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Aerophile   2/4   December 1980
     RF-4 series hist CPDA ca 5v pros kit surv
     Frederick F. "Freddy" Ploetz (US ftr pilot CBI) Pbio
     uniforms of the AVG  PA
     wingtip coupling tests by USAF  hist PDA Dil
     Alpha Jet marketed in US by Lockheed PDA
     Lackland AFB  ac collection PA

Aerophile  2/3   April 1980
     Melvin L. "Smokey" Greene (US smoke jumper)  bio PA
     Bell D326 Clipper tilt rotor trans propo il A
     US Army aviation badges 1919-47  PA
     Martin RB-57F  PA ca Dil 4v indiv ac hist
     Canadair Argus (4e maritime patrol) hist PA
     light meters explained   PA
     MiG E-166   PDA
     El Venado Air Service (Columbia Al) PA
     National Atomic Mus  PDA

Aerophile    2/2  October 1979
     Bell AH-1S  CPDA 3v Dil
     Bell XV-15  CPA 6v Dil
         ... D246A (2e tilt rotor trans propo) ilA ...
          ... D266 t-r test propo) il A
          ...Model 266 Commercial (t-r comm trans propo) il A
         ... D-270A (large t-r rescue propo) il A
         ... D267 (t-r propo) il A
         ... Model 300 (t-r propo) il A
        . .. D-323 (t-r assault trans propo) ca A
     Boeing Model 322 (tilt rotor trans propo) 3v A
     Cessna T-37 proposed tilt rotor test bed model PA
     F-104G  Psurv PDA
     how to buy a tripod  PA
     Albert C. Volmer (US pilot) Pbio
     flying clothing of Royal Flying Corps 1914-18 PA
     NYRBA Al  (US)hist PA
     US Air Force Museum, Ohio  PA list

Aerophile      2/1  June 79
     Bell XV-3  hist CPDA 6v
     Kingman Army Airfield, Arizona hist Psurv
     how to photograph ac at airshows PA
     Gregor GR-1 (Canada bip ltpln) hist PDA 3v
     Gregor FDB-1 (Canada bip ftr proto) hist PDA 5v
     Tex Hill (US ftr pilot CBI)  P bio
     badges & insig of Royal Flying Corps 1913-18 PA
     US Air Force Mus  PA

Aerophile      1/6   February 1979
     S-3 Viking  CPDA provis3v 6v ca pros Dil
     Lockheed RB-69A (USAF P2V)  PA
     air-to-air photography explained  PA
     PAVE armament systems  PA
     Johnson Space Center Visitor Info Center PA

Aerophile   1/5    August 1978
     XF-107 CPD A 6v xs pros Dil
     GBU-15 weapon system  PDA 5v
     VMFA-122 hist & ac flown PA pros
     SR-71  CPDA
     photo copy stands and techniques PA
     Planes of Fame Museum, California  PDA list

Aerophile     1/4     May 1978
     Avion Semi-Wing  (US)  hist  PA 3v
     Northrop N1M   3v PA ...  N9M   3vPA ... XB-35   4vPA
        B-49  CPDA Dil ca
     how to organize a slide file PA
     Command-Aire  5C3 (bip ltpln)   rest CP bcov
     Waco CTO (bip ltpln) rest CP bcov
     WB-47 ops hist  PA pros ca
     Naval Aviation Museum, Florida  PDA list

Aerophile     1/3    Dec 77
     P-59 hist  CPDApros   P-59A 5v PDA ca pros
     black & white slides explained  PA
     Project "Tom-Tom" wing coupling hist PDA
     Albert F. Simpson history research center, Alabama  PA
     Pima Air Museum, Arizona  PA list

Aerophile      1/2    Mar-Apr 1977
     All following, indented are 3v PA

         North American  X-15 ... Bell X-16 ... Lockheed X-17
         Hiller X-18 ... Curtiss-Wright X-19 ... Boeing X-20
         Northrop X-21 .... Bell X-22 .... Martin X-23 .... Martin X-24
         Bensen X-25 ... Lockheed X-26 ... Lockheed X-27 ... Pereira X-28
     Lockheed D-21 (air launched recon drone)  3v PA
     how to duplicate slides  PA
     ac carrier CVA-42 USS Franklin D. Roosevelt  ac used on final cruise  Pros a
     US Army Aviation Mus, Alabama   PA list
     Cook Cleland (US air race pilot) P bio

Aerophile     1/1  Jan-Feb 1977
     All following, indented, are 3v PA
         Bell X-1 variants  ...   Bell X-2 ...Douglas X-3 ... Northrop X-4
         Bell X-5 ... Lockheed X-7 ... Aerojet X-8 ... Bell X-9 ...
         North American X-10 ... Ryan X-13 ... Bell X-14
     Convair X-6  A ... Convair X-11/X-12  A
     P-51 Psurv A
     how to photograph airplanes  PA
     67th Tactical Recon Wing hist  PA
     Silver Hill airplane collection, Maryland  PA list

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