 Fox moth rest n NZ CPDA
P-51 Ben Drew combat w Me-262 CPA
Lloyd Childers (VT-3 TBD gunner) op at B of Midway CPA
Thomas J. Hudner Korea War F4U rescue of pilot attempt mem CPA
B-24M nose down crash P+

Flt Jnl   10/5 Oct 2005
Saab ac co hist CPDA
DH Tprop Beaver bush flying today n Canada CPDA
escape from last B-52 downed n Viet War CPA
P-38 combat ops n North Afri hist CPA
Waco ZPF-6 rest of Tullius CPDA
F-14 almost didn’t get produced hist CPDA
F-82 ops w SAC CPA
Junkers J7 (mono ftr W1) P+
SBC-3 & SNJ-3 w 1st Marine Air Wing CP+
AVG May 7 1942 mission mem PA

FltJnl   10/4 Aug 2005
P-39 ops n W2 "the real story" CPDA
Lockheed XR60-1 Constitution CP+
Steve Fossett transworld flight CPDA
Dornier Do-X hist PA
DC-3 "Duggy" of Skyreach, Canada CPDA
F-86 kills of MiGs after Korean War CPA
B-29 "Bock’s Car" atomic bomb mission CPA
victory parade Aug 45 at Miami, FL mem PA

FltJnl   10/3 June 2005
how coincidence permits aces to happen A
F-4G Wild Weasel ops n Gulf War 1991 mem CPA

Richard Bong war ops bio CPA
O3U-3 w USN pre-War 2 CP+
Lockheed Martin F-35 CPDA 3v
Martin Mars forest fbbg ops today CPDA
Corsair ops w VMF-214 "Black Sheep" n W2 CPA Cpro
Ryan M-1 rest n Creve Coeur, Misouri CPDA
Me-262 of Hans Busch combat incident CPDA
Fairey Fantomej (Eng bip ftr proto PA –

Glenn Curtiss death PA

FltJnl   10/2 Apr 2005
353rd FG P-51 ETO combat CPDA
P-51D of Flying Heritage Collection CPDA
C-119 French AF ops at Dien Bien Phu hist CPA
B-1B combat ops today CPA
DH 84 Dragon rest of Porter CPDA
Bristol Type 24 Braemar (trip 4v bbr 1917) PA
Charles Zimmerman "flying flapjack" designs fro Vought bio CPA 4v
AVG raid on Chiang Mai Cil PA
Douglas A-3 ops w VA-212 n Viet War hist CPA
F-100 63051 CP+
WW2 magazine ads for ac subcontractors CPA

FltJnl 10/1 Feb 05
F-117 pilot combat air rescue CPA
B-45 CPA
Operation Bodenplate (Luft raid on USAAF a bases) CPA
flying charters n West Africa today CPA
Rutan’s Space Plane One CPDA Cca
Bugatti Model 100 (France racer 30s) Cil A

F-89 hist CPA
Flying Heritage Collection (US) CPA
CG-4 flying them n combat mem CPA
Curtiss Model N PA
Gordon Cooper (US astronaut) obit bio PA
Flight Journal 9/1 February 2004
trans-world flt by Global Flyer CPA
P-38 "Glacier Girl" hist CPDA
Boeing XB-15 CP+
flying cargo ops n Chad, Africa CPA
Focke Wulf Fw-44 rest F-AZMJ CPDA
AD flying n Korean War mem CPA
Charles Lindberegh before Paris flight bio PA
war deeds of 3 US combat pilots CPA bios
Heinkel He 100 P+
bailing out of airplanes hist CPA
Model Airplane News 7 5 years old hist CPA

FltJnl 9/6 Dec 04
Team 60 (Sweden flt demo team) status CPA
F2A Buffalo neutrality grey CPA
78th FG (P-47) ETO mission mem CPA
Grumman LEM flying to moon and back Cil CPA 3v
F-84 combat n Korean War 1951 CPA
Sikorsky S-38 rest of Osa Johnson CPDA
Spiros "Steve" Pisanos (US W2 ftrpi) bio CPA
B-26 Marauder pilot life betw missions n ETO CPA mem
F-4 ops w USAF n Viet War CPA
C-17 night troop drop March 03 n Iraq Cil
Charlie Mott (US AVG pilot) obit bio PA

FltJnl 9/4 Aug 04
B-25 raid on Rabaul SWPA Oct 18 43 CPA
F-14 fades from USN service CPA
North American FJ-4B rest CPDA
John Kirla (US ETO ace) at reunion CPA bio
Robert Rankin (US ETO ace) at reunion CPA bio
Billie Drake (Eng ETO ace) at reunion CPA bio
Champlin Ftr Mus moves CPDA
Republic AT-12 early CPA
Brit 30s combat n Afghanistan PA
F-86 Kor War flt n2 forbidden zone CPA
Moquito night kill of Burbridge & Skelton ETO Cil A
Boeing 100 mod for movie as F8C PA
Evelyn Bryan Johnson (US pripi) PA

FltJnl 9/3 June 04
Australian War Mem update CPA
Clarence Murl Jasper (Canada Mosquito ace ETO war deeds bio CPA
DEA air war against drugs CPA
P-51B ops ovr Normandy June 5 44 CPA
Ed Zolnier F4U crash n US desert n trng CPA
Cessna 195 rest of Baloche CPDA hist
F2F-1 early CPA
modern combat helis CPA
armorer with AVG/P-40s mem
Hughes HK-1 hist PA

FltJnl 9/2 Apr 04
Lancaster rest at Australia War Mem CPA
NASM’s new annex CPA
Lockheed F/A-22 Raptor status CPA 3v
P-47 flying n ETO mem of Bill Bailey (US) CPA
A-1H w USS Oriskany 1963 CP
B_24 "Utah Man" in first Ploesti raid Cil PA
Richard Best (USN SoPac) action at B of Midway bio CPA
DH Turbo-Otter amphib n Canada CPA
A-4 w VA-163 painting of Viet action Cil A
ac carr LSO duties desc CPA
pilot license 1 of Glenn Curtiss bio PA

Soviet AB in W2 at Mojave US status today CPA

FltJnl   9/1 Feb 04

Virgin Atlantic Global Flyer (1jet t-world proj) Cil A
XB-15 CP
AD Skyraider flying n Korean War CPA
FW-44 (2s bip trnr) rest CPDA
Heinkel He-100 proto PA
P-38F "Glacier Girl" rest hist CPD A
Charles Lindbergh flying airmail bio PA

3 USAAF pilot mems CPA
bailing of of ac mems CPA

early ejection seats CPA
Model Airplane News 75th Anniv CPA

air ambulance flying in Chad today CPDA

FltJnl   8/6 December 2003
Hughes AH-64 today CPDA
P-51 Christmas ops n ETO mem CPDA Cpros
F-8 combat with MiG-17s n Viet War incident Cil CPA
P-38 ops June 10, 1944 record losses in MTO
Lockheed T2V flying mem Cil PA
P-82 record flight in 1947 CPA
Wright flight hist CPDA
Wright Flyer project at Utah State Univ CPA
Other aerial pioneers surv PA

Flight Journal   8/5 October 2003
Saudi Hawks team formed CPA
Jack Northrop and flying wing development bio CPA
YRB-49 cockpit P
Ju-52 rest n Germany CPDA
F-84 ops n Korean War CPDA
Fokker D.VII hist pirep CPD A
F7F Cutlass hist CPDA
PBY flying mem CPA

FltJnl    8/4  Aug 2003
Rutan SpaceChipOne and White Knight CP
Spits new-build n Eng CPA
what was the best WW2 fighter? CPA
Boeing Model 80A rest CPDA
Long EZ emerg landing n TX mem  CPA
C-130 encounter w NViet MiG-21 CPA
Brodie device hist, ops n W2  CPDA
P-35 kill of Zero n W2 Cil PA
collecting Wright Bros memorabilia  CPA
F-105 early VietWar color pic  CP
Peter Bowers bio obit CPA

FltJnl    8/3  Jun 2003
F-16 vs FA-18 CPD A
PB-1W n Korea War  CP
Me-110 night fighter ops mem
Grumman VTOL research n 70s CPDA
F-101 early accidents CPDA
Travel Air 2000 rest NC6085  CPDA
P-38 ops w 82nd FG MTO CPA
F9F-6 Cougar testing mem  CPA
Boyington comp w Foss  bio PA

FltJnl    8/2    Apr 03
First Flight Centennial Foundation CPA
Aeronca Sedan rest  N1264H  CPDA
Miles Gemini rest CPD A
12 aviation travel adventure destinations  CPA
ac wreck finding in SoPac  CPDA
modern extravehicular space suits  CPDA
Fairey Firefly rest  CPDA
F-4 USN ops over North Vietnam CPA
Douglas-Aviation Traders Carvair rest CPA
F3D USMC nt ftr ops n Korean War CPDA
Dorsey Act (Congress legislation to help rotary wing industry in 1940)  A

FltJnl    8/1 Feb 2003
B-17 downed in Schweinfurt mission hist CPA
F-51 Korean War combat flying mem CPA
Northrop F-5Es of Patrouille Swiss (flight demo team) CP+
Lockheed PV-1 ops n SoPac hist mem CPA
B-24 raid on Balikpapan oil refineries hist PA
Eng eval of cap Germ ac n W2 PA
early P-51D 44-13626 CP

FltJnl   7/6 December 2002
Hughes H-1B repli ff CPA
Erik Shilling (USAAF & AVG pi) bio CPA
F-86 ops against MiG-15s mem CPDA
Wright Flyer at NASM hist CPDA
A-4 ops n Viet War mem CPA
CarterCopter (US modern autogiro) status CPDA
Douglas B-66 CP+
Martin B-26 combat fight to save friend mem CPA

FltHnl 7/5 Oct 2002
B-25H "Bones" n CBI CP
F-16 ops today CPA
extra vehicular activity n space CPDA
AD Skyraider ops n Korean War CPA
Waco QDC cabin bip rest CPA
F9F Panther pirep CPA
P-36 ops n Pearl Harbor raid PA

FltJnl    7/4   Aug 02
F4U ops n Korean War CPA
F7F testing mem CPA
E-2C CP surv
UH-1 first combat CPA
F-15 engine out on test flight mem CPA
RA-5C flying in Viet War mem CPA
Hinton, Steve (US) bio CPA
B-17 Memphis Belle hist, memorial CPA

FltJnl    7/3   Jun 02
Francis Gabreski obit CPA
Hughes H-1R repli CPA
F-14 vs F/A-18 comparison CPA
B-26 ops over Normandy on D-Day CPA
Command-Air bip (US ltpln) CPDA
P-38 mission to Bizerte, W2 PA
F-8 flying mem CPA
CH-47 mission n VietWar CPDA
aviation videos survey CPA
Soyuz flight of Boris Volynov CPD A

FltJnl 7/2 April 02
F6F hist pirep mem CPDA
agri flying today CPDA
Me-262 Wild Sau ops against Mosquitos mem CPA
DC-3 w Era Classic Airlines CPDA
X-15 flying it CPDA mem pirep
B-47 flying it mem CPA
25th Liaison Sqdn hist PA
F-14 flying in Afghanistan PA

FltJnl   7/1 Feb 02
F-14D flyoff against F-18E/F Super Hornet CPD A
F9F-6 Cougar first supersonic ejection CPill A
B-26 "Lady Lynn" final flight in WW2 mem CPA
EA-6B CP surv
Fulton Airphibian (US ltpln) PD A
F-4 of USAF loss in Viet War CPA
X-4 hist CPD A
CG-4 flying in WW2 mem PA
L-19 in Korea 1952 CP

FltJnl    6/6 Dec 01 +
P-51D flying mem CPA
MIR fire incident CPA
F-14 w VF-103 CP surv
Regensburg, German raid in WW2 PA
Collecting memorabilia CPA
Ernst de Ridder (Germ ftr pilot WWI) bio PA
F-102 ops in Viet War CPA
T-28 Viet AF mission mem CPA
TBD discovered on ocean bottom PA

FltJnl    6/5   Oct 01 +
Piper PT-1 rest today CPD A
Battle of Britain CPA
De Lackner DH-4 one man heli proto CPDA
Hawker Hurricane rests CP surv
P-61 downs a B-29 CPA
Leather flight jackets hist CPA
Test pilot adventures 40s/50s of Joel Premselaar mem CPDA
Douglas D.558I & D.558II Mach 2 tests CPD A
F-105 Wild Weasel ops in Viet War CPA
Sikorsky VS-3000 testing mem PA

FltJnl    6/4   Aug 01 +
Zlin Z-XIII (lw mono 1e ltpln) rest in Prague mus
Forest fire bombers today CPA
A-10 ops over Kosovo CPA
B-17 ops in Battle of the Bulge CPA
F-15 today CP surv
F6F compressibility tests CPA
F-100 ejection mem CPA

FltJnl    6/3   June 01 +
F-117 Desert Storm ops CPD A
Pearl Harbor desc CPA maps
Bonney Gull (US ltpln 1928) PA
F-84 mid-air n Germany PA mem
Waco Taperwing rest of Redman CPD A
Rocket Belt flying hist mem CPA
Bf-110 night ftr mem of Ebhardt PA
P-47 early 56FG CP
Viet War prison rescue attempt CPA
C.E. Bud Anderson bio PA

FltJnl    6/2   Apr 2001 +
Rutan Proteus CPA
Russian fighter production in WW2 CPA
P-51 D-Day mission mem Cil A
Spirit of St. Louis CPD A
F-14 self shoot down in testing mem CPA
A-10 Cpsurv
Napier-Heston racer PA
F-82 in combat CPDA
Hughes XH-17 hist PA
Kalamazoo Air Zoo museum CPA

FltJnl    6/1   Feb 2001 +
F4F/FM Wildcat hist & flying mem CPD A
Su-35 CPD A
Travel Air 4000 rest of Autry family CPD A
Racing at Reno 2000 CPA
P-61 hist CPD A
B-26 incident over Omaha Beach mem CP
Peter Bowers bio CPA

FltJnl   5/6   Dec 2000
Republic P-47 oldest to be rest CPA
underwater ac wrecks n So Pac CPDA
Lockheed L0188 Electra of TAA CP+
Convair B-36B crash n Canada wreck discovered CPA
Noordyn Norseman N225BL hist rest CPA
Curtiss P-40E rest CPD+
Consolodated B-24 "Hangar Queen" loss n W2 Cil PA
North American T-28 ops with Ravens CPA
wingtip coupling experiments hist PDA Dil
aviators who won Modal of Honor PA
McDonnell XP-67 P+
Bob Hoover remembers The French Connection a s team

FltJnl    5/5   Oct 00 +

P-40 restorations in New Zealand CPD A
SB2U-3 neutral grey CP
F-100 flying mem CPD A
Joint Strike Fighter competition CPD A 3v
Boeing X-32A/B CV CPA 3v
Lockheed Martin X-35 CPA Cill
F-111 Cpsurv
FW-190 hist CPA
Pfalz D.XII post WWI hist PA 3v
Bob Hall (US test pilot) bio CPA

FltJnl    5/4   Aug 00 +
Airshow pilots CPA surv
Patty Wagstaff . . .Sean D. Tucker . . . Wayne Handley . . . French Connection
Aviation posters hist CPA
Cunningham-Hall PT-6 (biplane trans) rest CPD A 3v
B-26 WWII incident PA
AV-8B CP surv
Bell X-2 hist CPD A 3v
F-8 Crusader flying mem CPD A
F-86 in 1954 Korean patrol CP
Bristol Type 123 Interceptor (bip) PA
Curtis Pitts writes about aerobatics CPA

FltJnl   5/3   June 00
Westland Lysander rest CPDA hist PA
XB-70 hist CPA
An-2 flights over Arcitc CPA
Kreutzer trimotor NC 612A rest of Herrick CPDA
Horton flying wings hist CPA
F-8 Viet War last minute tanker connection over Tonkin Gulf CPA
Korean War early air ops CPA
Lockheed Vega rest CPA
US civ av late 20s 30s mem of John Miller PA

FltJnl   5/2   Apr 00
Caproni Ca.20 (mon) "world’s first fighter" rest at Mus of Flt, Wash CP+
Lockheed 12A rest of Blankenburg CPDA 3v pirep hist
RAF Mus, Cosford, England CPA
Fokker C.IV (Netherlands 1e bip trans) rest of Owl’s Head Mus CPDA
Mayaguez ship hijack USAF response CPA
A6M3 rest of Museum of Flight, US CPDA
1947 B-17 crew rescue n Canada CPA
Grumman XF10F-1 hist CPA
IJNAF fighter pilot mem CPA
Kawanishi N1K1-J rest CPDA
T-6 FAC ac n Korean War CP+
flying heli traffic reports over NYC mem CPA

FltJnl    5/1   Feb 00
SR-71 status CPDA
Spartan Executive rest of Blankenburg CPDA
Nieuport 11 repli of Old Rhinebeck CPDA pirep
Douglas A-26 hist CPDA
F-16 Block 40/42 CG CPDA
Women Air Force Service Pilots CPA
US blimp squadron hangar, ops at NAS Tillamook CPA
X-1A parked next to blimp CPA
Jimmy Doolittle interv P

FltJnl 4/5 Oct 99
J2F Duck rest of Erickson CPDA hist 3v
X-15 testing CPA
DHC Otter USN crew rescue Cil CPA
Bell UH-1 medevac ops n Viet War CPDA
POW life illustrations W2 Cil PA
A-20 wreckovery n New Gunea to rest n Australia CPA
Shuttleworth Collection, England CPA
Curtiss XP-46 CP+
Rudy Opitz (Germany) bio glider flying mem CPA

FltJnl 4/5 Aug 99
Hawker Hurricane rests today hist CPDA pirep 3v
should US military buy Soviet fighters? CPA
Sukhoi Su-27 CPD pirep 3v
Curtiss Jenny rest of Cole Palen Collection CPDA hist pirep
Short Sunderland civ rest of Fantasy of Flight Mus CPDA
Doolittle raid on Japan hist CPA
Curtiss NC transatlantic flight PA
Grumman test pilot ops CPA
A-7D n Viet War CP+
Apollo moon flight program Walter Schirra mem CPA

FltJnl 4/3 June 99

Ju-87 hist 3v
AC-47 ops n Viet War CPDA mem
F/A-18 vs MiG-29 CPDA
Laird Speedwing rest of Rollinson NC4442 CPDA
Cessna 195 rest of Reinertson N2172C hist CPDA
victory markings on ac hist CPA
letters from home WWI of Henry Mutt PA
how to draw a 3-view plan from a photo il A
F-84G n Korean War CP+
P-51, an engineer’s perspective PA il

FltJnl   4/1  Feb 99
Sikorsky S-43 of Howard Hughes rest CPDA
Rutan Proteus (2jet canard high alt research) CPA

Carpetbagger B-24 spy drops n2 enemy territory n ETO il A
Marion Carl bio CPA
F-100 test flying memCPA
Molt Taylor Aerocar rest CPDA
Cessna O-1 ops w Ravens over Laos CPA
F-82G Korean War nt ftr CP+

FltJnl   3/6   Dec 98
Spitfire XVIII rest of Frasca hist pirep CPDAS
Spit hist PA
B-24 flying n combat mem PA
F6F comp w F4U CPA
the myth of stealth airplanes
Israel AF & aces hist CPA
New Standard D-25 rest N19157 CPDA
Vertol KV-107 mosque retake Saudi Arabia 1979 Cil CPA
making movie Fighter Squadron CPA
P-51D "Betty Lou" 348th FS Phillipines WW2 CP+
Burnelli CBY-3 mem PA

FltJnl    3/3  June 98
Casa 2111E (Spain AF He-111) rest of Confed AF CPDA 3v
bush pilot flying & hist CPDA
Old Rhinebeck Aerodrome (US) CPDA
pathfinder blind bombing w early radar PDA
B-1B today CPDA
swing-wing concept hist & ac surv CPA
ac used to kill bugs hist PA
Grumman FF-1 hist
Jimmy Collins’ last test flight A
VMF(N) 513 "Flying Nightmares" ops n Korean War CPA
TBD wreck underwater USN interference with private ac wreckovery CPA

FltJnl   3/2  Apr 98
F-86E Canadian-blt rest of Snyder CPDA pirep 3v
1st aviation trade show in Paris, 1908 PA
B-47 spy mission mission goes bad CPDA
P-63 ops as Pinball target ac PA
Pitts Special CPsurv +
P-40 USAAF flying mem hist CPA
Formula 1 racers of 50s CPA
STOL ac explained CPDA Dil
Martin 130 China Clipper CP+sd
Space Shuttle STS-83 flight mem CPA

FltJnl  3/1  Feb 98

Travel Air Speedwing rest of Allen Airways coll (US) NC671N hist CPA
A6M comp w US ftrs CPA
Lockheed YF-104 testing mem PA
biplanes explained CPA
Bellanca Aircruiser (1e hw med trans) rest of Erickson N219K CPDA
B-26 Marauder flying mem CPA
jet-powered seaplanes PA
UH-1 rotor system incident n Viet War mem CPA Cil
we need to preserve ac now used as gate guards and wildlife habitat opinion CPA

FltJnl   2/5  Oct 97

Stearman C3R rest NC794H of Allen CPDA
P-51A flying the Allison powered ac rest of Gabe CPDA
1912 first flying squadron of 1912 war games PA
F9F-2 Panther gas blowing nose off hist mem CPDA Dil
F9F-1 early concept 3v A
U-2 modern today CPDA
The Museum of Flight, US CPA
high aspect ration wings explained CPA
Hurel-Dubois HD-34 P 3v
Ju-88 original W2 CP +
Jeff Ethell (US) obit PA

FltJnl   2/4   Aug 97
P-38 rest of Pruett CPDA
Me-163 ops CPDA
Rudy Opitz (Germany) interv CPA
94th FS "Hat in Ring" WW2 ops hist
Stinson SR-5E straight wing Reliant rest N14187 of San Diego Aeropace Mus CPDA
rescue of Roger Locher n Viet War CPA
late piston al CPsurv +
San Diego Aerospace Mus PA
Curtiss P-36 colorful wargame colors CP+

FltJnl   2/2   Apr 97
A-10 Desert Storm ops CPDA 3v
USAF 50th anniv hist CPA
USAAF raid on Berline March 6, 1944 Pa
Fairchild 71 of Dixon CPDA
P-47D-30 "Big Ass Bird" rest of Osborn CPDA pirep Cpros
Contract Air Mail Route 5 hist PA
United Air Lines early hist PA
Me-110D wartime color CP+
V-1 Buzz Bomb hist CPA Cil Dil
Meteor 8 aerobat team accident n England mem PA

FltJnl   2/1  Feb 97
asymmetrical thrust ac aerodynamics PA il
aerial gunners ops and aces WI & WII CPA
Rutan Boomerang (2e asymmetrical thrust concept ac) CPDA
Boeing Stearman N2S rest of Weidlich CPDA
low aspect ration ac wings, designs PA
P-40E flying rest of Fransca CPDA pirep
Grumman A-6 Gulf of Tonkin diary of Allen Smith CPA
Lancaster wartime CP+
Champlin Fighter Mus PA

FltJnl   1/3   NovDec 96
Intrepid Air-Sea-Space Mus PA
F/A-18D ops at NAS Miramar CPA3v
Facetmobile (flat faceted hb 1e) hist PA 3v
B-25 rest of Collings Foundation flying CPDA pirep
Barling Bomber hist 3v PA
Piper J-3 Cub rest N21604 CPDA
Rudy Augarten (US) fighter ops in Arab-Israel War Cil PA
X-1 speed record w Charles Yeager CPA
F-86F Korean War color CP+

FltJnl   1 / 2   Fal 96
Northrop Tacit Blue srealth test bed CPA
Aeronca C-3 rest of Newhouse
instrument failure on ltpln flt il A
F8F flying a rest of Confed AF CPDA pirep 3v
Blue Angels 50th anniv PA
A-6 retirement from service CPDA hist Cpros
P-51D (F-6D) rest of Schroeder CPDA
recovering abandoned ac n SoPac CPA
lifting body flying wing surv PA
fighter aces hist CPA
fighter gunsignes explained CPDA Dil

FltJnl    1/1   Sum 96

Vought-Sikorsky VS-44 rest to New England Air Mus, US PA
F-15E status CPA 3v Cca pirep
Fw-190 stolen & flown to Allies by Bruce Car PA
Waco SRE rest of Nutting CPDA
Wee Bee (prone pilot ltpln) hist PA
New England Air Mus PA
Brewster Buffalo hist Cpro PDA
P-51D "Passion Wagon" of 357th FG original W2 color CP+
MiG 29 flying opportunities in Europe CPDA

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