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WBeaa 27/8 Dec 2004
     Beech SNB-5 rest of Pet Quortrup CPDA
     Spitfire IX two-seat rest of Bill Greenwood CPDA
     North American L-17B rest of Murphy & Maryott CPA
     T-28 smoke system for airshows CPA
     P-47D 44-90471 NX47DA of Schroeder CPbcov

WBeaa 27/7 Oct 2004
     C-46D w Nat China AF P
     Robert "Crash" Williams (wb pilot US) retires CPA
     TBM of Robert Williams CPA DIl
     Stearman N2S-3 of David Burroughs rest CPA
     Taylorcraft L-2M rest of John Martin CPDA
     P-51D of Mike Edrei shared with Harry Karsenstein CPA

WBeaa 27/6 Sep 2004
     Pacific Aviation Mus, Pearl Harbor plans Cil PA
     T-28 rest of Chuck Wahl CPD A
     P-51s flown n movies PA

WBeaa 27/5 July 2004
     Fleetwings XBQ-1 P
     FW-190D-13 rest of CHamplin Fighter Mus CPDA
     P-51 rest flying to high alt to generate contrails CPAS
     AVG reunion CPA hist
     Curtiss TP-40N rest of Kermit Weeks CPDA

WBeaa 27/4 June 2004
     Yak-52 preventing FOD n rests CPDA
     Canadair CT-133 (lic blt T-33( rest if Paul Keppeler CPA
     Fokker Dr.1 repli of Tim Plunkett CPDA
     F4U-5D rest of C ollings Foundation CP bcov

WBeaa 27/3 April 2004
     Champlin Ftr Mus move to Seattle CPA
     Museum of Flight, Seattle, WA expansion il A
     F4U-5N rest of Jim Read CPA
     Spitfire PR XI PL9654 rest of Tony Smith CPA
     Ryan L-17 Navion rest ofDic McSpadden CPDA
     Helio Stallion rest of Tim Greene CPDA
     Hawker Hunter rest solo by Canadian wb pilot CPA
     Hurricane IV of The Fighter Collection, Eng CP bcov

WBeaa 27/2 March 2004
     Miles Master P
     F4Fs photographing in W2 mem PA
     F4F-3 rest of Hansen and Porter CPcov
     Yak-52 rest crash analysis CPA
     F-100 w Thunderbirds crash mem PA

WBeaa 27/1 Feb 2004
     Lockheed C-60A Lodestar rest N781G of Aubie Pearman CPDA
     Aero L-39A rest of Jim O’Neal CPDA
     L-39 ground school n US CPA
     Soko Galeb of Bob Guilford CPDA
     B-17 mission to Merseburg, Germ hist PA

WBeaa 26/8 Dec 2003
     F-82G of Korean War CP bcov
     Caproni Ca-20 1914 1e mono ftr n Italy CPA
     Ryan PT-22 (N47082) restorations CPA
     Cessna UC-78 rest of Tom Huf CPDAa
     Ju-52 rest of CAF CPDA
     ac collection of bob Tullius CPA
     B-26 mission in Battle of the Bulge mem PA
     P-61 wreckovery by Mid Atlantic Air Mus CPDA
     Douglas AD-4 rest CPDA
     T-28 rest of Gordon Cole CPDA

WBeaa 26/7 Oct 2003
     Goodyear FG-1D rest of Gary Kohs CPDA
     Grumman J4F-1 Widgeon rest of Gary Applebaum CPA
     Folland Gnat rest of Nathan Davis CPA
     Staggerwing rest painted in false Aeroflot colors CPA

WBeaa 26/.5 Sep 2003
     P-47 loco strafe mem il A
     Helio U-10 rest of Mark Price and flying n SEA CPDA
     T-2B rest of Rich Sugden CPDA
     12 O’Clock High TV show memorabilia collecting CPA
     B-24M rest of \Duxford American Air Museum CPA

WBeaa 26/5 July 2003
     Microsoft Combat Flight Simulator 3 review Cil A
     Grumman OV-10 hist and rest of American Wings Air Mus CPDA
     B-25J rest "Apache Princess" of Kermit Weeks rest CPDA
     B-25J rest "Panchito" of Larry Kelley CPDA
     B-25s during 2002 Doolittle Raiders reunion CPA
     Nanchang CJ-6 hist pirep CPA

WBeaa 26/4 June 2003
     P-64 repli of Tom Dodson CP
     P-51D rest of Bob Tullius CP
     P-51D rest of Bob Jepson CPDA
     T-28s at Sun’n Fun CPA
     Yak-9U repli of Sean Carroll CPDA
     PT-17 rest of Stuart Loten CPA

WBeaa 26/3 April 2003
      Max Holste Broussard rest of Charliey Zurian CPDA
     war memories from a re-visit to Holland Cill PA
     352nd Fighter reunion at Kissimmee, FL CPA
     P-51 rests survey CPDA
     P-51s & F-82s flown by NACA CPA
     P-51 ops during the "Soccer War" CPA
     P-51D of Dick Thurman "Kentucky Babe" CPA
     Rolls-Royce engines hist CPA
     Piper L-4 ops from carrier USS Manilla Bay, SoPac 1944 PA

WBeaa 26/2 March 2003
     Hughes OH-6 rest of John Roxbury CPDA
     F2G rest of Bob Odegaard CPbcov
     Beech SNB-5 engine out mem PA

WBeaa 26/1 Feb 2003
     BAC 167 Strikemaster of Mark Clark CPA
     F9F-4 flying n Korean War CPA mem
     Campini Caproni hist Cil Cca PA
     B-25J "Tondelayo" of Collings FOunda CPbcobv
     Helio U-10 w US Army 1970 CP
     Fairey Firefly flying n Royal Navy mem PA
     Ercoupe PQ-13 rest of Mark Hardin CPDA
     Multinat Alpha Jet hist CPA
     Temco TT-1 rest of Lewis Shaw CPDA

WBeaa 25/7 October 2000
     Fairey Firefly rest of Eddie Kurdzeil CPDA
     C-47B rest as AC-47 CODA
     Cessna O-2s at Airventure 2002 CPDA
     DHC Chipmunk rest of Terry Perkins CPDA

WBeaa 25/6 Sep 2002
     ac in Korean War surv CP
     Beech AT-11 of Ray Plote CPDA
     B-17 of EAA "Aluminum Overcast" riding in CPA
     B-17 of EAA "Aluminum Overcast" hist CPA
     "Black Thursday" B-17 raid on Schweinfurt PA
     Piasecki HUP-1 Retriever rest of Joe Pike CPDA
     F7U flying hist CPA

WBeaa 25/5 July 2002
     RB-45C CP
     B-25s in Doolittle Reunion CPA
     Piper L-4 rest of Hoppenworth CPDA
     T-28 rest owning and flying CPDA
     T-28 rest of Dennis Kranz CPDA
     Walter Moore Downs (Tuskegeee airman) bio PA
     DH 104 Devon rest NZ1821 CPbcov

WBeaa 25/4 June 2002
     F2G-1 Super Corsair rest of Odegaard CPbcov
     C-47A 1952 Arctic colors CP
     DT-28 aerial drone controller CP
     L-39 rests at S’nF CPDA

WBeaa 25/3 April 2002
     P-51D rest "Donna-Mite" CPbcov
     Siai-Marchetti SM-1019 rest of Rick Holdon CPDA
     Polikarpov I-16 flying CPA pirep
     Douglas C-133 hist CPA
     Dave Strait (US wb restorer) CPA interv
     Hispano HA-1112 rest of Harold Kindsvater CPDA
     FM-2 mock combat n W2 mem CPA
     Martin Mars flying firecontrol today CPA
     central Illinois Warbirds of America squadron PA

WBeaa 25/2 March 2002
     P-80A CP
     B-25 rest engine out incident CPA
     L-39A formation standards CPA

WBeaa 25/1 Feb 2002
     AT-11 rest of Mark Lundell CPDA
     B-29 air rescue CP
     Sikorsky H-5H USN 1954 CP
     RF-86F 1954 CP
     visit to CVH-75 USS Harry S. Truman CPA
     C-54 rest "Spirit of Freedom" CPDA
     P-51C rest "By Request" reunites Tuskegee airmen CPA

WBeaa 24/8 Dec 2001

     P-51C rest "By Request" / "Spirit of Tuskegee" of CAF CPA
     B-17G rest of EAA "Aluminum Overcast" CPDA flying it
     Fw-190D-13 rest of Champlin CPDA
     warbird restoration shops survey CPA
     Stinson L-5 rest of Dean Kruegere CPbcov

WBeaa 24/7 Oct 2001
     ac n Korean War CPsurv
WBeaa 24/6 Aug 2001
     Consolidated L-13 of Pat Harker CPDA
     Korean War ac CP surv
     Vietnam War ac CP surv
     Doolittle raiders reunion CPA

WBeaa 24/5 July 2001
     P-40K rest of Dick Thurman CPDA
     war renactors who wear authentic aviation uniforms CPA
     Douglas A-24 rest as SBD of Lone Star Flt Mus gear up landing CPA
     AD-4 dam buster ops n Korean War PA

WBeaa 24/4 June 2001
     MiG designs  Psur
     Spitfire IX 2seat trnr rest of Greenwood CPbcov
     Grumman S-2 rest of Cavanaugh Flight Mus CPcov

WBeaa 24/3 April 2001
     Yak-3UR rest CPDA
     P-38F "Glacier Girl" rest CPDA
     Champlin Ftr Mus moving plans CPA

WBeaa 24/2 March 2001
     early helicopters surv CP
     Stinson L-12B PA

WBeaa 24/1 Feb 2001
     B-25 44-86844 hist PA corr
     Polikarpov I-153 & I-16 rest CPA
     Biggin Hill air base hist CPA
     L-19 50th Anniv f-i CPA
     P-61 rest of Mid Atlantic Air Mus PDA
     B-29 slated for rest by Boeing CPDA

WBeaa 23/8 Dec 2000
     FG-1D Corsair of Dieckman CPDA
     Aero L-39 rests n USA CPA

 WBeaa 23/6 Aug 2000
     Grumman OV-10 rest of of Paul Pefley CPDA
     Ryan PT-22 rest of Mike Wilson CPDA
     Cessna YH-41 Seneca hist PA

WBeaa 23/3 Apr 2000
     C-45 rest of Ebert CPDA
     Hawker Hunter VH-FRH rest of Geoff Moesker CPDA
     Boeing XB-39 hist PA
     consideratiions for acquiring a jet warbird CPA

WBeaa 23/2 March 2000
     Waco CG-4 stateside P
     MiG-21F-13 Fishbed E "80965" flown by USAF P

WBeaa 23/1 Feb 2000
     P-40M rest of The Fighter Collection CPbcov
     jet warbirds surv CPA
     T-6 rest flt across USA WASP commem flt CPA
     SB2U Vindicator USN Mus rest CPA
     Fokker S-9 (bip trnr Neth) PA

WBeaa 22/8 Dec 99

     North American Navion N91173 rest as L-17 CPDA

WBeaa 22/7 Oct 99
     A-20G wreckovery & rest n SoPac CPDA
     Consolidated XBY-1 hist PA

WBeaa 22/6 Aug 1999
     Martin 404 rest of Jack Harrington as VC-3A CPDA
     P-51D rest of Max Chapman CPbcov
     Fairchild Canada Super 71P his PA

WBeaa 22/5 July 1999
     Pilatus P-3 rests n Eur CPDA
     P-51D rest of Kermit Weeks "Cripes A’ Mighty 3rd) CPbcov
     R.T. Foster aviation and nose art artist CPA
     Showa L2D-3 (Japanese copy of C-47) hist PA

WBeaa 22/4 June 1999
     Howard C-71 CP
     PBM-5R n 1951 CP
     Grumman AF-2W wings folded CP
     F-86 civ "Ice Cream Parlor" accident CPA
     P-51 rests at Kissimmee f-i CPA
     Robert S. Johnson obit bio A
     Hispano HS.60 (Spain mono ftr proto) PA

WBeaa 22/3 April 1999
     T-34 of Dave Brothenmanger CPDA
     Mosquito rest proj n NZ CPDA
     P-51D rest of Howard Ross "Glamorous Jen" CP
     Goodyear FG-1D (G-FGID) n Eng CPbcov
     Kalamazoo Air Zoo collection CPA
     Paul Garber Restoration facility of NASM CPA

WBeaa 22/2 March 1999
     Maule MXT-7-180A civ in Switz AF colors CP

WBeaa 22/1 Feb 1999
     Aermacchi AM.3C (Ital hw modern lias tadr) rest of Esterhuizen CPDA
     Vultee XP-54 hist PA
     SNJ-5 rest of Joe Gunnels
     AT-11 rest of Ron Stone CPDA

WBeaa 21/8 Dec 1998
     P-51D NACA testbed rest of CPDA
     PT-26 rest of Greg Herrick CPDA
     Flanders F/4 (Eng mono 1912) PA
     B-18A at Langley AB 1941 P
     Starfighters, Inc. civil airshow team CPDA

WBeaa 21/7 Oct 1998
     Polikarpov I-16 rests n NZ CPDA
     Starfighters, Inc. CPDA
     F-104s of Starfighters, Inc. CPDA
     Tillamook Naval Air Stateion Mus. (Oregon, USA) CPA
     Kawasaki Ki-78 Ken (high speed 1e mono) PA

WBeaa 21.3 April 1998
     Grumman JRF Goose rest of Pletcher CP
     P-51D rest "Angels Playmate" of Newsome CPbcov
     Evergreen International ac coll (US) CPDA
     Flying Tigers Warbird Restoration Mus restoration school (US) CPA

WBeaa 21/2 March 1998
     Piasecki CH-21C rest of Max Hall CPDA
     A-20 RATO test takeoff P

WBeaa 21/1 Feb 1998
     Saab J-21R rest n Sweden CP
     Tachikawa Ki-54 Hickory n North Korea markings P
     Yeager’s 50th anniv Mach 1 breaking flt at Edwards CPA
     T-6 of Jim Greeson CPDA
     Air Force Museum of Beijing, China CPA

WBeaa 20/8 Dec 1997
     SBD rest of Lone Star Flt Mus CPDA
     Avro Shackleton rest of Amjet CPD
     Ryan PT-22 of Koskela CP
     Curtiss-Wright CW-19R rest of Boostrom CPbcov
     GossHawk Unlimited warbird restorers PA
     Ted Williams bio

WBeaa 20/7 Oct 1997
     Cessna O-2 rest of Harrington CPDA

WBeaa 20/6 Aug 1997
     KC-97 cockpit move to home’s back yard of Hodges PA
     USAF 50th anniv celebration at Edwards CPA
     Mid Atlantic Air Mus (US) CPA
     Dan Caldarale rest warbird artist bio CPA
     collecting warbird nose art reproductions CPA
     Classic Jet Aircraft Ass’n hist status PA

WBeaa 20/5 July 1997
     FockeWulf Fw-1949D of Kynast CPDA
     Ryan L-17 Navion rest of Thornberry CPDA bcov
     Jeff Ethell obit bio PA

WBeaa 20/4 June 1997
     P-51D rest of Burch CP
     T-28C rest of f Herb Baker CPDA
     318th FG USAAF reunion at Oshkosh hist CPA

WBeaa 20/3 Apr 1997
     T-34A rest of Bob Ready CP
     O-2A rest of Bowman CPA
     O-2 hist CPDA
     search for remains of a ditched P-38 ditched n Friedman Lake, AK CPAS
     Bushhawk Creek airstrip, Canada CPA

WBeaa 20/2 March 1997
     P-51D  CP
     A-26 rest of Pond
     Cessna UC-78 hist CPDA
     B-26 Marauder flying n ETO mem CPA
     search for remains of a ditched P-38 ditched n Friedman Lake, AK CPA

WBeaa 20/1 Feb 1997
     T-28 Fennec rest of Urbine CPDA
     C-46 rest of CAF
     Douglas O-38E n 1941 P
     Linton B. Carney (US pilot) PA bio
     P-47D-40 rest (NX47DF) hist CPDA
     search for remains of a ditched P-38 ditched n Friedman Lake, AK CPA
     B-24 of RAAF (A-72-176) wreckovery n Australia PDA

WBeaa 19/8 Dec 1996
     Grumman SA-16 Albatross rest of Halliburton CPDA
     Cessna L-19 rest of Minard CPDA
     P-51D rest 44-74739 of Bob Hoover hist CPA
     P-38s in SoPac Psurv

WBeaa 19/7 Oct 1996
     TBM-3 rest of Summers CPDA
     North American BT-9 1938 P
     B-23 civ N61Y P

WBeaa 19/6 Aug 1996
     T-34 rests flying in Tennessee CPA
     Yak-50 "Mani-Yak!" of Beesley n Eng CPA
     Douglas B-26 n early PW2 MINN ANG P
     Yak-3U rest of John Garrick CPDA

WBeaa 19/5 July 1996
     Stearman N2S-3 rest of Bob Fritts CPDA
     B-25H wreckovery n PHillipines CPA
     Reynolds Aviation Mus Canada CPA
     SA-16 Albatross rest of World Jet CP bcov
     Cliff Bowers flying P-51s in ETO mem PA

WBeaa 19/4 June 1996
     P-47D rest "Tar Heel Hal" of Charles Osborn CPcov
     A-1 belly landing n Viet War PQ
     Davis Monthan ac storage area today CPA
     Hiller Hornet rest of Bill Harrison CPDA
     PV-2 Harpoon of American Mil Herit Founda CP bcov

WBeaa 19/3 Apr 1996
     TS-11 Iskra civ rest of Snedeker CPDA
     T-28B rest of Sigona
     O-2A ex US Army rest of Grenier CPbcov
     T-34 of Jensen CPDA
     AT-11 of Ramey CPA
     North American NA-50 repli of Carlomagno CPA
     Hawker Sea Fury rest of Getchell CPA
     Lockheed C-60 rest of fWells
     Yak-3UA rest of garrick CPA
     T-28B rest of Sigona CP
     F8F rest of Thai AF and of CAF CPDA 
     F4F-3 rest underway CPDA

WBeaa 19/2 March 1996
     F4F rest of Kensler CPDA
     TBM-3 rest of CAF CP
     T-28 Fennec rest of Shoffner CPbcov
     B-17 rest of EAA "Aluminum Overcast" flight in CPDA
     Hawker Hunter civ rest flt across Atlantic CPA
     Martin B-26 flying n France WW21 CPA mem

WBeaa 18/8 Dec 1995
     B-25J rest of Cavanaugh Flight Mus CP
     F4F rests of Hansen and Kensler CPbcov
     B-25 Pearl Harbor commem flt off USS Carl Vinson ac car CPA
     sleeve valve engine tech hist PA Dil

WBeaa 18/7 Oct 1995
     332nd FG Tuskegee Airmen hist CPA

WBeaa 18/5 July 1995
     Harvard rest of Halminen CPDA
     T-28D rest of Weaver CP
     T-28 ops with Ravens (CIA combat ops) hist CPA
     Sue Parish (WASP, warbird pilot) bio CPA
     women warbird pilots today surv PA
     Texas Air Aces simulated combat school CPA

WBeaa 18/4 June 1995
     F9F-2 rest of Cavanaugh Flt Mus CPDA
     B-24J rest of Kermit Weeks CPbcov
     Air Classics Ac Mus, IL CPA

WBeaa 18/3 April 1995
     OV-1C Mohawk rest of American Wings Air Mus CPDA
     C-121A rest of Raburn CP
     B-26 Marauders in ETO CPDA mem
     PBM Mariner hist PA
     remanufacturing A6M Zeros at Boyd Corp USA CPDA

WBeaa 18/2 March 1995
     PZL Wilga rest of Dean Richardson CPDA
     O-2 ops n Viet War mem CPA
     F4F-3 (BuNo 17260) wreckovery from Lake Mich and today CPDA
     Jon Bowman warbird collector bio PA
     Budd RB-1 Conestoga hist PDA

WBeaa 18/1 Feb 1995
     B-17 rest "Aluminum Overcast" of EAA Founda touring CPA
     F8F of Pardue CP
     Nanchang CJ-6A rest of Clayton Harrel CPDA
     T-28C rest of Dan Lawson CPA
     P-51D rest of Ross Grady CP bcov
     warbird collection of Duncan Miller USA PA

WBeaa 17/8 Dec 1994
     T-28B "Air Bear" rest of Watts CPDA
     T-28A of Ervin CPDA
     P-80 flying mem PA
     CASA Saeta rest if Cizad COA
     F7U-3 of Cathcart CP

WBeaa 17/7 Oct 1994
     T-2B rest of Sugden CPDA
     Aeronca L-16 rest of Oshrin & Perlbinder CP
     Spitfire IX (MK732) rest n Neth CPDA
     P-51D flying w 504th FS n ETO mem CPA

WBeaa 17/6 Aug 1994
     Cessna O-1 of Matt Kurke CPDA
     F4U-5N rest of Lone Star Flight Mus CPbcov
     Lone Star Flight Mus status CPA
     339th FG ops n ETO W2 PA
     warbirds of Neil Rose PA
     F-86 rest learning how to fly CPDA

WBeaa 17/5 July 1994
     North American BC-1 repli of Blackwell CPDA
     EE Canberra civ rest n Eng of Picatti
     HU-16 Albatross of Wisk rest CPbcov
     Douglas A2D SKyshark hist PA
     B-25 donated to CAF parts transported in CAF C-46 CPDA

WBeaa 17/4 June 1994
     BAC Strikemaster civ rest of Fisk CPDA
     B-25J rest of Lombard CP
     B-17 rest of EAA "Aluminum Overcast" CP
     XP-40Q PA

WBeaa 17/3 April 1994
     Spitfire XVIII rest of Rudy Frasca CPDA
     LT-6G Mosquito ops n Korean War CPA
     B-29 early OD/grey CP bcov
     Tri-State Aviation, ND warbird restorers PA

WBeaa 17/2 March 1994
     T-34A rest of Autry CP
     P-39 of CAF CP
     Fairey Swordfish rest of Spence (HS554) CPDA
     Planes of Fame Mus, MN CPA

WBeaa 17/1 Feb 1994
     P-51D rest "Big Beautiful Doll" of Shipley CPDA
     PT-17 of Denest CP
     T-34 n RCAF colors rest of Goldman CPbcov
     Richard M. Dunleavy (US admiral, pilot) bio PA
     Boeing YP-29 PA
     PV-1 Harpoon rest n prog of CAF CPDA

WBeaa 16/7 Dec 1993
     Stinson L-1 rest of Dave Smith CPDA
     F3F repli of Lone Star Flt Mus CP
     F7F rests of Kalamazoo Av Hist Mus and Lone Star Flt Mus CP
     Lockheed F-5G civ of Bill Lear Jr. P
     Fairchild JK-1 PA
     Grumman Albatross removing and restoring cockpit CPDA

WBeaa 16/7 Oct 1993
     North American F-6D (P-51D) rest of Schroeder CPDA
     Nanchang CJ-6A rest of Deaton CP
     P-47 rests formation flight CPbcov
     P-47 rest of Dick Wixom (45-49406, N7159Z) rest underway CPDA
     Biggin Hill airbase status precarious PA

WBeaa 16/5 July 1993
     FM-2 rest of Kermit Weeks CPDA
     T-6 "Super 6" civ mod of Blackwell CP
     Swordfish civ rest of Spence, Canada CPbcov
     Fighter Pilots USA school CPA
     Siai Marchetti SF-260 of FPUSA CPDA
     Curtiss C-76 PA
     Martin Baker MB-5 PDA

WBeaa 16/4 June 93
     C-47A civ rest of Seahorse Aviation CPDA
     T-28 rest of John Morgan CPDA
     Martin Baker MB-5 PDA

WBeaa 16/3 April 1993
     DH Chipmunk rest of Dielwart CPDA
     Cessna OE-1 (USMC O-1) rest of Cortese CP
     Douglas XB-19 CPbcov
     Lockheed F-5C n D-day stripes from top P
     Douglas XTB2D-1 PA
     Larry New (US warbird pilot) PA
     Robert S. Johnson today bio CPA
     B-17G "Ten Horsepower" n ETO hist PA

WBeaa 16/2 March 1993
     J2F rest of Weeks CPDA
     T-33 rest of Bowlin CPA
     F-16 civilian rides in one CPDA
     P-40E rest of Hansen as "Old Exterinator" of Robert Scott CPDA bio
     B-17G "Ten Horsepower" hist PA
     Northrop Delta II PA

WBeaa 16/2 Feb 1993
     PT-26 of Tom Bayne CPDA
     F4U-4 of Joe Tobul rest CPDA
     B-25 "Old Gray Mare" rest of Wiley Sanders CP bcov
     Kalamazoo Air Zoo mus PA
     ac wrecks left n New Gunea CPA

WBeaa 15/7 Oct 92
     T-28 civ rest of John Morgan CPDA
     O-2A civ rest of Russman CPDA
     Blackburn Blackburn PA

WBeaa 15/6 Aug 1992
     P-40E rest of Hansen CPDA
     Norman NDN-1T Firecracker hist PDA
     Lockheed 18 Lodestar rest CPDA
     Canberra civ rest of Picatti n USA CPDA
     early postwar unlimited raceers Psurv
     Bf-109E ofEckhardt Roch (Werk Nr. 823) in US hangar PA
     Latecoere 631/Sud Est SE-200 (6e flybt W2) PA

WBeaa 15/5 July 1992
     P-47D of Charles Osborn CPDA
     Hispano HA 1112 rest of Denny Sherman CPDA
     B-17 vs B-24, which was better PA
     357th FG pilots reunion at Oshkosn 92 PA
     American Gunfighters WW2 ftr rest grp PA
     T-28 N14142 rest of Bill Claybaugh PDA

WBeaa 15/4 June 1992
     B-25 rests flown of modern ac carr n Doolittle raid commem flt PA
     T-28 rest of Ralph Glasser CPDA
     T-6 rest of Scott Main PA

WBeaa 15/3 April 1992
     B-25J of EAA Founda CP
     357th FG reunion n rest P-51s in GA
     Yak 18 rest of Buchner PDA
     B-24G 42-78106 "Cherry II" hist CPA
     North American P-64 repli of CAF CPDA
     Cornelius XFG-1 PA

WBeaa 15/2 March 92
     Coke Stuart (US) obit bio PA
     P-40E s/n 15280 rest of Hansen CPDA
     T-34A of Jack Richey CPDA
      DH Mosquito abandoned in So Cal PA

WBeaa 15/1 Feb 1992
     Aeronca L-3C rest of Oshrin and Perlbinder CPDA
     P-40N wreckovery of Hal Thompson PDA

WBeaa 14/8 December 1991
     P-51D rest of Charles Osborn "Hurry Home Honey"
     air action over Pearl Harbor December 7, 1941 PA
      Boeing YB-29A PA
     Nanchang CJ-6A n USA CPDA pirep

WBeaa 14/5 July 1991
     P-51D rest of David Marco CPcov
     B-17 mission to Regensburg, Germ n W2 PA
     AD-4 ops n Korean War mem CPA
     A6M rotting at Georgia Tech, Georgia PA
     Kaiser XTBK-1 (late War 2 1s dbbr) PA

WBeaa 14/4 June 1991
     BT-13 rest of Martin Fall CPcov
     B-25 n SWPA egg flying anecdote mem ilA
     flying with the USN n Korean War mem PA
     North American XB-28 PA

WBeaa 14/1 Feb 1991
     AD-4 rest of Bill Harrison CPcov
     Steve Rankin B-24 crew arrival in Japan Sept 1945 PA
     Sky Warriors laser combat school PA    
     WW2 color pictures CPsurv
     Lima-Lima Flight Demo Team hist PA
     Fleetwing XBQ-2A hist PA

WBeaa 13/8 Nov-Dec 1990

     Hurricane of Canadian Warplane
     Col. James Gunn escape from Rumania in a Bf-109 1943 PA
     P-51D code CL-P wreckovery from French beach PA
     C-54 fuselage transport by CH-54 n Alaska CPA
     B-24 50th mission of Win Bowers hist CPA
     Hawker Fury "Sky Fury" civ rest mod of George Baker CPDA
     Cessna CH-1 hist PA
     Elmer Lee Thomas (B-17 crew member ETO) war deed PA

WBeaa 13/7 Sep-Oct 1990
     Cessna UC-78 rest of Larry Kelly CPDA
     Cessna O-2A rest of Tom Murphy PA
     MiG-21 of Combat Jets Flying Mus CPbcov
     PT-23 rest of Harland Avezzi PDA
     T-28 ops n Phillipine coup attempt PA
     Battle of Brit 50th Anniv hist PA
     RAF ops w Middle East Command post W1 PA

WBeaa 13/6 Aug 1990
     Pete Hardiman combat pilot W2 ETO autobio PA
     Folland Gnat civ rest n US CPDA
     T-28B rest of Bill Stealey/Microprose Software CPA
     Jumbo Boeing Blues (poem)

WBeaa 13/5 July 1990
     TBM rest of Coke Stuart CPA
     Battle of Brit 50th Anniv hist PA
     B-17E wreckovery n SoPac PDA

WBeaa 13/4 June 1990
     B-29 n A-bomb tests 1946 P
     Vultee L-1 on floats 1944 P
    T-34 Ass’n A
     North American Trainer Ass’n A
     Classic Jet Ac Ass’n A
     Int’l Liaison Pilot & Ac Ass’n A
     Stearman N2S-3 flying n primary CPDA
     William Whisner ashes scatter flt w Vlado Lenoch P-51D CPA
     HAL HT-2 (India 1 prop tand mono trnr) PA

WBeaa 13/3 Apr-May 1990
     DHGB Chipmunk rest of Don McDermod CPA hist
     C-47A 52-02841 "Turf and Sport Special" indiv ac hist,reunion PA
     B-29 POW supply mission post surrender mem PA
     P-51D civ rest "Glamorous Jen" of Jim Priebe CPbcov A hist

WBeaa 13/2 March 1990
     P-38J rest of Planes of Fame Mus CP
     B-17G "Shoo Shoo Baby" rest of USAF Mus Dayton PDA
     Bloody Tuesday 5th AF attack against Rabaul PA
     T-6G rest crash onto street in CA PDA

WBeaa 13/1 Jan-Feb 1990
     photographing Japanese ground troops from TBM n W2 mem PA
     Bloody Tuesday, 5th AF attack against Rabaul 1943 hist PA
     Potez 75 (2s push attack 1953) PA

WBeaa 12/8 Nov-Dec 89
     Timm N2T-1 rest
     F7F borate bomber CPbcov
     Vultee L-1 on floats P
     Consolidated OA-10 n AK 1944 P
     B-17 mtd on top of a gas station n Oregon PA
     B-24J rest of Collings Foundation PDA
     Jay Wisler, warbird archaeologist bio PA

WBeaa 12/7 Sep-Oct 1989
     B-17 "Black Jack"ops water crash n New Guinea PA

WBeaa 12/6 Aug 1989
     F4U-5 rest of Hyde CP
     FM-2 rest of Bob Pond CPbcov
     Piper HE-1 (ambulance mil Cub) rest of Hughes PDA

WBeaa 11/3 Apr-May 1988
     Kamikaze ops on receiving end mem PA

WBeaa 11/2 March 1988
     PBY-5 rest of Connie Edwards NC-4 flt reenactment CPDA
     R.W. Foote war dia WW2 PA
     Frank Luke bio PA
     Martin JRM Phillipine Mars ops as fbbrPA
     ac used n TV srs War and Remembrance" PA

WBeaa 11/1 Jan-Feb 1988
     T-28C of Pete Knox CP
     R.W. Foot war dia WW2 PA
     Lockheed A-29 PA
     Lancaster hist, rest n Canada PA
     Joseph Turner movie ac pilot bio PA

WBeaa 10/8 Nov-Dec 87
     T-6 of Bill Rose CP cov
     Richard Foote war dia (USN W2) PA
     B-24D 41-11825 n Ploesti raid PA
     flying for movies Psurv A
     Castle AFB Mus PA
     T-28 rest owning one PA
     Yankee Air Corps Mus PA
     flyng for Hollywood movies PA

WBeaa 10/7 Sep-Oct 87
     Richard Foote war dia PA
     New England Escadrille warbird group PA
     Walter C. Beckham (US P-47 pilot) interv PA
     airplanes in movies PA hist
     Goldilocks display team (Canada T-6s) hist PA
     C-46 rest of CAF flying it PA

WBeaa 10/6 Aug 1987
     movie B5N2 of CAF CPcov
     B-17F "Memphis Belle" dedication under dome PA
     B-25C wreckovery from Lake Greenwood, SC PDA
     Gosport tube hist PDA
     movie Japanese aircraft replicas of CAF surv PA
     B-24 ops w USAAF n southeast Europe mem PA
     US jets n movies PA

WBeaa 10/5 July 87
     SNJ rest of Chris Christensen CPA
      The Night Before Oshkosh poem
     Don Paul Martin obit bio PA (US)

WBeaa 10/4 May-Jun 1987
     BT-13A rest of CAF CPcov
     Cessna T-50 rest 7862 of Can WPHer CPA
     Bob Love (US pilot bio) PA
     Edward Rickenbacker bio PA
     B-25A N25A of Doan ex-Bolivia AF rest PA

WBeaa 9/7 Sep-Oct 86
     T-6 "Wirraway" of George Baker CPcov
     binbarduers furst reunion n TX PA
     F6F 1/3 scale repli of Scarborough PDA
     Aviation Location Services movie flying ops PA
     Pennsylvania Scientific Society (av mus) hist PA

WBeaa 9/5 July 86
     filming movie Catch 22 PA
     Aero Associates restorers, CA USA PA
     ac collection of Walter Soplata, OH USA PA

WBeaa 9.4 May-June 1986
     the importance of ac maintenance crews in war PA
     Spitfire IX (MJ772) rest of Doug Champlin PA
     B-17 mockup used in TV series Amazing Stories PA

WBeaa 9/2 Feb-Mar 1986
     P-51D rest of McCann, Canada CF-FUZ CPcov
     Red Flag USAF wargame explained PA
     filming movie Top Gun PA

WBeaa 9/1 January 1986
     Grumman AF of EAA Av Founda CP cov
     Curtiss YP-37 tech instructions PA
     making movie Iron Eagle PA

WBeaa 8/8 Nov-Dec 1988
     R.T. Smith (AVG pilot) stands with P-40 CPbcov
     F4U-5 of Alan Preston CP
     Ed Schmued (US ac designer) obit bio PA

WBeaa 8/6 Aug 1985
     Hawker Fury ex Iraq rest n Australia CPcov
     S-2 rest of Denny Buehn PDA
     F8F crashes n service PA
     P-38L rest of Silberman PA
     Hilson Bi-Mono (Eng lt ftr proto W2) PA
     Fisher XP-75 PA

WBeaa 8/5 July 85
     P-64 of EAA rest CPcov
     Manfred von Richtofen’s final dogfight PA

WBeaa 8/4 May-June 1985
     SNJ rest of Crevasse CP
     Mustang INt’l (civ P-51 rest org) PA list
     P-51D rests n Eng PA

WBeaa 8/3 Apr 1985
     Hurricane rest of Canadian Warpl Her CP
     warbirds n Oklahoma surv PA
     B-25H early rest progress w Weary Warriors PA

WBeaa 8/2 Feb-Mar 1985
     Me-108 rest of John Baugh CP
     SNJ "Beetle Bomb" w Blue Angels PA
     B-24D 41-23782 n Ploesti raid mem PA
     Macchi MC-200 recovery to Bradley Air Mus PA
     Paul Arenson late W2 P-51 pilot mem bio PA
     FG-1D BuNo V88368 wreckov frm lake PA
     Edgar Hamilton, last survivor of Lafayette Flying Corps bio PA
     The B Dash Two-Four poem PA

WBeaa 8/1 Jan 1985
     BT-13 of Tilson CP
     MiG-17 to Champlin Ftr Mus PA
     P-51 rests n prog PA

WBeaa 7/5 Nov 1984
     VF-17 history documentary film PA
     Goodyear FG-1 rest of Antonacci CP cov
     PBM-5 flying n SoPac W2 mem PA
     Seymour Feldman (US Typhoon RAF pilot) war incident PA

WBeaa 7/4 Sep 1984

     P-40E of Tom Camp CPcov
     P-39 42-199995 of Shomo rest PA bio
     56th Fighter Group restaurant PA
     Douglas B-23 wreck n SD forest PA

WBeaa 7/3 May 1984
     353rd FG USAAF W2 hist PA
     Francis Gabreski (US W2 pilot) bio PA
     100th BG USAAF Psurv A
     P-47D-20 rest of Stutsman CPcov
     AD-5 last flying, rest by Jim Fauz PA
     T-6 rest learning how to fly one today PA

WBeaa 7/2 March 1984
     FM-2 of Gallo CP cov
     VF-17 reunion PA
     Robert Hampton Gray (Canada F4U pilot) bio PA

WBeaa 7/1 January 1984
     Lafayette Flying Corps final reunion PA
     T-6 Super 6 of Buehn & Defani PA
     B-25J N10V rest of EAA Av Founda PDA

WBeaa 6/7 Nov 1983
     Grumman AF-2S rest CP
     William A. Finlay, Jr. (USN Panther pilot) bio PA

WBeaa 6/5 July 1983

     B-25D rest of Lamont CP
     B-25 N6578D abandoned movie camera plane rest of Tom Reilly PA

WBeaa 6/4 May 1983
     last B-24 mission of Robert G. DeGroat PA
     SNJ rest of Treadway PDA

WBeaa 6/3 March 1983
     P-51D CF-BAU of Canadian Warpln Her CP
     Douglas AD-5W rest of Don Hendrick PDA
     P-47 flying compared to P-51 PA
     Lancaster (FM213) w Canadian Warpl Her hist PA

WBeaa 6/1 January 1983
     TBM-3 rest of John Kelley CP fcov
     SNJ rest learning how to fly PDA

WBeaa 5/11 Nov 1982
     FM-2P of Pardue CPcov
     T-6 movie Zero of Jim Matthews CPbcov
     Rudolph Sinner (Germ pilot W2) bio PA
     Lori Crevasse solo in SNJ rest on 16th bday PA
     November 1942 chronology PA

WBeaa 5/9 Sep 1982
     T-28 of Mays CPcov
     P-51D (F-6) of Shroeder move in parts PA
     September 1942 chronology
     8th AF Memorial dedication il A

WBeaa 5.8 August 1982
     Cfhamplin Fighter Mus PA
     Doolittle Japan raid PA
     Navy ac graveyards in Okla PA
     Robert Ford Cox (USN pilot W2 ) bio PA
     F6F flying n W2 PA mem
     Jerri Diehl solo at 16 in PT-17 res PA
     Thank God For Flight (poem)
     T-6 rest n Oslo, Norway PA
     Hawker Sea Fury civs awaiting sale n US PDA
     Me-262 encounter n combat mem PA
     P-51s in Europe PA
     P-51D rest of Mark Clark CPfcov
     A Man or a Boy? poem
     Valiant Air Command ops PA
     T-6 movie Zero of Matthews CPbcov

WBeaa 5/7 July 1982
     F4U-1 of Valiant Air Comm CP cov
     T-6 rest of Bryce, New Zealand PDA
     F6F-3 N103V rest flight PA
     William Ross bio (USN pilot) bio PA
     July 1942 chronology A
     F8F survivors and recent losses PA list

WBeaa 5/5 May 1982
     TBM-3 rest of Pardue CPvov
     May 1942 chronology A
     B-17G rest of EAA PDA 4v
     SBD-3 belly landing 1944 Atlantic PA corr

WBeaa 5/5 April 1982

     F8F of Enhorning CP fcov
     April 1942 chronology A
     B-25 of Heritage In Flight Mus PA
     Doolittle Japan bomb mission PA

WBeaa 5.3 March 1982
     March 1942 chronology A

WBeaa 5/2 February 1982
     B-25s rests of Cunningham & Miller CPfcov
     USN ac graveyards n Oklahoma late 40s PA
     Robert Ford Cox USN pilot bio
     February 1942 chronology A

WBeaa 5/1 January 1982
     North American BC-2 rest off Buehn CPAd
     January 1942 chronology A
     B-17G-35-BO "Shoo Shoo Baby" rest PA

WBeaa 4/11 Nov 1981
     P-51C rest of Pete Regina CP
     November 1941 chronology A

WBeaa 4/10 Oct 1981
     F6F-5 rest of Kalamazoo Air Mus P
     October 1941 chronology A

WBeaa 4/9 Sep 1981
     Sept 1941 chronology A
     Red Jensen ac auction n CA PA
     N2S-3 rest of Elliot as recall ac CPcov

WBeaa 4/8 Aug 81
     AT-11 rest of Silberman CPA
     August 1941 chronology A
     Sea Fury ex Iraqi ac for sale n Florida PA

WBeaa 4/7 July 1981
     AD-4 rest of Valiant Air Command CPcov
     Dick Dieter warbird restorer, pilot bio PA
     Hess Bomberger (P-51 pilot ETO) bio PA
     A Man or a Boy? poem

WBeaa 4/5 May 1981
     Sea Fury rest of Johnny Williams CPcov
     May 1941 chronology A
     Valiant Air Command collection flying with PA

WBeaa 4/4 April 1981
     C-47 rest S/N 2141 of Ray Mabrey CPcov
     warbirds n Australia surv PA
     Hispano HA 1112 ret at EAA Mus CPDA
     April 1941 chronology A
     Thank God For Flight poem

WBeaa 4/2 Feb 1981
     P-51 rests n Eng & Europe surv PA
     February 1941 chronology A
     air combat fighting an Me-262 PA

WBeaa 4/1 January 1981

     SNJ-5 rest of Walt Olrich CPcov
     LT-6G rest of Bob Barnes CPbcov
     T-6G rest of Saether n Norway PA
     P-47 Mach 1 and sweepback prop testing PA corr
     January 1941 chronology A

WBeaa 3/8 Sep 1980
     North American BT-9 Yale rest of Otto Hartman PA

WBeaa 3/7 Aug 1980
     P-51 rests today Psurv A
     Canadair Sabre 5 rest PDA

WBeaa 3/6 July 1980
     TBM rest of Joe DUlvick PA
     Sea Fury rest breaks trans-USA recip speed record A
     F8F-2 rest of Chrles Smith, III PA

WBeaa 3 / 4 April 1980
     F4U ex Honduran AF ferry several back to USA
     L-5 rest of Atkinson P

WBeaa 3/1 Jan 1980
     TBM pilot reunion n Chicago PA
     TBM rest of Wofford P

WBeaa 2/12 Dec 1979
     B-24J 44-4272 rest of Yesterday’s Air Force PA
     P_51D rest of Don Weber PA

WBeaa Fall 1979
     B-17 rest of Harrison CPcov
     B-25 486777 of Crosby CP bcov PA
     North American FT-6G attack mod test ac PA
     T-6 color scheme options Psurv
     J2F rest of Tony Barnum PA

WBeaa 2/11 Oct 1979
----- nothing -------------------

WBeaa 2/9-10 Aug-Sep 79
     T-34 rest of Donely P

WBeaa 2/7-8 June-July 79
-----nothing ----------------------

WBeaa Spring 1979
     P-51D rest of Enhorning "Passion Wagon" CPbcov
     SNJ color scheme options Psurv il A
     F7F civ rest getting a type rating in it PA pirep
     Sea Furies of Sanders bros PA

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