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AeDig March 53
Chance Vought Ac CP advert
Aero Commander 520 3v PA
Anderson Greenwood AG-14C 3v PA
Beech Bonanza C-35 3v PA
Beech D-18S 3v PA
Beech Twin Bonanza PA
Beech T-36A PA
Beech YL-23 3v PA
Beech T-34A 3v PA
Bell H-13G 3v PA
Bell XH-15 PA
Bell XHSL-1 PA
Boeing Stratocruiser 3v PA
Boeing KC-97F PA
Boeing B-29 3v PA
Boeing B-47 3v PA
Boeing B-50D 3v PABoeing XB-52 3v PA
Cessma 170 3v {A
Cessma 180 3v PA
Cessna 190/195 3v PA
Cessma 310 PA
Cessna 318 (T-37) provis PA
Cessna L-19A 3v PA
Chase YC-123A 3v PA
Convair 240 3v PA
Convair 340 3v PA
Convair TurboLiner PA
Convair RB-36H 3v PA
Convair XF-102 provis 3v PA
Convair XF2Y 3v PA
Convair T-29B 3v PA
Douglas DC-6A 3v PA
Douglas DC-6B 3v PA
Douglas DC-7 3v PA
Douglas AD-4 3v PA
Douglas AD-5 PA
Douglas A2D-1 3vPA
Douglas XA3D 3v PA
Douglas C-124C 3v PA
Douglas F3D-2 3v PA
Douglas F4D 3v PA
Douglas R4D-8 3v PA
Fairchild C-119G 3v PA
Fairchild C-119H 3v PA
Grumman AF-2 3v PA
Grumman F9F-5 Panther 3v PA
Grumman F9F-6 Cougar 3v PA
Grumman SA-16 3v PA
Grumman XS2F-1 PA
Gyrodyne GCA-2, 2A PA
Helio Courier 3v PA
Hiller H-23 3v PA
Hiller XH-32 PA
Hughes XH-17 PA
Kaman HTK 3v PALockheed 1049 3v PA
Lockheed 1049C 3v PA
Lockheed XC-130 3v PA
Lockheed F-94C 3v PA
Lockheed P2V-6 3v PA
Lockheed T-33A 3v PA
Lockheed WV-2 PA
Martin 202A 3v PA
Martin 404 3v PA
Martin B-57A 3v PA
Martin P4M-1 3v PA
Martin P5M 3vPA
McCulloch YH-30 3v PA
McDonnell F2H-2 3v PA
McDonnell F2H-3 3v PA
McDonnell F3H PA
North American AJ-2P 3v PA
North American F-86D 3v PA
North American F-86F 3v {A
North American FJ-2 3v PA
North American T-28 3v PA
Northrop F-89D 3v PA
Piasecki XH-16 PA
Piasecki H-21C 3v PA
Piasecki H-25A 3v PA
Piasecki HRP-2 3v PA
Piasecki HUP-2 3v PA
Piper PA-23 (early 2-tail Apache) PA
Piper Pacer 3v PA
Piper Super Cub 3v PA
Piper Tri-Pacer 3v PA
Republic F-84F 3v PA
Republic RF-84F 3v PA
Republic F-84G 3v PA
Sikorsky H-19A 3v PA
Taylorcraft Sportsman 19 3v PA
Temco YT-35 3v PA
Vought AU-1 3v PA
Vought F7U-3 3v PA

Ae Dig March 47
Douglas Skystreak ca A
Boeing L-15A PA
Johnson Bullet 125 PA

Ae Dig July 42
Piper Cub n CAP
Interstate Cadet advert
Beech 18 on floats advert
Mass Bombing Changes Chinese Conduct of War PA
Britain’s Battle for Aircraft Production PA
Grumman Widgeon n Pan Am mugs P advert
Short Stirling Dil
Fleetwings BT-12 (stainless steel trnr) advert
Martin projected 125 ton flybt trans ca A

Ae Dig June 42
Piper Super Cruiser advert PD
Interstate Cadet advert
Battle for Air Mastery of Europe Near Critical Stage A
Let’s Fully Use CAP Capability editorial
Training Paragroops PA
British Hercules engine ca
DB-601N engine ca
Halifax II ca
Japanese AF ac 3v A
Kawasaki T95 (bip ftr) 3v A
Kawasaki T97 (ftr) 3v A
Kawasaki T98 (ftr) 3v A
Nakajima T97 (ftr) 3v A
Kawasaki T97 (bbr) 3v A
Mitsubishi T97 (bbr) 3v A
Mitsubishi T98 (bbr) 3v A
Nakajima T94 (lt bbr recon) 3v A
Mitsubishi T97 (lt bbr recon) 3v A
Mitsubishi T98 (lt bbr recon) 3v A
Showa T99 (lt bbr recon) 3v A
Manta (US projected ftr design) 3v
Burnelli military ac (2 e design) 3v
Fleetwings BT-12 advert

Ae Dig May 42
air power in the Pacific war A
Piper Cubs on floats to be based on PT boats?
British air traning plan PA
Australia air industry PA
Martin proposed airliner flyboat il A ca
Short Stirling fuse, lg & wing Dil
Swift GC-1 (2s lw ret tadr US) PA
Westland Whirlwind ftr 3v PA
Ju-88A 3v A

Ae Dig June 41
The Future of the Sikorsky helicopter editorial A
Bell P-39 PDA ca
Southern BM-10 (primary/secondary trnr bip) PA
General Skyfarer 3v PA

Ae Dig Apr 41
British Commonwealth Air Training plan PA
Western Airlines 15th Anniversary PA
Martin B-26 production PA
Blackburn Botha PA

Ae Dig March 41
Piper Coupe advert PA
Porterfield advert PA
P-38 high alt speed test PA
flt trng n RAF PA
Aeronca Super Chief advert 3v PDA
Akron Funk B75L (FILE FUNK 2s hw tadr ltpln) PA 3v
Ariel Model A PA
Babcock LC-13-A 2s midw tadr sptpln) PA
Beech Staggerwing 3v PA
Bellanca Cruisair 3v PA
Bellanca Aircruiser Cargo 3v PA
Call Model 1 P
Cape bip trnr PA
Colgate-Larsen CL-15 (1e push 4s amphib) P
Culver LCA 3v PA
Fleet 23 trans (bip flt pln or landplane) 3v PA
Fleet Model 60 (2s 1e tadr) 3v PA
Fleet tandem trnr 3v PA
Fletcher FBT-2 (1e 2s lw tadr) 3v PA
Globe BTC-1 (2e tadr) 3v PA
Globe GC-1 Swift il
Howard DGA 125 (1e 2s lw tadr) advert 3v PA
Interstate Cadet 3v PA
Long Model 100 il
Mercury BT-120 (2s bip trnr proto) PA
Northrop N3P PDA
Phillips 1B (2s lw tadr) 3v PA
Phillips CT (2s bip proto) 3v PA
Phillips XPT-1 (1e 2s tadr trnr) 3v PA
Piper P-1 Clipper P
Porterfield CP-55 3v PA
Porterfield Collegiate 3v PA
Porterfield 75-C 3v PA
Porterfield 90 3v PA
Ross RS-1 3v PA
St. Louis Model PT (1e 2s tand bip) 3v PA
St. Louis PT-LM4 (1e 2s lw proto) 3v PA
Southern BM-10 (1e 2s bip trnr) 3v PA
Spartan NS-1 (1e 2s bip trnr) 3v PA
Stearman Model 90 (1e 2s trnr) 3v PA
Stearman Model 76C3 (rear gun bip trnr) 3v PA
Stearman 76D1 (bip fltpln trnr) 3v PA
Stearman 76D3 (bip 2s trnr) 3v PA
Stinson Voyager PDA
Swallow Model C (1e 2s hw) 3v PA
Taylorcraft Model B Trainer 3v PA
Taylorcraft B-12 3v PA
Taylorcraft Tandem Trainer (2s lw tadr) advert 3v PA
Timm Aerocraft 2SA 3v PA
Timm PT175K (2s 1e lw tadr trnr proto) 3v PA
Vultee Valiant 51 (2s 1e fixed tadr trnr) 3v PA
Vultee BC-3 (1e ret tadr trnr proto) 3v PA
Welch OW (1e 2s hw tadr) 3v PA

Ae Dig Apr 39
Curtiss SBC-4 advert
Framklin "60" 4AC-171 (engine????) PDA
Harlow advert
Stinson 105 advert
Stinson SR-10 for 1939 PA
civil aviation n Denmark PA

Ae Dig March 38
Abrams Explorer 3v PA
Aeronca K, KC advert 3v PA
Arrow G 3v PA
Arrow Sport F 3v PA

Barkley-Grow T8P-1 advert 3v PA
Beech 18 3v PA
Beech Statterwing D17R, D17S, E17L, E17B 3v PA
Bellanca Aircruiser Cargo 3v PA
Bellanca Flash 28-70 3v PA
Bellanca Flash 28-90 3v PA
Bellanca Junior 14/7 advert 3v PA
Bellanca Senior Pacemaker 3v PA
Bellanca Senior Skyrocket 3v PA
Boeing 307 3v PA
Boeing 314 3v PA
Cessna Airmaster advert 3v PA
Consolidated Commercial (PBY-2) 3v PA
Consolidated XPB2Y 3v PA
Curtiss-Wright A-19-R 3v PA
Curtiss-Wright 19R 3v PA
Curtiss-Wright CT-32 Condor 3v PA
Curtiss-Wright SOC 3v PA
Curtiss-Wright Hawk III 3v PA
Curtiss-Wright Hawk 75 3v PA
Dart Sport Trainer G 3v PA
Douglas DF 3v PA
Douglas DC-3 DST 3v PA
Fairchild Amphibian 3v PA
Fairchild 24 advert 3v PA
Fairchild 45 3v PA
Federal XPT-1 3v PA
Fleetwings Sea Bird 5F 3v PA
Grumman G-21A 3v PA
Grumman FF-1 3v PA
Grumman F2F 3v PA
Grumman F3F 3v PA
Grumman J2F 3v PA
Gwinn Two Aircar 3v PA
Hall PH-2 3v PA
Howard DGA-8, 9, 11 advert 3v PA
Jones D-25 Standard 3v PA
Jones S-125 3v PA
Kellett YG-1B 3v PA
Laird LC-R 300 3v PA
Lockheed 10 Electra PA
Lockheed 12A 3v PA|
Lockheed 14 3v PA
Luscombe 50 3v PA advert
Luscombe 90 advert 3v PA
Luscombe Phantom 3v PA
Martin 130 China Clipper 3v PA
Martin 139-W 3v PA
Martin 156F 3v PA
Martin 157F 3v PA
Martin 166 3v PA
Miller Zeta 3v PA
Monocoupe 90A 3v PA
Monocoupe 110 Special 3v PA
Monocoupe Twin Monocoach 3v PA
North American NA-16/BT-9 3v PA
Pasped Skylark 3v PA
Phillips 1-B 3v PA
Piper Cub J-2, J-3 3v PA
Porterfield 35 Zephyr 3v PA
Rearwin Sportster advert 3v PA
Rearwin Speedster advert 3v PA
Rose Parakeet A-1
Ryan SC advert 3v PA
Ryan ST advert
Ryab STM 3v PA
Security S-1B 3v PA
Seversky Amphibian 3v PA
Seversky Executive SEV-52 3v PA
Seversky 2P advert 3v PA
Seversky 2-PA-L Convoy Fighter 3v PA
Seversky BT-8 3v PA
Seversky P-35 3v PA
Sikorsky S-42B 3v PA
Sikorsky S-43 3v PA
Spartan Executive 7W 3v PA
Stearman 73L3 3v PA
Stearman 76C3 3v PA
Stearman 76D1 3v PA advert
Stearman-Hammond Y-1S 3v PA
Stinson Reliant 3v PA
Taylor-Young Taylorcraft 1a advert 3v PA
Timm 840 3v PA
Vought V-97 3v PA
Vought V-99 3v {A
Vought V-142 3v PA
Vought V-143 3v PA
Vultee V-1A 3v PA
Vultee V-11GB 3v PA advert
Waco C 3v PA
Waco N 3v PA
Waco S 3v PA
Waco OW advert 3v PA
Waterman Arrowbile W5A 3v PA
Wendt W-1 PA

Ae Dig May 35
Arado Ar-76 (Germany) 3v PA
Argonaut Aircraft, Inc. (US) advert
Douglas advert
Fairchild 22 PA
Fairchild 24 advert PA
Fairchild Amphibian 3v PA
Laird Airplane Co. advert
Monocoupe advert
Porterfield advert
Rearwin advert
Stinson advert
Vultee V-1A advert
Waco adveret

Ae Dig 22/2 Feb 33
Douglas Amphibion advert
Uppercu-Burnelli PA advert
Chance Vought advert
Curtiss Condor 1933 3v PA
Fokker (Netherlands) F.XX PA
General Aviation GA-43 3v PA
Heinkel He-64 (1e 2s tand lw tadr sptpln) 3v PA
Londgren NL013 (US 2s sbs bip sptln) PA
Pitcairn PA-19 Cabin Autogiro 3v PA
Waco Model C P advert
US Navy fighter surv
Andy Heermance (US?) bio PA
George Thennault (US?) bio PA

Ae Dig Apr 32
Aeronca C-3 advert
Douglas Amphibion advert
Fairchild 22/24 advert
Fairchild 24 3v PA
Ford 15-A 3v PDA
Guiberson Aero Diesel engine advert & 2v ca PA
Junkers K.37 of Japan AF PA
National Aircraft Show preview A
Nicholas Beazley NB trainer advert
Pilgrim Transport 3v PA
Ranger V-770 engine (US) PA
Rearwin Jr. advert
Rohrbach Roland (Germ 3e hw) 3v PA
Rohrbach Romar (3e hw flybt) 3v PA
Rohrbach Rostra (2e hw flybt) 3v PA
Wilford Gyroplane (US autogiro lw) PA advert

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