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AA 4/10 Oct 61
Aeronca C-3 PA
Aircraft Mechanics Flyabout PA
American Gyro Crusader PA
Argonaut Pirate (amphib) PA
Beech Staggerwing PA
Bellanca Senior Skyrocket PA
Brown B-3 Super Sport Plane PA
Cornelius Freewing PA
Curtiss-Wright Amphibion PA
Curtiss-Wright Duck PA
Curtiss-Wright Sparrow PA
Davis D1-W
Douglas Dolphin PA
Fairchild 22 PA
Fairchild 24 PA
Fairchild 45 PA
Fairchild Amphibian PA
Fleet Model 10 PA
Fuller-Hammond Twin-Engined PA
Hammond three wheeled pusher PA
Kellett KD-1 PA
Kinner Envoy PA
Kinner Playboy PA
Kinner Sportwing PA
Kinner Sportster PA
Lockheed 10 Electra PA
Luscombe Phantom PA
Monocoupe 90A PA
Monocoupe Plymacoupe PA
Northrop Executive PA
Pitcairn Autogiro PA
Porterfield Flyabout PA
Rearwin Speedster PA
Ryan S-T PA
Security Airster PA
Sikorsky S-43 Duck PA
Stinson SR-6 Reliant PA
Stinson Model A (3e lw) PA
Taylor Cub PA
Vultee Executive (V-1) PA
Waco F-5 Cabin PA
Waco D PA
Wiley Post biplane PA

AA 4/9 Sep 61
DH 60 Moth rest CP
Marlboro f-I PA
Wright bip "Vin Fizz" trans-USA flt PA
Arthur Raymond Brooks (US) bio PA
air racing was not like this PA il
Friesley Falcon (US bio 2e trans) P
Spartain C-2 P
Spartan C-3 P
Spartan Zeus P
Spartan C-4 advert
1961 Homan Air Derby PA
aerobatics technique il A
Jimmy Doolittle bio PA

AA 4/8 Aug 61
Something is Missing at the Airport mem
Luscombe hist PA
Luscombe 8 srs PA
Luscombe 10 il A
Luscombe T8F {A
Luscombe Silvaire pirep
Luscombe Colt PA
LeSuer, MN f-I PA
Fokker Universal w Western Canada al P
Boeing 100 of Howard Hughes P
US Marine Corps av hist PA

AA 4/6 June 61
Waco RNF rest CP
Waco 9 "miss Pittsburgh" rest CPA
Waco Taperwing of Joe Mackey PA
Waco C-6 cabin w floats test pirep PA
aerobatics technique il A
early night air mail PA
US Navy aviation hist PA
OX-5 engine Nat Convent A
EAA hist CPA
Paul Poberezny bio PA

AA 4/5 May 61
USN av hist PA
Cunningham-Hall PT-6 PA
Cunningham-Hall GA-36 racer PA
early night air mail PA

Piper Cub pick-a-back PA
Tuscon, AZ f-I PA
Waco RNF rest CP
Fokker D.VII 3 passenger mod P
Stinson Detroiter w Northwest al P
Great Lakes 2-T-1 CP
aerobatics technique il A
Joe Bobb (US antiquer) PA
Lawerence Aero Engine (WWI US) PA

AA 4/4 Apr 61
Boeing 80A PDA 3v advert
Great Lakes T-T-1 PA
John Tweed (rly US pi) bio PA
Jack Knight (US) bio PA
Frank Strnad US lapel pin collector bio PA
Ed Young US pin collector bio PA

AA 4/1 January 61
Ford Trimotor PDA
How We Made the First Flight by Wright PA
Stearman PT-17/N2S markings PA
Gee Bee R-1 model CPA
Piper Cub 30th Anniv PA
air racing synopsis il A
Curtiss-Cox Cactus Kitten PA pros 3v

AA 3/14 Dec 60
Waco YQC-6 rest CP
DH Vampire civ PDA
Wright Flyer desc 3v PA
Sep 18 60 San Fran f-I PA
19th National Air Rally PA
Fairchild 22 rest CP
Pearson Airpark f-I PA
blimp ride desc PA
Aircraft Builders Corp Student Prince bip PA
Blackhawk para PDA corr
Mantz FLIGHTARAMA Aeronautical Mus PA

AA 3/13 Nov 60
AAA f-I at Oskaloosa, Iowa PA

AA 3/12 Oct 60
St. Paul, MN f-I PA
Wally Hanson (US antique builder) bio PA
Max Conrad bio PA
early air mail history PA
Wallkill, NY f-I PA

AA 3/11 Sep 60
Davis V-3 rest CP advert
Tulsa EAA/AAA f-I PA
Marlboro AAA f-I PA
f-i/tour, Yakima, Wash PA
Aeronca C-3 flight to Yakima, Wash A
Cessna Airmaster 1st produc ac PA
Curtiss JN4D model PA
Golden Eagle (1e para US) P

AA 3/8 June 60
Thomas Morse hist CPA
Thomas Morse S-4-C rest CPDA
Thomas Morse S-5 P
Thomas Morse S-6 P
Thomas Morse MB-1 P
Thomas Morse MB-2 P
Thomas Morse MB-3 P
Thomas Morse MB-4 P
Thomas Morse MB-7 P
Thomas Morse O-19 P
Thomas Morse XO-21 P
Frank Strnad (US antique collector) PA
Art Mix (US) bio PA
Lincoln Beachey bio A

AA 3/7 May 60
Stinson SM-8 rest CPDA
Father John Mac Gallivray (Canada antiquer) bio PA
Medal of the Month Club awards PA
McCurdy Silver Dart (Canada) rest PA
DH-60 Moth 3v xs PA adverts
Davis V-3 PA

AA 3/5 March 60
Cessna hist PA adverts
Cessna 1911 mono 3v PA
Cessna Comet PA
Cessna A PA
Cessna AA PA
Cessna AC PA
Cessna AS PA
Cessna AW PA
Cessna BW PA
Cessna CPW PA
Cessna CW PA
Cessna DC-6 PA
Cessna GC-1 PA
Cessna GC-2 PA
Cessna CR-2 PA
Cessna CR-3 PA
Cessna EC PA
Cessna Baby Cessna PA
Great Lakes Trainer rest CPA
Brunner Winkle Bird PA
Portland, Oregon f-I PA

AA 3/1 Nov 59
Oskaloosa, IA f-I PA
Clem "Gold Bug" PDA
Funk Model B rest PA
American Eagle Ac Co advert
Golden Arrow "Sport Biplane" (1930 US) PA

AA 2/12 Aug 59
Tulsa, OK f-I PA
Stinson SR-8C rest PA
Dean and (daughter) Joyce Case bio PA
Billy Robinson (rly Iowa pi) PA
Robinson Monoplane PA
Stinson Model S PD
DH Vampire civ PA
Curtiss Robin rest CP

AA 2/7 March 59
Firchild ist, ac surv PA
Fairchild PT-19 PDA advert
Roy Timm antiquer (US) bio PA
Kari-Keen hist
Hartman Ac Co hist A
Saul Ac Co hist A
Bolt Ac Co A
Stewart Model 1 PA
Harold S. Johnson "King of the Tin Goose" bio PA
"Dobkevicius" (Lithuania shwing 1s) 3v A

AA 2/2 Oct 58
Pete Brucia antiquer (US) PA
Curtiss Robin advert PDA
Curtiss Challenger engine PA
Thunderbird Ac Inc advert
slang language n aviation A
Hawker Cygnet P
Wicko Monoplane (hw cab) (Australia????) PA

AA 2/1 Sep 58
Antique Airplane Assn hist PA
Fairchild KR-31 P
Michigan aviation firsts PA
Bloomington, IL EAA f-I PA
history of flight aviation exposition PA
Harold Krier (US) bio PA
Curtiss Robin 3v PDA

AA 1/3 Nov 57
Ottumwa, IA f-I report PA
Travel Air E-4000 rest CP
Pasped Skylark P

AA Oct 57
Laird airmail plane P
American Eagle Phaeton bip PA
American Eagle Kinner engine bip 3v PA
American Eagle Eaglet PA
Who Is a Pilot essay A
Great Lakes 2T-1 3v PA
Heath Parasol 1931 PDA
States Aircraft Co. Super Monoplane advert PA

AA 1/1 Sept 57
Great Lakes 2T-1A rest CP
Bob Taylor bio PA
Champaign, IL antique f-I PA
Ottumwa, IA antique f-I PA
American Eagle Ac Corp hist PA
OX-5 Club Calif Wing f-I PA
Pitcairn autogiro abandoned PA

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