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Contents of all issues of Flying Models in the AeroKnow collection are presented below. If you would like to add to the this list by donating your copies of the magazine not included below,  please write me.
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FM Vol. 86 No.10/515 Oct 83
Bill Hannan (US modeler) interv PA

FM March 83
Vought TBU-1 3v xs

FM DecJan 83

FM v 85 No. 2/535 Feb 82
P.E. Norman (England flymodeler)

FM 407 Feb 77

FM V77 #11 Number 450 Nov 74
Sorrell Hyperbipe 3v

FM #421 Apr 72
Fox Model Co. factory tour PA
Musee de L’Air (France) PA

FM Aug Sep 64
Curtiss XF7C-3 3v xs

FM No. 321 AprMay 61
Otsegan Mk. III .020 ff cont
Sun Devil "C" uc stunt cont
Serpent Rpwr spt push
Plastic Models How to Build them Better PA
F4B-4 3v xs

FM #320 FebMar 61
Plastic Models How to Build Them Better PA
Cessna 310 3v
Dornier Do. 27 3v
Mighty Mouse Jetex spt

FM #319 Jan 61
SZZT Jetex 150 ff cont
Plastic Models How to Build Them Better PA
FM #306 July 59
Sky Master "B" ff cont
A/2 – X3 Nordic TLG
Twister FAI team r
Skooter 1/2A ff cont
Howard Ike Rpwr scale
Lo-Bo HLG cont

FM Sept 57

FM January 57
ready to run flymod surv PA
Wibault 9C.1 3v
uc control systems explained Il A

FM June 56
Thread-IT powerless tether trnr

FM Oct 54
Torrid Tyro "A" uc speed
how to cover with silk A il
Percival Provost pro Rpwr spt
Cataglide cat/HLG spt
Blowhard breath-powered G

FM Oct 53
73.40 1/2 A uc speed
X-DW1 1/2A delta ff

FM June 53
Rocket Ship Jetex 50 spt
Vought VE-9 uc scale
Stunt Student uc stunt
Ryan YO-51 Dragonfly 1/2A ff scale

FM Apr 53
Why Can’t We (USA) Win the Wakefields? PA
Skyfire 1/2A ff cont
New Angle A uc speed
Getting Started in Radio Control PA
basic design layout for ff gas
basic design layout for pylon cont ff gas

FM Feb 53
Getting Started in Radio Control PA
Wun Wing Gon "A" uc spt
Sikorsky S-51 semi-scale tether heli
trouble spots in cabin model designs il A
basic design layout for uc spt
basic design for advanced uc spt
Frostbite "C" ff spt
Twin Fin Pusher Rpwr spt

FM Dec 52
Pendy Wing flywing 1/2A ff
FM Pusher Rpwr canard
SE-5A .29 uc
Forerunner 1/2A ff laminar flow wing

FM Oct 52
covering and finishing your model il A
Venus "B" stunt uc
Jiffy Jet Jetex 50B spt
basic TLG layout
basic cont TLG layout

FM June 52
Cessna Clipper 1/2A ff spt
Solitaire foatplane Rpwr ROW
Sprightly Sparrow .09 uc spt
Cargowing PAA Load A

FM Feb 52
Mono-Sport monocline 1/2A spt
Yankee Clipper .29 uc stunt
Morane Scout Rpwr scale
Holy Mackerel "A" ff

FM Dec 51
F7U-1 Jetex scale
Hellion .19 uc speed
Cadet Fighter Rpwr spt
Vickers Vampire .074 uc

FM Oct 51
Leprechaun Rpwr
Aquasprite 1/2A ff
Flippit HLG
Little Clinker uc .074

FM Aug 51
Helicopter Rpwr heli
MiG-15 S
Mighty Mite "A" R
S6B uc
Hi Fly A ff cont

FM June 51
Hell’s Fire .60 speed
Blow Torch Jetex 50 spt
Honey7 B "B" ff

FM Oct 50
Eclipse .29 uc spt bip
Swifty .19 speed uc
Fledgling A ff
FM Ranger Rpwr
Microfilm indoor Rpwr

FM Aug 50
Shadrach uc team racer
Hurry Up 150 rpwr spt
Smokey Jetex

FM June 50
Bootstraps PAA Load "A"
Little Missile uc stunt
Heave-Ho HLG
F11C-2 A or Rpwr ff
Slim .074 ff

FM Feb 50
Cub Canard rpwr spt
The Gool "C" ff cont
Tiercel rpwr cont
Stunt Streak "A" uc spt
FM Trainer Speedster "A" trns

FM Dec 48
R.O.G. Rpwr
Flip Flop all-wing uc stunt .59
Golden Bullet "A" speed
Aeronca C-3 CO2 ff
Baby Condor "A" ff
Douglas Skyrocket whip fly, Jetex or S

FM Oct 48
R.O.G. rpwr spt
The Contester rpwr cont
Seafarer rpwr ff
P-26 .23 uc
Paneteer "B" ff
Whingding CO2 flywing ff

FM Aug 48
Living Room Lilliput Co2 pwr ff
Toughie HLG
XP-86 S A
Your Red Wagon uc Dyna Jet pwr
Boeing L-15A rpwr or CO2 pwr ff
The Revolver "B" speed uc
Sportwagon .19 ff spt
Stargazer .19-.23 ff cont

FM June 48
Supper Looper G uc spt
V-locity rpwr
Miss Simplicity rpwr ROG
Swallow II TLG
The Toreador "B" ff cont
Defender "C" stunt uc
Carbonator CO2 ff contest

FM Apr 48
The Outlaw "C" ff
Eugene II Rpwr cont
1948 Wakefield Rpwr cont
Chester Jeep uc sscale
King O’ Diamonds Rpwr canard
Martin 202 S A
Thunderjet HLG
Little Mike Rpwr
Traveler II "C" speed

FM January 48
Sky Climber all-wing HLG
Doodle Bug Rpwr spt all-wing
Boeing 316 3v A . . . . 322 3v A . . . . 33 3v A . . . . 333A 3v A
Boeing 333B 3v A.. . . . 334A 3v A . . . . 341 3v A . . . . . 345 . . . 3v A
Boeing L-15A S
Douglas A-26 S
Ansaldo 3v
SE-5 3v
P-47N S
Nieuport 17 S
Bucker Jungmeister S
Towline Glider 48"
Class A Microfilm ROG

FM Aug 47
Ring Leader uc speed
Kingpin Rpwr cont
Sailor Boy HLG
XS-1 S
Bonanza S
Beech G-17S Staggerwing P
All American Ensign P)
SE-5 S
L-13 S

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