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Aero Fan = Aefa

Aefa 3/83
Avia LM 02 (g proto) PA
Breda 88M ftr mod PA
Breda 204 (1e lw ftr propo) pro A
C.A.B. AP.1 (Italy bbr trns 1e lw fixed tadr) P
Cansa FC.12 Bis (2s lw recon) pro
CANSA FC.20 (2e 2t lt bbr) 3v PA
CANSA dive bomber glider proj 3v
Caproni Ca.186 (lw tadr ltpln) P
Caproni Ca.365 (2e 2ta lt bbr) 3v
Caproni-Vizzola Saggitario (1e 1s ftr proto) 3v
Capproni-Vizzola F.5 Gamma (lw 1s ftr) 3v
Fiat Br.26A (2e lt bbr) ca
Fiat CR.44 (1e dbbr propo) pro A
IMAM Ro.57 ftr mod (2e) PA
Macchi C.100 (3e flybt) 3v xs PDA
Saiman Val (dbbr propo) 3v ca A
SIAI S.75 (3e trans) P
SIAI S.205-18R (modern ltpln lw trilg) P
SM.86 (2e lt bbr) PA
SM.93 PA
Feiseler Fi-156 Storch can 156-5802 indiv hist PDA

Aefa 4/82
Italian command insig ‘35 - ‘50 PDA il
CANT 22 (3e bip flybt) PA
Caproni Ca.97 (3e hw) P
Macchi-Hanriot HD.1 PDA 3v
SIAI Ambrosini F.4 Randone (ltpln) PA
P-47 ops w 4 & 51 Stormo Italy AF PA

Aefa 3/82
CANT Z.506C airliner P
Caproni Ca.309 civ (2e) P
Fiat C.R. 42 w Sweden AF CPA insig prod list
Macchi M.416 3v PDA
P-38 n Italy AF

Aefa 2/82
Breda 205 (bip) 3v PA ca
CANT ac co hist PA
Macchi MB 308 (2s hw trilg ltpln) P
Spitfire in Italy AF PA
Fairchild UC-61 civ n Italy P
Navion civ n Italy P

Aefa 1/82
Breda 65 PDA ca
Breda 82 (2e bbr) pro PA
Caproni Ca.135 (2e bbr proto) PA ca
CMASA BGA (2e bbr proto) pro
CRDA Cant Z.1011 (2e bbr) PA
Fiat BR.20 PA ca
Macchi Castoldi MC.91 (2e bbr proj) 2v A ca
Piaggio P.32 (2e bbr) PA ca
SM.79B (2e bbr) PA pro
SM. 82 PA

Aefa 4/81
Breda 27 (1e mono ftr) 3v PDA
Fiat G.80 3v PA
Lancia Tipo 4-1915 (Italy ac engine) PA

Aefa 3/81
Italy aviation 1929 to 1932 PA
Ansaldo S.V.A.10 bip PA
Ca. 97 (hw) PA
Ca.111 PA
Caproni Campini PA
Gabardini A.300 P
Piaggio P.10 (model) P
Reggiane 2002 PA ca Dil
Romeo R.1 3v PA ca
Romeo Ro.30 PA

Aefa 2/81
Italian aviation 1926 - 28 PA
Ansaldo A.120 bis 3v PA
Ansaldo SVA A.300 P
Ansaldo A.5 P
Breda 33 (lw) P
Breda A 7 LD (para) 3v PA
Caproni Ca 92 (bip) il 2v
Fiat A.120 A
Fiat R.22 (bip) 3v PA ca
Macchi M.5 3v PDA
SAI Ambrosini 403 (1e lw ftr proto) P
Savoia Marchetti S.60 3v A
Bf 109G ops w Italy Co-Bellig AF PA
P-51D ops w p-w Italy AF PA

Aefa 1/81
Italy AF hist 1918-1925
Ansaldo A3 ca
Ansaldo A.300 3v
Ansaldo A.400 3v
Ansaldo S.V.A.3 PA
Ansaldo SVA. 4 3v ca
Ansaldo S.V.A.5 P
Ansaldo S.V.A. 10 3v A
Ansaldo S.V.A. 15 3v PA
Breda Pittoni 471 (2e fltpln propo) 3v A
Caproni Ca 65 PA
Fiat G.50 CPA 3v ca Dil
Fiat G.59 (2s tand mono trnr) P
Fiat RS 3v
Macchi M.15 2v
Pegna 5 3v
Pegna-Bonmartini-Cerrone (2 e bbr) 3v
Pomilio PE 3v P
SAJ: S/ 2 (bip) P
Sia S. 3 3v PA
Sia 7B2 3v P
Sia R2 3v P
Lockheed P-38 n Italy AF PA

Aefa 4/80
Pescara-Guidoni 1st torpedo bomber 3v PA
D’Ascanio heli (1930) PA
Fiat 1.74 (radial engine) 3v PDA
Caproni Ca 121 (proj mono) 3v A
SIAI S.59 3v PDA ca
SIAI S. 95 (4e trans) PA
Re 2000 n Hungary AF PA

Aefa 2/80
Caproni Ca 1 first flt PA
Pegna Roudine 3v PA hist
Isotta Franchini Asso 500 (Italy engine) 3v PA
Fiat CR.30 3v PDA ca
DH Vampire n Italy AF PA
Fiat G.50 cap by Brits P

Aefa 1/79
Ansaldo bips n Poland AF PA
Reggiane 2002 PA
Caproni Ca 132 (3e trans) 3v ca Dil
Caproni Ca 309 PA bcov
Bestetti BN.1 (2e mono) PA
Bestetti design surv 3v il A
MB 326 Impala of So Afri AF PA

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