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Aircraft Illustrated Extra #16
     RAF transport hist PDA
     Handley Page ALX (trans) PD A
     H.P. Hastings hist CPA
     Avro York w Dan-Air CP
     Avro Anso T.20 CP
     Douglas SBD-5 rest w Confed AF CP
     Berlin Airlift PA
     47 Sqdn RAF (transport) hist PA

Aircraft Illustrated Extra #15
     Vought O2U Corsair PA 3v xs
     VO-1M "Ace of Spades" Sqdn, USMC hist PA
     Mosquito proto rest CP
     SB2C rest CP
     TBF rest CP
     Martin torpedo bombers hist PA
     US catapult-launched scouts hist PA

Aircraft Illustrated Extra #14
     Hudson anti shipping ops PA
     Hudson rest CP
     Halifax Coastal Command ops PA
     Me-410 rest CP
     HP Hastings C.2 CP
     PBY Coastal Command ops PA
     FW-200 Condor ops PDA
     Blackburn Firebrand P

Aircraft Illustrated Extra #13
     RAF Pathfinder ops n W2 PA
     Scottish Av Twin Pioneer CP
     Edwin Swales (RAF Lanc pi) bio PA
     614 Sqdn RAF Pathfinder ops n Italy PA
     B-17G rest N3713G CP
     Foster Wikner Warferry rest (Eng hw 1e lias) CP

Aircraft Illustrated Extra #12
     early Brit ac carrier ops Psurv
     3 Wing RNAS hist PA
     Fairey Fulmar in service ops PA
     Fokker E.III rest CP
     Blackburn Skua PA
     collecting photos & memorabilia PA
     Fairchild UC-61 rest CP

Aircraft Illustrated Extra #11
     Beaufighter ops n Burma PA
     31 Sqdn RAF transport ops n CBI hist PA
     Arthur King Stewart Scarf (RAF pilot n CBI) bio PA
     Blenheim I P ca
     DeHavilland Venom NF-3 CP
     Avro 707C CP
     Hurricane ops n Burma India PA
     P-47 ops n SEA PA

Aircraft Illustrated Extra #10
     Avro Manchester ops hist PA
     Lockheed Ventura ops w RAF hist PA
     DH 82A Tiger Moth ASJA rest n Sweden CP
     German 4-engine bombers hist, surv PA
     T-6G ores n Peru CP
     Martin SP-5B Marilin lineup CP
     Arthur L. Aaron (RAF bbrpi) bio PA
     Short Stirling cpit PD
     Short Cockle (hw 2e flybt) P
     Packard-LePere LUSAC-11 (US bip W1) P

Aircraft Illustrated Extra #9
     Saro Cutty Sark flybt P
     Bf-110G ops PA
     P-61 hist PA
     Vickers FB.6 rest CP
     RF-86F 52-4808 CP
     Vickers Vimy rest n Eng mus CP
     WWI night fighter hist PA
     Hurricane night intruder ops PA

Aircraft Illustrated Extra #8
     Hansa Brandenburg W.33 (A-22 Finnish-built) rest CP
     flying boats 1914-1918 Psurv
     Fairey III floatplanes hist PA
     Supermarine Southampton PA
     Kawasaki Ki-100 rest CP
     Gloster Gladiator rest CP
     Fairey Swordfish rest CP
     Short Singapore III PA
    Short Sunderland mem PA
     Saro London P
     Avro Bison P
     Albatros D.I in Brit mkgs P
     Curtiss SC-1 P

Aircraft Illustrated Extra #7
     Sopwith Dolphin war ops hist PA
     Sopwith Camel PDA
     55 Sqdn RFC/RAF day bombers 1918 surv PA
     Lanoe George Hawker bio PA
     Fokker D.VII PA
     Avro Tutor rest CP
     Sopwith Pup rest CP
     P-40N rest CP
     Nieup 17 of Russia AF cap by Aus-Hung P
     Hanriot HD.1 w Italy AF P
     RAF F2b w 199 (NT) Sqdn P

Aircraft Illustrated Extra #6
     RAF ops n India 1919-1939 PA
     P-47D-20 rest CP
      RAF ops on Afghan border 1936-38 PA
     Westland Wapiti n India PDA
     Sopwith Snipe rest CP
     Bf-109G-2 rest CP
     Bf-109E-3 shot down n Eng and flown PA
     Fairey Firefly in carrier barrier P
     Vickers Valentia w 31 Sqdn P
     Westland-Hill Pterodactyl V K277 (2s 0tailless ftr proto) P

Aircraft Illustrated Extra #5
     HP Hampden hist PDA
     Arado Ar-234 ops hist PDA
     Thomas Mchaddie (RAF W2 pi) bio
     Fairey Firefly rest WB271 CP
     B-25J rest of Confed AF N3676G CP
     USAAF ac force landed n Sweden W2 PA
     Fokker T.IX ca
     DH-9A ops n 20s hist PA
     Blackburn Blackburn I N9586 P
     Blackburn Kangaroo civ G-EAIU 1922 P

Aircraft Illustrated Extra #4
     Hawker Woodcock PA pro
     Hawker Fury PDA pro
     Calshot cradle of Brit av history PA
     Supermarine S6B rest CP
     Spitfire I CP
     DH-1A 4612 P
     Avro 504N w Station Flt, Malta P
     Westland Wapiti w 39 Sqdn RAF P
     Hawker Horsley mem PA
     Bristol Bulldog rest CP
     British fleet ac between W1 & 2 Psurv

Aircraft Illustrated Extra Number 3
     Tom McGuire bio PA
     Max Ritter von Mueller (Bavaria) Pbio
     Soviet women in combat n WW2 PA bio sketches
     PBY-5A of Denmark Navy CP
     Hurricane cap by Germ P
     Me-262 1st to fall to Allied hands
     Aero A11 (Czech 2s util bip 20s) P
     Bf-109F cap by RAF P
     P-51B service intro in ETO PDA Cil
     Supermarine Seafire III noseover on carrier P

Aircraft Illustrated Extra Number 2
     Palm Sunday Massacre 1943 Desert AF hist PA
     Rudolph von Eschwege WWI pilot bio
     air war over Malta PA
     "Z Force" 1919 RAF ops n Somaliland PA
     Suez War 1956 hist PA
     Albatros D.V P
     Blenheim IV P
     Liberator G.R.VII P
     D.H.-1 P
     Fiat C.R.42 rest CP
      Ju-87 Brit pilot report PDA
     Martin Baltimore P
     Bf-109E-4 rest CP
     RAF B.E.2c P
     Savoia SM-79 captured P
      Sopwith Camel rest CP
     Vickers F.B.19 P
     F6F target drone CP

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