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All magazines in the AeroKnow collection that deali primarily with flying models list full size model plans only in addition to articles about flying moidel history, flying model engines, histories of model kit manufacturers and 3-view (etc.) drawings.

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AM 78/4 Apr 74
Knight Twister (N5DF) 3v PA

AM 76/2 Feb 73
Folkerts SK-3 Special "Toots" 5v xs
Clodhopper Rpwr spt

AM 75//5 Nov 72
Witch Craft .020 spt autogi uc

AM 71/6 Dec 70
Sundancer Rpwr spt
McDonnell RF-101 Voodoo 1/72 Hasegawa kr PA

AM 71/2 Aug 70
Lockheed Vega 3v PA
Fairchild 24 5v xs PA
Dornier Delphin 3v xs

AM 70/5 May 70
Reno air races ‘74 PA
P-51D racer of Chuck Hall 3v PA xs
Bf-109G 1/72 Airfix kr 3v PA
F-4C and RF-4C PA 4v xs

AM 70/3 March 70
Flyangle Rpwr spt
Sgt. Gordon E. Ford (scale flymod bldr) PA
Pitts S-2 "Big Stinker" C4v
PBY-2 conv < PBY-5 1/72 PA il

AM 70/1 January 70
Saucerer 1/2A saucer spt uc
Rockford, IL EAA f-I PA
Sopwith Camel 5v Cpro A
P-51A conv < 1/48 Monogram P-51B 3v Dil PA

AM 69/1 July 69
Wright flying exhibitions n France PA
models used n wind tunnel testing PA
Yokosuka Baka Bomb cata launch g PA
Pusher Galore Rpwr spt 2e
modeling n St. Louis, MO PA
Nakajima Ki-43 1/50 Tamiya PA
Mercury Chic T-2 (2s para) 4v xs

AM 68/3 March 69
Beech Musketeer 1/2A profile sport uc
S.E. 5a kit surv PA
Down Draft Dodger cont hlg
Arado Ar-76 4v xs
Spitire Va C4v xs
Patty Jo spt hlg

AM 67/4 Oct 68
Ford 4-AT-8 Trimotor 3v PA xs
Bf-109F 1/32 Revell kr
F4U-1 of Boyington C3v xs

AM 67/3 Sep 68
Imperial War Mus model ac collection PA
Spitfire I 1/32 Revewll kr PA
Howard DGA-15 PA 4v Dil xs
P-47D-25 of Gabreski C4v xs

AM Aug 68
Porterfield Collegiate 3v Dil xs PA
Sopwith Triplane 5v xs ca
F8U-2 conv to F8U-2P 1/72 Revell PA il
Beech D-17S Staggerwing C4v xs

AM June 68
Wankel model engines PA
P-26 C4v xs
Ryan "Spirit of St; Louis" 1/48 Lindberg PA

AM 66/4 Apr 68
Wright Bros. early times at Kitty Hawk PA
P-47D-20 of Robert Johnson 1/48 Hawk kr PA

AM March 68
Sperry Messenger 4v xs PA ca Dil
scale models at Smithsonian Mus PA
Fw-190A 1/48 Monogram PA
Curtiss A-3B Falcon 4v xs PA
P-38J 1/48 PA kr

AM 66/2 Feb 68
Taylorcraft BF12-65 3v PA xs Dil
Fw-190A of Herman Graf 1/48 Monogram PA

AM 66/1 January 68
Aeronca Champion 3v PA xs Dil
Halberstadt D.II PA
Westland Lysander 1/48 Hawk 2v PA

AM 65/6 Dec 67
antique ac surv PA
P-51D 1/48 Hawk PA

AM 65/5 Nov 67
F8F Bearcat 1/48 Hawk PA

AM 654 Oct 67
Fairchild K.R. 21 4v xs
Ju-87B 1/48 Lindberg PA

AM Sep 67
SST of the future il A
Boeing XF7B 3v PA xs
Bell P-39 "Cobra II" racer 1/48 Revell PA

AM 65/2 Aug 67
Hawker Hurricane 1/48 Monogram PA
The Sixty cont hlg

AM 65/1 July 67
Curtiss MF (flybt) 3v PA xs
Bede BD-2 3v PA xs Dil
Cessna T-37B Aurora kr PA

AM 64/4 Apr 67
DHC Chipmunk aerobatic 3v xs
Yak-18M 3v xs
Pitts Special 4v xs
Bu-131 Jungmeister 4v xs
Zlin Z.226 AS 4v xs
Delta Dart Rpwr spt
Count Down rocket boost g
Antonov An-22 3v xs

AM 64/3 March 67
Grumman Widgeon PA 3v xs Dil
Northrop F-5 1/48 PA

AM 64/2 Feb 67
Lincoln Beachey last flight bio PA
F4F of O’Hare 1/32 Revell 3v PA
Fw-56 4v xs

AM January 67
SST development status in USA
How to Improve Plastic Models PA

AM NovDec 66
air racing in late 30s PA

AM SeptOct 66
Vought A-7A CPA

AM MayJune 66
Bf-110 of Hans Joachim Jabs PDA

AM 63/1 JanFeb 66
Conroy Super Guppy CPA

AM Annual 1965
British Scale Nats PA
1965 model engine review PA

AM SepOct 64
Veco model co PA
Dynamic Models (model co) PA
Babcock model co A
C&S model co A
Wen Mac model co A
Ecktronics A

AM 61/4 JulyAug 64
Northrop NV-1 drone autogiro PDA
Hedgehopper hlg
German WWI lozenge camouflage PA

AM 61/3 MayJune 64
Nieuport 17 rest PDA
Lavochkin LA-7 PA
Ivan Kojedub (Soviet ace) bio PA

AM 61/2 MarchApr 64
Matra-Moynet M.360 Jupiter 3v PDA

AM 61/1 JanFeb 64
Heath Baby Bullet il A ca xs

AM 60/6 NovDec 63
Clayton Folkerts bio PA
Folkerts SK-2 PA
Folkerts SK-3 PA
Folkerts SK-4 PA
Folkerts Mono-Special PA
F4U-5N P

AM 60/5 SepOct 63
Hawk Model Co. hist A

AM JulyAug 63
Armstrong Whitworth Quad (4wing 1e ftr W1) 4v xs PA
Carl Goldberg Pbio
Caspar C.114 (Denmark trip ftr 1925) 3v xs A
Linn Mini Mustang 3v xs A

AM 60/3 MayJune 63

AM 60/2 MarchApril 63
Heinkel He-51 PA
Hannes Trautloft (Germ ftr pi W2) bio PA
Testor paint mfr hist PA
Cub Scout Special Rpwr stick spt

AM 60/1 JanFeb 63

AM 59/3 Dec 62

AM 59/2 Nov 62
adding model engines to plastic models to make them uc flyers PA
Republic XF-84H PA

AM 59/1 Oct 62
Curtiss F11C 3v ca xs

AM July 62
Ryan PT-22 rest PA Cil

AM March 62
Pierre Clostermann bio PA
DHC Otter 4v xs Dil PA

AM June 61
Tiny Tim .010 tether spt
Waco 10 3v A

AM Oct 60
Grumman OV-1 Mohawk PDA 4v xs
Maxie Class A hlg

AM April 60
Andreasson BA-7 3v PA
Bjorn Andreasson PA bio
B.E. (1912-13 Brit bip) il
B.E.3 (1913) il
F.E. 1 (1910) il
F.E. 3 (1913) il
F.E.8 (1915) il
DH Number 2 (same as F.E. 1 1910 Brit) il
Dornier Do-28 (modern hw 1e liaison) CPDA

AM Nov 58
midget racing survey PA

AM Oct 58
Piper J-3 3v xs ca A

AM Aug 58
Boeing Bomarc 4v PA

AM July 58
Gee Bee R series hist
Gee Bee R-1 4v xs
Elmira Ed all balsa tlg

AM January 1958
Dr. Alexander Lippisch interv PA
Republic F-105B 4v xs

AM Oct 57
McDonnell XV-1 CP+ cov
L.M. Cox Mfg. Co. status PA
collecting airplane photos PA
AM Sept 57
are plastic kits worthwhile?
Collecting airplane photographs
Meyers 125 cockpit P

AM Aug 57
North American Navion US Army r/c drone Cpcov

AM July 57
table top model photos

AM June 57
why do you build models? PA

Grumman WF-2 PA
Douglas XC-132 il A

AM May 57
Temco TT-1 Cpcov 4v xs
how plastic kits are made at Revell Model Co. PA
Hiller XROE-1 Rotorcycle (1e 1s heli) PDA
Hiller Flying Platform PA
Fiat G.82 jet trnr corr ca A

AM Apr 57
home made wind tunnel plans il PA
antique ac surv PA
Scientific Model Co. hist PA
start your own (model) air museum PA

AM March 57
free flight model design survey il A
How to make decals il A

AM Feb 57
F8U-1 CP cov
Cessna OE-2 4v xs A

AM January 57
Jarvis Baby J (US? Heli) PA
Manzolini-Bordoni Libellula (Italy) PA
Helicopter Engineering & Construction Corp. Model 11 PA
Eastern Rotorcraft Z-8 PA
Bensen Sky Scooter PA
Bensen Rotosail PA
Nagler Single-Blade Helicopter PA
Monte-Copter heli il A
Nederlandse H-3 Kolibrie (Dutch heli) PA
Gyrodyne Rotorcycle XRON-1 (US) PA
Berkeley Model Corp. PA
Northrop SM-62 Snark 4v xs A
model making for the aviation industry PA
Famous free flight models pros A

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