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Aviation May 47
Avro Tudor II advert
Hiller tail jet heli project PA
Kaiser XBTK-1 PA
XB-45 PA
Planet Aircraft Satellite 3vA

Aviation March 47
Aero 45 3v A
Aeronca Champ 3v PA
Aeronca Chief 3v PA
Aeronca Chum 3v PA
Airspeed Ambassador 3v PA
Armstrong Whitworth A.W.52 3v PA
Armstrong Whitworth A.W.55 PA
Auster Arrow 3v A
Avia 36 3v PA
Avia 38-A 3v A
Avro Tudor I 3v PA
Avro Tudor II 3v PA
Boulton-Paul P.108 PA
Breguet 730 3v PA
Breguet 761 3v PA
Bristol Brigand 3v PA
Bristol Freighter 3v PA
Chrislea Ace (England ltpln) 3v PA
Cierva Air Horse (England trans heli proto) PA
Cierva-Wier 9 (England) PA
Compania Aeronautica Paulista CAP-4 (ITALY?) PA
Cunliffe-Owen Concordia 3v PA (England 2e lw trans)
Curtiss XF15C-1 PA
Curtiss-Wright CW-32 3v P
Dart GC 3v PA
DH Swallow 3v PA
de Lackner Helicopters heli PA
Dofpga 421 A
Doblhoff (heli US) PA
Doman-Frasier Helicopters HC-1 PA
Doman-Frasier Helicopters LZ-1 PA
Douglas Cloudster 3v PA
Edo XOSE-1 3v PA
Fairchild Husky 3v PA
Fairchild XNQ-1 PA
Fairey FB-1 Gyroplane PA
Fairey Spearfish 3v PA
Fiat G.212 3vPA
Firestone Model 45 PA
Fokker Partner A PA
Fokker Promoter 3v
Fokker F/26 Phantom PA
Gazda Engineering Helicospeeder PA
General Aircraft Skyfarer 3v PA
H.P. Hermes 3v PA
Helicopter Engineering & Constr. Corp. Model 100 PA
Hodek HK-101 3v A
International Aviation Duckling (US) 3v PA
Kaman K-125A PA
Kellett KH-2 PA
Landgraf H-2 (heli) PA
Late 631 (France) 3v PA
Letov 101 3v A
Max Holste MH-52 3v PA
Miles Aerovan 3v PA
Miles Gemini 3v PA
Miles Marathon 3v PA
Miles Messenger 3v PA
Miles E.24/43 3v PA
Morane Saulnier MS-560 PA
Morane Saulnier MS-570 3v PA
Morane Saulnier MS-571 PA
Nelson Dragonfly 3v PA
NC-840 3v A
Nord 1101 Noralpha 3v PANord 1201 PA
Nord 1203 PA
Omega (US heli) PA
Percival Merganser 3v PA
Percival Proctor V 3v PA
Pilatus SB-2 Pelican 3v A
Portsmouth Aerocar 3v PA
Praga E-210 3v PA
Rohr M. O-1 3v PA
Roter-Craft XR-11 PA
Roteron Inc. XM-1 (heli) PA
Saab Safor 3v {A
Saab Scandia 3v PA
Saunders Roe S.R.45 PA
SE 200 3v PA
SE 2001 3v A
SE 2010 3v PA
SE 2310 PA
S.E.C.A.N. Courlis 3v PA
Skycraft Sky craft (US) 3v PA
SNCAC NC 2001 Abeille PA
Short Solent 3v PA
SO 30R Bellatrix 3v PA
SO 93 3v PA
SO 161 3v PA
SO 6000 3v PA
Southern Aircraft Southernaire 3v PA
United Helicopters Commuter PA
Vickers Viceroy PA
Vickers Viking 3v PA
Volmer VJ-21 3v PA
Whitaker-Zuck Planemobile 3v PA
Zlin 22 3v PA
Zlin 281 3v PA

Aviation Sep 45
All American Ensign advert
Bellanca Cruisair CP advert
B-29 power turret PD
Boggs Airmaster Aircar PA
Consolidated B-32 PA
Convair 110 PA
Curtiss-Wright co-axial helicopter PA
Fairchild C-82 PA advert
Lockheed P-80 PA
McDonnell Ac Corp advert
Rocket Aircraft Corp advert
Volmer Jensen VJ-21 PA

Aviation July 40
Beech 18 tail wheel installation Dil A
Boeing 307 lg Dil A
Culver Cadet advert PDA
Curtiss 76-D (A-18) Dil ca
Curtiss SBC-4 ca
Funk 75 advert PD
Howard DGA-15 advert
Howard ltpln lg Dil A
Lockheed Electra Cadvert Dil
North American 35 Primary Trainer advert ca
Piper Coupe advert PA
Pratt & Whitney expands PA
Rearwin advert PA
Seversky EP-1 gun installation Dil A
Sikorsky VS-300 heli PDA
Spartan Executive Cadvert Dil
Stinson 105 advert PD
Taylorcraft for 1940 advert
Timm "Aeromold" trnr PDA
Tupolev L-760 (6-e trans) PA
Wright new engine plant PA
Engines for 1940 Psurv
ac manuifacturer directory A

Aviation Feb 40
Aeronca 50-F and 50-C 3v PA
Air Transport T-6 (1e hw 6s) PA
Akron-Funk Model B 3v PA
American Aircraft S-1B PA
Applegate Amphibian 3v PA
Barkley-Grow TGP-1 fuselage construction 3v PA
Bellanca Cruisair 14-9 3v PA
Collier CA-1 (bip US) 3v PA
Culver Dart L PA
Kellett KD-1 ca
Lockheed 44 (propo 4e 3-tai transport) 3v A il
Ong M-32 (4s 1e cab ltpln US) PA
Pasped W-1 Skylark PA
Phillips CT-1 (2s bip) PA
Rearwin 9000KR PA
Rearwin 6000M PA
Republic 2 PA landing gear Dil
Republic Aviation advert
Ryan ST ca
Taylorcraft BL-T 3v PA
Welch OW 3v PA
White PT-7 PA

Aviation January 39
status of European air power PA
16th Salon de Aviation, France PA
DC-5 3v il A
Funk monoplane with V-8 engine PA
Edwards MBM-1 (US 2e trans) 3v PA
Henschel Hs-126 advert

Aviation 37/12 Dec 38
Aeronca 50 seaplane PA
Boeing 314 testing PA
Cunningham-Hall Freighter (bip trans) 3v PA
Curtiss-Wright CW-20 building it P
Piper Cub advert
Ryan SC for 19309 PA
Seversky Executive (exec ac propo) 3v il A
Vultee V-12 3v ca PA
post-Munich impressions of English aeronautics A

Aviation 37/10 Oct 38
Aeronca Chief 3v PA
Blohm & Voss Ha-139 advert
Cessna Airmaster for 1939 3v PDA advert
Dart Dart advert
Luscombe 50 3v PDA
Piper Cub Coupe 3v PA

Aviation 20/4 January 25, 1926
Guggenheim gift of $2,500,000 to foster aviation PA
RS-1 (airship) at Scott Field, IL

Buhl-Verville Airster CW-3 (2s sport bip) PA
Super Rhone engine PA
Curtiss Lark seaplane (advert) PA
Swallow Mail Plane PA
Woodson Express (US bip 3s 1e) advert

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