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JNZ 17/2 4 March 74
V.L.A. Pedersen (New Zealand) bio PA
DC-3 ZK-AUJ indiv ac hist PA
Fletcher Fu-24 PA
agri air ops n NZ A

JNZ 17/1 Feb 74
DH-94 Moth Minor P
agri ops n NZ A
Handasyde Glider (NZ) A
DHC Beaver w Auster Air Service P
Piper Pawnee n NZ P
Callair B-1 (US agri mono) n NZ P
Lockheed Lodestar n NZ P
Lockheed PV-2 Harpoon n NZ service A
Vickers Vildebeest rest A

JNZ 16/12 3 Dec 72
ac accidents in Tararua mountain range A
Airspeed Oxford n NZ P
DH Tiger Moth n NZ P
agri air ops n NZ A

JNZ 16/11 5 Nov 73
Auster J.5 n NZ on flts P
Blackburn L-1B Bluebird III (New Zealand design) PA
Agricola (NZ lw agri) P
DC-3 w NZ Ministry of Transport P
NZ official opinion of hang gliding A
Emair Murrayair MA1 (US agri) A
Emair Paymaster MA1 (US agri) A
Lockheed Hudson rest A
Short Empire S.30 P
DHC Twin Otter Mount Cook Al P
agri air ops n NZ A

JNZ 16/10 1 Oct 73
air communications in NZ A
DC-3 Mount Cook Al NZ P
DC-3 Southern Air Super al NZ P
HS-748 w Mount Cool Al P
Brantly B-2 ZK-HPA n NZ P
Hughes 269A ZK-HEX P
North American T-6 n NZ P
Airspeed Oxford accident n NZ A
agri air ops n NZ A

JNZ 16/9 3 Sep 73
V.A. Pedersen (NZ) RAF ops A
Fokker F-27 n NZ PA
DH Dragon II East Coast Aw NZ P
Cessna Agwagon ZK-CXO P
Tranzavia PL-12 Airtruck (NZ agri mono) P
Fairey Gordon flying mem A
agri air ops n NZ A

JNZ 16/8 6 Aug 73
Cessna 185 ZK-CAT n NZ P
Cessna 172 ZK-CKV n NZ P
Cessna 207 ZK-DAX n NZ P
Piper Pawnee n NZ P
T-6 Harvard n NZ P
Mount Cook Wl A
DH Tigermoth crashes n NZ A
NZ Permanent Air Force A
Avro 504 n NZ A
agri air ops n NZ A

JNZ 16/7 2 July 73
Short Empire Boat S.30 P
Grumman Goose w Mount Cook Al (NZ) A
DH Vampire n NZAF P
Taylor Titch (NZ hb) P
Fokker F.28 Fellowship of Prince Bernhard P
NZ Permanent Air Force PA
agri air ops n NZ A

JNZ 16/6 4 June 73
DH-9 "Limousine Plane" n NZ P
Handazyde Glider (NZ) A
NZ Permanent AF A
Avro 505 NZAF PA
Cessna 180 ZK-CWL PA

JNZ 16/5 7 May 73
Southern Cross n NZ A
did Hood and Moncrieff reach NZ?
(attempt flt Australia to NZ n Ryan B.1 Brougham) P
75 New Zealand Squadron n WWI A
Aviation Historical Soc of NZ 1972 annual report A

JNZ 16/4 2 Apr 73
Fokker Southern Cross n NZ A
Short Empire Boat in TEAL service A
Taylor Monplane (hb) n NZ ZK-CRS P
Midget Mustang (US hb) n NZ ZK-CWO P
Fletcher Fu-24 ZK-DIK/S2=ARK P
75 New Zealand Sqdn RAF A
NZ agri air ops A

JNZ 16/3 5 March 73
Brewster Buffalo PA
488 (NZ) Sqdn PA
Hawker Hurricanes of 488 Sqdn PA
BAC Strikemaster serials n NZ
DC-7C w Ports of Call Al (US) PA
Piper Cherokee ZKDGG P
Victa Airtourer & Airtrainer (NZ lw trilg ltpln) A
TBF civs n NZ A

JNZ 16/2 Feb 73
DH Dragon II Union Aw (NZ) P
Victa Airtourer (NZ) P
Foster Wikner Wicko GM.1 (NZ) P
Grumman Widgeon w Mount Cook Aw (NZ) A

JNZ 16/1 5 Feb 73
DH-84 Dragon us n NZ PA
DH Fox Moth n NZ A
DH Vampire n NZAF withdraw < svce PA
Lockheed Lodestar w Union Aw NZ A

Lockheed Ventura n NZ serials A
V.A. Pedersen (NZ) bio A
BAC Strikemasters n NZ AF PA
490 (NZ) Sqdn hist A
Victa Airtourer and Airtrainer ATBF in NZ A

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