Sport Flying
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Contents of all issues of Sport Flying in the AeroKnow collection are presented below. From this initial shorter-than-expected list, it's obvious I misplaced some records, and I apologize for the temporary snafu. If you would like to add to the this list by donating your copies of the magazine not included below,   please write me.
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SptFly 8/9 Sep 74
Monocoupe pirep CPA
TCA al (Haiti) CPA
Starduster Too N84CB pirep CPDA 3v
Caudron 460 PA
early Formula 1 racers surv CP
Anderson Special CP
Baker Special CP
Bee Gee CP
Betty Jo CP
Falcon Special CPA
Townsend Special CP

SptFly 5/4 Aug 71
Skip Volk (US) bio PA
Swifts club at Santa Monica, CA CPA
Stearman 4E NC663K rest CPA

SptFly 5/2 Apr 71
Bellanca Champ pirep PDA
Piper J-3 rest PA
F6F N103V rest CPDA
National Aeronautical Collection (Canada) PA
ac parts bone yard n Memphis, TN PA

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