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      Ranking with the best periodicals about aviation history you will find, Air Britain Digest is thin, compared with the Journal American Aviation Historical Society and very British (surprise!) with its focus on registration numbers, spotters' information but international in the subjects covered. It is very well written, photographed and edited. The copies in AeroKnow came to us from one man, David Welch, an intrepid Brit, professional pilot  who visited the collection in 1990, and whose correspondence was a delight for years. Obvious at first glance in the fact that we are short many copies of Air Britain Digest, and we want to fill the voids. If you have copies of ABD to donate or trade, please contact us.

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Air Britain Digest    43/4  Winter 1991
     HS Hawks ops w Switz AF   CPA
     Il-18  hist PA
     Air Zimbabwe  hist PA
     Wibault 280 (3e mono France trans) hist PDA
     Lampich L-1 (Hungary 1e 1s ltpln)  PA pros
     Lampich L-2 (Hungary 1e 1s) hist PA
     Lampich NL XXI (bip 2s trnr) PApro
     Lampich NL XXII (bip 2s trnr) PA pro
     Lampich  L-9 (2s lw mono)  pro A
     Lampich D-2 (2s lw mono trnr)  il A
     Dietrich DP II (Hungary 1s bip  PA  3v
     Banhidi Gerle (Hungary 2s bip ltpln) PA

Air Britain Digest   43/3  Autumn 1991
     Lampich L-2 Roma  (1e ltpln Hungary) hist PA
     Beech Staggerwing first blt  hist PA
     Museo Nacional de la Aeronautica (Argentina) PA
     Air Atlantique (Eng) al hist PA
     Luftfahrausstellung in Hermeskeil (Germany mus) PA list
     Brit mil ac n Argentina  A corr
     Short G Class "Golden Hind" demise  PA

Air Britain Digest    43/2    Summer 1991
     Fokker F-VII three-engine variants  PA ca
     Hispano HA-200 Saeta N633HA n US  CP fcov
     Consolidated Gubas hist PA
     Yorkshire Aeroplane Club  hist ac used list
     Percival Gull 4   flight and crash  PA
     C.G. Taylor & Taylorcraft hist PA
     Piper early hist PA
     Auster  early hist PA
     Muse Air  (al USA)   PA fleet list
     HS-121 Trident last flight  Acorr

Air Britain Digest      43/1    Spring 1991
     HS-121  hist (3jet trans)  PA
     HS Hawks sold to Finland AF  PA
     Fokker F/VII  (1e hw trans Netherlands) PDA
     Ferrari Olimpios (1e trilg ltpln) P
     Brit mil ac n Argentina  Pcorr
     Brit mil ac n Chile  A
     Hawker Henley  Pcorr
     Sunbeam Pup (1e ltpln USA)
     Bach Air Yacht (3e trans US) p w Sumbeam Pup mounted on it
     Etrich Limousin (1912) ltpln mono   Pcorr
     Consolidated Guba I & Guba II ops (civ PBY) PA il

Air Britain Digest     42/3   Autumn 1990
     Dowty Rotol Flying Club (Eng) hist PA ac owned by list
     Tu-104 hist  PDA 3v
     Grumman Turbo-Mallard flt w Chalk n Bahamas  PA
     Short S.22 Scion Senior VQ-PAD his  Pcorr
     British mil ac used n Argentina PA
     Hill AFB Mus, Utah  PA list

Air Britain Digest    42/2   Summer 1990
     ground looping experiences at Dowty Rotol Flying Club PA
     Cierva Rota II  3v cor
     Igor Sikorsky  bio and Russian museum  CPA
     Monino Museum, Russia PA

Air Britain Digest    42/1  Spring 1990
     Caudron-Renault Simoun (4s 1e ltpln) PA
     Yugoslavia National Aviation Mus  PA list
     Auster J/1N  Alpha  hist  G-AHCL  PA

Air Britain Digest    41/4   Win 1989
     Rotol Flying Club (Eng) hist PA
     HFB-320 Hansa   hist PDA prod list
     New Zealand AF Mus, NZ PA list
     airlines of Tasmania   PA
     French Naval AF base at Saind-Mandrier  hist PA

Air Britain Digest    41/3  Autumn 1989
     Potez 842 (4tprop trans) hist PA 3v
     Cierva C.40 blt n Eng  hist PA pros
     DHC Twin Otter  hist PDA
     British mil ac operating n Chile A corr
     movie "Tora, Tora, Tora" flying replis  PA
     Taiwan domestic als PA fleet lists
             China Al  PA ... Foshing Al  PA ... Makung Al   A ... Formosa Al   PA....
             Far Eastern Air Transport PA

Air Britain Digest  41/2  Sum 89
     Auster hist  PA
     North Weald airfield (Eng) hist PA units based there list
     first Spitfire to operate in France  A
     Namib Air (Namibia al) status PA fleet list
     Wells Aviation Company (England) hist
     Florence Air and Missile Mus (South Carolina) PA list
     HS-748 hist  PA indiv ac statuses
     Carrier Aviation's National Memorial and Hall of Fame PA

Air Britain Digest     41/1  Spr 89
     Brit mil ac used n Chile AF  PA   list
            Vickers Vixen V (2 s 1e bip attack) 3v PA
     Cukurs C3 (hb mono ltpln Spain?) Pcorr
     Feiro Dongo (Hungary bip ltpln 1925) Pcorr
     Butler Bat (?nationality?  hw ltpln) Pcor
     Butler monoplane (nationality? hw ltpln) il corr
     Smolik (Czech bip ltpln) Pcorr
     SEMA 10 (France? bip) P corr
     Hurricane civ G-AFKX  Pcorr
     Zlin 126 (mono) Pcor
     Wendel Wobido Comet (amphib proj US) Pcor
     Applegate Duck (US shwing push amphib) PA pros
     Praga E.211 (2e 2tail push trans) 3v corr
     Holste 20 (France 1e mis r) 3v corr
     S.E. 2310 (trilg ltpln France)  Pcorr
     Breguet 27 /  271 ( 1e sesqui attack 30s)
     Oskar Westermayer (Austria) gyrocopter designs PA

Air Britain Digest    40/6   Nov-Dec 88
     Koolhoven FK-31  hist PA
     Dornier Do-24  French-built hist & ops  PA
     Super Constellation recovery project by Canadian Confair,
           attempt to buy and restore by a  Dutch group  PA

Air Britain Digest   40;/5  Aug-Sep 88
     Gloster Meteor ops w Israel AF  PA indiv ac dispos list
     British civil marine ac 1946-88 PA individ ac list & dispos
     Maine Coast Al - Lockheed Starliners  PA
     Dassault Falcon 900 PA list of users
     Beech Staggerwing meet  PA

Air Britain Digest   40/4   Jul-Aug 88
     Falcon 50  status & users PA
     LET Museum, Czechoslovakia  PA
     Australian Catalina Memorial  PA
     Air World, Mangaaratta, Australia,  PA
     Savoia Marchetti S. 56 (US-blt repli) flt around Europe PA

Air Britain Digest    40/3   May-Jun 88
     Jodel design hist  PA
     DC-2 memorial mounted on struts in Australia  PA
     Heinz Zenith  CH-200 (Canada lw hb) PA
     Bristol Britannia hist, dispos PA
     DH Dragon Rapides survivors n NZ  PA
     Dassault Falcon 50 hist & operators list PA
     British Int'l (al) hist  PA
     British Airways Helicopters hist PA
     Malaysia AF hist  PA

Air Britain Digest    40/2   Mar-Apr 88
     France AF code system since 1945  A
     Gloster E.1/44 (1s 1jet ftr proto)  PDA
     Philco-Ford Sidewinder air-to-air gmis hist PA
     HS-748  indiv ac statuses  PA

Air Britain Digest   40/1  Jan-Feb 88
     Slingsby T.67 hist, prod list & users  3v DS
     Miles Magisters n Chile  A
     Smolik C49 (Czech bip) PA
     Sud Oest SO 7050 (France trilg ltpln) P
            SO 7060 (tadr ltpln)
     Sud Est 2300 ... SE 2301 ... SE 2310 ... SE 2311 - (all France ltplns) all P
     Praga E.211 (Czech 2e lt trans) P
     Baumhauer heli (Czech) P
     Holste 20 (France ftr) P
     Vema 51 (France lic-blt propo of Macchi MB.320 2e ltpln) P

Air Britain Digest   39/5  Sep-Oct 87
     Breguet Br 19 (2s bip recon) PA
     Gloster Meteors ops w Argentina AF  PA indiv ac hists

Air Britain Digest   39/3  May-Jun 87
     Piper ac n England
     Miles Ac hist, surviving ac list  PA
     Miles Kestrel  3v PA
     Miles Magister  3v PA
     Portugal AF hist  PA

Air Britain Digest   39/1   Jan-Feb 87
     Brditschka (Austrian ac mfr) hist, ac surv
     John May (England actor) bio PA
     Air Museum at Nancy, France  PA list
     BAe 125 ac prod list PA

Air Britain Digest   38/6  Nov-Dec 86
     Blackbushe airfield hist  PA
     warbirds based at Chino, CA  PA
     Planes of Fame Mus, Chino, CA  PA list

Air Britain Digest   36/5   Sep-Oct 86
     Portsmouth to Johannesburg air race PA
        B.A. Double Eagle  (2e) P
     Midland Bank Flying Club (England) 1937-39  PA
     Avro Anson remembered  PA
     Airbus A310 Intercontinental  PA
     DH Dragon  EI-ABI  hist  PA

Air Britain Digest    38/3  May-Jun 86
     Science Museum ac (England ) PA
     B-17s civ of TWA  PA
     HS 125 indiv ac status n USA   PA
     DH Chipmunk  40th anniv  CP (bcov) A
     RAF Lyneham airbase hist PA
     24 Sqdn RAF hist PA
     30 Sqdn RAF hist PA
     47 Sqdn RAF hist PA
     70 Sqdn RAF hist PA

Air Britain Digest  38/2  Mar-Apr 86
     DC-8 n France AF service  PA indiv ac hists
     HS-125 civil registry  A
     BAe  Jetstream 31s in service  PA registry list
     T.H.K. 5 (Turkey 2e lt trans) PDA

Air Britain Digest    38/1    Jan-Feb 86
     Breguet Alize  PA pros hist
     Levrier bip (France hb) P
     Aero 20 (France hb bip) P
     Aero 30 (France hb bip) P
     Beech 18 conversions PA
     Beech 18 French tprop mod P

Air Britain Digest    36/6   Nov-Dec 84
     Lockheed CP140 Aurora n Canada AF ops PA
     Dagenham Experimental Flying Ground (England) PA
     Westland Lysander ops n Finland AF   PA
     Leech, Jones & Saville "The Centenary Racer" 
    (Australia 2e mono racer propo 1934) 3v il A

Air Britain Digest   36/3   May-Jun 84
     The Grand Prix dez Avions De Transport 1921 (trade show?)  PA
          Bleriot 115  PA ...  Bleriot 135  PA ... Bleriot XXII  PA ... Breguet XX  Leviathan PA ...
          Caudron C.39 PA ... Farman F3X  PA ...   Farman F.90  PA . . . Farmman F.60 Goliath PA ...
          Potez IX  PA ...   Potez X   PA ... Potez XXII   PA
     French light ac n English registry  PA
     Emouchet Escopette (France g w pulsejets under wing)  P
     Voilure Flotante Gerard (France hw research) P
     Aerocentre NC.856  (hw ltpln) P . . . Aerocentre NC.840 (hw trilg ltpln) P
     Aerocentre NC.860 (2e ltpln) P
     CFA Cri Cri Major (France para) P
     Phyrganet (France para) P ... Super Phyrganet P
     Pierre Morin 01 (France 1s para) P
     Rey R1 (2e) P
     Hirsch M. Ae. R.Ch. H. 100 (France 2e ltpln) P
     SD.7055 (France 1e 1s ltpln) P
     Middle Wallop airport (England) hist PA
     Jodel Robin designs hist  PA

Air Britain Digest   35/5  Sep-Oct 83 
     Short Solent rest n USA   PA
     Dunlop aviation tires (England)  hist PA
     Dominican Republic civil aviation ops  PA

Air Britain Digest   35/4   Jul-Aug 83
     Avro Vulcan flying test beds  PA
     Short Stirling tests with fan-cooled engines PA
     Short Empire S.33 flybt n WW2  PA
     A.J. Fortescue (Australia) PA bio
     De Monge racer (France bip) P

Air Britain Digest   35/3   May-Jun 83
     Bucker hist & ac   PA
        Svenska Aero Jaktfalk II  pro A
        Bu-131 pro PA ... Bu-133  CP(rest fcov) PA pro ...Bu-134  pro A
        Bu-180 Student  PA pro ... Bu-181 Bestmann  pro PA ... Bu-182 Kornett PA pro
     Cunard Steamship Co. Atlantic Causeway conv to helicopter carrier  PA

Air Britain Digest   35/2   Mar-Apr 83
     aviatiion n Quebec, Canada  PA
     Avro York hist  PDA
     Israeli AF Museum  PA
     Northrop F-15A Reporter as forest fire bomber P
     Arup No. 2  P
     C-47s of Soviet U   Psurv
     Farman B.2  P
     Newton Roberts Gordon Ornithopter (England) propo  il A
     Fortescue (Australia) self stable machine  A il

Air Britain Digest    34/6    Nov-Dec  82
     J.D. "Joop" Carley (Netherlands) ac designs
        Carley Light Plane (shwng 1e 1s 1923) 3v A
        Carley C-12 (shwing ltpln) PA ... C.II  (bip) PA ... C.III (bip ltpln) PA
        Carley Werkspoor (bip trans)  PA
     Handley Page  H.P. 75 Manx  PA
        H.P. 88   PA . . .   H.P. Victor  hist PA
     DH Tiger Moth n Germ mkgs P
     C-46 n China AF  P
     Fairchild Cornell w tracked lg  PA
     B-26 Marauders civ N5546N and N171E  P
     Transavia Al (Netherlands) status PA fleet list
     HS 125  production list and owners PA

Air Britain Digest     34/4   Jul-Aug 82
     Wing Derringer  corr
     civil atiation n Fiji  PA
     Caudron Typhon (2e long distance flyer) PA
     LaFerte Alais (France ac collection) PA
     Zlin 50 n Germany  P corr
     HP Halifax   PA surv
     constructor number plates  PA
     Lockheed P-2 n Netherlands, visit to UK  PA

Air Britain Digest  34/2  Mar-Apr 82
     Lufthansa hist  PA  fleet list
     Condor (Germany) fleet list PA
     Windecker Eagle hist PA prod list
     Windecker YE-5 (evaluated by USAF) PA
     401st B.G. ops hist PA op'l ac list w serials & dispos
     Wing Derringer  PA

Air Britain Digest     34/1   Jan-Feb 82
     Caudron racers hist PA
     F-4 20th anniv of 1st USN sqdn  PA
     Lancaster "Spirit of Russia" PA
     Cessna 180/185 n Canada  indiv ac data  PA
     Lake Buccaneer at manufacturer's plant PA
     SPR Morava (Czech 2e ltpln) n Australia  PA

Air Britain Digest    33/6   Nov-Dec 81
       CAG-6 (carrier air group) PA
      Grumman Goose ops in France PA
      Sikorsky S-39CS "Spirit of America"  PA
     Greenlandair  al  PA

Air Britain Digest   33/3  May-Jun 81
     engines of wide body transports  PA
     Israeli AF Mus  PA list
     A-7 air to air refueling  PA
     Pilatus P-3 of Brazil AF   Pcorr
     Nardi FN-315 n Switz AF  Pcorr
     P-40 civ w 4-blade prop about 1957  P
     Potez 75 (1e push attack) PA
     Belgium ac industry  hist PA
         Tipsy S/S.1  PA ...  S2  PA ... B&BC PA ... M    PA ...
         Belfair  PA ... Junior  PA ... Nipper  PA

Air Britain Digest    33/2   Mar-Apr 81
     East Fortune airfield (England) PA
     Museum of Flight (England) PA
     Spit VIII ops n Australia  PA
     Caravelle current operators  PA indiv ac list
     527th TFTAS Aggressor F-5s visit to Alconbury, England  PA
     Kenmore Air Harbor (Washington state USA) seaplane base status PA
     Anthony Fokker School (tech college Netherlands)  list PA
     Potez 75  PA corr

Air Britain Digest   33/1    Jan-Feb 81
     Canadian airline survey - all A
       Gulf Air Aviation ...Inland Al ...Haida Al ...West Coast Air Services ... Powell River Aw ...
        C & C Air Services,  Nanaimo Al ... BC Al ... Associated Air Taxi ... Queen Charlotte Al ...
        Vancouver U-Fly...Pacific Western Al ... Alert Bay Air Service ... Island Al ... Tyce Aw ...
        TransProvincial Al ... Trans Mountain Al... Victoria Flying Service ... Wilderness Al... Air West ...
        Aquila Air Charter ... Flight Center ... Victoria ... Gulf Air Aviation ... McCully Aviation...
        North Coast Air Service
     Pou Du Ciel - British produced ac 1935-36  PA indiv ac hist
     617 Sqdn RAF mission  PA

Air Britain Digest    32/6   Nov-Dec 80
     Air New Zealand  PA fleet list
     Argentine provincial air services  PA
     SABCA (Belgium ac mfr) hist  PA
       SABCA Julien SJ-1  A
       SABCA S2  A... S11 &nb

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