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Aircraft Illustrated 36/11 Nov 2003
F-22 flight testing ops CPA
Boeing 7E7 Dreamliner future CPA Cil
Air Spray anti forest fire ops and ac CPDA
the future of SSTs CPA
Temora Aviation Museum, Australia CPA
aviation history chronology 1983 – 1992 CPA
Shannon Airport, Ireland status CPA
Concorde retirement, hist CPDA

Aircraft Illustrated 36/9 September 2003

Airbus A380 status report CPDA
BAE Systems no longer builds ac/ it leases them CPA
Bombardier CRJ-900 enters service CPA
Lockheed L188 Electra Cpsurv
F-104 in Italy AF flying today CPDA
Concorde ops to be discontinued CPA
Japan Airlines merger with Japan Air Systems CPA

Aircraft Illustrated 36/8 August 2003
Eurofighter Typhoon production approved CPA
US/German X-31 VECTOR testing today CPA
Sikorsky UH-3 Seak King ops w HC-2 today CPDA
chronology of flight 1953 – 1962 CPA
Heathrow airport T5 terminal status CPA
SEPECAT Jaguar ops w No. 6 Sqdn, RAF Coltishall, Eng CPDA
Boeing 767 variants hist CPA ca
Jetsgo (Canada al) staatus CPA
DH Sea Vixen civ rest n Eng CPA

Aircraft Illustrated    36/7     July 2003
Panavia Tornado combat ops n Iraq today CPDA
London City Airport ops today CPDA
Patrouille de France (France AF aero team) status CPA
US Civil Reserve Fleet status  CPA
USN Reserve Carrier Air Wing 20 status today CPDA
On Mark Marksman (civ mod A-26) last one CPDA
Bo-757 hist PA
Bo-767 hist PA
airshows calendar PA
DC-10 N220AU of Project Orbis CPDA
av chronology 1943 - 1952 PA

Aircraft Illustrated 36/6 June 2003
War in Iraq status CPA nose art CPA
Dassault Mirage IV ops w UN over Iraq CPA
airlines problems with terrorism CPA
Concorde to be retired CPA
stealth ac designs of Britain CPA
Bo 707 Beta Cargo cargo flight from Brazil CPDA
F-4 ops today with Turkey AF CPDA
Tacoma Int’l Airport, Seattle, WA ops today CPDA
F-5Es w Patrouille Swiss CPDA
B Ae Strikemaster Mk. 87 civ G-UVNR CPA
chronology of flight 1933 to 1942 CPA
Breguet 763 converted to restaurant in France CPDA

Aircraft Illustrated 36/4 Apr 2003
Iraq War status CPA
Boeing 777-300ER ff CPDA
Boeing 777 hist CPD A
Dassault Mirage F.1 in Spain AF today CPD A
DC-3 rest n Finland CPDA
S-3 status CPDA
Lockheed Martin/Korea Aerospace T-50 Golden Eagle (1jet ftr proto) CPA
Ryanair (Eng) Al hist CPD A
milestones of flight 1093 – 1922 PA
the life of an aviation tour director CPA
future of UK aircraft carriers Cil A

Aircraft Illustrated 36/2 Feb 2003
Airbus Industries 340 status CPA
Boeing Apache (heli) mission w Eng Army Air Corps CPA
Hiller UH-12 only one in Europe CPA
P-51 flying mem and survivors today CPDA
Westland Wessex retirement from RAF CPA
Sharjah Airport, United Arab Emirates status CPA
Bulgarian AF today CPA
USAF Test Pilots School status CPA
RAF Mus at Hendon future CPA
USAF Mus, Dayton status CPAUnited Al status CPDA
England based low cost airlines status CPA

Aircraft Illustrated 22/9 Sep 89
Mirage 2000 n Greek AF CP
ac carr HMS Invincible return to ops after upgrade CPA
Istanbul Airlines (Turkey) status CPA
Soviet ac at Paris AS CPA
Su-27 at Paris AS CP
Ryanair (Ireland) flt to Kerry PA
Bo 737-400 w Novair (Eng charter) CP
Bp 747-400 of Lufthansa "Berlin" PA
C-130 ops as firebomber PA
Extra 300 (Germ aerobat ac mono) of Richard Goode (Eng) what it’s like to fly CPA

Aircraft Illustrated 18/10 Oct 85
1st major Germ air raid on London WW2 PA
Panavia tornadoes based at RAF Conigsby CPA
Beech Starship PA
Planes of Fame a s 1985 CPA

Aircraft Illustrated 18/5 May 85
Bo 737-300 of Southwest Al CP
Interflug al PA
Balkan Bultarian Al PA
Fournier Duo (Fournier RF-4 aerobat team) CPA
Snowbirds aerobat team hist CPA
A6M of Planes of Fame Mus rest CPA

Aircraft Illustrated 16/12 Dec 83
RAF ops n desert WW2 mem PA
Airbus A.310 w Swissair CPA
RNZAF hist & pi trng CPA
Sopwith Tabloid repli for Hendon mus PDA
Casa Nurtanio CN-235 rollout PA
DC-2 of KLM rest CPDA

Aircraft Illustrated 14/11 Nov 81
DC-9-81 CP
R.H. McIntosh (England) bio PA
Boeing 767 rollout CPA 3v
Lockheed TR-1 rollout CPDA
Flugtag 81 PA
F-15 a2a refuel CPA
Swissair al hist PA
DH-90 Dragonfly rest CP

Aircraft Illustrated 14/1 January 81
HS-125 500th sold PDA
Gloster Gauntlet PA
Confederate AF today CPA
Fincastle Trophy ASQW competition CPA
HS Nimrod RAF deply CPDA
Twin Otter of Mobil Transglobe Expedit CP

Aircraft Illustrated 13/8 Aug 80
Bo 747SP China al CP
RAF Auxilliary Sqdns PA
Red Flag trng simu desc CPA
F-5E w 57th TFTW Aggressor sqdn CP
around the world charter flight tour planned PA
Bristol Belvedere ops CPA
Rothmans Aerobat Team status CPA
Dornier flying boat surv PA
Sikorsky S-76 of Bristow (helicopter al England) CP

Aircraft Illustrated 10/11 Nov 77
BAC-111 w Gulf Air CP
Short Sandringham rest PA
Fairey Rotodyne PA
English-blt DH Chipmunk early ac CPA
European aerobatic c’ships 1977 PA
Tu-134 CPsurv
Beaufighter ops PA
Aberdeen Dyce) airport (England) CPA

Aircraft Illustrated 7/1 January 74
216 Sqdn RAF hist PA
Fairey Hendon hist PA
Fairey Night Bomber B.19/27 3v PA
Fairey Long Range Monoplane (heavy bbr proj) 3v A
Owen Jones (England) retirement bio PA
GAL 56 (England flywing research) mem PA
GAL Fleet SHadower mem PA
GAL Air Observation Post (shwing proto) mem PA
GAL Cygnet mem PA
GAL Cagnet (lw twin boom 2s proto) mem PA
GAL Hamilcar Xi mem PA
GAL Hotspur I mem PA|
GAL Hotspur II mem PA

Aircraft Illustrated 2/1 January 1969
flt trng n Canada for RAF PA
Avro 504K barnstorming n Eng 3v PA ca xs
R.A. Little (England) bio PA
Andreasson BA-4bB (Sweden spt bip) PA
Germ WWI camouf/mkgs PA il pros
CP Air/Canadian Pacific Aw PA hist fleet list
Bristol Freighter w RAF P
Central Flying School RAF insig PA

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