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Combat Aircraft 6/4 Jan 2005
Tu-142 upgrade PA
Mil Mi-24PN upgrade Cca AP
Eglin AFB testing ops CPDA
NATO Tiger Meet 2004 CPA
NATO Air Meet 2004 CPA
VMGR-452 (US Marine KC-130 unit) status CPDA
Israel Defense Force Flight Academy CPA
Israel Defense Force ops n Istrael status CPAA
Soviet bbrs hist CPA Cpros
Tu-95MS Bear-H C3v CPA
Allan Shepard CPA bio
Saab Viggen retired from Swede AF CPDA
QF-4 Phantom ops at Tyndall AFB CPA inventory list
Heritage Flight QF-4 ops CPA
MiG-29 retired from Germ AF CPDA list
Argentina AF ac preserved on poles CPA
F-86 combat against MiGs n Korean War hist CPDA

Combat Aircraft 5/5 March 2004
F-16 Top Gun ops w Naval Strike Air Warfare Center status CPA C2v
USAF status bases units CPA
Lockheed F-117A gray colors CPA ca
F-4 retired from USN CPA Cpros
Randy Cunningham becomes an ac mission Cil A
F-4 USN CPsurv A
MiG-21 ops w Romania & games w RAF CPDA
F-16 nose art n Ope Iraqui Freedom CPDA
B-52 nose art n Operation Iraqui Freedom CPDA
German mil commem art CPA
P-47 ground attack ops n W2 ETO Cpros ca

Combat Aircraft 5/3 Nov 2003
uncovering Iraqi jets buried in desert CPDA
next US presidential helicopter competition CPDA
F-22 Raptor testing CPDA 3v
AL-1A (modified 747 modified to fire airborned laser) CPA ca
Brazil AF ac survey
A-10 compared with Su-25 CPDA Cpros
A-10 CPDA Cpro ca

HCS-5 Firehawks (USN HH-60 sqdn) CPDA
MiG-29s of Germ AF dogfight train at Eglin AFB, Florida CPA Cpros
Russian mil aviat at St. Petersburg, Russia CPA

Kamov Ka-27 CPA Cpros
Canadian F-18 flies with Canadian Spit XVI CPA
F-104 ops in South Vietnam CPDA

B-29 "Enola Gay" rest for mus CPA

Combat Aircraft 5/2 September 2003
F-14s of VF-31 return home from Operation Iraqi Freedom CPA
carrier USS Harry S. Truman and CVW-3 ops in Operation Iraqi Freedom CPA
Panavia Tornado ops w RAF in Iraqi Freedom from Ali Al Salem CPDA
USAF Combat Search and Rescue ops today CPA
KAI/Lockheed Martin T-50 Golden Eagle (Korean 1jet ftr) status CPDA
Rockwell/MBB US/German X-31 recent ops CPDA ca
USN flight testing ops today CPDA

F-14D flight test CPA Cpro
QF-4N flight test CPA Cpro
B-1B compared with Tu-160 CPDA
F-15s of Japan AF deploy to USA CPDA
Polish AF ops from roads CPA

F-18 special demo ac of Canada AF CPA
P-61 ops w 6th NFS in SoPac CPA Cil

Combat Aircraft 5/1 July 2003
Operation IRAQI FREEDOM status CPA
US heavy bbr ops in war CPDA
B-2 CP ca
Panavia Tornado F.3 Wild Weasel ops CPA
Coalition strike ac over Iraq CPA
Sukhoi Su-27 air demo team CPA
MiG-29 ops w Russian Swifts demo team CPA C3v
UK part of NATO air power status CPA
B-29 ops n Korean War CPDA
VFC-13 USN air combat aggressors ops w Northrop F-5Es CPA Cpro

Combat Aircraft 4/5 Mar 2003
Mirage 2000 ops today CPDA
F-16 AF Reserve precision attack ops CPDA
F-16C CPA ca

Su-27 w Russian Knights CPA C3v
USN ac carrier aircraft recovery ops CPDA
US Army aviation today CPA
80th FBS ops n Korean War (F-80s – 86s) CPDA
Russian bombers upgrades underway CPA
Russian AF today CPA C3v
Golden Knights parachute team (US Army) hist CPA
Nellis range firepower demo Oct 02 CPA
Red Flag 02-04 CPA

Combat Aircraft 4/3 June 2003
F-15E ops n Operation Enduring Freedom CPDA
Raytheon T-6A ops at Moody AFB CPD A
Dassault Rafale CPD A ca

Dassault Super Etendard CPD A C3vs
C-140 hist CPA
WV-2/EC-121K hist CPA
Panavia Tornado GR.4 upgrades CPDA
Sukhoi S-37 (swept fwd wing ) CPA C3v
Sukhoi T10-1 (Su-27 proto) C3v CPA
Andrews AFB VIP units based there and transport ops CPA
NAS Oceana units based there CPA
Moody AFB hist CPA
NATO air power survey CPDA

France ac carrier Charles de Gaulle status CPDA
Zhukovsky air base (Soviet Union testing base) hist CPA

Combat Aircraft 4/2 April 2002
F-15C NORAD ops w 3d Wing in Alaska today CPA
Sikorsky UH-3H Sea King SAR ops today CPDA
Vertol HH-46D Sea Knight SAR ops today CPA
air war n Afghanistan weapons & missions CPDA
Su-33 CPDA ca C3v
vs MiG-29K carrier fighter competition CPA C3v
89th Airlift Sqdn status CPDA
Saab JAS-39 Gripen status CPDA 3v
Cessna LC-126 Alaskan USAF service CPA
NATO air power inventory CPA

Douglas A-26 ops over Laos n 60s CPA

Combat Aircraft 4/1 January 2002
Sukhoi Su-49 (Russia 1s tand lw ret trilg trnr) 3v A
Joint Patriot West exercise CPA
ac car CV-64 USS Constellation ops aboard today CPDA
Lockheed P-3 Orion status and future CPA
air war n Afghanistan missions & weapons CPA
Red Flag international participation CPA
Russian mil ac ops at Lipetsk, Russia today CPA Cpros
MiG-23MLD Cpro CP
MiG-27D CP Cpro
MiG-25RU Foxbat C ops at Lipetsk CPA Cpro
MiG-25BM Foxbat F ops at Lipetsk CPA Cpro
Su-24 ops at Lipetsk CPA 2v devl pros ca
NATO air power inventory CPA
Breguet Atlantic 2 CP simple ca
BA Nimrod uptrades CPDA ca
shittle bbg missions to Russia Cil CPA|

B-17G n Soviet AF Cpro PA
B-24H n Soviet AF Cpro PA
Douglas B-26 ops n Korea War CPA

Combat Aircraft 3/6 Sep 01
Ac carrier automated GPS approach tests CPA
174th FW NY ANG
Poland AF joins NATO ac surv CPA
JSF testing competition
Boeing X-32  CPA
Lockheed X-35 CPA
CVN-75 Harry S. Truman ac carrier ops n Persian Gulf CPA
E-2C CP ca
US Army aviation today surv CPA
US joint military flight traning CPA
B-52 Linebacker II ops CPA
Polikarpov U-2 hist Cpro PA

Combat Aircraft 3 / 4 May-June 01
Saudi Arabia AF today CPA
Patuxent River NAS testing today CPA
F-18C CP ca
Singapore AF flight trng n US CPA
JSF trials status
Boeing X-32 Cpro C3v CPA
Lockheed X-35 CPA Cca
Basic fighter maneuvering CPA
Russia AF today ac surv CPA
Project Casey Jones w 306th BG in WWII PA map
F-100 of 36th FW nuclear mission desc CPA

Combat Aircraft 3/3 Mar-Apr 2001
Boeing 737 AWACS proto CP+
F-18E/F op’l eval completed CPA
Roving Sands exercise CPDA
Russian air power 2001 surv CPA Cpros
Sukhoi Su-27 upgrades CPA
Sukhoi Su-30MKK (27 deriv) CPA Ca
Sukhoi Su-32 (2s sbs Flanker) CPA Cpro
Sukhoi Su-33 (carr based 27 deriv) CPA Cpros
Ireland AF today CPA
Bell AH-1 ops today CPDA
Lockheed P-38M night fighter hist CPA
RF-86 Cold War ops CPA

Combat Aircraft 3/2 Jan-Feb 01
Caspian Sea Monster (wing in ground effect) program scrapped CPA
MCAS Miramar air base status CPA
31st FW ops at Aviano Italy hist CPA
Mil Mi-8 hist CPA Cpros ca
48th FW ops w F-15E CPDA Cpros
Tel Nof air base, Israel CPA
Northrop Grumman test ac today CPA
Ac carrier Foch retired hist CPA
US Army Communications-Electronics Command (CECOM) unit & ac CPA
F-4 in USAF flying CPA mem
F-111 ops as ECM ac variant CP A
Waco CG-4A hist PA

Combat Aircraft 3/1 Dec 00
USN test pilot trng today CPA
F-16s of 301st FW, Ft.Worth, TX ops CPA
MiG-29 new developments CPA ca Cpro 3v
E-2 flying the CPD A Cpros
Dassault Rafale hist status CPD A Cil
Turkish Stars aerobat team CPA
C-130 new versions CPD A
SEPECAT Jaguar upgrades CPD A
MiG-31 hist CPD A Cpros
F3D hist CP A
Blenheim hist CPA

Combat Aircraft 2/12 Oct-Nov 00
VF-103 F-14 ops today CPA
F-15 ops w 48th FW n Eng CPA
MiG-31 today CPDA ca Cpros
F-18 updates to early versions CPA
SEPECAT Jaguar updates CPD A
USAF intel missions over North Korea CPA
B-25s of 345th BG ops in Pacific CPA

Combat Aircraft 2/11 Sep 00
B-2A ops in combat CPD A
CV-67 John F. Kennedy ops CP A
Modern tac bombing techniques CPA
Mi-24 hist status CPD A ca
F-18 ops n Canada AF CPD A
SEPECAT Jaguar upgrades CP A
PB4Y-1 anti sub patrols in North Atlantic WW2 Cil CPA
Sikorsky UH-34D ops in Viet War CPA

Combat Aircraft 2/10 Aug 00
F-14 duties of RIO CPD A
Interceptor tactics in USAF today CPA
RAH-66 Comanche status CPDA
MiG-29 in Germ AF Cpro
F-8 retirement from Phillipine & French service CPA
US Army Strategic Reserve Forces reduction units CPA
349 AES Medevac unit hist, status CPDA
B-17s over Berlin CPA Cpros
Russian plan to capture an F-86 CPA Cil Cpro

Combat Aircraft 2/9 June 00

USAF ops n Korea today CPDA
Air to ground munitions surv CPA
B-1 ops n ANG CPDA
Sidewinder missile hist CPA
F-22 Raptor status hist CPD A Cpro 3v
USS Theodore Roosevelt CVN-71 ac carrier ops today CPA
F-18 deploy to Balkans with ATARS CPDA
F-15 service n Israel AF CPA
Hatserim Museum, Israel CPA
B-36 hist CPA
F3F-1 1/48 Accurate Miniatures CPA

Comnbat Aircraft 1/5 January 1998
F/A-18 to Switzerland AF CPDA
Boeing E-3 Sentry (AWACS) status CPDA

F_14 flat spin incident mem CPA
RF-4C ops w Spain AF CPA Cpro
104th Ftr Wing hist CPA
MiG Alley combat n Korean War CPA Cil

P-47 ops against Japan hist units using CPA Cpro
Mitsubishi J2M 1/48 Hasegawa kr CPA

F8F civ rest of Pardue CPA
F-16 w 944th FW 50th anniv commem colors CP bcov

Combat Aircraft 1 / 4 November 1997
Northrop B-2 is operational CPDA
P-61 ops n Europe CPDACil
France ac carr av today CPA
F-102 ops w Greece & Turkey AF CPA
F-102 n ANG CPsurv
F-15E op’l incident w Capt Bria Udell CPA
Republic A-10 hist CPDA Cpro

A-10 1/48 Monogram kr CPA
Idaho ANG hist CPA
US Army 160th Special Ops Av Reg (Airborne) status CPA

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