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Air Enthusiast 115 Jan-Feb 2005
Suez air combat betw Egypt & RAF
EE Lightning hist CPA C2vs
OV-10 ops over Cambodia CPA
Comte AC-3 (2e tand bbr Switz) hist PA
IAe 24 Calquin (2e attbbr Argentina) hist PA 3v
IAe 30 Nancu (2e ftr Argentina ) PA 3v
Mitsubishi J8M Shusui hist PA
P-38 F rest "Glacier Girl" CPDA
Bell XV-3 hist CPDA ca
Bell XV-15 CPA
Bell-Agusta BA609 CPA
Curtiss-Wright X-19A PA
Baynes Heliplane (propo tilt rotor England) pro A
Platt-LePage convertible airplane propo il A
Transcendental Ac Corp Model 1-G Convertiplane (US) PDA
Transcendental Model 2 PA ca
Transcendental Model 3 (propo) il A
Avia S-92 (Czech-built Me-262) CPDA
Dassault Mercure (2jet trans) CPA 3v
C-46 n Israel AF CPA
Fundacion Aeronautica de la Counidad Valenciana (Spain av mus) CPA

Air Enthusiast 114 Nov-Dec 2004
Super Constellation N105CF rest to Europe CPA
English Electric Wren (20s ultralight) hist CPA
close air support combat with Hurricane compared to Harrier CPA Coris C2v
Harrier temp camou 1990 C2v
Hawker Typhoon C3vs PA
Technical School TS.21 (Israel collection) ac CPA
F-4C & RF-4C ops w Spain AF CPA Cpros unit insig Cil
Western Museum of Flight a s (Calif) CPA
F-111 combat debut in Combat Lancer CPA
Suez War 1956 view from Egypt hist PA
Spitfire float planes 3v PA
Fairey Firefly drone ops w 728B Sqdn Royal Navy PA Cpro
Meteor drone ops w 728B Sqdn n Royal Navy CPA Cpros
Canberra drone ops w 728B Sqdn n Royal Navy Cpro PA
Concorde Deoop Snoot testing corr CPA
DH Dragon Rapide rest G-AGJG n Eng CPDA

Air Enthusiast #112 July/August 2004
Hawker Siddeley Nimrod hist/status CPDA Cpro 3v
Beech 18 ops w Air America n SEA CPA list dispos
Spitfire 2-seat trnrs hist CPA
Marshall hangars @ Cambridge, Eng  hist CPA
Saudi Arabia aviation early hist CPA map
Miles Falcon Major ops n Scandanavia rest CPA Cpro
Egypt AF side of 1956 Suez War   PA
Preston Watson (Eng) did he fly before Wrights?
                           bio early aircraft  PA
tac recon ops in Vietnam War hist CPA
C-47 79001 Sweden spy ac wreckovery CPA
PBY ZK-PBY rest n New Zealand CPA

Air Enthusiast #108 November-December 2003
P-51D of NZAF reunited with former pilot CPA Cpro
Lockheed AH-56 his CPDA
Boulton Paul co hist PDA
Boulton Paul Defiant-derivative navy ftr propo pro A corr
Boulton and Paul P.33 Partridge 3v PA (bip ftr)
Boulton Paul BP.120 (delta research jet) 3v PA
Hawker Sea Hawks in Netherlands Navy hist PA
Fairchild F-22c rest of Thomason CPDA hist
Wendover Army Air Base, Utah hist CPA
seaplanes in Argentina Navy service PA
early US Navy polar aviation ops CPA
B-25 ops in Latin American Afs CPA
USAF Mus collection of US presidential ac CPA

Air Enthusiast #107 September-October 2003
Armstrong Whitworth Argosy hist
Boulton-Paul P.88 (1s dayfighter propo) P corr
Curtiss Mohawk ops w So Afri AF hist PA
Fairey Firefly night fighter ops hist PA
Hurricane slip wing tests PA 3v
Hillson Bi-Mono (Eng added bip wing test ac 1940s) PA
B-25 ops w Latin American Afs CPDA Cpros Cil
RF-86 ops n Korean War CPDA
Short SB.3 (2e anti-sub patrol proto) hist PA
Adams, Russell (Eng) airplane photographs CPA
Israeli Aircraft Industries hist CPA
Marlboro, New Zealand WWI ac replis CPA
British nuclear bombs surv hist CPA
Alaska aircrraft salvaging ops of Wesley ‘Kip" Kippenham CPA

Air Enthusiast Quarterly 106 July-August 2003
Northrop history before the B-2 CPA
Northrop N-1M 3v PA
Brit plan to attack German fleet n harbor 1918 PA
Museum of Flight Boeing airliners CPA
DH-4 Cpros PA
Cierva autogiro hist survivors CPA
Cierva C-30A n Spain mus CPDA
B-25 ops w South American Afs CPA
Japanese Army and Navy AF organization n W2 Cpros
Boulton-Paul "Sea Defiant" hist PA 3v
Boulton-Paul P-103 (ftr propo) ill A
Hawker Hotspur (turret fighter proto) P
Beech 18 tri l.g. flying in New Gunea today CPA
Armstrong-Whitworth Argosy (4 tprop transport) hist PA
early British jet ops and testing PA
Miles M.52 (proposed jet research) 3v PA
Gloster 4-jet bbr propo 4v A
Westland P-1056 (ftr propo) il A
Westland Widgeon (2s 1e ltpln) rest n Australia CPA

Air Enthusiast 92 Mar-Apr 01 +
20th TFW USAF in 50s CPA
North American XB-21 hist CPA 3v
Aeronca L-16 rest CPD A
P6M hist C3v PA
VC-10 hist CPA 3v Cpros
Focke Wulf P.149 in Switz AF CPA
141 Sqdn Israeli traning sqdn hist PA
Lockheed LASA-60 (Mexican ltpln) hist CPA
PBY post WW2 ops in New Guinea CPA
Graf Zeppelin German ac carrier hist Cpros
Burnaston Airport, England mem CPA
Hurricane 2-seat version in Iran PA corr

Air Enthusiast 91 Jan-Feb 01 +
Paris Air Salon 1936 PA
CASA C-2.111 (Spain He-111) hist CPA Cpros
Bermuda aviation hist CPA
Burnaston Airport, England mem CPA
EKW C-3605 (Switz ftr) hist CPDA
P-47 ops w France AF CPA Cpros
20th TFW ops w F-84 & F-84F CPA Cpro
Italy leaflet raid on Austria 1918 PA
VAK-191B his tCPA 3v

Air Enthusiast 90 Nov-Dec 00 +
Israel War 1967 attacks on Egypt PA Cpro
Spitfire recon ops w Russia AF WW2 Cpro PA
SAAB secret projects surv CPA 3v Iran aviation 1924 – 1949 PA J2M3 rest at Chino, CA CPD A
Val movie conversion in Chino, CA CPD A
P-36 & P-40 Aleutian defense ops WW2 CPA
CASA C-2111A (Spain built He-111) hist CPA Cpros
RAF Waddington airport hist CPA
Early England airlines
Armstrong-Whitworth Argosy bip al PA Cpros

Air Enthusiast 89 Sep-Oct 00 +
Farnborough airport early jet testing PA
Early airlines in England PA
Tainan Kokutai ops CPD A
P-47 hist CPA
CF-105 CPA
Israeli War 1967 MiG-17 event at Egypt AB CPA
MiG-17 Egypt AF 1967 PA C3v
Morane Saulnier D-3801 rest in Switz CPA
RAF Waddington air base hist PA
Spitfire XI transAtlantic flight post WW2 PA
Italy AF postwar weapons training CPA

Air Enthusiast 62 Mar-Apr 96
P-47 Brazil AF ops n Italy W2 hist PA
B-25 ops w France AF
Grumman S2F civ fbbr ops n Canada CPA
Boeing FB (bip ftr) 3v PA
Boeing F2B 3v PA
Boeing F3B PA
Bpeomg F4B 3v PDA
Boeing MB-3A PA
Boeing P-12 PA
Boeing PW-9 3v PA
Thomas Morse MB-3 PA 3v
Wright Bros airplane sales effort hist PA
Fizir-Vega AF-Z (Yugoslav 1e push amphib 1930) hist 3v PA
Hawker Hunter n Denmark AF hist & today CPA Cpro list
Hispano HA-1112 (Spain prod Me-109) hist, pres CPA ca
Avro 504 civ ops Cornwall Aviation Co. Eng PA Cpro
Avro 504K of Science Mus (Eng) hist PA
Wellington ops w RAE Air Photography Div. PDA
Hawker P.1129 (2jet ss attack proj) 3v A corr
Junkers Ju-88 ops oveer Karelian Isthmus 1944 list PA corr

AEQ #14
Vickers FB-3 pre-production early insig PA
P-26 CPA Cpros caa C2v
BAC TSR-2 CPDA ca 3v
Lockheed Connie CPDA 3v ca pros
Lockheed Starliner CPA
F4U-7 rest CPA
HP Hampden PA Cpros ca
Halberstadt B.II (trnr) PA
Halberstadt D.I (ftr) PA
Halberstadt D.III (ftr) PA
Halberstadt D.IV A
Halberstadt D.V PA
air rescue in Vietnam War PA

AEQ #13
Dornier Do-X PDA ca 3v
Portugal AF his PA Cpros
Il-10 bis Cpro CPA 3v ca
Miles 52 (supersonic proj 40s) PA 3v ca prod Dil
Fokker Trimotors in wartime PA Cpros
Sopwith Dolphin rest at Old Rhinebeck mus CPA
P-51 civ racers today CPA
Vickers Wellington war ops PDA ca
SABENA Al (Belgium) ops n W2 PA
Airspeed Oxford in combat n Iraq corr PA
Beech Twin Bonanza extended wing tank tests PA

AEQ #11
Helwan HA-300 (Egypt jet ftr proto) 3v PA
Polikarpov I-15 3v PA ca Cpros
Polikarpov I-152 3v PA Cpros
Polikarpov I-153 3v PA ca Cpros
Breguet 16 "Patria" PA corr
Short Stirling cargo ops WW2 PA corr
DH-9 "Patria" PA corr
Taylorcraft (England) Auster III CPA ca
Stinson 105 n RAF PA
Ac structural failures in W2 PDA
FW-44 rest CPA
Vulcan American Moth (US) rest CPA
Kreider-Reisner KR-19 rest PA
Kreider-Reisner KR-21 Taperwing rest PA
JN-4D rest CPA
Stearman YPT-9 rest CPA
Waco UPF-7 rest CPA
DH Tiger Moth pre-WW2 RAAF colors rest CPA
Lockheed L-133 (alternatives to P-80 propo, all 1s 2jet) 3v il A
Short C Class flyboats PA ca 3v prod stats

AEQ 10
DH-108 PA 3v ca pros
Seversky P-35 hist & derivs PA ca C2v
DH-9 "Patria" PA
Scottish Aviation Prestwick Pioneer CPA
British air war in Iraq PA Cpros
Hawker Nisr (1e 2s bip) n Iraq AF Cpro
Short Stirling hist 3v PA ca Cpros
DH Comet racer 3v PA ca rest CP
Boeing 307 CPA ca 3v pros
British ac n Spain Civ War PA
Ford 14A pro PA

AEQ #9
Boeing 100 rest CPDA
AW Whitley hist PDA C2v Cpros pirep
Grumman FF-1 PA ca C2v Cpros pros
USAF "Tip-Tow" and "Tom-Tom" (bbrs carrying ftr escorts on Wing tips) CPDA
Boeing 247 CPDA ca pros 3v
Soviet ramjet-powered ac protos surv PA
Morane Saulnier Type N (PDA ca 3v pros
Junkers 290A-5 n Spain service PA
A-26 105mm cannon installation il A

AEQ #8
Vought SB2U hist PA C2v Cpros ca 3v
Vokker Dr.1 PA C3v Cpros ca rest CPD
A-26 Korea War night ops PDA
Ford Trimotor 3v PA pros
Sailplane Corp of Merica M2-F1 CPA
Northrop M2-F2 CPA
Northrop HL-10 CPA
Martin X-24 CPA
B-17 of Israel AF Cpro PA
Canada CF-105 CPA ca 3v
Bregue 280T (bip trans) il A corr
Brewster 340 (SB2A Bermuda) PA corr

AEQ #7
Baade EF-150 Samolet (E Germ 2jet bbr proto) 3v PA
A-26 CPDA C2vs pirep
Breguet 19 (bip bbr) Cpros PA ca 3v
Bf-109 over Spain Cpros PA
M.L. Utility (England inflatable delta) 3v PDA
XF-103 PDA ca 3v
XF-91 w butterfly tail P
F-84G w periscobe P
P-51 last combat action n Bolivia AF CPA
Douglas 671 Skyrocket III propo 3v A

AEQ #6
Ki-27 Cpros ca PA
X-15 CPDA ca 3v pro
Curtiss Condor PDA Cpros
P-40s w 112 Sqdn in West Desert n RAF PDA Cpros
F-82 n Korean War CPA ca 3v pros
SE-5a n Shuttleworth Trust CPDA ca 3v pirep
Long Aerial Mine A
HP Harrow with shark mouth PA
Helicopter Pioneers of WWI PA
Karman Zurovek heli (Austro-Hungary) PA
Petroczy=Karman Zurovek PKZ-1, PKZ-2 PA
Balaban=Bloudek heli propo il A
Von Asbosh heli proj ill A
Miles SST canard propo 1946 3v A

AEQ #5
XSBC-3/4 ca C2v PDA
Curtiss XF12C 3v PA
Nieuport 24 Cpro PA
Nieuport 27 Cpro PA ca 3v
Vultee (A-35) Vengeance PA Cpros pirep
Boulton Paul Defiant PA 3v pros Cpros ca
Boulton Paul 55 ftr proto 3v PA
Boulton Paul Defiant w Centaurus & Sabre engines 3v A
Miles M.39B PA ca
Miles Libellula bbr propo c A
Miles fleet ftr propo ca A
Miles M.35 PA
Miles canard mono fighter propo 3v A
WW2 trans flt to Sweden PA
Bell XS-1 3v PDA pros
Bell X-2 3v PA
Douglas Skyrocket 3v PA

AEQ #4
AVG Flying Tiger hist CPA
P-40B w AVG CP Cpros
Douglas X-3 3v PA
P-61 CPDA Cpros ca
Avro CF-100 CPA 3v ca
Me-262 in post W2 service C3v PA
Tupolev Tu-2 PA Cpros 3v ca
Tupolev ANT-69 3v PA
Sopwith Pup PA 3v ca
Fairchild Canada Super 71 3v PA
French fighter development between W1 and W2 PA
Dewoitine 371 3v A
Dewoitine 513 3v PA
Dewoitine 560 3v PA
Loire 43 3v
Gourdou-Leseurre 482 3v
Nieuport Delage 122 3v
ANF-Mureaux 170 3v PA
Morane Saulnier 275 3v A
SPAD 510 3v PA
Hanriot 110 3v A
Morane Saulnier 325 3v PA
Wibault 313 3v A
Bernard 260 3v PA
Bernard H.110 3v PA
Loire 210 3v PA
Loire 46 3v PA
Bleriot SPAD 710 3v PA
Nieuport 161 3v PA
Romano 90 3v PA
Potez 453 3v PA

 AEQ #3
Hawker Fury 3v C2v PA ca pros
Hawker High Speed Fury 3v PA
Hawker Fury monoplane project 3v A
Northrop X-4 CPA ca 3v
MiG-19 CPA ca pros
MiG SM-12 PA
Roland fighter development PA
F4F-1 3v A
F4F-2 PA pros ca 3v C2v
P-40 n RNZAF Cpro PA
B-29 armament PDA
Curtiss XF15Cf 3v PDA
Junkers F13 used n Canada 3v PA
France ftr devel between W1 & W2
Bernard 14 C1 3v A
Bernard 20 C1 3v PA
Bleriot SPAD 81 3v A
Buscaylet-de Monge 5/2 3v PA
Dewoitine 1 C1 3v A
Dewoitine 27 C1 3v PA
Loire-Gourdou-Lassure 32 C1 3v A
Morane Saulnier MS 221 3v PA
Nieuport Delage 29 C1 3v PA
Nieuport delage Ni-D 42 C1 3v PA
SPAD 20 3vA
SPAD 51 3v PA
Wibault 7 C1 3v A

AEQ #1
Polikarpov I-16 n Spain Civ War C2v pro PA ca
France fighter development between W1 and W2 PA Cpros 4v
Dewoitine D.500 Cpro PA
Dewoitine D.501 Cpro PA
Dewoitine D.510 PA ca Cpro 4v
Westland Wyvern CPA pro 3v ca
Albatros ftr hist 3v PA
Commonwealth Woomera 3v PDA Cpro
Brewseter Buffalo PA Cpro ca
FW-190D PA pro
FW-190C PA pro
Ta-152 3v PA ca

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