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Bungee Cord -- BC

BC XII/1 Spr 86
Schulgleiter SG-36 (Germany primary g) il A 2v ca
DFS Seeadler (Germany floatplane g) 3v PA

BC XI/4 Win 85

BC XI 3 Fall 85
gliders of George Cayley (England) repli il A PA

BC 11/2 Sum 85
Kalkert Ka-430 (Germany) 3v PA
BC index from Vol 1 (1975) to Vol.8 (1982)

BC 11/1 Spr 85
GN-7 (Russia slpln) 3v A
Rot Front 7 (Russia slpln) 3v A
Antonov A-9 (Russia slpln) 3v A

BC 10/4 Win 84
Goppingen Go-1 Wolf 3v PA
Goppingen Go-3 Minimoa 3v PA
Goppingen Go-4 Goevier PA
Goppingen Go-5 3v PV
Goppingen Go-6 3v PA
Goppingen Go-7 A
Goppingen Go-8 3v A
Goppingen Go-9 A
Schempp-Hirth hist PA
Slingsby Type 21 3v A
Slingsby Type 31 3v A

BC 10/3 Fal 84
Grunau 9 (Germany primary g)

BC 10/2 Sum 84
Schweizer glider hist 3v PA

BC 10/1 Spr 84
DFS Reiher (Germany slpln 1938)
Grunau 7 (Germany slpln) 3v A
Wolf Hirth Moazagot 1 (Germany slpln) 3v A
Airspeed Horsa cockpit Dil

BC 8/4 Win 82-83
Akaflieg Braunschweig SB-11 3v A
Akaflieg Darmstadt Konsu (Germ slpln) 3v A|
Akaflieg Darmstadt D.28 Windshield (slpln 1933)
Akaflieg Darmstadt D-36 3v A
Akaflieg Munich "Austria" (slpln 1931) 3v A
Akaflieg Stuttgart FS-24 Phonix (Germ slpln) 3v A
Focke Wulf Weihe (slpln) 3v A
Klemperer FVA-1 Schwartzer Teufel (Germ slpln) 3v A
Rohn-Rossiten Fafnir (slpln 1931) 3v A
Rohn-Rossiten Gessellschaft Wien 3v A
Ross RJ-5 (US slpln) 3v A
Ross-Stephens RS-1 Zanonia (US slpln) 3v A
Schempp-Hirth Ventus (Germ slpln) 3v A
Schleicher AS-W 22 (US? Slpln) 3v A
Schleicher Ka-6CR (US? Slpln) 3v A

BC 8/3 Fall 82
glider development n Germany PA il
Condor I 3v A
Fafnir II "Sao Paulo" 3v A
Goppingen Go-3 Mnimoa 3v A
Horten glider development A
Lippisch Wein 3v A
Madelung Vampyr 3v A
Rhonadler 3v A
Rohnsperber 3v A
Schweizer I-26 2nd made rest A
Sperber Junior 3v A
Sperber Senior 3v A

BC 8/2 Sum 82
DFS-230 3v A
Elmira 30th anniv meet PA
Glidair Twin Plank 3v
Harvinger 3v A ca
Horten IV 3v A

BC 8/1 Spr 82
Aachen FVA-1 Schwarzer Teufel 3v A
Baker McMillen Cadet II 3v PA
Bowlus-DuPont Albatross II 3v PA
DFS Olympia 3v
Goppingen Go-1 Wolf 3v A
Laister Kaufmann LK-10A flat top mod 3v A
Ross -Stephens 1 Zanonia (US) 3v A
Schulz ABC 3v PA
Schweizer SGU 1-6 3v A
Segler R.11 3v
Slingsby-built Falcon 3 3v PA xs
Stanley Nomad 3v A
Harris Hill (US airport) early soaring PA

BC 7/4 Winter 81-82
Bowlus Baby Albatross hist 3v PA

BC 7/3 Fal 81
German glider colors & markings 1939 -- 1943 A il
Olympia sailpln cross country flight 3v A
Grunau glider production n WW2
Backstrom Plank 2s mod 3v A

BC 7/2 Sum 81
Backstrom EPB-1 (all wing US g) 3v A
Horten gliders PA ca
Farrar Tailless (US g) 3v A
Fauvel AV-3 (France all-wing g) 3v A
Fauvel AV-36 (all-wing g) 3v A

BC 6/4 Win-Dec 80
Hawley Bowlus (US) bio PA
Bowlus XCG-16 3v
Bowlus Bumblebee 3v A xs
Bowlus Baby Albatross 3v A
German sailplane markings 1922 to 1945 A pros
Baker McMillen Cadet II (US g) 3v
Gross 4-s glider (US) P

BC 6/3 Fall-Sep 80
Laister Kaufman TG-4A 3v
Laister Kaufman & Mississip State Univ 1949 mod 3v A
Laister Kaufman LK-10a 3v PA
Lawerence Institute "Yankee Doodle" (US slpln) 3v A
Horten VI (slpln) 3v A
Leistwings Segelfleugzeug Moswey 3 (Germ slpln) 3v

BC 6/2 June 80
Franklin Utility Glider sky train in 1934 A
Horten glider n Argentina after WW2 PA
Gehrlein Mus (US) A
Grunau Baby II 3v
Wiberg WS-3 (US slpln proj) 3v
Parker Tiny Mite 3v (US slpn)

BC 6/1 March 60
Stanley Nomad (US slpln) 3v PA
Bob Stanley (US) PA bio
Laister Kaufman LK-10 PA

BC 5/3 Sep 79
Horten Ho-IV 3v PA pirep

BC 52 Juun 79
US ining glider color schemes A pro
Schweizer TG-2A pro
Dittmar Condor IV 2v

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