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Air Pictoral = apict

Apict Aug 82
Shorts SDS-330 w DLT al CP
Uruguay AF surv PA
NATO air defence PA
Golden West Al PA
civil av n China PA
DLT al (Germany) status & fleet list PA
Junkers Ju-635 (2 Do-335s joined) il A
Falklands War desc PA
LWD Mis (Poland 2e hw trans) 3v A
Curtiss SO3C Seamew w RoyNav PA
King Edwards (school project) Kestral (England canard pusher ltpln) PA
MiG-23 Flogger G CP
Vickers K.2 tanker CP bcov

Apict 44/5 May 82
HS Sea Harrier CPA
Bae Jetstream CP
Abu Dhabi AF hist surv PA
Pilgrim Al PA
Vickers Valiant in Operation Apocalypse CPA
Aerovias Nationals (Costa Rica al) hist pA
AIDC T-CH-1 (Taiwan tprop T-28 mod) PA
AIDC XC-2 (Taiwan 2e trans) PA

Apict 43/7 July 81
Vickers FB.2S Nightfighter PA
Junkers R.1 (4e mono bbr propo) il A
Junkers Rieseneindecker (6e trans propo) il A
Junkers JG-1 (4e trans propo) il A
Airbus A-310 nears completion PA
EE Canberras of RAF Wyton base PA
Ghana AF PA
Sea Harrier in service PA
HMS Battler (Brit ac carr) hist ops PA
LAB Al (Bolivia) hist PA
Praga B.H.36 (Czech ltbbr bip) PA
Praga B.H.39 (Czech trnr bip) PA
Praga E-241 (bip trnr) PA
Praga E-45 (bip ftr) PAPraga E-51 (2e mono) PA
Praga B.H.41 (trnr bip) PA
Praga B.H.44 (bip ftr) PA

Apict June 73
Northrop F-5 CP
Norfolk, VA NAS PA
Oceana NAS PA
Boeing 707 Air Rhodesia A
Pitts Special for Rothmans Aerobatic Team PA
Britten Norman Trislander PA ca Dil
St. Mawgan, England airfield PA
Hill Pterodactyl 3v PA
Hill 2-s ftr proj 3v

Apict March 71
BAC 111 w SADIA (Brazil al) CP cov
Aviation n Iran PA
Canada Quick Reaction Transport Command PA
Northeast Airlines PA hist
No. 15 Squadron RAF hist
150 Sqdn RAF A corr
Mudras incident n WWI PA
USAAF raid on Hamm, Germany PA
448th BG night return from mission PA
Sikorsky S.42 PDA

Apict April 59
P-64 n Mexico civ P
B-66 engine test bed P
Fairey Gannet w Germany Navy PA
Saab A-32 Lansen PA
McDonnell XP-67 3v PA
Hanriot H-232 (2e trnr) PA
Berlin B-9 (Germany 2e prone) PA
Curtiss H-81A w Twin Wasp PA
Horten Ho-IX 3v PA xs
Hawker Sea Hawk PA ca
F4H-1 early 3v A
Armstrong Whitworth Argosy 3v PA
DH Vampire Dominican AF P

Apict Dec 51
DHC-2 Beaver 3v A
What is the Point of the Butterfly Tail" A
DC-6A Liftmaster P
Il-12 PA
M.S.-700 (France ltpln 2e) PA
Auster liaison ac surv PA
Canadair C-5 PA
Saunders Roe SR.45 Princess PA
Fairey Gannet P

Apict Oct 51
Vickers 508 P
DH Vampire compared w Venom PA
Supermarine Seagull {A
SO 1120 Ariel III 3v A
Boulton Paul BP.119 (jet trnr proj) PA
Short SA.4 (jet bomber) P

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