New Air Trails
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Contents of all issues of NewAir Trails in the AeroKnow collection are presented below. If you would like to add to the this list by donating your copies of the magazine not included below,  please write me.
For a list of abbreviations and meanings used here and throughout AeroKnow, e-mail and include  "abbreviations" on the subject line.

ATNew Win 78
Buxton Transporter (US pre-W2 2s g) P
Alcione B.S. 28 (Italy pre-W2 g) P
Ross Stephens saleplane (US pre-W2) P
Goeppengen Wolf (Germany preW2 slpln) P
Minimoa (pre-W2 Germ slpln) P
Franklin pre-W2 g P
Beech Bonanza early PA
Waco Aristocraft PA
LaGuardia Airport circa 47 PA
Fokker Dr. 1 PA 3v ca
Short Empire Boat PDA ca
Curtiss-Wright 10R 3v {A
Paris Salon a s circa 1938 PA
Fleetwings Sea Bird PA

ATNew 2/3 Fal 77
Lockheed Vega "Winnie Mae" rest CPDA
Waco Ac Co hist sur CPA
Great Lakes hist PA
Great Lakes Trainer 5v xs Dil ca
Simplex Red Arrow CPDA
Nieuport 28 rest CP
Stearman YPT-9 rest
Standard J-1 rest CP
Kari-Keen hist PA
Kari-Keen Coupe PA
Kari-Keen 90 PA

ATNew 2/1 Spr 77
Bill Barnes & the Purple Fez Falcon il
Douglas "Wrong Way" Corrigan bio PA
JN4D rest CPA
P-26 Cil PA
Ryan B-1 and MGM Lion PA
Lockheed 14 w Alaska Star Al CP
H.P. V/1500 PA
Curtiss Oriole PA
Powell Biplane (1928 US hb) PA
Boeing Monomail PA
Ryan M-1 PA
Stinson SR-7 CP
Fokker Spider monoplanes PDA 3v

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