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Air Combat 22/3 May-June 94
prop modern mil trnrs market surv CPA
William Tell (mil ex) 1992 CPA
175th FG, MD ANG hist CPA
135th Airlift Group, MD ANG hist CPA
No. 6 Flying Trng Sch, RAF Tucano ops CPA

Air Combat 22/1 Feb 94
Greece AF today CPA
Czech AF after Soviets CPDA
H.P. Victor phaseout CPDA

Air Combat 21/6 July-Aug 93
Croatia air war CPA
Antonov An-2 Croatia AF CP
Canadian AF C-130 mission PA
Slovenia AF status CPA
Tornado ops w RAF at Red Flag 93-1 CPA
VSTOL new developments status Cil PA
Il-14 ops as trnr n Czech AF PDA

Air Combat 17/5 July 89
C-47 retired < Canada AF CPA
CN-235 mil trans status today PA
USN airpower plans for 21st Century Cil CPA
London Int’l a s CPA
F-16XL returns to flight status CPA
Lockheed Hercules HTTB high tech mod PA
Bell Boeing XV-22 first flt CPA

Air Combat 17/4 May-June 89
C-130 ops n Canada AF PA
Kaman SH-2G CPA 3v
Saab JAS-39 Griffin PA ca
USAF force modernization plans CPA
F-16s replacing F-5 Aggressors CPA
F-86 ops w USN today CPA
Lockheed ER-2, TR-1, U-2 ops today CPA
CH-47s for China AF PA

Air Combat 16/1 January 1988
pilot transition from F-4 to F-16 PA
Boeing E-3 for France AF PA
Fairford Eng Air Tatoo CPA
Tornado deploy w Italy AF to USA CPA
Super Harrier to Spain CPA
UH-1 ops n Vietnam War me mil CPA il
A-10 practice ops PA
F/A-18C first flight PA

Air Combat 13/6 Nov 85
trng MiG killers n Vietnam War PA
17 Sqdn RAF hist PA
Paris AS CPA
USAF defense presence in Iceland CPA
Detachment 14, USAF 67th Air Rescue & Recovery Sqdn ops CPA
Paul Doumer Bridge raid n Viet War PA

Air Combat 13/1 January 85
current a>a missiles surv CPA
London Int’l AS CPA
Lockheed AEW mod to P-3 CPA
Allied Air Forces Central Europe meet CPA
A-6 partial retract lg prob landing PA
A-6 upgrades planned PA

Air Combat 12/4 July 84
EE Canberra ops as ECM jammers PA
Warsaw Pact training ac PA
Georgia ANG transition F-10 to F-4D CPDA
RAF-Germany upgrades against Soviet threat
Lear C-21A status CPA
AH-64 wins Collier Trophy PA
AV-8B Harrier II for USMC CPDA
Harrier trng n RAF PA
Sikorsky HH-60D Nighthawk rollout PA
USCG teams w USN for anti-drug ops
F-8 w tail from another F-8 crazy markings PA
Shorts Sherpa to be bought by USAF for engine transport PA

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