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Flying = F

F 114/11 Nov 87
Hughes-McDD 500 NOTAR mod CPA
Cessna 175 w Porsche engine CPDA pirep
Piper Ac Corp. resurgence CPA
Piper Pillan (mil lw ret trilg 1e for Chile) CPA pirep

F 114/10 Oct 87
Cessna P210 Riley mod CPDA pirep
Mooney 252 versus Piper Malibu CPDA pirep
Schweizer 2-37A CPDA pirep
Piper Cub nat f-I CPDA

F 114/8 Aug 87
Beech King Air C90A CPDA pirep
Rhein Fleugzeugbau Fanstar CPA
Bonanza F33A CPDA pirep

F 114/3 March 87
Voyager Tran world flt CPA
Airship International blip (Germany) CPDA pirep
1986 issues index

F 113/8 Aug 86
DH Vampire rest n US CPDA pirep
MD-80 CPA pirep
Beech King Air 200 CPDA pirep
Grob G109B (Germ 2s motor g) in US CPDA pirep
Bonanza V-tail safety concerns A

F 113/6 June 86
Cessna T210R versus Mooney 252 CPDA pirep
Mitsubishi Mu-2 used and safety concerns CPDA prep

F 113/4 Apr 86
Swearingen Metro CPDA pirep

Prescott Pusher CPDA pirep
Cessna Caravan flt for FedEx CPA

F 113/2 Feb 86
Piper Cheyenne 400LS CPA prep
MBB BK-117 (multinat heli) CPDA pirep
what engine cowlings do
Alfred Scott (US) bio PA
Sequoia Falco (US hb lw mono ret trilg) CPDA pirep
Sikorsky S-76B CPDA pirep

F 113/1 Jan 86
Aerospatiale Trinidad TC CPDA pirep
Beech Bonanza compared with Baron CPA pirep
Falcon 900 CPDA pirep
Grumman Widgeon CPA pirep

F 112/11 Nov 85
Martin B-26 of Confed AF CPDA
Cessna 182 versus Mooney 201 CPDA pirep

F 112/9 Sept 85
Cessna 414A CPA pirep
Piper Archer CPDA pirep
Cessna 140 rest CPDA pirep
Piper Pacer rest CPDA
Ayres Turbo Thrush CPDA pirep

F 112/8 Aug 85
Cessna 152 CPA pirep

Cessna P210R versus Piper Malibu PA pirep
Cessna Citation III CPDA pirep
WW2 flying mems CPA

F 111/3 March 84
USCG Cape Cod air station CPA
Fairchild 300 CPD pirep
Piper Cheyenne controversy PA

Helio 800 CPDA pirep

F 111/2 Feb 84
Paul Garber (US) bio PA
Piper Malibu CPDA pirep
airport at Hamilton, OH CPA
1983 issues index A

F 110/12 Dec 83
Gulfstream American Peregrine CPDA pirep
Pacific Western Al flying with CPDA
Avtek 400 CPDA
Taylorcraft BC-12 CPDA pirep
Dennis Quaid interv (US actor)
Bo 747 of Korean Al shoot down Cil A
F 110/11 Nov 83
Stoddard-Hamilton Glasair RG CPA pirep
Gulfstream American Peregrine C advert
Learjet simulator training CPA

F 110/10 Oct 83
Rutan Solitaire A

Cessna Conquest II CPDA pirep
Bell JetRanger flying NYC traffic reports CPA
Mooney corporate hist PA
Wiplinger pontoon hist PA

F 110/9 Sep 83
Cessna 185 CPDA pirep
Beech King Air F90-1 CPDA pirep
Piper Mojave CPDA pirep
Beech Staggerwing CPDA prep
foreign exec jet competition A

F 110/8 Aug 83
Sikorsky VS-44 last one to Bradley Air Mus PA
Cessna Citation III CPDA pirep
Beech Dutchess CPDA pirep
Robin R2160 (Canada lw 2s aerobat) CPDA pirep
anti-drug aircraft patrol ops CPA

F 110/7 July 83
Cessna Crusader CPDA pirep
Falcon 100 CPD pirep

Cessma Cutlass (fixed lg) CPDA pirep
Christen buys Pitts CPDA
Christen Eagle CPDA prep
Pitts S-2A CPDA prep

F 110/6 June 83
Garrison Melmoth (lw 2s ret trilg) resurrected il A

Piper Warrior CPDA pirep
Boeing 767 of UAL CPDA pirep
Gulfstream 900 CPDA pirep
Mooney company status PA

F 110/3 March 83
Piper Malibu CPDA pirep
Bonanza Mike Smith speed mod versus Mooney 301 CPA
Hughes 500 used by a doctor CPA
John Monnett PA bio
John Mashman (US) PA bio

F 109/12 Dec 82
DHC Dash 7 ops w Ransome Al CPA pirep
Bonanza 35th Anniv Special CPDA
Cessna 210 Riley P210 turbine mod CPA pirep
Learjet hist CPA

F 109/6 June 82
Beech King Air C90-1 CPDA pirep
Cessna 172 Skyhawk hist CPA

F 109/5 May 82
Piper Saratoga (Cherokee Six) PDA pirep
Washington National Airport status today CPA

F 109/4 Feb 82
Beech 18 hist CPDA pirep
Cessna Turbo Skylane RG CP pirep
Najeeb E. Halaby (US FAA director) interv PA
Rotorway Executive PDA pirep
Piper Cheyenne II XL CPD pirep

F 108/9 Sep 81
Cessna Crusader CPA pirep
B-52 low alti trng flt CPDA
heli ops of TV news CPA

F 108/8 Aug 81
EAA Museum status CPA
Terry Crosby (Federal Express pilot) day at work PA
Piper Archer CPDA

F 108/7 July 81
Piper 602P (formerly Aerostar) CPDA pirep
Allen Paulson (US director of Gulstream American) interv PA
Beech Super King Air 200 CPDA pirep
Cessna 120 versus Cessna 152 CPA

F 108/5 May 81
Learavia Lear Fan CPDA
Cessna 206 CPDA pirep
Polen Special (1e 1s lw hb ret tadr hb US) CPA
air ambulance ops explained A

F Apr 81
Cessna Corsair CPDA pirep

Mickey Gilley (US pilot singer) bio PA
Aero 45 (Czech 2e tadr ltpln) n US CPA pirep

F 108/3 March 81
Mitsubishi Marquise (Mu-2) CPDA pirep
Cessna Skylane Turbo CPDA pirep
Garrison Melmoth flt across Andes Mtns il A
Christopher Reeve (US movie star pilot) CPA

F 108/2 Feb 81
Piper Cheyenne III CPDA pirep
Mooney 201 versys Mooney 231 CPA pirep

Bucker Jungmeister rest CPA
1980 F index A

F 108/1 January 81
Beech Baron 58 CPDA pirep
4th World Aerobatic Championships CPA

F 107/6 Dec 80
Cessna Citation II CPDA pirep

Piper Pacer conv < TriPacer A il
Bellanca bankruptcy A
Davis Monthan ac bone yard today CPDA

F 107/5 Nov 80
Cessna Skyhawk 25th anniv CPD
Lake Buccaneer CPDA pirep

F 107/3 Sept 80
Mooney 201 CPDA pirep
Cessna 310 first ac PA
Bell Jet Ranger ops w AZ Hwy Patrol CPA

F 107/1 July 80
Cessna P210 vs. Piper Seneca II CPDA pirep
Beech Sundowner CPA pirep
Piper Lance CPA pirep
Piper Cub border patrol ops CPA

F Apr 80
Piper Saratoga CPD pirep

F 106/2 Feb 80
Geological photography from the air CPA
in flight emergency how to act A
Beech King Air F90 CPDA
Garrison Melmoth CPA
Ballooning fiesta Albuquerque, NM CPA
1979 F index

F 105/2 Sep 79
Beech Skipper CPDA pirep
Piper Turbo Dakota CPA pirep
Beech T-34C PDA pirep

F 104/3 March 79
Piper Dakota CPDA pirep
spins explained il A
FAA aircraft PA

Cessna 210 buying used PA
Samuel Franklin Cody (US) PA bio
flying ops from ac carriers CPA

F 103/5 Nov 78
Mooney 231 Turbo CPDA pirep
Washington National Airport, DC ops CPA
heli flying explained PA
Piper Navajo CPA pirep

F Sep 78
Cessna pressurized 210 CPA pirep
Beech Baron 58P CPA
Piper Turbo Arrow CPA
European ac n US market CPA

Waco Meteor (Italy) CPA
Societe Wassmer (France) CPA
S.F.260 (Italy) PA
Robin (France) PA

Scottish Aviation Bulldog A
Fournier RF.5 (France) PA
Zlin 50L (Czech) PA

Cessna 172 Skylane PA
IAI Westwind 1124 PDA pirep
Otto Koppen (US) PA bio
Helio Courier proto P
Thorp T-18 (hb trilg mono 2s) CPA pirep

F 102 Jan 78
Learfan model PA
Cessna 182 Skylane RG PA pirep

Learjet learning to fly A
Piper Comanche PDA pirep
Dassault Falcon 50 CPA
aerobatics explained PA

F 101/6 Dec 77
Piper J-3 Cub CPA
Mooey 201 CPDA
flying with the USCG CPA

F 101/3 Sept 77
Beech family tree Cil A advert
Wright first flight PA

Ryan Spirit of St. Louis flight to Paris PACollier Trophy A
Harmon Trophy A
WWI air war CPA
Ju-52 rest
Lockheed hist A
early business flying A
US airliners hist A il
foreign airliners hist A il
air racing in its heyday A
roots of US ac industry A il
engine manufacturers surv A il
foreign ac engine manufacturers AUSAAC between WI & WII PA
aviation n WII PA
civil av n 40s PA
general aviation hist A
Civil Air Patrol A
breakthroughs in aviation development A
future of aviation CPA
pleasure flying in 30s A
William Allen (US) bio A
John Atwood (US) bio A
Olive Beech A bio
Giuseppe Bellanca (US) bio A
William Boeing bio A
Jacqueline Cochran A bio
Geoffrey de Havilland bio A
Don Douglas bio A
Amelia Earhart bio A
Tony Fokker (Netherlands) bio A
Robert Goddard bio A
LeRoy Grumman bio A
Elrey Jeppesen (US) bio A
Clarence Johnson bio A
James Kindelberger bio A
Bill Lear bio A
Ed Link A bio
Bill Mara (US) bio A
Glenn L. Martin bio A
Willy Messerschmitt bio A
Al Mooney A bio
Jack Northrop bio A
Earl D. Osborn (US) bio A
Bill Piper bio A
Claude Ryan bio A
Ted Smith bio A
Thomas Sopwith bio A
Eddie Stinson bio A
Alberto Santos Dumont (Brazil) bio A
Morton Sperry (US) bio A
Andrei Tupolev bio A
Duane Wallace bio A
German dirigible hist PA
Barnstorming PA
early airmail PA
Early Birds organization PA

F 101/2 Aug 77
Hughes 500D CPA pirep
Piper Warrior II PDA

F 101/1 July 77
liquid cooled engines resurgence PA
Beech G17S Staggerwing rest CPDA pirep
Grumman American Tiger PDA pirep
Rockwell Commander 690B PDA pire

F 100/6 June 77
Cessna 172 Hawk XP PA pirep
Foxjet mockup CPA

Rockwell Commander 112 Machen Magnum 300 mod PA pirep
Piper Aztec F CPA pirep
F4U rest & hist CPA
Robert Murray (US) bio PA

F 100/5 May 77
Cessna 152 CPA pirep
DH-60 Moth rest CPA pirep
Mitsubishi Mu-2P PA pirep
Monsted-Vincent Starflight (US 4e lt trans) PA
Piper Turbo Arrow III CPA pirep

F 100/4 April 77
Beech Baron CPA
Bellanca T-250 Aries CPA
Cessna 180, 185 CPDA
Douglas B-26 On Mark mod CPA
Gordon Israel (US) bio A

F 99/3 Sep 76
National Air & Space Mus PA
Grumman American Cougar (2e ltpln) CPA
Hawker Siddeley Harrier CPDA
Buzz Fiorini (US?) bio A

The $30,000 light plane market PA

F July 76
Augusta 109 (Italy heli) CPDA pirep
Cessna Hawk XP CPA pirep

F 98/5 May 76
AJI (American Jet Industries) Hustler PA
Bellanca Skyrocket II (1e 6s lw ret trilg ltpln) PA
Britten-Norman Islander PA
Burns J-2 (2e exec recip midw ret trilg proto) PA
Rockwell 114 CPA pirep
Trident TriGull (Canada amphib) PA
Windecker Eagle PA
Wing Derringer PA

F 98/4 Apr 76
Cessna 441 CPA pirep

Piper Super Cut rest CPDA pirep
Sikorsky S-64 civ CPDA

F 98/3 March 76
Aerospatiale Corvette CPDA pirep
Bonanza PA pirep
Edward Heinemann bio PA

F 97/6 Dec 75
Cessna Airmaster PA pirep
Cessna 421C CPA pirep
Grumman American Cheetah CPDA pirep
Garrison Melmoth world flt PA
Don Hanna (US) PA Cil
flying n Alaska and Canada

F 97/5 Nov 75
Bell Long Ranger PA

Piper Lance CPDA pirep
Smith Aerostar CPDA pirep
Oshkosh nat f-I 1975 CPA

F 97/5 Oct 75
Beech Sierra CPA pirep
Beech Sundowner CPA pirep
Cessna Skymaste CPA pirep
Waco (ITALY) Meteor CPA
US aerobatic team PA

F 97/3 Sep 75
Cessna Turbo Centurion CPA pirep
Cessna 414 Robertson STOL mod PA pirep
Hughes 300C CPA pirep

Old Rhinebeck Cil A
Paris a s CPA

F July 75
Beech 58P Baron CPA pirep
Mooney Ranger vs. Grumman American Tiger PDA pirep
Sikorsky H-34 civ turbine mod PDA pirep
Flying Farmer convention A

F June 75
Dassault Falcon 10 CPDA pirep
Rockwell 112A pirep
Hughes 500C CPDA pirep
ballooning CPA
Pit Martin (US) bio PA

F Aug 75
Bell 214B PDA pirep
Piper Turbo Aztec E hist CPDA pirep

F 96/4 Apr 75
Bellanca hist CPA
Bellanca Citabria PA
Bellanca Decathalon PA

Bellanca Viking CPA
Bellanca Sky Rocket II PA

Boeing-MBB-Bolkow MBB-105C PDA pirep
Snowbirds aerobatic team CPA

F 96/3 March 75
Piper Apache Geronimo mod PA pirep
flying helicopters for oil rigs at sea PA
Richard Kibbey (US) il A

F 95/6 Dec 74
Piper Seneca II CPDA pirep
Cessna 340 PDA pirep
Taylorcraft newly manufacture red PA pirep
Lake Buccaneer PA pirep

F 95/5 Nov 74
Bellanca Scout CPA pirep
Roy Clark (US) PA bio
Charles Lindbergh obit A
Cessna 150 Commuter PA pirep
Britten-Norman Islander PA pirep

F 95/2 Aug 74
Ford Trimotor Cil A

B-25 rest CPA
Piper Cheyenne proto PA pirep

F Feb 74
Boeing 377 airline flight Cil PD A
Bede BD-4 CPA pirep
Cessna 310QII CP pirep

1973 index A

F 94/3 March 74
Beech Bonanza PA pirep
Cessna 402B PDA pirep
Grumman American Tr.2 vs. Ford Pinto PA pirep
Tiara engine PA

F Dec 73
Douglas DST (DC-3) night flight Cil A
Grumman American Traveler CPDA pirep
Piper Warrior CP pirep
Smith Aerostar PA pirep

F Oct 73
Short S-17 Kent (4e bip fltpln early 30s) n al service Cil A
Cessna Citatiion CPDA pirep
Messerschmitte Bolkow Blohm BO-209 (2s lw trilg modern ltpln) PA pirep
D.H. Spencer (US) bio PA

F Sept 73
BD-5 hist CPDA pirep

Cessna Skyhawk for 1974 PA pirep
Cessna and American Jet Industries 400 Turbo Star PA pirep
Intercepter 400 (US tprop 4s ltpln) PDA pirep

F 91/5 Nov 72
Cessna Pressurized Skymaster CPDA pirep

Taylorcraft BC-12D PA

F 91/4 Oct 72
Beech Duke CPDA pirep|
DH-125-600 PA pirep
Fairchild 71 ill A

F 91/3 Sept 72
American Aviation Traveler CPDA pirep
Caproni A 21J (Italy jet pwerd slpln) PDA pirep
Grumman J2F-6 rest PA pirep
Lockheed Jetstar of FAA ops described PA
Piper Comanche 250 PA

F 91/2 Aug 72
Cessna 175 PA pirep
DH Mosquito diplomatic transport Cil A
Rockwell Commander 112 CPDA pirep
Smith Aerostar CPA pirep

F 91/1 July 72
Cessna 206 Stationair on floats PA

Pitts S-2A CPA
Rockwell Shrike Commander CPA

F June 72
Cessna Turbo 310 for 1972 CPA
Bonanza H35 PA

Maule Strata Rocket PDA pirep
Smith Superstar (larger Aerostar) il A

F 90/5 May 72
Cessna Cardinal RG CPA pirep
Garrison Melmoth building described il A
Spitfire IX rest CPDA pirep

F 90/2 Feb 72
1971 F index
sailplane flying PA
Bonanza G33 CPA pirep
Bellanca Decathalon CPDA pirep
Armstrong Whitworth (bip trans) flt desc il A

Piper Arrow II CPA pirep

F 89/6 Dec 71
flying pre-War I ac restorations CPA
Aerospatiale Alouette III blt n USA by Vought PA pirep
American Traveler CPA pirep
Cessna 195 rest PDA

F 89/4 Oct 71
Beech 18 CPDA
Lake Buccaneer PA

Piper Seneca CPDA

F 89/3 Sep 71
American Aviation AA-1 Trainer PA pirep
Bellanca Viking CPDA pirep
Rockwell 112 PA pirep
Antique Airplane Association nat f-I Ottumwa, IA CPA

F 89/2 Aug 71
PBY-5 civ mod PDA
Rallye Minerva (France ltpln) CPDA
why light planes cost so much il A

F 88/2 Feb 71
Bellanca Champ PDA pirep
Beech Musketeer Super R PA pirep
McCullough J-2 (gyroplane) PA pirep
Mooney Mk.21 used PA pirep
1070 index

F 86/2 Aug 70
Ted Smith PA bio
Smith Aerostar CPDA
Curtiss Gulf Hawk CPA
Interceptor 400 PA
learning how to fly a heli il A

F 86/6 June 70
American Aviation AA-2 Yankee PA pirep
Beech Baron 58 CPA pirep
Cessna 414 CPD advert
Cessna Centurion for 1970 PA pirep

F 86/4 Apr 70
Cessna 414 CPA pirep
Aero Commander Lark Commander il A pirp
Brunner Winkle Bird CPA
N.A. Sabreliner 60 PDA pirep

F 86/3 March 70
Beech Musketeer Super R CPDA
Jim Bede PA bio
BD-2 records set PA
Battle of Britain making the movie
Bensen Gyrocopter PA

F 86/2 Feb 70
Cessna Citation CPA

Piper Cherokee Arrow 200 PA pirep
Piper Super Cub CPA pirep
Bill Lear bio PA
sport ballooning CPA

F 85/5 Nov 69
Beech Duke C advert
Aero Commander Lark Commander CPDA
DH Tiger Moth CPA
Rockford f-I negative editorial PA

Piper Cherokee C advert
Globe Swift PA

Short Skyvan PDA

F 84/1 Jan 69
Beagle 206-S CPA pirep
Waco UPF-7 rest CPDA pirep
Index for 1968

F 80/6 June 67
Cessna 411A PDA pirep
Ernest Gann PA bio
Minneapolis-St. Paul, MN airport status PA
Powder Puff Derby PA

F 80/3 March 67
Fournier RF-4 CPDA pirep
Lark 95 (2s lw trilg ltpln) PA pirep
US Army heli training at Ft. Wolters, TX PA

Henry Coanda (Rumania) PA bio
Coanda Lenticular Aerodyne (flying saucer) ca A
Coanda (2 e driving one prop) P
Coanda jet P

Dumod Dumodliner (trilg converted Beech 18) PA
Fokker D.VII repli CPA pirepA

F 78/6 June 66
Beech ops today PA

Beech Musketeer PA pirep
North Star (US importer) SIAI Riviera (push amphib) CPA
Cessna Turbo Centurion PA pirep
Piaggio-Douglas PD. 808 (exec jet) PA
barnstorming era descry PA

F 78/3 March 66
Aero Commander hist CPA
Norwood Russell Hanson (US) PA bio
F8F N5555H rest civ of Hanson CPA
Hughes 500 PA

Cessna 140 used PA pirep

F 78/2 Feb 66
Reno air races CPA
United Twin Bee (2e mod Repub Sea Bee) CPA pirep
Lear 24 C advert Dil
DH-125 CPDA pirep

F 78/1 Jan 66
Goodyear blimp "Columbia" PA pirep
Howard 500 trilg conv P
Globe Swift 125 PA pirep
1964-65 F index

F 77/5 Nov 65
Bede BD-1 PA
Cessna Super Skymaster PDA pirep
Hiller FH-1100 ca PA
Swearingen Merlin II PA

F 77#4 Oct 65
Aero Commander 100 (hw) advert
Aero Commander 200 (lw) advert
Cessna 150 PDA pirep

F 77/3 Sep 65
LeVier "Cosmic Wind" proposed tprop conversion for US Army lt obs ac PA
Lockheed Vega rest CPDA pirep

Pacific Airmotive Corp PA
Piper Cub hist PA

F 77/1 July 65
Beech 18 hist CPA
Volaire 10A (US 4s hw ltpln fixed trilg) il A pirep advert
Piper Cherokee Six CPAs

F 76/6 June 65
Dassault Falcon CPDA
Piaggio-Douglas PD.808 PA
Luscombe 8E PA pirep

Leigh Fisher (US) P bio
Garrett TFE-331 tprop eng PA ca
Helio Stallion P

F 76/4 April 65
Maule Rocket pirep PA
Air & Space Model 18A PA pirep
Custer Channel Wing PA
Max Conrad bio A

F 76/3 March 65
Cessna Super Skymaster CPA pirep
Cessna 411 CPA
Meyers 200 PA
Old Rhinebeck collection PA
Ireland A F status PA
Me-108 rest ferry flt PA

Lockheed Jetstar CPA

F 76/2 Feb 65
Snow S-2C (US agri) PA pirep
Alon Aircoupe PA pirep
Champion Citabria PA pirep

F 756 Dec 64
Piper Aztec C PA pirep
Cessna 206 Super Skywagon PA pirep
Beech Musketeer II PA pirep
Cessna 150 PA pirep

F 75/ Nov 64
Malmo MFI-10 Vipon (Sweden hw ltpln) PA
Bleriot XI repli PA pirep
Business Ac Corp H-250 (rilg Howard 250) PDA
Business Ac Corp Beech Model 18 conversion) advert PDA
Travel Air ac hist PA

F 75/4 Oct 64
Mitsubishi Mu-2 PDA
DH-125 PDA pirep
RF-84F flt < Alabama > Alaska PA
Fokker D.VII repli PA pirep
Bellanca 260A PA pirep
Beech Baron B-55 PA pirep

F 75/3 Sep 64
Piper Comanche 400 PA pirep
Stinson Voyager PA pirep

F 75/2 Aug 64
Bell 47J advert
Jerrie Mock trans world flight PA
Boeing P-12/100 rest PA pirep
Pacific Airmotive Trade wind (Beech 18 mod) advert
Republic Seabee PA pirep

F 75/1 July 64
Aero Commander Jet Commander PA pirep
Jerrie Mock trans world flight PA
Tim Babcock (US) PA bio

Parks P-2A barnstorming today flight PA
Summering-Gray-Parker SGP-222 (Austria 2e lw ltpln) PA
Tubular Aircraft Products Sky Scooter Model 211 (new version Thorp 211) PA

F 74/6 June 64
Hughes 269B PA pirep
Lake Buccaneer PA pirep
Piper Cherokee 140 PDA pirep
Vertigiro VG-1 (modified Piper Colt to gyroplane) PA
Max Conrad forced down on Iceland glacier PA

F 74/3 March 64
Beech Staggerwing PA pirep
Beagle 206C (England 2e) PA pirep
Bristol Brabazon PDA
Danny Kaye (US movie star pilot) PA bio
Aereon Corp Aereon (tri hull dirigible US) PA

F 73/6 Dec 63
DH-125 advert
Boeing 727 PA pirep

Cessna Skyknight PA pirep
Cherokee 235 PA pirep
Bell OH-4A (light obs heli proto) PA
Stinson 108 trilg PA
DHC Otter with hotwing mod

F 73/5 Nov 63
Mooney Super 21 PA pirep

Dassault Mystere 20 (business jet) PDA
Denise RD-105 (France lw tadr ltpln) PA
MS Paris III (France enlarged MS-760 PA
Scheutzow Model B (US heli) PA
Ford Trimotor ops w Maddux Al il A Phillips 66 advert
Mooney Mu-2 bcov advert

F 73/3 Sep 73
Beech Travel Air PA pirep

Paris air show PA
Lane SIAI Riviera (1e push amphib imported by Lane fron SIAI Italy) PA pirep
Kansas City airport today PA

Sud G.Y. 80 Horizon (France ltpln) PDA pirep
Ford Trimotor rest of TWA PA

F 72/6 June 63
Aeronca K flying mem A
Aero Commander Jet Commander design philosophy ill A
Cessna 310 Riley Rocket mod PA pirep
human-powered flight n England PA
Robertson Wren 460 proto PA pirep
hot air ballooning PA

Los Angeles Airways PA

F 72/5 May 63

Cessna Skymaster PDA pirep, design philosophy
Piper Papoose PDA

F 72/3 March 63
air war in Vietnam PA

Grumman Ag-Cat PA
Pakistan International Al PA
Rotorwing Ac Co Sportsman (US gyroplane) PA
Flight Dynamics Flexwing glider (US) PA
forest fire bbrs ops in Calif A

F 72/2 Feb 63
Bellanca Cruisair PA pirep
Cessna 195 PA pirep

Fairchild 24 rest PA
General Electric jet engine manufacturing PDA
Piper Clipper PA pirep
Beagle-Miles M-218 (England 2e ltpln) PA
SIPA Antilope PA (Italy)

F 71/6 Dec 62
Piper Cherokee 180 PA pirep
Besler steam-powered Travel Air PA
Lockheed C-141 preview PA
Beech Model 120 (2 tprop proto business ac) PDA
US Coast Guard aviation PA
Beagle B.206 PA pirep

Kaman Huskie III (2 turbine trans heli propo) PA

F 71/4 Oct 62
Potez 840 3v PA pirep
Jodel Ambassador (1e 4s lw tadr ltpln France) PA pirep
Navion Rangemaster PA pirep
Charles Lindbergh then and now PA bio
Cessna 205 PA pirep

Confederate AF today PA

F 71/1 July 62
Cessna 140 pirep PA
Tupolev ANT-25 record flt to Calif in 1937 PA
Paul Mantz PA bio
Lenair Vector 1000 (Beech 18 trilg mod) PA

F 70/5 May 62
US Army aviation today PA
Robertson STOL ltpln proto PDA
F4H-1 PA
Fletcher Fu-24 (New Zealand) PA
Helio 500 (2e hw STOL) PDA
F 70/4 April 62
Piper Apache Turbo 200 PA
Goodyear blimp use as airborne wind tunnel PA
Pilatus Porter PA pirep
Civil Air Patrol today PA
Dornier Do-X ca A
JOB-15 (Austria 3s lw tadr ltpln) PDA
Bolkow Bo-103 (1s heli) P
Avian 2/180 (Canada gyrocopter) PA

F 70/2 Feb 62
Cessna Skyhawk PDA pirep
Boeing turbine engines PA
Schweizer 1-23 flt across USA by Fisher PA
aviation in Israel PA
1254th Special Air Mission Wing PA
Snow S-2C agri ac PDA pirep
Irish Al hist PA
Curtiss A-1 PA

Lockheed 60 (how trilg trans 1e) PA
Vanguard Omniplane (VTOL exp ac) PA

F 70/1 Jan 62
Beech Debonair PA pirep

Umbaugh Gyroplane PDA pirep
unofficial aircraft names A il
Beech Musketeer PA

Parachutes for space age PA
Hiller Ten 99 (6s heli proto) PA
Lockheed 60 (bush trans 1e) advert

F 69/6 Dec 61
T-28 Pacific Air motive "Nomad" conv PA pirep
Max Holste MH-260 Super Broussard PDA pirep
San Francisco & Oakland Helicopter Airways PA

Hispano Aviation 2e biz jet proj il A
Paumier MP-2 Baladrin (France 2e lw ret trilb hb) PA

F 69/5 Nov 61
general aviatin equipment survey PA

28th National Soaring Championships PA
Canadair CL-41 (jet trnr) PDA pirep
agri flying PA

Business flying in Canada PA
North American Aviation status PA
Hooney Mk.21 non-stop flt across Atlantic PA

Beech 18 Volpar trilg conv PDA pirep
1st westward crossing of Atlantic n Junkers W.33 by Koehl & Fitzmaurice A

F 69/4 Oct 61
FAA aeronautical center PA

Cessna Skyknight PDA pirep
ANG modernizes PA
Bolkow Go.102 Heli-Trainer (2s) PA
Eight and a half day Round World flt by Chuck Banfe PA

North American Aviation hist PA
Canadair CL-44 (4 tprop trans) PDA
HAL Pushpak (India hw tadr ltpln) PA
Shinn 2150A PDA pirep

F 69/3 Sep 61
Convair 990 PDA pirep
North American Aviation hist PA
DH Dove Custom 800 PDA pirep
collecting stamps w ac illustrations PA
Meyers 200B PDA pirep
EON 460 (England slpln) PA
Fuji Super Nikko (Japan T-34 mod) PA
Volair Model 10 (3s hw proto ltpln) PA

F 69/2 Aug 61
Nord 3400 (France 4s liaison hw tadr) P
Potez 840 PDA
Omega BS-12D-1 (US cargo heli) PA pirep
Mooney Mk. 21 PDA pirep
William Wellman (US) PA bio
SPERMA Marquis (tprop ltpln Beech Baron mod) PDA pirep
Ramapo Valley apt PA

F-106 PDA
Lnaldi L-59 (Italy 4s heli) P

Gyrodyne Rotorcycle P
Scintex Rubis (France 4s lw ltpln) P
DFS 582 (Germany jet pwrd g) PA

F 69/1 July 61
Boeing 720 of FAA P

Ryan Flex-Wing PA
T-39 PDA pirep
Kaman H-43B PA pirep
Qantas Al PA
Piper Cherokee PDA pirep
B-36 mem il A

El Paso Al PA
American Flyers school PA

F 68/6 June 61
US Naval av 50th anniv PA
Cessna 185 PDA pirep
Aero Commander Jet Commander 1121 mockup PDA
Bell 47G-3B turbocharged PA pirep
Rockford, Illinois airport PA
Nord 1110 (1 tprop 4s lw ltpln) PDA

F 68/5 May 61
Navion Rangemaster CPA
T-38 PDA ca
feeder liner al curv PA
General Electric executive jet engines il A

Sperry Gyroscope Co. PA
Cessna CH-1 Skyhook PDA
Convair 990 proto PA

Douglas A-26 Lockheed exec mod- L Air Service) PA
Shinn 2150A advert
Cessna 310 Riley Model 65 mod PA

F 68/2 Feb 61
Dale Weejet (US hb 2s jet) PDA
Ford Trimotor w Island Airways PA
Sikorsky HSS-2 (SH-3 PDA pirp

Sperry Gyroscope Co. hist PA
Helio Courier PA pirep
Lockheed/LASA 60 Azcarate (multinat 1e hw trans) PA pirep
AiResearch conversions ops PA
Hoolick-Racine, Wisconsin airport PA
Rausch Star 250 (Beech 18 conv) PA
Victa R.2 (Australia 4s ltpln proj.) il A
Boeing Vertol 107 PA
SIAI Marchetti Riviera (Lane, US importer) advert

F 67/5 Nov 60
Pacific Airmotive Corp. PA
Boeing 720 PDA
Hiller E-4 (4s heli) PDA pirep
Monte Copter (US heli proto) PA
Bowman Field, Louisville, Kentucky PA

F 67/4 Oct 60
A-26 L.B. Smith Tempo II conv advert
Champion Olympia (swept vert stab ltpln) advert il
Wassmer Super IV (1e lw ltpln France) PA
Fairchild AN/USD-5 (delta drone) PA
Bay Super V (Bonanza 2e conv) PA pirep & advert
Aeroflex-Andover Field, NJ PA

Convair hist PA
Sud Alouette II marketed n US by Republic PDA pirep
Howard 500 advert
OnMark Marksman (A-26 exec conv) advert CP il A
Champion Tri-Traveler PA advert

F 67/3 Sep 60
Aero Commander 500A PDA
Boeing X-20 Dyna Soar il A
internat’l soaring champships PA

Convair hist PA
Rhein Multoplane (Germany pwrd slpln) P
Convair 880 advert bcov

F 67/2 Aug 60
Lockheed XJO-3 (trilg mod Model 12 Electra) corr PA
agri ac surv PA
Ethiopian Al PA
Convair hist PA
Ryan Navion 225 mod PA pirep
Canadair/Convair 540 (tprop) PA
Dassault MD.415 (2 tprop trans proto) P
Lockheed Jet Stars to be leased by Pan Am PA

F Dec 54
YF-102 CPA
DC-7 American Al advert
Piper TriPacer advert
Aero Commander 560 advert

F Dec 53
Varney Airlines PA
Heath Parasol hist PA
Benoist first US scheduled al PA
Martin MB - America’s first bomber PA

F Feb 52
Piper PA-18 Super Cruiser advert
US Army ac PA

Tupolev Tu-12 3v ca A
Operation Summit (heli op n Korean War) PA
ramjet potential A

Cessna history PA
Pacific airlift to Korea PA
AD Skyraider PA

Cessna 170B PA &advert
Gilbert Magill (US head of Rotorcraft Corp.) PA
Bristol 173 proto P

F Sep 49
XF-92 CP cov
Fouga Cyclops (jet pwrd slpln) 3v PDA
C.A.A. reorganization explained A
Lanier Paraplane P
Sikorsky HRS ops of HU-1 USN carrier rescue ops PA
I Flew a P-38 at Cleveland Air Races in 47 & 48 PA
Aeronca Champ seaplane PA pirep
being an airline captain il A
Convair XP5Y scale model testing PA
B-25 landing on carrier USS Shangri-La P
XF-90 taking off P
XF-89 split ailerons PA
B-50 with tractor tread landing gear P
Jamieson Jupiter w wings folded P

Mischa Kantor Strat (US 4s lw trilg ltpln) PA pirep
Ryan Navion advert
Cessna 140 advert

F Aug 49
B-47 PDA
Slick Airways PA

Billy Mitchell post WarI bbg of German bships PDA
How to shoot down a Me-262 PA
Fly to the Cleveland Air Races il PA
Ryan Navion for 1949 PA pirep

Horten V 2e glywing P
Horten IX P
Armstrong Whitworth AW-52G glider P
Armstrong Whitworth AW-52 jet P
SNCASO Deanville 7060 (2s lw ltpln France) P

Fouga Cyclone P
Courlis S.V.C. 10 (France 5s hw trilg ltpln) P
JDM Roitelet (France lw tadr) P
SIPA 901 (France 2s sbs lw tadr) P
Pilatus P-4 (Switz hw tadr 5s ltpln) P
Stinson Division of Piper Aircraft adveret
Piper Cub w trilg PA
Cessna 170 advert

F May 49
can we build a station in space? PA
I flew for Israel PA
Pensacola USN flt trng base PA
USAF Randolph Field PA
Grumman Widgeon w NACA hull PA
Hiller 360 PDA
Call Air A-3 (US tadr lw ltpln) PA
crop dusting explained PA
Colonial XC-1 Clipper (US 3s amphib proto) PA
Cusick Special "Unstable Mabel" g P (US)
Sud Est SE-2010 (4e trans proto) P

Fairchild Lark (ship to air missile) P
Fairchild XSAM-N-2 (gmis) P
Culver PQ-14 P
Piper Clipper advert
FJ-1 Cpcov

F April 49
Ercoupe roadable mod PA
XF-85 CP cov PA
CVEG-71 cruise on carrier USS Cabot from NAS Glenview) PA
I Fell 2000 Feet and Lived (Gabby Garbutt, US) PA
Junkers 287 P

Curtiss JN-2 of Pershing Mexico Border ops PA
Yak-14 (hw tadr ltpln) P
Johnson Bullet 185 (4s lw tadr) PA
Edo XOSE-1 P

MiG Utka (canard hw ltpln) 3v PA

F March 49
airlines n Russia PA

F-84 how to fly PDA
Hawaiian Airlines PA
Siebel Si-202 (lw tadr ltpln) PDA
Arrado Ar-79 (1e l2 tadr ret ltpln) PDA
Klemm L-25a (2s tand opckck lw ltpln) PA
Gotha Go-150 (2s 2e lw tadr ltpln) PA
Florence "Pancho" Barnes PA bio
Eberstadt Report recommendations for air power A
Percival Prince P

Ryan Navion 1949 advert/broch ca A
1st power-driven model built by John String fellow (England) PA
Yak-16 (2e trans) P

Il-12 (2e trans) P

F Jan 49
Cal Aero XLC-1 (jet ltpln) PA
Boeing 377 PA
Taylorcraft 85 PA

Hamilton Helicopter PA
Wee Bee PA

Monsted Vincent Star Flight PA
Anderson Greenwood 14 PA
Will missiles replace fighters? PA

F Sep 48
Temco Swift advert
Bonanza advert
Stinson advert
air strategies against Russia A

USAF in Arctic PA
barnstorming in a Curtiss Jenny PA
jets in combat A
search for a lost pilot PA

We need a light plane revolution - by Bill Stout A
Luscombe Observer 90 PDA pirep
Luscombe Silvaire Sedan advert
German Tech. Univ. Zaunkoenig (para STOL proto 1945) PA
Aeronca C-3 w 3 engines
Bellanca Cruisair w crosswind lg P

F July 48
Beech 18 advert
Temco Swift advert
FJ-1 ops from ac carrier USS Boxer PA
Ercoupe for 1948 PDA pirep
Stout Skycar PA 3v
Chrislea Super Ace (England 1e 4s trilg) P
Constellation cockpit PD
Newburg Eon (England 1e lw 3s ltpln) P

B-24 of Reynolds Burton Mus P
Aero Commander proto PA
Ryan Navion advert PDA
Hoyt Vandenberg (US) bio PA
Johnny Moore, sole surviving witness of 1st Wright powered flt PA
BT-13 4s mod advert P
Aeronca Sedan advert

F June 48
Boeing XL-15 CP cov
USAF status today PA, map
Piper Cub NACA safety mod PA

B-47 PDA
Tupolev Tu-70 stolen design from B-29 PA
DC-6 return to service PA
Cessna 170 proto PDA pirep & advert
Mueller Belly Flopper (US 2e prone pilot ltpln) PA
XB-35 P

PT-17of Confederate AF P
Ercoupe advert
Temco Swift Cadvert bcov

F May 48
Cessna 190/120 advert
new USN pilot trng plan PA
Mooney Mite PA

Czech ac surv PA
Praga E-211 (2e push ltpln) PA
Hodek HK-101 (2e 2s tadr ltpln) PA
praga e-114 (1e hw 2s ltpln) PA
Aero 45 with 1 tail PA
Zlin 22 (2s lw tadr) PA
Zlin 122 (4s lw tadr) PA
Zlin 281 (2s lw aerobat trnr PA
Sokol M-1-C (1e lw ltpln)
South Central Air Transport poultry al PA
Piper Vagabond PDA pirep
Fairey (BELGIUM) primary trnr (2s tand lw tadr) PA
Monocoupe w Lycoming engine P
Temco Swift 125 advert
Ryan Navion advert
Beech Bonanza advert

F Oct 47
British Air to Air Refuelling Lancasters PDA
World’s First Airmail Flight by Fred Wiseman (US) PA

DC-3 w Consolidated Air Transit P
US Navy JKU3N-1 missile P

US guided missile manufacturers chart PA
Cessna 195 PDA pirep
Hurlburt Hurricane (midget r) P
Movo FM-1 (Italy 1s 1e post war hw slpln) PA
Bellanca Cruisair Senior advert
Airspeed Horsa fuselage made into house PA

F Aug 47
Martin 202 proto advert CP
Fairchild XR2K-1 "Zap Flap" test ac P

Bellanca Skyrocket P
Aeronca Scout seaplane P
Thorp Sky Scooter PDA
XB-36 PA

Platt-LePage XR-1  used by Helicopter Air Transport PA
helicopter air transport ops PA

Schweizer 2-22 CP
Schweizer 1-21 CP
Luscombe Silvaire CP advert

F July 47
Republic Seabee advert
Luscombe advert
pancake light plane possibility il A
Vought XF5U proto PA
jet ops from ac carriers PA

Vought prop-driven test bed P
Piper PA-11 Cub Special PA pirep

F June 47
Brantly co-axial heli pA
Piasecki HRP PA

Rohr MR-1 PA (US)
Commuter heli PA
Paulistinka (Brazil) PA
Luscombe 8E PA pirep

Southwest Airways PA

F May 47
Hiller twin-jet heli PA

North American XSN2J PA
North American Navion advert CP
Northrop XP-79 P
Fillinger built Jprest Pursuit (US para hb 30s) PA
Boeing A75L5 (190 hp flat Lycoming pwr PT-13) PA
Short Sturgeon PA
Ross Sportplane PA pirep
Link simulators desc PA
Los Angeles airports PA
PBY with droppable lifeboat under wing P
Hiller J-5 tail jet heli P
Luscombe Silvaire advert

F April 47
Funk Ac Co advert
Funk F2B (ltpln) PA
XB-35 A

P-82 "Betty Joe" PA
Emigh Trojan P
XP4M-1 P

D.558I ca
DeLackner Helicopter PA
Planemobile PA
Fulton Airphibian PA

F Sept 46
Aeronca advert
Meyers lw ltpln advert
ANG & AF Reserve today PA

Southern Aircraft Roadable (flying car) PA
Bonanza PDA
Culver V PDA pirep
McWhirter Skyrider (US lw trilg ambulance) PA
Taylorcraft glider conv to 2s ltpln PA

Piper "Balky Cub" airshow ac flown by Jim Broadhead PA
Bartlett Blue Zephyr (2s midw proto US) PA
Hockaday Comet advert (US)
Monobiplane concept model by Madveloff & Palmer (US) PA
authorized ac dealers list
Bell heli advert
North American Navion C advert bcov

F Nov 45
Luscombe Silvaire advert
Cessna advert re post-war ac production
Beech Staggerwing advert
Funk B-75-L advert
flying the Hump PA
Fairchild F-24W Cca PA
Brewster SB2A in crash test CP
CCF-Burnelli CBY-3
Midwest Mercury (propo hw 2s) il A

Autogiro Co. of America propo il
Bellanca Cruisair advert
Ercoupe advert
Grumman Widgeon Cadvert
Curtiss SC-1 advert
Consolidated XC-99 w Pan Am in Chandler-Evans advert
Douglas DC-6 advert
DHC Canada Employees Sparrow slpln PA
Globe Swift Cadvert
Lockheed Constellation Cadvert

Bell advert
Culver advert

F 37/3 Sept 45
US & British bombing methods compared PA
C-54 "Flying White House" PDA
Japan AF PA
how to start an airport PA
salvaging our surplus warplanes PA
the gas turbine (turboprop) in aviation il A
German opinions of why the Allies won PA
SB2C-4 Cca PDA
Globe Swift Cadvert
B-24 cap by Germ CP
Luscombe Silvaire Cadvert
Piper PT CP
P-47 cockpit compared with Mitsubishi Hamp P

Republic Seabee Cadvert Dil
Funk advert PA
Bellanca Cruisair Cadvert

F 35/2 Aug 44
B-17 how to bail out
air invasion of Europe PA map
air mail comes of age PA
aces described PA
air policy on the State Dept A
PB2Y conv for cargo use PA
Dilbert USN cartoon character PA
SBD final ass’y line CP
B-24J w tiger head CPD

F 34/5 May 44
Pacific air strategy PA maps
Goldfish Club PA

US airlines at war PA
post war light plane predictions il A

Ac carriers ops PDA
recon assessments of bomb raids PA
airlines in Latin America
flight nurses PA
USAAC airman rescue boat ops PA
Gibson Girl emergency radio transmitter PA

AAF bone yards use for ac repair PA
Pan Am al African ops PA

F 34/4 April 44
P-40E w cowl removed CP cov

The French AF never fought PA
The Carrier Becomes Our Capital Ship PA
Waco XCG-13 PA
How to Fly the P-47 PDA
A-20 PA ca
Fleet Air Arm pilot trng PA

VMF-212 Wolfpack disbanded PA
Mitsubishi Val 3v A
Avro Anson n USAAF mugs as AT-20 P
Ki-61 artist impression il
ATC and NATS ops A

F July 43
Aeronca PT-23 advert
B-24 PA ca
Lockheed Hudson PA
Short Stirling P

Piper PT PA
Timm N2T advert
C-46 CP advert

McDonnell advert
Norden bombsight PA

Burma transport ops PA
mass production ac carriers proposition il A
Has Aviation Doomed the Tank? Il A

F May 43
Waco CG-4 advert
Willow Run plant PA

P-38 n Africa P
Allison engine at war PA
RAF night fighters PA

Halifax design & production PA
ac carroers today PA il
traning USN navigators PA
Me-210-A1 ca
air women n Tennessee PA
RCAF pilot pool PA
Fairchild Cornells n RCAF CP

McDonnell Ac Cadvert
Ju-90 PA

Consolidated Vultee merger is complete PA

F Nov 42
Cessna Bobcat Cadvert
Beech AT-10 ass’y line advert P
Fly Our Troops overseas PA
Australia builds its AF PA
A6M captured, analyzed PA
Lockheed 212 Electra escape < Java PA
flying RAF night intruder ops A

Nakajima T-95 (Dave) 3v PA
I-18 / MiG 3 3v PA
I Flew With the RAF PA
Gliders Prepare for Combat PA
flight engineer duties explained A
Caproni Campini PA

|Manta Fighter PA
Loading bombs PA
light planes join the army PA
Plastic Planes Aren’t New PA

F 31/3 Sept 42 - Royal Air Force Special Issue
Brewster Bermuda SB2A advert
organization of RAF A

Bomber Command RAF PA
Short Stirling CPDA
Fighter Command RAF PA
Coastal Command RAF PA

British Army Cooperation av ops PA
desert war PA

War in East and Middle East PA
RAF war in Ceylon A

Balloon Command RAF PA
Maintenance Command RAF PA
Ferry Command RAF PA

RAF Works Directorate PA
RAF training and Manpower PA
Lancaster CP
RAF Kittyhawk (P-40) shark mouth closeup CP
Short Sunderland CP

F 31/2 Aug 42
Cessna Cadvert

Billy Mitchell controversy PA bio
AVG n China ops PA
emergency military air strips n USA PA

Coyote hunt by air PA
air freight has a bright future A
Canada’s warplane industry PA
women in Canada AF PA

"Ode to Mr. Moto" poem in Aeronca advert
McDonnell Ac Corp Cadvert
Fleetwings XBT-22 advert
fighting incendiary bombs PA

Marston matting PA

F July 42

Civil pilots fight subs (Civil Air Patrol) PA
airlines are drafter PA
USAAF expansion program
aviation after the war PA

Tokyo raid by B-25s PA
Spitfire PA
Who Said "War Profits?"
Royal Observer Corps

Oil dilution system for cold weather PA
US aviation gasoline PA
paddle-blade propeller PA

Our coming air offensive A
What We Learned from the B-19 PDA
forecasting fog PA
Piper Super Cruiser advert
Fleetwings BT-12 advert PA
helping inventors during war PA
pilot conversion school PA

F April 42
P-39 w RAF CP
We Must Freeze Our Ac Designs PA

The Japs are Vulnerable PA
The Private Pilot and the War PA
The New Strategy of War A

Subcontractors Deliver the Goods PA
Mass Produced Ac Carriers? PA
Walt Disney Studio produces characters for military ac PA il

Canada AF ops PA
Study of tailless ac il A
high altitude parachuting PA

Science helping aviation PA
California Ac Corp ltpln proto (1e hw cab) PA
Southern Ac Corp BM-100 (bip trnr US) P

Culver CAP model PA advert

F March 42
F4F CP cov
Sowing Seeds by Air PA

Civil Air Patrol desc PA il
P-38 testing PA

Check pilots desc PA
Interstate Ac Co advert
Brewster Buffalo advert

F January 42 - Special US Navy Issue
USN av hist PA

USN ac surv PA
Aviator trng n USN PA
USMC hist PA
Naval flight surgeon desc PA
USN blimp and airship hist PA
USN ac carriers desc PA
Carrier USS Ranger P
Naval Aircraft Factory status PA
USN ac maintenance PA
USN ac armament PA

USN ac procurement and production PA
USN experiments and research PA
eyes of the fleet photography PA

USN air stations surv PA
USN aerology (meteorology) PA
USN radios PA
Funk aircraft for 1942 advert

F August 41
Why the Luftwaffe will Lose PA
airline test pilot PA
proposed flight training PA
fish warden’s light plane patrol PA

Crowell ground-based flight trnr PA
Sperry Co. hist PA
ac production plans for after the war PA

Soaring is great PA
Don’t Accidentally Land in Mexico PA
Medevac ac surv PA
Vultee BT-13 ass’y line PA
Dealing with problem pilots in training PA
Mae Wilson (US woman pilot) PA bio
Piper plant planning PA
model ac in combat trng PA

Sub-zero wind tunnel PA
Blimps for Uncle Sam PA
pusher ac aerodynamics PA
Reverend Floyd Hitchcock (US civil flyer) PA
Manta Aircraft fighter 2v A
General Aircraft Skyfarer P

Ryan PT-21 P
Taylorcraft advert PDA
Interstate Cadet advert PA

Aircraft dealer listing A

F and Popular Aviation Aug 40
Billy Mitchell prophesies coming true PA

Blind landings are coming PA
Clarence Williams (US) PA bio
US warplanes in war action evaluation PA

Flight across the USA for $27.50
US bomber hist PA

US airliners are safer than ever PA
automatic flt trng for light planes being perfected PA
Arlene Davis (US woman pilot) PA bio
Link Trainer ops PA

1st flight of US ac over border into Canada PA
Stinson 105 1st trans-border flt to Canada
Douglas Shearer (US) PA bio
new blimps n US service PA
tricycle landing gear being evaluated PA

Hydraulics explained PA il
Piper Cub Coupe PA ca
how to go for your first airplane ride PA

Beech Staggerwing B17D PA
Beech 18S PA
Cessna T-50 PA

Howard DGA 15P PA
Lockheed 10 CP bcov

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