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Aerospace Modeler  #6   Spring 2007
      how to build wood ac carrier decks CPDA

     Grumman AF Guardian 1/72 ACE PDA
     Grumman AF-2S at NavAirMus CPDA
     Grumman F3F 1/48 Accurate Miniatures CPA
     Grumman F9F Panther & Cougar colors Cpros
     Grumman F9F Panther 1/48 Trumpeter CPA
     Grumman F9F -8 Cougar 1/48 Founderie Miniature CPA
     Douglas SBD colors CPDA Cpros
     Douglas A-24 colors CPA Cpro
     Douglas DC-1 modeling surv CPDA C3v
     Martin P6M Seamaster 1/72 Anigrand CPDA

     Lockheed XFV-1 1/72 Valom CPA
     Hawker Sea Fury 1/72 Aki CPDA
     models of Don Alberts CPA
     Thomas Morse S-4C 1/48 Planet CPA

Aerospace Modeler   #5    Winter 2007
     B-50 1/144 conv Minicraft CPDA Cpros
     B-50 colors & details CPA
     B-50 comp w B-29 & KC-97 CPDA
     F9F Panther colors Cpros
     Hughes H-1 racer 1/72 XS Models, Czech-Maters kr CPDA
     IPMS regional convention models CPsurv
     C-119 1/72 Italeri CPDA
     Hanriot HD.1 1/48 Eduard PA
     P-47 1/72 recent kits surv CPDA

Aerospace Modeler #4 Fall 2006
     Northrop B-2 Testors 1/72 major upgrade CPDA
     Douglas C-54 1/144 Minicraft upgrade CPDA Cpros
     IPMS US Nationals CPsurv CPA
     Ryan Spirit of St Louis CPDA
     Kawasaki Ki-10 "Perry" 1/48 Fine Molds CPA
     Polikarpov I-16 Academy comp w Eduard 1/48 CPDA
     North American XF-107 1/72 Trumpeter upgrade CPDA

     producing natural metal finishes how to CPA
     Williams Brothers kits to return to production CPA

Aerospace Modeler Magazine #1 Winter 2006
     Douglas A-1E 1/48 conv Monogram/Tamiya superdet CPDA
     Douglas B-26K/A-26A 1/48 conv Monogram CPDA Dil
     N1K1-Ja early 1/48 Otaki/Arii, Monogram, Hasegawa CPDA
     Grumman OV-1A Mohawk 1/48 Roden CPDA

Aerospace Modeler Magazine premier IPMS convention issue  2005
     General Dynamics F-16 AFTI mod hist model 1/72 conv CPDA 3v
     Dassault Mirage F-1C 1/48 ESCI upgrade CPDA
     RA-5C special decal notes A Cpros
     CV-8 USS Hornet 1/350 Nautilus replacement flight deck CPA
     Kawanishi N1K2J Shiden-Kai 1/48 early & late prod Hasegawa CPDz


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