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Contents of all issues of Aviation Heritage in the AeroKnow collection are presented below. If you would like to add to the this list by donating your copies of the magazine not included below,  please write me.
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Aviation 3/3 January 1993  -- The magazine seems to be the same thing as Aviation Heritage
General Motors XP-75 PA
Jacuzzi Brothers (US) airplane developments PA
Royal AF Mus, London CPA
John Moisant (US early pilot) early flights n France PA
Brazil AF ops n SoPac in WW2 CPA
early world jets hist CPA
Fokker T-2 trans USA flt 1923 CPA

Aviation Heritage 3/2 Nov 92
Airmen Memorial Mus (US) A
Christmas Bullet hist PA
Curtiss 1908 Pusher at Albuquerque airport terminal CPA
VFW-614 (2 above-wing jet) al hist CPA
Space Shuttle hist status CPA
Beech Staggerwing hist CPA
Pearl Harbor Japan ac comp w US CPA
Douglas Bader (Eng) bio Cil PA
1st US mission from England CIl A

Aviation Heritage 3/1 Sep 1992

Cessna Silverwing repli of Tom Terning CPA
DC-4 export to Japan PA
SBD production line n 43 CP
X-15 CPD A
Zeppelin L.322v ca A
Silver Wings Mus (US) CPA
New York City Marine Air Terminal hist CPA
Don Gentile bio CPA
fighting Zeppelin raids over London Cil PA

Aviation Heritage 2/6 July 1992
Consolidated Vultee XP-81 hist PA
Giulio Douhet (Italy) bombing theories, ops WWI PA
San Diego Aerospace Mus status CPA
British night bbr ops Cil CPA
Albert Ball (England WI ftrpi) bio Cil
Austin-Ball Scout (W1 bip ftr proto) PA
Air recon history CPA
Bird Biplane N14K hist CPA

Aviation Heritage 2/5 May 1992
early world balloon scout history PA
Aviation Museum of the People’s Liberation Army Air Force CPA
Barling bomber hist Cil A
Nungesser & Coli disappearance in 1927 Cil PA
Levasseur PL-8 of Nungesser & Coli PDA 3v
post W2 ac storage at Park Ridge, IL CPA
US Army & Navy participation in Schneider Trophy Race CPA
Spirit of St. Louis replicas hist CPA

Aviation Heritage 2/4 March 1992
Hall-Aluminum XPTBH-2 (fltpln torp bbr) hist PA
Academy of Model Aeronautics Mus CPA
Bert Hall (US W1 ftrpi) bio PA
Doolittle raid on Japan 1942 hist CPA
Rufus Rand (US volunteer French AF pilot W1) bio Cil PA
parachutes hist CPA
1897 attempt to balloon fly across North Pole by Sweden PA
Old Rhinebeck Aerodrome Mus (US) CPA

Aviation Heritage 1/6 July 1991
Gen Dyn/McD-D A-12 cancellation editorial il A
Thomas McGuire combat ops bio PA
Avro Canada Jet Liner hist CPA
SAC Mus, Omaha CPA
Reims, France 1909 air race Cil PA
Zlin aerobatic ac surv hist CPDA
Zlin Z-50L (1s mono aerobat) CPA
P-51 origin & development CPDA
Navy L-8 blimp crewless incident 1942 Cil CPA
Paris Air Show 1991 status CPA

Aviation Heritage 1/5 May 1991
McD F-4impact on Israeli war 1969 CPA
Northrop XP-56 hist CPA
Ju-52 rest of Lufthansa tours US CPDA
Roland Garros (French early aviator) bio Cil PA
Fred Avey ops w Greg Boyington n USMC CPA
Grover Loening (US) bio CPA
National Air Races 1930 Cil PA
kites of early airplanes CPA
Doolittle Japan raiders 1991 reunion CPA

Aviation Heritage March 1991
Blackburn C.A.15C (30s 2e hw trans) hist PA
Arado Ar-234 hist PA
Aviation Hall of Fame and Mus, Teterboro Airport, NJ status CPA
heli development 30s & 40s CPA
Edwards AFB hist CPA
early Piper ac hist CPA
USN dirigible program hist PDA
Hanna Reitsch bio CPA

Aviation Heritage 1/3 January 1991
USAF Mus hist PA
Kiyotake Shigeno (Japanese WWI French escadrille pilot) bio PA
Caproni Campini hist PA
Rudolf Opitz (Germ rocket pilot) bio CPDA
Messerschmitt Me-163 hist CPDA ca
Harriet Quimby (US woman pi) bio PA Cil
when US Army flew the air mail Cil CPA
Charles Lindbergh ops n W2 bio CPA Cca
Jules Verne sci fi illustrations his Cil A
EAA annual flyin desc CPA

Aviation Heritage November 1990
WWI early bombing hist PA
National Museum ofNaval Aviation, Pensacola status CPA
Richard Byrd first flight over North Pole hist PA
Ivan Koshedub (Soviet top ace) bio interv Cil CPA
Lavochkin W2 ftrs CPA
British Aerospace Harrier GR Mk3 ca CPA
Santos Dumont flt round trip flt from St. Cloud to Eiffel Tower PA bio
Boeing Dash 80 (707 proof of concept) barrel roll of Tex Johnson Cil A

Aviation Heritage 1/1 September 1990
TIGHAR ac wreckovery group, Australia PA
Saro SR /1 (2jet flybt ftr proto) CPA
Stephen Balzer rotary engine developer (US) bio
Italy pre-WWI mil av ops in North Africa 1911 Cil PA
Boeing 314 hist CPA Cca
Donald Engen (USN jet test pi) interv CPA
Orteig Prize (US) hist Cil PA
B-17 "Thunder Bird" opl hist Cil A

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