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Air & Space 22/5 October-November 2007

F-16XL to fly again CPA
Cirrus "The Jet" (light jet) mockup CPA
space & sci fi toys at NASM CPA
air war n Iraq CP surv
Walter Soplata ac collection mem PA
future rocket plane tourism n Oklahoma CPA
AnS reader scrapbook pictures CPsurv
X-15 pilots hist  CPA
Mikhail Tikhorevov (Soviet space designer) bio CPA
airliner evacuation slides explained CP Cil A
Paul Mantz (US) bio CPA
pilot ready rooms hist CPA
Boeing 787 use of composites CPA
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A&S 22/4 September 2007

Anousheh Ansari US space tourist interv CPA
F/A-18 NASA auto i-f refuel tests CPA
X-racer space travel development potential CPDA
Rutan EZ Rocket CPDA
Boeing 787 interior design CPDA
giant airship future possibilities CPA Cil
bio-fuel developments of Branson and Boeing CPA
Bell Boeing V-22 Osprey ops today CPDA
NASA Orion status
               new moon and space stations vehicle) CPA
Light Sport Ac status today CPDA
moon orbit tourism in future? Cil A

modern pulse detonation engine CP CDil A
Mach 20 spaceplane devel status Cil A
New US Army parachute PA
closed course speed measuring technology CPA
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Air & Space 22/3 August 2007

F-104 civ Starfighters, Inc. demo team CPA
Bonanza of Odom/Mack at NASM CPA
P-38 flt at Adak, Alaska 1945 mem ilA
B-29 TV relay op n 1948 PA
aircraft collisions on ground status Cil A
Mustang gathering at Columbus, OH plans CP
Mustang civ pilots today discuss their airplanes CPA
Flying Farmers organization hist status CPA
Burning Man airport/artfest
private flying n Cuba today hist, status CPA
2007 Mackay Trophy winner Scott Markle interv CPA
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Air & Space 22/2 July 07
Amelia Earhart search continues bio PA
Alenia (ac mfr Italy) composite parts mfg today CPA
contrails explained CPA
PBM 1946 Antarctica crash bodies recovered PA
P-40K rest of Hokul (US) CPDA
afterburners explained CP Cil A
A6M2 Pearl Harbor crash wreckovery CPA
Bell Jet Ranger t-world flt 2006/7 CPA
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Air & Space Smithsonian  22/1 April May 2007

CDs of airplane sounds CPA
museum models by Dave Gianakos CPA
CH-46 resupply flt mem Cil A
Sports Car Club races at SAC bases CPA
missile defense tests status CPA
Oregon early hb ac bldrs trouble w Feds history PA
ac prod n W2 CP surv
Snowbirds aerobat team status CPA
great airshow acts today surv CPA
Willard Custer Channel Wing devel CPA
space port considerations n New Mexico CPA
The G Machine ops for astronauts hist PA
Piper Cub new production ops CPA
Lockheed-Martin F-22 gets Collier Trophy CPA
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Air & Space Smithsonian   21/6   February-March 2007
tourism today at Cape Canaveral PA
Mrs. Whitley calculator team ops for HP Victor missions PA mem
encounter with Douglas Corrigan mem A
agri dusting today CPA
Yang Liwei (astronaut, China) space activity and since bio CPA
wind tunnel ac testing today CPA
Zenith Z6A (US 1e bip trans 1926) rest today CPA hist
just one still flying ac surviving today surv CPA
space station truss explained cil CPA
airplane salesmen ops desc CPA
shape shifting new aircraft considerations CPA
how stored airliners are recycled CPA
8th Air Force remaining artifacts & buildings n Eng today CPA
gloves of Apollo & Shittle programs compared CPA
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Air & Space 21/5 January 2007
Curtiss F9C loss with diri Macon CPA
B-29 "Enola Gay" NASM guide CPA
F/A-18F carr qual testing mem CPA
air race winning, physics of  CPA
B-25C recov < Lake Murray, South Carolina CPDA
F4F/Zero Guadalcanal dogfight research CPA
electro-magnetic ac carr catapults explained Cil PA
Bruce King BK1 (1e 1s lw tadr hb) CPDA
Heathrow Airport, England today CPA
missions to earth’s moon plans CPA
Masters of Disaster airshow act remembered CPA
North American defense against Soviet bbrs hist CPA CilA

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