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Aviation Week & Space Technology   /    Aviation Week  = AWST   /   AW

Aviation Week & Space Technology / Aviation Week = AWST / AW

AWST    6 Nov 84
F-16 improvements PA

AWST    15 Oct 84
McD-D MD-80 130 seat prop oil A

Air Cal al (US) ops PA
Piltatus-Britten-Norman Defender AEW mod PA

AWST    8 Oct 84
NDN Fieldmaster waterbomber mod PA
Tupolev Backfire P

B-1A crash analysis A

AWST    1 Oct 84
Sabreliner Augusta joint venture il A
Dassault Falcon 900 ff PA
Socata Trinidad ff PA

F-18 recon test PA
Advanced Tech Preditor 480 ff P
Aeromexico al ops CPA
Gulfstream C-20 A
Gates Learjet C-21A P

AWST    10 Sept 84
Antonov An-72 PA
B-1A accident A

Space Shuttle "Discovery" mission PA
IAI Kfirs to be leased by USN PA
ATR-42 n flt test CPcov PA
Dassault Atlantic 2 PDA
Gulfstream SRA-1 PA
NDN Freelance (ltpln) announced il A

AWST    6 Oct 80
UH-60 Blackhawk testing A
F-14 reliability increased A

F-16 manufg quality control il A

AWST    8 Sep 80
Farnborough a s PA
British Aerospace Corp Eurofighter concepts PA
Boeing/NASA QSRA tests PA

AWST    1 Sep 80
DC-9 Super 80 certificated A

Alaska Al cuts expansion plans PA
Messer-Bolk-Blohm/Aerospatiale PAH-2 anti tank heli prop oil A

Boeing Vertol Model 234 ff PA
Fokker F-29 propo il A
AV-8A n Spain AF PA
MB-339 mod for air support PA
Edgley Optica PA
Saab RBS15 anti-ship gmis il A

F-16 mods approved PA

AWST    25 Aug 80
USN spit trng PA

Boeing E-3 NATO mkgs il A
A-10 trainer pr9o A

AWST    7 July 80
Cessna Citation 3 certification slips A
DC-9 Super 80 program review by FAA A

VIASA (Venezuela al) plans fuel shortage changes PA
Evergreen seeks larger transport role (US) PA
FB-111B/C bomber stretch propo Cil A

Top 100 defense contractors for 1979 A

AWST    31 March 80
Hughes YAH-64 CPcov
Boeing AGM-86B cruise missle PDA
C-130 w ventral fins test PA
Vought/VFW Fantrainer propo il A
Space Shuttle flt schedule Cil A

Rockwell ground launched space shuttle prop oil A
Ilyushin Il-18 n Antarctic PDA

AWST    9 June 80
Soyuz T manned mission
Sikorsky RH-53 only one returned from Iran hostage rescue attempt PA

AWST    2 June 80
Space Shuttle problems A

New US astronauts selections named A
air traffic problems due to Mt. St. Helena volcano erupt PA
Spitfire Helicopter Mk.4 (4-5s US) PA

Ozark Al to counter new competition A
New Moscow airport PA
Air Jamaica expands PA

AWST    14 Apr 80
Boeing E-3 Tacamo propo il A

Lockheed C-130 Tacamo propo A
Bo 737 new instrument panel PA
Lear 50 PA
Boeing 767 Western Al purchase A

Rockwell forward swept wing ftr propo model P il A

AWST    10 Dec 79
Grumman Gulfstream III ff PA

Space Shuttle new problems A
Bo 767 TWA chooses instead of Airbus A.310 A
Bo 707 w CFM-56 turbofans PA
B-1 study as cruise missle carrier PA
YAV-8B tested on ac carrier PA
Bell Helicopters 1980 outlook A
Bell 214ST internal detail PD

AWST    3 Dec 79
Cessna Conquest CP

C-141 stretched PA
Lockheed Tristar 500 ff PA
Cessna new ac PA

AWST    29 Oct 79
Space Shuttle flt sched PA
Space Shuttle EVA unit tested PA
Beech Super King Air recon propo PA ca
DC-9 Super 80 tests begin PA

Robinson R-22 heli PA
EF-111A tests A

AWST    9 July 79
Aerospatiale Dolphin 2 CP
Douglas A-4 editorial tribute to A
Space Shuttle extermal fuel tank PA
Canadair Challenger stretch planned PA

Douglas DC-4 Carvair mod of Falcon Aw PDA
Antonov An-28 PA
trainers at Paris a s CPA

AWST    4 June 79
Lear 50 Longhorn CP cov
DC-10 crash at Chicago PA Il
DC-9 Super 80 3v A
Reading, PA a s PA
Air Midwest (US) ops A
Scheduled Skyways al (US) ops A
USAF infrared spacecraft cancelled A
Bo 727 crash w Cessna at San Diego analysis il A

AWST    21 May 79
Gulfstream American Gulfstream I Commuter 3v A

DC-9 Super 80 enters final ass’y PA
Bo 757 nose change plan A
Space Shuttle mated w rocket booster PA
GE 30mm cannon pod PA

AWST    11 Dec 78
F/A-18 Hornet CP
F-16 weapons delivery demo CPA
Antonov An-32 CPA
British Aerospace Sea Harrier CP
Aerospatiale FOuga 90 advert CP
Westland WG.34 anti sub heli 3v il A

AWST    27 Nov 78
F/A-18A ff PA
Bo 767 model PA
Bo 727 advert CPA

Hawker Siddeley 125 engine silencer test PA
Bo 747 crash at Tenerife crash analysis A

AWST    20 June 77
Paris a s CPA
Bo YC-14 at Paris a s CPA
Yak-42 at Paris a s PDA
Antonov An-28 at Paris a s 3v PA

A-10 survivability PA

AWST    24 Jan 77

AWST    3 Jan 77
Macchi MB.339 CPcov PDA pirep
Hughes YAH-64 flt test PA
Tupolev Tu-22 Backfire B PA

AWST    1 Nov 76
MiG-25 defected to Japan A
F-106 replacement study A
Bell XV-15 rollout PA

McD-D/Aerospatiale/Dassault/Breguet jet trans Advanced Mercure (2jet trans propo) PA
BAC Swingfire gmis PA

AWST    11 Oct 76
Soyuz 22 flt ends PA
MiG-25 defected studied PA
Hughes YAH-64 advert PA
Boeing YC-14 PA

AWST    27 Sep 76
Space Shuttle "Enterprise" rollout PDA
MiG-25 defection PDA
Boeing 7X7 design studies models PA
Northrop YF-17 at Farnborough a s PA

AWST    15 Sep 76
Northrop YF-17 PA
Northrop F-18 sales drive launched A

Farnborough a s PA
MiG-25 defected examined PA
Swearingen Merline 3a camera installation PDA
ramjet research payoffs near il PA

HS-125-700 w turbofans proto CPA

AWST    28 June 76
Mirage F.1B CPcov
Rockwell B-1 subcontractor inputs PDA
Russia updates air terminals PA

AWST    21 June 76
GenDy/Navy Tomahawk missile test PA

Boeing YC-14 readied for test A
BAC X-11 propo (improved BAC 111) model PA
hybrid heavy-lift airships studied PA
Sikorsky S-72 rollout PA 3v
Bell 222 nears ff PA

AWST    14 June 76
Sikorsky S-72 research heli rollout PA

McD-D YC-15 to be fitted w larger wing PA
Lockheed 1011-500 improvements 3v A ca
Britten Norman Defender border patrol for Mauritania PA
Saab Transporter 2 or 4 e trans prop il A

AWST    31 May 76
Boeing Vertol LAMPS heli propo PDA
MiG-23 n E.Germ PDA
Concorde inaugural flts > USA PA

F-18 reliability stressed il 3v A
McD-D YC-15 advert

AWST    3 May 76
Airbus A.300B outlook bright PA
Panavia Tornado marketing considered PA
Franco-German Roland gmis intro close PA
Advanced Fighter Program stress shifts il A

McD-D Model 265-1 vector lift fttr propo 3v Dil ca A
McD-D Model 265-2 vector lift ftr propo 3v A
Beech Super King Air w extended range il A

AWST    26 Apr 76
Sikorsky/Army XH-59A Advance Blade Concept heli CPcov PA 3v
Grumman Turbo-Cat (Ag-Cat w tprop engine) PDA
high speed tow target for F-4D PA

Cessna 441 flight trials PA
Saab 372 a>a dogfight gmis PA

AWST 12 Apr 76
Tomahawk a>g gmis air launched PDA
LearStar 600 rights to Canadair il A 3v
Aerpspatiale AS-350
VFW-Fokker 614 deliveries readied PA
Beech T-34C n production PDA 3v
Lockheed Jetstar 731 flight testing PDA

AWST    5 Apr 76
Fokker maritime F-27 sales PA

McD-D/Navy Harpoon gmis CPA
Boeing YC-14 nears completion PA
Alphajet w supercrit wing in devel PA
F-5E eight delivered in C-5A PDA
Suttle/Bo 747 pick-a-back wind tunnel model PA

AWST    2 Feb 76
American Jet Hustler CP cov
Tu-144 begins mail & freight ops PA
AWST 26 Jan 76
B-52 optical viewing system PA
Grumman advanced composite materials ftr prop il A

AWST    19 Jan 76
Boeing USAF microfighter for 747 launch propo 4v ca A

Vought ends BGM-110 cruise missle tests PDA

AWST    12 January 76
F-14 Iran AF CP cov
Grumman Gulfstream II NASA Shuttle test PA

IAI Kfir prod line PA
Bo 747SP on demo tour PA

AWST    5 January 76
F-15 glider model landing on skids CPA
F-18 design changes < YF-17 il A

A-10 gun results against tank shown
Panavia Tornado refuels < HP Victor produc decis soon PA

B-1 high speed testing soon
Boeing YC-15 second proto ff PA
Tu-144 starts SST service
Swearingen Metro 4 air ambulance propo A ca

AWST    15 Dec 75
F-15 n2 TAC delayed by avionics problems A

Lockheed LRPA (P-3) for Canada PDA
F-86E conv to drone QF-86E PDA
Falcon 10 France Navy nav trnr P
Falcon 50 design definition nears A

AWST    8 Dec 75
Bell YAH-63 CPcov and PA

Lockheed P-3 wins Canada LRPA contract PA

AWST    20 January 75
F-16 progress 3v PA xs
Northrop YF-17 sales problems A

Sikorsky S-76 marketed for civ use PA
Mohawk 298 (US uprated Nord 262 2 tprop trans) PA
Hughes 500 advanced development PDA
new technology airfoil development il PA
Beech 99 stability test mod PA

AWST    11 Nov 74
C-5A launches Minuteman gmis PA
Bo 747 freighter in al use CPA

AWST    18 Feb 74
C-141 stretch prop oil A

Rockwell B-1 major restructuring A
Sikorsky YCH-53 proto PA
Grumman E-2C PD advert
Canadair CL-84 (VTOL trans proto) shipboard tests PA
Bell Model D306 exec heli mockup PA

AWST    11 Feb 84
YF-16 first official flt PA
Harrier use on sea control ships PA

Boeing air-launch ICBM propos il A

AWST    4 Feb 74
Bo 747 for air launch ICBM il A

Conroy Virtus (Space Shuttle Lifter propo) 3v PA
Conroy Colussus (large cargo trans propo) 3v A
McD-D AV-16 wind tunnel model test PA

AWST    28 January 74
Soviet hybrid floatplane cargo trans proto il A
HS AV-16 Advanced Harrier prop oil A
YF-16 unofficial ff A

Soyuz maneuvering capability tested PDA
YF-17 proto completion near PDA

AWST   14 January 74
YF-17 n final ass’y PA

Lockheed/Aeritalia Lancer ff targeted A
Soviets prepare for Apollo-Soyuz PA

AWST    17 Sep 73
NASA propo SST w t-tail CPcov A
FB-111A on strategic alert PA
Sao Paulo, Brazil a s A

Bo 747SP plans A
hypersonic ac by 2000 pushed il A

NASA hypersonic ac propo 2v A
Martin Marietta X-24C propo il A ca
McD-D hypersonic test vehicle prop oil A

Rockwell g>a interceptor gmis prop oil A
Piper Cheyenne marketing outlined A

AWST    10 Sep 73
Mil Mi-10 Harke used n construction PA
Dassault Falcon 10 ff n USA PA

Beech King Air 200 extensively tested PDA

AWST    3 Sep 73
Hiller UH-12 Soloy turbine engine conv ff PA

DC-12 (2jet trans propo) model PA
Soviet air bases ac maintenance PDA
Rockwell 690A (2 tprop exec) PDA
Gates Learjet 35/36 internal layout PDA il

AWST    11 Dec 72
Dassault Falcon air mail deliv w Federal Express PDA
Aerospatiale Corvette ff scheduled PDA

AWST 27 Nov 72
Cessna XMC (1e push hw trilg ltpln) CP
Ilyushin Il-62 w LOT al P

HS Trident crash analysis A
Hard shelters for USAFE ac PA
Space Shuttle sub contractor briefings ilA
VAK-191B transition flt PA

AWST 14 Dec 70
Dassault Mirage G w external fuel tanks PA
Dassault Falcon 10 initial test complete PA

AWST 14 April 69
general aviation fiscal impact increase A
Tu-22 "Blinder" PA
Mikoyan "Faithless" STOL ftr proto PA
Sukhoi Su-7 "Fitter" with RATO units PA
Yakovlev "Freehand" VTOL ftr proto PA
Handley Page Jetstream C-10A
Mirage F.1 proto PA
Apollo 10 PA
Apollo 11 PA
Philco-Ford Corp. Chaparral g to a guided missile system PA
Concorde 1st British-built 1st flight A
Fokker F-28 advert
Conroy Guppy (Boeing 377 mod) w Saturn V PA
Saturn 5 PA
US space suit PA
space manufacturing study by NASA il A
Mars lander proposals evaluated by NASA PA
Beech 18 wingtip flap system model PA
Canadair CX-84 tilt wing VTOL PA
Bell UH-1E CP advert
Cessna turboprop O-2 propo PDA

AWST 26 Aug 68
USN ac inventory strained PA
F-105 crashes investigated A

Sikorsky S-61 resumes flying after crashes A
Tu-144 model PD
Vostok details PDA
Apollo circum-lunar flights planned A
Bell 204 in oil exploration PA
Boeing Vertol Chinook powered loop ladder test PA
X-15 #3 crash investigation PDA

AWST 12 Aug 68
USAF accelerates interdiction n South Vietnam PA
Beriev Be-12 PA

Ryan XV-5B PA
Apollo moon landing schedule in danger A
Breguet 188 (also McDonnell-Douglas-Breguet) PA
hot air balloons for pilot rescue considered PA
Fairchild Hiller VSTOL design studies il A 3v
Beech U-21 advert CPDA
Boeing large launcher proj. A
X-15 #3 crash report A
Sabreliner use in airliner crew training PA

AWST 15 July 68
Boeing 747 final ass’y PA
air war in North Vietnam analyzed PA
Dutch may buy surplus Germ F-104Gs A

Dutch buy Breguet 1150 ASW ac A
Martin Pershing missile transporter PA
Hayes International Target Missile (US) PA
F-111B #6 PA

Boeing SST design emphasis change A
Allison TF-41 jet entine PDA
Army XV-11 (STOL push) PDA

AWST 11 Dec 67
Short Skyvan advert
United States-Germany US/FRG STOL ftr A

Huey Cobra escorts CH-54 in Vietname PA
Nihon YS-11 successor study il A

Beech U-21 advert CPDA
USAF bomb dispensers PA

Mirage III in landing barrier test PA

AWST 31 July 67
Sikorsky HH-53 inflit refuel CP
Sukhoi Su-7 2-seat PA
Israel airlines ops during 1967 war A
Airbus A-300 approved for production
Braniff all-cargo ops PA
Piaggio-Douglas PD-808 PDA advert
AH-1 advanced armor PA
MiG 21C capt by Israel in ‘67 war PDA
MiG E-66 PDA
MiG-21 Fishbed F PDA
Yak-28P PDA
Misichev 201M Bison PDA
Antonov AN-14 PDA

AWST 2 Sep 57
Martin Sea Mistress (8jet transport propo twice size of P6M propo) il A
C-130B offered to civil sector PA
Bristol Bloodhound g to air gmiss PDA
Tu-104 to visit USA PA
Sikorsky S-58 used in oil search in jungle PA
Hollandair HA-001 (1e 1s hw agri US???) PA
Vertol V-44 (2e heli) demo to oil indust PA
Kaman HOK flies without pilot P
Sud S.E. 5004 Barodeur PDA
Vickers Vanguard hist & analysis PDA pros
Soviet pilots pressure suit PDA

AW     15 Nov 54
YC-124B advert
Aero Commander 560 advert

AW     4 Oct 54
F-102 PA

Hiller Hornet PA

AW     6 Sep 54
YC-130 P
Custer Channel Wing P
Douglas F4D Skyray P

Royal Gull advert
Convair 340 freighter P

AW     12 July 54
Rotor-Craft RH-1 "Pinwheel" PA
Kellett XH-15 PA

Helioplane PA
Camair Twin Navion PA
F-89 PA

AW     17 May 54
Supermarine 525 PA

Stout Ford Trimotor A
Boeing 707 proto PA
Bristol Britannia advert

AW     10 May 54
DH Comet I airliner grounding PA
Kayaba Heliplane (probably Japan) PA
Ambrosini F.7 Rodone (Italy ltpln) PA

Convertawings Inc. Model E (4 motor heli transp) PA

AW     12 April 54
Boeing Stratocruiser PA
Boeing C/KC-97 PA

B-52A PA
American Helicopters XH-26 PA

AW     15 Mar 54
Jacobs 104 (US trans heli proto) PA

AW     21 Dec 53
Bensen Mid-Jet (one-man one-jet heli) PA
Fairchild M-168B (44 pass jet liner propo) 3v A

Short S.B.6 4v Pa

AW     17 Aug 53
ARDC centers & bases PA
Special Weapons Center, ARDC PA
Wright ADC PA
Republic XF-91 P
Flight Test Center PA
DH Dove Cadvert
Holloman AFB tests missiles & pilot less ac PA
Fletcher advert
FJ-3 proto PA
Kellett KD-1B mod for convert awing test il A

AW     13 Aug 51
Temco T-35 Buckaroo advert
F-86E P
Fokker S.13 PA
Herrick & Welborn light twin PA
Hawker Hunter proto PA

AW     20 Sept 48
Percival Prince P
M.S. 571 P
European light aircraft status surv PA
Haman, Winn & Steel Satellite (Planet Satellite) PA
Danish Lark PA
S.I.P.A. (France) PA

Fokker Promoter PA
Ryan Navion advert
Cierva 3-rotor transp heli PA
Avro Tudor VIII (jet trans proto) P
H.P. Hermes IV P
Auster A.2/45 P
DH-108 PA
Hawker P.1040 P

AW     6 Sep 48
North American XAJ-1 P

AW     30 Aug 48
R6O Constitution PA
Beech Twin Quad PA
Vickers Viscount PA

AW     23 Aug 48
Mooney Mite PA
Atlas H-10 (post war Harlow design lw ret tadr ltpln) PA
F2H Banshee P

AW     16 Aug 48
B-17 executive conv P

Saab Safir swept wing test mod P
Wee Bee (prone pilot test) P

AW     9 Aug 48
Rotor Craft tandm regid blade heli PA
F-80 with flush intakes P
Vickers Nene-powered Viking P
XB-48 P

AW     5 July 48
Fairey Junior P

C-82 PA
KB-29 P

B-29 "Stratovision" TV broadcast PA

AW     21 June 48
Aeronca Sedan P

Breda-Zappata 308 ca PA
XS-1 A

AW     14 June 48
Luscombe Silvaire 1949 P
Baumann Brigadier PA

SAI Ambrosini S.1--1 Grifo P
Soviet version DFS-346 (Germ swept wing rocket research) il

XF-86 PA

AW     31 May 48
B-36A P
Ryan Navion advert

AW     24 May 48
Hughes Ac Corp congressional hearings A

XF6U-1 before and after afterburner installation PA
Gloster E.1/44 jet ftr proto PA

Fairchild 22 w all-movable vert stab PA
Lacombe "Silvairising" process PA

AW     17 May 48
XF-85 readied for hot launch PA
FH-1s join Atlantic Fleet PA
C-46 civil sales high PA
Bendix Helicopter Model K (1s coax) PA
Bendix Helicopter Model J j (5 s coax) PDA

AW     10 May 48
XF-87 closeup PA

Boeing XL-15 Scout PDA advert

AW     3 May 48
Douglas DC-9 project is dead A

Avro Athena turboprop trnr (1e tadr) PDA
Chelsea Super Ace (England 4s 1e hw trilg ltpln) PDA

AW     26 April 48
Hughes Ac. Co. congressional hearings over HK-1 A

F-84 enters squadron service PA
Canada Avro C-102 (jet trans) il A
Burnelli CBY Loadmaster trans tested n Canada provides good service PA
Consolidated L-13 w wings folded PA

AW     19 Apr 48
Russian jet fighters are operational il A

Yak-17 fighter 3v A
MiG-9 3v A
Convair Car (convertible car/plane) PDA
Navion carries a pig as passenger PA

AW     8 Dec 47
Vickers Viking P

DH Dove on floats PA
C-119 PA
Sud Oest 8030R PDA
Nord 1500 PA
Nord 2100 PA
Short Shetland PA

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