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Aviation History 18/3 January 2008
Quentin Roosevelt (US WWI ftrpi) bio PA
B-25 386th BS MTO mission Cil A
Robin Olds bio CPA
B-24D 425th BS raid of John Foster n China hist bio Cil PA
Edward Steichen war photography bio PA
Buhl CA-6 "Spokane Sun God" endurance flt 1929 hist PA
second generation USN jet ftrs surv CPA
Bereznyak-Isayev BI-1 (rocket powered Sov ftr) hist PA

Thank you John Bulli, Springfield, Illinois


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Aviation History 18/2 November 2007
Her Serene Highness Princess Ludwig zu Lowenstein-Wertheim-Freudenberg (early German woman pilot) PA bio
Bristol Beaufighter rest at USAF Mus CPA
Ion Dobran (Romania WW2 ftr pi) bio PA
BentProp Project (wreck idents n SoPac) CPA
Hawker Sea Hawk hist CPA Cca
Hawker Sea Hawk 1/48 Classic Airframes CPA
R.A.F. S.E.5a hist PDA
Hubert Latham attempt trans-Eng Chan flt PA

Thank you John Bulli, Springfield, Illinois

Aviation History 14/3 January 2004
     Douglas XB-42 hist PA
     Savoia Marchetti SM-75 secret flt > Japan PA
     Raoul Lufbery (US WW1 ace) bio Cil PA
     Spad S.VII of Lufbery 1/48 Special Hobby CPA
     flying w 91st BG mem CPA Cil
     early British flight experimenters pre-Wright Cil CPA
     Naval Ac Fact TDN-1 remote controled bomber ops W2 hist PA
     Grumman F8F hist PA
     Lancaster painting "Against All Odds" desc Cil A

Aviation History 14/2 November 2003
     Centennial of Flight projects n US CPA
     Wilhelm Meiswinkel (German experimenter) 1908 glider bio PA
     Richard William Pearse (New Zealand experimenter) efforts to fly bio Cil A
     Wright Bros bio, how they learned to fly PA
     Wright Flyer 1/39 Monogram CPA
     Wright Bros. influence on history Cil PA
     pre-Wright designs for flying machines surv il PA
     Charles E. Taylor (mechanic for Wrights) bio CPA
     National Air & Space Mus Udvar Hazy Center CPA

Aviation History 13/6 July 2003
     Curtiss XP-31 PA
     Pluto Project (nuclear powered cruise missile project US) Cil A
     VT-8 devastating losses at Battle of Midway Cil PA
     Werner Voss (Germ WWI ace) Cil PA bio
     Fokker F.1 (Dr.1 proto) of Voss 1/72 Eduard CPA
     Operation Matterhorn (deploy of B-29s to China W2) PA
     Paul Mantz (US movie pilot) bio CPA
     Arado Ar-196A at Bulgarian av mus CPA
     Lancaster Dambuster painting by Philip West Cil A

Aviation History 12/3 January 2002
     Nakajima B5N2 1/48 Hasegawa CPA
     Heinz Orlowski (Germ ftrpi) reunited with his FW-190 CPA
     B-17 flight to Phillipines n May 1941 PA
     Zeppelin-Staaken E.4/20 4e hw trans proto Germ) PA
     Umberto Nobile (Italy) voyage in diri "Italia" to Arctic bio PA
     US fighter defense during Pearl Harbor raid Cil PA
     Kawanishi N1K2-J Shiden-Kai Cil CPA
     Rudolph Stark (Germ W1 ftrpi ace turned artist) bio Cil PA
     Canadian bush flying in 20s painting desc Cil A

Aviation History 12/1 Sept 2001
     B-29 rest of US Aviation Mus CPA
     Douglas XCG-17 PA
     SPAD A-2 hist PA
     Harold Gatty (US navigator) bio Cil PA
     F9F Panther ops w USMC n Korean War Cil CPA
     B-24 raid on Magdeburg, Germ mem Cil PA
     Jan Reznak (Czech ftrpi W2) bio Cil PA interv PA
     B-24 w RAF encounter w Germ sub Cil A

Aviation History 11/6 July 2001
     North American TF-86F hist PA
     Taylorcraft L-2M rest 43-/26502 of Phelps PA
     Charles Rocheville (US civ pilot 30s)bio PA
     P-38 nt ftr ops in Solomon Islands SoPac Cil PA
     early US flights to Bermuda in 1930 hist PA
     Israel AF ops against Syrian SAM sites in Lebanon Cil PA
     RAF Hurricane ops n Russia PA
     Richard Kishady war vet av artist Cil PA

Aviation History 11/5 May 2001
     Charles >. Hammann (early USN pilot) bio PA
     Yak-4 (2e fbbr) hist PA
     P-39 abandoned n Australia CPA
     Greg Boyington interv Cil PA
     B-26 Invader night ops n Korean War Cil PA
     DH Mosquito hist Cil CPA
     Douglas Corrigan bio PA
     early aviation postcards CPA

Aviation History 11/4 March 2001
     1919 attempt to fly Eng to Australia by George Matthews and Thomas Kay PA
     Westland Lysander rest n US PA
     P-36 hist Cil CPA
     MacMillan Arctic Expedition 1925 PA
     Tom Sopwith (Eng ac designer) Cil PA bio
     P-38 combat w Hungary AF Me-109s n 1944 Cil CPA
     Dornier Do-X hist PA
     Mabel Hubbard Bell role played with Aerial Experiment Association bio Cil A

Aviation History 11/3 January 2001
     General Aviation GA-43 hist PA
     Clarence Petty (US flt instructor 30s) bio PA
     F-82E rest underway n MN CPA
     Mitsubishi F1M2 hist Cil PA
     Beech Bonanza hist CPA
     Frank Hurlbut (US P-38 ace MTO) interv bio PA
     F-4 last mission over Saigon mem Cil CPA
     Vickers Vimy first air crossing of Australia Cil A

Aviation History 11/2 November 2000
     Westland Whirlwind ftr Cil PA
     A6M2 crashed n Aleutians PA
     P-2 hist Cil CPA hist
     Erroll Boyd (Canada long distance flyer) bio Cil PA
     American Volunteer Group hist Cil PA
     Frank R. Beadle (USAAF bombardier W2) interv Cil PA
     early aviation greeting cards CPA
     Hiram Broiles (US) PA

Aviation History 11/1 September 2000
     William L. McKnight (Canada W2 ace) bio PA
     Martin AM-1 Mauler hist PA
     Dezso Szentgyorgyi (Hungary W2 ace) bio Cil A bio
     Bert Hassell and Parker Cramer flt to Stockholm 1928 Cil PA
     Henry Arnold bio Cil AP
     Thailand air war w French Indochina late 30s Cil COA
     Thailand War 2 activities Cil A
     F-51 close air support of S.Kor troopns n Korean War CPA
     lst Spitfire combat w Japanese n W2 CIl A
     Hughes HK-1 giant model CPA

Aviation History 10/6 July 2000
     Frederick Sidney Cotton (Australia pilot) clandestine recon ops over Germ 1939 Cil A
     Caproni Ca-60 Transaereo (triple triplane 1921) PA
     Handley Page HP-42 Cil PA
     Thomas Christian, Jr. (US ftr pi SoPac & ETO) bio CPA
     SB2C missions n Marshall Islands, SoPac Cil PA
     Frank Hawks scientific flts for Texaco Cil PA
     Robert Henderson aviation bronze sculptors CPA
     F2G rest of Odegaard CPA

Aviation History 10/5 May 2000
     Stanley Vejtasa (USN W2 pilot) bio PA
     Junkers G.38 (giant trans 1933) PA
     Lores Bonney (Australia woman pilot 1937) bio PA
     blood chits hist CPA
     P-40 hist Cil PA
     aviation n Mexican American War Cil A
     first aerial dogfight A
     how artist Robert Taylor painted his Doolittle Raiders painting
     Douglas A-20Gs recovered from New Gunea CPA

Aviation History 10/4 March 2000
     North American P-64 hist PA
     Academy of Model Aeronautics Model Aviation Museum CPA
     Bob Hoover fighter ops n ETO W2 PA
     Alan Cobham flying boat flt over Africa Cil PA bio
     Beech XA-38 hist PA 3v
     B-24D "Vagabond King" n Ploesti raid Cil PA
     91st Obs Sqdn USAS 1918 hist PA
     Guy Gibson (Eng pilot W2) last flt Cil A

Aviation History 10/3 January 2000
     Dayton-Wright RB racer Cil PA
     USAAC defeat on Bataan, 1942 PA
     College Park, MD airfield hist CPA
     Colin Gray (New Zealand ftrpi) bio Cil PA
     Bill Lancaster (Australia long distance pilot 1933) bio PA
     F-104 hist CPDA
     preW2 US air recon ops n Far east Cil PA
     Germ ops against Arctic convoys n W2 Cil A

Aviation History 10/2 November 1999
     phantom P-40 escape from Mindinao, Phillipines 1942 Cil A
     Caudron CR-714 hist PA
     Tom Cathcart (US airplane resorer) ops today bio CPA
     Avia B.534 last air victory by a biplane Cil PDA
     Guggenheim Safe Aircraft Competition PDA
     B-25D crash n New Guinea mem Cil A
     Ernst Udet bio Cil PA
     Ken Walsh kill of F1M2 in SoPac Cil A

Aviation History 9/6 July 1999
     Moye Stephens (US movie pilot 30s) bio PA
     Zlin Z-XIII PA
     Jan Bata (Czech aviation industrialist) PA
     SB2C hist Cil CPA
     Joe Kittinger (US balloon research pilot) bio PA
     Swein Heglund (Norway W2 ace) Cil bio PA
     TBM probable fate of five lost in Bermuda Triangle Cil PA
     Nicholas Trudgian artist talks about airplane painting Cil PA
     Peterson Air and Space Museum, Colorado CPA

Aviation History 9/5 May 1999
     Thomas Selfridge death bio PA
     Viktor Dybovsky (Russ ac designer) bio
     Dybovsky Delfin (mono 2s scout 1913) PA
     flight by John Race of German surrender delegation to France Cil PA & bio
     Billy Bishop (Canada W1 ace) bio Cil A
     Me-109 hist Cil PA
     US balloon race in 1858 Cil PA
     Fokker "Southern Cross" transPacific flt Cil A
     Soukup & Thomas Balloon and Airship Mus, DoDak CPA

Aviation History 9/.4 March 1999
     Northrop XFT-1 hist PA
     Charles & Bob Woodworth (US barnstormers 30s) bio PA
     Frederiick Warrington Gillet (US ace n RAF W1) Cil bil AP
     Sunderland "N for Nan" combat w Ju-88s Cil PA
     Charles McGee (US Tuskeegee airman) and career beyond bio Cil PA
     Lincoln Ellsworth Arctic flt efforts PA Cil
     Yankee Air Force av mus CPA
     story behind Mike Machat US av artist painting of Thunderbird F-84Fs Cil A

Aviation History 9/3 January 1999
     LaVerne Browne, a k a John Trent, Tailspin Tommy (US movie pilot) bio PA
     F-82 hist Cil A
     1937 Russian flt Moscow > Washington state Cil PA
     WAVES air navigators n W2 PA
     Edward Rickenbacker bio Cil PA
     Me-323 massacre over Med by RAF 1943 Cil CPA
     Me-109 of Anton Hackl painting by Troy White Cil A
     Antique Airplane Association today CPA

Aviation History 9/2 November 1998
     Bessie Coleman (black woman pilot 20s) bio PA
     Arado Ar-232 (4e trans) il A
     American Air Mus, Duxford, Eng CPA
     China National Aviation Corp (China al) early ops Cil PA
     Clyde Pangborn & Hugh Herndon, Jr. 1st trans Pacific flt 1931 PA Cil
     fighter-bomber evolution Cil PA
     submarine launched ac hist PA
     F-8 incident in Gulf of Tonkin Cil A

Aviation History 9/1 September 1998
     Linke-Hofman giant bombers n W1 PA
     Montgomery Bros aerial experiments in 1883 (US) PA bio
     Didier Masson 1913 strike against naval vessel n Mex-Amer War Cil PA
     Mohammad Mahmood Alam (Pakistan F-86 ace) bio CPA
     Anthony Fokker bio Cil PA
     Japanese attack on Cavite, Philippines Cil PA
     McClellan Aviation Mus (US) CPA
     Cornelia Fort civ pilot n Hawaii encounter with Jap ac Dec 7 41 Cil A

Aviation History 8/6 July 1998
     EKW-3603 (Switz 1e lw 2ta 2s ftr W2) hist CPA
     T-6 hist Cil A
     Travis Air Force Mus CPA
     Charles Yeager ss flight 1947 interv Cil CPA
     Bernt Balchen (Norway pilot 30s) bio Cil PA
     Hiroyoshi Nashizawa (Japan ftrpi W2) bio Cil PA
     Samuel Langley (US aerial experimenter) bio PA
     new aviation-theme US postage stamps CPA

Aviation History 8/5 May 1998
     DC-3 Italian dairy herd flt PA
     C. R. Smith Aviation Mus (US) CPA
     V.L. Pyoremyrsky (Finland 1e 1s ftr W2) hist CPA
     Charles Yeager W2 combat ops n W2 Cil interv PA
     Berlin Airlift 1948 hist PA Cil
     B-29 hist Cil PA
     Roald Amundsen North Pole flights PA
     P-26 Filipine AF ops against A6Ms 1941 Cil A

Aviation History 8/4 March 1998
     Avia B-135 (Bulgaria 1s mono ftr W2) PA
     Frantisek Novak (Czech pilot late 30s) bio PA
     Russia bombing Berlin ops W2 Cil PA
     Petylyakov Pe-8 ca A
     C-47 ops n Korean War Cil PA
     B-25 hist Cil CPDA
     Schlesinger Air Race 1936 SoAfri hist Cil PA
     George Vaughn (US ftrpi W1) bil Cil A
     Palm Springs Air Mus (US) CPA

Aviation History 8/3 January 1998
     Aviatik Gr.III (Austro-Hungary 2e bbr W1) hist PA
     Loening Air Yacht ops w Air Ferries Ltd. 1930 PA
     lltwt ftr dvel W2 PA Cil
     Avro CF-105 hist Cil AP
     Robert Stanford Tuck (Eng ftrpi W2) bio Cil PA
     Cessna Airmaster hist PDA
     Charles P. Bailey (Tuskegee Airman W2 ftrpi) bio Cil A
     Glenn L. MNartin Aviation Mus CPA

Aviation History 8/2 November 1997
     Voisin Triplane No. 1 hist PA
     combat in the B-17 ball turret PA
     Texas Air Museum CPA
     Taylor role in creating Piper Cub Cil PA 2v
     Fairey Swordfish hist Cil PA
     seadromes (floating airfields) considerations hist Cil PA
     1st Aero Sqdn n Mexican American War Cil PA
     Civil Air Patrol ops n W2 Cil A
     George Beurling (Canada) ops n defense of Malta W2 Cil A

Aviation History 8/1 September 1997
     birth of USAF PA
     Jean Conneau a k a Andre Beaumont (France nav pioneer) PA bio
     Lockheed AH-56A hist CPA
     Fantasy of Flight Mus, FL (USA) CPA
     Octave Chanute early flight experiments 1896 CPA
     Randy Holzapple (USAAF B-26 pilot MTO) war incident Cill PA
     Billy Mitchell Cil PA bio
     Vought V-173 hist CPA
     Vought XF5U PA
     Rudolph Hess flt to Eng 1941

Aviation History 7/6 July 1997
     women pilots in US, Earhart legacy editorial PA
     Blohm & Voss Ha-137 (1s dbbr proto) PA
     March Field Mus, CA USA CPA
     Viljalmur Stefansson (Canada Arctic explorer) bio PA
     air combat in Phillipines 1942 PA
     Qantas Al hist Cil CPA
     Amelia Earhart bio Cil PA
     Northrop lifting bodies hist CAP
     US liaison pilots n W2 Cil PA poem

Aviation History 7/5 May 1997
     Commonwealth CA-15 (1s ftr Australia) PA hist
     Charles R. Samson (Eng WI) creation of towed barge launched ftrs Cil A
     R.W. "Rich" Shaffert ops w F-8 n Viet War Cil PA bio
     Iowa Aviation Preservation Center PA
     1930s US Explorer high altitude balloon flts PA
     Tampa Airboat Line (US al) 1914 CPA
     F4U hist CPA
     Douglas A-26 hist CPA Cil
     Bob Hoover early USAAF ops PA

Aviation History 7/4 March 1997
     Slesaryev Svyagtor (Russia 4e trans proto 1914) PA
     Merian C. Cooper (US movie maker) PA
     Museum of Aviation, GA USA CPA
     Robert Fowler (US early aviator) bio Cil PA
     Hansgeorg Batcher (Germ bbr pilot W2) bio Cil PA
     China Air Task Force (ftr group 1942) ops Cil PA
     8th FBW ops n Korea CPA Cil
     P-61 downs G4M n SoPac Cil A

Aviation History 7/3 January 1997
     Jacques Swaab (US ftrpi W1) bio PA
     He-162 hist Cil PA
     Singapore AF Mus CPA
     Brit attack on Zeppelin base 1914 Cil PA
     B-29 last raid against Japan mem CPA
     US air traffic control early days Cil PA
     BOAC ops n W2 Cil PA
     endurance flt by Bobbi Trout and Edna May Cooper 1931 (US) Cil A

Aviation History 7/2 November 1996
     Bristol M.1C (mono ftr W1) PA hist
     John M. Miller (US civ pilot 30s) bio PA
     Kalamazoo Air Zoo MI (US) av mus CPA
     Guggenheim brothers Daniel & Harry bios (US civ av sponsors) Cil PA
     Brewster Buffalo ops w Finland AF Cil PA
     George Vaughn (US W1 ftrpi ace) Cil PA bio
     first US trans-conti airmail Cil PA
     A.E. "Tony" Hill (Eng RAF reconpi W2) war deed Cil A

Aviation History 7/1 September 1996
     Woody Edmondson (US Monocoupe pilot) bio PA
     Boulton Paul Defiant Cil A
     Naval Ac Fact PN-9 flt CA > HI Cil PA
     1st balloon flt n USA Cil PA CPA
     P-38 of Ben Mason dbbr op over Romania Cil mem PA
     Deperdussin mono record flt 1912 Cil PA

Aviation History 6/6 July 1996
     Lockheed Q-Star (low noise recon prop mono) PA
     Claude Grahame-White (Eng pre W1 pi) Cil bio
     F2A of Humberd downs Zero at Midway CIl A
     Boeing P-26A Cil PA hist
     Oswald Boelcke (Germ ftrpi W1) bio Cil PA
     FW-200 ops Cil CPA
     Sikorsky Il’ya Muromets (4e Russ bbr) Cil PDA
     308th BG USAAF CBI hist (review) PA

Aviation History 6/5 May 1996
     Glenn Curtiss bio PA
     F4F-3 ops n SoPac Cil A
     Fairey Rotodyne hist CPA
     A-4 ops w USMC n Viet War Cil PA
     "Grasshopper" ops n W2 CPA
     Operation Aphrodite ops Cil A
     Women’s Aerial Derby 1929 PA
     Mosquito raid on Amiens prison 1944 Cil A

Aviation History 6.4 March 1996
     Ben F. Mahoney (US ac maker) bio PA
     J.V. Martin Kitten (tiny bip proto) PA
     Lone Star Flight Museum, TX US CPA
     DeBothezat heli designs of 20s (Russia) Cil PA
     F-117 hist Cil CPA
     who was first US WW2 ace Cil PA
     Gustav Whitehead (US) did he beat Wrights? Cil PA
     Gustav Whitehead (US) airplane repli CPA
     first Pakistan air to air gmis kill in combat Cil A

Aviation History 6/3 January 1996
     post W2 airplane market expectations PA
     Northrop XP-79B hist Cil PA
     Clyde Cessna bio PA Cil
     Cessna Ac Co. hist PA
     Cessna Phantom C3v
     Steven Darius (US record attempt pilot) bio Cil CPA
     Bellanca CH-300 Peacemaker "Lithuanica" CPDA
     P-38 combat at Wewak, New Gunea Cil PA
     biplane ops n Battle of Brit CPA
     early US/Mex border patrol air ops Cil A
     Virginia Air & Space Center (av mus US) CPA

Aviation History 6/2 November 1995
     Supermarine PB.31E Night Hawk (2e quadru ftr proto hist PA
     General James H. Doolittle Library, Dallas TX CPA
     US 4,300 lb "blockbuster" bomb 1921 PA
     Francesco Baracca (Italy WW1ace) bio Cil PA
     Dole Race 1927 Cil PA
     DC-3 hist CPA
     Edward H. "Butch" O’Hare Cil CPA
     Robert M. De Haven P-40N combat incident (US SoPac) Cil A

Aviation History 6/1 September 1995
     Junkers Ju-86P hist PA
     EAA Air Adventure Mus (WI US) CPA
     Samuel F. Cody (early US pilot) bio PA
     B-29 "Enola Gay" op w Paul Tibbets Cil CPA
     R.J. Mitchell (Eng Spitfire designer) Cil PA
     B-29 raid on Nagasaki Cil CPA
     surrender of Japanese at Ie Shima Cil CPA
     Angolan civil war air combat Cil A

Aviation History 5/6 July 1995
     Letov S-8 (Czech shwing racer 1925) hist PA
     Bell P-39 hist CPA
     National Soaring Mus (US) CPA
     Manfred von Richtofen bio Cil PA
     flying as portrayed in "funny pages" Cil PA
     Polikarpov I-15 hist Cil CPA
     Ken Brown (US) mission in B-17 CPA Cil
     Benjamin O Davis (black USAF pi) bio Cil A

Aviation History 5/5 May 1995
     Museum of Flight (Seattle WA) editorial PA
     Blohm & Voss BV-40 (glider ftr proto) PA
     USAF Flight Test Center Mus (CA) CPA
     Ralph Parr (US ftrpi) CPA bio
     Fritz Roth (Germ balloon buster W1) bio Cil PA
     Travel Air Mystery Ship Cil PA
     Luft nt ftr op Operation Gisela Cil PA
     Roscoe Turner (US race pi) bio PA Cil
     Canadian Warplane Heritage fire Cil A

Aviation History 5/4 March 1995
     Edna Gardner White (US civ pi) bio PA
     Westland Lysander hist Cil A
     Sopwith Triplane n Russia mus CPA
     triplanes of WWI surv Cil CPA
     US nuclear-powered airplane efforts Cil PA
     "Cactus Air Force" ops over Guadalcanal Cil PA
     James Jabara (US Korean War ace) bio Cil CPA
     TBD of Harry Corl & Lloyed Childers ops n Midway battle Cil A

Aviation History 5/3 January 1995
     Jacob Brodbeck (US pre-Wright experimentor) bio PA
     Shuttleworth Collection (Eng) CPA
     McDonnell XF-85 hist CPA
     P-40 ops n New Guinea Cil PA
     Gunther Pluschow (Germ pi n China 1914) combat ops Cil PA
     anti-Buzz Bomb intercept ops n Eng Cil PA
     Vincent Burnelli & his designs bioPA
     Kenneth A. Boomer (Canada ftrpi) bio Cil A

Aviation History 5/2 November 1994
     Dieudonne Costes (France long distance flyer) bio PA
     National Postal Mus (Washington, DC) CPA
     40th B.G. ops w B-29s n W2 hist CIl PA
     Gee Bee R-2 flown by Jimmy Doolittle in 1931 Cil PA
     Spitfire comp w Hurricane Cil CPA
     B-24H of 15th AF painting desc Cil A
     Gabriele d/ Annunzio (Italy pilot W1) combat op bio Cil CPA

Aviation History 5/1 September 1994
     George Hubert Wilkins (USpolar flier 1920s) 1928 trans-Arctic flt bio PA
     Mid-America Air Mus (Kansas) CPA
     Tarrant Tabor (Eng 4e trip 1919) PA
     early US agri flying Cil PA
     Weick Ag-1 (US agri mono) PA
     Grumman TBF hist Cil Cpro CPA
     PV-1 sinking of U-134 Cil AP
     early England flight attempts Cil PA
     Bristol Beaufort ops n Med against Rommel tanker ships Cil A

Aviation History 4/6 July 1994
     Hiram Maxim (US early av experimenter) bio PA
     Pearson Air Mus (Wash state) CPA
     last prop ftr against jet combat n W2 Cil A
     finding Germ cruiser Konigsberg by Brits 1915 Cil A
     Short Folder (Eng bip fltpln scout 1915) Cil A
     1911 Circuit of Britain air race Cil PA
     56th FG W2 ops Cil CPA
     D-Day 56th mission Cil A
     P-51C civ of Charles Blair transpolar flts Cil CPA

Aviation 4/5 May 1994
     Northrop Snark hist PA
     Goodyear Inflatoplane CIl A
     Museum of Flight (Seattle) CPA
     Six Day Israeli-Arab War Cil CPA
     PBY ops w Black Cats n SoPac Cil CPA
     first day of US air mail CIfl PA
     early trans-Pacific flights, attempts CPA
     Hans Joachim Marseille bio Cil A

Aviation 4/4 March 1994
     B-25 crash n2 Empire State Building 1945 PA
     Italian AF Historical Mus (Italy) CPA
     DeHavilland Albatross (4e lw trans) Cil PA
     Japanese ac car Ryujo sinking n SoPac Cil AP
     Sir Francis Chichester (Eng av pioneer) bio CPA
     Randy Cunningham (USN F-4 pilot) combat ops bio Cil CPA
     early US WWI ftr designs CPA
     Sturtevant Battleplane (1e bip ftr proto) PA
     Pigeon Fraser (mono ftr proto W1) PA
     Victor Speed Scout (US bip ftr proto WI) PA
     James Martin K-III (US bip ftr proto W1) PA
     Standard E-1 (US bip ftr W1) rest CPA
     Vought VE-7 (US bip ftr W1) PA
     Engineering Division Pomilio FVL-8 (US bip ftr proto W1) PA
     Enginerring Division LUSAC-11 (2s bip ftr) rest CPA
     Curtiss USAO-1 (US bip ftr proto W1) PA
     Curtiss 18-T-1 (US triplane ftr proto W1) PA
     Thomas Morse MB-2 (2s bip ftr proto W1) PA
     Thomas Morse MB-3 (1s bip ftr W1) PA
     55th FG P-51 loco kill ops n ETO CPA
     Andrew Whyte (Sikorsky engineer & artist) Cil A

Aviation 4/3 January 1994
     Larry Webster (US ac restorer) ops PA
     Mid-Atlantic Air Mus (US) CPA
     Vought XC-142A CPA
     Lockheed U-2 and F.G. Powers mission CPA
     Harry Houdini first airplane flt n Australia Cil PA
     Ford Trimotor hist Cil CPA
     Dick Bong competition w Tom Lynch n SoPac Cil PA
     RCAF Canso (PBY) of Hornell combat w Germ U-boat CilA

Aviation 4/2 November 1993
     Nieuport 28 rest at Switz mus PA
     Bell YFM-1 hist PA
     Constellation hist CPA
     Ilyushin Il-2 C3v CPA
     Douglas DWC flt around the world 1924 Cil PA
     Erich Hartmann bio Cil CPA
     Brit first flt over Mount Everest 1933 Cil PA
     Westland Wallace in Everest flt Cil PDA
     Donald L. "Rode" Rodewald (US paraplegic pi record flt) Cil PA

Aviation 3/6 July 1993
     German asymmetrical ac designs PA
     South Dakota Air and Space Mus CPA
     Yokosuka E14Y hist PA
     Graf Zeppelin roundworld flt Cil PA ca
     Pancho Barnes (US aviatrix) bio Cil CPA
     AVG ops against 64th Ftr Sentai, CBI Cil CPA
     Harrier & Sea Harrier ops n Falklands War CPA
     P-51 Russian shuttle mission painting explained Cil A

Aviation 3/5 May 1993
     Joseph McConnell (US) bio PA
     Airmen Memorial Mus (US WashDC) CPA
     Vultee V-1A rest hist CPA
     B-10 flt to Arctic 1934 Cil CPA
     Dambuster Lancaster ops CIl PA
     Who killed Yamamoto? Cil CPA
     Frederick Marriott (US balloonist) 1869 steam powered balloon experiments Cil PA
     Sopwith Camel crash paihntings by Jim Dietz Cifl A

Aviation 3 / 4 March 1993
     Matthew Sellers (US aerial experimenter) bio PA
     Howard Hughes bio CPA
     William G. Barker (RAF Camel pi) bio Cil A
     Civil Air Patrol ops n W2 Cil CPA
     C-121 of Eisenhower rest today CPDA
     Viet War ac selected by NASM for preservation CPA
     Combat Air Museum (US) CPA
     Nikitin-Shevchenko IS-1 (Russ variable geom ftr 1941) PA

Aviation 3/3 January 1993
     Fisher XP-75 hist PA
     Jiocondos Jacuzzi (US ac builders 20s) bio PA
     RAF Mus, Eng CPA
     John Bevins Moisant (US early pilot) bio PA
     1st Brazilian FS (P-47 group n W2) ops CPDA
     early jet development worldwide CPA
     1st non-stop trans-USA flt 1923 Cil CPA
     Fokker D.VIIs used in movie Hells Angels PA

Aviation Heritage 3/2 November 1992
     Christmas Bullet (US ftr bip proto) hist PA
     Curtiss 1908 pusher rest at Albuquerque terminal CPA
     VFW-Fokker VFW-614 hist CPA
     Space Shuttle ops today CPDA
     Beech Staggerwing hist CPA
     Japanese attack ac at Pearl Harbor raid CPA Cil
     Douglas Bader (Eng) bio Cil PA
     Douglas Boston first USAAF raid n Europe Cil A

Aviation Heritage 3/1 September 1992
     DC-4E hist PA
     Republic XF-91 hist CPA
     Silent Wings Mus (US, TX) CPA
     Zeppelin bomb raids on London W1 Cil PA ca
     New York City Marine Air Terminal ops 30s CPA
     Don Gentile (US ftrpi W2) bio CPA Cil
     X-15 hist CPDA
     Cessna 1911 Silverwing repli CPA

Aviation Heritage 2/6 July 1992
     Consolidated XP-81 hist PA
     Giulio Douhet (Italy bomber theorist) theories of bombing Cil A
     San Diego Aerospace Mus CPA
     RAF March 30, 1944 tragic losses in bomb raid Cil CPA
     Albert Ball (Eng W1 ftrpi) bio Cil CPA
     stealth capability hist CPA
     Bird biplane rest hist CPA
     painting early USN ac carrier ops Cil A

Aviation Heritage 2/5 May 1992
     early hydrogen obs balloon ops PA
     Aviation Museum of the People’s Liberation Air Force (China) CPA
     Nicholas Beazley Barling bomber hist Cil PA
     Nungesser & Coli "White Bird" loss 1928 Cil PA
     Levasseur PL-8 2v xs Cil PDA
     the challenge of preserving historic ac today CPA
     US participation in Schneider Trophy races CPA
     WASP ops n W2 CPA
     Ryan NYP replicas hist CPA

Aviation Heritage 2/4 March 1992
     Hall Aluminum Ac co hist PA
     Academy of Model Aeronautics Mus (US) CPA
     Bert Hall (US soldier of fortune pilot) bio PA
     Doolittle raid against Japan 1942 Cil CPA
     Rufus Rand (US pilot w Lafayette Escad) bio Cil PA
     parachutes hist CPA
     North Pole 1st balloon flt attempt fate discovered PA
     art on air mail stamps CPA

Aviation 4/1
     Wilhelm Kress (early Russ aviation experimenter) bio PA
     Ryan FR-1 hist PA
     Pioneer Airport, WI CPA
     Robert Little (Australia WW1 ace) bio Cil a PA
     B-17 raid on Schweinfurt, Germ Cil PA
     Bell X-2 record flt w Pete Everest Cil interv CPA
     Junkers G-31 airlift of mining dredge to New Gunea 1928 PA
     Paul Redfern crash n Stinson n South America Cil A

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