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AWo Feb 48
Lockheed Sirius uc 42" span
Elementary Model No. 4 Rpwr spt
Feather Floater hlg
Chihuahua Rpwr indoor
Sopwith Camel F "A" uc 3v
The Corker "A" ff
Class "D" Rpwr cont
Wee Bee "A" ff
Dansaire Coupe PA
Aeromobile by Pellarini & Col (Italy) PA
Luscombe Silvaire Sedan PA

Awo Nov 47
Elementary Model No. 3 ff
Creeper hlg
XB-45 Tornado SA
Weatherly Colt S
XF15C-1 P
Fokker post-W2 4s push P
Rearwin Cloudster P
Fairey Spearfish PA
Try a Pusher Rpwr canard
Kilroy "A" ff
Cirrius Cruiser "C" Rpwr cont
Sportsman .60 pwr uc sport
Dragon .35 pwr stunt

Awo Sept 47
Hiller Commuter (2s heli) P
Brantly co-axial heli P
Douglas Cloudster P
The Breather ff
F-82 uc
Fleet Canada Rpwr
Elementary Model No.2
Folkerts Racer "B" semi scale sport
Puss Moth Rpwr scale

Awo July 47
Northrop MX-324 P
Swift cat-launch g
Elementary Model No. 1 g
Albatross D.Va uc scale
Buzzer "B" ff cont

Awo May 47
Burnelli MB-7 P
Fairchild XNQ P
Bell XS-1 P
KZ-3 Rpwr
Pygmy Diesler uc
Chrislea Ace P
Pygmy Dieseler ??
Phoenix "A" ff cont
Flying Goose "A" cont ff
Dolphin tlg
Go Jo uc sport
Commonwealth Trimmer amphib uc scale

Awo January 47
Fairchild UC-88 (Model 45) P
Bellanca Cruisair S
The Arrowhead hlg
Sud Est SE 2310 P
Sud Est SE 7000 P
FP-17 SV-48 (France 2s bip) P
Mighty Mole A stunt uc
HeliRoter ff
Class B Rocket ff
DH Hornet Moth ff Rpwr
Challenger "A" uc

Awo Nov 46
Spitfire Rpwr
Flying Fool Rpwr
Do-217E S
Johnson Rocket S
Meyers MAC P
Bunyard BA-X3 PA
P-38 twin cockpit with one in left boom P
Douglas A-26F P
Ascender Rpwr canard
Fokker D.VIII .29 uc
The Charger ff cont
Assymetrical hlg
Devin fin twin tail tlg 30" span
Tiger uc speed .60
Can We Survive Germ Warfare?

Awo 3/5 July 45
Grumman Widgeon cov CP
Jack Northrop bio PABomb fuses explained PA
Landing Signal Officer what he does PA
National Air Races 1939 PA
Harry Houdini flying activities PA
new CAA regulations A
Dale E. Karger (US) war report PA
John C. Beck (US) war report PA
C.H. Bargent (England) war report PA
William Rumago (England) war report PA
France naval AF PA
Bleriot 110 (1e trans 1929) PA
why helis are out of reach of common men PA
Aeronautical Products Model 3 (US heli) PA
Higgins Helicopter PA
Gyrocopter 22-80 (2e strans heli propo) model PA
Schouw H-100 heli propo il A
Bendix Model G heli propo il A
Gazda Helicospeeder (US heli proto) PA
The Viper flywng spt hlg
Vultee BT-13 3v xs
Ago 1917 scout 3v xs

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