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Air Extra   # 36
     Royal Army Air Corps 1957 – 82 hist CPA
     TOW aqnti-tank missile n Royal Army AF service PA
     Blue Eagles (Royal Army AF heli demo team) PA
     early England Army heli ops PA
     Auster AOP hist CPA

Air Extra   # 33
     Rockwell Space Shuttle status hist CPDA Dil 4v xs
     NASA ac Psurv

Air Extra    # 32
     Exercise SEA SEARCH ’81 PA
     maritime pat ac at Air Tattoo 1981 Psurv
     SAR (search and rescue) UK ops CPA
     Lockheed P-3 ops CPDA
     Fokker F-27 Maritime CP

Air Extra    # 31
     UK airshows surv PA
     Farnborough a s CPA
     Confederate AF 1980 a s CPA

Air Extra    # 25
     Bo 707 25th anniv hist CPA
     KC-135 & derives hist CPDA

Air Extra    # 23
     Bleriot & his ac bio CPA
     Bleriot cross English Channel flight PA
     Alcock & Brown trans-Atlantic flight PA
     Vickers Vimy of Smith & Smith London to Australia flight 1919 Cpro PA
     1919 aviation history PA
     1969 Trans-Atlantic Air Race CPA

Air Extra    # 22
     UK airshows CPA
     Harvard (T-6) flyin Bassingbourn, Eng CPA
     Harvard (T-6) pirep PDA
     Exercise MAPLE FLAG CPA
     RAF tac bbg comp ’78 Psurn

Air Extra    # 21
     Farnborough Airshow history CPA

Air Extra    # 20
     Royal Air Force history survey CPA

Air Extra    # 19
     how to take better pictures of airplanes CPA

Air Extra   # 18
     UK civil register developments CPA
     English military aviation P surv

Air Extra    # 16
     Torbay Ac Mus England CPA
     Mosquito Ac Mus, England CPA
     Historic Ac Mus England CPA
     Strathallan Ac Collection England CPA
     Newark Air Mus England CPA

Air Extra    # 15
     US bomber ops in Europe in WW2 CPA
     US fighter ops in Europe in WW2 CPA
     USAFE status CPA
     32nd TFS, USAF hist PA
     527th TFTAS (Aggressors) at Alconbury, England CPA
     F-105s of VA ANG to UK tour PA

Air Extra    # 14
     RAF jet fighter evolution CPA
     E.E. Lightning hist, flying CPA pirep
     E.E. Lightning RAF units flying CPA

Air Extra    # 11
     CF-100 CP
     Canadair Sabre CP
     6 Group, RCAF hist PA (Wellingtons, Hali, Lanc)
     briefing night bomber groups PA
     408 "Good Samaritan" Sqdn, RCAF hist (bbr group) hist PA
     Lancaster rest CP
     Fairey Battle gun turret trnr rest CP
     424 Tiger Sqdn, RAF hist ) PA
     434 "Bluenose" Sqdn hist PA
     Wellington rest CP

Air Extra    # 9
     UK airshows surv CPA
     Old Warden, Eng mus
     Shuttleworth Collection, Eng ops today PA
     Hawker Tomtit (Eng bip 2s) rest PD+
     Gloster Gladiator rest of Shuttleworth Coll CPA hist

Air Extra    # 8
     168 (Heavy Transport) Sqdn Canada AF CPA
     10 (Bomber Reconnaissance) Sqdn Canada AF CPA
     RCAF W2 ops n Alaska & Aleutians CPA
     162 (Bomber Reconnaissance) Sqdn Canada AF PDA

Air Extra    # 5
     Fleet Air Arm (Eng) hist CPA
     Fairey Swordfish hist PA
     Royal Navy (Eng) heli ops hist CPA

Air Extra    # 2
     Thomas Morse S.4 rest CP
     Caudron G.III rest CP
     88th Aero Sqdn USAS n WWI PA
     Douglas Campbell (US WWI ace)PA
     Clayton Knight (USA n RFC) PA
     US pilot training n WW1 PA
     JN-4H rest CP Cpro
     Nieuport 28C.1 rest CP Cpro
     Salmson 2A2 P Cpro
     Stearman YPT-9 rest CP

Air Extra     # 1
     Me-163 rest CP
     Mistletoe (Germ piggyback combo) devel PA
     Ironhammer (Germ piggyback combo) devel PA
     German jet development PA
     He-59 (fltpln bip 2e) PD
     He-178 V1 3vP
     Hd-162 rest CO 3v
     Me-262 rest CP
     Doblhoff/WNF 342 (Germ jet heli) PA
     air ops during Stalingrad campaign PA
     Condor Legion hist PA

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