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Air Classics  23/6  June 87    
Edo XSOE-1 hist PA
Hitler's air rescue of Mussolini PA
George Preddy (US) bio PA
P-51D res "Cripes A Mighty" of Weeks CPDA
Armstrong Whitworth Argosy ops today CPA

Air Classics     23/4  Apr 87 
John J. Najarian (US) bio PA
Korean War air rescue by Najarian PA
Bob Love (US) bio PA
B-17 ops ovr Eur mem PA
Pikangkum Air Services (Canada) PA
Hermann Goering death PA
Boeing 314 ops b4 W2 CPDA
Kentucky ANG hist CPA
123d TRW, KY-ANG hist CPA
165th TRS, KY-ANG his PA
F-19 fictional stealth ftr kit by Testors PA

Air Classics    22/6  June 86
R.T. Smithy (US) W2 CBI war dia  PA
Pierce McKennon (US) bio PA
Dean Hess (US) bio & role in making movie Battle Hynn PA
Bf-109E and F of Adolph Galland  Cpro PA
Adolph Galland war deeds bio PA
B-25 :Execytuve Sweet: rest COA

Air Classics     22/3  March 86
73rd Recon Group USAAF hist PA
P-41 anti Castro loss in Cuba mem PA
DC-4 ops n Canada  CPDA
P-51 "Stiletto" racer mod accident PA
Short Sunderland rest C-BJHS  CPDA

Air Classics    22/2  Feb 86
Virgil K. Meroney (US) bio PA
P-47D-20 of Meroney  PA
making movie Iron Eagle  CPA
P-51D N10607 Reno race accident CPA
P-51D racer "Stiletto" CPA
AD-4N rest N91935  CP
1985 Reno air races CPA

Air Classics     22/1   Jan 86 
DC-3 flying mem PA
ac flown n movies PA
Avro Anson rest n Canada  CPDA
QF-100 drone CP
Saab Lansen US civ of Tallichet  CP
C-123 fbbr CP
T-34 Parks Industries mod CPA
Art Scholl tribute  PA bio
Martin PBM Mariner rescue missions PA
B-17 effort to save last civ F  PA

Air Classics     21/8  Aug 85 
P-51B "Reggie's Reply" of John Godfrey
Ju-52 1 engine repli for Canada mus PA
Operation Manna of RAF n W2  PA
C-46 only flying one n Canada hist CPDA
PBY return from Brazil 4 rest CPA
DC-3 of France CPA
C-47 survivors n Eur  PA
A-26 of WASP memorial at Lackland, TX PA

Air Classics    21/7  July 85
DH-61 Giant Moth (bip trans) PA
Ira Kepford bio PA
B-18 paratroop delivery testing PA
Dornier Do-X hist PDA

Air Classics    21/6   June 85  
P-51D of John Meyer  4v PA
attacks on Pearl Harbor after Dec 7  PA
Consairway ops n W2 (Consolidated-flown support) PA
Sud Est Languedoc (4e al)  hist PA
Savoia Marchetti S.56 rest  CPA

Air Classics    21/5   May 85  
Roger Suavage (France) bio PA
Yak-3 of Suavage  4v PA
24th Fighter Group hist PA
how Jackie Cochran won the Bendix Race  PA
DC-2 hist  CPA
P-51D  "Petie 2nd" rest CPDA
Miles Gemini (2e ltpln England) CPA
I. Yamamoto's death n W2  PA

Air Classics    21/4  Apr 85  
Avro Todor (4e trans) "Star Tiger" loss  PA
Rudolph Beerthold (Germany) bio PA
F4U ops < USS Bataan n Korea War CPA
Handley Page V/1500 trans-Atlantic flt attempt PA
24th Fighter Group hist  PA
Leslie Howard (England) death n W2  bio PA
F6F  wreckov < ocian to Pima Mus, AZ  PA

Air Classics     21/3  March 85 
John H. Hoefker (US) bio PA
Miles M.39B Libellula  PA
Miles Messenger of Montgomery rest  CPA
Focke Wulb 1262 (Germany VTOL jet)  hist PA
Goodyear Duck hist CPA

Air Classics   20/12  Dec 84    
F-104D at Calif Mus Sci & Ind PA
20 Sqdn RAF hist PA
P-39 early devel hist PDA ca
S2F Tracker civ rest PA
Piper Enforcer  CP
P-47 mod to make the scream A
Macch Ac Corp hist PA
Cesnna racers hist  PA

Air Classics    20/8  Aug 84     
Robert W. Moore (US) bio PA
A6M of Planes of Fame col  CPA
Aichi D3A Val of The Air Museum CP
DC-3 ops n England today  P surv
Jean-Baptise Salis Collection (France) CPA
P-51D racer "Dago Red" CP
P-51 early production CPA

Air Classics  19/12  Dec 83   
P-39 wreckov n Australia  PA
TBF crash n2 house n 1946 PA
B-26 Marauder war dia PA
making movie The Right Stuff CPA

Air Classics   1911  Nov 83  
P-63 hist
PBY oldeest surviving  serial 117  PA
Skyfox Skyfox (2jet mod T-33) PA
Hughes HK-4 on display PA
B-26 Marauder war dia  PA

Air Classics    19/10  Oct 83    
B-26 Marauder pilot war dia  PA
P-39 combat ops PDA
Air Museum, Chico, Calif  CPA
Hawker Sea Fury racer mod of Frank Sanders PA
Sandberg/Boland BB-1 (US unlimited racer) status 3v PA
Beck/Statler Wildfire (US unlimited racer) status CPA

Air Classics    19/9  Sept 83  
Piper Enforcer PDA
B-26 Marauder war dia  PA
Slate all-metal diri  (US) PA
PB4Y-2 rest to Nav Air Mus  PA
Minter Field Air Mus  (US) CPA
Jim Maloney  (US) obit bio CPA
Jim Orton (US) obit
Gloster Meteor still n France AF  CP

Air Classics   19/7  July 83   
gunnery trng n T-6 n W2  mem PA
Barling NBL-1  3v PDA
Czech independence after W2 air incident  A
Hall PH-1 (bip fltpln) hist PA
Valiant Air Command a s  CPA

Air Classics   19/6  June 83   
Fairey Firefly  hist PA
B-17 "Shoo Shoo Baby" rest PA
B-17 fbbr  CP
N3N-3 rest at Naval Academy  CPA
P-51A rest n The Air Mus  CPA
Aerolineas Argentinas  hist PA
Ju-52 n Canada CG-ARM rest  CPDA
Ron Hevle (US) A

Air Classics   19/4  Apr 83
Butch O'Hare bio PA
IAe.24 Calquin (Argentina)  4v PA
Spit VIII rest  I-SPIT n Italy  CPA
Wright B Flyer repli CPA
Fairey Fulmar  PA
P-2 Neptune fbbr  CP
B-17 missios ovr Eur mem PA
Hughes XF-11 PA

Air Classics   19/3  March 83   
IAe.22DL (1e 2s attack Argentina) 4v PA
P-39 hist PA
DH Sea Vixen target drone CPA
Short Sunderland rest CPA
Ploesti oil fields raid PA
USN 60s transports Psurv

Air Classics     19/2   Feb 83 
Bob Westbrook  (US) bio PA
Amiot Ac Corp (France) hist PA
Breguet 410 (bip bbr proto) PA
Bleriot Bl-127 (2e utility ac proto) PA
LeRoy Grumman bio PA 
Reno unlimited racers CPA 
New Standard NT-1 rest CP 
QF-86F (ex JASDF) USN drone CP 
Bell HTL-7 (trng heli) PA 
Boeing PB-1W n USCG  P
T-6 race & f-i PA

Air Classics   19/1  January 1983   
Wilhelm Kress (Austria) early flt attempt n 1901
P-39 ops PA
Grumman C-1A w skydivers leaving  CP
Pilatus P-2 rest  CP
B-24 ship busting w Chennault  PA
Boyd "Buzz" Wagner (US) bio PA

Air Classics    18/12  Dec 82  
USS Intrepid Mus  PA
YC-97 indiv ac hist corr A
Murray Shubin (USD) bio PA
Goodyear F2G civ r mod PA
Lockheed Jetstar proto donated PA
P-39 hist PDA
Fuerza Area Dominicana hist & ac  CPA
P-41D w Dominican AF  CP
A-26 Psurv
F-80 w Minute Men P
F-86D w Colo ANG  P

Air Classics   18/11  Nov 82   
Consolidated C-109 (mod B-24) ops over Hump mem PA
Grumman AF-2  CPA
O-47 saved for rest PA
O-52 rest  CP
DH Tiger Moth US rest n Sweden mkgs  N85882  CP
F4F at Planes of Fame Mus CP
L-19 ex-Jap AF n US rest CP
DC-3 w 2 tprop engines CPA
F11F short nose w Blue Angels  P
F-86D park guard n Phoenix, AZ CP

Air Classics    18/10  Oct 82
Fairey Barracuda  hist units using PA
P2V n Viet War camouf  CPA
T-28A rest CP
P-40  how Jap pilots forced Amer pilots to ferry them
David McCampbell (US) bio PA

Air Classics     18/9  Sep 82
AJ-2 Savage corr
AM-1 Mauler  PA
P-2 Neptune Argentina Nav PA
March Field Mus  PA
F-86F civ rest CP
F7F rest CP
Curtiss P-1C repli
Meteor Mk.8 rest gate guard n Belgium PA

Air Classics     18/8  Aug 82
Hughes XF-11 hist PA
B--24 flight out after crash n Eng W2  PA
Macchi MC-205V rest CP
F11F-1Fs in formation P
Bristol Brigand  PA
Bristol Buckingham  PA

Air Classics   18/7  July  82   
Tupolev ANT-2 Maxim Gorki crash PDA ca
Tupolev ANT-8 (hw 3e trans) PDA
Tupolev ANT-14 (5e hw trans) PA
Tupolev ANT-6 (4e bbr) PA
Tupolev G-2 (4e trans) PA
P-51D civ pilot checkout A
B-25 civ, ex Hap Arnold trans  CPDA
B-25 of Eisenhower PDA
Kaman K-22J/HTK-1  P
Blackburn Firebrand PA 3v
Blackburn Firecrest PA
Beck unlimited r  CPA
8th AF Mus celeb of 40th anniv 8th AF creation
Martin RM-1 USCG  P
F11F-1 operations PA

Air Classics   18/4  April 82     
P-38 memorial to McGuire   corr
Hugh W.L. Sanders (US) bio PA
PB4Y hurricane hunters PA
PB4Y civ CP
Armstrong Whitworth Albemarle  PA
F-86 civs CP surv A
Piper Enforcer  3v PA

Air Classics   18/3   March 82   
P-2 Neptune hist CPDA
Strathallan Mus  (England) sale PA
Reno Races umlimteds  CPA

Air Classics    18/2  Feb 82  
P-51D design flaw  PDA
P-2 Neptune hist CPDA Dil
Me-163 first kill n combat PA

Air Classics     18/1  Jan 82 
P-51 Australia A-bomb test survivors recovery n 1981  PA
P-2 Neptune hist CPA
B-29 "Mission Inn" at March AFB collection  PA
barrage balloon ops w USMC  PA

Air Classics   17/12  Dec 81   
P2V-1 hist PA
P-51D derelict n desert PA
B-17 "Shoo Shoo Baby" rest CPA
P-38 "Pudgy" rest CPA
Sikorsky S-43 of H Hughes  PDA
A-29 n CA ANG PA
B-57 Arkansas ANG PA
Helio L-28 PA
Lysander high lift mod  PA

Air Classics   17/11  Nov 81
Martin Mars PDA 3v Ca
Don Gentile bio PA
John Godfrey (US) bio PA
Frank Carey (Eng) bio PA
P-51B rest as Gentile's "Shangri-La" CPDA
P-51B/C Psurv A

Air Classics   17/8  Aug 81   
Xstopping V-1s   ca PA
F-86 Psurv CPA
Lockheed 12 Electra of Earhart found?  PA
Hans Ulrich Rudel bio PA
T-38 CPA
Ju-86 PDA

Air Classics   17/6  June 81     
SB2C hist & towing Grumman Widgeon PA
DC-3 hist PA
B-50A rest at Castle AFB Mus  PA
96th Aero Sqdn n WWI  Cpro PA
Breguet 14  Cpro PA
Billy Mitchell's secret paratroop corps  PA
USN W2 flt trng
Harvard (AT-6) wreckovery n Canada PA

Air Classics    17/5  May 81  
SB2C hist PDA
F-100 zero-length launch RATO to CP
US balloon airmail attempt n 1859  PA
AD-4 rest civ  CPDA
Theodor Gildred flt < US > Ecuador 1931 PA
Ggrgor FDB-1  pirep PA
B-26 Marauder PA
A-4 civ rest CP
B-17G fbbr CPA

Air Classics   17/4  Apr 81   
Churchill Wing RAAF (Spitfires) ops n SoPac PA
B-17F 230332 "Short Stuff" PA
Gloster F.5/34 mono ftr proto  PA
Cessna UC-78 prod list  PA
Seversky AT-12 Bendix racer civ  PA
P-40 ops w RNZAF W2 PA
PB4Y=2G civ CP
Dan Air airlines preserved airliners collection CPA
DH Tiger Moth modern flying n NZ  CPA
flying at South Pole CPA
Westland ac surv  PA

Air Classics     17/3  March 81 
Grumman TBF ops n Canada nav  PA
Barnstormers Airshows Inc.  PA
Douglas Dolphins n USCG  PA
Grumman J4F n USCG  PA
Lockheed R3O (Model 10) n USCG  PA
Fairchild J2K-1 (Model 24A) n USCG PA
Northrop N-3PB rest CPDA
American ac n Brit service surv PA
Miles Gemini rest  CPA
newspaper sponsorships of early flights PA
Canada airport survey tour PA
Grumman Goose n RCAF P
B-17 "Georgia Rebel" downed n Sweden PDA
DH 94 Moth Minor used by USAAF n Africa P

Air Classics     16/12  Dec 80 
B-17 50 missions war dia PA
Parks P-2A rest visits Parks Air College CPDA
Mount Cook Al (New Zealand) hist CPA
Cessna 185 of Mount Cook Al CP
p-51 short hist CPA
National Air Races n US in 30s PA
Hurricane nt ftr ops   CDPA ca
Jean Navarre  (France) bio PA

Air Classics    16.10  Oct 80    
Zeppelin ops ovr London PA
Tupolev Tu-114 Cleat  CPDA
Hawker Hunter civ Eng CP
B-17 civ rests today CPDA
P-51 Allison powered in RAF   PA
Boeing 247 Marsh Aw  P
Boeing 307 Vacation Aw  P

Air Classics   16/8  Aug 80   
Beck & Statler u. r  propo 3v A
Etrich mono   (Czech 1927) rest CP
Letov S.2 (1e 1s bip ftr 30s) rest CP
Richard Bomg bio PA
Short Belfast  to civ operators 3v PA
Frank Kingsford Smith (Australia) bio PA
Avro Avian "Southern Cross Junior" P
R.D. Weiner (US) last race 10th anniv CPA
P-51D r of Winer CPA
Hurricane flying n combat mem PA
Castle AFB new warbird coll  PA
P-63 civ N9009 at Cleveland air races  P
P-39Q civ r NX5759 P
Curtiss Fledgling P
Dondit-Palmquist Conquist ()1e 2s sbs ltlin 1934) P
Consolidated 23 Corps (1e 2s bip gen purp) ND-932  PA
Cessna BW-5 of New York Post (1e hw 1936) PA
Lockheed Alcor Duo-6 PA

Air Classics    18/6  June 80     
P-38 flying n W2  mem PA
Doolittle Tokyo raid PDA
Hughes H-4 Hercules move n 90 CPA
P-39 rest to Buffalo, NY mus PA
F-84F n fictional movie Soviet AF mkgs  P
B-25s in USAF  50s  Psurv

Air Classics 16/5  May 80
USAAC pilot trng W2  PA
B-18 hist & survivors CPA
Alexander Seversky bio PA
Seversky BT-8  PA
Sea Fury of Cuba AF rest CP
F4U civ rest Surv
B-26 Marauder flying war dia PA

Air Classics  16/4   April 80    
Dick Fleming (US) at Battle of Midway PA
B-26 Marauder war dia PA
Gee Bee Senior Sportster  11043 PA
Bell YFM-1  PA
Martin PBM  CPA
Hawker Hurricane rest CPA
Douglas EB-26C w ventral radome PA
PBY civ PA
PB4Y-2 civ PA
B-25J of Tall Mantz coll  PA
B-29 in moving The Last Flight of Noah's Ark CPA
Avro Canada CF-100  PA

Air Classics   16/3  March 80   
Combat Air Mus (US) problems running CPA
Bellanca F-2 Skyrocket PA
Bellanca CH-400 Skyrocket PA
Douglas B-19 w Weather Service  PA
C-47 1950 crash n Calif PA
Avro CF-105 Arrow  CPA
P-39 Soviet ac wreckage n Alaska PA
Conroy Tri-Turbo Three  CPA
Canadair CL-215  CP
Bucker Jungmann rest (N2306G) CP
T-6 rest (N44110) CP
P-47D rest CP
SBD civ 1s & 2s P

Air Classics     16/2  Feb 80 
A6M2 restoring captured n China PA
Johnney May av coll n Wessex, Eng  PA
SBD W2 ops CPA
SBD North Atlantic colors CP
Don Lopez (US) bio PA
B-17 trng missions n USA  PA
Vought V-143  PDA
Gloster F.5/34  PA
bombing ice blocking a river n 1922 fin a Jenney  PA
P-51 ops n foreign service PA

Air Classics   16/1  January 80   
Charles Kingsford Smith (Australia) bio PA
P-38 pilot war dia  PA
SBD hist PA
1970 Reno races CPA
Fairey Flycatcher rest CPA DHC Chipmunk in Denmark AF  CPA
O-47 rest CPA
Boeing 100 rest CPA
Fairchild PT-23 rest  CPA
P-51D civ (N5411V) rest CPA
AVG n W2  ops PA
Arthur Rhys-Davids (England) bio PA
P-51D w ramjets on wingtips  PA

Air Classics    15/12  Dec 79     
XB-24 civ rest CPA
Douglas A-26 civ rest CP
P-51D civ rest CPA
B-25J civ rest CPA
T-33 crash rept  PA
Travel Air Mustery Ship rest CPDA
Mystery Ship w Chevrolair eng 5v
Travel Air Model R  5v
Travel Air Mystery S  5v
Willow Grove NAS (US) hist PA

Air Classics    15/1   Nov 79  
P-38 war dua  OA
Thorpe Park Mus (Eng) PA
Gee Bee Q.e.D  3v xs PA
William George Barker (Eng) bio PA
Sopwith Camel 4v ca xs
Sopwith Snipe 4v xs Dil
Alcock & Btrown  t-Atlantic flt 1919 PA
Curtiss Robin rest CPDA

Air Classics   15/10  Oct 79   
General Aircraft PJ-1 (US 2e push flybt) PA
B-26 Marauder use in films OA
XDH Mosquito civs & rests CPDA
1979 Mojave Air Races CPA
PB4Y fbbr CPA
F-84F civ CPA
8th Air Rescue Group ops  PA
P-38 n MTO war dia PA
P2V Evergreen Al fbbr CP
Vought O2U, O3U hist PDA
Vought O4U, O5U & derives PA

Air Classics   15/8  Aug 79
XDH Mosquito ftrbbr ops hist PDA
B-17 civ "Sentimental Journey" of CAF CPA
Battle of Brit Mus (Eng) CPA
Naval Av Mus (US) CPA
Tommy Lynch ace race w Dick Bomb  PA 
Curtiss XB2C-1 P
Finland fighter aces reunion PA

Air Classics   15/7   July 79
XBudd RB-1 flying corr A
ac ops < diri  PDA
Homestead Air Races CPA
Neal Kearby bio PA
Order of the Daedalians PA
A-4M last Skyhawk blt  hist CPA
Douglas Skyrocket at Maloney Air Mus CPA
C-119 civ w dorsal jet CP
F-84F civ  N84JW  CP
Duxford, England mus  CPA

Air Classics   15/6  June 79   
XPercival Prince div US regist CP
Fokker E.1  PA
ac crashing on carriers Psurv
B-24 crash n USA n W2  PA
B-25s used in movie Hanover Street  CPDA
B-26 Marauder  PA Cca
Curtiss XF14C derelect PA
Ju-52 rest n Eng ex Spain AF  CPA
C-47 n Spain AF CP
P-38 war dia  PA
Mr. Smoothie r  (US) PA
Cierva autogirios surv PA

Air Classics   15/5   May 79   
Sperry Messenger hist PA 3v ca Dil xs
Dayton-Wright Messenger  PA
Junkers WWI designs surv 3v PA
Junkers D.1  3v PA xs
Junkers J2 PA 4v xx
Junkers J10  3v xs
Junkers J4 (bip) 3v xs PA
Vought XC-142  CPA 3v ca
Dan Roberts (US) bio PA
F-101B n RCAF w eagle motif  CPA
Martin P4M Mercator PA
C-130 w long probe nose n RAF  CPA
DH Mosquito ftr ops  PDA
Macchi racers surv 3v PA
Macchi MC.72 3v PA
L.W.F. Model V (US bip) serving n Siberia PDA 4v il

Air Classics   15/4  April 79
Xearly USMC transport ops PA
USAAC pilot trng n W2  PA mem
PT-17  3v ca xs Dil
Francisco Barraca (Italy)  bio PA
B.E.2 flt across Australia PA
Raoul Lufbery (France) bio PA & ac flown
Nieuport 17 Cca
Nieuport 28 3v xs A
Bob Hanson dogfights over Rabaul (US) bio PA
Dambuster raid remembered  PA
Mosquito Mus 20th anniv  PA
Vultee V-1A rest CPA
Francis Gary Powers & U-2 what happend PA
SA-16 Albatross 51-0001 indiv ac hist PA
Loening R-4  PA 3v xs
Curtiss A-1  PA ca

Air Classics  15/2  Feb 79
Hanna Reitsch bio PA
Me-321, 323 hist 3v PA
Lanoe George Hawker (England) bio PA
DH-2 rest CP
Greg "Pappy" Boyington (US) bio PA
Oswald Boelcke (Germany) bio PA
Fokker E.III Cca
Hawker Sea Fury 2s civ rest CPA pirep
Short Stirling cpit Cil
Robert Ritter von Greim (Germany) bio PA
Curtiss F9C ops < diris hist PA
Curtiss CR-1  3v PA

Air Classics   15/1    January 79   
Curtiss CR-3 PA
Stanley K. Robinson (US) bio PA
DH Mosquito hist CPA
Mosquito IV  ca
Reno air races CPA
USMC ops in Nicaragua 1927  PA
Keith Rider r-3 rest at Bradley Air Mus  PA
Supermarine Walrus  ca PA
Saunders Roe  S.R.53  3v PA

Air Classics    YEARBOOK 1978  
XRoscoe Turner & Pesco Special  bio PA
Pesco Special 3v PA
Kawasaki KDA-6 (1931 bip) PA
Kawasaki A-6 (bip sptpln) PA
Kawasaki Ki-3 (attack bip) PDA
Vultee F-1 "Lady Peace" flight PDA
Sikorsky VS-44A  PDA
Belgium AF against Germany  PA 
Renard R-38 (Belgium) PA
P-39 crash n Australia W2 PA 
Hawker Typhoon hist PA
Switzerland AF hist CPA 
Zerbe Air Sedan (US 1919 4wing proto) PA 
F-82 flying n combat CPA 
F-102  CPDA  
Bristol XLRQ (US sea glider) 3v PA 
Allied XLRA (US sea glider) 3v PA 
Allied XLR2A (propo sea glider) 3v  
XLRH (propo 2 hull sea glider) 3v A 
XLRG (US propo pod & boom seaglider) 3v 
Glenn Martin & early flyboat flying  bio PA  
Messerschmitt P.1101  3v PDA
ac crashes on carriers PA

Air Classics   14/12  Dec 78         
C-123 w US Dept of Int  P
Frank Luke  bio PA
Spit ops w Americans n MTO  CPA il
John Fawcett (US) war action PA
forced down over Sweden n W2  PA
F8F civ CPA
Boeing 100 PA
Mosquito ops PDA
saving Vought-Sikorsky VS-44  PA


Air Classics     14/10   Oct 78     
F-89 hist CPA 3v pirep
TF-51 rest civ CPDA
Albert Ball (England) bio PA
S.E.5  PA ca
A6M rest  CPA
minor ac crashes at NAS Sanford, Florida PA

Air Classics    14/8  Aug 78    
XBerliner-Joyce hist PA
flying on USAF Thunderbirds team mem CPA
F4F Wildcat hist CPA 6v pros xs
Ju-52 w Switz AF CPA
Bristol M01 Bullet PA
B-25 civ "Executive Sweet" rest CPA
RAF Mus (England) PA
P-40 Kittyhawk civ ex RCAF  PA

Air Classics   14/9  Sep 78   
XFord hw 1e mono P
Robert Prescott (US) bio PA
C-47 of Sweden AF  CP
F4F Wildcat hist PA
Bucker Jungmann D-EBPT  CP
Mitsubishi J2M & Operation Save a Jack  PA
Fairey Firefly hist rest CPDA 5v xs
94th Aero Sqdn (US) WWI ops PA
Austro-Hungary AF  1918-20  PA
Berlin Airlift hist PA

Air Classics    14/7   July 78  
XBerliner-Joyce company hist PA
Berliner-Joyce P-16  4v PA ca xs Dil
Aradio Ar-198 (proto liai shwing tadr) PA
Siebel Fh-104A Hallore (lt trans W2) 5v PA
He-51 Psurv
Spit IX ops by US n MTO CPA
He-111H indiv ac hist of Holscher  PA Cca
Lockheed Vega Psurv
Grumman F7F civ fbbr  CPA
Berliner-Joyce OC-2  PA
Berliner-Joyce  XFJ-1 PA
Berliner-Joyce XF2J  PA
P-40 civ ex Canada AF  PAv

Air Classics   14/3   March 78  
P-6E hist PA 2v ca xs T-6 races at Reno CPA
Bert Hall (US) bio PA
German ac Psurv
P-40 w RCAF   PA
B-18 PD

Air Classics    14/1  January 78     
XJN4D barnstormer PA
F-8 Crusader hist PA 5v xs Dil
Ju-88G  3v PA
Ju-88C f PA pro
Curtiss ac n China b4 W2  PA
Hs-293 PA 
Fi-156 Storch PA 
Marone VM-1 (hb) PA  
Short S.23 Empire flybt PA 
Hs-123 captured PA
L019 Canadian AF  PA 
Lanier Paraplane PA
P-47D-25 rest CPA
BT-13  civ PA

Air Classics   13/12  Dec 77    
XDH Hornet PDA 3v
F-8 Crusader CPA
Seversky DP-1 n Sweden rest CPA
Grumman TBM rest CPDA
A-4 23d annive CPA
former freedom fighters search for B-17 crew PA
C-119 w jet pod on top CPA
Vultee BT-13 agri conv PA
Hawke Duster (early agri hw tadr) P
Howard DGA-15 on floats P
Martin 404 sprayer CPA
F-86 w Golden Arrows PA
Billman Little Pink Cloud (US hb 1s mono) PA
Japan AF early hist  PA
Nakajima Type 91 PA
Aichi e3A1 PA
Nakajima Ki-Shiki 4 PA
Curtiss combat ac n China b4 W2  PA
Vultee V 11 n China P

Air Classics    13/11  Nov 77  
V-1 crashed intact on airfield P
Japanese early av hist  PA
F-8 Crusader CPA
Belgian AF Mus CPA
Folland Gnat CPA
Werner Molders death n W2 PA
P-51s rest n Texas  CPA
Gotha Go-242  PDA 3v ca
Curtiss combat ac n China  PA

Air Classics   13/10  Oct 77   
Lewis machgun n W1 hist PA Dil
China early aviation PA  CW-21  4v PA   Fushing bip trnr (China) PA  Fusing D-2 (China lw ftr propo) PA
Ki-84 rest CPA
Martin B-26 ops n New Gunea PA
Howard Mr. Mulligan repli CPA
A-10 fatal crash at Paris as  PA
Northrop YF-17 at Paris as CP
McD-D YC-15 at Paris as CPMew Gull (England lw tadr racer) hist PA 5v Dil xs
Percival Gull PA
Percival Hendy  PA
Pecival Vega Gull  PA

Air Classics    13/9  Sep 77  
P-51 rest from San Salvador PA
China av hist b4 W2  PA
P-39 rest CPA
Brown X (US trapezoid wing push tadr) PA
Buhl CA-8A  PA 
B uhl CA-1WA  PA
Bleriot-Zappata 110 (France long distance flyer) PA
Polikarpov  I=153 rest CPA
L.V.G. C.VI  rest CPA
Fairchild Canada  71  PA
F4F Wildcat action at Wake  PA
Bellanca Flash "The Dorothy" PA
Boeing 100 mod PA
DFW Flamingo (Germ spt bipO PA
British liaison ops ovr Malaya  PA
Auster AOP9  PA caX

Air Classics    13/8   Aug 77  
XBuhl CA-3 (op cock bip ltpln) P
Pilgrim 100-A   P
Boeing 247 of Penn Central  P
Aeromarine Klemm AKL-26  P
Breese=Dallas X   P
Boeing 80 of Linco  P
OS2U Kingfisher hist PA 4v xs
P=51D rest "Man o War" CPDA
Avro Lincoln rest CP
Auster AOP 9 n Malaya War  PA
Spitfire IX civ G-AIDN  CPDA
Arado Ar 197 PA
Arado 68  3v PA pro

Air Classics     13.5   May 77 
Ju-88 wreckov n Eng PA
Hawker Tornado PA 3v 4v xs ca
F4F Wildcat rest  CPA
Dassault Caravelle  CPA
M.S.406 C.1/D-3801  CPA
Operation Thunderbolt  Israeli rescue raid to Entebbe  PA
Me-163B-1A kill CPA 3v
Me-163A  3v
Douglas observation planes hist PA
Douglas O-2 PDA
Douglas O-25 PDA, )O-25C  3v ca xs DIl

Air Classics   13/4  Apr  77   
XBf-109E-4 crash landed PA
Hawker Fury n foreign service  4v PA xs Dil
P-38 rest of CAP  CP
P-47 w Mexico AF ops n SoPac  PA
Supermarine 510  CPA
Battle of Tri Duby (West Europe W2)  PA
F-104 civ Red Baron  PA
Burnelli/Canadian Car & Foundry Loadmaster  PA
Curtiss Hawk 17  (civilian P-1) P
SB2U1  civ P
Bellanca 77-320 fltpln bbr P
Fairey Firefly Royal Thai AF P
Federal PT   P
Beech 18 trilg tprop CP
WASP ops n W2 hist  PA
diri ZR-3  P

Air Classics   13/3   March 77   
XMiles Balliol civ P
NAF TDN drone  P
R.P. "Cat's Eye" Stevens (England) bio PA
Vought-Sikorsky VS-326  PA
Douglas XO=46 PA
Douglas O-46A  PA 4v xs Dil
P-51D civ rest  "Cripes a Mighty"  CPA
Hawker Hart rest CPA
Handley Page Hastings CPA
Avro Vulcan  CPA
CAF Hiroshima bombing reinactment at a s  controversy  PA
SPAD S-510 (last France bip ftr) PA
Canadian Warplane Heritage Mus  CPA

Air Classics    13/2  Feb 77  
XHawker Hector  5v PA
Robert Davidson (England) RAF nt ftrs W2 mem  A
Confederate AF today CPA
National Air & Space Mus CPA
Colonial Air Lines PA
Fokker F.III P
Fairchild FC-1
Sikorsky S-38  P
Fairey Battle wreckovery PA
P-47N   P

Air Classics     13/1  January 77 
Douglas O-43A  PA 5v xs ca
Percival Proctor  P
B-17 civ rest CP
1976 Reno Air Races CPA
P-51D rest CP
Nord 1101 (trilg PW2 ltpln based on Me 208) P
Junkers Ju-290 P

Air Classics    12/12  Dec 76  
Douglas YO=31  PA 3v xs ca
Douglas Y1O-43  3v xs PA
Douglas Skyrocket  3v ca PA
Canadian Car & Foundry Harvard (Texan blt n Canada) CPA
F-82 rest CPA
Waco XPG-3 (pwrd trans g W2) PA
Bf-108 rest CPA
Northrop F-5A CP
C-5A transports F-5s > England PA

Air Classics    12/11  Nob 76  
Saburo Sakai interv A
Douglas  XO-31, YO-31  PA
Douglas YO-31A, O-31B 3fv ca PA
Tom McGuire biop CPA
P-38 of McGuire CP
Pearl Harbor Feb 7, 1932 war game raid on PA
PBY-6  Denmark Navy CPA
B-26 1st mission n Europe A
P-51s at Mojave Air Races CPA
F8F racers at Mojave CPA
Halifax wreckovery PDA
Short S.B.6  Seamew PA
Short Shetland P

Air Classics    12/10   Oct 76  
Bristol Brigand P
HP O/400 PA
Ju-88 rest CPA
BT-9 rest CPA
Spit 24 rest CPA
Lufthansa early ops PA
B-26 Marauder civ rest PA
Saburo Sakai filming of combat career A

Air Classics   12/9  Sep 76   
XByrd North Pole flt PA
Jiro Horikoshi explains Zero's design PA
D.558I PA ca Dil
F7F fbbr CPA
P-51D r4est CPA
Sikorsky R-4 rest PA
VFW-614 CP
FW44 rest CP
Hawker High Speed Fury 5v Dil xs PA
DH Mosquito  hist PA
B-24 loss on trng flt & wreckovery PA

Air Classics    12/8   Aug 76     
Hawker Fury ca Dil xs PA
T-6 rest CPA
F7U hist devel ill 3v CPA
Hurrican rest CPA
VMF-422 many ac loss in bad weather PA
German av exhibit at RAF Mu PAX

Air Classics    12/7  July 76      
July 4 1942 USAAF air raid Europe PA
Canadian Junkers F-13 PA
ac of Challenge publications PA
F7U hist CPA 3v xs
Lockheed practice of Disney cartoons on their W2 ac CP
P-38J rest CPA
SM.55X flown by Americans PA
Hawker Fury 4v PDA
P-51D shootdown of US ac "The Bad Angel" PA

Air Classics    12/6  Jun 76     
Avia B.534  5v xs Dil PA
F-84/84F hist CPA
Koolhoven FK.52 3v xs PA
F7U hist CPA devel il
Vultee V-1 PA
P-40 ground trainer PA

Air Classics   12/5  May 76     
Dutch aviators escaped from German occupation PA
Boeing 307 CPA 3v
Fiat G.46 rest CPA
Hawker Tomtit rest CPA
F-84/84F hist CPA
PBM Mariner PAX

Air Classics    12/4  April 76  
White (2s lw trnr  US) PA
Gloster F.9/37  5v PA
Goodyear FG-1D rest CPA
USAF Thunderbirds team CPA
Aloha-DOl 1927 race
FW-190A-3/U1 rest CPA
F-84 hist PA
P-40 mass 1941 crash A
B-17 Confed AF rest PDA

Air Classics    12/3  March 76  
Alberto Santos Dumont (Brazil) bio PA
Paris Air Mus  PA
Bf-109F CP ca
B-24 Liberator VI ex India AF to be preserved  CPA
XFV-1 4v CPA
Hughes H-1 5v xs PA
SBD rest of Confed AF PA
C-82 w United Al  PA

Air Classics   12/2  Feb 76   
Palm Sunday Massacre (Germ transp loss over Med) PA
Harrier 2s  2v Dil CPA
Mitsubishi Ki-46 rest CPA
Curtiss XP-23  5v xs DIl PA
Kellett Autogiro PA
A6M5 rest PA
Convair 880  PA

Air Classics   12/1  January 76   
P-36 ops w Norway PA
PT-19/26 ops w Norway PA
Douglas 8A5 w Norway PA
Strathallan Collection, England CPA
Reid & Sigrist Duxford (2e tadr) CP
Beaufighter TF.X rest CPA
F4B-3/4  5v xs Dil
Me-410 rest CPA
diri Shennandoah crash PA
Kinner Ac corp hist

Air Classics   11/12  Dec 75   
Paul Mantz bio PA
Lockheed CL-475  PA
Curtiss A-8  5v Dil PA
Airspeed Oxford CPA
B-25 raids on Rabaul PA
B-24 of Confed AF CPA
Fokker F-27  CPA
Mirage F.1E CP
Blackburn Shark 4v Cpro PA

Air Classics    11/11  Nov 75  
Lancaster rest >Eng<Canada PA
Avro York rest  CPA
Shennandoah didi hist PA
Kawasaki Ki-100 rest CPA
P-35 rest CPA 3v
Jean Stampe (Belgium) bio PA
Stampe SV-4b (Belgium sport bip) CPA
B-25 raids on Rabaul
Curtiss Falcon 6v xs Dil PA
XR-12 Rainbow PA
Sea Fury rest PA

Air Classics     11/10  Oct 75 
Bellanca 28-90 series PA
Bellanca 28-70  3v PA
Tempest V rest CPA
Phnom Penh, Vietnam airlift PA
Mojave Races unlimiteds CPA
Paul Mantz bio PA
B-17F PA ca
General Western Meteor (US para sptpln) 3v xs PA
Red Arrows demo team CPA
Heinkel water based ac surv PA
Jack Villas (US?) bio PA

Air Classics    11/9  Sep 75  
P-47N rest PA
F-100 hist CPA
Douglas O-38 rest 5v CPA
W2 bomber pinups  CPA
Burke F. Smith (US av n RA W2) PA
Standard Oil Co ac of 30s PA
Heinkel floatplanes of 30s PA

Air Classics   11/8    Aug 75   
P-38 corr
flying pancake designs surv PA
XF5U  4v Dil PA
F-100 hist 3v CPA
F8F rest CPA
Standard Oil Co ac of 30s PA
Sop Camel rest CPDA
Scanair al  CPA
PBY rest PDA
Heinkel water based ac surv PA

Air Classics    11/7  July 75  
TBF fbbr rest CPA
William Larkins photos CPA
Fokker X.XVII (bip ftr Netherlands) PA 4v ca xs
F-100 hist CPA
B-29 of Confed AF  PDA

Air Classics    11/6  June 75  
Douglas XB-7 PA 3v xs
Concorde CPA
DH Vampire rest CPA
Gloster Meteor rest CPA
Fokker F-32  PDA pro
Naval Ac Fact XN5N-1 P
Schreck-Viking flobt P
Kaiser BTK-1 P

Air Classics    11/5   May   75  
Poll Triplane (Germ W1 New York bbr proj) 3v PA
Spitfire PR.19 CP
US Navy Air Mus CPA
last Sea Otter  PA
first USN ac  PA
Martin RM-12 (USCG 404) PA
Luftwaffe ac Psurv
Kaman K-225 w USCG  P
Battle of Britain Flight, England CPA

Air Classics   11/4   Apr 75   
Martin China CLipper  PDA
Alpha Jet proto CP
Saab Viggen CP
P-38 rest CPA
Wizard Stone (American aviator who brought aviation to Australia) PA
Luftwaffe ac Psurv
Barin Field (US) PA
Howard DGA-15 w trilg P
Fulton Airphibian PA

Air Classics    11.3  March 75  
Avro Anson incident PA
Soviet AF n 30s hist PA
Fi-156 Storch CPA
F9C rest CPDA
movie The Hindenburg 2v xs PA
Luftwaffe ac Psurv
XF-88 hist PA
North American NA-50 (1e 2s lw ftr for Peru) P
P-63 w ski lg  P

Air Classics    11/2   Feb 75    
Travel Air 2000  4v Dil xs CPA
Douglas A-1 hist CPA
Douglas XTB2D  P
Lancaster rest CPA
Red Arrows demo team  CPA
P-51 racer "Foxy Lady" #34  CP
P-47N PA

Air Classics   11/1   January 75   
Waco Taperwing  PA xs 4v Dil
C-130 CPA
Douglas A-1 hist CPA ca
Mistell ops PDA
Slovak National Uprising 1939 PA
Lysander rest CPA

Air Classics   10/12  Dec 74   
B-26 torpedo ops n SoPac PA
Douglas A-1 hist CPA ca
Typhoon Hunters - C-121 weather ops  CPA
T-38 pirep CPA
Canberra PA
Wackett (Australia) trans P
R3Y  P
Gurtiss Gulfhawk IA  5vb xs PA

Air Classics    10/11  Nov 74  
XWestland Whirlwind ftr 4v PA
B-45 CPA 4v xs
P-63 ferry to Alaska for Soviets CPA
William Shomo (US) bio PA
P-51rest n Shomo mkgs CP
Ford Trimotor rest CPDA
I Flew with Wiley Post - John Alden Barclay autobio PA
Luftwaffe ac Psurv

Air Classics     10/10  Oct  74 
SoPac CPsurv
FJ-2, 3  CPA 4v xs
Canadair C-54G w MAD gear  P
MODERN Germ AF Psurv
DH Mosquito n Mexico City PA

Air Classics     10/9   Sep 74 
AJ-1 Savage hist CPA 4v xs
PBY nt bbg ops PA
DH Fox Moth  CPA
Dutch AF Mus  CPA
XF4U-1  5v PA
Rickenbacker AFB  PA
Luftwaffe Psurv
Dole Hawaii race preparation 1927  PA
Harlow PC-5 PA
Fletcher Defender PA
Fleet Model 2  P

Air Classics     10/8   Aug 74 
XF2R-1  5v PA xs
FR-1 PA 5v xs ca
XF-107  PA 3v
Turboprop DC-3 CPA
Sea Fury civs CPAFJ-1  3v xs PA
Sweden AF hist  CPA
Luftwaffe Psurv
Aichi D3A Val salvage PA
American Pilgrim P
Bellanca Pacemaker P

Air Classics    10/7  July 74  
NA-73X Mustang proto PA
Switzerland AF hist CPA
F8F civ rest CPA ca
F-82 CPA
Northrop C-125  PDA 3v xs
Howard DGA on floats P
C-47 modern Army Missile Test Command P
Bellanca push-pul twin P
P-2E Neptune civ fbbr PA
Luftwaffe Psurv


Air Classics    10/6  June 74
Boeing XPBB   PA
XF-90 PA
Luftwaffe Psurv
C-130 hist CPA 3v
P-51H  CPDA ca
Hunting Provost CPA
Vulcan CPA
Northrop N-23 Trimotor  3v PA
Douglas World Cruiser world flt PA
Rich-Twin Model 1-X-2  P
Ryan Standard (bip trans) P
Ryan PT-22 mod P
Scottish Aviation Twin Pioneer  P

Air Classics    10/5  May 74
Canadair DC-4M (Douglas with Merlins) CPA
Grumman SA-16  CPA
Caudron C.460  PA
Spain AF hist CPA
P-47N rest CPA
Silver Eagles (US Army heli flt demo team) status PA
Grumman Goose tprop mod
Charles M. Dolan (US ex-Lafayette Escadrille pi bio PA
Cessna LC-126 on floats (mil 195) P
Chester Sky Baby (r) P
Douglas X-21P
Martin B-26 civ
Unstable Mable (Lockheed engineers test glider)X

Air Classics    10/4  Apr 74  
P-38 SoPac ops PA
B-17 found in Netherlands as land is reclaimed) PA
Spitfire survey CPA
F-82 hist  CPA Dil ca 3v
Boeing 299Z (test proto) CPDA
Conroy Super Guppy surv  CPA 2v
U-2  CPA
Boyington loss n Pacific  PA
B-10 PA
B-17 PA
P-26  PA
Douglas OA-4  P
Douglas O-25 P
Bellanca C-27 P
Fokker 0-27
Fairchild Husky  P
B-24/C-87 exec trans P
DHC Turbo Beaver on floats
General Aviation  C-14 P

Air Classics  10/3  March 74    
Typhoon PA 4v
Starfighter bailout PA
XP-77  3v PA
XP=51F  PA 3v Dil
restored W1 ac surv  CPA
Luftwaffe Psurv
F-82 hist PDA ca
Douglas O-38P (export) PA
F-16 provis 3v
B-17 w TWA post W2 P
Temco TT-1 P

Air Classics    10/2  Feb  74  
Luftwaffe Psurv
Berline Airlift PA
Towner Thunderbolt  (hb) PA
Eastman Flying Boat PA
Driggs Skylark P
P5M-1 n USCG P
Airphibians Inc. Privateer  P
Prudden Trimotor P
Douglas RD-3 P
Groenslandsfly Al (Greenland) CPA
Jimmy Jones (US) bio PA
Peno Air Races CPA
Glenn Martin flying boat flights PA
uncovering a WW2 airfleid PA
A6M3 testing captured PA

Air Classics  10/1  74    
Burgess Dunne bip (Canada) 3v PA
early Mexican aviation PA
F-102 CPA
Boeing 247 CPDA pro
Foundation for Airborne Relief C-47 & C-133 ops CPA
Consolidated PT-11C  P
Consolidated XBY-1 P
Consolidated XV-1 P
Humphrey MG-2 (30s aerobat) P
Verville PT-11  P
Thomas Morse Y1O-41  P
Mercury Arrow (US) PX

Air Classics    SPECIAL  Winter 73  
all color pictures only of restored 30s era US civil ac

Air Classics    9/11  Nov 73  
He-219  PDA ca
Zerbe Air Sedan PA
Flying Tiger cargo carrier hist CPA
in-flight refuelling CPA
VTO ac surv PA
S-2 fbbr CPA
KC-97 "Miss Oklahoma City" PA
Beech Model 73 Jet Mentor  PA
C-82 civ w TWA  P
Fokker F-32 P
Grumman OA-9 PA
Cessna LC-126  P

Air Classics    9/10   Oct 73  
Spartan Military Trainer P
Longren Ac Co  New Longren PA
Sundorph Special (US r) P
Fletcher Fu-24 P
B-17 "Shoo Shoo Baby" rest PA
DH Dove  PA
Confederate AF today CPA
RB-57F  3v CPA
B-57A 3v
FW 190 CPA
I Tested the FW-190 PA

Air Classics   9/9   Sep 73   
XF-107 PA corr
Convorde vs Tu-144 PA
Hans Joachim Marseille & M 109G-2 flown Cpro ca
B-17 fbbr CP
fbbrs surv CPA
Okay Airplane PA
Messerschmitt P.1101  3v Dil PA
Don Hall's private air force (surplus ac rests) PA
Mohawk XPT-7P
Spit IX Israel AF  P
Stearman 75 mod  P
Engle SP-1 (hb US)

Air Classics    9/8  Aug 73  
ac crashes on carriers PA
Fairey Firefly PA
Boeing 707 Dash 80 CPDA
Archibald A. McKellar (England) bio PA
Hurricane rest CP
Do-335  PA ca Dil 4v xs
Sikorsky Clippers & S.40 hist PDA
Pesco Special of Roscoe Turner  3v xs PA

Air Classics     9/7  July 73 
SB2A n Tennessee hills boneyard PA
Dole Pineapple Race 1927  PA
A-29 CPA Cpro Dil
lost Century Series ftrs  XF-103, 107, 108
Ryan PT-16  3v PA
Ryan  PT-20  PA
Kawasaki A-6 PA
Kawasaki KDA-6  PA 
Kawasaki Ki-3 PA
Aetna Aerocraft 2SA  PA 
Stearman 75 mod PA
Ryan Bluebird PA
Ryan STA n Mexico AF PA
Rose Parakeet PA
Pitcairn Mailwing PA

Air Classics    9/6  June 73  
Belgium AF n W2 PA
P-51s to Salvador PA
DH Moth hist  PA
Frank Fuller (US) bio PA
T-6 surv CPA
Kelley Field  PA
Tuscar Metals H-70-71 P
F4B-1 w T-tail P
Flagor High Tow (hb bip) P
Wiley Post "A"  (bip) P
Welch OW-5M  P
Abrahms Explorer  P
Martyn EPS (bip) P

Air Classics   9/5  May 73   
Jap use of capt US bbrs PA
San Diego Aerospace Mus  PA
64th Sentai PA Cpro
P-47N rest  CPA
Sea Fury  CPDA
fbbrs surv CPA
Boeing 307  CPDA
PB-1W  P
B-17 engine test mod P
Rawdon T-1  P
Fairchild C-22 Parasol P
Saturn Meteor P
Culver PQ-14  P

Air Classics    9/4  April 73  
F-86D  PA
F9C-2 PA
Goodyear bliimps PDA
history of Air Force One  PA
Edwards AFB  ac based at  CPA
March Field hist PA
Norseman Israel AF PA
Fokker Universal  PA
Fairchild NC-123X  PA
SAI Ambrosini S.1001 Gifo
Ryan STA  P
Jovair 4 Sedan (formerly McCullogh) heli  P

Air Classics    9.3  March 73  
Avia B.534 the last biplane kill PA
Piper Cubs at war PA
NATO ac surv
W1 ac color illustrations
Vought-Sikorsky VS-44 CPA
Lackland AFB Mus PA

Air Classics    9/2   February 73  
William R. Dunn (1st US citizen ace of WW2) bio
XB-51   CPDA
nose art n W2  PA Cpro Cil
T-28  CPA 3v Dil
F-4 flying CPA
Igor Sikorsky bio PA
Sikorsky R-4 C{
McDonnell Doodlebug  5v xs Dil PAX

Air Classics   9.1   January 73   
56th FG on D-Day  PA
DH Vampire CPDA
Vultee V-1 "Lady Peace" 1936 t-Atlantic flt  PDA
F-4C flying CPA
TBF/M  Cpro P
A6M 2 seat mod post W2 recovery PA
carrier USS Bunker Hill hist PA

Air Classics    8/14   Dec 72  
C-97 early ops PA
early Zeppelin warfare PA
B-25s flown in movie Catch 22
B-25 hist CPDA Cca Dil
Fairey Battle ops n Battle of France  PA C2v

Air Classics   8/13   Nov 72   
Hughes HK-1 Hercules PDA
how USAF bases are named A
P-40B CP
Ghost P-40 of Mindanao legend  A
Douglas A-3 hist PACanada's Air Museum PA
Douglas pusher aircraft surv PA
P-47D rest CPA
China Lake abandoned ac  PA
Curtiss N-9 PA

Air Classics   8/12  Oct 72   
PB4Y-2 CPA 3v Dil
Italy AF ops n USSR n W2 PA Cpro
VX-5 USN test sqdn
1947 Thompson Trophy Race  PA
aerial gunnery trng by US n W2
Lloyd Roger (US) autobio PA

Air Classics    8/11   Sep 72  
C-47 in Korean War "Project Firefly" PA
A-1 Fisher rescue n Viet War PA
Berlin Airlift PA
C-74 CP
F-100 CPDA  4v
B-52  CPA
Air Rescue helis in Arctic CPA
B-1  PA

Air Classics     8/10  Aug 72 
XP-67  PA
C-97  3v PA
SoPac ac graveyard
C Lindbergh's Pan Am survey flights  PA
T-28  PA
1932 Thompson Trophy race  PA
64th Sentai hist  Cpro PA

Air Classics    8/9   July 72  
64th Sentai  PA Cpros
Amelia Earhart & Lockheed 10  PA
Northrop A-17 Cpro
Bristol Brabazon hist PA
B-17 BPDA Cpros
P-51 PDA

Air Classics    8/8   June 72  
Finland AF n W2 PA
P-51 CPA Cpros
Stearman PT series CPA
Grumman S-2E CPA
early British alnrs  PA
first international air meet  PA

Air Classics    8/7  May 72  
Beaufighter hist PDA Cpros
making movie Tora Tora Tora
P-39 his PDA Cpros
Joe Pfeiffer (US restorer) CPA
WWI over Flanders PA
P-38 rest CPDA
amphibians of US Army Air Corps  PA

Air Classics    8/6   Aor 72  
AIR CLASSICS INDEX Vol 1 #1 -- Vol 6 #6
SB2C PA Cpros
VB-17 PA
HMS Furious (England ac carrier) PA
Douglas A-4  CPA pro xs
F4U hist CPA 3v ca Dil
Lockheed PV-1  CP
F2A-1 Cpro
SBC-4 Cpro

Air Classics   8/5  March 72   
B-36 rest PA
J2F CPA 2v Dil Cpros
Fairchild AT-13, 21  PA
P-26 PA
N3N  CPA 3v DIl
Luftwaffe suicide sqdns  PAX

Air Classics   8/4  Feb 72   
C-121 weather ac ops PA
Schutt-Lanz SL11 ( Germany wooden diri WI) PA
Manfred von Richtofen  PA
ac boneyard n Vietnam PA
life aboard US escort carriers  PA
AVG Flying TIgers hist PA Cpro
P-40C  ca PDA

Air Classics    8/3   Jan 72  
Huey Cobra PA
F-86 CPA
Ernest Simmons (Canada ac hoarding hermit) CPA
combat over Sumatra  PA
Movieworld USA Air Mus PA
Chance Vought & ac designs bio PA

Air Classics    8/2  Dec 71  
AIR CLASSICS INDEX to VOl 7 Oct 70 - Sep 71
P-39 PA ca
making movie Murphy's War PA
Fokker D.VIII rest CPDA
Fiat C.R. 42  PA
USAF Museum relocates   CPA
F-8 Crusader PA tail mkgs pros

Air Classics    8/1  Nov 71  
XPBY n USAAF service PA
movie about Von Richtofen & Brown CPA
475th Ftr Group "Satan's Angels" (US) PA
Davis Monthan ac boneyard PA
Observation ac YO-50, YO-51, YO-54, L014  PA
USMC aviation mus at Quantico  PA

Air Classics   7/6  Sep 71   
XB-24 PA
RAAF hist PA
Waco CG-4 assault pilot mem PA
PV-1, 2  CPA
O-47  PA
AT=6 mods CPDA
Lockheed 12 "first spy plane" PA
FAC ops n Vietnam CPA
USAAC obs ac 30s Psurv
making movie The Hindenburg CPA

Air Classics   7/5  July 71   
Israel AF hist PA
Bob Diemert (US) bip restorations  PA
P-47 hist PA Cil Dil develpros
US blimps & dirigible hist PA

Air Classics    7/4   May 71  
XUS attack ac hist PA
F3F hist PA Cil pro
P-51D tprop mod CP
B P Defiant hist PA Cpro
Robert Leslie  (US 1717 flybt pi) bio PA

Air Classics   7/3  March 71  
Soviet AF W2 ftrs surv hist  PA 
P-61 hist C3v PA Dill
Boeing PW-9 vs Curtiss PW-8 n 1923 ftr competition PA
DH 89 Rapide CPA
Eugene Ely & Curtiss Pusher flights
US Army flt trng n 1916  PA

Air Classics    7/2   Dec 70  
XP-40  PA
Northrop Gamma  PDA
aircraft in North Africa theater W2 PA
Thomas Morse ftr surv PA
Douglas AC-47

Air Classics    7/1  Oct  70  
Berliner-Joyce P-16  PDA
C-119, C-82, C-120 CPA
Goodyear FG-1, F4U-1D,F2G CPA
USN enlisted flight trng  PA
disposal of Japan ac after W2  PA
B-47 deliv to PNAMF  PA

Air Classics     6/6  Aug 70 
XHawk 75, P-36  CPA 3v
B-17 Cil PA
Douglas A-1  CPA
trans-Atlantic flt of NC-4  cil PA
Hughes XF-11  3v Dil PA

Air Classics    6./5  ANNUAL   June 70  
early aircraft machine guns  PDA
B-26 Marauder  PA Cil
Alford Williams (US) bio PA
Grumman G-22 (spt bip 2s based on F2F) CP
Curtiss Wildcat racer (tripe) PA
Curtis CR-1 (bip) r
Curtiss R2C  PA
Curtiss R3C PA
Gulfhawk I Curtiss F6C-4 civ  PA
Grumman Gulfhawk II  civ F2F   PA
Grumman Gulfhawk III civ F8F  PA
F6F rest  CPDA ca
Martin China Clipper PDA

Air Classics   6/4  Apr 70  
Ryan "Spirit of St. Louis" 3v Dil PA
Beech Twin Quad 34  PA
making movie Battle of Britain CPA

Air Classics   6/3  Feb 70   
Russian trans polar flights to US n late 30s  PA
SB2U  PDA Cpro
Dirigible Italia  PA
Sky Harbor airport (home of Gee Bees)  PA
General Aviation G.A. 43 (1e lw ret tadr trans) PDA
Douglas DF flying boat  PA

Air Classics   6/2  Dec  69   
Lloyd Child (US Curtiss test pi) bio PA
ac boneyard n Arizona PA Cpros
B-24 rest PA
Bangkok Air Museum  CPA
Vultee BT-13  CPA
Frank Hawks (US race pilot) bio PA
Hanriot HD-1  3v PDA xs

Air Classics   6/1  Oct 69   
B-25 raid on Cape Waios, SoP)ac PA
F-82  PA ca
making movie Tora Tora Tora
Hawker biplane survey  PAX

Air Classics    5/6  Aug 69  
Roscoe Turner bio PA
SBD hist CPDA ca
Republicf XF-12 Rainbow  PA
making movie 30 Seconds Over Tokyo CPA
F-80 CPDA 3v ca

Air Classics   5/5  June 69   
Tunison Scout (US bip) P
Ford single engine transport of Pacific Alaska Airways P
Boeing 314  PDA
Constellation  CPDA  ca
Sopwith Pup  4v
Me-262  3v CPA Cpro

Air Classics   5/3   Feb   69   
making movie Tora Tora Tora CPA
TBF/M hist CPA 3v ca
Bellanca warplanes PDA
Bellanca 77-140  3v
Bellanca 77/320  3v
Vickers Vildebeest  PA C2v pro

Air Classics   5/2  Dec 68   
William Shomo (US W2 ftr pi) bio PA
nose art and names of US bombers
Eric Hartmann PA Cil pro
Cossack Killers in Anti-Bolshevik War of South Russia  PA
Sopwith Triplane rest CPA
Lockheed 12 Electra  C3v (Dutch)  PA caX

Air Classics   5/1   Oct 68   
Beech XA-38  3v PDA
Fokker D.VII  CPA 3v
TBD-1 Cpro PDA
Spanish Nationalist Fighter Pilot interv  PA
D.H. Mosquito  CPA

Air Classics   4/6   Aug 68   
B-50  PA 4v Dil xs
Boeing 247  CPA pros
Vultee Ac Co hist  CPA
P2V "Truculent Turtle"  PA
P4M-1  PA
tank busting n Russia  PA
Bu-133  PA
FW-190  Cpro PA
Ar-96  PA

Air Classics   4/5  June 68   
Sopwith Camel  Cpro PA 3v
Commonwealth Wirraway PA
Italian desert war n Africa   PA
Sikorsky XPBS-1   P
Ford XB-906 (trimotor bbr proto) P
Fairchild PT-19, 23, 26  CPA
FM-2 rest CPA
Curtiss A-18  Cpro
Northrop A-17  Cpro
B-17s flown to refuge n Sweden PA

Air Classics   4/4  April 68   
Fleet scout ac surv hist
Curtiss SC-1  PDA
in flight refuelling  PA
P-26  PDA
Paul Redfern (US long distance flyer) disappearance  PA
Harry Houdini flying activities  PA bio
B-25 Cpros CPA Dil C3v
P-35 PDA
Hall XPTBH-2 (2e fltpln torp bbr) PA
Lockheed Vega CPDA

Air Classics    4/3   Feb   68  
Lockheed P-30 hist PA
US ac carrier tail mkgs PA
T-6  CPA 3v
P-35 hist PA
flying boats surv PA

Air Classics    4/2  Nov 67  
Curtiss A-8, A-12  PA
US ac carrier pilot trng  PA
Spain Civ War ac surv Cpro PA
AVG Flying Tigers hist CPA
B-17s flown to Sweden n W2  CPA
derelict W2 ac PA
Ford Trimotor CPA

Air Classics   4/1   Sep 67   
XF5U  3v PA
Mercury Aviation (1st scheduled al) PA
WW1 ac surv PA
Fokker F/20 P
P-12 rest  CP
Mitsubishi Ki-21 stolen bbr myth that Japan stole US tech for it   Cpro PA

Air Classics    3/6  July 67  
Loening ac surv  PA
F2A hist PA Cpro
B-25 hist CPDA
Lockheed Vega CPA C2v (of Mattern) P
Martin 167 Maryland Cpro
Fokker Dr.I  C3v CPA
Boeing F4B  C3v PA

Air Classics    3/5  May 67 
A-26 hist PDA
What happened to the blimp L-8? PA
Packard-LePere LUSAC-11  PA
Grumman W2 plane surv  PA
Italy AF hist  PA
assault gliders hist PA
Northrop flying wings  hist PA Dil xs 

Air Classics    3/3   Nov 66  
Italy AF in W2 hist PA
USCG surv PA
Ed Dyess (US) bio PA
Vought SB2U  Cpro PA
Northrop Beta  P
ac n 1930s movies PA
air combat over Luzon  PA
Boeing 307  PDA
divebomber development survey  PA

Air Classics     3/2    1966   ANNUAL 
Douglas DWC  PDA Cpro
remote control power turrets PA
Hansa Brandenburg W.29  pro
SPAD A=2 3v
F4B-4  PA
Fokker D.VII 3v
B-10 PDA C3v
P-38J, F-5B CPDA
S.E.5a  3v
Lockheed Hudson CPA
Hall "Cicada" racer P
Great Lakes XSG-1 P
Japan W2 ac surv P
Lockheed C-40B (trilg Model 12 Electra) P
Paulic XT3-B P
Douglas T2D  P
B-26 Marauder  PA ca Cpro
P-12  C3v

Air Classics    2/6   May   65  
spotter ac ops n SoPac  PA
Boeing PN-9 flt San Francisco > Hisaii  1925  PA
P-47 hist PA
Chicago Museum of Science & Industry ac  PA
P-51 CPA
OS2U hist PA C3v
Burgess-Dunne ac hist PA
early aviation badges  PA
O-47  PA
Conroy Super Guppy  3v xs PA
GrM2E  Cpro
Nakajima Ki-43  Cpro

Air Classics    2/5  Feb 65   
Boeing NB-1 P
raid on Munster n W2 PA
Fairchild 24 PDA
George Davis ops n Korea bio PA
Swanson Collection of WWI replicas (US) PA
Nieuport 17 PDA
Barling XNBL-1 PDA
Stearman Model 81  C3v A
Hurricane catapulted < ships against FW-200 PA
Stinson SJR  rest CPA
USAF Mus, Dayton  CPA
Willy Coppens (Belgium) W1 deeds bio PA
Kinner XRK-1 Envoy  P
dawn 2 dusk trans USA flt 1924  PA
Curtiss PW-8  PA
USN North Island air station PA
Ryan "Hall's Folly" (1e 2s lw late 20s PA
Western Air Express  al  hist PA

Air Classics    2/3  Aug-Sep 65  
Hansa Brandenburg W.29 3vA
Air War n Vietnam CPA
USAF Mus, Dayton PA
Bell YFM  3v PDA
B-25 ops n New Gunea PA
Gee Bee hist PA
B-10 C3v Dil PA
badges of early pilots PA
Spitfire pi mem PA ca
Bf-110 CP
Lockheed Alcor (2 Menascos) P
A-17 airfoil test
Fokker D.VII 3=-seat P
P-38 airfoil test
Harold Johnson (US) bio PA
Curtiss R4C-1 (USN Condor bip) P
Vega 35 (1e lw tadr mono trnr proto) P
Martin TG-2  P
Boeing PB-1 (bip flybt) 3v PA

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